What is a .app domain?

Google’s .app TLD (top-level domain) is a domain extension exclusively targeted towards tech business indulging in app development.

And while registering a .app domain may seem like the perfect choice for your tech startup, there are a few things you need to know. To begin with, .app is super specific as it caters to a small niche within the technology vertical.

Secondly, the acronym ‘app’ stands for application, which is suitable only for programmers, developers, and startups who are in the business of creating apps. There is no scope for scalability into the “web” once you have a product on .app. For instance, if you are a startup that creates smartphone apps and plans to enhance your business to include web development and AI or AR division, your domain name will restrict you from showcasing your new potential.

Which domain extension is perfect for your tech startup?

To truly capture the essence of who you are, what you do, and where you are going, you need to register a domain name that is contextually rich and meaningful.

Therefore, you need a .tech domain extension. Unlike .io or .ai or .app or .dev; all of which are too specific or too ambiguous, .tech is universally accepted as the acronym for technology.

With .tech, you are not restricted to scale your business and branch out to other dimensions of technology. You have the option to be flexible since you won’t have to create a separate website for your new indulgences.

Also, .tech gives you an opportunity to build your hackathon project on the domain and later develop it into a business, which may not be possible with a .app domain.

What makes for a great domain name?

Before you buy a .app TLD or a .tech TLD, you need to understand the importance of picking a domain name which:

Is memorable, meaningful, and brandable. Is helpful in making your new tech business transform into a promising tech brand in the long run.

Since there are millions of tech startups and developers out there, owning a kickass name is more of a branding necessity rather than a luxury.

A great domain is:

Short, easy to type, and easy to remember Definitive, relevant, and meaningful Unique, innovative, and memorable Clean, crisp, and uncluttered (free of any lingual or grammatical errors) Descriptive of what you sell and the industry you belong to

How to name your tech website?

Your website is a branding asset and therefore you must choose a moniker that has tremendous brand building potential. To win big with your name choices, here’s how you can use a .tech domain extension:

[BusinessName].Tech [industry].Tech [name+IndustryNiche].Tech [industry+geo].Tech [product+geo].Tech [phrase].Tech

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The .app domain is a top level domain name owned and operated by Google. The word ‘app’ indicates a website application or mobile application for which the domain can be used.

However, the .app domain restricts usage only for website and mobile based applications. If you are looking for a core tech related domain, you should consider opting for a .tech domain extension.

You can register your .app domain name through any leading registrar or by visiting get.app. Search for the name of your choice and if it’s available, simply go ahead and register it.

If the name of your choice isn’t available on .app, consider looking for name options on a .tech domain.

The .tech domain is unanimously accepted as a domain for all things technology. This makes .tech a highly relevant domain extension for any business or website in the tech space.

Not only that, names on .tech have high recall value. Stronger.tech, Brilliant.tech, Insight.tech, Shadow.tech, Viacom.tech, to name a few, are examples of brandable domain names on .tech

You can buy a .app domain through any leading registrar or by visiting get.app. Search for the name of your choice and check if it’s available. Once you find the ideal name, simply go ahead and buy it.

The .app domain extensions is well suited for business or individuals developing website and mobile applications.

However, it may not be the best choice in terms of building a sustainable tech brand. To build a strong tech brand, you should consider searching for domain name like .tech.

As a domain name that means all things technology, .tech makes for a relevant domain that allows businesses to enhance their scope of work and expand into other technologies other than just restricting themselves to development applications.