185+ Domain Name Ideas For Your Tech Startup or Tech Blog

Did you know that marketing experts consider their domain name as one of the most valuable branding assets? This is why choosing a domain name for your tech startup or tech blog is a crucial decision and one that requires research and careful thought.

Yes, your domain name is much more than a mere web address. In fact, searching for domain availability is an integral part of the process of searching for cool tech company names.

The idea is to search for a startup name that is snazzy, innovative, and one that piques the interest of anyone who comes across it.

Why? Well, because your domain name is the first touchpoint for your stakeholders to get an understanding of what to expect when they land on your website.

Find Cool Tech Company Names On A .tech Domain!


Although startup naming is now easy and you find hundreds of startup name ideas for your company without difficulty, best practices suggest picking a domain name that is rich in keywords, brandable, memorable, and easy to spell.

Now you may be wondering, ‘Gee, that’s a lot of boxes to tick!’. And you’re right. And that’s exactly why you should consider picking a name on a .tech domain!

Why You Should Pick A .tech Domain Name For Your Tech Startup or Tech Blog

Now, one may argue about why a .tech domain works better for a tech startup than say the .io domain or the .app domain or the .dev domain or even the .ai domain. And they’d be right to make that comparison.

The answer, though, is simple. The word ‘tech’ is universally understood as an acronym for ‘technology’. And that’s what the .tech domain represents – all things technology.

Compare that with the .io extension or .ai extension, which are actually country-code top-level domains and are positioned as domain names for tech businesses because IO stands for input/output in software languages and AI stands for artificial intelligence – it may get confusing for the average bloke to make sense of it.

The same applies to the .dev domain and .app domain. While these are more specific and meaningful than .io and .ai, they limit the scope of the business to only software development or app development services.

Whereas, with a .tech domain, you can build a full-fledged business that is future-proof in terms of its nomenclature and domain usage.

For instance, your tech startup can kickstart its journey with a cool mobile app and go on to offering software development or gaming development services.

And after a few years, you can expand into artificial intelligence solutions and IoT related creations – all this without having to build multiple new websites and buying new domain names for each new product or service.

Adopting a .tech domain is a smart way to establish a solid online presence and a formidable tech brand.

This is probably the reason why AI-based startup, sourced.tech and eyeware.tech opted for a .tech domain to denote themselves on the internet.

List Of 150+ Domain Name Ideas For Your Tech Startup 

Here’s a list of cool tech names currently being used by startups that you can take inspiration from when picking a domain name for your startup.



So, to help you find the perfect domain name for your tech startup, we’ve put together a few tips and categorized it based on what you should and shouldn’t do.

List of 35+ Domain Name Ideas For Your Tech Blog

What You Should Do To Pick A Domain Name For Your Tech Startup or Tech Blog

1. Pick a short and easy to remember the name

Your tech startup’s website will be open for anyone from across the globe to access.

This means you should pick a name that is easy to remember and easy to spell across various geographies without any difficulty.

Hunt for names that are free of any lingual or grammatical errors.

Given that short and memorable domain names on conventional domains are hard to find, you should consider picking a name on relevant new domain extensions such as the .tech domain.

As a domain extension crafted for tech startups and globally understood as a domain dedicated to all things technology, names on .tech are short, smart, and supremely brandable.

For instance, www.shadow.tech is a short, simple, and meaningful web address that is easy to remember and one that will surely pass the radio test as it’s globally understood.

2. Use the name of your product or brand

If you’ve already thought of a well-crafted name or made a list of cool tech company names, we advise sticking to it and using any one of them as your domain name.

Branding best practices suggest using the same moniker across all online channels as it helps with continuity and efficient brand building across platforms.

If the name of your choice isn’t available on a traditional domain, consider searching on new domain extensions.

For instance, if www.redrocket.com isn’t available, opt for www.redrocket.tech.

It’s better to switch to a new domain extension rather than compromising on your brand name just to be on a traditional domain.

3. Keep SEO in mind

Although search engines treat all domain extensions without any bias, there is a hidden advantage of picking a smart moniker on a relevant domain extension.

A domain such as www.londonfood.tech is clean and crisp, and this means it will attract backlinks on the anchor text ‘London Food Tech’ or ‘Food Tech’ or ‘London Food’.

This will give search engines a positive indication about the keywords and the authenticity of the website which will in-turn help to rank higher.

The keywords ‘London Food Tech’ when searched for on search engines, will result in www.londonfood.tech to rank higher than other websites.

Since keywords and backlinks are the backbones of startup SEO, it’s essential to pick a domain name that can supplement help in organic marketing.

Find Cool Tech Company Names On A .tech Domain!


What You Shouldn’t Do To Pick A Domain Name For Your Tech Startup

1. Don’t pick an awkward or clunky word

Searching for the perfect domain name can be a tad bit difficult since most names are already taken.

However, don’t give up hope and settle for a long word that is awkward to spell or hard to pronounce.

Because not only will this severely derail your branding endeavors, it will also disable your tech startup from winning at voice search or passing the radio test.

Not to mention, long names bring in a sense of inconsistency and lack credibility.

As opposed to short and memorable names, long names won’t do well to win customer trust and brand loyalty.

For instance, instead of picking www.zizzlemobiletechnology.com, why not pick www.zizzle.tech?

2. Avoid including unwanted characters

In the section above we mentioned why you should pick a simple name that is not only brandable but also one that is future proof.

And a lot of that had to do with picking a name that is devoid of any unnecessary characters or numbers that will clutter your brand name.

Simply put, the domain name for your tech startup must be clean and free of any confusion.

A domain name that is easy to type and easy to understand will pass the radio test, ace the SEO criteria, and subsequently win at voice search.

The best way to pick a clean domain name for your tech startup is to avoid doing the following:

  • Avoid including numbers with words (www.100smartphones.tech)
  • Avoid using hyphens (www.smart-phone-app.tech)
  • Avoid using abbreviations (www.smartphone4sale.tech)
  • Avoid using unusual spellings (www.smaartphonezz.tech)

3. Steer clear of names that sound like some other brand’s name

When searching for a name for your tech startup, be sure to avoid picking a name that sounds like some other brand’s name.

The last thing you want is for your startup name to get mixed up with another business.

It might be tempting to pick a name that sounds like another successful brand’s name, especially from the tech business, but this strategy always backfires big time.

This is because of the massive legal implications this tactic brings with it.

Not just that, imitating a brand name is branding fiasco and a marketing disaster.

It’s best to pick an original name and then trademark it for your brand’s safety.

domain name for your tech startup

Final Thoughts

If you follow these tips to pick a domain name for your tech startup,  you will definitely win big at acquiring a slick online identity. And if you want to know where you can find cool tech name ideas then use a host tech company name generator tools like this name spinner.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started!

Starting a tech startup? Get .tech here!


Updated on 11th October 2019.

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