5 Rules to Picking Your Tech Business Domain Name

Identifying and getting a domain name for your tech business needs some thinking!

Several stories relating to names come from the ancient Hebrew Scriptures. There are instances where God changes some people’s names (Sarai to Sarah) as a sort of declaration of a change in their lives.

In another story, a man named Jabez accepts a name reflective of the suffering bore by his mother, a name which may have motivated him to avoid any actions that might bring pain to others.

Some of us today may hear names from our childhood, positive or negative, affecting our lives in one way or another. The point is, names play a significant role in people’s lives, which leads us to…

The importance of your tech business domain name

Your tech business domain name is the key identity people seek when they meet you and it is the perhaps the only means by which someone can refer to you. When it comes to the digital era, your tech business name is not just the name of your brand, it is your domain name—the address that you want people to visit to know you better and do business with you.

Marketing experts believe that the shift in consumer habits and technology are driving this change. The universal presence of domain names, social media and the widespread use of smartphones with their smaller screens have propelled startups to embrace new rules on how a company should select its business name.

It’s a domain name game

Domain name a.k.a URL that is easy to understand and builds on the company’s name and mission tend to drive potential partners and customers to the company’s website where they can learn more about the firm and its products/services.

Jonah Berger, the marketing professor at Wharton says that domain name helps a brand stand for their mission and that in turn influences choice in the bazaar.

Yahoo stands for “Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle”. Back then the company took the bold and whimsical decision to name it ‘Yahoo’ with no clear association to its core business or offering. What flew then doesn’t fly now.

The speed at which business are sprouting, standing out in the marketplace is the need of the hour, or you will forever be lost in the abyss. Your domain name can make this work easier for you.

How do New Domains impact SEO?

New domains and SEO. What is the connection between the two? nTLDs offer a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to get a domain name that they desire. Find out what users have to say about the impact of new domains and SEO.

How? By following these traits in selecting a domain name that attracts more traffic to a website:

1.    Avoid crossing the 18-character limit

We are a generation that loves convenience. Short domain names that are easy on the memory and easier to type tend to yield higher traffic. Hitting the sweet spot here would be having a domain name with less than 10 characters.

Your domain name should have the difficulty level of zero. If you have to say it more than once or spell it for someone, then it’s complicated and will affect your web traffic in the long run.

2.    Tell a story with your domain extension

Domain extensions stand for a specific type of entity. For example,

  • .COM meant commercial
  • .EDU meant education
  • .NET meant network
  • .ORG meant organization

These were some of the most used extensions, and it conditioned us to categorize websites based on the extension they bore. Fast forward to today, there are now 1200 new domain extensions, each representing its own niche. And with the boom in the tech industry, there obviously is an extension specifically for them.

.TECH gives startup entrepreneurs an opportunity to name their website that creates a brand story, adds meaning and value to the domain name, and most importantly keeps it short. In fact, many startups, tech influencers, and big corporates have already accepted .TECH with open arms. Some of them include:


The Tech Community is Transforming its Identity – One Domain Name at a Time!

Did you know that .COM, .NET have been around for 30 years? It’s no surprise, then, that if you were to register a domain name on these extensions, they are most likely already taken. Does that mean that you have to settle for something that wasn’t your first choice? Not anymore.

3.    Ditch the hyphens, numbers and acronyms

This is synonymous with the first point. When you’re on the path to deciding on a domain name, keep in mind the Radio Test. Simply put, it is a test to see if someone were to say your domain name on the radio, would it be comprehensible and memorable to the listener. This means your domain name should not only be sort but also simple to understand.

Consider these two names:

  • (said as james-hyphen-tyler-dot-tech)
  • (said as james-typler-dot-tech)

Which one of these two do you think would fare well on the radio test? Clearly, the second one.

The same logic applies to numbers and acronyms. The person on the listening end might not be sure if the number in your URL is the number (6) or the word (six). And if someone were to misspell your acronym or miss out on a letter, they’ll go everywhere else but on your website.

4.    Check for trademarks and availability on social media sites

Before you move forward with any domain name, check if there are any trademarks registered to the name and if it is available on social media sites. One of the pre-requisites of building a successful brand is to ensure you have the same name across platforms. This builds familiarity and makes it easier for your users to associate with you and find you in the future.

Checking for trademarks is to ensure you stay away from any legal troubles. Building a startup is no easy feat and to fight legal battles is a colossal waste of time that can be avoided if careful.

5.    Think  of a domain name for the future

Your domain name is a long-term commitment. It is one of the biggest elements that define your business and brand for years. So, when deciding on the domain name, think long-term. For example, if your business helps companies set up their IT infrastructure, you could choose a domain name like

But if you think there is a chance you might want to expand your tech business, you can go with something like You don’t have to pin down your business name to a niche if you feel you might want to expand that niche in the future.

So keep a long-term vision when picking your tech domain name.

The domain name of your tech business will stay with you forever. Something that demands this kind of long-term commitment involves serious analysis and thorough research. The more meaningful your name, the more it will resonate with your target group and put your tech startup on the road to success.

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