Tech Startup Names List: 2000+ Startup Company Names To Inspire You
startup names list

Tech Startup Names: 2000+ Startup Company Names To Inspire You

Don’t you just wish there was a magical startup names list with cool company names which you could use to take inspiration from to name your startup? Well, you are in the right place.

Today, young tech startups are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing their startup company name. With hundreds of new domain extensions now available, tech startup names have gone from being long and awkward to short, memorable, and cool.

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of 1000+ cool company names and startup names using a .tech (dot tech) domain extension. This list can come in handy when you are looking to name a startup that you are excited to launch!

What is a .tech (dot tech) domain extension?

.tech domain extension is designed specifically for brands, companies, individuals, enthusiasts, students, etc. that have a penchant for technology. .tech is globally recognized as a domain associated with all things tech.

Unlike .IO or .AI, which are either too specific or too ambiguous, .tech represents everything under the umbrella of technology. This makes it a meaningful generic in a niche market.



How to name a startup & find the perfect domain name for it?

When you’ve invested a considerable amount of time and effort to devise a pathbreaking tech product or solution, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your startup name. A great startup deserves a great name.

This is why to stand out from the competition and truly establish your tech startup as the next big thing, you need a great name and domain name that breaks all stereotypes. You need a name that is worthy of your efforts.

To sum things up, here’s what a great tech startup name should be:

  • A name that is short, easy to type, and easy to remember
  • A name that is definitive, relevant, and meaningful
  • A name that is unique, innovative, and memorable
  • A name that is clean, crisp, and uncluttered (free of any lingual or grammatical errors)
  • A name that is descriptive of what you sell and the industry you belong to

Why choose a domain name on .tech?

The biggest benefit of choosing a name on .tech is that you can find a creative name that ticks all the boxes mentioned above. With .tech, your domain name will be easily understood on a global scale and it will pique the interest of a relevant audience.

Here’s why you should consider using .tech as your startup domain extension:

1. Names are available:

There over a billion websites on the internet and almost all of them are using conventional domain extensions such as .com, .net, and .org.

This makes finding the name of your choice on these domain extensions an arduous task. What’s more is, these conventional domains have been around for decades now.

On the flip side, finding the name of your choice is supremely easy on a new domain extension such as .tech. Why? Because .tech is a relatively new and relevant domain extension. For instance, is taken, but is available.



2. Names are meaningful

Since cool company names are easily available on a .tech domain extension, you can get smart with your name choices and pick a short and snappy name. Don’t forget, the word ‘tech’ is a globally accepted acronym for ‘technology’ which means your domain name will be self-explanatory and it will offer a strong sense of context.

3. Names are brandable

Meaningful names that are available make for a supremely brandable choice. Because your startup no longer needs to sport a long, awkward, clunky, and complicated domain name.

With .tech, you can choose a memorable and definitive name that is descriptive of what you do and one that doubles up as a striking brand message.

A tech startup using .tech to denote their business on the internet comes across as an innovative and future-focused business and can build authority in your niche.

The Best Tech Company Name Generator and Domain Availability Checker

One of the best ways to hunt for a catchy domain name for your tech startup is to use a company name generator. While you can brainstorm ideas for creative and cool company names with your team, a company name generator makes for the perfect tool to check for domain name availability.

How do I name my tech startup?

When it comes to finding the perfect name for your tech startup, here are a few noteworthy tips to keep in mind:

1. Find a simple and short name

Typically speaking, your tech startup’s name should be short and crisp. And since cool company names are easily available on .tech, you should look for a short name that is complemented by this relevant domain extension.

However, what is the ideal length of a domain name? Finding the perfect domain name means choosing one with less than 10 characters.

A short domain name is great. But along with that, you need a simple name that is easy to understand, spell, and pronounce.

Hitting the sweet spot means finding a domain name that you don’t have to repeat more than once or spell it out for people to understand it.

2. Ace the radio test

In continuation of the point above, your domain name should pass the radio test.

radio test makes for the most effective way to check if your domain name is simple enough for people to understand it and spell it when they hear it for the first time.

3. Avoid unnecessary complications such as hyphens, numbers, and acronyms

This point is in conjuncture with the two points mentioned above. Before you begin searching for cool company names on a company name generator, be sure to look for names that are devoid of hyphens, misspellings, abbreviations, and numbers.

Not only is this band branding, it severely impacts voice search capabilities.

Consider these two names – (said as rich-hyphen-clark-dot-tech) and (said as rich-clark-dot-tech). Off these two, the latter will be easy to spell and type. And the same logic applies to use numbers and acronyms.

People who come across your domain name will be unsure if the number in your URL is the numerical (6) or the word (six). And it’s the same with misspellings and acronyms.

If someone were to misspell your acronym or skip a letter, they’ll go elsewhere or perhaps nowhere.

4. Find a relevant name

Every domain extension denotes something; some represent an industry while others represent a profession. For example,

  • .COM means commercial
  • .EDU stands for education
  • .NET means network
  • .ORG stands for organization
  • .BIZ stands for business

The internet is filled with billions of websites. This means your techs startup isn’t just competing with other tech businesses; it’s competing with everyone!

Which is why owning a short and relevant name has never been more imperative.

Since .tech represents the world of technology, it also denotes the story of a tech company. Owning a name on .tech gives startups the opportunity to express an immersive and intuitive brand story.

5. Steer clear from legal issues

The last thing you want is to pick a name that breaches copyright issues or infringes trademarks of another brand.

To avert such a situation, conduct global research to check if the name of your choice is free from any legal issues.  

6. Ensure the name is available on social media sites

A major pre-requisite of any successful brand is to sport the same name across all social media platforms. Which is why you must look for a name that is available across all social media channels.

This builds continuity, commonality, and familiarity and makes it easier for people to associate with your tech brand.

7. Choose a name that will stand the test of time

Your domain name is one of the most valuable assets and it’s a long-term investment since it doubles up as your online identity.

This means you should look for a name that clearly communicates who you are, what you do, and where you’re going.

For example, if your business helps companies set up their IT infrastructure, you could choose a domain name like

Tips for naming your tech startup

When it comes to strategizing how to name your tech startup, here are some handy tips:

  • [BusinessName].tech (eg:
  • [industry/product].tech (eg:
  • [IndustryNiche].tech (eg:
  • [product+geo].tech (eg:
  • [message].tech (eg:
  • [phrase].tech (eg:
  • [name].tech (eg:

List of 1000+ tech startup names, domains & cool company names on .tech

The .tech domain has swiftly forged its way to becoming a favorite among members of the global tech fraternity, especially startups. Probably because a name on a .tech domain is short, relevant, unique, and meaningful.

Incorporating a .tech domain extension will make your web address come across as savvy, innovative, and crisp and one that stands out from the rest.

Here’s a list of tech startups & companies with cool company names on .tech:

