Looking for a Startup Domain Name? Put it through a Radio Test!
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Looking for a Startup Domain Name? Put it through a Radio Test!

If you’ve read some of our previous articles pertaining to picking a domain name for your tech business, then you must remember coming across the term ‘radio test’. And while we always included a one-line explanation on what it meant, it’s high time we delved a bit deeper into explaining what a radio test for domains means and how it works as a great tool for tech businesses looking to pick a domain name that is easily understood.

What is a Radio Test?

Simply put, a radio test for domain names is a method to gauge if people can understand your website URL or business’s domain name upon encountering it over the radio. This test is a great indicator of how well understood your domain name is.

For instance, if your domain name is easily understood by people who come across it, you’ve got a great domain name. Domains such as www.stronger.tech, www.shadow.tech, www.edgar.tech, etc. are a few such examples of slick, one-word domain names that would pass the radio test with flying colors.

This test also helps to answer a crucial question; does your domain sound the same way it is written? A domain name that isn’t written the way it sounds or vice versa does not make for a great domain name.

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Any discrepancy in how the pronunciation of your domain name and it’s actually spelling means people will have trouble reaching your website.

With several new technological advances in the media field, the term radio test is now valid across podcasts, TV advertisements, YouTube ads, etc. However, word of mouth is a major reason why your domain name should pass the radio test.

Imagine having a kick-ass website that is the talk of the town, but it sports a complicated and clunky domain name that is hard to understand. Not only would this be infuriating and embarrassing, but also result in poor marketing and depreciate your brand’s value.

How to Conduct a Radio Test?

Now that you’ve understood what a radio test is its time to move onto understanding how to carry out a radio test. Where do you begin and what do you do? Well, fret not. Here’s how you can conduct a radio test to learn the effectiveness of your domain:

1. Test it for yourself

The first and most logical way to begin testing your domain name is to do a quick test on yourself. Ask yourself, “If I came across this domain name on the radio or on a podcast, would I be able to pronounce it and spell it?”

If your answer is yes and you are fully convinced, you can proceed to test it on others. If not, then think of synonyms or substitute words or words that might sound similar to make your domain name all the easier to understand.

Check if the word you’re using can be understood easily when spoken fast. Also, try not to use any homophones as they tend to confuse people (words that sound similar but have different meanings such as two and too or new and knew).

2. Test it on others

Once your domain name matches your satisfaction levels and is clear in your review, it’s time to test it on people who’ve never heard it before.

  • Make a call

The most effective and easy way of doing this is to pick up the phone and call a couple of friends, relatives, and colleagues and brief them about how you’re planning to start a website. Then give them your website address (i.e. your domain name) and ask them to repeat it.

Don’t forget to ask them to spell it. If they understand, you’ve got a winner. For the radio test to be an absolute success, you should speak to people who have no clue about your business or anything about the industry you’re in. This way you will have clear and unbiased results.

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  • Send a voice message

Another smart way of going about a radio test is to send a voice message on iMessage or Whatsapp to your friends. You can ask them to reply back with the spelling of your domain name. This is an effective and quick way of conducting the radio test.

  • Try it in person

Say the domain name to your friends and relatives and ask them if they’ve understood it and if they can spell it. This is especially possible when working at coworking spaces as you can go about asking a myriad number of people.

If you decide to conduct all three of these methods and the results are positive, then you surely have a supremely easy to remember and easy to understand the name that will make for a great brand name and online identity.

Final Thoughts

Finding a great domain name is simpler on relevant new domain extensions such as .tech. If you’re a tech startup looking to acquire a striking domain name for your website, you should look for name suggestions and ideas on .tech.

Since the domain extension clearly specifies what you do and what industry you’re in, you can choose simple, one-word, meaningful names that will translate your business into a truly exceptional brand.

You can also use a business name generator to find meaningful, memorable, and brandable names for your business.

Search for cool, crisp, and clean domain names for your tech business on .tech!

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