HabHub.Tech: Making Patient Rehabilitation Possible at Home

HabHub.Tech: Making Patient Rehabilitation Possible at Home

Ageing increases the demand for healthcare and since demographic trends suggest a staunch rise in the global elderly population, this may be a silent cause of worry for healthcare services. To help healthcare services cope with this rising challenge, Habhub.TECH offers a unique platform to monitor post-discharge patient rehabilitation progress. In this interview, Peter Chung, founder of HabHub, explains why patient rehabilitation is important and why it is a concept that will continue to grow in the coming future.

How did you come up with the idea for HabHub? Why do you think patient rehabilitation at home is crucial?

My mother suffered a stroke 2 years ago. It was a minor scare and she recovered from it. At that time, she was instructed to conduct a few rehabilitation exercises at home. She did so, but apart from making manual notes on paper, there was no way to accurately record her rehabilitation progress. She would sometimes falsify her data and present them to the PT. This is how I got the idea for HabHub.

Hong Kong is an international city with more than 7 million people that consists majorly of an aging population. Having a home-based rehabilitation solution will help patients to recover from strokes and other illnesses. In the long run, it will relieve the burden and pressure of handling patients in the existing health care system.

habhub-patient-rehabilitation-peter-chungPeter Chung, founder of HabHub.TECH

How can the families of patients benefit from using HabHub.TECH?

HabHub provides a nifty feature that enables family members to keep track of the patients’ rehabilitation progress. All the data-records capture a time stamp, and this makes it impossible for patients to falsify data. In addition, our platform is packed with a live video and sound recording feature, so family members can view the video clips and follow up with the rehabilitation progress of the patient at a later hour. In the future, we intend to use chatbots and Artificial Intelligence that will make our system smarter and more patient-oriented.

Do you foresee a growth in the post-discharge patient rehabilitation in the coming future?

Let me answer this by quoting some relevant figures from Hong Kong. According to a medical report, there are around 68 new stroke cases every day. Around half of them recover successfully and are suggested to undergo home-based rehabilitation. Currently, there are 100,000 such patients in Hong Kong. This is a clear indication that the marketing potential is huge, especially with so many countries and cities facing the problem of an aging population.


How has the entrepreneurial journey been? What are the milestones you are proud of?

We have learned a lot in the past few months! On the marketing and promotions front, we exhibited at RISE conference 2017, Smart [email protected] Park, and HealthTech Asia conference organized by StartMeUp HK. We received media coverage from well-known news publishers in Hong Kong, including Headline Daily and AM730. Also, we were interviewed by TVB during RISE 2017. In Cyberport, we were invited to join the Cyberport Startups Celebration Party as we had won a few local awards.

On the external partnership side, we have successfully roped in several industry experts, including registered psychologists and registered operation therapists to join our team as mentors. On the software development side, we built the HabHub app and the backend infrastructure completely by ourselves without outsourcing the development work. On the fundraising side, we secured funding from Cyberport and SIE fund in addition to the HKUST E-fund.

How does your .TECH domain help you in building an online persona for HabHub.TECH?

.TECH is a very popular domain extension in the global startup ecosystem and it resonates perfectly with what HabHub specializes in – innovative technology. Not only that, using a .Tech domain got us access to the Startup League, where we met with various startups. At RISE Hong Kong 2017, we met with different entrepreneurs and engineers with whom we may have a chance to collaborate with in the future.


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