Let’s Take This Online: Your Quick Guide to Hosting Virtual Tech Events

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the global economy by storm, and one of the many businesses that have taken a massive hit is the events industry. But here’s the time for techies to step up and make the most of the technology to keep the show going on. 

From live-streaming to live-tweeting, the world is adapting itself to virtual events. If you’re in the tech biz and looking to organize a tech conference or webinar, we have all the information you need.

How do I host an online tech event?

There are multiple ways to go about hosting an online tech event. You can:

  • Use live-tweeting to start an online discussion. Ask participants to use a specific hashtag to follow the conversation.
  • Conduct real-time webinars while making use of informative slides, infographics, screen-sharing features, and allow participants to ask or type out their questions or inputs.
  • Use social media live-streams like Instagram Live, Facebook Live and more to make your online tech event more accessible, thereby increasing engagement.


How do virtual tech events work?


Virtual tech events invite participants from various regions to remotely join a webinar, video conference, or live-stream through a website link or meeting room ID.

You need a good internet connection and the right technology, which include a proper device and portal to host the event.

Above all, the tech event needs to have a particular theme so that it attracts the right kind of audience, given the diversity within the tech industry.


How do I host an online tech event on Facebook?


To host a virtual tech event on Facebook, go to your Facebook page, event, or group and look for a “Live Video” button.

Upon clicking the button, you’ll be able to add a description of your event and then go live.

Ensure that the device you’re using to conduct a Facebook Live has sufficient battery, good internet connection, and proper audio.

Mount your camera correctly so that your viewers get a full picture of what’s happening.


How do I host a live tech webinar?


Webinars and can be pre-recorded or live. If you want to host a live tech webinar, we recommend you start by setting a theme/purpose and a time limit.

Communicate these details with attendees so they know what to expect. Next, choose the right webinar software or portal to conduct your webinar.

Be clear on the software’s features and guidelines, such as the number of people that can participate simultaneously.

Keep your slides informative and interactive using chatboxes and Q&A features.


How do I organize a virtual party for tech professionals?


These quick tips will help you organize a successful online party for tech professionals:


  • Choose an online software that all your invitees can easily access.
  • Give your party a theme. Spruce it up by asking your invitees to dress up according to it.
  • Make a list of activities you want to do to keep your tech buddies entertained through the party. These could be tech-related games, quizzes, or anything that befits the occasion. 
  • Acknowledge the work they do! 
  • Give out virtual gifts like ecards, vouchers, discounts, and more that have long validity.

How much does it cost to host a tech webinar?


Hosting a tech webinar isn’t only about what you do on the D-day.

Your costs include technical support, internet bandwidth, equipment, marketing expenses for promotions, fees paid to writers and designers to create the infographics and slides.

You can expect a tech webinar to cost you anywhere from $500 to $5000, depending on your scale and requirements.

How do I start a virtual tech conference?


A virtual tech conference is a great way to keep people within the tech industry updated and engaged.

To start an online tech conference, look for software or a portal that supports your needs.

Create a buzz about the conference to attract more participants.

Pick a relevant subject and break it down into different parts that can be covered within your chosen time duration.

More importantly, ensure there’s a way for your participants to ask questions and interact with each other. 

How do I pick a domain name for my tech event?

Now that you have most of the information to host a tech event, all you need is a domain name to get started! A good domain name will help you to efficiently brand and market the event. To help you, we have put together a list of existing tech conferences on .tech domains to help you pick a name and domain name for your tech event. Take a look!

80+ Conferences on .tech Domains to inspire you!

2020.aismart.tech confs.tech eudata.tech knowledgegraph.tech soundloud.tech
3dbody.tech confy.tech eventologist.tech k-seito.tech sportup.tech
3dbs.tech connect.tech evs33.tech ladigital.tech startup.tech
aibotics.tech connectjs.tech faithleads.tech mastersandrobots.tech steelbaby.tech
amcyachay.tech csscamp.tech flix.tech miwc.tech teacheth.tech
andranorthup.tech curiousnews.tech freemasti.tech modernuc.tech thebranch.tech
asief.tech dakotaware.tech frontrunners.tech mountunioncybercon.tech careerfy.tech
athenslegal.tech dasha.tech fundingmatters.tech ngd.tech tremendous.tech
attac.tech datafront.tech geonation.tech nikimosier.tech uiarchconf.tech
bimsc.tech datapioneers.tech hackcolab.tech odegard.tech uiarchitectureconf.tech
bitconference.tech datascicon.tech emit.tech ottonova.tech virtclass.tech
blockchainconf.tech dbintegrations.tech codeops.tech porrameth.tech vlogic.tech
blog.pranavk.tech designworks.tech enpps.tech pvd.tech worko.tech
blog.worldline.tech diversein.tech indiaconferences.tech raduc.tech satoshicentre.tech
brandywine.tech dotnetsouth.tech info-comm.tech red-dot.tech soundloud.tech
brcorp.tech drawlots.tech insurtechbelgrade.tech ricardoleal.tech jazzcon.tech
bris.tech drinkableair.tech iscon.tech riseupwomen.tech jianzhang.tech

Looking to host an online tech event? Brand it with a .tech Domain!


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