Business Marketing: 7 Killer Ways To Do It For Your Tech Startup

Business Marketing is composed of two key elements:

  • A great product, and
  • A great product marketing strategy

A great product alone will most likely not succeed without the right marketing. However, no amount of business marketing will make a crap product gain a mass audience. The right balance of both is the sweet spot where the magic happens.

Marketing a tech start-up can be challenging and a costly affair. While leveraging social media offers one route to get some eyeballs, it represents but one scene of the whole movie.  Instead, these seven ways represent some of the more powerful demand-generation aces that help with business marketing. Let’s get right into it.

1. Share your central ‘why’

One of the many questions you’re likely to encounter in any networking or casual event is what do you do for a living? Now there are multiple ways of answering this questions. Some of the weak ones involve I’m an entrepreneur (which is vague and not necessarily engaging) or I run a small business (which makes you seem like someone who has a brick and mortar store).

A great way to maximize the potential of this question is to share a narrative that sparks conversation and engages the listener. As a tech startup, it helps to see which opportunities can be leveraged as business marketing opportunities.

Is your tech startup helping a certain critical cause? Or is it solving a problem you suffered for a long time? Share the story. You never know whom it might resonate with.

2. Engage, don’t sell

When you’re starting out, it can be tempting to give your sales pitch to everyone you meet. There is nothing wrong with flaunting your brand every now and then. But it helps to simply engage with users sometimes. This applies to both online and offline conversations. 

Social media helps your business marketing by letting you engage with your target consumer without looking like you’re only advertising. It helps to spend time building a relationship with your community by re-sharing their content, responding to their blogs/posts.

This way, when next time someone is looking for a product that is your niche, they’ll most likely remember you for the kindness. Sharing someone else’s content doesn’t mean you’ll lose out on your audience. It’s about sharing good content and engaging with the community. When you give, you get.

3. Build industry credibility by carving your niche

You don’t need a big budget to carve out your niche. Be someone on the inside who offers insider information to those on the outside. A blog can be the perfect tool for that. It can offer the laymen a chance to get a peek into your trade with a different perspective.

Speaking at an incubator, expo or a niche event can put you in the limelight or as a teacher who shares new, groundbreaking ideas with an audience that is open to absorbing it. The small business convention you so regularly attend every year could use few new keynoters – that could be you!

Such networking events give the opportunity to share your expertise with your immediate community. A variety of people, from aspiring entrepreneurs, journalists, can help you create a buzz and work wonders for your business marketing.

You can also use websites like Quora and Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to offer your expertise. It’ll help you expand your community, establish you as an expert and can also help with getting new leads.

5 Reasons to Consider New Domain Extensions for Your Tech Startup

Today, tech startups are positioned as uber cool problem-solving entities packed with innovative solutions to everyday problems. And it would be quite unfair to label your revolutionary tech product or business with a conventional name. Many startup founders name their company on the basis of domain name availability.

4. Scratch their backs, they’ll scratch yours

Introducing your company to the public when you’re starting out can be challenging. A great way to counter this and get the word out is through samples and giveaways. Consider reaching out to some of the eager members of your target audience and offering up your commodity in return for a few shares on the ever-active social media.

The participants are excited to receive a cool new item and if the product is great (which it should be), they’ll be excited to share it with their friends. This way they win and it adds a star to your business marketing.

5. Help people discover your content

If you’re a tech startup in today’s day and age, you will definitely have some sort of online presence. There is a good chance you have a website, few social pages, and a blog. However, just because you are sharing content on these platforms doesn’t confirm that that content is discoverable by your target audience.

It would help to do some keyword research and ensure you include those in every post you publish. That way, your content marketing efforts can effectively improve your Google ranking .

6. Co-sponsor an event within your niche

This is a fantastic niche marketing opportunity. Every industry hosts its special events and unless this event is owned and managed by a single organization, most planners are looking for sponsors to help fund the event. Next time you book for an event, check if there are any sponsorship spots that are open. Ask for ways you can get into the spotlight — maybe you could present there? It’ll give you a great opportunity to engage the attendees and talk about your startup.

Moreover, aside from giving you a good name, co-sponsoring an event within your niche gives you the opportunity to meet people from your target demographic, network and generate new leads.

7. Make the most of e-coupons

Coupons are great! Customers love the appeal of a great coupon and it could be the reason people do business with your company because they were enticed by a coupon. Now you can go old school and send prospective consumers coupons via snail mail. Or you can hit two birds with one stone by giving a coupon to visitors that sign up for your email list.

Those who are already impressed with your work will appreciate the ways in which you thank them for their business. People who are new will be interested to join you and see what you have to offer. It’s a win-win.

As an entrepreneur, you’re aware of the importance of business marketing when it comes to getting the word out. However, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket trying to do the big things. There are multiple ways to do good business marketing on a small budget. It’s all about looking for the right opportunities and getting creative.

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