180+ Student Hackathons: Famous Hackathons To Participate In
famous student hackathons

180+ Student Hackathons: Famous Hackathons To Participate In

Technology students love hackathons and rightly so! Student hackathons are a great destination for students to get their hands dirty on live projects that they believe in. Hackathons give them a unique opportunity to merge their creative ideas with their technical skills to build something new and exemplary.

Student hackathons are fast becoming career-launchers for students. Organizations looking to hire future product innovators closely monitor hackathon participants and their projects to identify ‘out of the box’ thinkers to join their team.

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Many successful startups are first conceived at student hackathons. For future tech entrepreneurs, hackathons are a great way to build the first version of their big idea which can later be monetized.

When it comes to interesting hackathon ideas it’s hard to overlook Easy Taxi, famously known as ‘the world’s most downloaded taxi app’, which was built at Startup Weekend hackathon back in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro.

Some of the most exciting student hackathons around the world are melting pots of cool ideas, creative thinking, and superb programming skills coming together.

180+ student hackathons that have now become robust platforms for students to build something exciting from scratch:

Hackathon Title Description
1 stat.org.au Science Teachers Association of Tasmania Inc. Tasmanian Science Talent Search – the best and brightest. ANSTO National Science Week Hackathon. Get ready for National Science Week with Australia’s first environmental Hackathon for secondary students #scienceweek. The challenge theme is How can we use our oceans to innovate for a. Welcome to the Science Teachers’ Association of Tasmania Inc. This site contains a wealth of information about our association and science related topics for students and teachers.
2 innovationdojo.com.au Innovation Dojo – Borderless collaboration between Japan and Australia Hitachi Collaborative Creation Hackathon for Digital Mobility 2020 8th and 9th February. Hitachi invites people to a hackathon centred on identifying citizens’ unmet needs in the area of mobility, and demonstrating how data-driven social innovation can address these issues. Applications are open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Economics, and Marketing.
3 mdatahack.com Michigan Data Hack Registration for MDataHack is now closed. MDataHack is a 24-hour data science hackathon hosted at the University of Michigan. At this event, U of M students will have one day to analyze a dataset related to an impactful, real-world problem. At the end of the event, each team will prepare a brief write-up and presentation about their findings. Each presentation will be evaluated by a panel of judges, who will award prizes to the teams who present the most insightful findings.
4 jacoblinao.com JNL We are always students. Never stop improving our crafts. Model Diagnostics w/ Python. Reducing the Carbon Footprint w/ Tableau. Inceptor Interface Module: Next Generation Redesign. Database Development w/ SQLServer. GFK Hackathon: UVGI Tech.
5 hackottawa.com HackOttawa | A Student Hackathon in Ottawa A Student Hackathon in Ottawa|Joint Carleton University, University of Ottawa and Algonquin College|Students Hackathon in Ottawa, Canada.
6 blockhacks.org BlockHacksMTL We are inviting the most innovative students to compete in Montreal’s first annual blockchain hackathon. BlockHacks is a blockchain hackathon for entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, designers and developers. The hackathon will take place over a 24-hour period and will include workshops by blockchain industry professionals. The focus is on inspiring the next generation of blockchain entrepreneurs to build decentralized applications, contribute to code at the infrastructure level and create cool new ways to introduce
7 hacktx.com HackTX HackTX is an annual 24-hour hackathon at the University of Texas at Austin. It’s a place for students to learn new skills and come up with creative solutions using technology. To help along the way, we provide mentorship and workshops. The event is open to college students over 18 years old. This includes undergraduate and graduate students from other universities.
8 fchacks.org FCHacks Sign Up to compete or volunteer. FCHacks is a hackathon geared towards Pittsbugh-area high school students. A hackathon is a competition during which students design, build and bring to life various projects. It is for students interested in all the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). During the course of the day, students will team up to create projects of their choice.
9 pearlhacks.com Pearl Hacks Pearl Hacks is a hackathon for female and non-binary students. We especially cater to first-time hackers who are looking for a supportive environment to explore technology.
10 uqopenscience.org UQ Open Science University of Queensland Open Science. University of Queensland School of Psychology, Brisbane, Australia. We welcome students and academic staff to join us for two days of workshops, hackathons, and presentations about Open Science methods and developments in psychology and related fields, such as pre-registration, using R for analysis, open source experimental programming, promoting diversity, etc.
11 tomsawano.com Thomas Sawano Subscribe to this blog. Follow by Email. At an event that drew a cohort of over 600 coding enthusiasts, nearly 100 teams built apps and gadgets that talked, mimicked, planned, donated and edited videos. One coached public speaking. CruzHacks, UC Santa Cruz’s annual coding binge, took over Stevenson Event Center from Jan. The 36-hour hackathon brought students from across the U.
12 hackher413.com HackHer413 Check out our schedule. The first all-women (cis and trans) and non-binary students’ hackathon in Western Massachusetts. Over the course of 24 hours, hackathon participants are encouraged to learn and develop new technical skills, network with sponsor company representatives, and innovate with passion. This hackathon is entirely student organized and aims to increase diversity and inclusion in the technology industry.
13 sbhacks.com SB Hacks VI January 10-12, 2020 | Corwin Pavilion. SB Hacks is a 400-person, 36-hour annual hackathon hosted at University of California, Santa Barbara. This event aims to provide college students with the necessary resources to get hands-on experience in coding and exposure to the technology industry. We want students to leave SB Hacks feeling proud of themselves and the projects they complete with their team.
14 nsbehacksuoft.ca NSBEHacks 2020 – Annual Hackathon hosted by NSBE UofT It is a 24-hour fun-filled hackathon hosted by the National Society of Black Engineers UofT Chapter. We believe in equaling the footing for black students within Canada by placing them in a comfortable environment where they’re allowed to be creative and innovative, and also affording them opportunities for personal and career development through the help of our trusted partners, workshops and mentors.
15 ellehacks.com Elle Hacks Let us choose for ourselves our path in life, and let us try to strew that path with flowers. Change starts with you. ElleHacks is the largest hackathon created for women and non-binary individuals of all experience levels, it is an event lead entirely by students with a background in STEM fields, proposed to challenge participants from different technical and creative disciplines to collaborate, learn, compete and show off their skills to solve real life problems in an inclusive and safe space.
16 uhshacks.com UHS Hacks Skip to main content. April 11th at University High School. Our mission is to encourage students to engage with robotics and computer science. Our hackathon will take place on April 11th, 2020 at University High School. We offer two potential tracks for your robotics and coding projects. The business track focuses on the development and validation of new business models, and innovation in the sphere of technology.
17 hackmcwics.ca hack_mcwics Come hack with McWiCS. January 18-19 2020 at MILA Ai Institute. We welcome all genders and all skill levels to hack up a project over the weekend. Last year, we attracted more than 150 University students. About 56% of those students were first-time hackers and 50% identified as female. Workshops, career fair and more. End of hacking. What is a hackathon.
18 gtakpsi.com Alpha Kappa Psi Epsilon Sigma Where Are We Now. Where Are We Now. ALPHA KAPPA PSI. Georgia Tech’s Premier Business Fraternity. MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT. Thank you for your interest in Alpha Kappa Psi at Georgia Tech. We are the Epsilon Sigma Chapter and have been working to improve the GT and Atlanta business community for the past 56 years. We host professional workshops and even throw events like Catapult, our Startup Hackathon, to engage students with Atlanta entrepreneurs.
19 girl2.org Girl 2.0 – Home We are a group of students who are passionate about teaching and inspiring young girls to explore engineering. We are focused on debunking the myth that coding is only for boys by rebranding what it means to be a computer scientist. Our mission is accomplished through hands-on workshops, hackathons, and events that empower girls to pursue computer science and artificial intelligence.
20 gfnhackathon.com GFN 2020 Good For Newbies Hackathon 2020. The Perfect First Programming Event. Taking place February 1st, 2020 at the University of British Columbia, Good For Newbies is exclusively for new students in the BCS second degree in Computer Science program. It’s a twelve hour ham-scramble to make a minimum viable product: industry mentors, fabulous prizes, and truly heroic coffee intake.
