Pitch.tech: A Competition Recap

Pitch.tech: A Competition Recap

Every great startup today was just an idea at some point – an idea that was backed by grit, determination, and a push in the right direction. 

With this idea in mind, .Tech Domains launched Pitch.Tech, an idea-stage competition to enable aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their great ideas to life.

As part of the competition, entrepreneurs were invited to submit their startup pitch as the first step to turning their idea into a business.

The competition was held in the months of May, June, and July in partnership with Startup Grind with 131 participants from 7 chapters that included Boston, Miami, New Haven, and more. 

The grand finale was held on 7th July and Judit Giro Benet from the chapter Hollywood + West LA walked away with $10,000 in equity-free funding and benefits up to $100,000 including AWS credits. 

We have compiled the best video pitch submissions from some of our participants to give you a glimpse of what went down during the competition.

Here are 13 amazing pitches from Pitch.Tech

1. Alex Malebranche – Startup Program


2. Samantha Kalita – Phoenix


3. Judit Giro Benet – Hollywood + West LA


4. Winston Daley – Boston, MA


5. Kamal Patel – New Haven


6. John Roberts – Miami


7. Alexandra Cartier – Boston


8. Patrick Miramontes – Boston


9. Jocelyn Ueng – Hollywood + West LA


10. Anurag Kamal – Hollywood + West LA


11. Sai Rahul Kopparthi – Phoenix, AZ


12. Jacob Opalinski – New Haven


13. Augustine Tambe – Miami


After the successful completion of Pitch.Tech and the overwhelming response we received from the participants, jury, and supporters, we cannot wait to see these ideas come to life. And if you have an idea that you just cannot stop thinking about, we’ll see you in season 2 of Pitch.Tech


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