4 Blogging Best Practices You Need to Know In 2019

By Cristian Rennella, CEO & Co-Founder at

Blogging is a great way to enhance your content marketing activities as well as an effective practice to augment and boost your SEO rank. And if one of your New Year’s wishes is to enhance your blogging, we have for you 4 killer
practices to apply in 2019.

1. Bring Your CEO With You

Faced with the proliferation of fake news, the presence and intervention of Directors and Senior Executives can make a difference to increase the reputation of your blog.

Executives can have a voice (in the face of growing mistrust in the media) is publishing on the company’s blog and sharing those links on Linkedin and Twitter, in their personal-professional profiles.

In these times of connected users, interaction has become a killer marketing strategy; because every message that the brand publishes in the digital ecosystem, is exposed to no less than an active population online of 5 billion people and this can be a blessing or become a real nightmare.

For instance, Joshua Strebel (current CEO of Pagely) is doing a great job interacting with their clients. According to Forbes, you have to follow 17 rules to do it properly.

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2. Don’t Be Too Serious

It’s important to speak in your customers’ language. Don’t use difficult terms (unless you absolutely need to) but don’t be your customers’ BFF either. Find a balance between that by using all resources available.

One of the most important of these resources is humor. Yes, you can have a laugh whilst learning how to recycle that plastic bottle or what to do with dinner’s leftovers; memes and gifs are an excellent way to achieve a closer bond with your possible clients.

Again, be careful to not turn your blog into a chat between neighbors. You can seize memorable scenes from movies or series to generate empathy and that feeling of “Yeah, I’ve been there”. It’s not necessary to be an old fashion writer, you just have to try and catch your customers’ attention.

Pro tip: Organize your post and give it a visual break from all the text. According to a study conducted on the basis of 2990 postings in 9 countries during the last 2 years, was able to demonstrate that the minimum blog length starts in 600 words and the maximum goes up to 1.705. It’s not recommended to go further than that, even for SEO purposes.

Give Your Tech Business a Push with a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

In the modern marketing landscape, a considerable chunk of your marketing efforts should be dedicated to developing a bullet-proof digital marketing strategy. It’s only logical, given that your consumers and peers are always online. Gone are the days when you needed a billboard ad or a front-page advert in leading magazines and newspapers.

3.  Order Your Own Product and Write About It

When you create content, keep in mind the thinking pattern of your customers. What do they need and how do they behave, among other thoughts.

Think of blogging as a service and aim your content in order to fulfill a need or with the intention to solve a problem. This way, your readers/customers will find more value in your blog as there will be more than just brand information.

For example, if your customers show resistance to purchase online, buy your own product and write a post about the pros and cons of this procedure – remember, of course, to see yourself as an outsider.

4. Think Of Blogging As A Cross-Device Platform

In 2019, no device should be left out of the party: computer, smartphone, tablet, even smart TV’s should be considered. Optimize your content to make it fit on every device type. Your blogging endeavors should not be restricted to any one screen size.

Experts recommend getting a PC, smartphone, tablet, even a curved 4K smart TV; and install them together in your office so you can easily check how responsive your blog page is.

Obviously, you have to start using only high definition images and videos. You should refrain from using horribly pixelated images. Keeping your customers engaged with your brand is not mission impossible… just try to be on both sides of the screen.

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