.TECH: Powering Artificial Intelligence on the Internet

.TECH: Powering Artificial Intelligence on the Internet

‘Just Google it’, ‘I’ll WhatsApp it to you’, ‘Oh wait, let me Snapchat this’, ‘A selfie for Instagram?’, ‘We’ll Uber it to the party’. As millennials, don’t we use these phrases day in and day out? It’s no surprise, then, that we might be borderline smartphone addicts. Needless to say, technology has seamlessly weaved into our everyday life; it has evolved from being informational to interactive and has become very inclusive. You have the power to do just about anything from anywhere at any time!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the pinnacle of this technological evolution. Machine learning abilities are slated to make technology smarter, efficient and more intelligent. .TECH has constantly been associated with some of the most interesting and promising tech innovators in this space. In this article, we look at 5 such unique AI specialists powered by .TECH on the internet.


Headquartered in Dhaka, this startup believes in ‘Shifting the Paradigm’ with the aim of setting up the first ever AI lab in Bangladesh. They specialize in AI for self-driving vehicles, image processing, data mining and natural language processing. Additionally, they offer a variety of tech solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain technologies, the web and progressive app development.

.TECH: Powering Artificial Intelligence on the Internet


Inspired by values such as creativity, agility, and integrity; Israel-based Spartans AI is a tech company specializing in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Chatbots, and AI. Focused on interface innovations, their expertise in Bot development using AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) serves as a perfect solution for automation and improvement of business communications.

.TECH: Powering Artificial Intelligence on the Internet


Located in Milan, Convy AI is an intelligent conversation engine for business houses. They use AI that provides a human-like interface to improve and simplify the interaction experience for customers. Convy is smart enough to understand open discussions and make decisions by implementing business logics.

.TECH: Powering Artificial Intelligence on the Internet


They believe in leveraging advanced technology to create a personalized and adaptive learning path for students. Century uses AI to make smart recommendations based on the knowledge and skills of each student by adapting to their individual learning path. This London-based tech company has a clear focus to indulge in technology that will make a significant difference to the society.

.TECH: Powering Artificial Intelligence on the Internet

TECH is the force that powers these clever Artificial Intelligence companies in the internet world. If you are a smart solutions tech company then grab your .TECH domain here!

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