Mondial.Tech: Shaping the Future of Transportation and Mobility

Mondial.Tech: Shaping the Future of Transportation and Mobility

From Tesla’s autonomous driving system and electric ‘ludicrous mode’ to Ferrari’s 1000 horsepower hybrid supercar, the world of transportation and mobility is witnessing a paradigm shift in technology. Since time immemorial, The Paris Motor Show has been a platform for auto brands to showcase to the world their latest designs, tech features, and cool innovations. Rebranded as, the auto show is now inclusive towards the community of transportation and mobility innovators.

We spoke with Ben Costantini, CEO of Startup Sesame, a global network of tech events that organizes, to give us a low-down on how mobility tech startups can make the most of Mondial. Read on!

What was the inspiration behind starting Tell us the story.

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Ben Costantini

The Paris Motor Show organized a full day of conference and a startup competition dedicated to the future of transportation and mobility in 2016.

The event was named Mondial Innovation Forum and the website was hosted on The brand name and the event are now called

Tell us about the event. When is it held and what is the agenda? is a fresh B2B experience for transportation and mobility innovators to meet and build their business. Showcasing pioneering technologies applied to the automotive industry and its whole ecosystem; the event develops the link between the automotive industry’s value chain and their current and future technologies suppliers.

Slated to be held at the Paris Convention Center from the 1st till the 6th of October 2018, the event packs a mix of experiences such as conferences, keynote interviews, roundtable discussions, startups’ competition (Mondial Tech Startups Awards), exhibitions, and networking sessions.

The conference will be held every day and the startup competition is divided between 8 categories: Sustainable Mobility, ITS, Material & Weight Reduction, Security Automatization & Cybersecurity, Electrification & Hybridization, Industry 4.0, Well-Being experience and Storage & Energetic systems.

What can startups in the transportation and mobility space expect at the event? 

Organized in partnership with the Startup Sesame network, Startup Awards is the biggest competition between startups from the entire world and is dedicated to the automobile and future mobility industries.

Selected among several hundred candidates from thirty or so countries in the world, 64 finalists are invited to pitch and exhibit during These select startups have a chance to meet the automobile ecosystem of car manufacturers, OEMs, equipment manufacturers and tech providers and have the opportunity to create solid business connections.

The selected startups will compete in 8 categories. A jury will vote for the winner in each of the categories and among them, the final award winner will be announced. Category sponsors are committed to exploring a collaboration with the winning startup (incubation, acceleration or deployment).

8 brand messaging guidelines for startups by Jay Nichols

The startup landscape today is brimming with pathbreaking products and profound ideas. However, you need much more than a spellbinding product or idea to stand out from the pack. Your tech startup needs smart brand messaging and marketing to create a buzz and induce a sense of excitement among your target audience.

What are the trends you foresee in the auto-tech space?

The automotive industry is completely disrupted by technologies for several years now, from blockchain to autonomous vehicles. Sustainability is a need of the hour, entwined with a need for building a cleaner environment and better safety, so driverless cars and electric propulsion are for sure part of the next big thing for the automotive industry.

As a unique global event, what are your future plans for

The future for is bright. is a unique event and it shows the commitment of the Paris Motor Show to reinvent itself and follow the trends in the automotive industry. Paris Motor Show is organized every two years. However, the swift pace at which the future of transportation and mobility is evolving, there are plans to organize it every year.

Why did you choose a .TECH domain name? How is it helping you develop a strong online brand?

We choose a .tech domain name as it shows a strong focus on technology and its impact on the automotive industry. As mentioned in the first question, the organizers of Paris Motor Show loved the website so much that they finally changed the name of the event to!

Starting a cool new auto-tech company? Get .TECH here!

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