What is Crowdfunding: List of Best Crowdfunding Platforms for Startups
Along with a clear understanding of crowdfunding platforms for startups, this article will help you pick the ideal platform for your startup.

How To Approach Crowdfunding: List Of Best Crowdfunding Platforms For Tech Startups

Imagine this – you have an amazing startup business idea that you feel will meet an unmet need in the market. You have all the tools needed to turn that idea into a successful business, but the only thing holding you back is funding.

Well, here is when crowdfunding platforms for startups come to your rescue. Let’s understand what is crowdfunding and how you can use crowdfunding websites and platforms to fund your startup.

What is Crowdfunding?  

Before exploring the crowdfunding platforms for startups, let’s understand crowdfunding as a funding option.

Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds for a project or a business venture from several people who contribute small amounts of money. 

This is an easy way for startups to build the financial backing needed to start generating revenue for their business.

It is also a way of crowdsourcing for small businesses, thus providing quick access to cash.  

Types of Crowdfunding

There are many crowdfunding platforms for startups open to anyone who needs to raise capital for their business.

However, knowing which type of crowdfunding works best for your business is the first step towards successful funding. 

Here are the most common types of crowdfunding:

  • Donation crowdfunding

This type of crowdfunding works best for local businesses or organizations that work for social causes, like non-profit organizations. 

Here, the money is donated, and there is no repayment of the funds.

  • Debt crowdfunding

In debt crowdfunding, the investors provide debt to the business, similar to a bank, which is to be repaid later with or without interest. 

This is also called marketplace funding and is the most common form of funding.

  • Equity crowdfunding

As the name suggests, in equity crowdfunding, you provide a part of the company to the investor in the form of shares. 

The investor expects a dividend or a portion of profits in return for the investment made.

  • Rewards crowdfunding

This is an amazing option for businesses who wish to test out a new product or reach a new portion of the market. 

In this type of crowdfunding, the investor receives a ‘reward’, like a small gift in return for the investment made by the investor.

Best Crowdfunding Websites & Platforms for Tech Startups

Some crowdfunding sites and platforms that focus exclusively on funding tech startups are mentioned below:

  • Kickstarter

This is the most famous reward crowdfunding platform with a 5% funding fee that works best for tech startups. 

While successfully finishing a campaign is tough on the platform, Kickstarter works best if the business wishes to reach and be backed by a large audience.

  • Indiegogo

A reward and equity-based crowdfunding platform with a special focus on technology and innovation; Indiegogo is the second-best site for crowdfunding. 

With the same funding fee of 5% as Kickstarter, most campaigns on this platform are reward-based, but businesses do have the option of choosing an equity-based model.

  • SeedInvest

Made especially for technology startups, this is an equity-based crowdfunding platform.

With a very tricky selection process, this platform works best when the businesses have a strong backing of a minimum of two team members, a viable prototype, and a proof of concept. 

The benefit is that the site has a strong backing of seasoned investors and big companies.

  • CrowdSupply

The mission of this crowdsourcing platform is to “bring original, useful, respectful hardware back to life.” 

With more than 70% of hardware tech projects successfully funded, this crowdsourcing has a success rate two times higher than Kickstarter. 

The businesses can also opt for features like media asset creation, campaign management, and a PR team. 

Benefits of Crowdfunding Websites & Platforms for Startups

Crowdfunding is an effective and fast way to raise capital for your business.

Crowdfunding websites and platforms are a great deal of help for startups looking to raise funds.

Still skeptical about crowdfunding? Need to understand the benefits of crowdfunding?

The following benefits will convince you to take the plunge and start your business:

  • Easy access to capital

Crowdfunding offers very easy access to funds without having to depend on the bank. 

Gaining approval from a crowdsourcing platform to start the campaign is also an easy process. 

You also end up finding investors who have the funds and a genuine interest in your idea or venture.

  • Minimal risk

With crowdfunding, you are not borrowing a huge amount of money from a single investor. 

Rather small sums of money from multiple investors, which minimizes the overall risk.

  • Network building

This is an efficient way to build a network of investors that believe in your idea and can prove to be very useful in the future.

It could be additional funds or just some expert guidance on certain aspects of the market and the business.

  • Effective marketing tool

A crowdfunding campaign is an effective way to get a word out about your business and product. 

