How to Become a Venture Capitalist: The Well Kept Secrets
how to become a venture capitalist

How To Become A Venture Capitalist: The Well Kept Secrets

For an entrepreneur, becoming a venture capitalist (VC) is a great opportunity with multiple benefits. Besides controlling huge amounts of capital and having a flexible work schedule, funding a startup that eventually goes on to succeed is truly gratifying.

According to Forbes, venture capitalism is a microscopic industry and the odds of becoming a venture capitalist are similar to those of becoming a professional baseball player. Thus, market entry is difficult.

In this article, you will understand how to become a venture capitalist.

Who is a venture capitalist?

A venture capitalist is a professional investor who supports startups by providing third-party capital.

He or she invests in promising startups with the expectation of large returns in the future. 

Typically, they go beyond just investing in startups. They also act as mentors, leaders, and advisors to the startups that they fund, helping them in every step of the way.

How to become a venture capitalist?

The two most common paths towards becoming a venture capitalist are serial entrepreneurship and investment banking. 

However,  some venture capitalists have also formerly been financial advisors, business experts, even academics.

Now we will get into the details of how to become a venture capitalist with these 5 tried and tested methods.

5 definite ways of becoming a venture capitalist

1. Educate yourself

How to become a venture capitalist? READ.

You can always read your way into becoming a venture capitalist. There are many books by experts in the field that will give you all the information you need. 

Although it’s not mandatory to have a college degree or a high-school diploma, formal education is always a bonus. It teaches you the basics and helps you build a good network. 

According to Investopedia, 50% of venture capitalists have an MBA degree, and 60% of them have graduated from either Harvard or Stanford University. 

2. Find a venture capitalist mentor

If you want to become a venture capitalist and are serious about it, you need to find a mentor. A good mentor can provide you with the best introduction to the venture capital world.

Besides the basics of running a business, a successful venture capitalist will also teach you how to pick winning startups.

You can also opt for on-the-job mentoring by joining a venture capitalist firm as a technical advisor or an assistant.

If you make it clear to your bosses that you plan to become a venture capitalist, they are likely to help you learn the ropes. Another way to do this is by interning at a venture capitalist firm.

3. Explore entrepreneurship

The best way to become a venture capitalist is through experience. An entrepreneur knows startups and the challenges that come with them.

Therefore, they have the knowledge required to advise new entrepreneurs on how to navigate the waters.

4. Take up investment banking

Working for a tech-oriented bank that regularly funds startups will also give you the knowledge you need on how to become a venture capitalist.

A good understanding of bank processes is a great advantage to get you started.

5. Become an angel investor

Instead of diving into venture capitalism, you can first test the waters as an angel investor.

The only difference between angel investors and venture capitalists is that angel investors invest their own capital, whereas venture capitalists work through a firm.

To become an angel investor, all you need is a good bank balance and the ability to identify a promising startup. Moreover, becoming an angel investor helps you understand if venture capitalism is the right career for you. 

If you’re successful, it also demonstrates that you have the skill to identify promising ventures and help them become successful.

What does it take to become a venture capitalist?

You may have the skills and knowledge to be a venture capitalist, but in order to be a successful one, you need to possess the following qualities:

  • Ability to find promising startups

As a venture capitalist, it’s your job to select the right startups to invest in. 

Since businesses in their early stages are unlikely to have concrete numbers, your intuition plays a major role. 

  • Ability to do in-depth background checks

Once you’ve identified a promising business, it doesn’t stop there. You need to check the founders’ backgrounds thoroughly and ensure that they’re honest and credible. 

In-depth industry research is also recommended. This involves doing market research, talking to leaders in the industry, and working out financial models to predict the future of the startup.

  • Ability to say “no”

As a venture capitalist, you will be forced to say “no” to most businesses that ask you for funds. 

The reasons for this could range from issues with the founders to the fact that the venture lacks potential. 