21 2020.swamphacks.com Swamphacks VI – Apply Now SwampHacks is a hackathon hosted by students at the University of Florida. SwampHacks VI will be from January 31 to February 2, 2020. Apply now to secure your spot and get travel reimbursement.
22 studentdisrupt.org NYC Student Disrupt Judges + Mentors. For event updates, follow us on Instagram at NYCStudentDisrupt. New York Student Disrupt is an entirely student-run hackathon event designed to bring high school students from across New York City together with varying levels of knowledge concerning programming and entrepreneurship for a day-long event. Students will work in teams to develop a business plan and end-product pertaining to a given challenge addressing a societal issue that students are uniquely qualified to solve.
23 hacksb.org Hack SB – South Brunswick Hackathon Hack SB – 24 hour hackathon for High School students at the South Brunswick High School April 4th 2020 – April 5th
24 hackdoon.com HackDoon Your Custom Text Here. HackDoon is a platform for change at an organisational, administrative and institutional level. We believe that student collaboration is essential to revising the existing managerial structure at Doon, and with HackDoon we intend to assemble potential ideas and resources for students to engage in collective problem resolution. Additionally, the fundamental structure of a programming event like a hackathon is designed to foster healthy competition amongst students of the school, enlive
25 nicholaslovejoy.com nicholas lovejoy Your Custom Text Here. Nick is passionate about driving innovation in the healthcare industry. He has founded multiple companies in the health-tech space, mentored and supported undergrad and graduate students developing healthcare ventures, and organized several healthcare hackathons. Nick loves working with entrepreneurs who can see a brighter future for the US healthcare system, and and he’s passionate about tackling large health problems with data-driven solutions that improve people’s lives.
26 boltbootcamps.com Bolt Bootcamps Student-run business tech bootcamps – Unique combination of a hackathon and a case competition for students to delve into the world of business technology.
27 huskyhackathon.com Husky Hackathon 2020 Join students across the University of Washington and hack AI driven business ideas for a post-COVID world. THANK YOU for an impactful 2020 Husky Hackathon. We will see you in 2021. Simulate key elements of a typical startup’s go-to-market strategy in one weekend, working in cross-functional teams to prototype and pitch real products. The 2020 Husky Hackathon is the inaugural event hosted by the Foster School Business’ Tech Club and the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship.
28 winhacks.ca WinHacks 2020 March 27-29, 2020 – Windsor ON. Work in the comfort of your home. Informative workshops, tailored just for you. Thousands of dollars worth of Amazing prizes. What are we all about. The University of Windsor is proud to host its inaugural hackathon in March 2020. This event will be completely hosted online. Students are free to interpret the theme however they want.
29 a1ai.org A1AI A1AI is a community for student hackers. We design our hackathons to invoke creativity, problem solving, and technical applications to solve pressing issues affecting the world today. We strive to create a space for hackers to meet other passionate students and exchange ideas. So come join us on our journey in creating something new. Mark your calendars for A1AI’s largest virtual event yet, A1 Hacks Beta, happening June 6th – 7th, 2020.
30 igamecollege.com I-GAME COLLEGE Mission and Vision. Mission and Vision. We use time and space effectively with our classrooms organized for the educational processes of our students. You can improve yourself individually through conferences, symposia and various events. A game jam is a hackathon for video games. Show your talent and collebrate with others. We ensure that students are successful not only in business but also in social life.
31 bsagamejam.com BSAxCLIC GameJam The first blockchain Hackathon at EPFL. A BSA x CLIC event, organized with the Crypto Valley Association. In a nutshell : use any blockchain to create a video game or something fun. You might win one of our of our cool prizes and eternal street cred. Where can I register. Who is organizing this. The Blockchain Student Association at EPFL. CLIC the computer science students association.
32 uschinasocialhackathon.com U.S.-China Social Hackathon The U.S. – China Social Hackathon is an online, collaborative program where teams of U.S. and Chinese students work together to develop a social enterprise business plan.
33 utace.club Associated of Chinese Engineers Experience as one in this big family. The most important thing is, You can always find something interesting here in this family. Everything you are searching for. We will organize career events every year for all students in the University. Are you frustrated in Engineering Strategy Practice. We offer CDS and LLS hackathon. Besides work and study, party is also what we care.
34 codegarage.cn Home | CodeGarage Coding, DIY Robotics, Bootcamps, Competitions, Hackathons and Innovation Workshops for K-12 and University Students. CodeGarage (杭州编码工坊教育科技有限公司) is an EdTech foreigner startup company registered in Hangzhou, China. CodeGarage develops OEM DIY robotics kits and promotes Coding activities for K-12 and University students through Bootcamps, Competitions, Hackathons, Summer Camps, Innovation Workshops and its own KidzGarage Makerspace.
35 globaltravelhack.com HOME | Global Travel Hack On the other hand, this topic has not disappeared. A unique concept of this hackathon – one event at several global destinations at the same time, and the grand finale for top teams, brings you a great atmosphere and opportunities to meet students and professionals from different countries, share your knowledge, and get inspired by experienced keynote speakers and mentors.
36 everest-hack.com Everest Hack | Biggest Hackathon in Nepal Biggest Hackathon in NEPAL. A hackathon is a focused 24-hour event where students, designer, entrepreneurs, programmers, and problem solver come together in small teams to share ideas and build something new and exciting, alongside a whole bunch of like-minded people. You learn immensely with the help of mentors, interact with companies and have fun. What’s in it for me.
37 roboholics.org Munich Roboholics e.V. Welcome to Munich Roboholics. We are Munichs first student based Robocup Club. Join our 1st Hackathon. We are the Munich Roboholics e. Our mission is to enable students to build and apply robots. You want to contact us or join our team.
38 futuretechfuturesociety.com Home | Future Tech&Society Created by: Djøf Business Community. Future Tech- Future Society is a one-day collaborative event on May 25th organized by entrepreneurs from Djøf Business Community. We bring together innovators, students, and techies for problem solving that matters. Hackathons, design-thinking workshops, TED-talk inspired speeches and demos – the choice is yours. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.
39 spaceappshelsinki.com International Space Apps Challenge Helsinki Helsinki Space Apps 10. Jury & Speakers. International Space Apps Helsinki. Jury & Speakers. International space apps challenge helsinki. The International Space Apps Challenge is a two-day hackathon where teams of technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students across the globe collaborate and engage with publicly available data to design innovative solutions for global challenges.
40 hackingeducation.eu EDUHACK Project – Innovation & Education – Innovation and Education EDUHACK Project – Innovation & Education. OUR THREE TOPICS TO EMPOWER OUR PROJECT. Join EduHack to tailor the hackathon format to solve problems that you have in education, together with your students, partners and community. Working within these Hubs will include local meetings and workshops in addition to two intense short-term international mutual-learning and exchanging workshops.
41 hackathonhausaafrica.com Home | HackathonHausaAfrica We are working out to Map out a strategy for the Challenge to pair Participants/Teams from Educational Institutions drawn from the African Continent with Peers/Participants/Teams/Mentors/Committed Fellows from Department of African Cultural Studies, Media Outfits, Graduate School Students Abroad offering Programs in the Hausa Language during the Main Event (Virtual HACKATHON).
42 timetostart.org Jerusalem Hackathon | TimeToStart | Hackathon | Jerusalem TimeToStart is the Jerusalem Students Hackathon that hosted by the Azrieli Students Council and going to find the next technology and make it go forward. האקתון הסטודנטים של עזריאלי
43 takehacktion.org Home | Take Hacktion! Tel Aviv University   . What is a Hackathon. Hacking  implies creative problem solving. To use the Hackathon platform to tackle challenges nonprofits face in achieving their mission. To strengthen relationships between nonprofits, and students and young professionals in the social impact field. DIRECTIONS & TRANSPORTATION. Mike was born in London and moved to Israel in 1978.