Sr. Name Domain Name Description Location
1 Edison Edison Software is a consumer technology company creating artificial intelligence to transform the way people communicate. San Jose, California, United States
2 PegaSys Protocol Engineering Protocol Engineering Groups And Systems New York, New York, United States
3 Pocket Money Tech Technologies for Financial Inclusion Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
4 Nosh Technologies Nosh Technologies provides a fully automated AI enhanced food management application! Our motto: “Convenience comes first”.. London, England, United Kingdom
5 Nikola Nikola offers an advantaged far-field technology that converts radio frequency (RF) energy into usable direct current power. Westerville, Ohio, United States
6 Posibillian Tech Posibillian Tech commits to devise unique social experiences through technology, redefining the social entertainment. Asunción, Central, Paraguay
7 Securus Technologies Securus Technologies is one of the largest providers of detainee communications, parolee tracking, and government information Carrollton, Texas, United States
8 Mach1 Unifying multichannel audio and spatial audio, preserving standards and best practices and future proofing for future pipelines. New York, New York, United States
9 Armis Armis enables physical retailers to communicate locally through an AI-based SaaS platform. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
10 Innoviz Technologies Innoviz delivers the vision and intelligence required for the mass-production of autonomous vehicles. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
11 Einride Einride is a cargo and freight company that designs and builds technologies for transportation systems. Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
12 Shadow Shadow is a high-performance cloud-based computer that has an automated hardware evolution. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
13 Gula Tech Adventures Cybersecurity industry veterans helping the next generation with funding and experience. Ellicott City, Maryland, United States
14 Brilliant We make the Brilliant Control, a smart home control system that replaces an existing light switch. San Mateo, California, United States
15 Makers Our mission is to transform lives: accelerating the careers of tech professionals by integrating education and employment. London, England, United Kingdom
16 Balance A habit building saving app for Indian millennials looking to save up for stuff in life. Just start saving without ever breaking a sweat. Bangalore City, Karnataka, India
17 Aurora Aurora is delivering the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly. Palo Alto, California, United States
18 Timing Timing is an AI-driven Dynamic Scheduling platform for service organizations Yoqne`am `illit, HaZafon, Israel
19 Mercku Communications Hardware Company Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
20 MaidSafe Building the SAFE Network: an open source P2P decentralized Web with privacy, security and freedom by default for all users. Ayr, South Ayrshire, United Kingdom
21 AIQ AIQ bridges offline to online media properties with its Computer Vision AI Technology. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
22 BrainCo BrainCo strives to apply brain machine interface (BMI) and neurofeedback training to optimize the potential of the human brain. Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
23 TenX TenX makes any cryptocurrency spendable anytime and anywhere. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
24 Alpha Fintech Alpha Fintech is a fintech‘s end-to-end middleware, connecting the merchant buyer and vendor supplier across the entire fintech spectrum. Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
25 ingochristech Technical Consulting Fremont, California, United States
26 NoTraffic Traffic management platform based on smart sensors which prepares the road infrastructure for the connected and autonomous era. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
27 CoinFlip CoinFlip is a Bitcoin ATM operator that supports the buying and selling of nine different cryptocurrencies. Skokie, Illinois, United States
28 TriEye TriEye is a semiconductor startup developing disruptive SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) imaging solution. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
29 Taiwan Tech Arena Taiwan Tech Arena is a top-notch tech startup ecosystem. Taipei, T’ai-pei, Taiwan
30 Virtua Virtua provides top-notch services and products by leveraging a keen understanding of information technology. Glen Allen, Virginia, United States
31 Servify Servify is a self-learning platform that provides device management services and warranty solutions. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
32 Lemnis Technologies We set a new standard for visual fidelity in VR/AR head-mounted displays, opening new opportunities for professional users. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
33 Smex Smex is a Swiss Fintech holding with the mission to put tech on top through solutions that let people regain control of their money. Carouge, Geneve, Switzerland
34 Automata Automata is a deep-tech company that creates products that empower people to automate physical work. London, England, United Kingdom
35 NAVYA NAVYA is a leading French name in the autonomous vehicle market and in smart shared mobility solutions. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
36 Modex Modex – innovative technology group comprising Modex Blockchain Database Infrastructure and applied Neo-Banking custom implementations Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Gibraltar
37 Israel Tech Challenge We specialize in providing a combination of classroom learning & industry experience, and offer job placement assistance Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
38 Jala Jala helps shrimp farmer manage their water quality to boost the yield and create the sustainable business. Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
39 Sarafan Technology Sarafan.AI: a set of neural networks for objects’ recognition in real-time video, search by similarity, and text generation New York, New York, United States
40 TAINA Technology Helping Financial Institutions comply with FATCA&CRS. Saving costs, reducing risks and improving customer experience London, England, United Kingdom
41 LiFE Ventures LiFE Ventures acts as a Micro fund, offering seed investment and an accelerator programme to early stage start-ups. London, England, United Kingdom
42 Kargo Technologies Kargo Technologies is a full-stack logistics platform, connecting shippers with truckers Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
43 BlueDot Our mission is to identify the most promising technological innovations at NASA & National labs Bellevue, Washington, United States
44 Decision Tech Decision Tech mission is to create destination websites and apps that help people to find the very best communications and entertainment. London, England, United Kingdom
45 Pointr Pointr is an indoor positioning and navigation company with analytics and messaging features. London, England, United Kingdom
46 Lukka Lukka is a next-generation software company that delivers the leading middle and back office solution for the crypto asset ecosystem. New York, New York, United States
47 Careteam Technologies Careteam Technologies develops a virtual care collaboration and communication platform. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
48 Bee Smart Technologies Bee Smart™ is a remote diagnostic and monitoring station for any bee hive. We empower beekeepers to join the digital age through analytics. Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria
49 Pillar Technologies Pillar is a real-time risk management platform for general contractors. New York, New York, United States
50 Expper Technologies Expper Technologies is a robotics company that develops social robots that serve as a companion for kids in hospitals. Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia
51 Next Energy Technologies Inc. Next Energy Technologies operates in the energy industry. Santa Barbara, California, United States
52 Nebbiolo Technologies Nebbiolo Technologies is an early-stage startup bringing cloud-like flexibility and real-time controllability to IoT platforms. Milpitas, California, United States
53 SENPAI Technologies SENPAI is a consulting, research, and development company that offers cyber intelligence andt tailor-made security solutions. Limasol, Limassol, Cyprus
54 Nebulous (Sia & Obelisk) Building uncompromising blockchain infrastructure for the Decentralized Internet Boston, Massachusetts, United States
55 HoloLamp HoloLamp is aglasses-free portable AR device that creates optical 3D illusions directly on your environment. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
56 Elysium Secure health data sharing platform for better care, better interoperability and better scientific research. Rome, Lazio, Italy
57 Welcome Technologies We build technology that’s powering immigrant success with services across Finance, Education, Healthcare and more. Los Angeles, California, United States
58 Waymark Tech AI-as-a-Service enabling any organisation to reveal hidden patterns and connections within vast, dynamic and unstructured text datasets. London, England, United Kingdom
59 CENTURY Tech CENTURY is the award-winning artificial intelligence teaching and learning platform for schools, colleges and universities. London, England, United Kingdom
60 Trigo Trigo is a frictionless-checkout startup using world-leading AI and computer vision technologies. Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel
61 Botscape Increasing the efficiency of marketing campaigns by engaging customers through Facebook Messenger New York, New York, United States
62 Highmark Interactive Highmark Interactive is pushing the boundaries of technology and medicine. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
63 Peach Tech Peach Tech is a DevSecOps company that provides advanced security testing solutions and products. Seattle, Washington, United States
64 Smart Screen Smart Screen is an automated onboarding and background solution delivering fast, affordable, and highly personalized background checks. New York, New York, United States
65 Eyeware Eyeware offers solutions for using eye tracking information in real-world interactions, by capturing user attention, intention & interest. Martigny, Valais, Switzerland
66 Kura Technologies Kura Technologies is an augmented reality company focused on building the next generation AR optics/display module. San Francisco, California, United States
67 Streak Streak enables traders to create, back-test, and deploy trading algorithms live in the stock market. Bangalore, Karnataka, India
68 FalconAI Technologies, Inc. FalconAI aims to make human expertise accessible and scalable to democratize domain knowledge by developing cutting-edge AI. Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
69 Outsight Outsight develops a revolutionary kind of sensor, a 3D Semantic Camera that brings Full Situation Awareness to Smart Machines and Cities. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
70 Addenda Addenda is an end-to-end insurance settlement layer. Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
71 SGPR.TECH Radar for multispectral subsurface modelling that allows industries to minimize their risk and optimize processes related to sites. Rzeszów, Podkarpackie, Poland
72 AlleoTech Ltd Cloud, Web Development, Blockchain Limassol, Limassol, Cyprus
73 fearless Fearless is a software shop that builds presentations while maximizing performance. Baltimore, Maryland, United States
74 Smooth Commerce The Smooth Commerce technology first launched in 2014 under the SmoothPay brand. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
75 Clutch Technologies Clutch Technologies is a computer software company specializing in vehicle subscription software. Atlanta, Georgia, United States
76 Rise Technologies rise technologies is Slack and Teamviewer for the old economy. Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
77 HYGH AG AirBnB for Out of Home Advertising Zug, Zug, Switzerland
78 Sensei Sensei offers a scalable, seamless store-wide solution that empowers the stores of the future to be check-out and cash free. Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal
79 Embry Tech Embry is a technology company that turns all types of shoes into a biometric
 data tracking and wellness monitoring device. Compton, California, United States
80 ID345 Club of Angel Investors focusing on early stage strategic investments in scalable software platforms San Francisco, California, United States
81 Totally Totally is an award-winning bespoke software development company based in London, UK.
82 PragmatIC Printing PragmatIC provides a unique technology platform to create innovative, ultra-low cost flexible integrated circuits. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
83 Successive Technologies Successive Software is a global consulting and IT services company with a specialized focus in ERP/ SaaS solutions, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
84 CASPIAN CASPIAN is a full stack crypto asset management solution. San Francisco, California, United States
85 Equal An industry leading multi-chain web3 wallet. Westgarth, Victoria, Australia
86 The Accelerator The Accelerator is a seed accelerator that delivers curriculum, services, seed money, mentors, and connections to startups through programs. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
87 MilkCrate A Platform To Launch Gamified Impact Apps Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
88 hoopo hoopo enables geolocation for low-power, wide-area networks and solutions. Ra’anana, HaMerkaz, Israel
89 Preview Experience Serving for Augmented Reality Activations Gainesville, Florida, United States
90 6Degrees LTD 6Degrees develops wearable technology that controls smart devices, enabling people with upper limb deficiency to reclaim their digital life Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
91 Syzygy Plasmonics Syzygy Plasmonics is a developer of a photocatalytic reactor designed for fuel cell vehicles and small-scale industrial applications. Houston, Texas, United States
92 EcoMap Technologies EcoMap leverages AI to help entrepreneurs find the resources they need in their local communities
93 RenGlobe Tech Solutions SaaS, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Air Conditioning, Cleantech Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
94 Autobahn Disrupting the way we sell, order and deliver vehicles by bringing OEMs, importers and dealers closer to the vehicle buyer. Berlin, Berlin, Germany
95 Collision Management Systems Telematics data aggregation, real-time crash detection and risk management software solutions to the insurance & telematics industry. Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
96 AICO Technologies AICO Technologies is a home automation company based in Singapore. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
97 Vouchr Vouchr has created an engagement platform focused on the consumer payment experience. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
98 Kado KADO is a global innovator of ultra-thin power conversion technologies Lod, HaMerkaz, Israel
99 AdWALK Deviceless AR for advertising and in-store experience. Unique personalized and interactive digital signage technology for marketing. Seville, Andalucia, Spain
100 | Intelligent Revenue Assistant Lybra tech is a software as a service company offering a web based hotel revenue management application. Roma, Lazio, Italy
101 DeepScribe DeepScribe is an artificially intelligent medical scribe. Berkeley, California, United States
102 Bsurance GmbH Bsurance GmbH is an InsurTech MGA focused on B2B2C delivering embedded insurance covers to banks, utilities, retailers right at the POS Vienna, Wien, Austria
103 Gradient Gradient is zero-trust infrastructure for the connected world. Boston, Massachusetts, United States
104 LandTech LandTech empowers property developers to build better places London, England, United Kingdom
105 Hungary-based hardware and IoT focused seed fund
106 Day Zero Technology Day Zero Technology provides a state-of-the-art cloud-based employee onboarding software platform.
107 Mainichi Future Creation Laboratory Mainichi Future Creation Laboratory is a Media Platform. Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
108 Will Ventures Will Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm. Boston, Massachusetts, United States
109 Bellrock Technology Ltd. Bellrock Technology Ltd. is a high-tech software company. Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom
110 Posh Posh is a conversational AI and NLP technology development company that enables developers to deliver a new way to interact with users. Boston, Massachusetts, United States
111 Stockholm Fintech Hub SFH is Sweden’s first independent physical fintech centre that’s connecting the whole fintech community. Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
112 Bambu Tech Inc. Bambu is a software audio solution (AWSM – Advanced Wave Sound Method) designed to improve cost and performance on hardware and streaming Calabasas, California, United States
113 Enfuego Technologies LLC Enfuego is a job seeker’s platform that uses AI to write a uniquely optimized résumé for any position you apply to. Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
114 Digital Medical Tech Digital Medical Tech created a platform that allows health systems to proactively track medical devices and equipment. Los Angeles, California, United States
115 Tykn Tykn provides a blockchain-based ID platform for the socio-economic inclusion of refugees. Private and secure. Because people matter. The Hague, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
116 Kara Technologies Content Accessibility for the Deaf using AI Sign Language Avatar
117 Kensai AI Insights
118 Pesto Tech Pesto is a career accelerator for software engineers with the mission to take opportunities to places where talent exists. New Delhi, Delhi, India
119 dox dox is providing a battery predictive maintenance platform helping EV OEMs reduce warranty costs, battery waste, and sudden failures Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon
120 MinionLabs MinionLabs provides real-time device level energy consumption insights to users using a smart device delivered through its SaaS platform. Bangalore, Karnataka, India
121 Whenwhyhow Customer Mindset-Insights & Digital Empathy Management System Madrid, Madrid, Spain
122 WHYM WHYM is an all-in-one commerce solution for conversations. El Segundo, California, United States
123 Blixt Blixtis a company that offers semiconductor-based circuit breakers and household fuses. Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
124 RigiTech Rigi Technologies is a pioneering drone technology company developing next-generation logistics vehicles. Prilly, Vaud, Switzerland
125 Capture Technologies Capture Technologies is a technology and social media company. Los Angeles, California, United States
126 3D Live 3D Live is a stereoscopic 3D research and development company that creates solutions for live immersive entertainment. Los Angeles, California, United States
127 Droit The Operating System for Regulation New York, New York, United States
128 OpenSparkz OpenSparkz is a highly automated, scheme agnostic, API-driven, low cost, loyalty and offers enablement platform. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
129 Skylo Skylo develops IoT devices intended to connect a variety of devices. San Mateo, California, United States
