7 Unparalleled A/B Testing Tools You Should Be Using
A/B Testing Tools

7 Unparalleled A/B Testing Tools You Should Be Using

Whether you’re fiddling around with a piece of code or trying out different home page designs for your website, the key to running a successful tech startup lies in putting your ideas through A/B testing tools in order to make a sound decision.

As the saying goes, “A/B Testing is about letting the customer do the talking, without actually talking”.

But how do you go about performing an A/B Test?

Well, let us help you understand the very basis of A/B Testing tools along with all the available options in the market today.


A/B Testing – Why and What

Every company is different and hence every company has a unique set of customers. There’s no one size fits all approach to winning over customers.

Actually, the definition of an optimal website and effective product changes from organization to organization.

To comprehend what would be the best website design or the most utilitarian product feature, you must first understand your customers and their preferences.

While A/B Testing does sound like a very heavy exercise and as a complicated tool in itself, the reality is that it is a simple experiment.

It involves random testing of two or more variants of a page by users. These tests are then analyzed and the statistics are used to determine which page was better received by the user in terms of conversion.

Now, the actual evaluation of these tools for use in your own business can be a very tricky affair.

To identify which tools exactly match your business requirements can be quite nerve-racking. But don’t you fret. 

To guide you smoothly through this process of choosing the best A/B Testing tools, we have curated a list of seven of the best tools.

7 Unparalleled A/B Testing Tools You Should Use 

#1: Google Analytics and Google Optimize

Google Analytics and Google Optimize could be the one-stop solution for your A/B Testing needs if you are looking for a complete but free set of tools.

Google Analytics helps you understand the pattern in which your users are engaging with your content.

This understanding helps you develop a deep insight into what’s working for you and what is not.

The tool also helps you analyze how people are interacting with your social media sites through a well-presented dashboard and insightful reports.

You can even connect your in-house systems for a more detailed understanding of customer behavior and dynamics.

While the tool is free, large organizations usually prefer to sign up for the Google Analytics 360 suite.

However, the only downside to using the Google Analytics tool is the complexity of the tool. You would need to be well versed with the platform and be technically sound.

Only then would you be able to achieve the desired results by using this tool.

So if you enjoy tech, this tool offers all the features you would surely be interested in.

#2: Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the many tools that allow you to experiment and personalize the data, all in one single platform.

Ideas, tests, and the results achieved can then be easily segregated and shared across internal teams.

The tool offers additional flexibility of starting almost anywhere and then scale up you’re A/B Testing experiments business scales up.

Optimizely Web, not only provides A/B Testing tools but also other added features that aid web page optimization.


As and when your business scales, the platform also offers you an option to upgrade to the Optimizely X Personalization program.

This program delivers personalized messages to different audience segments and even triggers out recommendations for Amazon-style products along with content recommendations.

All in all, the tool is easy to implement and offers a lot of insight into consumer behavior and dynamics.

#3: VWO

In terms of features, VWO is very similar to Optimizely’s yet is one of its biggest competitors.

The A/B Testing tool in VWO allows you to create and run tests that help increase revenue, curb cart abandonment instances, all the while allowing you to build stellar digital experiences for your customers throughout their shopping experience.

And all this, without any experience in coding or need of employing a tech-savvy person to your team.

Besides, VWO has a dedicated mobile testing tool that allows you to get feedback from users.

VWO also offers you the feature of combining sessions and converting them into heat maps to better analyze the reasons for a lower conversion rate.

The platform not only manages email marketing but also targets customers across social media channels through automated marketing campaigns and web push notifications.

All in all, a complete solution to improve those key business metrics and engagement.

#4: Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a multivariate A/B Testing tool that allows the user to carry on testing with multiple variations and compare the results on the go.

Not only this, but the platform also offers rule-based personalization in terms of gender, age, brand affinity, and the likes.

The whole process can be categorized into three steps. First, you create your variant for experimentation, second, identify your target audience, and third, personalize your settings for the test.

The platform continually and automatically adjusts itself to adapt to customer behavior with the content, all in real-time.

Additionally, the omnichannel presence of the platform provides you the flexibility to provide a seamless customer experience.

#5: Evergage

Evergage helps maintain an all-inclusive view of every single customer for analysis, personalization, and real-time activation.

The platform is powered by machine learning and hence algorithmically delivers 1:1 personalized experiences.


This 1:1 personalization is offered across channels and spontaneously uncovers opportunities and insights from the given set of data.

This A/B Testing tool is very intuitive and helps predict the true intent of the customers visiting your website by combining click-tracking, time spent and other such metrics.

The platform even lets you conduct targeted and multivariate tests to ensure cross-channel experiences for maximum effectiveness.

#6: Omniconvert

Omniconvert is a conversion rate optimization platform that not only works like an A/B testing tool but also a survey, personalization, overlay, and segmentation tool.

This A/B testing tool runs on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Further, Omniconvert also allows segmentation tools to be clubbed with its A/B testing tool.

This combination lets you test multiple segmentation parameters, like geolocation, traffic source, and consumer behavior all at one go.

Multi segmentation testing helps improve website user experience, product features, and content’s ability to engage and convert.

#7: Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg offers A/B testing along with heat mapping, and usability testing tools.

Their A/B testing tool lets you experiment with variations of every single page on your website by adding codes on the pages you wish to experiment with.

All this optimization without any coding experience helps drive better traffic and offers intuitive conversion tracking and reporting tools.

If you own a small business, Crazy Egg is the tool you should consider.

Final Thoughts

Well, we’ve covered the top 7 A/B Testing tools to cater to your every need.

While all of these platforms are self-sufficient and unparalleled in their own right, the one you choose is going to be influenced by your business needs and the level of technicality you wish to achieve.

With this intention, we hope that we have pointed you in the right direction and you can now make an informed choice considering the pros and cons of all the tools.

Hit us up if you use any of the A/B Testing tools and let us know what you think.

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