Overcome Domain Availability Issues With a .tech Domain
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4 Ways To Overcome Domain Availability Issues With .tech Domains

There was a time when hunting for the perfect domain name was an arduous and challenging task. But that’s not the case anymore. With hundreds of new domain extensions up for grabs, domain availability is no longer a dilemma for startups and new businesses looking to establish a striking and memorable online presence.

Of the numerous new domain extensions, .tech has grown to become an ardent favorite among the members of the global tech community.

As a domain extension dedicated to all things tech, it’s safe to say that .tech is redefining the internet namespace for the better.

What Is A .tech Domain Extension?

The word ‘tech’ has long been associated to be the acronym for ‘technology’. And so, a .tech domain fits like a glove for any brand, startup, organization, company, individual, enthusiast, student, etc. that is indulging in technology.

Apart from being a supremely relevant domain extension, .tech also doubles up as the most definitive and brandable domain extension for anyone in the tech business.


And unlike .IO or .AI, which are either too specific or too ambiguous, .tech is globally understood and accepted as a domain for technology-related businesses.

How Do I Check Domain Availability For My Tech Startup?

Between unenthusiastic 90’s businesses, domain squatters, and everyone else who happened to pick the same name as yours, most of the desirable names on conventional domains are long gone.

And with a billion websites floating in cyberspace, all the less worthy choices you thought you could live with have also vanished.

However, with a .tech domain extension, you don’t have to pick a complicated or awkward web address for your cutting-edge future focused tech startup.

Instead, you can choose the name of your choice on a super cool domain extension! You can use the .tech name generator tool to search for creative and brandable name suggestions.

The .tech startup name generator is uniquely crafted to offer short, memorable, and innovative names for tech startups looking to portray their tech wizardry with their domain name.

Looking for a Startup Domain Name? Put it through a Radio Test!

If you’ve read some of our previous articles pertaining to picking a domain name for your tech business, then you must remember coming across the term ‘radio test’.

What Do I Do If My Domain Name Is Taken?

Since you have a groundbreaking idea, you might have a great idea for your domain name too.

However, domain availability is a major issue on conventional domain extensions and the name for your choice is most likely taken. What do you do now?

Don’t fret, here’s what you can do to overcome domain availability issues if the name of your choice is taken:

1. Explore New Domain Extensions

As a tech business, you don’t necessarily need to be on a .com or .biz. You can explore new domain extensions such as .tech which makes for a relevant and descriptive choice.

Now you could opt for .io or .ai or .dev domains but these are too specific and restrictive in nature as they don’t offer much flexibility in terms of expanding your business in the future.

Alternatively, you can also use our nifty tech company name generator tools.

2. Tweak Your Name Creatively

If the name of your choice is taken on conventional domains as well as new domain extensions, consider making minor tweaks to your name. For instance, if there’s no domain availability for HyperLad.tech, consider trying to search for HyperLads.tech or change it HyperLapse.tech.

Experiment with minor variations until you can find the available version of your name that is acceptable to you.


3. Buy Your Desired Name

Even if your name is taken, you can conduct a WHOIS search to learn about the owner of the name and the status of it. If the name is being used by an active company or individual, there are bleak chances of them selling the name to you.

However, if the name is reserved or parked, you may have a chance of buying it directly from the owner. Search on online classifieds and auction websites or go through an online domain name broker.

4. Proclaim What’s Yours

Under the trademark law, the first party to use a trademark is the rightful owner. So, if you are planning to use your business name as your domain name and if you own trademark rights to it, you can challenge the existing owner of the domain name and proclaim what’s yours.

You can approach ICANN, the international nonprofit organization globally in charge of all domain name registrations and settle this via their process called the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

domain availability

Where Should I Buy My Tech Startup Domain Name?

Here are some of the best domain name registrars:

  • Name.com
  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • Hover
  • 1&1
  • com
  • Gandi
  • Dreamhost

How Do I Permanently Buy A Startup Domain Name?

Here’s how you can purchase a domain name for your tech startup:

  1. Search for your desired name with any of the top registrar’s (mentioned above). Be creative about your name choice since it’s the first touchpoint for anyone who comes across your business.
  2. There are lots of top-level domain extensions to choose from and its advisable to search for your desired name on the most suitable domain extension. If there are no issues of domain availability and the name of your choice is available, go ahead and register it.
  3. After zeroing in on your desired name and domain extension, you need to decide for how long you want to register the domain name for. You can buy domain names for a minimum of one-year period and all the way up to 10 years.
  4. Once you’ve decided the name, domain extension, and the amount of time you want to own the domain name, its time to pay for your purchase and register the name.


What Are The Benefits Of Finding A Name On .tech?

A .tech domain prompts intrigue and piques the interest of anyone who comes across it. And since .tech is universally understood, your tech business will be easy to find on the web by people looking for you.

Here are the benefits of choosing a name on a .tech domain extension:

1. They’re Available 

There’s a very high chance of finding the name of your choice on .tech since it’s a relatively new domain extension. For instance, www.cloudcoder.com is taken, but www.cloudcoder.tech is available.

2. They’re Very Meaningful

A name on .tech is contextually rich and therefore it doubles up as a definitive and meaningful domain. These characteristics make for a supremely memorable online identity that is snappy and smart.

3. They Show You Get It 

The startup space is tight and there are new startups springing up every day. To rise above the rest, you need to fit in and yet stand out. A .tech domain means you get it and your tech startup is a savvy and innovative business.

How a New Domain Name Can Help You Build a Better Tech Brand

As a tech professional, you are no stranger to the message, “Sorry! That domain is already taken.” Does that mean you have to settle for a less desirable domain name for that project or startup idea? It wouldn’t be fair if you had to because a great domain name is critical to a website’s perception, and success thereof.

What Makes For A Great Name On .tech ?

Here’s what makes for a great name on .tech :

  • A domain name on .tech is short, easy to type, and easy to remember
  • A domain name on .tech is definitive, relevant, and meaningful
  • A domain name on .tech is unique, innovative, and memorable
  • A domain name on .tech is clean, crisp, and uncluttered (free of any lingual or grammatical errors)
  • A domain name on .tech is descriptive of what you sell and the industry you belong to

How Are Startups Using Their .tech Domains?

New-age startups are using a .tech domain to establish a striking online presence and shatter stereotypes and break clichés. Startups are choosing crisp, clean, and clutter-free domain names.

Did you know that XyberTechnologies.com and AeraWindBorne.com switched to Xyber.tech and AeraCars.tech respectively? They did so because it made their domain name more brandable.

Even mega brands such as CES © switched to CES.tech . Startups prefer to opt for a smart and slick web address that they can use to impart a message, like humanizing.tech or breakinto.tech .

Some are even using to incorporate their core competencies or to highlight their niches, like eyeware.tech and foodstamp.tech .

How Much Does A Startup Domain Name Cost?

Typically, you can buy a .tech domain for as low as 10$ depending on where you register it from. Premium names will cost much higher depending on the length, meaning, and uniqueness the word.

While domain availability is a major issue on conventional domains, finding a similarly short and descriptive name on them will cost you the equivalent of a small fortune. The same goes for other popular new domain extensions.

How To Name My Tech Business With .tech ?

Here are some smart strategies to search for a new name for your tech business on a .tech domain.

  • [BusinessName].tech
  • [industry].tech
  • [name+IndustryNiche].tech
  • [industry+geo].tech
  • [product+geo].tech
  • [phrase].tech

Overcome domain availability issues with  .tech domain extension.

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