130 Curve Curve is a cross-organizational and actionable platform that provides enterprise retailers with accurate sales predictions. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
131 Dynamic Infrastructure Taking care of aging infrastructure with the power of AI New York, New York, United States
132 B3i B3i is a technology company with an ambition to see the market deliver better insurance enabled by frictionless risk transfer. Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland
133 Ariadne Ariadne is a cloud based service providing modelling of your regulatory environment. London, England, United Kingdom
134 Digital Africa digital-africa.techen Digital Africa is a digital platform which aims to allow innovative entrepreneurs in Africa
135 DI Group DI Group is a holding company that develops and manufactures industrial equipment for machine tools. Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
136 essensys essensys is a provider of mission-critical SaaS platforms and on-demand cloud services to the high growth flexible workspace industry. London, England, United Kingdom
137 Scale Scale is a tech-driven direct-to-consumer platform that develops and deploys cutting-edge consumer brands from concept to scale. Sherman Oaks, California, United States
138 Invisible Technologies Invisible provides custom operations support to scaling SMBs at a revolutionary price point. San Francisco, California, United States
139 SmaSS Technologies SmaSS develops and manufactures video cameras with EDGE computing. Addison, Texas, United States
140 EDGE Technologies EDGE Technologies develop and operate the best buildings and environments actively contributing to the wellbeing of people and the world. Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
141 Delvitech Delvitech supplies replacement parts, maintenance services and software updates for AOI Trion, Vantage and Symbion. Mendrisio, Ticino, Switzerland
142 Vectio Technologies Simple software for running small trucking companies. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
143 Näktergal The truly digitised lending platform. Our digitised lending platform is the fastest way to scale, boost efficiency and enter new markets. Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden
144 ReUP Building the online wholesale marketplace for regulated, legal cannabis. Seattle, Washington, United States
145 The Batteries Thin film battery production technology, economically viable for smartphones, wearables and IOT. Jasionka, Mazowieckie, Poland
146 Bubbl Ltd Cutting-edge mobile app plug-in that allows companies to hyper-focus their marketing efforts with geo-triggered customer engagement tools. London, England, United Kingdom
147 Lightly Technologies Lightly Technologies develop innovative, ultra-thin LED light sources for a new generation of luminaire and lighting design Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
148 Aleria PBC taking the guesswork out of diversity & inclusion New York, New York, United States
149 Embarca Aceleradora de Startups Embarca is an accelerator made to co-invest from private/public capitals in early stage startups located in Mendoza – Argentina. Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina
150 VirtualSpaces Inc Mobile Virtual Reality company offering AAA console visual quality for Real Estate Cleveland, Ohio, United States
151 Bolt Labs Bolt Labs provides instant private payments for everyday purchases. Baltimore, Maryland, United States
152 Caymus Technology Ventures Caymus Technology Ventures Provides skilling platform to graduates & professionals. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
153 Visual One Visual One enables surveillance cameras to recognize specific events. San Francisco, California, United States
154 As the world is quickly becoming more connected, has set out to secure the world’s connected devices. Palo Alto, California, United States
155 Luft Luft is an international digital agency focused on full-cycle business development and fundraising marketing.
156 Source{d} Source{d} is the data platform for your software development life cycle. Madrid, Madrid, Spain
157 Keen Eye Technologies Keen Eye Technologies is a health tech company. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
158 TOMIS Tour Operator Marketing Intelligence Software Missoula, Montana, United States
159 is a company that specializes in decentralized infrastructure for data sharing and identity management. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
160 Kivu Technologies GmbH Provider of scalable software for network analysis in the security industry Vienna, Wien, Austria
161 Soar Soar is a Glasgow-based fintech focused on building a better financial society. Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom
162 Umano Umano spots your team strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. They’re the facts that provide freedom. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
163 RADAR We build products for our next financial system Denver, Colorado, United States
164 INDIDESK Productivity-based virtual workplace . Organize work collaboratively. Manage your projects, teams, clients and more in the same place. Madrid, Madrid, Spain
165 Re-Hub Re-Hub works with brands in consumer goods, beauty, fashion, and luxury to match them with the most promising global tech start-ups. Shanghai, Shanghai, China
166 Strider Strider delivers data and tools to organizations to help identify, manage, and mitigate risks in a new era of global strategic competition. Washington, District of Columbia, United States
167 SerbianTech SerbianTech is dedicated to connecting all the stakeholders in tech ecosystem and promoting them on global scale. Cacak, Vojvodina, Serbia
168 Ashley Book your next holiday, train or Uber in your favourite messaging app.
169 Digital Identity Digital Identity invests in companies that are developing crypto coin wallets, decentralized exchanges, and consulting companies.
170 Cell-Free Technology Cell-Free protein expression allows you to create biology without the need for a lab. Cork, Cork, Ireland
171 Resonate resonate.techui Resonate is a dedicated to marrying data, creative thinking and world-leading delivery into a single package. Derby, Derby, United Kingdom
172 Primis Primis is a Video Discovery Platform, enhancing websites by helping users discover engaging video content. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
173 Ambar Technologies Ambar is a Brazilian Company redefining Affordable Housing with unique Technology São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
174 Nexus FrontierTech We integrate AI solutions into existing systems, helping save time & money by employing solutions tackling inefficiency & data waste. London, England, United Kingdom
175 OPTIMIND OPTIMIND is a tech venture company from Nagoya University. Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
176 Resonance Resonance is your smart data assistant which eliminates the need for pre-built reports. Delhi, Delhi, India
177 TrunkTech TrunkTech is an unmanned technology developer. Beijing, Beijing, China
178 StorEn Technologies Renewable Energy Storage Stony Brook, New York, United States
179 BeInTech Technology company disrupting real estate industry and other businesses. Astana, Astana, Kazakhstan
180 #CNXT #SocialMedia = #HashTagDimension #JustTagIt #JustDoIt Chicago, Illinois, United States
181 EMOTAI EMOTAI is a privately held company that focuses in improving human performance. Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal
182 People Matter People Matter is a wellness platform that offers a safe online space where you can measure and improve your mental wellness at work. Bournemouth, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
183 Baraban CT LLC Tech start up developing innovative cleaning devices (steels, sidewalks) that cheaper than all other from 3 to 50 times. Leningrad, Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation
184 Customar LLC Professional team with experienced people on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & MR Baku, Baki, Azerbaijan
185 Skry Skry is the Blockchain analytics and intelligence firm based out of Silicon Valley. Palo Alto, California, United States
186 iUGO Technology iUGO Technology promotes vehicle tech to transform driver, vehicle & infrastructure data into real-time actionable intelligence. Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey
187 WCTI Partners, Inc. WCTI Partners, Inc. is an investment firm that provides private equity and venture capital funds with investment advisory services Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
188 Airex Airex is a smart ventilation control that builds intelligent air ventilation units using atmospheric sensors and cloud algorithms. London, England, United Kingdom
189 Taskomat Taskomat helps web freelancers and web agencies to manage their whole workflow and to get in touch in an unique and engaging platform. Pesaro, Marche, Italy
190 Betagig Betagig is a , online marketplace, explore exciting roles in the field of your choice. Los Angeles, California, United States
191 SEEVA Technologies SEEVA enables vehicles with automated driving systems to see in extreme environments, using heated washer fluid to clean perception sensors. Seattle, Washington, United States
192 Everflux Technologies Everflux develops technologies that promote cradle-to-cradle resource recycling, regenerative farming and landscaping Oakland, California, United States
193 Figment Technology Figment Technology is a technology company focusing on the Virtual and Augmented Reality space. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
194 WiDE WiDE is powerful customization software for prosthetic and orthotic devices for digital manufacturing. Riga, Riga, Latvia
195 Appliedgroup Nordic AppliedGroup Nordic AB is a Swedish startup company that produces software solutions. Sundsvall, Vasternorrlands Lan, Sweden
196 RumbleStrip RumbleStrip is a road safety feature to alert inattentive drivers of potential danger of diverging from a safe direction. Gothenburg, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden
197 AdMov AdMov is a marketing platform that uses Location data with Facial recognition to identify the passenger’s age. Pasig, Rizal, Philippines
198 Sinergia Tech Sinergia Tech is an AgTech platform focus on deliver specialized insights to farmers through the integration of layers of information. Piura, Piura, Peru
199 Electro-Active Technologies Electro-Active Technologies is focused on transforming waste into renewable products. Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
200 Quantum Motion Technologies Quantum Motion Technologies is building a universal quantum computer in Silicon, using CMOS compatible processes. Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom
201 ThirdEye Tech Limited ThirdEye Tech is a marketing prediction engine developer that helps businesses create a marketing campaign. London, England, United Kingdom
202 Openworld SAAS, Conversational E-commerce, voice-commerce
203 CodeOp CodeOp is a women-led coding school that supports the advancement of women, trans, and gender nonconforming individuals in tech. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
204 Altor Altor builds smart, connected helmet. Kolkata, West Bengal, India
205 Strap Technologies First substitute ever for the white cane for people with visual disabilities. Austin, Texas, United States
206 UnitX UnitX provides customized products and services for high performance computing. Thuwal, Ha’il, Saudi Arabia
207 Chuhang Tech Chuhang Tech is a technology company focusing on millimeter wave radars and advanced driver assistance systems. Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
208 Marti Marti is a micromobility company in MENA and Eastern Europe Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
209 Avicena Tech Avicena Tech manufactures ultra-dense, ultra-low power petabit per second optical chip interconnects. Sunnyvale, California, United States
210 GreenWise Achieve carbon neutrality with GreenWise SaaS solution! Automatically assess and easily reduce your company’s environmental impact. Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
211 Pennylane Pennylane is the chartered accountancy service that joins at the heart of the action. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
212 Ubic Technologies Ubic Technologies is a mobile network operator. Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
213 Kula Tech High-quality complex solutions for publishers in the mobile era Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania
214 Intent Technologies Intent Technologies develops the first open and cloud-based operating system for smart buildings and the internet of things. Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
215 ProSales ProSales is here to take care of business for property developers – better. Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
216 Accerion Positioning system for mobile robots and autonomous vehicles Venlo, Limburg, The Netherlands
217 Entropy Paid Marketing and optimization solution for Search Engine Marketing and Google Shopping Campaigns Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
218 Poltreg poltreg.techen Poltreg was established as a spin-off from the Medical University of Gdańsk in order to develop and commercialize the patented TREG method. Gdansk, Pomorskie, Poland
219 Duel Duel is a Customer Advocacy Marketing platform that helps brands and retailers sell more by turning their customers into advocates. London, England, United Kingdom
220 Stringbean Technologies StringBean Technologies is a game-changing platform Valley Stream, New York, United States
221 Popesites Popesites is a technology consulting firm specializing in custom website development and eCommerce development. Pleasant Hill, California, United States
222 Tuple Technologies Tuple Technologies is a Customer Behavior Modeling & Engagement Automation combining data science, AI, and machine learning. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
223 Identity Tech Identity Tech provides a cloud-based service that gives its clients access to an array of tools for customer & visitor experience management Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
224 Noticeboard Noticeboard is a communication platform for teams focused on frontline teams and extended enterprise networks. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
225 Parky Peer-to-Peer Parking Platform Athens, Attiki, Greece
226 Soarability Technologies Hyper-local Air Pollutant Mapping Systems for Ground & Aerial Vehicles Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
227 MegaRobo AI & Robotics Company based in Beijing,China. Beijing, Beijing, China
228 BlockDrop Providing cutting-edge, legal document generation software customized for the crypto and blockchain space. New York, New York, United States
229 Ottopia Ottopia is the teleoperation company, providing a platform that enables humans to safely control any type of vehicle from afar. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
230 Sibros Leader in automotive cloud solutions, providing OTA software updates, data logging, fleet management, and vehicle analytics. San Jose, California, United States
231 Ment Tech Labs Enterprise Fin-tech Product Solution & Service Provider Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
232 Decentro Automated plug and play platform for fin-techs. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
233 Marauders Tech Marauders Tech is an augmented reality interactive map and game.
234 TrinIT Solutions TrinIT Solutions provides, manages, and monitors technology solutions for corporate and healthcare companies. Concord, North Carolina, United States
235 Volt.Tech Find the latest industry news – indian industry news, industries news, industry analysis, indian industries, industry trends
236 ED2 ED2 opens the set for the first international acceleration program for innovative projects in the field of digital education. Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
237 Intl. Blockchain Technologies IBT offers an online solution where contracts are registered and authenticated in any blockchain. Made, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands
238 OpenEdge OpenEdge, seamlessly extends computing, data and services from the center to the edge.
239 AMPD Technologies AMPD Technologies is a provider of customized technology infrastructure solutions for game developers and publishers. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
240 Jump Networks Limited A technology company focused on innovative solutions to bring next-generation digital services to the ‘next billion’ Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
241 DATalent DATalent is a technology recruiting and staffing firm. Franklin, Tennessee, United States
242 Daodu.Tech Daodu.Tech is a Chinese subscription publication focusing on technology and business strategy.
243 Interstel Technologies Inc. Adaptable space missions operations software that can monitor and control satellites and other remotely operated vehicles. Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
244 DigEd DigEd is a SaaS platform for organizing educational courses for children. Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
245 Media Players Media Players operates as a data-driven sports marketing and data analytics agency. London, England, United Kingdom
246 KiteX KiteX makes the worlds most efficient wind turbine. Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark
247 DeepWave Technologies DeepWave is improving sleep quality, DeepWave’s solution dramatically boosts memory and learning, Encinitas, California, United States
248 BlackWatch.Tech BlackWatch.Tech is directly connected to the fishing community. Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
249 WATR WATR mission is to use technology to prevent millions of environmental losses across the globe, to do this we have created a world first.
250 Hypermiles Solution to reduce fuel use by a modification of driving behaviours Lodz, Lodzkie, Poland
251 Eat Me App Eat Me is an IOT solution to transform the relationship between the consumer and the amount of food they waste in their homes. Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom
252 Altitude Tech Altitude Tech is founded by professionals and students in the area of robotics, electronics and product design. Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom
253 Amani Technologies Amani Technologies is a fully-automated KYC and on-boarding tool. Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
254 Hygiea Hygiea designs and develops waste management in the IoT platform, focusing in the fast responses in the cleaning process. Sunnyvale, California, United States
255 Catena Holding Catena Holding is provides integrated circuit (IC) architecture and consultancy, circuit design, and contract research services. Delft, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
256 Ippon Technologies Ippon is an IT consulting, design and implementation company. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
257 vintegrisTECH Innovative systems and applications for digital certificate management, legally binding digital signatures, and robust authentication. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
258 BioHax International Integrating smart technology into everyday life to create seamless experiences with connected things Helsingborg, Skane Lan, Sweden
259 Crown Crown is a digital token and blockchain application platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses.
260 Vendr The first cashless local marketplace.
261 Nise Nise offers an app-controlled sous vide circulator that makes cooking easy.