If you want to become a venture capitalist, you need to ask yourself if you’re okay with crushing the dreams of most people who come to you. 

  • Ability to take risks

No matter how much you investigate and analyze, there’s always risk involved. The venture where you invested your time and money may fail.

There’s also a chance that a startup that you refused may succeed. As a venture capitalist, you need to be comfortable with the risks involved.

  • Ability to negotiate

Once you’ve decided to fund a venture, you need to hammer out the finances. 

How much money do the founders want? What do future finances look like? What will your returns be? 

All this requires serious negotiation skills.

  • Ability to network

Since venture capitalism is a small industry, it’s all about who you know in the industry. 

You need to know people who like you and want you to succeed.

Want to know more about how to become a venture capitalist?

Before you embark on your journey to becoming a venture capitalist, it’s important to study the experiences of those that have gone before you.

We spoke to 16 venture capitalists to talk about how to be a venture capitalist and make it big in the industry. Below are their journeys for you to read, observe, and learn from.

15+ VCs tell us about their journey to becoming a Venture Capitalist

1. Shad Elia, CEO of

It’s funny, but I only decided to be a venture capitalist after being offered the position. I never attempted to work in that direction. This is something I’ve heard from a few guys in the field. No one set out to become a venture capitalist, it seemed to happen by accident

In my case, I knew someone who had recently taken over the VC group at SAP Europe, and he asked me to assist him because of my experience. We were a good match in terms of strengths and weaknesses. And before I knew it, I was a venture capitalist. 

Becoming a venture capitalist met a lot of the criteria of what I was looking for in terms of a career at the time. After 12 years, I believe I have discovered something I simply enjoy doing and have never considered as work. In any case, I’d get up in the morning and do at least half, if not all, of what I do as part of my job. I’d be doing angel deals if I wasn’t investing as part of a fund.

2. Daniel Velez Vasquez, CEO at Home Security

The journey to becoming a venture capitalist started when I began my career as a management consultant. I enjoyed the intellectual challenge of working through sectors and assisting clients with difficult problems. 

After consulting, I was fortunate enough to be hired as a junior member of an entrepreneurial investment company, and I enjoyed being around entrepreneurs. You can work with a variety of businesses in a variety of sectors but the vitality and excitement of working with entrepreneurs is infectious. 

I felt like I’d found my calling when I came across venture capital. I grew up in that firm before leaving for business school, and it was during my time there that the idea for Kickstart (the seed fund I started) germinated, both with the firm and with myself.

I became obsessed with the idea of starting my own seed-stage investment fund. Since I started a seed fund in a position where it didn’t exist at the time, I had to feel all of the stings and arrows of becoming an entrepreneur. 

We saw a business opportunity, as well as a source of pain for which there was no real solution. As a result, I bootstrapped it. I had to collect funds as a vision rather than something with momentum, and I had to find out how to inspire the talent. 

Fundraising and figuring out everything else took two to three years: how to syndicate, structure, and add value. We couldn’t copy because we didn’t have someone to copy from. 

Apart from going through the entrepreneurial journey myself, I’ve learned that being good at a lot of things at the same time is important to be a venture capitalist. You must have a strong network of follow-on funding, a thorough understanding of various business models (business, finance, marketing, operations, and so on), and a thorough understanding of all of these across industries.

Being a good venture capitalist often necessitates a high degree of emotional intelligence and grit. You’re dealing with passionate owners, other VCs, syndicates, and your own investors—there are a lot of people involved, and keeping everyone on the same page can be difficult. These are a few aspects that I believe have contributed to my success.

3. Tanner Arnold, President & CEO of Revelation Machinery.

Well, I became a venture capitalist because I wanted to make a unique difference

At the time, I felt like there was very little representation of recent engineers or product people in venture capital, which resulted in a lot of great tech infrastructure companies that might seem ‘boring’ to non-coders and infosec companies that are arcane, but fighting real problems and struggling to get funded.

