A Startup by Any Other Domain Name… is Just Not The Same!

Think the domain name of your tech startup website doesn’t matter? 

Think again. There are plenty of reasons why you should be paying attention to your domain name, especially as the digital landscape continues to evolve and grow. Consumers practically live online now, and digital assets like websites, social media channels, and apps can be crucial for branding and awareness. 

Why your domain name may be more relevant today than ever before: 

Domain name reinforces branding

Choosing a domain name for your website is one of the most critical business decisions you can make in terms of reputability. Expect your name to be the first piece of your brand that users will encounter.

It can serve as a symbolic placeholder for your company in the minds of your audience members. 

In order to try and make the most out of your website, check whether your preferred domain name is available for purchase and if the name of your brand or company is similar (or nearly matches).

Domain names can offer precision and clarity

Your website deserves a clean, clear, and crisp domain name. Finding a short, memorable, and meaningful name on a traditional domain, however, is like seeking rain in the Sahara – almost impossible.

This is largely due to the fact that mainstream domains like.com, net, and.biz have been around for many decades and there are millions of websites.

What this means is that your preferred name is most likely used (sorry). However, the digital landscape is changing and there are plenty of new, hyper-focused, and affective domains out there to choose from.

There’s a long list of unique domain types and they are starting to become so diverse that they might even suit certain brands more than regular .com domains.

Domain Names are Better for SEO focus

If you are after organic traffic, having your targeted keyword in your domain name can be of great benefit.

Getting an ‘exact match domain name‘ is a big indication that your website is highly relevant to search engines. While an exact-match domain name isn’t the only thing you need to rank well, it certainly does help. 

There are a number of downsides to keyword-targeted domains. For one, many of them are already taken, and most of these domains can be expensive.

As a result, you end up adding suffixes like “tech, HQ, now, app” or similar words to the domain name; making it clunky and, well, ordinary. 

With .tech Domains, you can get the exact-match domain for your startup without having to add any weird suffixes. In fact, since .tech Domains are new, you are likely to find domains that are not available on other extensions.

One of the most important benefit of .tech Domains is that they are easy to understand. Who knows what “IO” means or if your startup may pivot from “AI” in future. So, .tech Domains make your startup “future proof” too!


Domain name options are growing

The most common domain ending or TLD (top-level domain) is .com, but a wide range of TLDs (domain extensions) are now available, ranging from .tech to .store to .online to .site. This list of new TLDs is constantly growing, and there are many more alternative TLDs available for businesses. 

How to choose a domain name for your tech startup

With numerous domain extensions to choose from, tech startup founders now have the freedom to create a distinctive domain name that can easily convey their offer’s intent and value. 

Your web address is like your home base online. Choosing the right domain name for your website can reinforce branding, offer precision and clarity, and provide better focus in terms of SEO. These days, you can find a number of alternatives to the usual .com option. With some out-of-the-box thinking, precision, clarity and better brand awareness could be yours. 

One of the best ways to hunt for a catchy domain name for your tech startup is to use a company name generator.

While you can brainstorm ideas for creative names with your team, a company name generator makes for the perfect tool to check for domain name availability.

And since conventional domains are usually plagued with availability issues, it is advisable to search for a name on a new domain extension such as .tech.

Here’s the list of 8 of the best (and free) tech company name generators and domain availability checkers:

  1. Startup name generator
  2. Tech company name generator
  3. Tech business name ideas generator
  4. Tech brand name ideas generator
  5. Tech domain name search tool
  6. Tech domain availability checker
  7. Company name generator
  8. .TECH domain name checker


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Find the perfect domain name for your tech startup

Your future-focused tech startup deserves a slick and uber cool domain name, not something clunky that is hard to pronounce and even harder to spell.

While most startup generator tools will give you a host of snappy names to choose from, you need something that breaks stereotypes and shatters clichés so as to build a brand around your startup.

This is possible with a .tech domain. Why? Because unlike .io or .ai that are either too specific or ambiguous, .tech is globally understood as an abbreviation for ‘technology’.

This gives you the flexibility to expand your business into other realms of technology without having to create a new website for every new product or solution.

Looking for a tech domain name? Search for it here!

Why should I use the .tech company name generator?

The .tech company name generator offers creative and brandable name suggestions uniquely crafted for cutting-edge tech startups that are looking to portray their future-focused ideology and reflect tech wizardry with their domain name.

Every business undergoes the process of domain search followed by domain registration before setting up their website.

However, searching for the most suitable domain names is the first step of both those processes.

Which is why you should use .tech’s name finder tool to search for short, memorable, snappy, and relevant names on a .tech domain.

What is a .tech domain extension?

.tech domain extension is dedicated to individuals, brands, companies, enthusiasts, students, etc. who specialize in offering technology solutions or products.

Which is why .tech is globally identified as a domain associated with all things tech.

With a .tech domain, you can choose the name of your choice that is easy to build a brand with.

Perhaps that’s why tech experts and marketing gurus believe that .tech domains are changing the internet namespace for the better.

How do I come up with a catchy tech business name?

The best way to come up with a catchy name for your tech business is to use a company name generator and to search for names that short, memorable, brandable, and relevant.

Picking a domain name that is brandable and memorable is not as easy as you think.

There are layers of minor complexities that you must overcome in order to acquire a sustainable online identity.

Quite simply, settling for a name that is less worthy or one that doesn’t do justice to the efforts you’ve invested in creating your business will only hinder your brand building agenda.

Here are a few helpful suggestions to find a winning domain name for your tech business:

  • Find a name that is short, easy to type, and easy to remember.

Consider XyberTechnologies.com and AeraWindBorne.com switched to Xyber.tech and AeraCars.tech because it made their domain name short and easy to remember.