44 saddahack.tech Sadda Hack ’20 | 27th-28th March 2020 Sadda Hack is a software-cum-hardware hackathon event where developers, students, hobbyists participate to engineer an innovative application revolving around any themes or area of problem they feel passionate about.
45 aavishkargcek.com AAVISHKAR 2020 | A National Level Technical Symposium Registration is open for Industry Expo And Auto Expo 2020. Science Project exibition of students. Workshop is now open. Rulebook of Aavishkar 2020. Poster of Aavishkar 2020. Events Schedule Day 1. Events Schedule Day 2. Ideathon 2020 is inter college hackathon organized on 27th February 2020 under the college fest Aavishkar’20 – A National Level Technical Symposium.
46 roboqube.com Title Goes Here ROBOTICS AND CODING ACADEMY. ROBOTICS AND CODING ACADEMY. ROBOTICS AND CODING ACADEMY. Hackathon at IIT-Hyderabad on 14th & 15th Feb 2020. AR & VR at IIT-Hyderabad on 14th & 15th Feb 2020. Hackathon at IIT-Hyderabad on 14th & 15th Feb 2020. AR & VR at IIT-Hyderabad on 14th & 15th Feb 2020. Hackathon at IIT-Hyderabad on 14th & 15th Feb 2020. RoboQube is a project-oriented educational initiative that sponsors local, regional and international robotic events for young students.
47 emisha.community Emisha Seminars, Hackathon, Coding competitions etc. Our comunity is open to everyone who has a williingness to learn and passionate about tech. How we support diversity. We aim to onboard underprivileged sectioned students who need a platform to build or showcase their work. We’re trying to encourage female students and differently-abled people to join our communities, learn, create and share their experiences and knowledge to inspire others in their reach to develop themselves on the professional as well as the
48 mcetonline.com Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology – Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology-Trivandrum, Kerala EXAM DUES – S8 STUDENTS 2020. University Exam special 6 bus routes on 01/07/2020, 03/07/2020, 06/07/2020 and 08/07/2020. Scope of Engineering after COVID -19. Three Bus Routes from 01. Shortlisted for Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020 by ASAP, Govt. Ideation, Innovation and Incubation – July 15th, 16th and 17th 2020. Scope of Engineering after COVID-19 , webinar session on 15th June 2020 at 10.
49 hacktory.in Hacktory – The hackathon factory Hacktory is a community organisation that connects students and enthusiasts with disruptive companies. Find a hackathon. Win jobs & internships. Registrations for our Trivandrum hackathon to be held on 9th &10th of July is now open. Hacktory is a community organisation that connects students, graduates and enthusiasts with disruptive companies. Ensure you fill out the form before the deadline and in fairly good detail.
50 dreamathon.dev Dreamathon | Mangaluru’s Largest Hackathon, Gameathon & Workshops Dreamathon is a 36-hour hackathon, which is one of the largest ever organized in Mangaluru, in which teams of students and professionals compete to create innovative software products/solutions or games within a defined time frame.
51 hackfest.tech HackFest HackFest is a 36 hour hackathon organised by the CSE Society, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, which was devised as a means for students to build innovative solutions to real life problems.
52 learnabyte.com LearnAByte || Machine Learning || Best Online training Choose from our courses. Build skills with Courses, Hackathons, Hardware & Software Projects From award winner mentors & technical expertise. Our Students have Frootprint in. Learn the latest skills. Get ready to Explore. Standup & start your career. Build your dream projects with LearnAByte. Live learning for anyone, anytime, anywhere. No more boring recording.
53 hash-hub.org Home | Hashhub MICROSOFT STUDENT PARTNERS. Student Partners are a global group of on-campus ambassadors who are eager to help fellow students, lead in their local tech community, and develop technical and career skills for the future. You might find yourself organizing a hackathon to solve the world’s toughest problems, mentoring fellow students, or unlocking the next great idea with your team — it’s all up to you.
54 karunyahacks.org KarunyaHacks Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences. We aim to serve students in their professional pursuit of research and industry interests. Students take up challenges to solve problems in areas related to Water, Food, Health and Energy through scientific innovation and technological research. We conduct events and hackathons which nurtures the capabilities of students in our community.
55 gimbitathon.co Bitathon GIM’S BIG DATA ANAlYTICS AND SAS. February 7TH – 9TH, 2020. ONLINE ROUND ON 11TH – 12TH JANUARY, 2020. BITATHON is a Data Analytics and Mining Championship hosted by the Big Data Analytics fraternity of Goa Institute of Management in association with SAS. This hackathon is open to Graduate and Post- Graduate students across India who are passionate about data crunching, data manipulation and analysis.
56 buhack.tech buHack, #code4change, August 29-30, 2020 at Bennett University BU’hack, the very first initiative by students of Bennett University to host an inter-hackathon, which will assist in creating a co-working space for participants to brainstorm and create a virtual reality prototype over the weekend. The participants will basically try to ‘hack’ their way through the assigned task. We envision to develop a workplace where diversified minds and ideas come together under one roof to create solutions.
57 gptcmattanur.org GPTC MATTANNUR – welocme  to gptc mattannur CLICK HERE TO DOWLOAD THE CIRCULAR. CLASS SUSPENDED TILL 31-03-2020. YOUNG INNOVATORS PROGRAM (YIP)2020. REBOOT KERALA HACKATHON 2020. AICTE EMPOWERED SKILL TEST FOR YOUTHS. As per the MOU between the AICTE and Youth4work, students from the AICTE approved institutes are entitled to the following benefits. Create your own online profile by self-assessing their professional skills and showcase them.
58 scholarsxp.com Home | ScholarsXP Sunday, August 2, 2020. An Educational Platform for Students,Graduates & Professionals. Digital Marketing & SEO. Networking & IT. Free Web Development Courses 2020. Facebook AR Hackathon 2020. Big Data Engineer at VMware. Code Warriors : Free Python For ML Workshop. Facebook Messaging Hackathon 2020. Facebook AR Hackathon 2020. Facebook Messaging Hackathon 2020.
59 aisociety-unipd.it Home – AI-Society Educating the next generation of students, scholars, and professionals to deal with real world issues. A series of interdisciplinary seminars, crash courses, and a hackathon on AI’s societal impact. AI capabilities are affecting our societies, cultures, and laws. They affect the way we live, develop our skills, educate and inform ourselves, socialize, and shape policies.
60 knotkorea.net Students | KNOT for Youth Korea Internship Provision, Link Students and Firms, Ideathon, Hackathon, Realize your dream, KNOT for Youth
61 menahacks.com MENA Hacks | The 1st Hackathon Platform in the MENA The 1st Hackathon Platform in the Middle East and North Africa. Partnerships are strengths. What professionals say about us. I endorse MENA Hacks’ initiative with its well dedicated values which will benefit students from various disciplines. MENA Hacks has made tremendous progress throughout their journey as a hackathon platform, including but not limited to the opportunity to travel abroad for participation in hackathons.
62 hackuab.com HackUAB HackUAB, a 36-hour hackathon hosted at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, brings together people of all experience levels, majors and backgrounds to UAB. HackUAB provides the space and the resources for you to express your creativity, ingenuity, and determination to create anything you want to. We welcome any and all students to apply. Our goals for HackUAB.
63 bisonhacks.com BisonHacks 2020 Howard University School of Business. Howard University Official Annual Hackathon. February 28, 2020 5:00PM. February 29, 2020 6:30PM. For college students in the DMV area and Howard University students. What is a hackathon. A hackathon is a weekend long event where you go all the way from idea to prototype. At the end of BisonHacks, you will pitch your app, website, or whatever prototype you dreamed up, and compete for prizes.
64 masgai.com Al Masgai Hackathons are almost a rite of passage for computer science students so it was about time that I went to one. I recently participated in Philly Codefest at Drexel University where the theme was to create something for social good. The overall experience was quite memorable and lots of fun. I had always wanted to go to a hackathon since freshmen year but never felt prepared or good enough.
65 hackysu.com HackYSU The offical Youngstown State Universty Hackathon Event started and supported by students who strive to innovate and create.