4. Dusan Stanar, Founder & CEO of VSS Monitoring

Needless to mention, without warm introductions, not much happens in the VC industry. Even though things are changing a little, it is still very much a clubby atmosphere. 

You have a better chance of being invited if you have an analytical mind, a clear and well-thought-out perspective on a particular space, a strong network among the best and brightest, and entrepreneurial experience. Just a few people are employed at top VC firms solely because they are smart young graduates. The majority of them have direct experience in the startup world.

It’s difficult to be a successful venture capitalist if you can’t build credibility with the best entrepreneurs. It’s also easier to be credible if you’ve been in their shoes before – i.e. if you’ve built an organization from scratch and seen the ups and downs of making critical decisions. 

Have you been worried about meeting your payroll obligations? Have you ever raised funds on your own? Have you ever fired a guy? I personally also admire venture capitalists who come from this background. They understand the founder’s situation and provide realistic, actionable, and sincere advice. 

To get recruited into a venture capital firm, you don’t have to be the founder of a billion-dollar success story. However, you must know what you’re talking about. Yeah, there are notable exceptions to becoming a venture capitalist, but those exceptions are exceptions.

5. James Idayi, CEO of Cloudzat

If you want to know how to be a venture capitalist, I suggest asking for feedback from a wide range of sources. Innovation is difficult, particularly when performed alone. Look for candidates with a variety of skills and backgrounds when forming the core staff and board. Having input from a range of individuals with varying personalities and fields of experience will help you make sure you’re thinking of everything and leaving no stone unturned.

6. Damien Knight, CEO of Workever

In venture capital or private equity, I enjoy collaborating with entrepreneurs and having discussions about cutting-edge technology. At the end of the day, it’s all about the culture and my passion for being a member of this particular group of people.

For years, I was a very active public market investor, and when I switched to private equity, I found a significant change in terms of strategies, conversations, network, technology, and so on. 

Since I give weekly investment lectures, I’ve been able to slice and dice the global economy in a variety of ways over the last four years. It’s gotten to the point that I can easily see the world through the powerful stock market lens and get an idea of what each entity’s goals are, regardless of market capitalization.

I finally realized that the public stock market can be endlessly fascinating, but I was only playing half the game. Integrating myself into the private equity world resulted in a natural extension of a game I already enjoyed.

7. Daniel Foley, SEO Manager at Considered Content

My advice to people who want to know how to be a venture capitalist is to invest in quality salespeople. Salespeople are continuously in front of the people you’re selling to, in addition to getting the real bacon — in the form of paying clients who make it work. 

They will see the competition like no one else, assist in the development of a go-to-market approach, and provide you with intimate consumer and strategic perspectives towards your overall business strategy.

8. Robinson, Marketing Expert of Cheap SSL Security

If you are on your way to becoming a venture capitalist, I recommend you start with becoming a master at telling your own story. You are still marketing, whether you are engaging with clients, fundraising, or hiring, and the best salespeople are master storytellers. 

Create a convincing and authentic business tale that not only critically but also emotionally connects with the audience. For each new engagement, fine-tune it. Learn to deliver it with the same amount of vigor and zeal every time.

9. Chris Taylor, Marketing Director at Profit Guru

I have two main pieces of advice for people who want to know how to be a venture capitalist. The first one is – don’t overlook the value of corporate investors. In addition to funding, corporate partners offer comprehensive networks, extensive expertise, and professionals in technologies and market management who can support you in achieving your targets through your business – from product growth to recruiting and commercialization.

Another thing you should remember to be a venture capitalist is to maintain focus. Avoid being paralyzed by analysis syndrome. Choose three or four primary market drivers rather than ten. 

Sales need to market something you don’t have, while innovation needs to create the ultimate commodity. Handling this friction is crucial to achieving explosive sales growth. Instead of the other way around, remember to hire slow, shoot quick. Don’t hurry the recruiting decisions; it’s expensive to hire the wrong employees and then have to rehire three months later.