  • Pick a domain name that is meaningful and relevant to your industry

Mega tech event, the Consumer Electronics Show, switched to CES.tech to convey what they stand for.

  • Hunt for a unique name that is innovative in your niche and one that is memorable

Several innovation-oriented tech startups such as yourself have chosen a simple yet unique domain name to impart a message, like humanizing.tech or breakinto.tech

Looking for a tech domain name? Search for it here!


  • Avoid choosing a name that is hard to spell or cluttered with lingual or grammatical errors

Many startups have opted for clean and clutter free names such as Sensei.tech, Shadow.tech, Lorem.tech, and Insight.tech.

  • Search for a domain name that is definitive in nature

Student groups and hackathons such as WeRise.tech, Hacksociety.tech, Warwick.tech are using .tech to denote their space on the internet.

These domain names describe what these websites stand for and the industry they belong to.

  • Stay clear of any legal issues

Conduct a thorough research to ensure that the name you wish to pick is free of any copyright or trademark issues.

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What are the benefits of finding a name on .tech?

As a domain name that represents the tech fraternity, .tech prompts intrigue and piques the interest of anyone who comes across it.

Since .tech is easy to understand, people will be able to find you easily on the web.

This trait enables potential partners and customers to visit your website.

Here are the benefits of choosing a name on a .tech domain extension:

  • Names are available

There are over a billion websites floating about in cyberspace.

And most of these websites using traditional top-level domain extensions 9.com, .net, and .org), and these conventional domains have been around for decades now.

This means finding a short name of your choice is a rather heartbreaking task.

On the flip side, the chances of finding the name of your choice are much higher since it’s a relatively new domain extension.

For instance, www.cloudcoder.com is taken, but www.cloudcoder.tech is available.

  • Names are meaningful

Not only does .tech make for a relevant and logical domain choice, it also doubles up as a meaningful domain since it provides a strong sense of context.

With a .tech domain extension, you can get smart with your name choices as you have the option to pick a snappy web address.

A meaningful and definitive domain name translates into a supremely brandable moniker.

  • Names are brandable

With .tech, you can avoid choosing a long or awkward or complicated domain name.

The .tech company name generator suggests brandable names for your innovative tech business which you can use to denote a striking brand message.

Smart and crisp names on .tech make for keyword rich names which are contextually valuable and work great for search engine rankings.

Cumulatively, these ingredients make for a great brand.

Also, a tech startup using .tech to denote their business on the internet comes across as an innovative and savvy business.

How to name my tech business with .tech?

Here are some smart strategies to search for a new name for your tech business on a .tech domain.

  • [BusinessName].tech
  • [industry].tech
  • [name+IndustryNiche].tech
  • [industry+geo].tech
  • [product+geo].tech
  • [phrase].tech

Looking for a tech domain name? Search for it here!

How do I create a unique business name?

The .tech company name generator is equipped to offer smart name suggestions but here are a few handy tips to create a unique business name for your tech startup that will help you attract more traffic to your website:

  • Keep it simple and short

That short names are available on .tech has been established. However, what is the ideal length of a domain name?

Hitting the sweet spot means choosing a domain name with less than 10 characters.

Your domain name should not be difficult to pronounce or understand.

To sum things up, if you have to repeat your domain name more than once or spell it out for people to understand it, then you have a complicated domain name.

  • Pass the radio test

In continuation to the point above, your domain name should pass the radio test with flying colors.

A radio test makes for the most effective way to check if your domain name can be spelled by people who hear it for the first time.

For instance, will people understand your domain name if you happen to mention it at a gathering or on a podcast? Can the listeners understand the spelling immediately?

If yes, your domain name has passed the radio test. Which is why you should pick a simple and short name on .tech that people can understand easily.

  • Indulge in storytelling

Every domain extension represents an industry or some specific element or entity. For example,

.COM means commercial

.EDU stands for education

.NET means network

.ORG stands for organization

.BIZ stands for business

These are some of the most widely used domain extensions that have conditioned businesses to categorize websites based on what they mean.

Similarly, .tech means technology and it represents the story of a tech company. .tech gives startups the opportunity to tell an immersive and intuitive brand story.

  • Ditch hyphens, numbers, and acronyms

This is in sync with the first two points.

Before you use the company name generator to zero you’re your name options, you should pick a name that is free of hyphens, misspellings, abbreviations, and numbers.

Consider these two names – James-tyler.tech (said as james-hyphen-tyler-dot-tech) and Jamestyler.tech (said as james-typler-dot-tech).

Which one of these two will be easy to type, easy to spell and easy to understand?

Clearly, the second one. The same logic applies to numbers and acronyms.

The listener might not be sure if a number in your URL is the numerical (6) or the word (six). Same goes with misspellings.

If someone were to misspell your acronym or skip a letter, they’ll go elsewhere.

  • Check for trademarks and availability on social media sites

Before you select your perfect domain name, check for any existing trademarks registered to the name.

Also, check if that name is available on social media sites.

One of the pre-requisites of building a successful brand is to ensure you have the same name across platforms.

This builds commonality and familiarity and makes it easier for your users to associate with you and find you in the future.

  • Make it future-proof

Your domain name is a long-term investment since it doubles up as your online identity.

Your domain name is one of the most valuable brand assets and is one of the biggest elements that will define your business for years.

Search for a name that encompasses who you are and where you’re going in the future.

For example, if your business helps companies set up their IT infrastructure, you could choose a domain name like ITStructure.tech.

However, if you have plans to expand your tech business, you can go with something like ITSupport.tech.

You shouldn’t have to pin down your business name to a niche if you feel you might want to expand that niche in the future.

Starting a tech business? Get .tech domain name now!

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