7 Deadly WordPress Mistakes To Avoid On Your WordPress Business Site

By Matteo Duò

WordPress has grown into one of the largest Content Management Systems available today. It now powers 30% of all websites available on the internet. It is a platform that has been discussed immensely and with its popularity growing, there are new users being added to the community every day. Because of this, there are numerous common WordPress mistakes entrepreneurs managing their sites make which affects their website’s success.


It is high time we address these issues so… let’s begin!

Mistake 1: Failing to pick a good hosting

Right after your domain name, hosting is one of the key components for setting up your website properly. Selection of the hosting provider depends on what your requirements and future prospects are.

If you’re setting up a non-commercial website, like a company website with a portfolio, a blog, and some other pages to illustrate what you do, your choice is easier.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to build an eCommerce store or a site that will need to handle transactions and data from your customers, things get slightly difficult.

You want to have a hosting provider that:

  • is reliable
  • is optimized
  • has security front of mind
  • provides great customer support

As speed and performance, WordPress specialist and Codeable expert Justin Frydman suggest, “You need to pay more than a cup of coffee a month to have a reliable and optimized hosting experience.”

Mistake 2: Not having an update routine in place

WordPress core files, as well as themes and plugins, are updated regularly to either bring in new functionality, fix issues, or enhance security. Foregoing these updates is one of the big WordPress mistakes. By doing so, your website might rely on a software that’s:

  • Prone to external attacks
  • Not performance-optimized
  • Unstable (eventually)

Co-Founder of Silicon Dales and Codeable expert, Robin Scott highlights: “WordPress updates don’t fall under the ‘nice to have’ cap, they’re mandatory and critical tasks for any website.”

While there is a small period after an update is released where you should wait for reviews from users and any major patches from the service provider; you should never wait too long.

The longer you delay the updates, the harder it becomes to install them. Moreover, if your plugins and themes are not coded properly, you might face issues during updates.

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Mistake 3: Lacking a strategy for backups

Another one of many WordPress mistakes business owners make is not getting regular backups. These go hand in hand with the creation of a website on WordPress. Having just a few backup files isn’t the right approach. You need to implement a backup strategy, a streamlined routine that will ensure regular backup of your site.

A backup strategy is a failsafe mechanism that safeguards you from any potential data losses. And this should be based on having multiple backups stored in different places.

A good backup stack might look like:

  • Daily backups from your hosting provider
  • Automatic hourly backups through a free plugin like UpdraftPlus
  • Weekly offsite backup copies

Mistake 4: Overlooking security aspects

The threats from cybercrimes are no joke.

WordPress developer and Codeable expert Liam Bailey explains, “Things online are basically insecure. There is a way into most systems and most things, and if you don’t have a professional looking at these things, then your WordPress mistake is leaving your site vulnerable. For the average WordPress site, the vulnerabilities can be there, but they might never be found because nobody’s ever tried to exploit it.”

Ensuring that all your plugins and core files are up-to-date is crucial. For added protection, consult a professional to perform a security audit of your website.

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Mistake 5: Missing a performance-driven approach

Users today are extremely impatient. The average time a user waits for a website to load is under three seconds. A 1-second delay might account for a 7% reduction in conversions, while a 2-second delay resulted in abandonment rates of up to 87%.

WordPress developer and Codeable expert Milan Latinovic recalls: “In my experience, 90% of WooCommerce stores run some outdated versions of their software and that’s what leads them to have slower pages.”

There are several factors that contribute to slower loading times on your website.

These include the hosting service provider, the plugins, themes and whether they are updated etc. Make sure that you fulfill all fundamentals for speed optimization of your website.

Mistake 6: Picking the wrong theme for your business

When you’re in need of a new website, it’s common to simply browse through themes off a theme marketplace and pick one you like. That’s a wrong first step mistake when choosing a theme.


Having an aesthetically pleasing site that’s lacking core functionality is a wrong business call and one of the many WordPress mistakes.

That’s why, before jumping into any research, you should always start with a list of all the features your theme must have and pair them with business objectives.

Mistake #7: Not hiring a developer for help

One of the biggest WordPress mistakes is, many site owners take matters into their own hands and try to fix things themselves.

There are two problems with this:

  1. The issue doesn’t get fixed
  2. Even worse, they find a workaround that works temporarily but make the whole site unstable/not secure/bloated

I get it, though. Your business might not require hiring an in-house developer to manage your site. Maybe your yearly plan doesn’t allocate resources for such hires. It’s fine. But it’s important that you find a reliable way to anticipate and fix the issues.

That’s where working with pre-vetted WordPress freelancers comes into play. The greatest benefit comes from the vast flexibility that working with freelancers provides. You can hire a developer when needed for a fixed number of hours that both parties agreed on.

Wrapping up

WordPress powers lots of business sites and it has a direct connection with your business. Making these WordPress mistakes can cause you your website’s functionality.

Never forget this: your WordPress site should enable your business to achieve your goals. And a broken, slow, or hacked site, can’t do that.


wordpress-mistakesMatteo Duò is Content Strategist at Codeable.io, the #1 WordPress-focused outsourcing platform that pairs world-class WordPress developers with businesses in need of quality work.

He’s actively working with clients and developers to document the different intricacies of their relationships and provide guidance on how to leverage WordPress as an effective business asset.


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