CES 2020: A Glimpse Into the RADDEST Tech Event Of The Year!
CES 2020

CES 2020: A Glimpse Into the RADDEST Tech Event Of The Year!

While most people started the new year debating about whether or not we’re entering a new decade in 2020, tech citizens kickstarted the year at, what was quite simply the coolest edition of the world’s largest consumer tech event, CES® 2020! 

This is probably why CES® and CTA®, both use a .tech domain to denote their respective website’s. 

Ex-Senior Vice President, Communications and Strategic Relationships at CES®, Jeff Joseph, said “We stand for innovation and the promise of a better world made possible by technology. CES® is well known as the foremost innovation event in the world & we are happy to have selected a domain name on .tech that conveys what we stand for in a succinct way.”

CES® 2020

Celebrating its 53rd year, CES® 2020 was in full swing from 7th to 10th January and witnessed over 170,000 attendees and around 4,400 exhibitors take the spotlight.  

The event also witnessed the presence of seasoned brands, cutting-edge startups, and leading tech influencers take a shine to a slew of tech concept products.

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.TECH Startups at CES® 2020 

Similar to CES® 2019, CES® 2020 too was attended by several startups and influencers using .TECH. A deep dive into CrunchBase’s data indicates that .TECH is the most popular new top-level domain amongst startups, and hence, it was no surprise that over 25 startups at CES® were donning a .TECH to represent their brand.  



Among the numerous .TECH startups present at CES® 2020, the likes of  Wearin.tech, Dann.tech, and Monoa.tech, stood out the most. 

With the aim to help organizations develop wearable systems that make workplace incidents a thing of the past, Wearin.tech made quite a mark at CES® 2020. 

“We’re passionate about humans, technology and innovation. Choosing .tech was a no-brainer for our brand positioning: a techy, forward-looking statement of what Wearin’ stands for” – Barbara Cresti, General Ninja at Wearin’™


Just like last year, French-based Daan technologies (www.daan.tech) made quite a stellar presence at CES® 2020 showcasing Bob, their compact dishwasher. 

“.Tech allowed us to emphasize the fact that we are a highly innovative appliance company bringing the latest cleaning technologies to the public.” – Damian Py, CEO at Daan Technologies


MoNoA made quite a dent at CES® 2020 showcasing its unique wearable tech that optimizes personal well-being by measuring stress using GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) technology and the skin temperature of the user.

“We chose the .tech domain because it’s understood on a global scale and it clearly highlights the ‘technology’ element of our business. We extended beyond our .be & .eu domain since the .tech domain has enabled MoNoA to come across as a professional business in the international markets.” – Stijn Bogaerts, Founder at MoNoA.


.TECH Thought Leaders at CES® 2020 

The 2020 edition of CES® was packed with a bunch of thought leaders and influencers who attended the event to cover exclusive tech content for their website and YouTube channels.

In fact, tech thought leaders and influencers such as TechMagnet (www.tech-magnet.tech), Jonathan Casey (www.ot4.tech), Jon Rettinger (www.jon4lakers.tech), and Edgar Oganesyan (www.edgar.tech) were all sporting a .tech domain!

True to their love for technology and science, TechMagnet attended CES® 2020 to cover the latest in gadgets for their YouTube channel, TechMagnet.

Jonathan Casey’s appearance heavily revolved around exploring what leading brands like Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony, and others showcased at the event. 

Jon Rettinger, the founder of TechnoBuffalo, spent time exploring the many crazy tech innovations at CES® this year. 

GameSky made their first visit to CES® this year as they got to hang out with the top thought leaders and tech influencers. 

Final Thoughts 

Just like every year, CES® 2020 stayed to true its nature of being one of the most dazzling tech events of the year and happily managed to outdo their previous editions, which were no less of a hoot!

Looking at all the disruptive tech that CES® 2020 brought, we can’t wait for the 2021 edition of CES® to bring in more bizarre and eccentric tech!    

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