You can bring in traffic to your website by integrating digital marketing and social media into your campaign. 

Thus, crowdfunding is a double-edged sword that brings not only the funds but also the customers.

  • Free media exposure

Crowdfunding platforms are an effective way to give your business a boost. 

They have the tools and the audience that could help your campaign attract media, giving it traction and turning it into a successful campaign.

  • Funding beyond banks

Crowdfunding opens up funding to first-time entrepreneurs and business owners, as it is accessible and more affordable than banks. 

This is because crowdfunding platforms take nominal or even no fees to start a campaign, and if the campaign is successful, they only take a small percentage of the funds raised.

Crowdfunding platforms are perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs if they need funds to start production, conduct further research, or register a patent for their product and design.

5 Steps to Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign for Your Tech Startup

Step 1: Create a Profile

Start by creating a compelling profile for your tech startup. A solid profile is imperative for your success.

Ideally, your profile should consist of an informative pitch video, an overview of the company, your products (or services), funding goals, and high-quality product images.

Step 2: Set a Funding Goal

The next step is to determine just how much money you wish to raise. This is critical.

Set an achievable funding goal and work towards it. Most crowdfunding platforms require you to reach your goal before you can collect any funding amount.

In such a case, if you fail to reach your funding goal, you won’t be allowed to collect any contributions.

Therefore, it’s important to set a funding goal that is achievable.

Step 3: Reach out to your backers

The third step is to find solid backers.

Leading up to the launch of your crowdfunding campaign, you should draft and send compelling and engaging emails and newsletters to your personal and professional networks.

Simultaneously, you should work towards securing early commitments from friends and family.

You can also reach out to your prospective customers, potential partners, and media contacts.

The first few days of your campaign are critical, ensuring promising commitments before your launch will help you enjoy a great first few days.

Step 4: Market to Your Audience

The best, and probably most effective, way of making your crowdfunding campaign a success is to get smart with your marketing.

Great marketing will do wonders for your campaign.

It’s a lot of work though.

Most companies have dedicated teams to manage the marketing of their campaign.

From email marketing to social media hype to offline marketing, you need all the strings in order to make your campaign a thrilling success.

Step 5: Collect Funds

The final step is to collect funds from your campaign.

If your funding goals were achieved, capital raised is transferred to your account in one of two ways:

  • If it is reward-based,  your contributors’ credit cards are charged, and the money is instantly transferred to your account.
  • In the case of equity sharing, you negotiate directly with investors and close the deal.

