Use Branded Links to Create an Impact with Every Link you share

Use Branded Links to Create an Impact with Every Link you share

If you’re a developer, designer, marketer, product manager, or if you work in the tech industry, chances are you spend a lot of time sharing links.

Whether it’s some work that you’ve done or how-to articles for your customers or your portfolio with a recruiter, you are going to be sharing links all the time!

In this post, you will learn how every link you share can reflect exactly what you do, thanks to .TECH and branded links.

Branded links allow you to share custom short links using your own domain with a relevant domain extension. And, being a tech professional,  you can’t get a more relevant domain extension than .TECH.

How you can use .TECH for branded links

Both individuals and companies can use .TECH for the links that they create and share. If your business is in the software or hardware industry, associating your brand name with the .TECH domain extension can be an effective way to boost brand recognition.

There are a lot of different ways to use .TECH with branded links, here are just some examples:

branded links

1. Your Portfolio

Having a portfolio of your work is essential if you’re a developer or a designer. With a .TECH branded link, you can easily add a link to your portfolio on your CV, LinkedIn profile, email signature, or even business card.

Using a link like JohnDoe.TECH/Portfolio to direct people to your portfolio is a great personal branding move to help you stand out from the crowd.

2. API documentations

If your company is anything like mine, you have some pretty extensive API documentation that you share with partners, customers, and even your co-workers frequently. The URLs for these articles are often very long, especially when you get into subdirectories and more. So, if you want an easy way to share nice, memorable links for your docs, then consider creating a branded link. Instead of sharing you could create and share a link that looks like Rebrandly.Tech/1st-Link.

3. Support Articles

The same goes for support articles for your users. If you’re speaking to a customer over the phone, it can be time-saving to simply say “Go to Rebrandly.Tech/DNS to find our documentation on connecting your DNS” rather than directing them to your support page and trying to guide them to find the article.

Or, if you decide to email this link to them, it also looks a lot cleaner and you can even track when they’ve clicked the link.

4. Forums

If your company runs or contributes to forums regularly, using a branded link with a relevant domain extension like .TECH can help increase your click-through-rate by up to 39%.

If you’re contributing to forums as an individual, this can also help you build your personal brand as a knowledgeable source of information.

5. In-App Links

If you build an app or tool that uses links, like a social media posting tool, an email tool or similar you can use .TECH to create aesthetically appealing links.

Not only this but you can also fully integrate with a branded link tool with your app so you don’t need to worry about things like reliability and scalability, it’s all taken care of for you.

6. Marketing

Branded links with the .TECH domain extension are perfect for marketing.

On social media, for each message, tweet, or post you share include a branded link using .TECH to give your brand name extra exposure and an air of professionalism.

For example, if you run a blog called you could continue to host your blog on this domain but share links like NerdyNews.Tech/iPhone11 when sharing articles relevant to the tech industry.

It can also be used to make offline marketing easier to report on. By using branded links and the .TECH domain extension on print advertising you can track the number of links clicks received and tie marketing efforts directly to visitors to your site.

How do I get started, you ask?

Thanks to the partnership between Radix and Rebrandly you can purchase a .TECH domain starting from just $2.00 and connect it to a free Rebrandly account to begin creating, sharing, and tracking branded links.

Check to see if your domain is available here to get started!

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