262 GW Laser Tech GW Laser Tech is dedicated in the continuous power-scaling of the fiber laser. Holcomb, Mississippi, United States
263 Rise Technology rise.techen Rise is a software platform that allows a much simpler and more efficient collaboration with the technical field service. Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
264 ShotBlock Technologies Patented anti screen-shotting technology. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
265 AEGIS TECHNOLOGIES Japan AEGIS TECHNOLOGIES is a Design and development of various ultra-small sensing devices company. Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan
266 ISTMOS ISTMOS designs, coordinates, and monitors several e-commerce platforms and has gained considerable experience in the area. Péfki, Trikala, Greece
267 Amazing Apps Health Tech company that develops mobile apps helping users stay fit and healthy.
268 Khepri The new A/B testing tool for Web-masters and Web-marketeers Burbank, California, United States
269 Bay Street Tech Bay Street Tech specializes in producing interactive data visualization and analytics. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
270 Leaders In Tech Growth is LIT! New York, New York, United States
271 SOMO Tech SOMO Tech is a video conferencing collaboration service provider. Xiamen, Fujian, China
272 Intelligent Security Technology, LLC Intelligent Security Technology, LLC is the parent company behind the “Omnidirectional Vectoring & Response” platform. Windber, Pennsylvania, United States
273 CargoTech cargo.techin CargoTech is a freight forwarder, offering international shipping. Varshavskiy, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation
274 Vision in Motion Vision in Motion is a startup that is developing an innovative software-based platform. London, England, United Kingdom
275 axlr8 Product Builders Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt
276 M33 is a startup incubator specializing in the creation of digital solutions for companies. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
277 DataPro Technologies DataPro Technologies is a startup which provides WiFi on-the-go services for tourists. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
278 Tekuma Tekuma technology based startup investigating drone control systems. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
279 matsuri technologies matsuri technologies is a service that provides support to maximize the earnings of the user’s property. Fukushima, Fukushima, Japan
280 BULLIT On-demand iPhone repair business with a focus on convenience. Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom
281 WaitList We reveal the opportunities for real world interaction in waiting areas of public transport.
282 The Collider The Collider, the innovation programme promoted by MWCB, connecting talent to create disruptive technology-based startups Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
283 Elektra We build wearables that let you feel music anytime, anywhere, and for less than a concert.
284 Evidential Evidential provides governance, regulatory, compliance and business intelligence products and services for enterprise blockchains. Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
285 I-Brain i-brain.techen I-Brain goal is the introduction of a new generation complex for neuro-rehabilitation, based on innovative technology Sankt-peterburg, Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation
286 Laila Laila is a chatbot which can handle a conversation just like a human. Caserta, Campania, Italy
287 offers on-demand delivery of everything need, whenever need it. Zug, Zug, Switzerland
288 Waste Resource Technologies Waste Resource Technologies is a fully-integrated waste collection, recovery and conversion company. Newport Beach, California, United States
289 Kosen Career Kosen Career is a company that provide employment and Career Change services. Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
290 KENSETSU TECH LABO KENSETSU TECH LABO is at the forefront of Construction-Tech, which eliminates the labor and cost of contracting construction work. Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
291 Silexon Silexon is an AI-based pharmaceutical research and development service provider. Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
292 Mattech Mattech is a smart tool to save and organize your files using tags. Clichy, Ile-de-France, France
293 Nushine Nushine is a manufacturer of intelligent vehicle-mounted electronic device. Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
294 The In-Cabin Experience Alliance SaaS, Hardware, Automotive, Automotive Aftermarket, Mobility, Shared Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
295 LuceroTech Lucero pioneered the smart light market in with the first Bluetooth, non Wi-Fi, multi-colored LED that’s controllable via a smart device Portland, Oregon, United States
296 Roanoke Blacksburg Technology Council The Roanoke Blacksburg Technology Council is the leading resource for the region’s growth and success. Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
297 Silicon Roundabout Ventures VC investor focusing on early-stage advanced technology startups (Deep Tech). London, England, United Kingdom
298 Revamp Technologies Revamp Technologies develops a generator which leverages the kinetic energy of air molecules (heat) in order to produce electricity. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
299 TripleCheck TripleCheck enables companies to find licenses and plagiarized source code snippets inside their software. Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany
300 Near-Life Near-life™ is the home of immersive learning content. Bolton, Bolton, United Kingdom
301 IXN Tech IXN is an InsurTech company with the vision of transforming the way insurance is sold, by leveraging mobile and digital solutions. Lehi, Utah, United States
302 Tisk Na Spletu Tisk Na Spletu is IT-company, developer of onlone printing software. Ljubljana, Ljubljana Urban Commune, Slovenia
303 Scienteer Technologies Scienteer Technologies Corporation is a software development company based in San Antonio Texas. San Antonio, Texas, United States
304 Terminal Terminal provides an online fundraising marketplace. Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
305 Humanity X Humanity X is an organization that focus on developing technology for humanity and social good. Tempe, Arizona, United States
306 Cloud-based processing and outsourcing platform San Francisco, California, United States
307 Mobineo Developing land surveying and administration software for the next generation
308 Rubble A platform for integrating logic programming into modern applications
309 NUX Technologies NUX enables the power of subscriber´s terminals and smart phones, in real-time, for Telecoms to understand user and service experience
310 Drone Go Home Security: Drone and pilot detection, location and alert system.
311 ithought Make life more fun for millions of people Silkeborg, Midtjylland, Denmark
312 Brain2Bot Brain2Bot is taking the artificial out of AI. Reno, Nevada, United States
313 Daan Tech Daan Technologies is an industrial company, labeled French Tech and French Fab. Montreuil, Ile-de-France, France
314 Checked In LLC Checked In, LLC mobile application suite measures and publishes real time patient wait times for patients to choose the best wait. Berryville, Virginia, United States
315 ADIA Robotics Making drones smarter London, England, United Kingdom
316 AERA AS AERA AS is developing a patent-pending renewable energy based car charging kit. Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway
317 HOBA TECH We’re challenging the status quo and reversing the 70% fail rate in digital transformation. Come learn what the Top 30% know that you dont.
318 Paul Wurth InCub Paul Wurth InCub is devoted to develop successful entrepreneurs in the Industrial Technologies sector. Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
319 Tenex Developers Expert software development team solving the hardest engineering challenges
320 BizDate A mobile-forward enterprise networking platform that is designed to create a large scale connectivity amongst students and alumni. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
321 Mug Studio Mug Studio is a startup with the object of developing software and mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
322 Skandal Technologies We develop control systems for real-time environments with sensors, data, light and media to influence how people experience places. Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
323 Finvale ITI Technologies Group of companies operating under the brand Finvale Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
324 RenovoDerm A medical device company building a line of wound care products that provide a structure for tissue growth and promote faster healing wound Columbus, Ohio, United States
325 Myonic Myonic designs wearable devices that allow paralyzed users to regain control of their muscles. Boulder, Colorado, United States
326 Observe Technologies Observe applies computer vision and machine learning to optimise aquaculture farms. London, England, United Kingdom
327 Barn Owl Tech Barn Owl Tech is a manufacturing company. Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
328 Upstream Tech Upstream Tech conserving freshwater by powering informed water market transactions. Alameda, California, United States
329 Feelit Feelit provides printed nonomaterial-based sensing solutions that turns an object to a smart object that provides live performance insights. Haifa, Hefa, Israel
330 CYVision Aim to develop the next generation vision systems. San Jose, California, United States
331 CryptoPing A bot that lives on the Telegram messaging service.
332 Asia PropTech Asia PropTech is an incubator and funding ecosystem for PropTech startups in Asia. Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
333 AssistENT AssistENT is a medical technology company in Baltimore that develops solutions to disorders of the ears, nose, and throat. Baltimore, Maryland, United States
334 Disruptiv Technologies Automotive telematics, automotive apps, automotive software, automotive concierge services, big data management, OEM supplier. São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
335 Infinite X Enterprise Blockchain Solutions Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria
336 The SUB LLC This business exists to help secure licensing/sale of SUB units. 2017 INPEX Gold Medal Winner Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
337 Visualiz visualiz is a digital twin enterprise platform for collaboration, data visualization, and business intelligence through virtual reality. Oslo, Oslo, Norway
338 Internet of Trees Ltd. Development of IoT-based products for forestry. Early warning system for forest fire detection. London, England, United Kingdom
339 Plinth.Tech Plinth.Tech is a modern and innovative financial technology firm, specialising in software products and services. London, England, United Kingdom
340 Nanogrid Nanogrid develops software to determine the value of solar, storage, and an electric vehicle for a homeowner. Oakland, California, United States
341 Splash Technologies Splash brings cryptocurrency into everyday life, for everyday transactions, for everyone. New York, New York, United States
342 Metis Labs Intelligent software, improving the performance of manufacturing processes. London, England, United Kingdom
343 Mastakey Automation solution for key management and parking lot merchandising in automotive retail and fleets Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
344 BigSIS Sustainable Insect Control Solutions London, England, United Kingdom
345 MusicMind MusicMind is a social music platform with embedded augmented reality that provides brands and artists with content distribution services. Los Angeles, California, United States
346 Paintec S.L Paintec S.L is a Integral management system for farmers. Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain
347 Evidence-Based Behavior Evidence-Based Behavior (eB2) is a company that develops healthcare solutions for psychiatric patients. Leganés, Madrid, Spain
348 Hive Power Hive Power develops a turnkey solution for the creation and management of local energy communities on the blockchain. Manno, Ticino, Switzerland
349 Enroute Enroute is a developer of personalized commerce platform which is installed into ride hailing and mass transit applications. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
350 Just Me Technologies At Just Me, we help companies towards GDPR compliance, while giving back control of the personal data to their real owners: the users. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
351 Hotelhero Hotelhero helps hotels find the right software for their businesses. Berlin, Berlin, Germany
352 Elite Robotics Autonomous Vehicle Technology, Hardware, Software, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
353 Jovo Jovo is a development framework for cross-platform voice apps like Alexa Skills and Actions for Google Assistant, and Google Home. Berlin, Berlin, Germany
354 Ryax Technologies Building software for Resource and Compute Management of Hybrid infrastructures Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France
355 WeBio Biotechnology company – 3D Bioprinting experts Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina
356 Shine Labs Shine Labs is a full-service development firm, focused on creating beautiful apps for Mobile and Voice.
357 LaderaTech LaderaTech is a biomaterials company with commercial technology in wildfire prevention and the delivery of agriculture chemicals. Englewood, Colorado, United States
358 Lyko Lyko offers the most powerful and intuitive tools to launch and develop a multimodal mobility (or MaaS) business. Villeurbanne, Rhone-Alpes, France
359 BioLumen BioLumen is a nutritional technology company that develops a patented dietary fiber technology platform. San Francisco, California, United States
360 Bespo Bespo is a mobile restaurant reservation application that enables users to book tables via LINE’s messaging service. Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
361 Quanterium Quanterium is an internet company that specializes in the fields of instant messaging, email, calendar, and video conferencing. London, England, United Kingdom
362 Joro Joro is a climate action app that makes it accessible for anyone to track and improve their carbon footprint. Oakland, California, United States
363 ABYA ABYA is a developer and provider technological components for the creation of graphic virtualization cloud-gaming solutions. East Setauket, New York, United States
364 Blocksmith Blocksmith is a blockchain development agency that leverages experience in building products by Whitesmith and supported by KR1. London, England, United Kingdom
365 Boundary Layer Technologies Boundary Layer Technologies is a startup that builds high-speed container ships using hydrofoil technology. San Francisco, California, United States
366 Blockdata Blockdata is a market intelligence platform for blockchain and other distributed ledger technology. Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
367 Cassiopeia Empower leaders with actionable insights to increase team collaboration, belonging and mental health. Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel
368 RubiQ RubiQ empowers passengers to self manage disruptions through Artificial intelligence-based real-time communication. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
369 Brisa Robotica Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Machine Intelligence solutions Recife, Bahia, Brazil
370 aeiou aeiou is an AI company that makes intelligent drones easy.
371 Hoyo Tech Hoyo Tech is IoT focused company with main focus on Smart Home solutions, Fleet Management and custom software development Struga, Struga, Macedonia
372 Eirium Technologies Creating the digital platform for the social good sector Palo Alto, California, United States
373 Clara Biotech We are exosomes! We can extract any species of pure, viable, in-tact exosome from any biofluid source into pure solution. Lawrence, Kansas, United States
374 EV Biotech Microbial Cell Factory engineering using computational biology as design basis Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
375 Terrabio terrabio.techencompany Terrabio is a company which develops of a portable analyzer intended for pathogen detection. Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie, Poland
376 The AirLoop The AirLoop is a a group of young and highly-skilled international entrepreneurs. Cupertino, California, United States
377 Iroko Lab Iroko Lab is a web and mobile application development company. Cotonou, Littoral, Benin
378 Semblr Technologies Semblr automates building construction using small, swarming robots. London, England, United Kingdom
379 Online Digital Marketing Course Zedpedia Provides variety of Digital Marketing Courses in India. ZedPedia is structured to provided courses at very low price.
380 Holibob Holibob operates as a B2B marketplace for tours and experiences. Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom
381 Unlimitech Unlimitech helps sportspeople optimize their performance through high-precision fitness tracking solutions. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
382 GoHub gohub.teches GoHub helps deep tech startups that improve cities and industries. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
383 provides predictive reporting capabilities, leveling the playing field, and giving startups insights for large enterprises. San Diego, California, United States
384 UpStay UpStay is the leading upgrade solutions provider for the hospitality industry. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
385 Quickstream™ Quickstream™ – Tools, management platform and services for secure delivery of video over the Internet Cracovia, Malopolskie, Poland
386 Sarus Privacy-by-design AI and analytics Paris, Ile-de-France, France
387 Rosa Biotech Rosa Biotech is an AI-driven biosensing and diagnostics company based in Bristol. Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom
388 Cangoroo Tech Disrupting smart mobility as we know it. One pogo stick at a time. Malmö, Skane Lan, Sweden
389 Dinesmart DineSmart is solution for smart dining in f&b industry . Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
390 AIQA Technologies Testing tools & support to boost CI/CD workflow Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Poland
391 Truckit Technologies Tuckit is a freight network company in Chile, which offers its services through an online p2p platform. Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile
392 SpeechifAI SpeechifAI is the digital campaign suite for word-of-mouth marketing. Brooklyn, New York, United States
393 Legislate Technologies Taking the legalese out of contract negotiation with AI. Bicester, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
394 RoadSense RoadSense specializes in developing smart road infrastructure. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
395 Dcoder Dcoder(Techstars’19) is a mobile coding platform (IDE) for next gen programmers to code from mobile. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
396 Nextiles Nextiles builds a fitness system that helps people exercise better, more safely, and more efficiently. New York, New York, United States
397 NEVULA NEVULA is a utility token used at casinos. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
398 Sibö Biotech company with the purpose to find new efficient and clean raw materials and create healthy and sustainable solutions for the world Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
399 Stepchange Data Blockchain Security Centers Wenatchee, Washington, United States