List of 70+ Best Crowdfunding Platforms & Websites For Startups 

Sr. No. Title Hostname Description
1 A Minority Startups Crowdfunding Platform | Geauxpublic geauxpublic.com Create your own world-class professional fundraising platform within 5 minutes. Your transaction and data is secure and you have nothing to worried about us. We are giving world-class security. You can donate any amount whatever you want, there is no fixed amount in the campaigns.
2 Australian Equity Crowdfunding | Billfolda billfolda.com Billfolda offers a secure online platform for equity crowdfunding in Australia. Invest in selected startup and scaleup companies from $250 today!
3 Best Crowd Funding Business Ideas, Advice, Investors – Founders Crowd founderscrowd.com Founderscrowd is the most trusted online crowd funding platform with the best crowd funding startup business ideas, advice. Get the crowdfunding for small business.
4 Biz Crowd Fund – Best Crowd funding Platform | Equity & Cash Crowd fund bizcrowdfund.com Promote Your Business Via Biz Crowd Fund, we are best crowd funding platform for startups and small businesses. Get equity crowd funding and cash crowd fund with no waiting period & No target amount. Call us for info!
5 Bloomio | Invest in Startups | Startups Crowdfunding with Bloomio bloomio.com Bloomio is a Startup Crowdfunding Platform providing Crowdfunding Investment in Startups. Become an Angel Investor and invest thru a Secure Blockchain Crowdfunding platform. Bloomio brings the highest financial standards to startup investments and allows trading startup shares. Sign Up Now!
6 Browse Investables – Home – Find crowdfunding campaigns to invest in browseinvestables.com Search for opportunities to invest in startups. Browse our lists to find private equity investments, venture capital and angel investing opportunities in the startup and crowdfunding markets.
7 Business Funding Texas | Business Funding Texas businessfundingtx.com Ordinary People Funding Extraordinary Entrepreneurs. Growing Texas Business Through the Power of Networks. Business Funding Texas, is a locally focused crowdfunding platform that helps startups fund growth through small contributions from many parties. Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors.
8 Christian Startups™ – Equity Crowdfunding from Pre-Seed to Series A Investment™ christianstartups.com ChristianStartups – Equity Crowdfunding from Pre-Seed to Series A Investment™. Christian Venture Capital™ is offering our domain and business model to the right Christian (accredited) investor(s) and ownership group that has an anointed vision to assist and heart to serve Christian entrepreneurs, ventures and investors worldwide. Terms of Engagement:. All offers must be submitted on your legal counsel’s official letterhead with their contact information so our legal counsel may reply.
9 CROWD % – Crowdfunding Research and Forum for Investors and Startups crowdolo.com CROWD% aims to bring investors together to share their research, opinions and analysis on the latest equity and debt crowdfunding campaigns. We are not affiliated with any crowdfunding platform, so we can provide open, independent and unbiased views on all crowdfunding campaigns and startups.If you are a crowdfund investor in startups, thinking about investing in startups for the first time, or a startup thinking about raising funding from crowd investors, then CROWD% is for you.
10 Crowd fund to sell your dessert, salsa, sauce, gourmet food, craft beer, beverage to the market. > Free Crowdfunding to raise money for startups, creatives, food truck, and more! > Crowdfund and rasie money for a crowd funding project today! fundmefundyou.com Crowd funding Tools. Signup for the latest updates. Limited time launch special. Free fundraising for entrepreneurs, startups, to expand a business, foodservice, for charity, creatives, community project, or a personal cause. Saving African Manatees from local extinction. Hi my name is Aryan MNR. I am raising funds to produce and finish up my debut Music Album here on FundMeFundyou.
11 CrowdFund Tank crowdfundtank.com AN ECOSYSTEM FOR CROWDFUNDING ENTHUSIASTS TO FIND EACH OTHER. A crowdFunding Startups, Investors, Consultant and service providers Ecosystem. Single source total solution. CrowdFunding support, promotion, advertising and knowledge sharing portal. A single source total solution CrowdFunding portal for Startups, Investors, Consultant and service providers. Crowd funding is big business. The idea of financing projects or businesses with small contributions from large numbers of people is a project financing ev
12 Crowdfunding 24cf.global Start your own CrowdFunding business and make it big by helping others get the funding they need. Quickly and easily raise the funding you need for your startup or cause. Every entrepreneur knows that capitalization is one of the most critical elements to success. Now, thanks to the phenomenon of the crowdfunding movement, you can tap into the power of the masses to obtain the money you need to launch or grow your startup or fund your cause.