66 seoulhacks.com Seoul Hacks II | Mar. 21 SeoulHacks is one of the only hackathons for high school students in Korea where 12 hours in groups of 3-4 to learn and create tools that power the changes that they want to see in the world.
67 hackathonconsulting.com grassroots | Hackathon Consulting for companies, non-profits, governments Anyone can call it a hackathon. Corporate and non-profit hackathon consulting from the most experienced hackathon organizers in the United States. Pray for a Miracle. Since then, hackathons have expanded rapidly to companies and non-profit organizations worldwide. Universities, Companies, Governments. A team with real experience. We are a collective of students from Harvard, MIT, and other schools in the Boston area.
68 hackjlmann.github.io Hack Mann : Home Mann High School Presents:. Greenville county’s first highschool hackathon. What is a Hackathon. A hackathon is a competition in which students who are interested in exploring computer science or engineering team up and build projects based around whatever they’re excitd about (apps, games, robots, 3D print models). Hack Mann is a hackathon available to students with a variety of skill levels, which also means no prior knowledge or experience is needed.
69 bothohacks.org BothoHacks Developing technology to improve life in Africa. A free Botswana-wide hackathon in Gaborone on March 16-17, 2020. National Science Foundation. See you in 2021. BothoHacks is a nationwide hackathon for students in Botswana. It will be a 2-day creative marathon where students come together in teams and use their skills to take on real-world technical challenges and projects.
70 palyhacks.io PalyHacks Code Of Conduct. Welcome to Palo Alto High School’s third high school hackathon. PalyHacks is an international 24-hour hackathon for high school students hosted at Palo Alto School in Palo Alto, CA: run by students, made for students. In PalyHacks, we invite anyone with an interest in technology to come and build a project. Regardless of your skill level, you and your friends are invited to code, build, learn and have fun.
71 makeuc.io MakeUC 2020 OCTOBER 3-4, 2020. Education technology aims to improve the accessibility of information to students at any level. These projects include any sort of technology that enhances the learning experiences of students. Space exploration technology aligns with the main theme of MakeUC 2020. This aims to increase overall social responsibility. WHAT IS A HACKATHON.
72 sospectra.com Spectra Exploring the Tech Space Together. Spectra is passionate about bringing together students and professionals in tech from all around the world. Join us on August 8-9, 2020 for a virtual hackathon for underrepresented genders and communities in tech. Apply now to claim your spot. Interested in Sponsoring Spectra 4.
73 futech.org eClub – FuTech Rules & Guidelines. Future Technology in Business. The Entrepreneurship Club at KFUPM gives the brightest students in KSA a chance to sit in an innovative environment for 3 days to help launch their own entrepreneurial ventures. FuTech is eClub’s annual hackathon that brings together the top business and tech savy minds for three days of pure productivity.
74 martinsjolund.se Martin Sjölund – UX Designer Welcome to my portfolio. IMF Verification Tool. Digital Driving School. Apple Watch Sprint Timer. IKSU User Page. Umeå University organised a 24h hackathon with the focus: “How can we make it easier for new students to be introduced to Umeå University and the city of Umeå. I made a simple mockup in Sketch of a made-up web site selling sportswear. I decided to make my own poster in Sketch of the most important places in Umeå according to me.
75 sbsbiohackathon.com BioHackathon NTU SBS organize and plan workshop, hackathon and programing related stuffs with the students.
76 quackathon.com Quackathon – 24 Hour Hackathon in Dundee The Quackathon is a 24 hour hackathon hosted at Dundee University on 1st & 2nd February, open to students at all levels from across the country. It’s a great way to practice your coding skills, an opportunity to meet some invaluable industry contacts and develop your teamworking skills with likeminded people. Interested in getting involved. Whether you’re a company looking to sponsor the event, or a student wanting to take part, get in touch with us.
77 openhardware.science Gathering for Open Science Hardware – Gathering for Open Science Hardware Great Lakes GOSH – Deadline extended. Great Lakes GOSH – Deadline extended. Great Lakes GOSH applications open. Expanding Equitable Access to Experimental Research and STEM Education by Supporting Open Source Hardware Development. Report on the National Hackathon Series 1. PhD Studentship in UK: Pushing the boundaries of 3D printed mechanisms for open source instrumentation.
78 dmemsociety.com DMEM Society – Events and Socials for Designers and Engineers in DMEM Become a Member. Meet industry professionals and students. We organise panel events, workshops, socials, trips, a Christmas Ball, design hackathon and more. Breaking into Digital. It’s Spooky Season, W*tches. Designed in Scotland. DMEM Society First Social. Come to four of our events and our Design Challenge and you’ll get access to a private industry mixer to meet employers and a certificate to show them you’re ready for industry.
79 totbian.com Benedek Toth personal website Click or scroll to find out more. Astronautics and Aeronautics student with a passion for rockets, planes and race cars. Building the first Name Your Own Price vegan e-commerce site. Encouraging students to start their own business venture. Organising the award winning hackathon in Southampton. Here are some photos of my projects. From building my own street luge, air-brushing helmets to exporting Hungarian Honey worldwide and building a motion follower robot.
80 hackviolet.com Home | HackViolet Need help during the event. Do I need to know how to code. Come open to learn. What is a hackathon. Students join in teams to create a software project. Any language, any platform, anything. There are prizes for your project if you demo. Also, lots of free food and fun events throughout the 24 hour event to keep you energized. There are also company sponsors attending to support the event.
81 sourcingtest.online SourcingTest.Online Benefits of Sourcingtest. Develop sourcing skills of your team through games. How Does SourcingTest Work. It takes just a few minutes to create a game or assessment, in any language, on a recruitment and sourcing topic. Share your game or test with candidates, employees, hackathon attendees or with your students through a simple link. Live leaderboard metrics will let you know how people are performing and keep your team motivated to drive results by improving on their past performance.
82 dragonhacks.net DragonHacks The High School Hackathon of Richmond. After DragonHacks, we want our attendees to leave thinking about the world a little harder and having the confidence to push the needle a little further. The learning track is for students who have not made a coding project before. Our selection of workshops are of varying difficulty, so students of all levels can get involved.
83 bckp.link SourcingTest.Online Benefits of Sourcingtest. Develop sourcing skills of your team through games. How Does SourcingTest Work. It takes just a few minutes to create a game or assessment, in any language, on a recruitment and sourcing topic. Share your game or test with candidates, employees, hackathon attendees or with your students through a simple link. Live leaderboard metrics will let you know how people are performing and keep your team motivated to drive results by improving on their past performance.
84 hackphs.tech hackPHS 2020 hackPHS hosts over 300 high school students from across NJ to collaborate, innovate, and create in a 24-hour student-run hackathon held at Princeton High
85 geomhacks.com GeomHacks This is Geom Hacks. We strive to bring together students during these times and help them create through our 48 hour virtual hackathon. Our hackathon will take place June 13-14 2020. Our hackathon is completely virtual. It will mostly take place over Discord and Zoom. Projects will be submitted over github and prizes will be given out to the best of these.
86 mellonheads.org MellonHeads Create and celebrate maker culture in as many disciplines as possible. Foster an on-campus community for all things related to hackathons. Read our constitution. What is a MellonHead. MellonHeads are doers, artists, programmers, designers, and hackers. A MellonHead is someone who makes cool things and loves sharing their passions with others. MellonHeads is a diverse community of students at Carnegie Mellon University who collaborate on cool projects and enjoy learning from one another.
87 derekecanton.com DerekECanton CANTON – ENTREPRENEUR. MONEY 2020 HACKATHON WINNER. Built a seamless payment experience via mobile phone push notifications for Card Not Present Transactions at worlds largest financial technology hackathon. Thus reducing friction, fraud and turnover time for merchants. WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS. Selected by the Worcester State University Who’s Who Committee to be recognized by the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges national organization.
88 blackhatethiopia.com Black Hat Ethiopia | Home Currently, in Ethiopia IT is growing fast, everywhere you look there are startup companies, lots of events, hackathons on software development and networking. The number of students graduating from universities with a computer science degree is also rising fast. The government is also focusing on raising the IT infrastructure in the country. Financial institutions are more networked than ever.