400 Dares Technology Dares Technology is an aviation company that offers ground motion measurements and mapping products using radar satellite images. Castelldefels, Catalonia, Spain
401 Mighty Social Mighty Social is a fast growing social ad technology company. We provides advanced targeting technology. London, England, United Kingdom
402 Dotz Nano Dotz Nano is a Hi-Tech company specializing in development and marketing of novel advanced materials. Petah Tiqva, HaMerkaz, Israel
403 Next Tech Next Tech powers hundreds of thousands of people building what’s next in tech. Oakland, California, United States
404 Horus Technology Horus Technology provides wearable​ assistant for ​blind​ ​and​ ​visually​ ​impaired​ ​people​. Chiasso, Ticino, Switzerland
405 Equilibrium by Vayu Technology Vayu Tech is a fitness technology company that uses biomechanics for injury prevention. Los Angeles, California, United States
406 Qinghuo Qinghuo is a community platform that focuses on youth entrepreneurship partnerships. Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
407 Consonance We develop medical devices and software from idea to operational product. Krakow, Malopolskie, Poland
408 iGrid igrid.techen GRID creates IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions. Myslowice, Slaskie, Poland
409 Reable ReAble is company that builds apps and tools for people with special needs​ ​to help them better integrate into society. Lebanon, New Hampshire, United States
410 APiO APiO is a SLC, UT-based FinTech company leveraging Blockchain , AI & Machine Learning to transform how capital is accessed & invested. Sandy, Utah, United States
411 Levl Technologies Levl Technologies is a company provides cyber-security solutions for sensor authentication in IoT . Santa Clara, California, United States
412 Beit Beit designs and implements an algorithm for solving a relevant NP-complete class of problems using Quantum Computers effectively. Kraków, Malopolskie, Poland
413 Wave Inc. Wave Inc. creates amazing products to make people around the world closer. Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
414 Marketer Technologies At Marketer, they are dedicated to perfecting the world’s best platform for AI-based marketing. Oslo, Oslo, Norway
415 The Heart The Heart is an european center for corporate-startup collaboration. Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
416 Amon The every-day Crypto debit card powered by AI and multi-currency crypto wallet Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Gibraltar
417 Omnitude Omnitude is a hybrid middleware blockchain layer Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom
418 Alphabox Technologies Full-cycle development services for financial technology sector, banking and E-commerce. Startup incubator. New York, New York, United States
419 Shanlongtechno Shanlongtechno is engaged in research and development of entertainment smart hardware. Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
420 Lion Rock FinTech Lion Rock FinTech is a startup company that provides commercial financing services. Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
421 develops solutions for businesses, governments, and organizations transitioning to blockchain technology. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
422 Concord Saas, Data Privacy, Mobile App, Analytics, Marketing Technology Portland, Oregon, United States
423 nate nate is a digital assistant that transacts online on behalf of people. You do the shopping — nate does the checkout. New York, New York, United States
424 Smartia Smartia is provides scalable AI solutions that connect and transform industrial data into actionable insights. Bristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom
425 DataGen Technologies Creating photorealistic synthetic data to train neural networks to solve real-world computer vision tasks. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
426 CSQ Holdings Owners of SynQ Suite and CryptoSyndicate Los Angeles, California, United States
427 AsknBid AsknBid operates as an investment tech startup. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
428 The Phi Factory A fusion of TaaS and Aggregator Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
429 Lodestar Technologies Lodestar Technologies, a Montana Based Tech company builds, maintains and supports business-critical applications for its global clients. Hot Springs, Montana, United States
430 ecoworks ecoworks uses industrial pre-fabrication, digital processes, and highly efficient energy systems. Berlin, Berlin, Germany
431 Bond Financial Technologies, Inc. Bond is an enterprise-grade financial technology platform streamlining the integration between brands and banks. San Francisco, California, United States
432 iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber is enabling a new era of personalized, precision medicine. Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
433 Strider Strider is a computer software company that develops tools for enterprises to combat economic espionage threats beyond the cyber domain. Washington, District of Columbia, United States
434 Quenti Technologies Quenti, a Collaborative Banking Engine for a new era of financial services.
435 IRIE AI IRIE AI provides machine learning, predictive analytics, big data analytics, and deep learning services. Bethesda, Maryland, United States
436 Omega Test Technologies Omega Test Technologies offering semiconductor automatic test equipment. Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
437 Mixspace Technologies Mixspace Technologies is creating tools for AR/VR/MR developers. Atlanta, Georgia, United States
438 Timisoara.Tech Timisoara.Tech is a brand and support platform for promoting and developing the local tech ecosystem in Timisoara. Timisoara, Timis, Romania
439 Brez Technology Inc. Wireless products and embedded software development and consulting Toronto, Ontario, Canada
440 Magnetika
441 Cura Technologies Cura is a design first company with a mission to empower every caregiver to deliver world-class, evidence-based patient care. Menlo Park, California, United States
442 Virtual Orator Virtual Orator is a a revolutionary new technology for training public speaking skills tha maximize training benefits. Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha, Czech Republic
443 Oceanus Protocol Oceanus Protocol builds a modern, innovative and sustainable community for the shipping industry.
444 Rockon Rockon is an e-commerce platforms company that specializes in web development & software solutions. Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
445 Bio3D Technologies Bio3D Technologies develops scientific 3D printing platform and innovations for a variety of research and biomedical applications. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
446 Statesman Technologies Statesman Technologies, Inc.
447 Blanco Tech Blanco Tech is a provider of harness digital technologies to transform them into more agile, responsive and valuable businesses.
448 Human Unlimited Human Unlimited, powered by “human-intelligence”, manages customer experiences via both digital and face-to-face customer interactions.
449 Enabling precision agriculture Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
450 Perimeter LLC Perimeter LLC is an Early stage glaucoma and tumor diagnostic VR helmet. Mobile, 10 times cheaper and 70% more accurate than current gold.
451 Nutrix The future of glucose monitoring Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland
452 William Bent Technology William Bent Technology is to provide the best professional computer services in St. Cloud & Kissimmee. Saint Cloud, Florida, United States
453 AIM – Altrove Innovation Measurement AIM – Altrove Innovation Measurement is the professional software as a service. Renens, Vaud, Switzerland
454 Thin Film Elements Sensors for IoT, food processing, microbiology
455 Aakriti Precision Systems Akriti Precision Systems offers laser engraving solutions services.
456 Aplindo Aplindo is a software company located in Melati.
457 Hyperjump Technology Open-source first. Cloud native. DevOps excellence.
458 Caliper Technologies Caliper Technologies is a Biotechnology company.
459 Black Creek BLACK CREEK is the crowdsourced real estates data platform, fundamentally powered by blockchain technology.
460 Apppay Apppay is a mobile app development company . Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia
461 eins.techen is a specialized, multi-line information system comprising all aspects and directions of the insurance business.
462 Avanto Technologies AVANTO specializes in the seamless integration of the electronics and clothing.
463 Dreamlabs Technologies Dreamlabs Technologies San Francisco, California, United States
464 Test Dpc Test Dpc is a android app that helps you to develop your android device environment to different calibrations. London, England, United Kingdom
465 Community of technologists excited about combining profit with purpose. San Francisco, California, United States
466 VarejoInteligente VarejoInteligente offers low cost and easy to use solution for the general retail market, using tools and techniques of smart business. Bebedouro, Sao Paulo, Brazil
467 Reaktor Reaktor is a full-stack innovation and hardware engineering lab serving large corporate clients and startups. London, England, United Kingdom
468 Digicorp Teknologi Indonesia DigiCorp Technology is a technology based corporation located In Indonesia
469 Leed Technologies Leed Technologies creates disruptive healthcare technologies w/ applications to athletic, extreme environment, and clinical medicine. Houston, Texas, United States
470 OrthoFit OrthoFit provides wearables and software for health care.
471 RMUS Dynamics Dexterous robotic limbs and mechanisms on better artificial muscles. San Francisco, California, United States
472 RElab London, England, United Kingdom
473 CloudCRM CloudCRM offers business intelligence and CRM system, customized mobile applications, for data capture on and offline for further analysis.
474 Trinity Trinity is a universal off-chain scaling solution, which aims to achieve real-time payments, low transaction fees, scalability.
475 Chaprak Technologies Ltd. Chaprak Technologies Specializes in Complex Metal & Nonmetal Build-to-Spec Projects
476 DataBolt DataBolt is a collection of python-based products to reduce the time it takes to get your data ready for analysis. New York, New York, United States
477 Blue Impact Blue Impact Chemfree develops oil spill clean-up technology, transforming oil spills. Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway
478 ALGreen.Tech Place for startups focused on technology and environment.
479 DigitalLove DigitalLove is the most significant source of investment in start up and early stage businesses seeking equity to grow their business. Madrid, Madrid, Spain
480 EnergyNova EnergyNova designs and manufactures long-lasting, hydrogen-based batteries that can be used in a wide range of consumer applications. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
481 Digital Analytics & Tracking Verlieren Sie keine Daten mehr.
482 TAISY Taisy offers Coworking space services. Sendai, Miyagi, Japan
483 Bloch Bloch changes how small businesses work.
484 Convy AI Convy, the artificial intelligence that acts like a human helping enterprises to better interact with their clients.
485 Chain Base Chain Base develop systems with blockchain technology and to create a new market by combining and utilizing both the technology. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
486 Bioglobe Singapore Bioglobe Singapore is an eminent company recently introduced the smartest water filtration system. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
487 Comida Comida helps to find the restaurant deals, discounts and offers on food & drinks. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
488 SEEit SEEit is a production studio that creates virtual reality movies for motion simulators and industrial robots. Toorak, Victoria, Australia
489 Smart Tag Flexible Wireless Sensor
490 Holosee Holosee is a solution for creating realistic high definition holograms for AR/VR. Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania
491 Cosmetic Scan Personal assistant for people with skin allergies Poland, Indiana, United States
492 AquaSafe AquaSafe is a wearable device that revolutionises the approach to safety around water
493 AeroLab Tech AeroLab Tech offers an aero testing system (ATS) that provides real-time CdA and Crr feedback while training and racing. Strathcona, Alberta, Canada
494 Adia Tech Adia Robotics creates the first personal drone.
495 AFD.Tech AFD.TECH is involved in projects for the design and development of information systems and networks of large companies. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
496 Shinoken Intelligent Technology Shinoken Intelligent Technology is one-stop for asset management through apartment management. Hamamatsucho, Tokyo, Japan
497 MediaBell MediaBell is a web design and web development company. Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh
498 Bold Valuable Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom
499 UP-Ride up-ride.techennew-root UP-Ride develops a mobile solution to warn motorcyclist about potential dangers on the road with the use of machine learning algorithms.
500 Avenira Technologies Avenira Technologies
501 VSSL VSSL builds predictive tools for the cannabis industry. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
502 MetaDigital The solution to healthcare claims fraud.
503 Convey Convey is a powerful analyzing tool that determines the sentiment behind internet activity. Champaign, Illinois, United States
504 Infimé Infimé strives to make virtual try-on a norm in shopping experience, via 3D try-on for intimate apparel and swimwear.
505 QWave Technologies Photonics Startup
506 T4B Soluções em Informática T4B Soluções em Informática offers low cost IT infrastructure solutions for micro, small, and medium enterprises. Brasília, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
507 ATS Ingenierie ATS Ingenierie provides a mechanical engineering, piping, plant designing, and consulting services. Montchanin, Bourgogne, France
508 Sukhvarsha Management Services Pvt LTd Sukhvarsha Management Services, a Chennai based, HR services organization, which has been in business since 1993 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
509 Clarium Managed Services Clarium is a boutique technology services firm that specializes in cloud technology, providing traditional legacy IT support services. Miami, Florida, United States
510 SMAG SMAG develops a so-called agricultural software for farm management and production traceability. Châlons-en-champagne, Champagne-Ardenne, France
511 Encore Technologies Encore Technologies is a data center and comprehensive IT support provider. Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
512 Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
513 Ceres Power Holdings Horsham, West Sussex, United Kingdom
514 Invento Polska petcan.techenhome-page Invento Polska manufacturing innovative food packaging – PET Cans. Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
515 Edison Effect Edison Effect experts in the development of applied technologies in the area of ​​electronic engineering. San Luis, Guerrero, Mexico
516 SmartPoints Technology Breakthrough security & control software based on cutting edge architecture. Boston, Massachusetts, United States
517 Titan Tech Titan Tech is an IT solution company that provides accounting,medical billing and manufacturing software. West Chester, Ohio, United States
518 Virtual Vision Solutions Virtual Vision Solutions provides the finest solutions for digital media transmission control and display. Savyon, HaMerkaz, Israel
519 iHorse Paris, Ile-de-France, France
520 WalkingTree Technologies WalkingTree Technologies is a software development and IT services company. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
521 NovaStar Tech Novastar, a global leading LED display solution provider. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
522 Aryan Solutions Aryan Solutions is a technology consulting and staffing company. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
523 Sothis Sothis is an information technology company that specializes in cloud services, SAP, and IT solutions. Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
524 Konsultant Konsultant is a management consulting firm. Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
525 Skyrise.Tech Software solutions that shape the future of the transportation and logistics industry. Katowice, Slaskie, Poland
526 New Line Technologies We pioneer ideas by challenging software development. Kharkov, Kharkivs’ka Oblast’, Ukraine
527 Campinas Tech Campinas Tech is an association of high impact entrepreneurs and startups. Campinas, Goias, Brazil
528 Codefest CodeFest is the annual coding festival that offers events in machine learning, natural language processing, and application development. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
529 Unified Technology Systems Unified Technology Systems provides design, engineering, installation, and maintenance services. Atlanta, Georgia, United States
530 SailFin Sailfin Technologies is a multinational technology services provider with global delivery centers United States of America and India Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
531 All Com Technologies All Com Technologies is a global value-added distributor with sales and distribution facilities in the Middle East. Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
532 Mangosoft We bring your vision to life with world class apps Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
533 Technity Hello Guys, Welcome to technity where you can understand technically related stuff easier
534 Plotinus Plotinus developed a new unique approach to analyzing data. Newry, Newry and Mourne, United Kingdom
535 Overmind A modular, hybrid, Enterprise grade File Sharing & Storage solution Paris, Ile-de-France, France
536 Roadix Roadix is an urban transportation company focused on developing personal and lightweight vehicles. Binyamina, Hefa, Israel
537 Complex Design Groups CDG is a premium web service and technology company based on meeting your expectations and changing the world while your at it.
538 Barito Integra Teknologi Barito Integra Teknologi is a computer software company located in West Jakarta. Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
539 CertaTech Solutions Chicago, Illinois, United States
540 Peller.Tech Mobile and web app developing agency focused on incubating client businesses Toronto, Ontario, Canada
541 Anvil Technology comingsoon.techanvilprelaunch Anvil Technology is a startup company which produces desktop 3D printers. Madison, Wisconsin, United States
542 Amplus Amplus is a low cost, easy to use, intelligent digital signage solution for advertising
543 Mo’Real Universe Mo’Real Universe develops a mobile AR browser that enables content creators to develop their own AR experience at better costs. Timisoara, Timis, Romania
544 Muse Platforms Muse Platformsis a developer of digital marketing platforms designed to provide innovation, insight and impact in the digital world San Francisco, California, United States
545 PetaBytz Technologies PetaBytz Technologies is a leading IT consulting,Data Science and Engineering,business solution and systems integration firm. Fremont, California, United States
546 Aprototype, Inc. aprototype.techhomepage Custom metal prototyping and precision CNC machining for students, research scientists, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Ronkonkoma, New York, United States