13 CrowdFunding | Mentors, Coaches, and Consultants crowdfundingmentorscoachesconsultants.com Rewards, Equity Crowdfunding. Contact us: http://goo.gl/p8hA5 (877) 448-4968. An expert source crowdfunding consultant, coaches and mentors assisting crowdFunding community to have more success campaign and projects. We assist crowdfunding issuers to resell and remarket their completed campaign and help the community with crowdfunding platform design, crowdfunding startups, largest crowdfunding campaign analysis , answer to how to get crowdfunding, how to get crowdfunding for my business, crowdfunding
14 Crowdfunding advice and marketing for SMEs – Comanche Comms comcomms.com Providing professional hands-on marketing support and advice to SMEs, plus independent crowdfunding advice to launch startups or grow existing businesses
15 Crowdfunding Expert | FundingInsider fundinginsider-newyork.com Make a Legend of Your Own with FundingInsider. Matching Startups with Financial Supporters. CREATORS WITH GREAT IDEAS. Make your idea real. Creators can make their great ideas come true through crowdfunding. For successful crowdfunding campaign, creators must prepare not only the plan to make products efficiently but also well-designed crowdfunding campaigns.
16 Crowdfunding for Small Business Startups & Entrepreneurs #1 crowdfundingbum.com Crowdfunding Bum is making Startup Fundraising viable again. Built-in Backers, Free social media outreach. Built-in Mechanism that Auto-Funds Campaigns.
17 Crowdfunding for Startups | Startup Investing Platform | Zuvomo zuvomo.com Get access to the top crowdfunding platform for startups with proven marketing strategies. Zuvomo is a leading startup investing platform to raise funds from angel investors across the globe.
18 Crowdfunding Guide – Find and Compare Equity Crowdfunding Worldwide crowdfunding.guide Blog: Featured Startups. Blog: Featured Crowdfunding Platforms. Boost your crowdfunding campaign. Equity Crowdfunding Investments Worldwide. Equity Crowdfunding Investments Worldwide. What you’d like to find. Where to look for. The Best Equity Crowdfunding Platforms Worldwide. Seedrs is the leading online platform for investing in the equity of startups and other growth companies in Europe and has been named the most active investor in private companies in the UK.
19 Crowdfunding Michigan michiganfunders.com Investor Beta Sign-Up. Michigan: A History of Innovation. Michigan is always building something. We are Original American Muscle. Our ingenuity gave assembly lines something worth building (that is, after we invented the assembly line). Michigan Equity Crowdfunding (II). MILE says that Michigan-based businesses can raise up to $2 Million in startup and expansion funding from “The Crowd,” so long as the crowd in question is composed of Michigan residents (Michiganders… Michiganians….
20 CrowdfundingFinder.com – Something quite cool crowdfundingfinder.com Ready to make money investing in promising startups. Why Crowdfunding Finder. Welcome to Crowdfunding Finder. Your gateway to securities crowdfunding investing online. This is our beta version. You may need to log in to our affiliated portals in order to invest. We are working to add more functionalities and improve the user experience – your feedback in the meantime would be appreciated.
21 CrowdHolder –CrowdFunding ShareHolder crowdholder.com CrowdHolder.com -CrowdFunding ShareHolder, Startups CrowdFunding, Invest in CrowdFunding Startup Projects. Information about CrowdFunding Business Plans and CrowdFunding Platforms. Offering CrowdFunding Advice and Professional CrowdFunding consulting
22 Crowdroots – Crowdfunding platform created to fundraising in MENA region crowdroots.com Where value is born. We help any creative mind to bring their idea to life. Start your investing adventure. We support you to turn ideas into innovative products using our crowdfunding platform. We provide you with a variety of startup funding opportunities with high return. A fast and secure way for fundraising in your favourite projects. Smart Shower System.
23 DIT Capital – Your #1 Source for Small Business Funding ditcapital.com We offer Small business loans, credit repair, real estate loans, startup funding, retirement funding, SBA Loans, Business Express Loans, crowdfunding
24 DMV Commercial Funding dmvcommerciallending.com Constantly challenging ourselves to deliver more to our clients. What is a Small Business Startup Loan. A small business startup loan is any kind of financing aimed specifically towards startups with little to no business history. There are a variety of small business startup loans and financing methods available to new business owners—from SBA microloans, business credit cards, friends and family, to crowdfunding.
25 Equity Crowdfunding – Reg CF, A+, D 506(c) Equity Crowdfunding equitycrowdfundingmarket.com Equity crowdfunding is a method for startups and even established companies to raise capital. It enables the company to offer equity to an array of potential investors in exchange for cash investment. We have a solution for everyone, it may be startups who are looking for investors, or on the other side of the coin, investors who are looking for the right startup to invest in.
