Find kickass name ideas and register them instantly.

Your cutting-edge tech business deserves a catchy name that blatantly reflects your innovative competence. Until sometime ago, finding a cool and fitting name was supremely challenging because of the sheer unavailability of smart names on corresponding domains. Fortunately, you can now find the perfect domain name that is available with this domain name availability checker and instantly register it.

What makes this domain name availability checker unique?

This is the era of new domains. Which means you can now get creative on both sides of the ‘dot’. This unique domain name availability checker is exclusive to searching for names available for tech businesses and startups.With a clear focus on suggesting brand names that are sure to dazzle your peers and prospects, this name checker suggests names which have a corresponding availability on a .Tech domain.

What are the characteristics of a great domain name?

Your domain name must be a perfect representation of who you are and what you do. Which is why choosing a business name is as exciting as it is nerve-racking. To help you pick a domain name that adds value to your tech business, here are a few characteristics that make a great domain name:

Innovative:  A name that is unique yet specific to your forte and your brand ideas.
Searchable:  A name that is keyword rich and in sync with the most intuitive search keywords and search engine queries. Brandable:  A name that is meaningful, globally understood and free of any lingual or grammatical flaws. Memorable:  A name that is easy to remember and pronounce, and one that aces the radio test.

What are the benefits using this name checker?

With this domain name availability checker, you can find a meaningful name that is available on a .tech. You don’t have to compromise on your domain name choices. And if that wasn’t enough, here are some of the key benefits of this domain name availability checker:

You can find short and crisp domains on .Tech extension You can instantly register a domain name You can buy the domain name at a pocket-friendly price You can find a name that is specific and relevant to your industry You can find a name that is easy to remember and supremely brandable

Effective Strategies to name your tech business

Your domain name plays a big part in all your marketing campaigns and will also have a significant impact on your SEO activities. Here are some effective strategies to use your .Tech domain name:

[BusinessName].Tech [industry].Tech [name+IndustryNiche].Tech [industry+geo].Tech [product+geo].Tech [phrase].Tech


We choose the .tech domain for a number of reasons. First, we owned the .com and .net domain for our company name but we wanted to shorten our name and that was not possible with those domain extensions. Second, we looked at other domain names like .io (which has been very popular) but we felt that io would seem confusing to those who were not from the tech industry. Thirdly, we chose to rebrand to Stronger International because it told the client what we did, but it still didn’t tell them what industry we were in. We liked Stronger but wanted people to know that we were in technology.
Our .tech Domain has helped us show our website visitors that we are dedicated to the technology that sits behind what we do and that our company revolves around technology. And so, it makes a great domain for our company.
-CEO, Startup Sesame
The Paris Motor Show organized a full day of conference and a startup competition dedicated to the future of transportation and mobility in 2016. The event was named Mondial Innovation Forum and the website was hosted on The brand name and the event are now called We choose a .tech domain name as it shows a strong focus on technology and its impact on the automotive industry. The organizers of Paris Motor Show loved the website so much that they finally changed the name of the event to!
We have been able to set our ourselves apart as a platform in the business of connecting people, one job at a time. Our .tech domain has helped us yield positive results in our marketing efforts. The domain name has successfully enhanced our user engagements as it imparts a strong feeling of brand trust.