10. Ben Rose, Co-founder of Trainer Academy

My advice for someone who aspires to be a venture capitalist today is to develop an integrated marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs are hyper-focused on the development of their product or service when starting a new business. Marketing and communications are often an afterthought and a source of frustration. 

I try to remind startups that their marketing should represent their strategy, not just their technology and that at the end of the day, whether they’re marketing to companies or customers, they’re still marketing people.

11. Julian Goldie, CEO of Goldie Agency

If you want to become a venture capitalist, I would advise you to release products early and often. Getting a product out into the wild (aka the market) offers the best substance to negotiate with customers, whether it’s a web program or another product. 

By launching often, the product can be updated to show how it’s being used, as determined by how many more consumers use it before and after the update.

12. Naomi Bishop, CEO of Surfky

I would advise aspiring venture capitalists to focus on patterns, not benchmarks. Almost every new app has the same problem – a large number of users sign up but don’t stick around. I’m often asked what the retention thresholds are after one day or one week. Don’t pay attention to the benchmarks. You must look for trends in the stories of people who do end up purchasing your items. 

Find out what drew them in and made them want to keep buying your stuff. Your primary goal should be to draw and build more of those core customers at first. You can try to raise averages over time, but first, you need a solid foundation. 

Many people waste way too much time studying big data and making conclusions. You must speak to customers in the early stages of a product. Data isn’t as important as anecdotes.

13. Megan Niedermeyer from Fivetran

I’m a general counsel and startup exec in my day job, but over the years, I have nurtured relationships with founders and companies across the startup ecosystem, where I can help add value — and have become a Venture Capital investor myself. 

I don’t run a Venture Capital shop. I don’t work as a partner at an established VC firm. I’m an operator with deep tech/investing experience who has decided to also put my own capital to use in this way. 

I think it can be important to highlight because women and people of color can especially get excluded from this capital class — but also find a turn towards VC investing intimidating. There are a ton of seasoned and valuable operators out there who look different than the typical VC investor who knows markets, knows industries, has connections, but maybe thrown off because “they’re not a VC.”

I started off doing VC deals and advising startups and investors on the legal side, and eventually became a general counsel and executive in house-making strategic business decisions about our markets and needs. As I developed more relationships with people and companies doing interesting things in areas of my interest, it became more apparent that my background advising founders and investors in a legal and company-building capacity would be helpful to early-stage companies as an investor.

My advice to people who want to know how to be a venture capitalist: start small, understand what your risk calculus is and what you can afford to lose, and leverage your deep substantive experience in your own chosen area of expertise

Are you a marketing person who knows the latest and greatest technology and has been pitched by vendors that you think are solving a real problem? Are you seeking solutions and sales tools, and in the process finding some amazing leaders of companies offering up those very solutions and tools? 

As an operator, you have one or more areas of expertise and you know what pain points are for those doing your job at other companies. 

What solutions can and should be funded? Can you provide value beyond your cash? 

Make it clear that you’re interested in investing and can offer broader value to founders and companies than just your check, and you’ll find yourself on a path towards VC investing.

14. Joe Darcy, Principal at IDEA Fund Partners

I’m a member of the investment team at IDEA Fund Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm in Durham, NC. 

My journey to becoming a venture capitalist started a few years ago when I broke into VC with stops at Techstars, Lewis & Clark Ventures in St. Louis, and the curriculum at the UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA program. 

Prior to being a VC, I worked in traditional forms of finance in New York.

15. Navin Goyal, Co-founder & CEO of LOUD Capital

My journey to becoming a venture capitalist started when I was an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, I saw how access to capital was a real obstacle for others in the industry. 

On the investor side, whether you’re an individual, family office, or financial institution, there was a constant search for deal flow. I started a fund with my business partner to address both sides and it turned into a very active, strategic, and exciting way to do business. 