26 Federal Equity Crowdfunding Portal: Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity Crowdfunding us.trucrowd.com equity crowdfunding portal, where any US citizen can invest in based startups (we list them all).
27 Federal Equity Crowdfunding Portal: Regulation Crowdfunding: Equity Crowdfunding fundanna.com Invest as little as $100 in cannabis startups. Fundanna is the first equity crowdfunding portal dedicated to the cannabis industry. Companies can raise up to $1M/year by selling equity to non-accredited investors.
28 Florida Funders | Startup Crowdfunding & Angel Investors floridafunders.com Florida Funders is a hybrid of venture capital and crowd funding focusing on Florida tech startups. These Angel Investor activities give startups the capital to thrive.
29 Fund an Idea – Inventors Crowdfunding Platform For New Inventions fundanidea.com A crowdfunding & fundraising website dedicated to helping inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups raise funds from InventHelp & spokesman George Foreman!
30 Fund Singapore – Business Crowdfunding Platform fundsingapore.com.sg Fund Singapore is a premier equity and lending-based crowdfunding platform in Singapore that caters to startup businesses and private investors. Know more by visiting our site!
31 Fundable | Crowdfunding for Small Businesses fundable.com Check out the new Startups. Now anyone can fund your business. Revolutionary application of 3D tech in prosthetics production. Featured Companies on Fundable. Recently Funded Companies on Fundable. Launch a Fundraise For Your Business Today. Start a Fundraise. New & Noteworthy. Terms of Service. Copyright © 2019 Startups. Fundable is a software as a service crowdfunding platform.
32 Funding Marijuana | CrowdFunding Cannabis Projects and Business Online fundingmarijuana.com Raise money online to fund your cannabis / marijuana related startup, business or personal project. Easy crowdfunding website for individuals, groups and non-profits.
33 Fundlify – A crowdfunding and pre-order solution for the lean startup fundlifyapp.com A crowdfunding solution for lean startups & small businesses. Made for Shopify Rebels. Be at the lead of sustainable manufacturing through crowdfunding. Be an environmentally conscious brand. Protect and strengthen your brand’s reputation and build public trust. Assess the demand and mitigate the risk of creating new products. Produce the right amount of the right product to the right customer.
34 Fundraiserr fundraiserr.com Fundraiserr is Coming Soon. Business CrowdFunding Platform to help entrepreneurs fund their idea. Our team takes a very hands-on approach to help companies understand the fundraising process and launch their funding campaigns. From profile creation to marketing, we’re there at each step. Fundraiserr was created by the founders of startups who have collectively raised from dozens of angel investors and venture capitalists.
35 Home – PicMii Crowdfunding picmiicrowdfunding.com PicMii Crowdfunding provides one of the most streamlined platforms for startup investing. Our objective is to make equity crowdfunding easy for everyone.
36 Home | USA Funders fundersusa.com Funders USA donates 0. Regulation Crowdfunding securities are speculative, illiquid, and carry a high degree of risk, including the loss of the entire investment. Launching the first round of offerings in Q2 2020, Funders USA will provide Equity and Debt funding to startups and larger projects through Crowdfunding. We are registered with the SEC and FINRA approved to operate as Funding Portal under the JOBS act and act as an intermediary for financing between investors and startups.
37 ICO FUNDING SUMMIT icofundingsummit.com Tech conference for startups and investors on ICO funding, blockchain, bitcoins, crptyo currency and crowdfunding.
38 ICQuinix – Community Crowdfunding Investment Platform icquinix.com Become An Investor. Become An Investor. Become An Investor. Become An Investor. Bridging the gap between resources and innovation. Small business & startup equity crowdfunding. Small business & startup equity crowdfunding. ICQuinix helps to facilitate innovation at all scales by providing services, tools, and resources that allow small businesses, startups, and non-profits to raise funding from their community and all who believe in their mission.
39 IFundWomen Startup Funding For Women Entrepreneurs ifundwomen.com IFundWomen homepage is the beginning of a woman entrepreneur funding journey providing access to capital through crowdfunding, small business grants, expert startup coaching, and a community of female business owners.
40 Indie Birds | Free Fundraising Platform for Indie Artists & Non Profits | Crowdfunding | Crowdsourcing | Film Funding | Art Funding indiebirds.com Free Crowdfunding for Indie Artists & Non Profits. Start Your Dream Project now at Indie Birds, indiebirds.com. Fundraise for Films, Arts, Tv, Web, Short Stories, Book Publishing, Sculpture, Painting, Filming, Traveling, Business Startup, Idea. indiebirds.com free crowdfunding in India, Free crowdfunding
