Technology Startup? Soar High with the Startup League

.TECH’s constant endeavor to power promising tech startups has been supported by a unique startup support initiative – the Startup League. A technology startup using a .TECH domain extension is automatically eligible to be part of this program. The Startup League sponsors outstanding startups to exhibit at large scale technology conferences and startup fests; and provides event marketing and PR support to catapult young startups to success.

Benefits of the Startup League

  • Event Sponsorship:All startups in the Startup League can get a reimbursement on their startup exhibitor fees at leading tech events from across the globe.
  • Marketing & PR:Get featured in the media to spread the word about your awesome business.
  • VIP Access to Domain Names:Get special, exclusive access to high valued premium domain names.
  • Branded Schwag:Receive special schwag customized to your requirements, prominently showcasing your brand and URL.

Let’s look at 5 unique .TECH startups that are soaring high with a boost from the Startup League.

1. Nu-Rise.TECH

Portugal based Nu-Rise.TECH is an innovative radiation detector and medical technology startup founded by Luís Moutinho (CEO), João Veloso and Filipe Castro. With a seed capital investment of 100k€ by Caixa Capital, NU-Rise.TECH develops nuclear radiation sensors and equipment for application in the field of industry and healthcare. The cutting-edge technology startup from the University of Aveiro has initiated a new product that addresses the lack of radiation monitoring in prostate brachytherapy. They aim to commercialize this device within the first quarter of 2018.

2. Sourced.TECH

Founded by Eiso Kant (CEO), Jorge Shnura and Philip von Have, Sourced.TECH specializes in Artificial Intelligence to help other startups and larger companies recruit developers. Sourced.TECH uses AI to analyze and understand the codes written by millions of developers and matches them with suitable job availabilities. Headquartered in Spain, this startup raised $6 million in Series A funding backed by Xavier Niel’s own fund, Otium Venture, and Sunstone Capital and aims to expand its presence to London, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, New York, Boston and San Francisco.

3. Lorem.TECH

Lorem.TECH is a unique technology startup that connects web freelancers with website owners and business houses to offer technical help for their website. The startup from New York City addresses a key pain point as most business owners lack the technical knowledge to customize or make minor fixes and changes to their existing website. Founded by Sam Wilcoxon and Charlie Fogarty, Lorem.TECH recently raised $1.1M and aims to become a pivotal resource that businesses can turn to for technical help.

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4. Kika.TECH

Headquartered in California and founded by Bill Hu and Ric Zhou, Kika.TECH has developed the Kika Emoji Keyboard app for Android and IOS. The smart typing app makes everyday interactions a fun and engaging activity across all social platforms. With over 1600 emoticons, trendy stickers and smart layouts, the young technology startup is using AI personalization abilities to enhance user-expression and foster creative interaction. Having raised $63M in 2 rounds of funding from 7 investors, Kika.TECH is in a bid to reinvent mobile communications.

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Kika.TECH in news: Startup on Radix Domain has More Downloads on Play Store Than Lyft and Hulu Combined

5. Bubbl.TECH

Bubbl.TECH, a sophisticated plugin for Android and IOS mobile apps, serves as a smart and highly accurate geolocation platform for proximity marketing. Headquartered in London, the clever technology startup has raised around $131k in investment. Coupled with a strong analytics platform, the platform enables retailers to capitalize on ‘in the moment’ customer engagements. Bubbl harnesses the power of mobile technology to target an audience that was previously unreachable and enhances brand communications to drive conversions.


Are you a unique and innovative technology startup? Get your .TECH domain and become eligible to access the Startup League. For details, write to [email protected].

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