CES® 2019

CES® 2019 Round-Up: Outlandish New Technologies Unveiled

Most people eagerly look forward to the month of January for the New Year. But if you’re in tech, January is the month of outlandish new tech products to be unraveled at CES®. Yes, the Consumer Electronics Show (www.ces.tech) is a tech event you just can’t afford to miss.

Held in Las Vegas and organized by Consumer Technology Association (www.cta.tech), the event is a playground for innovators to unveil new products and technologies to the world. Which is probably why CES® and it’s organizer, CTA, use a .tech domain!

In fact, Jeff Joseph, Ex-Senior Vice President, Communications and Strategic Relationships at CES®, said “We stand for innovation and the promise of a better world made possible by technology. CES® is well known as the foremost innovation event in the world & we are happy to have selected a domain name on .tech that conveys what we stand for in a succinct way.”



CES® 2019

From berserk to bonkers to believable, CES® is famous for being the ‘big daddy’ of tech events as it’s always packed with a bevy of cutting-edge technologies from leading companies and enthusiastic startups. The 2019 edition of CES®, which was held at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center from 8th to 11th January, was no different.

CES® 2019 served as a haven for tech enthusiasts as the event brought together big brands and industry advocates from around the globe and across industries to showcase their innovations.

Among the many tech enthusiasts present at CES® this year was Dom Esposito (www.dom.tech).


Everyone’s on a .TECH! Including me 🙂 What would your .TECH domain be? #ad

385 Likes, 5 Comments – Dom Esposito (@macmixing) on Instagram: “Everyone’s on a .TECH! Including me 🙂 What would your .TECH domain be? #ad”


From smartphones to Mac and PCs, Dom’s channel is packed with unboxing and review videos.  

CES® 2019 was the hub of gadgets and gizmos galore and so it was only natural to find Jonathon Casey bustling about the event floor. Jonathan’s YouTube channel is filled with review videos on smartphones and cameras and all things tech!


Best Tech of CES 2019

After checking out the best tech of CES 2019 make sure to save 90% on your .tech domain by going to go.tech/cessale and use code CESSALE CES 2019 had a ton of great tech and in this video we are looking at the best of the best from CES 2019!


Even Jason, who runs a slick tech YouTube channel (www.bytemybits.tech) was at CES® 2019 to check out all the latest product launches and new tech innovations. Here’s his recap of CES® 2019:


CES 2019 Recap Part 1

I put together Part 1 of my CES footage recap. I went with this style because I there was a lot of stuff to look at but also a lot of people. So getting one-on-one with the reps was difficult. Either way, I hope you enjoy it!


With some promising new launches in the gaming department, the presence of Jokerproductions.tech was but inevitable. Joker Productions is a YouTube channel about PC gaming and the technology gamers use to drive it. Here’s Joker’s CES® 2019 roundup:


be quiet! CES 2019 Showcase + Trolling Bitwit Kyle 😛

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When it comes to groundbreaking new startups at CES® 2019, several promising new startups won over attendees with their awe-inspiring innovations. Health-tech based Crescent (www.crscnt.tech) showcased to the world a first of its kind wearable dual-camera headband for surgeons.


Crescent Tech on Twitter

Having an amazing time at #CES2019! We are getting great feedback from the #healthcare professionals and the #medicaldevice industry. Thank you @StartupDelta @RVO_Nederland and @Handelsroute for this opportunity! #EurekaPark #StartUpHealth


To help companies and communities transform into highly-efficient and sustainable entities, Electroactive technologies (www.electroactive.tech) was present at CES® to showcase their sustainable pathways for clean energy production and agricultural product generation.

France-based Daan technologies (www.daan.tech) took CES® 2019 by storm with their unique mini dishwasher. Bob is an ultra-fast and ultra-compact dishwasher for active students and young people living in small spaces.

Gotyu (www.gotyu.tech), the company behind the smallest GPS tracker and activity monitor for kids, pets, luggage, and senors, was also present at CES® 2019.

In conclusion

CES® 2019 was as sensational as ever with bizarre tech from companies all over the globe. And we just can’t wait for January next year for the 2020 edition of CES®!

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