5 brilliant ways a .TECH domain can fuel your career

  1. Primary Domain: Choose a [name].TECH domain as your primary online identity for your projects and portfolio. Take, for instance, IsaacMillerCodes.Tech
  2. Branded URL Shortener: Build personal visibility with every link you share online with a .TECH domain! Edgar.Tech is a fitting example of a short and memorable URL.
  3. Domain Redirect: Brand your GitHub / Stack Overflow / LinkedIn profile with a .TECH domain.
  4. Virtual CV: Showcase your CV online on a .TECH domain. Nicola J. Dunne uses a .TECH domain to host her portfolio of tech communication.
  5. Personal Brand: Build an attractive online presence for yourself through a programming blog on a .TECH domain name. Jessica Rose is a tech professional who uses Jessica.Tech to highlight her personal brand.

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