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How a New Domain Name Can Help You Build a Better Tech Brand

With the influx of hundreds of new domain extensions, the internet namespace is transforming the cyberspace one domain name at a time. For decades, domain names have provided virtual real estate to help businesses build their online presence. Finding the perfect domain name is a critical and tricky task for tech startups.

The tricky aspect is further amplified with the fact that close to 130 million .com domains have already been registered. However, there is a smart hack to pick the perfect domain name. Your tech startup can rise above the name game muddle by simply choosing a new generic top-level domain name. Today, a new domain name can transform your future-focused tech business into a promising brand.

How do New Domains impact SEO?

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Registering a domain name that is short, memorable and easy to remember will not only bolster your tech startup’s online identity but also build your startup into an industry expert. Picking a category killer moniker on a new domain name can make that happen. This is especially true when you pick a super-relevant domain name for your business. The .tech domain name aligns perfectly for tech startups as does .store for eCommerce and retail businesses.

What makes for a brandable domain name?

Innovative: A name that is unique to your industry niche, core competence, and brand ideas.

Searchable: A name that resonates with the most intuitive search keywords on search engines.

Engaging: A name that is short, snappy, easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and free of any lingual or grammatical flaws.

Let’s look at some amazing tech businesses using a .tech domain extension

.tech is home to numerous technology brands, enthusiasts, influencers, and startups that have chosen to opt for a brandable domain name.


.TECH domains are a great way to find brand name ideas that build a strong ‘tech posititioning’

  • Viacom’s technology portal,, is a smart choice over
  • Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, the technology trade association representing the $292 billion U.S. consumer technology industry, moved to a .tech domain with
  • Consumer Electronic Show moved from .ORG to .tech as it helped make their online real estate more relevant and brandable.
  • Other brands that love .tech include,, and, to name a few.

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  • French startup Shadow uses to denote its high-tech cloud computer business.
  • is a brilliant startup that enables smart machines to understand human attention.
  • Portugal based, AI mavericks, and proximity marketing app, to name a few, make up for successful startups that are using a snappy and super-relevant .tech domain.

Influencers and accelerators

  • Edgar Oganesyan uses to redirect his viewers to his tech YouTube channel.
  • Edgar also owns, a website dedicated to offering the best tech deals.
  • Maxon Motor’s, Toronto based, and startup studio make for promising accelerator programs for tech startups and programmers.

The most common element among all the brands mentioned above is the fact that the URLs are easy to remember, and they work really well to imply what to expect when the user lands on the page.

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What are the benefits of using a .tech domain name?

With a new domain name such as .tech, you don’t have to compromise on your brand name choices and miss out on the perfect online identity by settling for something that wasn’t your first choice.

Here are some key benefits of using a .tech domain name:

  • Available: Being a new domain name, your chances of finding a smart name of your choice is much higher on .tech.
  • Relevant: Having a .tech domain is probably the best way to imply your core competence and what you do.
  • Short: Since .tech highlights your core competence, you can pick a short, slick, and uncluttered name that doesn’t need to include words such as ‘‘technology solutions” or “IT”.
  • Intuitive: With .tech, you can be sure that your stakeholders within and outside the tech community will resonate with your brand.  Other domain extensions such as .IO or .AI are meaningful only to those from the tech industry. This may prove to be detrimental to your brand sooner or later. However, .tech is the most intuitive extension to all things technology, understood easily by everyone globally.

How to use a .tech domain name to build a brand

If you’ve decided to use a .tech domain name to represent your tech business on the internet, here are some useful strategies that you can apply to search for a cool new name on .tech.

  • [BusinessName].tech
  • [industry].tech
  • [name+IndustryNiche].tech
  • [industry+geo].tech
  • [product+geo].tech
  • [phrase].tech

We hope this post helps you to find the perfect online identity for your tech business and transform it into a brand that stands the test of time.

Looking for a .TECH domain? Find it here!

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