10 Innovative Startups & Companies In The Health Tech Sector

10 Most Innovative Health Tech Startups & Companies : Who Are They & What Are They Doing?

Health tech is the amalgamation of health and technology where tech startups and companies work towards finding advanced solutions for the challenges faced by the health care sector.

This category largely comprises of startups focused on optimizing patient care and developing solutions to address a broad range of problems within the health industry.

Some examples of health tech solutions are applications for doctor appointments, applications to prepare patients for surgical procedures, wearables with sensors, patient monitoring devices, etc.

Here are some of the most innovative health tech startups that have built their business on a .tech domain:

List of 10 most innovative health tech startups and companies to watch out for 

1. Bio Conscious | www.bioconscious.tech

Bio Conscious is a health analytics company and develops technology to proactively identify and treat the onset of diseases in order to avoid complications arising from preexisting chronic conditions. The health tech startup’s flagship product suite Diabits addresses diabetes by predicting the patient’s future glucose to avoid major fluctuations.



2. Careteam | www.careteam.tech 

Careteam strives towards giving every person an opportunity to achieve their optimal health. The health tech startup has a dedicated team working towards unlocking the full potential of innovation in health care. They work with large healthcare organizations, primary and specialty clinics, and health innovators, and their results are trusted by medical and healthcare leaders.


Health tech startup - careteam

3. Consonance | www.consonance.tech

Consonance is a research and development firm specializing in digital health and consumer electronics. They work towards helping pharma and med-tech companies in their product development endeavors, making sure they meet the needs of users as well as comply with legal regulations.


4. Digital Medical Tech | www.digitalmedical.tech

Digital Medical Tech is a health tech startup that has created a platform that allows health systems to proactively track medical devices and equipment. Using Bluetooth technology, Digital Medical’s real-time location system provides monitoring and management of a wide variety of medical assets, while requiring less infrastructure and shorter installation time than typical tracking solutions.


Health tech startup - digital medical

5. eB2 | www.eb2.tech

Evidence-Based Behavior (eB2) is a health care solutions provider for patients suffering from mental illnesses. The health tech startup uses AI and mobile technologies to develop integrated eHealth solutions that can be used by clinicians, patients, and caregivers thereby contributing to better management of mental health concerns.


6. Elysium | www.elysium.tech

Elysium provides a data-sharing platform based on blockchain technology that enables the secure exchange of confidential health data between patients, doctors, and healthcare facilities. Their aim is to allow people to move around the world without worrying about medical emergencies that may not be able to get addressed due to the lack of medical data. They enable patients to own their personal health data and allow them to share it across applications.


Health tech startup - elysium

7. iQ Health Tech | www.iqhealth.tech

iQ Health Tech has been working towards developing software for the healthcare sector. One of their offerings called iQemo is a cloud-based electronic chemotherapy prescribing system for safe, simple, and efficient electronic administration for chemotherapy treatment centers.


8. Kegg | www.kegg.tech

Kegg is a 2 in 1 fertility tracking device launched by Lady Technologies Inc. with a vision to implement sensing technology into consumer devices to advance women’s health. Kegg is an intuitive fertility tracker that increases the chances of natural conception by detecting the fertile window and ovulation up to 7 days in advance. It collects the previously unattainable data from cervical fluid, which is essential for better diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of women.


Health tech startup - kegg

9. neuroFit | www.neurofit.tech

neuroFit has developed a technology that uses eye movements to assess brain health. The tools can be used to detect diseases and complications from severe impairments to brain injuries. They can also be used to identify individuals with above-average visual capabilities, screen for performance changes, and identify the factors that keep athletes from performing at the top of their game.


Health tech startup - neuroFit

10. WeBio | www.webio.tech

WeBio is a biotech company consisting of 3D bioprinting experts who work towards helping pharmaceutical companies to improve drug development. They enable pharma companies to add bioprinted human tissues to their preclinical tests. This method allows them to precisely determine if a drug can work on humans early in the process and reduces the risk of health hazards during clinical trials.


Health tech startup - webio


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