As we’ve established before, finding a cool name for your startup is no easy feat, especially one that is available. Short domains are lavishly expensive and long startup business names are just awkward and don’t exude strong brand confidence.

Fortunately, there is a smart alternative to this issue. Many startups have found their random name ideas take shape on a branded new domain name that is short, easy to remember, affordable, and supremely brandable on new domain extensions such as .tech.

Benefits of getting .TECH:

1 Nothing says you’re in the tech space like a .Tech domain extension. 2 Relevance: Pick a name that resonates with the most intuitive search keywords. 3 Easy-to-remember: With your .tech extension implying your core competence, you can choose a short domain name that is memorable and brandable.

Find a unique name on .TECH with this
startup name generator

Choosing a name for your startup can be a monumental task. Using the right tools, keywords, and resources can help you with a shortlist but the hunt doesn’t end there. While this startup name generator can help you with some great name ideas, the name isn’t truly yours if it isn’t available. Unlike other startup name generators, this one spins out great name suggestions and checks for it’s availability on the go. Many startups have found the name of their choice on a .TECH domain. You can too!


One of the first steps towards creating an amazing website is naming your startup. With over 1 billion websites on the internet, it is difficult to find a cool name that is relevant to your business. Our free and simple to use startup name generator is equipped to offer you suitable suggestions and ideas to simplify the grueling ‘naming your startup’ process.

Consider these three parameters before you start searching for the perfect online name for your tech business or app or product:

1 Innovative: Pick a name that is unique to your core competence and your brand ideas. 2 Searchable: Pick a name that resonates with the most intuitive search keywords. 3 Brandable: Pick a name that is short, easy to remember and pronounce,
and free of any lingual or grammatical flaws.

How to use .TECH:

Here are some ways in which you can search for a smart new name on .tech.

1 [BusinessName].Tech 2 [industry].Tech 3 [name+IndustryNiche].Tech 4 [industry+geo].Tech 5 [product+geo].Tech 6 [phrase].Tech

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The best way to come up with a startup name is to search for a name that is short, meaningful, easy to spell, and easy to remember. A startup name that is memorable and definitive goes on to becoming a brandable name.

Another great way of coming up with cool startup name ideas is to search for smart names on relevant new domain extensions. With this startup name generator, you can find some really good startup names for your tech website on .tech domain.

This way, you can find a short brand name on a domain extension that talks about the nature of your business. It also means that you don’t need to come up with a long and clunky startup name.

The startup name generator is designed to offer cool startup name ideas and suggestions on a relevant new domain extension.

This startup name generator offers creative startup name ideas on a .tech domain extension. With a domain that defines what your startup does, you can find short names that are easy to build a brand with. You no longer need to pick a long or awkward domain name that is hard to spell and even harder to recall.

Whether you’re looking for a domain name for your startup’s website or your startup’s product page, you can find some really cool startup names on this startup name generator.

Finding the perfect domain name for your startup is not easy. You need to find a startup name that is easy to remember, free of unwanted characters, short, unique, descriptive, and easy to spell and understand.

This is why you need to pick a startup name on a .tech domain extension. By using this startup name generator, you can pick a name of your choice from some cool startup names that will add a stroke of flair and panache to your tech startup.

The best way to create or come up with a unique startup name is to think of a short, brandable, easy to remember name that is easy to spell and easy to understand.

Then, pair this name with a domain extension that describes the nature of your business and what you do.

By searching for cool startup names on this startup name generator you can come up with unique startup names on a relevant .tech domain extension.,,,, are examples of startups using cool names on a .tech domain.