What is .IO domain?

Here’s something you should know before you buy a .IO domain! While many tech startups and businesses buy this domain, they are not aware that it’s a country code top level domain (ccTLD) which has been assigned to British Indian Ocean Territory. However, it has since gained popularity among the tech community for a totally different purpose.

“IO” is commonly used in computer language as an abbreviation for input/output. This makes it a relevant TLD for programming related websites that are targeted for people for the computer programming sector. However, if the business is targeted at end users who may not have any knowledge of computer science, they may not understand the significance of .IO. The end customers may not actually be able to search for the website name because the letters ‘IO’ may not register in their memory since they hold no meaning in their mind.

Is there a domain extension which is most suitable for your tech startup? Yes, consider .TECH!

Here is why registering a .tech domain is better than getting a .io domain:

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    A .tech domain explains your passion a lot more than a .io – which stands for input output. If your passion is tech, then explain that with a .tech domain!

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    A .tech domain is universally accepted and understood as opposed to a .io domain which is understood within the tech industry only.

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    A .tech domain is good for SEO if you’re in the tech field and looking for a ‘tech’ focused name, which is a benefit it has over .io.

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    Just the fact that .tech sounds way cooler, right?

If you are building a tech startup and looking for a domain name that will help you stand out and attract customers, consider a .TECH domain name. Since ‘tech’ is an intuitive keyword, .TECH works as the most relevant domain extension for your tech business.

One of the key benefits of .TECH domains is that ‘tech’ is an easily understood term and widely used by businesses and customers alike. Therefore, using a .TECH domain will help you create an instant connect with your target customers without having to explain. For example, when you see the domain www.lovable.tech or www.mightysocial.tech, you can immediately establish an image in your mind about these businesses. On the other hand, when you use domain extensions such as .IO, it may not be clear to the end-customer what it means even though I/O (input-output) is a meaningful term for tech professionals.

How to get a tech startup website name that is relevant to end users?

Tech startups and businesses that are meant for end-users who may not have any knowledge of computer science may want to choose a name that is easily understood and memorised. Since “tech” is a widely known keyword, a .TECH TLD is more desirable for tech businesses across the spectrum of the industry.

How to get a .TECH domain?

You can get your desirable .TECH domain without having to spend a huge some of money. Simply visit www.get.tech and search for your domain name. Here are some ways in which you can search your perfect .TECH domain:

1 [BusinessName].Tech 2 [industry].Tech 3 [industry+geo].Tech 4 [product+geo].Tech 5 [phrase].Tech

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The .io domain is a ccTLD or country code top level domain for British Indian Ocean. However, .io is regarded as an abbreviation for ‘Input/Output’, a common process related to the technology industry.

.io domains represent a niche within the technology community and over the past few years several technology businesses have adopted this rather ambiguous TLD.

There has been a security threat with .io domains in the past. The issue was primarily related to their nameservers as they were deemed unreliable as compared to that of other domain extensions.

Also, the .io domain is faced with ethical debates since it’s a ccTLD for British Indian Ocean Territory and the native population was forced out to make a base for the US military.

Having said that, .io may not be the best choice for building a long-term and meaningful brand with.

A smarter choice for any tech business or tech website would be to adopt a .tech domain because of the relevancy and definitive nature of the TLD.

Using a .tech domain immediately informs people about the nature of your business and this means you can get smart with your name choices and pick a short, brandable name that everyone understands.

The reason why .io domains are so expensive could be down to the fact that they are high in demand right now. The .io domain name is famous as IO is an abbreviation of Input/Output - a common process associated to programming.

However, if you are looking for a more meaningful domain name that won’t burn a hole in your wallet, you should consider adopting a .tech domain for your tech startup or tech website.

You can register a .io domain name from any leading registrar by simply visiting their website and searching for available names. If the name of your choice is available, you should go ahead and register it. If it isn’t, consider picking a name on a .tech domain.

You can register a .io domain from several leading registrars. If the name of your choice is available, you should go ahead and register it. If it isn’t, consider picking a name on a .tech domain.

.tech is a domain name that is super-relevant to the world of technology as it is globally understood as an acronym for the word ‘technology’. This meaningful and relevant nature of the .tech domain makes it the perfect domain extension to build a tech brand.

Not only that, names on .tech have high recall value. Stronger.tech, Brilliant.tech, Insight.tech, Shadow.tech, Viacom.tech, to name a few, are examples of brands and startups using a .tech domain to build memorable online identities.