547 Orther Mulelid-Tynes Technology, Inc. A multinational development company with a focus on joint ventures. Måløy, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
548 KARABINER Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
549 Torus Innovations torus.techinsurance Torus A NextGen Unified Low code platform, model driven approach for building,extending, integrating and deploying rich cloud-based app. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
550 Hachi Tech Hachi.Tech is Singapore’s only tech-focused marketplace. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
551 DataEagle DataEagle re-engages mobile apps users automatically segmenting them and running automated A/B tests to optimize contact timing. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
552 Real Social Tech Real Social Tech aims to better society by creating technology solutions which promote human physical connectivity.
553 Spino – Magic screen A transparent display that connects to your smartphone to play classic games
554 Persea Technologies AI to eliminate shoplifting from retail stores
555 WINSTARS TECHNOLOGY LLC We are progressive and fast-growing IT company, with a full cycle of Software and Hardware solutions.
556 Growth Marketing Advisors Pioneer the next chapter of Marketing and Growth in partnership with the most creative and resourceful companies in the world.
557 MetaSense Analytics MetaSense Analytics AI-powered software helps customers prepare data faster, easier & more accurately. Tampa, Florida, United States
558 Dashman The ultimate dashboard manager for your office.
559 Median Median makes Mac software for easier data analysis
560 WiseUp
561 We Shape Tech THE SWISS NETWORK FOR WOMEN IN TECH & INNOVATION. A regularly meetup with the goal of fostering greater diversity in the field. Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
562 IOT Infinitum Platform Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain
563 Smart Supply Chain Technologies Smart Supply Chain Technologies is a provider of technology solutions and services with Blockchain, Internet-of-Things IoT. Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong
564 Panya Tech Our product Sellio ( leverages marketing & sales automation software to enable small African firms to easily sell on Facebook
565 CAE Tech Limited Engineering simulation software developer
566 Treasure Technologies Using automation and machine learning to help companies identify, manage and monetize their idle cash Santa Monica, California, United States
567 Jinn Jinn is a full-service technology development company known for producing high-quality results at a lightning pace. Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States
568 InfusionTech A startup dedicated to using digital technology to enable effective governance in Africa Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
569 Maya Financial Service Maya is a social initiative technology company. Los Angeles, California, United States
570 Power Design Technologies Electrical engineering software publisher specialized in power electronics Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees, France
571 Diamante diamante.techen Diamante is a company that develops and manufactures diagnostic devices using nanomaterials. Verona, Veneto, Italy
572 Kuza Automotive Kuza Automotive Limited commits to the development and production of accessible, sustainable, and innovative transport. Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
573 The Spoon The Spoon provides daily analysis and reporting about the smart kitchen and food tech revolution. Edmonds, Washington, United States
574 CloudStuff Developing great SaaS products in Advertising Technology and Marketing Technology New Delhi, Delhi, India
575 Finchat FinChat web-based and mobile-based compliance tools where business chats are captured and monitored while private chats remain private. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
576 Pathwise Robotics London, England, United Kingdom
577 Solid Artificial Intelligence LTD Solid AI develops deep neural networks based hearing aids.
578 Wisen Intelligent Software Solutions
579 Amirobo tech Amirobo tech provides services such as ICT, robot technology, and application development technology. Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
580 iSignal Tech A technology start-up, building a sensor-based analytics and engagement platform, which delivers contextual & personalized experiences.
581 Quoretech S.A. First heart-centric platform in the world, leveraging the potential of the IoT, Telemetry, and Artificial Intelligence. Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil
582 IDcheck Biometric Screening & KYC: SaaS London, England, United Kingdom
583 ENTANGLE LLC Technology research Riga, Riga, Latvia
584 Consulcesi Tech Consulcesi Tech is a spin-off of Consulcesi Group, the European holding dedicated to healthcare professionals. Balerna, Ticino, Switzerland
585 Web portal for programmers
586 Lighthouse Japan Lighthouse for your Frontier Aiming to democratize marine resource exploration through IT and data utilization on ships Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
587 Seccl Bath, Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom
588 ATMA The ATMA protocol is an end-to-end blockchain pension protocol, delivering critical transparency and privacy guarantees. Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
589 Beelog Tech Beelog Tech is the innovation of Mongolian brand building to international standards. Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
590 JHipster PaaS/Container Service Paris, Ile-de-France, France
591 Askin Techlabs A mobile/tablet first solution aimed to improve in-process quality control and monitoring in manufacturing. Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
592 1.21 Gigawatts Petah Tikwah, HaMerkaz, Israel
593 CERBER TECH INC. Next generation WordPress security solutions and intrusion prevention tools for website owners New York, New York, United States
594 Meridian Mobility UK Meridian is a mobility technology cluster designed to accelerate the development of connected and autonomous vehicles. Coventry, Coventry, United Kingdom
595 Protein Tech Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
596 Guys In Tech Guys In Tech is a community website helping entrepreneurs to get skills from technical things to sales.
597 KYSMO KYSMO is an Artificial Intelligence start up. Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
598 Singulart Singulart provides machine learning software development. Minsk, Minsk, Belarus
599 Impressio Denver, Colorado, United States
600 Smart Car tech Car Rental Software for the Driver-Less Cars era. Bangalore, Karnataka, India
601 Enjaz Enjaz specializes in the transformation of traditional paper systems to electronic digital systems. Karrada, Baghdad, Iraq
602 Kenko Israel Kenko Israel is an advanced field-tested AI algorithm that analyzes the user’s physiological data. Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
603 Arda Viraf Tech Arda Viraf Tech is working on technologies related to transportation and IoT Geneva, Geneve, Switzerland
604 Pureform Technology Pureform Technology is building smart running anklet that can measure >20 injury and performance related biomechanical parameters.
605 finix76 finix76 is a software mobile apps company located in Yogyakarta.
606 ADOM Inc. Blockchain Technology
607 Beep Technologies Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
608 Loop Virtual Reality Solutions Loop Virtual Reality Solutions provides brands and businesses with VR hardware and software solutions. Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania
609 Square Comp We are into the design & development of Virtual Reality Headsets for Smartphones catering to the Industrial & Manufacturing needs. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
610 iofood iofood Creats the internet of food to make food discovery possible. Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy
611 MATERIA Product Innovation Materia a Product Management & Business Innovation company with 10+ years of industry experience in high-tech Product & Business Development Horgen, Zurich, Switzerland
612 Pinnacles Pinnacles is a company which is Development of on-site support system for industries. Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
613 TURBULENCE Unleashing Genius by Design. Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
614 Knowbella Tech Knowbella Tech is a blockchain-based collaborative research ecosystem for science, technology, engineering, and engineering (STEM). Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
615 Bient Technologies Bient Technologies is a company which has constantly been developing future technologies.
616 Aldhira Integra Inovasi Aldhira Integra Inovasi is a information technology services company located in Jakarta. Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
617 Stamplet Stamplet is a white label engagement platform perfect for Shopping Centers. Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong
618 OMRT OMRT is a parametric design+engineering enterprise. Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
619 Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
620 WealthYou WealthYou is an open elite trusted network of strategic relationships and intelligence of top experts. Livingston, New Jersey, United States
621 Edgware Technology Edgware is a service platform and intrinsically safe optical sensors are typically applicable in the B2B space. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
622 ThreeFold Tech Lochristi, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
623 Nanorobotics Innovative Biotech company Hod Hasharon, HaMerkaz, Israel
624 Dynamic Pricing Technology Dynamic Pricing Technology offers pricing tool development services. Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
625 Tengri Communications IOT operator
626 HyperPay Multi-ecosystem Digital Wallet, Safe and User-friendly
627 adferret Digital advertising x privacy
628 Sal Agrotech Sal Agrotech provides end-to-end technological solutions for sustainable farming and agriculture. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
629 OINO Software production hub, along with technology and digital products development
630 Pullover Pullover provides parking solutions. Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia
631 Edukarma Edukarma is Africa’s Largest Peer to Peer E-Learning Digital Academy on Technological, Entreprenuerial, and Literacy Skills. Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
632 Inuvest Technologies Inuvest is an algo trading platform for traders and a market place for retail investors to invest in algo’s. Bangalore, Karnataka, India
633 Beeo Tech Beeo Tech is a joint venture between the origin of Spain and China. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
634 Wequity Wequity is a social impact company that drives gender equity for the technology ecosystem. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
635 Evari Evari’s SaaS empowers insurers to launch and manage brilliant insurance products that are easy to buy, manage & flexible to changing needs.
636 Unstatic Unstatic creates digital content for businesses who create or market lighting solutions or components.
637 Smart Tower Tech Smart Tower Tech provides remote and autonomous monitoring service for electric towers. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
638 Body Composition Technologies BCT is a digital insurance and health solution to accurately measure body composition and body circumference using a smartphone. Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
639 Motronics Design and manufacture of highly-effictive electric motors for industrial applications
640 Kipit Kipit builds hardware and software to help you track and manage your personal items, preventing misplaced or forgotten items. New York, New York, United States
641 Wirum Tech Wirum Tech is a software development studio that design and develop custom mobile applications. Madrid, Madrid, Spain
642 Cloudsmart Cloudsmart is a firm that offers IaaS, antivirus protection, web hosting, email archiving, document management, and professional services. Branford, Connecticut, United States
643 So web So web is a consulting and IT development firm. Courcelles-le-comte, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
644 SiRON Technologies Group SiRON Technologies Group Inc. offers an overall managed solution to satisfy its clients’ IT needs. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
645 Decision Technologies Decision Technologies empowers investors to make better decisions using personalized scoring and ranking methodologies. Troy, Michigan, United States
646 Maquetas.Tech Maquetas.Tech is committed to innovation in real estate marketing for manufacturers of hyper-realistic architectural models. Madrid, Madrid, Spain
647 AngelEye AngelEye offers an underwater monitoring and advanced warning system designed to enhance aquatic safety and lifeguard operations. Glendale, California, United States
648 intereng intereng provides cutting edge products and solutions. Zschorna, Sachsen, Germany
649 Nettra IoT for remote monitoring and control Montevideo, NA – Uruguay, Uruguay
650 Core Innovation Core Innovation is a software development company that provides web design and development services.
651 Strategic Intelligence for New Technologies STINT is a Think Tank that develops ideas of possible future technology scenarios, supporting scientific research. Gilching, Bayern, Germany
652 Ametrine Technologies Ametrine Technologies provides battle proven, advanced camouflage technology to address the growing threat of multispectral sensors. Rockville, Maryland, United States
653 Tech Redefined We cover the latest happenings in the tech industry at Tech Redefined
654 Von Republic Von Republic is an entertainment company. Leinster, Western Australia, Australia
655 Orsatech Corporate Finance Advisory
656 SuperCritical Technologies Bremerton, Washington, United States
657 SoftShore SoftShore offers web application development, custom software development and mobile apps development services. Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
658 Vish Gyana Technology Solutions Vish Gyana Technology Solutions offers mobile app and web app development services. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
659 Data Pro Software Solutions Data Pro Software Solutions is a software development and data management company. Lexington, Massachusetts, United States
660 Diluvium Technologies Diluvium is an innovative alternative to the cloud. New York, New York, United States
661 AP Asia Tech Suan Luang, Krung Thep, Thailand
662 ENKI Technologies ENKI Technologies is an information technology company creating web and mobile applications. Santa Monica, California, United States
663 Stefanka Stefanka reinvents retail with its interactive clothing fit solutions designed for online and in-store retailers. Montréal, Quebec, Canada
664 Chaac Technologies Saas, mobile app, field data colelction, geospatial technologies Montréal, Quebec, Canada
665 APET TECH APET TECH provides software development, support, and maintenance services across the globe. Ambejogai, Maharashtra, India
666 Pi Axis Technologies Software Startup Bangalore, Karnataka, India
667 Activize.Tech Acceleration Programs. Corporate Innovation. Startup Support. Cluj-napoca, Cluj, Romania
668 Loop Med, Inc. Consumer-facing enterprise healthcare communications mobile app Petaluma, California, United States
669 allows hoteliers to search, compare, review, and comment on different software providers within the hospitality sector. Berlin, Berlin, Germany
670 ATLAS Mobile Technologies atlasmobile.techdata Law and regulation tracking
671 TonalityTech TonalityTech enables corporate communication departments to pursue a coherent tonality and a high readability when writing communications.
672 Uplink The Network for IT Freelancers in Germany
673 Vidisy Diagnostic system which can timely detect potentially dangerous vibrations to be fixed in due time by means of replacing problematic units Lviv, L’vivs’ka Oblast’, Ukraine
674 Qwake Tech Qwake Tech provides augmented reality vision platform purpose built to save lives. San Francisco, California, United States
675 Kaia Corp Kaia Corp is a measures fluid behavior and characteristics for microscale channels of microfluidic chips and lab-on-a-chip applications. Denver, Colorado, United States
676 KrakenProd KrakenProd is a tunisian startup specilized in the filed of game development using the newest VR technologies. Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia
677 CrossMobile CrossMobile is a UI and Logic cross-platform toolkit to develop mobile and desktop native applications in Java.
678 Auris Tech Limited Auris Tech are innovators of the world’s first ASR engine for children’s read speech. London, England, United Kingdom
679 Expanse.Tech is a blockchain-powered cloud computer that facilitates censorship-resistant smart contracts and decentralized applications. Washington, North Carolina, United States
680 Daddy Cool Technologies Daddy Cool Technologies is a web design company that offers professional website design services. Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
681 Circle Square Circle Square is a software development company. London, England, United Kingdom
682 Pull Up Tecnologia Ltda São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
683 3angleTech 3angleTech offers web and mobile app development, product management, UX design and DevOps services. Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania
684 Smart Tech Consulting Ltd Startup focusing in hardware electronic design for successfully kickstarter companies. They got top engineers in Chinese smartphone OEMs Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
685 Checkin Checkin has developed an Internet of Care™ Platform that includes integrated software, wearable technology and mobile app solution. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
686 NU-RISE LDA Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
687 Shvetsov Technologies Shvetsov Technologies is a web and mobile app, and software development company. Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhegorod, Russian Federation
688 AgroBI by Horos.Tech AgroBI: Decision support system for agribusiness based on machine learning Kyiv, Kyyiv, Ukraine
689 Oversee.Tech Monitor’s temp, humidity, and more for small busineses
690 Alba Consulting Alba Consulting is a new age technology services company in the area of end to end IoT and M2M technology solution. Pune, Maharashtra, India
691 BAAM Tech Aerial Mapping Drones Frederick, Colorado, United States
692 CogniABle CogniABle is a machine learning-driven assistive technology for early detection and affordable treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Gurgaon, Haryana, India
693 Untap Untap is a submission management system that is used by organizations to easily plan, launch and manage online prize-based competitions.
694 TYCHETECH Saas, Development House Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
695 Finite Intelligence A tech startup looking to invest in the intelligence and IOT market
696 Daze Presentations Daze Presentations has core mission is to discover, empower, and deliver your ideas to the target audience in the right way. Kharkov, Kharkivs’ka Oblast’, Ukraine
697 ROBEAU Limited Connected Flowmeters to measure Water Consumption and detect leaks in real time Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
698 Eastsource Software Development Consultancy and Outsourcing to Eastern Europe The Hague, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