89 internhacks.com InternHacks – Combining the best parts of a tech internship a hackathon. We’ve combined the best parts of a tech internship and a hackathon. Spend your summer working with engineers, designers, and product managers from the worlds top companies. Acceptances on a rolling basis. Students will hear back by June 11th latest. Don’t miss out on meeting other awesome interns. Chat with students from around the country over lunch and learns, virtual screenings, happy hours, and more.
90 marksejourne.com Mark Séjourné Re-designing Confluence’s mobile page creation experience. Map of Queer Learning. Augmented reality installations accompanying a handprinted and bound book of crowdsourced stories, memorializing queer experiences. Experiential, Print, Augmented Reality. Designing Brown University’s Hackathon, a conference that draws over 500 students from all over the world to the Providence, RI campus.
91 westboroughhacks.com Westborough Hacks A highschool hackathon coming soon in Westborough, MA. This is a hackathon: a 24-hour event where students of all backgrounds, interests, and talents will come together and create whatever their mind can think of. We will provide everything you will need, from mentors and workshops to free food and a place to sleep. Westborough has been at the forefront of education for decades: unfortunately, it is lacking in its adoption of computer science.
92 stemhacks.net STEM Hacks It was pretty epic. STEM Hacks is a fun one day hackathon where middle school students solve a challenge related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Groups of middle school students will pair up with mentors on February 8th, 2020 to come up with an awesome solution to either a Science or Engineering related challenge, which will be presented to a panel of judges for prizes.
93 edhacks.org Education Tools Hackathon Building resources for the next generation of learning. On October 18th more than 60 developers, designers and dreamers came together to take part in the first ever Education Tools Hackathon – a weekend event devoted to creating resources that assist educators and empower students. The EdHacks Team would like to thank the attendees, sponsors and volunteers who helped make it possible.
94 edutechclub.com NYC Schools Robotics Initiative – We democratize access to science | professional development | social cohesion NYC Schools Robotics Initiative. Robotics | Math |Code. Join International Robotics Network to dream, design, learn & play. We guide and coach teams that participants create, present at competitions and hackathons, and lead to astonishing creations, discoveries and achievements. Students are able to apply math, geometry and computer science algorithms and concepts to their mechanical devices.
95 buildonasean.com Asean 2020 | Build On Asean 2020 Building Your Future AWS invites students from vocational institutions, polytechnics and universities to participate in Build On, ASEAN 2020 hackathon, a platform to Learn, Ideate, Develop and Compete.
96 eyecarehacks.com EyeCareHacks.com We work with group of professionals and student to find solutions for the eye care problems. Ask the experts, providers, and patients about the problems in the eye care. Organize Hackathons to find practical solutions with group of dynamic professionals and students. Implement and research the outcomes of the solutions. Welcome to our Profile Site. We started in 2014 with the hope of gathering ideas from the patients, students, eye care providers, academicians and researchers with the hope of doing a group
97 newtonhacks.com NewtonHACKS NewtonHACKS hosts an online hackathon for middle and high school students who are beginner programmers. Our goal is to create awareness for gender minorities in the tech world and serve as a place for programmers to think creatively. The hackathon will take place online on August 29, 2020. We will use the conferencing application Zoom and communication service Slack for the duration of the hackathon.
98 selflesshackers.com Selfless Hackers Students using tech to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on life in America. Students using tech to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on life in America. Due to the government issuing Stay at Home orders across the United States, we are no longer able to connect in-person. This hackathon allows you to stay busy and create technology that can help the country with the COVID response.
99 marihacks.com MariHacks February 29 – March 1, 2020. MariHacks is Montreal’s first and largest 24-hour hackathon for CEGEP and High School students. We will bring together over 100 developers and technology enthusiasts to create revolutionary software projects. Meet fellow hackers, learn new technologies, and hone your skills alongside amazing mentors. Whether you’re making your first app or have lots of experience, join us for an amazing day of hacking.
100 hackathon4kids.com Hackathon4Kids – Every kid should learn to CODE! Hackathon4Kids is an organization that helps younger kids build strong computer science fundamentals through free face-to-face classes while accepting donations to help underprivileged kids. read more Click here to register Donate here Important upcoming class info Online Classes Students can be taught online through the use of Cisco Webex Training. Syllabus Consists of object-oriented concepts…
101 schacks2.com SCHacks SCHacks is a hackathon, a 24 hour event from 7 PM on Friday, April 13th to 7 PM on Saturday, April 14th at the Santa Clara Teen Center, where high school students can code their idea into reality. At the end of the event, students can pitch their project to a panel of judges. This year, we aim to have around 100 attendees. The Hackathon is a partnership between the Santa Clara City Library and Parks and Recreation.
102 hackparis.io ETHParis 2020 March 6-8, 2020: ESGI Paris. A hackathon brought to you by the Department of Decentralization. Sponsorship opportunities are available. The aim of the game is to onboard new hackers and students from all over France, and Europe. As always we need the support of the community to pull this off, and we are blockchain agnostic so welcome all projects from the entire ecosystem to participate.
103 makespp.com MakeSPP 3.0 New Jersey’s Premier High School Hackathon. Learn to build & pitch a product with workshops, free food, and thousands in prizes. MakeSPP brings together over 100 innovative young minds for an all-day hackathon and technology conference. We’re a diverse and creative community of students dedicated to solving some of the most challenging problems with technology.
104 hack-iot.org Hack IoT Hack IoT is a 24-hour IoT specific Hackathon to provide 80 students equipments and mentorship to innovate in the increasinly popular field of Internet of Things.
105 chapphacks.org Middle and High School Hackathon | Chappaqua, NY | ChappHacks Organized by students of Horace Greeley High School, ChappHacks is the first-ever middle and high school hackathon in Northern Westchester for students from grades 7-12 of all levels
106 genhacks.tech GenHacks GenHacks is a 24-hours hackathon in the San Francisco Bay Area. Any students, experienced or not, are welcome to participate.
107 sepnyc.org Software Engineering Pilot Software Engineering Pilot. SEP Teachers Log-in. Pathfinders Program Information for Students. Computer Science for All Applications Now Open. The Search for Cohort #2 Has Begun. SEP Designathon Draws Design-Savvy Software Engineers. After organizing 6 successful hackathons for hundreds of software engineering students around New York City, the SEP team was ready to put a creative spin on things for its seventh tech event.
108 hackerstribe.net Hacker’s Tribe – Hackers Tribe Foundation A community of Makers,Hackers,Students,and Industry professionals gathered under an umbrella to make learning more intresting through Hackathons and bring out low-cost inovations for SMEs,Startups and Corporates. Want to make the world a better place through socially driven technologies. Best Conference in Europe for Software Developers. Vexillologist waistcoat biodiesel, ethical austin forage gastropub viral.
109 hackxd2019.com HackXD Coders, designers, entrepreneurs and thinkers, help design the future of AI and get cash prizes. HackXD will include an all-star panel of judges from Google, Ford, Stryker and other companies. HackXD is a multi-disciplinary hackathon. We welcome a diverse range of students across Purdue University. This hackathon will be held over two days – Saturday, September 14 and Saturday, September 21.
110 tui-bedfordshire-hackathon.com TUI Hackathon 3.0 The TUI Beds Hackathon is a yearly event, sponsored by the BCS and TUI UK&I, that has been run for the past two academic years in collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire (including the Beds SU Computing Society and the University’s BCS Student Chapter). Following the success of its first two iterations, it’s back for a third year. During the event, students are given 24 hours to build a creative software solution which satisifies the needs of a specific scenario, as provided by TUI.
111 camppolyhacks.com Camp PolyHacks 3.0 Camp PolyHacks is a student-run, multidisciplinary hackathon focused on social entrepreneurship and human-centered design. In 24 hours, students of all backg…
112 cbbhacks.org CBBhacks 36 Hours. 1 Goal. Join your fellow students for the annual CBBHacks hackathon, hosted at Bowdoin College.