From an entrepreneurial perspective, it’s strategically investing capital and time to help grow the companies and fulfill the vision. On the investor side, it’s helping put capital in for long-term returns and in a diverse array of growth companies.

Before I became a venture capitalist, I was practicing as a full-time anesthesiologist for 13 years in a large hospital system. I was the medical director for one of our hospitals and was involved in policy development, team management, and peer optimization beyond clinical care. I co-founded LOUD Capital while practicing and left my practice in 2019 when I felt the need to focus on it full time.

My advice to people who want to be venture capitalists would be to first start a venture or join a growing company to get experience in an entrepreneurial journey. As a VC, you will be investing in entrepreneurs and it’s important to relate some experience, empathy, and appreciation of the many obstacles with your portfolio companies. It will make you a better and more valuable investor with this route. 

If you pursue the field of venture capital, you will be asking your limited partners to invest in you, so communicating your vision of your investment thesis is important, and your overall credibility is crucial

16. Tal Zackon, Associate at F2 Venture Capital

My journey to becoming a venture capitalist began when I was 27 years old. I was at the end of an exchange program at USC studying business after a long army service. 

I looked at the students around me and saw many were getting summer internships at Morgan Stanley, McKinsey, and other consulting firms. It got me thinking – what do I want to do with my life? It was then that I decided to start reaching out to VCs in Tel Aviv. I sent cold call messages on LinkedIn to over one hundred firms, and only one responded – Jonathan Saacks from F2 Venture Capital who invited me for a coffee.

On the day of our coffee meeting, my hopes were low, having been rejected before by other companies, and I readily considered not getting out of bed and wasting Jonny’s time. Thankfully, I pushed these thoughts away and decided to go to the meeting.

During our coffee, Jonathan spent quite some time trying to convince me that I needed more work experience before working at a VC fund. He even suggested a startup that would be a good fit for me. But I insisted that F2 was what I wanted. By the end of the meeting, he ordered me to be in the F2 office by 10 a.m. that Sunday morning and I have been at the fund for three years since then, first as an unpaid intern, then an analyst, then a manager of our in-house accelerator, and now an associate.

Unlike many other venture capitalists, I did not have that much hands-on startup experience prior to my VC role. However, I consider my experience in the Israeli army invaluable and was fortunate to serve in the top unit in the Israeli Intelligence Forces. I spent over 6 years as an officer and captain of my unit. The values we were taught, including teamwork, communications, being incredibly efficient, and working on unbelievable projects, really built us up to face and succeed in civilian life. I feel so very grateful for the skills and mindset I learned from that experience.

The rest of my journey was basically shadowing Jonny, who took me under his wing when I joined F2.

My advice for people who want to know how to be a venture capitalist is one of two things: You can build your own micro fund – collect a few thousand dollars from friends until you reach around $30 or $40k, and with that start angel investing. Through this, you can start building a track record as well as creating relationships with funds and founders.

Even if you don’t invest yourself, you can try and build a network by sending VCs deals that you see and bring them value by doing so. Always try to give before you ask for something. In this way, you can build yourself up until you get approached by a fund.

Gaining startup experience is also incredibly important, I myself went on to gain experience by working part-time as the Head of Growth at one of our F2 Portfolio Companies for six months. Here you can learn value-add skills, as well as work your way up until you are in the room with founders and investors, learning, building relationships, and bringing value.



Now that you have read about various Venture Capitalists and their journey, you will find this list of  700+ venture capital firms extremely useful.

You can visit these websites and read about them for inspiration. This will not only help you understand how to become a venture capitalist but also give you an idea about how venture capitalism works.

You can also approach the CEOs and experts in these firms for mentorship or you can apply to one of these VC firms for a job.