699 Horizon 47 Horizon 47 Represents a new vision for sound integration Porto, Lisboa, Portugal
700 Virtual Engineering Tech Virtual Engineering Tech is an engineering firm that designs holograms and digital technology to preserve natural resources. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
701 TeaRado TeaRado combine tea with tech for you to experience healthier, more productive living. Miami, Florida, United States
702 ShareMy ShareMy is an innovative platform that enables anyone to buy or sell home assets & to enable the entrepren in anyone.. London, England, United Kingdom
703 Vecro Tech Vecro Tech is an information technology and services company. Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom
704 Prefex IO Software Engineering Techniques for the Sustainable Development Goals
705 NEO MED NEO MED is a marketplace that aims to simplify the relationship between physicians and clinics to generate medical reports. São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
706 SuccessValley SuccessValley is a Startup Academy with Curative information on how to startup a business.
707 CloudWorks Technologies Expertise in designing and building Microservices, Serverless Backends and Docker Containers. AWS managed service provider. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
708 EOTO Media Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
709 Tripledot Technologies Tripledot Technologies is a fintech company. Bukit Merah, Central Region, Singapore
710 Sentient Machines Sentient Machines is a deep tech company analysing speech and sentiment in order to empower smarter human communication. London, England, United Kingdom
711 DroneDel DroneDel aims to build drones capable of lifting heavy weights for extended periods of time. Amman, Amman, Jordan
712 Revio Cyber Securities Revio is an cyber security business focused helping business leaders take a risk based approach to their organisation’s cyber security. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
713 neuroFit The eyes are the windows into the brain. neuroFit uses eye movements to assess brain health. Mountain View, California, United States
714 Space Walk Space Walk is creating innovation in land development based on data and technology. Seoul, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, South Korea
715 SimBioSys SimBioSys is developing a Computational Microscope to provide new insight into the behavior of cancers. Champaign, Illinois, United States
716 Cithaeron Cithaeron technology captures illegal noise violations in real time and gives city personnel the ability to enforce noise laws. Seattle, Washington, United States
717 DCZD.TECH is a Robotics Management platform where companies can organize autonomous robotics operations and monetize robots-as-a-service. San Francisco, California, United States
718 Kowala kUSD is the world’s first autonomously stabilized cryptocurrency. Nashville, Tennessee, United States
719 osaGo osago.techindex.htmlindex.html AutoTech, LegalTech, Marketplace Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
720 Techaboard Digi Solutions Private Limited The company makes a proprietary applications, currently ‘Comida’ which provides Software as a Service for diners Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
721 Moodbytes Moodbytes specializes in the food industry. Sant Pere De Ribes, Catalonia, Spain
722 Sroth Code Games We are startup from Kathmandu,Nepal and we aim create engaging representing our Art and Culture through our games.
723 Startup Hub
724 Poool Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France
725 BullToken Investment Management, ICO Skien, Telemark, Norway
726 InkDrop Eth Most Rewarding Social Network
727 AquaSense AquaSense is an IoT company that develops water resource management systems. New Delhi, Delhi, India
728 STREN TECH STREN TECH provides services and advisory focused on smart cities and supply chains. Poruba, Moravskoslezsky kraj, Czech Republic
729 E-SHOWROOM eshowroom.techE-SHOWROOM_.html SaaS New York, New York, United States
730 Happy Wellbeing Technologies Inc. Quantum-program digital devices to support your wellbeing. Berlin, Berlin, Germany
731 Undef Undef is a web designing and software development company. Kazan, Tatarstan, Russian Federation
732 IndexOne IndexOne is a software company that offers services such as cloud computing, robotic solutions, IoT, AI research, and automation. Battaramulla, Western, Sri Lanka
733 Darkroom Darkroom is an eCommerce shop builder for creatives with built-in manufacturing and fulfillment Santa Monica, California, United States
734 Space Mining Technologies We provide critical resources and technologies enabling sustainable space exploration and future settlements of the Moon and Mars.
735 BODDY BODDY facilitates the access to fitness offerings for everyone around the world Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland
736 E-MERCANTILE emercantile.techE-MERCANTILE_.html SaaS New York, New York, United States
737 Salt City Tech Salt City Tech offers a wide range of consulting, information technology management, and managed services. Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
738 elliot mcallister On Demand 3D printed microfluidics and MEMS Roanoke, Virginia, United States
739 Atticus Atticus is a software for the legal verification of disclosure documents. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
740 Laje.techa offers a hybrid financial planning and real estate intelligence platform. Londrina, Parana, Brazil
741 Prizma Digitech Prizma Digitech offers human resource analytics solutions. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
742 Boks New York, New York, United States
743 IT Services, Computer Repair Lancing, West Sussex, United Kingdom
744 Promo Technologies Promo is the best way to find promotional offers for your home and garden services. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
745 BioCrypt Technologies BioCrypt Technologies, Inc. is on the leading edge of RFID and NFC technology using Blockchain to bring real world products to market. Binghamton, New York, United States
746 Bitswift Technology Solutions Bitswift is passionate about emerging technologies & its capabilities provide technology solutions for businesses & individuals. Kingston, Ontario, Canada
747 Petal Technology Petal makes APIs for your brain. Austin, Texas, United States
748 Recash Crypto Mining Blog and Future Tech Talks
749 CoinAnalyst CoinAnalyst is an information and analysis platform for all cryptocurrencies and ICOs worldwide. Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
750 Cryptoboard Cryptocurrency Dashboard / Social Cryptocurrency Charts
751 OcusCloud Plataforma y sistema de relevamiento con analisis de imagenes (GIS) y de inspección visual. (SaaS) Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina
752 Moll Tech LLC Dallas, Texas, United States
753 Cyberwerkplaats Cyberworkplace is an institute that focuses on reducing the cybersecurity talent gap and promote cybersecurity awareness. Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
754 PureMind Cloud robotic intelligence platform
755 Loc8tech Location-based marketing & communication platform Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
756 Idyl Technologies IT Operations Automation Nashville, Tennessee, United States
757 Sophisticated ML/AI from Human Behavior & Dynamics Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
758 Check Mate Technologies Check Mate Technologies provides mobile sensing that enables smart proximity directed to the business events industry. Haifa, Hefa, Israel
759 MTheory Technologies Applied Analytics, Smart Data at Scale, Signal Mapping, Mobile Attribution, Data Integration, Visualization, and Harmonization. Upperville, Virginia, United States
760 Secure Stream Technologies SecureStream | The IoT Network Security Analytics platform, designed for scale.
761 Luxor Technologies Building Blockchain Infrastructure Seattle, Washington, United States
762 Deepspace9 Technologies Deepspace9 Technologies is a software and web development company. New Delhi, Delhi, India
763 Vaity Technologies Your Partner in Digital Services Thane, Maharashtra, India
764 Precivision Technologies Precivision Technologies provide HD mapping and localization for self driving vehicles. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
765 Investant AS Algorithmic Sports Trading Modelling and trading the world of sports match by match with a pure data-driven approach.
766 Pavnext Pavnext converts with a very high efficiency the energy harvested from vehicles into electrical energy. Coimbrã, Leiria, Portugal
767 Valued Tech Valued Tech provides top React.js programmers and consultants. Arlington, Massachusetts, United States
768 Cryptanalysis Cryptanalysis publishes current stories about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Cape Town, NA – South Africa, South Africa
769 Dreamlight IOT R&D startup focused on sleeptech California, Kentucky, United States
770 Chiptip Technology FPGA data center San Francisco, California, United States
771 ChatCampaign ChatCampaign is the next generation marketing CRM on messaging. Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
772 Alethia Tech Management Software, HR, AI, Collaborative Workspaces
773 ArtiD ArtiD is an AI company that can create projects on any level based on Data Science and Machine Learning. Dover, Delaware, United States
774 EnigmaMS Intelligent deep science platform for the storage and analysis of data providing technology and knowledge to create science autonomously London, England, United Kingdom
775 Oxford Semantic Technologies Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
776 kegg San Francisco, California, United States
777 Medhasu Wise Data Intelligence
778 Algorytmo Web app that shows the demographics and preferences of the party ecosystem in real time Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie, Poland
779 Cnstrct technologies
780 Green Island Mini games. Big ideas
781 Relay Labs A Toolbox for Freelance Developers
782 Datology Tech Blockchain | DLT data analytics & intelligence solutions
783 Bloks Helps users create gig economy and marketplace website and apps. New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
784 Healing Hand Tech Game for hand rehab after stroke Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
785 SCALE Nanotech Consulting and R&D services for nanomaterials (graphene/2DM), devices (MEMS, lasers, displays) and extreme environments
786 TRYPS.TECH TRYPS.TECH is The only online distributor for the in-destination services. Madrid, Madrid, Spain
787 Intern Pursuit Intelligent Remote & Blended Intern Management For Employers
788 Mindful Mindful is a mobile app. Austin, Texas, United States
789 Builtrix Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal
790 Pop Up Commercials Pop Up Commercials generates revenue for publishers with AVoD or SVoD business models simply by pressing the pause button. Los Angeles, California, United States
791 Abeye smart eyewear for a better health Beaune, Centre, France
792 SafetyBit An end to end internet management system that protects sensitive data without using demonstrably vulnerable web based technology.
793 pipemode Brand Storytelling London, England, United Kingdom
794 Caregiver Support Technologies Family Caregiver SaaS Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
795 Wellnest Wellnest is a med-tech organization that develops innovative, IoMT, self-care healthcare solutions. Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India
796 Lawazia Tech Mobile App Development
797 Culturefiy HR, IT, and Office management with diversity in mind. New York, New York, United States
798 ChallengeSoft ChallengeSoft is a software company that provides web, cloud, API, and mobile apps services. Cherkasy, Cherkas’ka Oblast’, Ukraine
799 CryptoWex With CryptoWex Bot you can trade 24/7 and more than 2000 cryptocurrencies with many more features Maseru, Maseru, Lesotho
800 Tuno Creating useful software for people and businesses
801 digitalraj A digital marketing consultant that provides full stack digital marketing services including SEO, SMO, Content marketing & many more. Kolkata, West Bengal, India
802 bAbsorbed bAbsorbed is a technology that enables a business to create immersive experiences while interacting with physical objects in the world. Washington, District of Columbia, United States
803 Convergence.Tech Convergence.Tech is a digital transformation company. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
804 Mithras Mithras is an energy company. Chur, Graubunden, Switzerland
805 WearBestTech Do you like going for those long runs? How would you like to keep track of your heart rate, the distance you’ve run?
806 Stroma Vision Vision based interface which tracks driver behavior to reduce accidents. Chicago, Illinois, United States
807 LegalMind An AI-powered Research, Analytics and Strategy Building platform for legal professionals. Delhi, Delhi, India
808 Northspring Technologies SaaS
809 Lumas Health Lumas Health builds health infrastructure in resource poor areas and accelerate discovery and translation. Durham, North Carolina, United States
810 Sportsline SciTech Fully engage sports science into human practice – both in sports, wellness and healthcare Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong
811 Enkidu Enkidu is a full-service digital marketing agency. Erbil, Arbil, Iraq
812 The House Madrid, Madrid, Spain
813 Mindfork Tech Mindfork Tech is a company that provides information technology services and solutions. Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh
814 Trakr SaaS, Automated Testing, Developer tools, Visual testing Arlington, Virginia, United States
815 Compactive Compactive provides mobile application development services. Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey
816 Heuristik Heuristik creates biometric software and hardware tools for the health care industry.
817 HTTP Toolkit Powerful tools to debug, test & build with HTTP(S)
818 iDRiSi Tech iDRiSi Tech develops indoor location and asset-tracking solutions. Nazareth, HaZafon, Israel
819 Pjotr Full-stack development focused on decentralization Leuven, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
820 RIDER RIDER is builds a mobility-as-a-service ecosystem for drivers, self-driving cars and drones.
821 Rock Garage Rock Garage is a company that builds a drone system developed in-house. Furukawa, Miyagi, Japan
822 TOiOT Technologies Virtual Reality and Online Marketing Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
823 Cerebra Technologies Cerebra Technologies extracts signals from any unstructured data source. San Francisco, California, United States
824 SyncVR SyncVR offers a medical platform with virtual reality solutions for hospitals. Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
825 NEVARO NEVARO provides a digital platform for clinics and at-home complementary therapy, that enables a faster and safer patient recovery. Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
826 Moop Moop is a Peer to Peer local Marketplace platform utilizing digital storage lockers.
827 Grandeur Technologies Making it easier for startups and enterprises to build, scale and manage IoT products. Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
828 Berty Technologies Berty is a secure peer-to-peer messaging app that works with or without internet access, cellular data or trust in the network. Paris, Ile-de-France, France
829 ENMON SaaS solution for energy management and energetics savings and optimalisation Brno, Jihomoravsky kraj, Czech Republic
830 Crover The first provider of an autonomous grain storage monitoring solution for grain merchants and co-operatives Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom
831 Cognitv Technologies Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines
832 Atom8 Atom8 designs and manufactures smart home products. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
833 alcemy Berlin, Berlin, Germany
834 Costa Rica Insect Company Cartago, Cartago, Costa Rica
835 CurubaTech Colombia’s Agricultural Orchestrator
836 Budge Technology Inc Restaurant Ordering Software Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
837 Qina A boutique consultancy providing strategy, data, speaking, content and training services to the Personalised nutrition & wellness industry
838 2150 Backing technology companies who shape the sustainable cities of the future
839 Eloy
840 Aiphas. Co. A better way for healthcare and life Taipei, T’ai-pei, Taiwan
841 nScribe Technologies AI-Powered Email Automation and Text Generation San Francisco, California, United States
842 Level Software Building software solutions for Information Technology. Asheville, North Carolina, United States
843 Alpha Print Inc. 3D Printed Homes Fremont, California, United States
844 Token Capital Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Information Technology, Software Pretoria, NA – South Africa, South Africa
845 Newshield Keeping fake news, misinformation and propaganda away from your daily dose of the news.
846 Dotspot We’ve created the first global city guide, powered by Influencers. Our mission is to evolve the way the world discovers places. London, England, United Kingdom
847 Guzo Technologies Innovate Better Addis Ababa, Adis Abeba, Ethiopia
848 Krazy Buddy Software Development and Consulting; Product Development, Concept Prototyping & Apps Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
849 MiiGuy Mobile App Johannesburg, NA – South Africa, South Africa
850 Daleenton Technologies Daleenton Technologies is a technology and innovation company that is helping build businesses that will build Nigeria and Africa at large. Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
851 E-waiter Technology A platform provides a faster and evolutionary way to operate restaurants, shops by enhancing customer’s experiences.
852 Klerio Analytics as a Service for Consumer Internet companies
853 Powerdown Energy monitoring for smart homeowners
854 Sasta Limited Fintech Platforms
855 Catalyst Aerospace Technologies Autonomy solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles
856 Center42 Innovation Agency Boutique innovation agency that helps to launch new digital products and grow through digital transformation and startup investments. Kyiv, Kyyiv, Ukraine
857 Everything related to job search including interview preparation, role comparison, job research and getting referrals at top tech companies. Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
858 Atiko Atiko designs and develops smart and custom-made robots to solve agricultural challenges in farming autonomy. Haifa, Hefa, Israel
859 Alpha Fiber B2B biotech software startup providing real-time concussion detection in athletes without any wearable sensors San Diego, California, United States
860 Phaseshift Technologies We discover new Bulk Metallic Glasses using Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
861 Pairo Pairo is an IT firm that uses robotics process automation to optimize business processes. Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
862 Estesis Estesis offers software development using artificial intelligence and data science services. Barnaul, Kurgan, Russian Federation
863 Onalytics Beverage keg tracking and monitoring Solution-as-a-Service. Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal
864 semiotics Mobility; Mobility as a Service (“MaaS”); Mobility as a Commodity (“MaaC”) Brooklyn, New York, United States
865 Bioinspired Materials Bioinspired Materials is a Biotech-based entrepreneurship project with participation of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
866 PinkFry PinkFry provides web and mobile app development services. New Delhi, Delhi, India