41 Invest in promising businesses via crowdfunding | Symbid symbid.com Investment opportunities in startups and promising businesses. Raise funding with professional investors and crowdfunders. Symbid #1 crowdfunding platform
42 Invest in Startups You Love – Equity Crowdfunding | Wefunder wefunder.com Invest as little as $100 in startups and small businesses. Wefunder is the largest Regulation Crowdfunding portal.
43 Invest online in startups via equity crowdfunding | Seedrs seedrs.com Online investing opportunities in the best new startup businesses, and raise seed and angel investment, with top European equity crowdfunding site Seedrs.
44 letsfundyourproject letsfundyourproject.com We assist Startups & Entrepreneurs to accelerate, grow, prototype, raise funds, and hatch their invention, idea, or business. Community Crowdfunding Platform. Make us your choice for crowdfunding. Our 1st goal is for all members to earn fast. We Are A Special Real Dedicated Team. We Help You Earn & Earn Big. We Care – We Share – We Produce. We Are A Team With Perfect Plans.
45 M-Funding Holding Ltd. m-funding.com M-funding helps social impact entrepreneurs in Africa access finance through our equity-crowdfunding platform. M-funding gives to local and international investors opportunity to make good deals by investing in social impact startup in Central & East Africa. M-funidng connects social impact entrepreneurs to investors in East-Africa. Our equity-crowdfunding platform is a safe place where to invest your money because our team is committed to securing your investment through a solid due diligence. Your suces
46 Making Crowdfunding Legal for Entrepreneurs startupexemption.com Compare the Bills. Crowdfund Investing – The Future of Startup Financing. Want to learn everything you need to know about crowdfunding to be a success. The framework is an exemption under Regulation D Securities Offerings that would allow startups and small businesses to raise a limited amount of seed and growth capital from their social networks using SEC-registered websites.
47 MDallasW CrowdFunding & Donations Portal mdwfund.business Year-round Crowdfunding Campaign for Startups, Research & Productive Contributions to the World
48 Money for idea | Crowd Funding SOCAL pitchinar.com Money for idea is crowd funding portal for Angel Investors & VCs by Startups & entrepreneurs. Present your ideas to many investors at once. Raise money. Invest in great startups. Lean Startup. Funding, round, seed, Startup Ninja, idea, generator, fund
49 Money for idea | Crowd Funding SOCAL moneyforidea.com Connect me with Capital. I’m a fearless and ambitious founder who dare to lead a startup with the following criteria. Scandinavia’s leading crowdfunding platform for women-led startups. Invest in talented and successful women-led startups. Join a community of leading Nordic investors. We aim to help women-led startups over come financial barriers, achieve their business goals while building a sustainable society.
50 MŪZOFUND muzofund.com Next Level Africa takes Crowd Funding to a whole NEW level. We’re a community of members who work together to promote and support each other’s projects. Everything from personal fundraising, business startups, charitable causes to music and art. Next Level Africa features diverse projects made possible through the direct support of people like you. Members set a financial goal and a deadline.
51 MyCrowdFundingPage.com nextlevelafrica.community THE CROWDFUNDING GUIDE FOR. GET SAMPLE + INDEX. New Routes to Funding: The new ‘Handbook’, written for business advisors & mentors as well as business owners & startups, explains not only how you can fund the earliest stages of a product or venture but also how to use crowdfunding to unlock more traditional funding. What People Are Saying. Head of Enterprise for The Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW).
52 New Routes To Funding: The Handbook of Modern Funding by Barry E James newroutestofunding.com Oliver Gajda, mentor, consultant, crowdfunding, venture capital, impact investing, philanthropy, microfinance, startup, innovation, entrepreneurship, europe
53 Oliver Gajda | mentor, consultant, crowdfunding, venture capital, impact investing, philanthropy, microfinance, startup, innovation, entrepreneurship, europe |About – Oliver Gajda | mentor, consultant, crowdfunding, venture capital, impact investing, phila olivergajda.com Get funding at an idea or startup level. Your mobile app and tool to inspire people to become your early CrowdFunding project promoter, backers and investors. Valley of Death, startup financing. Most entrepreneurs need first go to friends and family to raise early fund and capital. If you can get your family & friends to understand & support your project or startup then you have a real chance to get funded. If you can’t get your friends & family to understand your project then you need to give them reasons
54 Original Investors | Raise Funding at Idea or Startup Level originalinvestors.com Rewards-Based Crowdfunding Platforms. Welcome to Queen City Crowdfunding. Growing the Greater Cincinnati Startup Community. THE BOOK WAS BETTER: Ch. Here’s the Story of Chapter 1, from the authors: After the sudden loss of his family in an overseas plane crash, Bo retreats to the local aquarium in an attempt to distance himself from the disaster. However his worries begin to manifest, negatively.
