Find cool ideas for a successful brand name.

Coming up with a good brand name that your audience can relate to can be challenging. You might want a name that’s easy to spell or has a nice flair to it. You’ve probably been trying to come up with a brand name only to find that your favorite ideas don’t have an available domain, or it comes with a high price tag. Fortunately, you can use this brand ideas generator to help you come up with a good name with an available .tech domain.

The perfect name is one that reflects your identity and describes your business. Here are some characteristics of a good brand name:

It is short It is easy to spell It is specific and not random It reflects new ideas
What constitutes a good brand name?
The benefits of this online name finder are tremendous. The name that you pick will be:

New and fresh: a .tech domain name would stand out giving your startup name a fresh and new feel. Searchable: Since the name would be on a .tech domain it’ll be easier for people in the industry to search and remember the name. Memorable: the .tech suggestions would be short and crisp making the name easy to remember.
What are the benefits of using this brand ideas generator?

What are the tips to keep in mind when doing a brand name search?

With so many new startups getting launched online, using a name finder to get name suggestions is not enough. It is important to keep in mind these tips when looking for a cool online identity.

Avoid random names and find names that resonate with the industry Ensure it has a nice ring to it Avoid any hyphens or numbers Make sure you check for copyrights and trademarks Use thesaurus and look up synonym suggestions. You might find a better word that does justice to your startup’s values


We choose the .tech domain for a number of reasons. First, we owned the .com and .net domain for our company name but we wanted to shorten our name and that was not possible with those domain extensions. Second, we looked at other domain names like .io (which has been very popular) but we felt that io would seem confusing to those who were not from the tech industry. Thirdly, we chose to rebrand to Stronger International because it told the client what we did, but it still didn’t tell them what industry we were in. We liked Stronger but wanted people to know that we were in technology.
Our .tech Domain has helped us show our website visitors that we are dedicated to the technology that sits behind what we do and that our company revolves around technology. And so, it makes a great domain for our company.
-CEO, Startup Sesame
The Paris Motor Show organized a full day of conference and a startup competition dedicated to the future of transportation and mobility in 2016. The event was named Mondial Innovation Forum and the website was hosted on The brand name and the event are now called We choose a .tech domain name as it shows a strong focus on technology and its impact on the automotive industry. The organizers of Paris Motor Show loved the website so much that they finally changed the name of the event to!
We have been able to set our ourselves apart as a platform in the business of connecting people, one job at a time. Our .tech domain has helped us yield positive results in our marketing efforts. The domain name has successfully enhanced our user engagements as it imparts a strong feeling of brand trust.


Ideally, you should buy a domain name that is descriptive of the nature of your business or what it is that you do. Your domain name should be easy to build a brand with and should enjoy a high recall rate.

For your tech brand, you should look for cool brand names on a .tech domain extension.

A relevant domain extension like .tech clearly communicates what your business is about and this means you can get creative with your brand name choices. This means you can pick a short, one-word, category-killer name by searching for brand name ideas on this brand name generator.

You can register your brand name as your domain name by searching for the name of your choice on a domain name generator. If the name of your choice is available, then you should register it.

A smart way to pick a memorable and short domain name that aligns with your brand name is to pick a new domain extension. For instance, you can use this brand generator to search for cool brand name ideas on a .tech domain extension.

For instance, if your tech brand is called Prass Technologies, then you can use this brand name generator to choose as your domain name. What’s more is, you can use as your brand name too!

For your tech brand, you can use this brand name generator to search for cool brand names and brand name ideas on a .tech domain. Once you find the perfect name, you use this brand name generator to register it in a few easy steps:

  1. Search for creative tech business name ideas on a relevant .tech domain extension
  2. Add your unique business name to your cart
  3. Pick a Google Suite package and an SSL certificate package for your website
  4. Place your order and register!

The most effective way to choose the best name for your brand is to use a capable brand name generator to search for cool brand names. Ideally, a great brand name or domain name is one that is short, easy to remember, and meaningful.

For your tech venture, use this brand name generator to search for tech brand name ideas on a relevant .tech domain extension. As an acronym for technology, you can pair a short, creative name with .tech and announce to the world that you are in the business of tech.

Brands like,, are examples of cool brand name ideas for tech businesses.