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.tech Domain: Why it’s the perfect domain extension for your tech business

Today, there are hundreds of new domain extensions available for cutting-edge tech businesses and young startups to choose from. Of these, .tech domain has sprung up as a favorite among members of the global tech community, especially startups and enthusiasts.

A name on a .tech domain means your brand can enjoy a unique and innovative web address that stands out from the rest.

The tech fraternity has grown to become a global ecosystem powered by startups, brands, students, and enthusiasts alike.

Their collective unabashed passion to build a community of cutting-edge new solutions is perfectly aligned with what a .tech domain represents.

As a domain dedicated to all things tech, .tech domains is transforming the internet namespace for the tech community.

A long, awkward, and hard to remember domain name isn’t the best choice for a future-focused startup fueled with passion and tech wizardry.

Which is why you need to sport a .tech domain flanked with a short, clean, and snappy brand name that doubles up as a smart prefix.

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What is a .tech domain extension?

A .tech domain extension is crafted specifically for brands, companies, individuals, enthusiasts, students, etc. indulging in technology.

.tech is globally recognized as a domain associated with all things tech.

Choosing the perfect domain name means is pivotal for your tech outfit’s online brand value.

And unlike .IO or .AI, which are either too specific or too ambiguous, .tech has universal recognition and acceptance.

Traditional and conventional generic top-level domains such as .com and .net have been around for decades.

Since then, hundreds of new, relevant domain extensions such as .tech are now available to choose from.

Choosing a name on .tech means building a solid brand and a sustainable online identity that gives you room to expand your business in the tech space without having to change your name.

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Who’s using a .tech domain?

Numerous startups, die-hard enthusiasts, and mega-brands have opted to use a .tech domain to denote their space on the internet.

CES.tech, CTA.tech, Viacom.tech, Hollywood.tech, TNW.tech, Mondial.tech make for some of the mega brands using a .tech domain.

Startups such as Sensei.tech,  Shadow.tech, Lorem.tech, Insight.tech, Nu-Rise.tech, to name a few, have picked a .tech domain.

Enthusiasts and social media celebrities such as Edgar.tech, Bytemybits.tech, Dom.tech, etc. are some suitable examples of innovative .tech users.

Even students groups and hackathons such as WeRise.tech, Hacksociety.tech, Warwick.tech, Tampabay.tech are using .tech to mark their territory on the web.

How startups, that have raised over $500M in funding, chose to brand themselves differently – .TECH

Innovation is attractive, especially to VCs looking to invest in tech startups. If your novel idea promises to build the future on tech, investors are likely to have you on the radar. In other words, the greater the disruption you can create, the more capital you can raise.

What are the benefits of finding a name on .tech?

The biggest benefit of choosing a name on a .tech domain is that you can sport a domain name or URL that is easy to understand and one that builds on your company’s name.

.tech piques the interest of a relevant audience and you will tend to drive potential partners and customers to your website since people will be able to find you easily.  

Here’s why you should consider using .tech as your primary domain extension:


The internet is cluttered with billions of websites using traditional top-level domains such as .com, .net, and .org. And not to mention, these conventional domains have been around for decades now.

Which is why the chances of finding www.yourcompany.com or www.yourcompanyname.net are supremely bleak.

On the flip side, there’s a great possibility of finding www.yourcompanyname.tech.

As a new domain extension, finding the name of your choice on .tech is easy and makes for a relevant and definitive choice since it neatly describes what you do.

For instance, www.cloudcoder.com is taken, but www.cloudcoder.tech is available.


With a .tech domain extension, you have the option to pick a short, snappy, and relevant web address.

Not only does .tech make for a definitive and logical domain, but it also provides a strong sense of context.

These attributes make for a meaningful domain name that translates into supremely brandable monikers.


You no longer need to choose a long, awkward, clunky, and complicated domain name for your innovative tech business.

With a .tech domain, you can choose a short, affluential, and memorable name that doubles up as a striking brand message.

Not only that, clever names on .tech make for contextually rich names which are great for search engine rankings.

These are the ingredients of a great brand.

A tech startup using .tech to denote their business on the internet comes across as an innovative and future-focused business and can build authority in your niche.

How a New Domain Name Can Help You Build a Better Tech Brand

As a tech professional, you are no stranger to the message, “Sorry! That domain is already taken.” Does that mean you have to settle for a less desirable domain name for that project or startup idea? It wouldn’t be fair if you had to because a great domain name is critical to a website’s perception, and success thereof.