55 Queen City Crowdfunding | queencitycrowdfunding.com Entrepreneurs shape our society and can change the way we live and work. Raising Startup Capital was created to provide individuals and teams an opportunity to make their dreams come true. The crowdfunding site made for startups.
56 Raising Startup Capital | Crowdfunding Platform raisingstartupcapital.com ReadyFundGO is a crowdfunding platform for Australian startups and businesses – Raise the funds you need with ReadyFundGo, our crowdfunding platform for ideas and startups in Australia. Get expert advice & start your campaign today.
57 ReadyFundGo | Best Crowdfunding Companies for Australian Business readyfundgo.com CrowdStaked is community-based equity crowdfunding platform that allows diverse entrepreneurs to raise seed capital for their startups.
58 Regulation Crowdfunding | CrowdStaked crowdstaked.com Roy Morejon is a digital marketing, analytics and crowdfunding expert with more than 20 years experience in helping startups and entrepreneurs get funding.
59 Roy Morejon – Crowdfunding Expert, Startup Advisor, Marketing Keynote roymorejon.com Crowdfunding platform for the socially conscious. We work with purpose-led organizations, including social entrepreneurs, startups, and nonprofits to help them succeed.
60 SparkRaise – Crowdfunding for the Socially Conscious crowdfunding.sparkraise.com StartEngine is the largest equity crowdfunding site where anyone can become an angel investor and invest in startups for as little as $100.
61 StartEngine: Startup Investing via Equity Crowdfunding startengine.com Startup Funding 2.0 is about the brave new world of early stage financing, including crowd funding, AngelList, syndicates, seed stage VCs, and more.
62 Startup Funding 2.0: Platforms, Syndicates & Emerging VCs fundingv2.com crowdfunding, startup,agency, backer, donation, funding, fundraising, indiegogo, investement, kickstarter, kickstarts
63 Startup Idea – Crowdfunding WordPress Theme pledgeaportion.org.za The premium domain name startupscrowdfunding.com is available for sale!
64 startupscrowdfunding.com Is for Sale startupscrowdfunding.com The Angel Company Crowdfunding, a new way to invest in startups with great return and less risk.
65 The Angel Company Crowdfunding investments for startups theangelcompanycrowdfunding.com June 22nd – You Decide Who Wins. Your Money Goes To The Winner. The purpose of The Crowdfunding Pitch Show LIVE is to give you, the audience a chance to pick the winner, and have your money go to help a startup. We have partnered with LaunchTN, Ideashares. Following the pitch contest, the party will begin with two bands performing into the night as we network, enjoy great food and drinks, and help take new companies to the next level.
66 The Crowdfunding Pitch Show – | Kickstarter | Indiegogo | Equity Crowdfunding crowdfundingpitchshow.com A blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform that let you exchange cryptos for startup
67 The future of startups funding – Liquity Fund liquity.fund The Percolator is a private members-only crowdfunding entity and small business studio/incubator which uses its assets and investor pool to transform startup companies and ideas (“Startups”) into operating businesses. The Percolator is made up of business and creative professionals working together to identify, fund, launch, and nurture ideas and very early-stage business ventures.
68 The Percolator | Funding the Future percolatorla.com Fintech + federal & state laws have opened the ability for businesses to raise capital from anybody. Is your startup ready to benefit from this disruption. With the JOBS Act & state laws anybody can invest in startups. As a result thousands of companies are raising billions of dollars via Investment Crowdfunding from both accredited and non-accredited investors.
69 tionchar.io Regulation Crowdfunding (CF) and A+ Advisors tionchar.io Venture capital and crowdfunding advice for startups from VC
70 VC List – Venture Capital, Crowdfunding and Startup Funding Tips vc-list.com Reviews and profiles of 100+ investment crowdfunding websites, including real estate, startups, P2P loans, alternative assets and more.
71 YieldTalk: Informed Investment Crowdfunding yieldtalk.com


Crowdfunding platforms and websites for startups are the best way for small businesses to reach their financial capital goals and to propel their business into the market.

The key to successful crowdfunding lies in choosing the right platform to communicate your vision and gain a customer base.

There is no such website established as the best startup crowdfunding platform, you need to find one that is best for your startup.

You can learn about other startup funding options in our article, exclusively about funding your first startup.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your entrepreneurial mind and reach your business goals in no time!

Building a startup? Build it on a .TECH domain!

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