Domain name for your tech business

.tech Domains: The Perfect Domain Name For Your Tech Business

When it comes to finding the perfect domain name for your tech business, the options available are far and wide. However, in the wake of domain availability issues on legacy domains such as .com and .net, tech startups have resorted to picking weird names and goofy monikers that lack meaning and names that offer zero context. Some aren’t even real words!

Having said that, there’s a visible shift in the quality of startup names and the trend is rapidly moving towards startups acquiring meaningful names as opposed to weird names.

Tech brands, startups, and businesses are now opting for single-word domain names such as,, and, among others.


We’ve put together everything you need to know about finding the perfect domain name for your tech business.

What Is A .tech Domain?

.tech domain is a new domain extension or new top-level domain that caters specifically to professionals, startups, brands, communities, student groups, programmers, enthusiasts, and students, who have a penchant for technology.

.tech is perfect for anyone looking to represent their tech venture on the internet as it is globally recognized as a domain extension associated with all things tech.

Unlike .IO or .AI, which is either too specific or too ambiguous, .tech is generic as it represents everything under the umbrella of technology.

This makes it a domain extension that is scalable as it offers startups and individuals to build a full-fledged tech brand instead of limiting their potential to only a particular niche.

Domain name for your tech business

What Are Some Of The Coolest Startup Names On .tech?

The .tech domain has swiftly become a favorite among the members of the global tech community. .tech is especially famous among path-breaking startups who are using the domain extension to create promising brands on the internet. This is probably down to the fact that short and meaningful names are available on .tech.

Here’s a startup names list on .tech:



What Makes For A Great Tech Startup Domain Name?

Simply put, your tech startup deserves a snazzy name that is easy to remember and one that you can build a strong brand with.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on your brand name choice based on the lack of name availability on traditional domains. After all, a great startup deserves a great name!

Here’s what a great tech startup name should be:

  1. A name that is short, easy to type, and easy to remember
  2. A name that is definitive, relevant, and meaningful
  3. A name that is unique, innovative, and memorable
  4. A name that is clean, crisp, and uncluttered (free of any lingual or grammatical errors)
  5. A name that is descriptive of what you sell and the industry you belong to


What Do I Do If My Domain Name Is Taken?

As mentioned above, domain availability is a serious problem that deters startups from picking brandable names and instead, forces them to choose a clunky name.

So, if the name of your choice is taken, here’s how you can overcome it:

1. Look for options on new domain extensions

As a tech business, you don’t necessarily need to be on a .com or .biz. You pick a smart name on .tech which makes for a relevant and descriptive choice.

2. Give your name a creative tweak

Consider making creative tweaks to your name if your desired name is unavailable. Search for names with minor variations and pick a name that is the best available version and one that is acceptable to you.

3. Buy Your Desired Name

If your name is taken, you can still buy it. Conduct a WHOIS search to learn about the owner of the name. If the name is not being used or if it is reserved or parked, you may have a chance of buying it directly from the owner.

4. Proclaim What’s Yours

According to the trademark law, the first party to use a trademark is the rightful owner. So, if your brand name is trademarked and you are planning to use that same name as your domain name, you can challenge the existing owner of the name.

Where To Search For Tech Name Ideas?

Here’s a list of 8 of the best (and free) tech company name generators and domain availability checkers:

  1. Startup name generator
  2. Tech company name generator
  3. Tech business name ideas generator
  4. Tech brand name ideas generator
  5. Tech domain name search tool
  6. Tech domain availability checker
  7. Company name generator
  8. Tech domain name checker


Why Choose A Name On .tech?

There are several benefits of choosing a name on .tech. Here are 5 reasons to consider new domain extensions for your tech startup:

1. Names are available:

.tech is a relatively new and relevant domain extension. Which means that most names are available. For instance, is taken, but is available.

2. Names are meaningful

Since names are easily available on a .tech domain extension, you can pick a short and meaningful name that is easy to remember and even easier to build a brand with.

3. Names are brandable

Meaningful names that are available make for a supremely brandable choice. Your tech startup doesn’t need to settle for complicated names that are hard to spell and even harder to understand.

4. Names are search friendly

When it comes to SEO, new domains are as good as any other traditional top-level domain. In fact, a URL such as will attract backlinks on the anchor text ‘London food tech’ from reputed websites. This will help build SEO juice.

Best Practices To Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Tech Business

Follow the tips mentioned below to select a smart domain name for your tech business that attracts more traffic to your website:

  1. Pick a name that is short, snappy, and easy to understand
  2. Pick a name that is easy to spell so it passes the radio test
  3. Pick a name that is unique and innovative
  4. Pick a name that is SEO proficient
  5. Pick a name that is free from copyright issues
  6. Pick a name that is contextual and meaningful
  7. Avoid using hyphens, numbers, unwanted or special characters
  8. Avoid choosing a name that sounds like another brand’s name

How To Name Your Tech Business

Here are a few tips on how you can go about choosing a name for your tech business:

  1. [BusinessName].tech (eg:
  2. [industry/product].tech (eg:
  3. [IndustryNiche].tech (eg:
  4. [product+geo].tech (eg:
  5. [message].tech (eg:
  6. [phrase].tech (eg:
  7. [name].tech (eg:

Final Thoughts

Hunting for the perfect domain name for your tech business isn’t as complicated as it once was, courtesy new domain extensions. And picking a .tech domain for your tech business should be an obvious choice.

Starting a tech business? Build it on a .tech domain!

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