6 Steps to Choosing a Kickass Online Identity.. for Anything!

6 Steps to Choosing a Kickass Online Identity.. for Anything!

Are you launching a new product or a new brand or a shiny new startup? Are you struggling to find the perfect online identity for your venture? Has this name-game muddle put you in a dilemma? If your answer for each of these questions is yes, then look no further. You’re at the right place!

We’ve all come across the challenging task of naming something or someone. You give careful thought and consideration when naming a product or a brand or even your pet! Whilst choosing your domain name you need to brainstorm hard and far for something snappy and memorable. The name must be smartly crafted in a way that best describes the essence of your business. To add to your woes, most names on .COM are already taken.



These roadblocks make it seem like there is no way to choose the perfect online identity. Don’t worry though, we have you covered! In this post, you’ll discover 6 handy tips that will help you choose the perfect online identity.

1) Find a suitable domain extension

Choosing the right domain name extension is pivotal for building a great online identity. Go beyond the traditional .COM, .NET, .ORG domain names. Look for something more definitive and associative to your industry type. If you get domain names that make a good match, register all of them. Protecting your brand is very important. For tech brands and products, .TECH is a perfect domain extension!



2) Select a relevant name

Your online name and the nature of your business must complement each other. There must be a clear connection between the two. Don’t choose a name that is fancy and intriguing but fails to describe your business or isn’t in line with your branding activities. You can choose a simple domain name (the name of your business) and combine it with a relevant extension (relevant to the nature of your business). Take, for instance, Viacom’s technology portal www.viacom.tech. Isn’t that smart?


3) Choose the right keywords

To make your website pop up on the first page of search engines, your name and content must consist of the right keywords. Brainstorm about what you would like to be associated with when searched for on the web. Using the right keywords and building quality content around it will drive traffic to your website.

4) Make it memorable

Your perfect online name should be easy to say, easy to understand, easy to remember, easy to spell and easy to type. Choose a name that speaks for itself, something sharp and short. A name that is captivating stays with people; thereby creating a brand. For.e.g. www.breakinto.TECH is a great name for a startup that helps people to ‘break into tech’.


5) Keep it simple

Keep it simple and minimalistic. Avoid using double letters or numbers that look like letters. People who hear your website name should pick it up instantly. Numbers, or a hyphen, or double letters are confusing – that is something you don’t want. Extreme.TECH, a Canadian company that helps startups to grow, is a perfect example of a company with a simple name.

6) Do your research

Once you’ve zeroed down on the name, conduct a thorough and comprehensive research before registering the domain name. The last thing you want is a legal hassle over a domain name that is trademarked or copyrighted or registered by another company. Violation of trademarks has some serious repercussions. Better to be safe than sorry!

We hope this post helps you to choose the perfect online identity for your business. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget, it’s all about the domain name! Grab your .TECH domain here!


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