867 é um aplicativo para gerenciamento financeiro compartilhado ideal para estudantes e casais que dividem moradia.
868 i4SEE TECH Augmented Intelligence applications for Predictive Maintenance Graz, Steiermark, Austria
869 BeVision bevision.techen Device with camera and software for face recognition applications
870 Lixo Datascience for circular economy Paris, Ile-de-France, France
871 APTA Technologies Situational Awareness for ICT The Hague, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
872 Casana Casana is a team of freelance software engineers and designers that manage to build software solutions and digital products. Munich, Bayern, Germany
873 Online Therapy Online Therapy, Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Depression Therapy, Anxiety Therapy, Stress Therapy
874 Pet Vision Technology The next generation of pet tech Sunnyvale, California, United States
875 TRADEASY Saas trading builder platform Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
876 AutoTrust AutoTrust offers solution that provides the Safest Personalized Guidance™ to the driver in real-time.
877 DNEX We help Malaysian businesses in achieving their digital marketing goals via creativity and innovation.
878 e-Bio Medical Device company New York, New York, United States
879 Relaycorp Building Relaynet, the computer network on which humankind can truly rely Claymont, Delaware, United States
880 AugmentAI Tech Digital Retail Experience. Simple maps for malls, with a social twist and value added shopping experience. Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
881 Augmentus Code-Free and Flexible Robot Programming Platform Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
882 Advanica Energy
883 Humancrafted Humancrafted is an information technology and services company. Bournemouth, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
884 TreeFort Secure virtual meeting and document signing platform Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
885 Hubex Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
886 Bbite Foods Bbite uses insects and food waste to make food ingredients and functional snacks Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom
887 Erstellen Application Development, Software Development, Web Development, Digital Marketing
888 Kulkul Technology We’re on a mission to bringing high-quality frontend engineering education to aspiring frontend experts in Indonesia Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
889 Scale Up Solutions Scale your business through technology implementation.
890 enceya We are an automated design studio We make modern website designs, applications, brands, and services
891 trace trace is a hardware-enabled software platform for household food waste management Atlanta, Georgia, United States
892 Enpacto Enpacto is a Conversational AI company helping brands to build and deploy Chatbots and Voice apps Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
893 Vuitweg
894 Carrot Labs on device Personal Finance Management Zug, Zug, Switzerland
895 Airlane Software Company
896 Konn Technologies A construction technology company that provides advanced, tech-enabled solutions for the construction of sustainable and affordable homes Amman, Amman, Jordan
897 Kaolin Technologies Our company delivers purity: clean and efficient solutions, original technical content, and crystal clear communication. Cluj-napoca, Cluj, Romania
898 qurix Technology GmbH Data Design & Delivery Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
899 Roonyx Roonyx delivers business and marketing solutions through marketplaces, CRM systems, and AI solutions. Woburn, Massachusetts, United States
900 Raft A niche consulting organization focused on Cloud Native, DevSecOps, and Modern Application Development for mission focused enterprises Reston, Virginia, United States
901 M Intelligence M Intelligence drives revenue growth by delivering customer experience to end customers. Bang Rak, Krung Thep, Thailand
902 CMC Communications CMC Communications is a software company that specializes in remote computer that is always on and connected to the internet. Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
903 Finbyz Tech Pvt Ltd At Finbyz Tech, we are passionate about revolutionizing businesses through latest technology. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
904 Apco Limited Valletta, NA – Malta, Malta
905 Enigma Enigma is an integrated, global B2B marketing agency serving an array of technology clients. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
906 Granite Technology Solutions Granite Technology Solutions is an information technology solution for business phone systems, data and business applications. Bozeman, Montana, United States
907 Reptiletech Reptiletech is specializing in interactive websites and multi-platform solutions. Brossard, Quebec, Canada
908 INDUSTRIA Technology INDUSTRIA creates blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions for large enterprises, marketplaces and ecosystems. Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria
909 Evo Technologies Evo Technologies provides web based console solutions for call centers, business centers, executive suites, retail, and law firms. Austin, Texas, United States
910 One Q Technologies One Q Technologies is a Danish software company.
911 Venbest-Recruiting Skillers is an IT and telecom recruitment firm that specializes in catering placement services and training offered as per the client needs. Kyiv, Kyyiv, Ukraine
912 Baldwins Technology Solutions Baldwins Technology Solutions is an IT services and computer solutions company. Walsall, Walsall, United Kingdom
913 Olimpia Tech Fundraising Sdvisory firm for startups São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
914 Everlink Everlink and its custom software platform specialize in everything concerning the internet of things, data analytics and storage as well. Lviv, L’vivs’ka Oblast’, Ukraine
915 Ascertain Technologies Ascertain Technologies provides IT solutions, data processing, data capturing and managed services. Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
916 Bitcube Bitcube is a technology company specializing in full-stack development. London, England, United Kingdom
917 offers web development services. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
918 Six Two Six Two is a website design agency providing services in web consultancy, web design, UI/UX design, brochure web development, etc. Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom
919 TookanTech TookanTech is a product development company focusing on mobile applications (specially Android). Tehran, Tehran, Iran
920 Cranberry Analytics Pvt Ltd Data Driven Solutions for Business Pune, Maharashtra, India
921 Elixia Tech Solutions Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
922 Voice Voice is a Provider of automated services San Diego, California, United States
923 Alfred Tech Private lending SaaS technology provider Agoura Hills, California, United States
924 Azkatech Azkatech delivers software solutions for retail, education, and the real estate industry. Beirut, Beyrouth, Lebanon
925 366Pi 366Pi is a blockchain consulting and development company. Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
926 Pozi Technologies Real-time Positioning for Production Logistics and Process Monitoring Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
927 Rebalance Technology Canadian Business Intelligence Agency ~ eXploring solutions, for the forward thinking! Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
928 Leona Leona has been engaged in developing and promoting websites, content marketing, SMM, SEO, hosting, web advertising, and copywriting. Lviv, L’vivs’ka Oblast’, Ukraine
929 Whitehorse Technologies Arlington, Virginia, United States
930 Danako Tech Blockchain, smart contracts, token, ICO plug&play. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
931 Labrin Laboratory in internet Baku, Baki, Azerbaijan
932 Eco-Luxury Technology ECOLUX is an innovative company striving to bring affordable yet robust security solution to all the IoT devices in the world. Hsinchu, T’ai-wan, Taiwan
933 Nuage BizTech Nuage BizTech is an IT and cloud solutions provider company. Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
934 SODIO Technologies SODIO is a mobile app development company based in Bengaluru, India. We create evolving mobile technologies Bangalore, Karnataka, India
935 KarbonDesign karbondesign.techen Rackets manufacturing Manresa, Catalonia, Spain
936 ELISE Technologies Paris, Ile-de-France, France
937 Dogtooth Royston, Barnsley, United Kingdom
938 Bidboss Bidboss is a performance marketing company offering complex services for online e-commerce. Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
939 Exousia Tech Exousia Tech is a mobile applications development company with a mission to provide technology solutions to startups using Agile Approach! Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India
940 Muvu Technologies Empowering industries to its best production achievements with the full power of data analysis software solutions. Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal
941 TetrusTech We run techs for startups & enterprises
942 Infiswift Technologies We specialize in low-cost and high-speed IoT solutions for the oil & gas, agriculture, renewable energy, and asset management industries. Milpitas, California, United States
943 Try Catch Try Catch is a recruitment and staffing agency that focuses on selecting the best IT professionals around the globe for the IT industry. Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
944 DealMaker DealMaker is a cloud-based platform that drastically eliminates friction in the capital-raising process. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
945 MasterTech Mastertech is an immersive and intensive experiences in business and also a platform for marketers and designers. São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
946 WECONNECT WECONNECT offer a technology as an enabler to connect business and consumers in a single ecosystem. Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
947 TIKAL TECH TIKAL TECH offers legaltech solutions and several products and services like court monitors, outsorcing legal services platform, BI, and etc San Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
948 Cloudzen Cloud Gaming & Game Aggregator of all streaming entertainment, Digital games, esports activities and Live interactive medias Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
949 GROW Labs Using AI and Machine Learning, our smart platform matches innovative companies with the best development agencies worldwide. Amstelveen, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
950 VRTUALITY create Mixed Reality experiences using bleeding edge Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and real-time technologies. Los Angeles, California, United States
951 SoftBit Technologies We build mobile applications & software for the transportation and on-demand services industries. Los Angeles, California, United States
952 Ezetech Software development agency New York, New York, United States
953 Bio Conscious Health analytics Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
954 Nazrol Tech Nazrol Tech creates a digital workplace and provides IT services. Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
955 Blaize Blaize is an IT firm that develops blockchain software tools for business development. Kiev, Kyyivs’ka Oblast’, Ukraine
956 Appstack Mobile App Development, App Prototyping Temecula, California, United States
957 HRx Technology HRx is a Vancouver based firm that provides training, consulting and technology solutions to advance diversity and inclusion
958 Squeezely Squeezely provides a CDP software that is used for business needs and marketing. Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
959 Qiwi Blockchain Technologies Qiwi Blockchain Technologies is a technology company specializing in the development of blockchain solutions. Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
960 Cyber Gate Defense Cyber Gate Defense is a solutions provider for the spectrum of cybersecurity defenses, identity, protect, detect, respond, and recover. Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
961 Finery Technology Aggregated digital asset liquidity in a compliant way Limassol, Limassol, Cyprus
962 SONAH GmbH SONAH developed a flexible embedded vision sensor that we install at building or streetlights to solve urban problems. Aachen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
963 SD Solutions SD Solutions offers professional services such as screening and recruiting skilled software developers for the IT industry. Kyiv, Kyyiv, Ukraine
964 KONA Customer Experience innovation with AI
965 Corebit Izmir, Izmir, Turkey
966 Cloud Clinic Innovative technology and lead generation solutions for healthcare providers.
967 Sparq Tech Labs Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
968 Metis Metis delivers AI-based software solutions for the global maritime industry in data acquisition, monitoring, and automated reporting. Kallithéa, Attiki, Greece
969 Rewatt Electric Vehicle Charging, EVSE’s, Mobile app, payment, manufacturing Minsk, Minsk, Belarus
970 SimplyFI Softech India Pvt. Ltd. SimplyFI Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a Product Development Company developing solutions on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.Visit our website Bangalore, Karnataka, India
971 SKETCHAR Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania
972 Bottega Lehi, Utah, United States
973 EUROLOOP euroLoop is a company working on the construction of the full-scale Hyperloop for cargo transport. Poland, Indiana, United States
974 OnPlan Safer work instructions, faster. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
975 Pingal Technologies Pingal Technologies is a fin-tech company that builds and deploys technologies for banking and finance. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
976 Exclusive Organic Technoligies LTD CULTIVATING INNOVATIONS
977 MCPK MCPK is a consultancy that specializes in the recruitment and selection of IT professionals for a company along with administrative support. Kyiv, Kyyiv, Ukraine
978 Snowfox Technologies Snowfox Technologies develops a series of internet projects in different fields like fin-tech, software and mobile apps development. Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
979 LetFaster Automated Tenant Screening: SaaS London, England, United Kingdom
980 CarePayInc CarePay is building a new way for people to find and pay for healthcare by utilizing tokens on a blockchain platform. Bellaire, Texas, United States
981 Splyse Blockchain Game Development Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
982 farm21 tech Farm21 is a farming platform that gives accurate farming decisions through sensors that automatically suggests to improve crop yield. Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
983 virtualousPRO Affordable Virtual Assistant Services | Virtual Assistants @ $4/hr Guwahati, Assam, India
984 HoloArch holoarch.techhomepage HoloArch is a construction company that focuses on developing construction devices and tools. Caesarea, Hefa, Israel
985 KeyOpsTech Mail logistics specialists in Africa Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France
986 Huddled Tech App Development Huddled Tech App Development is a Hybrid, iOS and Android Mobile App and Web App development company. Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
987 Copernic Copernic is a most advanced collaborative, modular, and smart Web Platform to manage, design, develop and test your projects. Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
988 Giving Tech Labs Public Interest Fund I Fund focused in Impact Investing and Return on Social Investment (ROSOCI) Seattle, Washington, United States
989 EyeQ Tech Making sense of human analytics
990 LimeChain Blockchain development and consulting company Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria
991 Spartans AI Creating innovative solutions and products utilizing VR, AR and Artificial Intelligence Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel
992 LabStart A new way to fund innovation through blockchain
993 Unimedia Technology YOUR SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Castelldefels, Catalonia, Spain
994 Indicium Tech Indicium is a Data Science as Service company. We assist businesses to transform data into actionable insights and opportunities Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
995 Saito Saito is a blockchain designed to process terabytes of data. Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
996 GIVING TECH LABS Seattle, Washington, United States
997 a55 São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
998 Outside Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
999 AVOW Avow is the first mobile ad platform built specifically to grow mobile brands while fighting ad fraud through real-time machine learning. Berlin, Berlin, Germany
1000 WISE AI WISE AI specialised in digital identity, eKYC and facial recognition techologies.. Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
1001 WeboSec – All Digital Security WeboSec is the IT Consulting Company
1002 LUKRUM LUKRUM is the cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app. Manage all your coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS and other altcoins. Steinhausen, Zug, Switzerland
1003 Block Systems Block Systems is collecting agricultural data, enhancing it with high-definition labels and selling it to companies doing smart farming. Palo Alto, California, United States
1004 uData uData provides information technology and services. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
1005 South Gate Tech South Gate Tech specializes in big data engineering and full stack software development. Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria
1006 Polygons Technologies Image Annotation Services for Computer Vision, AI Hanoi, NA – Vietnam, Vietnam
1007 helps early-stage companies secure their capital. New York, New York, United States
1008 Auve Tech Auve Tech is a developer and manufacturer of autonomous last-mile shuttle from Estonia and offers shared smart mobility services. Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
1009 OTC Changing way we use audio
1010 DOT Infotech DOT Infotech specializes in web programming using open source technology. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
1011 SageCity SageCity develops tools that are needed to run business operations easily, efficiently, and at as low a cost as possible. Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom
1012 MEDIAR MEDIAR is a cut-edge technology entity aiming to build dApps around sports industry.
1013 Carlife Car Data, innovating the Car Industry. New York, New York, United States
1014 Obvious Technologies Safetech, PSIM, Tactical Deployment Suresnes, Ile-de-France, France
1015 Proximity Labs We solve complex problems and build cutting edge tech — at scale. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
1016 Stonehenge Tech Labs Stonehenge Technology Labs’ STOPWATCH Multi-Platform data views span online platforms of all shapes and sizes. Bentonville, Arkansas, United States
1017 Markpoint DSP A self-serving RTB media buying platform.
1018 Brandspace Immersive sales platform Genval, Brabant Wallon, Belgium
1019 Trudo Trudo is a tech company that offers services in Data Science, Data Management and Business Intelligence.
1020 SoftRide Autonomous driving Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel
1021 Memorize Learn New Words with Flashcards

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