What are the SEO repercussions of using a .tech domain extension?

When it comes to SEO, new domains are as good as any other traditional top-level domain.

In fact, Google has addressed how they treat new top-level domains in terms of their search ranking algorithm.

Simply put, SEO ranking depends on a multitude of factors.

Actively publishing high-quality fresh content, using relevant keywords, including backlinks to reputed websites, and attracting backlinks to your own content are some of the crucial measures to ensure a high SERP.

Towards this, a domain name rich in keywords can help to attract relevant backlinks that can in-turn help a website to rank higher on search engines.

For instance, www.LondonFood.tech can get backlinks on the anchor text ‘London food tech’ from reputed websites.

This will give search engines a positive indication about the website’s relevance for those keywords.

Therefore, a keyword-rich name on new domain extensions can, in fact, help boost a website’s SEO and scale your business.

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How are startups using their .tech domains?

.tech is relevant, meaningful, smart, definitive and memorable.

Startups are using a .tech domain to shatter stereotypes and break clichés to effectively establish a strong online identity.

So much so that XyberTechnologies.com and AeraWindBorne.com switched to Xyber.tech and AeraCars.tech because it made their domain name more brandable. Even mega brands such as CES © switched to CES.tech.

Startups are choosing not to settle for cluttered domain names. They prefer choosing for a domain name that reads www.brandname.tech over www.brandname-tech.com.

Innovation-driven startups such as yourself prefer to opt for a crisp web address and use it to impart a message, like humanizing.tech or breakinto.tech or to include your core competencies or niches, like eyeware.tech or foodstamp.tech.

Your tech startup’s domain name will be the first touchpoint when people come across your brand.

When it comes to the digital era, your tech business name is not just the name of your brand, it is your domain name—the address that you want people to visit to know you better and do business with you.

Which is why you should acquire a name on a .tech domain.

What makes for a great name on .tech?

A great name on .tech is one that is simple, easy to type, easy to remember, and brandable.

Your tech business deserves an identity that is worthy of the efforts you’ve put into establishing the business.

Settling for something less worthy won’t do justice to your ideas and your core competency and will, in turn, hamper your brand building agenda.

5 Rules to Picking Your Tech Business Domain Name

Identifying and getting a domain name for your tech business needs some thinking! Several stories relating to names come from the ancient Hebrew Scriptures. There are instances where God changes some people’s names (Sarai to Sarah) as a sort of declaration of a change in their lives.

For your tech startup to stand out from the competition, you need to opt for a great domain name. One that creates a striking first impression.

Here’s why you need a great name on .tech:

  • A domain name on .tech is short, easy to type, and easy to remember
  • A domain name on .tech is definitive, relevant, and meaningful
  • A domain name on .tech is unique, innovative, and memorable
  • A domain name on .tech is clean, crisp, and uncluttered (free of any lingual or grammatical errors)
  • A domain name on .tech is descriptive of what you sell and the industry you belong to

How to name your tech business?

Domain registration and domain search are two processes that every business undergoes before setting up their website.

However, before you begin searching the name of your dream business, here a few handy tips to find the perfect name for your tech business:          

  •         [BusinessName].tech  (eg: www.viacom.tech)
  •         [industry/product].tech (eg: www.lightly.tech)
  •         [IndustryNiche].tech (eg: www.mightysocial.tech)
  •         [product+geo].tech (eg: www.dronesmexico.tech)
  •         [message].tech (eg: www.humanizing.tech)
  •         [phrase].tech (eg: www.breakinto.tech)
  •         [name].tech (eg: www.jessica.tech)

You can also try this tech business name generator to find the perfect business name with an available domain name on .tech.

How much does a .tech domain name cost?

You can get a .tech domain for as low as 10$ depending on where you register it from.

Premium names will vary in cost depending on how short, meaningful, and unique the word of your choice is.

As mentioned earlier, finding a short three or four-letter name on traditional domains is almost impossible.

And while availability is a serious issue, the cost is another ball game altogether. 

Not only are short names on conventional domains hard to find, but they also cost a small fortune.

On the flipside, a meaningful word or phrase on new domain extensions will cost you only a couple of dollars.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to build the future on .tech!

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