.TECH: The Domain Extension for your Tech Startup

You’re a new tech startup with a ground-breaking idea or product. After careful consideration, you zero down on a smart name for your startup that aligns perfectly with your core competency and branding. But what happens when you realize that www.YourStartup.com has already been taken? You compromise and pick another – only to be on a .COM.

Choosing the perfect domain name is pivotal for your tech outfit’s online brand value. .COM, .NET have been around for 30 years. It’s no surprise, then, that if you were to register a domain name on these extensions, they are most likely already taken. Does that mean that you have to settle for something that wasn’t your first choice? Not anymore.

Today, there are over 1200 new domain extensions available for young startups to choose from. Of these, .TECH has been a real favorite among tech startups and rightly so! For an innovation-led startup fueled with passion and tech wizardry, a long, dull domain extension won’t make the cut. It deserves a unique web address with a domain name that truly sets it apart.

Who’s already on a .TECH

Since its launch, two years ago, .TECH has emerged as the de facto domain name for tech startups, enthusiasts, programmers, and the technology community. Not only is it short, memorable and easily brandable, it perfectly aligns with the industry niche too. Clubbed with your brand name, it creates an instant brand association.

For example, Sensei.tech, a business intelligence startup is using .TECH as part of its web address to build a striking online identity for itself. The Lisbon based startup provides precise in-store analytics to track customer behavior and thus opted for a relevant and distinctive domain name that is crisp and globally appealing – all the ingredients that make for a great brand!


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Sensei is currently a part of the Techstars Metro Accelerator Program in Berlin – one of the most elite and coveted accelerator programs in the world.

Through the past year, Sensei also focused on creating a remarkable on-ground presence at various startup events and tech fests. This gave them the opportunity to interact with investors, media, industry influencers and prospective clients.

Choosing a .TECH domain name paved the way for Sensei.tech to get on board the Startup League, a unique startup program that offers exclusive support to startups on .TECH and other select new domain extensions. Benefits of Startup League include:

  • Sponsorship to exhibit at events such as SXSW, TechDay NY, Web Summit, RISE, The Next Web Conference etc.
  • Free branded T-shirts and schwag to flaunt at the event
  • PR shout-outs on leading PR portals like TNW, Alley Watch, Tech.EU etc and much more!

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How startups are using their .TECH domains

When it comes to shattering stereotypes and effectively establishing your identity online, .TECH checks all the boxes; it’s relevant, smart, definitive and memorable. XyberTechnologies.com and AeraWindBorne.com switched to Xyber.tech and AeraCars.tech because it made their domain name more brandable.

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So, why settle for a domain name that reads www.brandname-tech.com, when you can get www.brandname.tech? Make your domain name stand out by using a short, crisp web address and use it to impart a message, like humanizing.tech or breakinto.tech or to include your core competency or niche, like eyeware.tech or foodstamp.tech.

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