113 hackattack.tech Hack Attack Hackathon is currently postponed. HackAttack is a high school hackathon held on March 21, 2020, targeted towards students in the Sacramento area. It strives to be an all-inclusive event that engages students and drives them to express their creativity by utilizing STEM skillsets, and challenges them to use code to tackle a real-world problems. We hope to spread awareness to the fact that anyone can use technology as a tool for their near future.
114 viscomuxhackathon.com VisCom UX Hackathon – Annual Viscom UX Hackathon details and information. VisCom UX Hackathon. Annual Viscom UX Hackathon details and information. VisCom UX Hackathon – Congrats to All Participants. Advancing & Enhancing the Online College Experience @ ACC. Creating Exceptional User Experiences @ ACC. Let’s discover ways to strengthen, support, and enhance the total college experience for Austin Community College’s students, employees, and alumni.
115 hackforglobalgood.org Hack for Global Good | By students. For students. Rhode Island high school students in grades 9-12. No coding or prior Hackathon experience required. Hack For Global Good 2020 goes virtual. This year’s challenge: FOOD. How does FOOD affect People, Production, and Policy. The event will feature a one-week design sprint to engage even more amazing partners, mentors, and students across Rhode Island with a final virtual “pitch” on November 14.
116 hackbeanpot.com HackBeanpot 2020 An independently-run Boston hackathon for curious students, hackers, makers, and beginners. Our theme for this year is. Sprout is a representation of what we stand for as an organization and what we hope to offer all our attendees: growth in new skills, relationships, and experiences. Oh, and we’re trying to up our sustainability game too. So whether you’re a seasoned hackathon-goer, a I-have-never-written-a-line-of-code-in-my-life beginner, or someone in between, we guarantee you’ll learn something new at
117 hackfornow.com Hack For Now – Innovate To Save People Innovate to Save People. Inspired by “ HACK THE CRISIS ” made by Garage 48 in Estonia and “ HACK FOR NOW ” is a virtual hackathon organized by volunteers. No matter your profession, we invite you to join us – we need help from experts in all fields, students, startups, entrepreneurs and professionals. Please contribute with your time and skills & let’s solve the crisis all together.
118 eduhacks.com EduHacks | Thinking • Educating • Changing • Hacking EduHacks is a 24-hour hackathon where talented students to integrate technology into the design of exceptional learning experiences.
119 shehacksvt.org Home | SheHacksVT Need help during the event. Do I need to know how to code. Come open to learn. What is a hackathon. Students join in teams to create a software project. Any language, any platform, anything. There are prizes for your project if you demo. Also, lots of free food and fun events throughout the 24 hour event to keep you energized. There are also company sponsors attending to support the event.
120 apollohacks.com Home | welcome What is Apollo hacks. Apollo Hacks is a 24 hour Hackathon dedicated towards students coming from all over California. We provide a venue, food, drinks, swag, etc. We hope to empower students to create the next generation of products to benefit the world. Where are We located. Shivam Singh – Director/Founder. Shaurya Srivastav – Director of Technology. Ishan Jain – Executive Director.
121 kitahack.dscmy.com KitaHack Kita Hack 2020 has ended. It’s time to show your support. Registration will be closed on 25/04/2020 at 8. DSCKita Hack 2020 is a 2-day hackathon presented by Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Malaysia that invites students to develop solutions for local community problems using one or more Google products or platforms. Experts in the house. Participants will be guided through this hackathon by experts from the industry to come up with awesome solutions with great impact and scalability.
122 newtonstem.org NewtonSTEM NewtonHACKS: Hackathon for Beginner Programmers, Grades 6-12, Aug. LigerBots Seek More HS Students to be Counselors at Virtual “cAMP” for Elementary Students. LigerBots ‘ Awesome Mentoring Project — is underway and is proving to be a blast for both elementary student campers and high-school student teacher/counselors. Subjects range from core subjects and STEAM skills to dance, astronomy, and so much more.
123 biomicrosystems.net Bettinger Research Group » Edible Electronics for Next-Generation Medical Devices CMU students design system for distributed production of disinfectants to help combat Covid-19. CMU students Tala Habbab, Jake Zimmer, and Gaurav Balakrishnan participated in the Johns Hopkins Covid-19 Hackathon. In just one weekend, they designed a portable low-cost photovoltaic kit that can produce disinfectant in resource limited environments …. Bettinger chairs Kavli workshop on BMI.
124 slohacks.com Dream, Code, and Build at Cal Poly —  SLO Hacks 2020 SLO Hacks is a 36-hour hackathon that brings over 300 students to Cal Poly   to bring their ideas into reality. Over the course of the event, you’ll   receive mentorship, attend workshops, and work with passionate hackers to   build projects.
125 aibdatahack.com AIB DataHack Can you Hack it? 12 Hour Datathon & Hackathon. Saturday 10th November, for this year’s 3rd level students.
126 csidsatm.com Home | Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management Computer Society of India, Bangalore Chapter. The Convention provides a professional platform for students of various streams of IT to showcase their talent. Talks by invited experts from the IT industry, exposes the students to the latest developments. This also provides an opportunity for networking between students, professionals and academicians. The Technical Program comprises of various competitions such as on the spot events decoding, Web designing, Circuit Design, Start up ideas, Hackathon and Techn
127 hackinjammu.com Home | Hack In Jammu Hack in Jammu is hackathon organized by students of Jammu topromote the idea of hackathon in their city. This is a 12 Hour Hackathon in which students will be making a prototype and pitch to the industrial experts.
128 nuisepic.com EPIC – Northwestern Entrepreneurship NU Venture Challenge. EPIC empowers the next generation of. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Inspiring hands-on experiences to empower students to build. Our entrepreneur development program. Our 24-hour intercollegiate hackathon. NU’s largest business pitch competition. Be part of the community. Join us at our events:. Come to the info session at Ford Design Studio to learn more, and to meet part of the extraordinary team behind WildHacks, Project Pitch, NUVC, and more.
129 hack3.co Hack3 – Experience Innovation Hack3 is a fun, 24 hour online hackathon made for high school students, both new and experienced. During this time, you will develop and present a project for cool prizes.
130 hexahacks.tech HexaHacks A High School Hackathon. HexaHacks, the only hackathon that targets 6 core problems. Hi, we are hexahacks, and this year we are bringing together hundreds of students from the Bay Area to work together and make their ideas a reality while making new friends. We are different because we focus on specific problems in society while allowing for ample learning time, and of course the best part is the food and the swag.
131 beaverhacks.com Home | Oregon State University Hackathon Club Oregon State University Hackathon Club. Our mission is to strengthen the OSU community by fostering connections between students and building stronger programming skills through quarterly coding competitions and workshops. BeaverHacks Summer 2020 Results:. Hackathon Club in the OSU EECS News. Register on Devpost by 11:59 pm on 6/15. Take on our challenges here.
132 covhack.org CovHack2020 CovHack is a free 24hr student hackathon, organised by Coventry University’s Hackathon Society. Students from any university, no matter your skill set, are invited to build weird, wacky, and wonderful projects. If you need a break from your project, we will have workshops and side events lined up throughout the weekend. We want you to get the most out of your time at CovHack, so make sure to check these side events out.
133 hackappleton.org Hack Appleton Now in its third year, HACKAppleton is an annual student-run hackathon held in the spring in Northeastern Wisconsin. Through HACKAppleton, students interested in computer science will have a fantastic opportunity to gain experience working in a team, technical practice, and a chance to engage with both local and international tech leaders.
134 troyhack.com TroyHack Get ready for a weekend full of learning, innovation, and fun at TroyHack, Troy’s first Hackathon. Take a dive with us as over 300 students from across the nation come to learn about the latest technologies, build innovative projects, and showcase their work. Come and explore the world of technology through interactive workshops, receive mentorship from experts, and network with top companies.
