IOSD: A Place for Indian Software Developers to Improve Their Skills

India is home to supremely talented software developers who are redefining technology with their groundbreaking lines of code. In this post, we speak with Saksham Sandhu, co-founder of IOSD (International Organization of Software Developers), to shed light on how Indian software developers can make the most of what IOSD has to offer to improve their skill and to bring in innovation with their creativity, imagination, and code. Read on!

Tell us about IOSD.

The International Organization for Software Developers (IOSD) is a student-run organization founded in 2016 by Krishna Rai, Nikhil Arora, Nikhil Pandey and me. We started out as a handful of coruscating Android techies, who shared a common passion for software development. Initially, we were christened ‘SD’, short for Software Developers, and later transitioned to IOSD.

Our goal with IOSD is to provide a platform for software developers to come together to discuss ideas and create projects in an encouraging environment. Being development oriented, IOSD’s founding principle is to promote technological innovation among college students.

Saksham Sandhu, co-founder of IOSD.

When it comes to Indian software developers, what is amiss when compared to global talent?

There is a massive gap between the skills acquired by software developers at college and the requirements of the industry. This is primarily because the Indian education system gives more importance to marks by conducting standardized tests; this leaves no scope for innovation.

Students often rely on the internet to keep themselves updated because the curriculum is often based on decades-old technology. The absence of inquisitive thinking is often displayed in the unoriginality of code and lack of breakthroughs.

This is not to say that all Indian software developers are not at par with their western counterparts, but the sad reality is while some are doing extremely well, others are not able to unleash their full potential.

How does IOSD’s ‘Fund Your Startup’ program work?

IOSD places considerable importance on breakthrough innovations and thus, eagerly provides funds to support talented minds to convert their ideas into a stunning reality. Any Indian startup can apply for the provision of funds in the bi-annual registrations followed by a shortlisting process; after which the selected startups can present their ideas/products to our Innovations team. Startups with the best ideas are allocated funds ranging from 1,00,000 INR – 5,00,000 INR for their initial growth.

What is the biggest challenge when it comes to engaging with brands to support your events and programs?

We have been fortunate enough to engage with brands that share the same vision as ours. They continually support us for our current projects and show a great deal of excitement to engage with our future projects as well.

However, on the flipside, one problem that we continuously faced is the lack of communication that arises due to busy schedules. There have been times when this leads to misinformation and, eventually, to a difference in the overall vision for the end product.

How can Indian software students make the most of what IOSD has to offer?

We organize mock hackathons, discussion forums, monthly competitions, seminars, and workshops through the year. These events offer unparalleled exposure and a chance to interact with industry professionals. This is a great way for software developers and students to become part of what IOSD has to offer.

Annual Orientation at International Organisation of Software Developers

Tell us about the recent events you’ve held and exciting projects that you’ve undertaken lately.

Recently, we organized Synergy 2.0, our tech fest whose crowning jewel was HackDTU, India’s largest hackathon with a cash prize of 2,50,000 INR. After a thorough shortlisting process, only 70 teams were selected out of a total of 500 registered teams.

We are in the process of organizing a junior entrepreneurship challenge that is pegged to be an interschool competition with a cash prize of 20,000 INR. Also, we have undertaken various projects that include developing android apps for the UN, creating an investment portfolio predictor based upon the risk profile of the user. We even developed an android application for Delhi Police to track and solve queries of complainants based on their respective FIR. We are also undertaking various other development projects with prestigious companies.

What makes .TECH a good fit for IOSD and HackDTU websites?

I honestly believe that .TECH ushers in a new era of domain names. It gave us much more freedom in terms of choosing the domain name for IOSD and HackDTU as there were name unavailability issues on other extensions. Also, there is less flexibility offered by other extensions, as compared to .TECH. We truly believe that we share the same vision as .TECH and hope to collaborate in the future.


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