135 kleinhacks.com KleinHacks – KleinHacks KleinHacks is a student-led hackathon that aims to inspire the next generation of innovators from around the Klein ISD area. High school students, business partners, and community members collaborate on projects with applications in technology and a variety of other fields. Hosted at Klein High School on March 21-22, 2020, students will be immersed in a 24-hour innovation challenge.
136 derrekchow.com Derrek Chow Improving the way university students review courses and professors. Championing Asian/Anglo-Asian art in entertainment. Inspiring and empowering ambitious computer scientists to build a better world. Head of Web and UX. Showcasing the amazing and inspiring individuals of Waterloo. Bringing 1,500 students together at Canada’s biggest hackathon to build something incredible in just 36 hours.
137 jrhacks.com JrHacks JrHacks is a day-long learnathon and hackathon for Grade 4-8 school students. Learn from experts, students, make new friends, and build something cool!
138 cendcoronavirushackathon.com Collaboration | CEND Coronavirus Diagnostic Hackathon | Berkeley We invite students, academics, and industry and public health professionals to join us at the CEND Coronavirus Diagnostic Hackathon to work together in teams to solve the world
139 steamachievers.org S.T.E.A.M. Achievers  – DISCOVER. INNOVATE. IMPACT. Partners and Sponsors. STEAM Achievers’ principal objective is to bridge the STEAM education and academic achievement gap for students from diverse backgrounds by providing unique, innovative, real-world experiences in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Sponsor Kids and Youth from Irving ISD schools and Harmony Public Charter School District for the STEAM Achievers Purpose Hackathon at University of Texas at Dallas.
140 annaampersandryan.com Anna & Ryan How did it happen. Anna was just trying to make it through her last semester. Ryan was thinking he’d finish grad school in a year or so (it turned out to be a year and a half). Josh Miller brought his students (including Anna) to Lehigh Valley Hackathon. Josh Miller also brought Ryan to Lehigh Valley Hackathon. Josh is a pretty sneaky guy. Right before the event, Anna went to Josh’s office to talk about it, because she wasn’t convinced she could hack things, but Josh convinced her she would meet people and
141 harmonyhacks.org HarmonyHacks 2.0 Online Hackathon 2020! Inspiring students, innovating solutions.
142 stanfordcleantech.com Home | StanfordCleantech Register for free here. Stanford Energy Club is excited to present the Stanford Cleantech Challenge, Stanford’s annual clean energy hackathon. Three cutting-edge companies from various areas of the clean energy space will each pose a compelling, real-world challenge to teams of students. As a cleantech hacker, you will have 7 days to collaborate with your team-mates to develop a creative, innovative solution proposal to a challenge of your choice.
143 vhacks.net HOME | Vhacks For Questions/ Contact us @ adam. Vernon Hills High School has teamed up with CSTA(Computer Science Teachers Association) to create a hackathon that provides students with the chance to solve real world problems, especially focusing on the Coronavirus. VHacks was a huge success. We have 12 awesome judges from Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and local companies like BD, C4ITA, Data Managers, and local schools.
144 hackwcu.org HackWCU 2.0 | March 21 24-hour student hackathon hosted by West Chester University. Join over 250 students and tech professionals for a weekend full of fun, innovation, and creativity.
145 coderit.org codeRIT codeRIT represents a coalition of RIT students with a mission to represent the RIT hackathon community on a national level. It focuses its attention towards increasing its relationship with other collegiate technical communities, teaching software development and entrepreneurial skills to its members, and uniting a fragmented collection of groups amongst GCCIS as one RIT group.
146 eaglehacks.com EagleHacks | April 2-3, 2016 Thanks for participating this year. EagleHacks is DFW’s first mix match hackathon & startup competition for high school students. We invite students to Dallas for one weekend for an experience that mashes together building, making, hacking and bootstrapping a company. Over 24 hours, 300 participants will build and design products, create business models or pitch, and ultimately compete in front of a panel of developers, designers, and investors for prizes and opportunities.
147 dash.design Dash For people of all backgrounds and skill sets. Students, people working, design, tech, business, humanities, law, medicine, you name it. This is the hackathon for you. We are building a whole new website, so go get the up-to-date from Instagram @thedashhack. And read on here, to see what Dash was like last year. We had over 200 participants from over 30 countries to solve cases over the weekend, learn design methods, have the best teamwork experience of their lives, participate in workshops, listen to talks,
148 mavhacks.com Home | MavHacks Proudly created with Wix. MavHacks is first Austin-area hackathon designed for and led by high school students. Both first time coders and seasoned veterans will gather together for 24 hours to code, create, and have fun. Over 24 hours of fun. Registration & Opening Ceremony. Get to Know Them. Director of Finances. Director of Social Outreach. Director of Business Outreach.
149 hacktheozarks.net HackTheOzarks We want to encourage students in all fields of study to come together to build real world applications that create positive change. The ultimate goal behind this hackathon is to include, not only the engineering and computer science students, but all talented individuals from all backgrounds to collaborate, create, and bring ideas to life. We want you to shoot for the stars.
150 ignitionhacks.org Home | Ignition Hacks Ignite your programming experience. THIS IS IGNITION HACKS. We strive to bring together students during these times and help them create through our 48 hour virtual hackathon. Ignition hacks is completely online. The main applications you will use are discord and zoom. We will be awarding prizes to the best projects. Submission will be through Github. Anyone in high school and middle school.
151 defhacks.co Def Hacks Hackathons by students, for students.
152 startthespark.info HOME | SPARK Hackathon The SPARK Hackathon is one of the largest-student run hackathons in the GTA for high school students. On arrival, participants will be given a topic for which they can program, develop, design and pitch their end product to a panel of judges. Along with that, there will be different activities run throughout the 24 hours and participants will be able to work with like-minded individuals towards one common goal.
153 ardsleyhacks.org Ardsley Hacks – Hackathon 3.0 Ardsley Hacks is the second hackathon Ardsley High School is hosting. High schoolers, of any experience level, can participate. You can form teams of 1-5 students, even across different schools, and work to make projects relating to coding. We
154 compeclub.com Home Hardware, Software, and Everything in Between. We are the University of Alberta Computer Engineering Club. We are a student organization that represents the interest of Computer Engineers to other student organizations (such as ESS) as well as the Faculty of Engineering. We also host many events for the benefits of other students such as hackathons, career development sessions, board game nights, and more.
155 utdcrypto.com Home – UTD Blockchain Welcome to UTD Blockchain. Join Our Discord. UTD Surge Mentorship Program. We will update you about our upcoming events, primarily focusing around our EmTech Hackathon and workshop. We will also update our members on industry and research opportunities that companies reach out to us for. The Emerging Technology Hackathon. EmTech Hack is designed to inspire students to use the latest development technologies – including blockchain, AI, machine learning, AR, VR, and computer vision – to build something new.
156 beyondaec.tech beyondAEC More than 50 visionaries and practitioners from a fast-growing community of digitally minded professionals in the AEC industry converged over a weekend for the beyondAEC 2020 symposium and hackathon. Held at Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) headquarters in Waltham, MA, on February 27 & 28, the event served as a meeting point for engineers, programmers, coders, developers, students, and others to connect and find ways to innovate.
157 vrokcs.org HOME | VRoKCs HACKATHON & STUDENT PROJECTS. Engage high school students in VR/AR technology, mentor them to learn VR/AR tools and software. Real world learning, packed in two 3-day VR/AR hackathon for high school students. From ideation to prototype to presentation. Get started with VR/AR Development. Are you a school administrator, educator, parent or student interested in the VRoKCs program.
158 unicsmcr.com UniCS UniCS organises Hackathons, workshops, and other fun social events for University of Manchester students!
159 nhacks2020.com NHacks 2020 We’re happy to announce that this year’s hackathon will be held online. The top prizes this year include a $50 Amazon Gift Card and a Google Home. The date will be around late august, but please tell us which date would work best for you when registering. A hackathon is a competition where students, either as a team or individually, have to create a project within a set time frame, in this case, 2 days.
160 nelnetoncampus.com Home | Nelnet Hackathon About the Nelnet Hackathon. At the Nelnet Hackathon, UNL Raikes students will put their computer science skills to the test. Form a team of up to four students (or sign up indivudally to be assigned a team). At the event, you’ll be presented with a business problem – it’s your team’s job to find an innovative solution. Work with Nelnet experts, present your solution to Nelnet executives, and get results/feedback all in one day.
161 thesbschallenge.com Home | The Small Business School Challenge When top business students compete to drive small business success, everyone wins. When top business students compete to drive small business success, everyone wins. Fostering design thinking to hack small business success. Small businesses provide the innovations and jobs that drive our economy, yet many have been devastated by the current crisis. We’re tapping top MBA student talent to provide fast, actionable, strategic help in 48-hour hackathon style competition.
163 ears-edi.com Edinburgh University EaRS | Edinburgh University EaRS. Friends of EaRS. Getting Started with Embedded Development. Getting Started with Robotics. The University of Edinburgh Embedded and Robotics Society (EaRS) is a society aimed at helping students get into the fields of embedded development and robotics and bringing together a community interested in these fields. We put on workshops, talks and hackathons that are all free to attend.
164 nhacks.org HOME You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. Selecting ‘Edit Text’ from this menu will also allow you to edit the text within this text box. NHacks began as Michigan’s first high school hackathon that brings together students of all levels of experience, personalities, and backgrounds.
165 hacktheram.com Hack the Ram 2021 | Pine-Richland Hackathon Hack the Ram is a hackathon hosted by Pine-Richland for the Pittsburgh area that brings students together to find new ways to use technology.
166 encode.club En[code] Club Advancing blockchain adoption at universities worldwide. En[code] Club is the online community of university students, academics and developers building in blockchain. We work directly with academics & student clubs, societies and groups at universities including Oxford, Cambridge, London, Rome, Zurich and many more. Online 8-week hackathon to answer technical challenges and build projects.
167 hacktams.org HackTAMS 3.0 HackTAMS is a bi-annual hackathon that TAMS hosts. Originally, our event was designed for students within our program. However, this event has gradually grown in popularity so we want to expand it further to high school students outside of TAMS. Currently, there is a serious lack of quality, free hackathons for students in the DFW area, the 4th most populated metropolitan area in the country.
168 hackdecode.io deCODE deCode is a hackathon that pairs students up with high-growth startups to   solve problems that the companies are facing.
169 hackothon.org hacKOthon HacKOthon 2020 was successfully concluded. On May 13th, we hosted this event in a Zoom meeting. To prevent our hackers from sitting for too long, the hackathon was turned into an Hour of Code, where our student instructor taught a group of high school students how to program in Python, using the Jupyter Notebook. While beginners were acquiring the Python skills they would soon apply, more seasoned programmers fought each other in the Clash of Code contest.
170 stantecideahack.com Stantec Idea Hackathon March 9 – 10, 2020. Say “smart cities” and most people think technology—sensors, networks, big data, the internet of things. At Stantec, we think people. We see how smart mobility, utilities, buildings, and public spaces can improve city life and we believe the smartest cities are designed with community in mind. The Stantec Idea Hackathon is a two-day forum where smart city industry professionals and students can share ideas, build relationships, and deliver potential solutions that are relevant and meanin
171 patriothacks.org PatriotHacks PatriotHacks is a collegiate hackathon held at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. For 36 hours, students from across the world will be free to enjoy plenty of workshops, activities, and networking events, along with free swag and food all weekend long. PatriotHacks is a space for innovators to play, learn, break, and revolutionize technology, all while building their resume and making memories that will last a lifetime.
172 flowercityhackathon.com Home | Flower City Pro/Am Hackathon The health and safety of our people, partners, and students in our communities is our top priority. Given the evolving situation around COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the Hackathon. We look forward to rescheduling this event in the Fall of 2020. We hope you’ll be able to join us on our rescheduled date, as a registered participant we will e-mail you with an update about registration information as soon as it’s available.
173 mocohacks.org MoCoHacks Have you ever had that one crazy idea. That eureka idea fueled by a spontaneous moment of passion and drive. Simply put, MoCoHacks is a hackathon, or coding marathon, where you get to build that idea. Students will create websites, programs, and more to submit it to win prizes at the end of the event. There is absolutely no cost to attend MoCoHacks, and food, stickers, and swag will be included.
174 cit59x.com CIT59x University of Pennsylvania MCIT program student group. MCIT Hackathon 2020 Recap. The CIT59x hackathon was created to allow students to showcase the skills they learned in their first semester of the MCIT program. Join the CIT59x student group. Interested in joining CIT59x. Share your latest project. It’s super easy to submit your project to be featured on our homepage.
175 hackmcst.tech HackMCST IV HackMCST: November 9th. We are a 12-hour high school hackathon in the suburbs of Morris County founded by high school students to empower high school students. Students have the opportunities to build apps, video games, network, and expand their skills and grow as developers. Even better, our event is 100% free. All hackers receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as their very own hackMCST shirt at no cost whatsoever.
176 usabilathon.com Usability | Usabilathon | United States The Usabilathon is a hackathon-style usability competition in which up-and-coming graduate students showcase their expertise by designing usability solutions to real world client-drive problems
177 pharmhack.com PharmHack – powering pharmacy innovation The world’s largest pharmacy innovation community. Build your startup in 36 hours. Find a team and create your own medical or pharmacy startup in just 36 hours at one of dozens of PharmHack events happening around the world. Our hackathons help pharmacists and pharmacy students bring their billion-dollar ideas out into the open and get the help they need to bring them to life.
178 a-zhacks.com A-Z HACKS | A-Z HACKS WHAT IS A-Z HACKS. A-Z Hacks intends to create an environment for students of all skill levels in the coding field to come and innovate using their creativity. A-Z Hacks 2020 Hackathon brought together over 100 students from diverse backgrounds and varying degree of technical skills from several high schools across the Silicon Valley. It was amazing to see how young innovators think today, their ambitions & passion, quality of the ideas, and how they used technology to solve the real-life problems.
179 utdellhackathon2020.com . – Home Do you like coding. Are you interested in coding but don’t have any experience. If you answered yes to any of the above, join us for our annual Hackathon event. This April 4, NOBE and MISA will be hosting the first Data Hackathon sponsored by Dell Technologies. UT Students will compete in teams of two to four (either self-formed or assigned). The data set and problem will be announced at the start of the event and participants will have the remainder of the day to use their coding and analysis skills to dev
180 hackedkc.org HackEDkc A 24-hour hackathon event challenging students to use technology to solve problems in their communities. Liberty Middle School | 1500 S Withers Rd, Liberty, MO 64068. HackEDkc is a student hackathon where students are challenged to solve a problem in their home, school, or community through the use of technology. Students from Liberty Public Schools and Kansas City Metro will have 24 hours to build their solution and will have 3 minutes to demo to a panel of judges.
181 hatchathon4kids.org Hatchathon The first Hackathon geared towards elementary-aged children. Due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, our next event has been postponed indefinitely. We will provide updates as the situation progresses. We’ve noticed that most hackathons are aimed solely at high-school to college aged students, with few available to the budding generations of computer scientists in Elementary and Middle School, especially those in lower income communities.
182 consultinghackathon.com Management Consulting Hackathon 2020 – Business Case Competition for students and recent graduates by 180 DC Sofia and Brightive Management Consulting Hackathon 2020. Business Case Competition for students and recent graduates by 180 DC Sofia and Brightive. Management Consulting Hackathon 2020. We are excited to offer you the unique opportunity to solve actual complex strategy and operations cases for Bulgarian non-profits and social enterprises as well as for the Hackathon’s co-organiser and a top-tier Bulgarian consulting company, Brightive.
184 kodingkingdom.com Koding Kingdom – Learn to Code. Code to Learn. ROBLOX Junior Hackathon. I want my child to. Monday – Sunday. Over 50 courses from different subject areas to explore. Learn & have fun with our 4-5 day holiday coding camps. For students who wish to undertake certified courses. Laptops provided to all of our students during class. Wide variety of courses from visual, syntax and professional certification.


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