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7 5i Capital | Singapore | Venture Capital 5i Capital is the first and only specialist cybersecurity venture capital manager licensed in Singapore and operating in Asia Pacific.
8 5th Line Capital | Venture Capital & Private Equity | Boston 5th Line Capital is Boston-based Venture Capital & Private equity firm focused on early-stage business opportunities with high growth potential.
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11 ABS Ventures | Mid-Stage Technology Investments ABS Ventures is a mid-stage venture capital firm with a 25 year history of helping exceptional management teams build industry leading technology companies by providing fresh growth capital, shareholder liquidity and active board involvement.
12 _About ACF Ventures – ACF Ventures Hispanic lean startup, hispanic venture capital, latino venture capital, hispanic, latino, start-up, venture, capital, lean startup, hispanic lean startup, minority business, minority, denver, colorado, rocky mountains, aspen, vail, breckenridge, taos, new mexico, albuquerqeue, santa fe, finance, early stage, hispanic business, latino business, aspen capital fund, acf, acf ventures, acf partners, aspen wealth advisors, trusted advisors
13 AC Lion Venture Partners AC Lion Venture Partners (ACLVP) is the Strategic Venture Capital   subsidiary of AC Lion International based in NYC. Our companies challenge   the status quo.
14 Early Stage Venture Capital – Activate Venture Partners Early Stage Venture Capital for High Growth Technology Companies
15 Adelie – Venture Capital Adelie Capital is a Paris & London based Venture Capital fund launched in 2018 to finance fast growing technology companies across Europe with a focus on Series A & B. The fund is supported by experienced and hands-on investors, mainly serial entrepreneurs. We work in partnership with Clipperton.
16 Advance Ventures | Silicon Valley Venture Capital | Home Advance Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund and venture accelerator that invests in seed and early-stage start-ups
17 Venture Capital & Advisory |Singapore-MiddleEast-India| Advik Ventures Venture capital & digtial advisory. Based in heart of Singapore, Advik-Ventures is a global advisory and consulting firm for corporate, creative and technology solutions
18 Adykai Ventures – Venture Capital Firm Focused on the Technology Market Working with Adykai. We are a venture capital firm focused on the technology market. Adykai Ventures was started to partner with passionate and driven founders by providing our experience, insights and global resources in addition to financial capital to help build transformative and lasting businesses. Latest News & Insights. The Labor Market Robot Apocalypse and AI.
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22 Akkadian Ventures: Alternative Liquidity Solutions Akkadian Ventures provides alternative liquidity solutions for entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capital firms and employees of venture-backed, high growth businesses.
23 Pre-IPO Investments | Alexander Capital Ventures | New York Alexander Capital Ventures provides qualified clients access to Pre-IPO growth companies in their late-stage rounds of venture capital and a round of their Pre-IPO investments.
24 Algebra Ventures – Egypt’s leading venture capital fund We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs to build transformative businesses. Pioneering Venture Capital in Egypt. Algebra Ventures is the leading technology venture capital firm in Egypt. Our team has unique investment experience both locally and internationally, and has backed some of Egypt’s most successful technology startups. We have seen technology transform our societies and impact how we communicate, decide and transact.
25 AllegisCyber Capital | EARLY STAGE VENTURE CAPITAL INVESTMENTS IN CYBER SECURITY WELCOME TO ALLEGISCYBER CAPITAL. EARLY STAGE VENTURE CAPITAL INVESTMENTS IN CYBERSECURITY. The AllegisCyber Capital team is steeped in cybersecurity. We are passionate about identifying companies and entrepreneurs developing disruptive and innovative approaches to address the crucial issues on the fast-changing cybersecurity landscape. We’re a battle-tested team.
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38 Animal Backers – Venture Capital for Critters Venture Capital for Critters. Best Friends for Non-Human Entrepreneurs. Animal Backers invests exclusively in leading brands serving non-human consumers. Meet our amazing companies. Animal Backers partners with diverse creatures for success. Where chickens go for the best in original entertainment. Helping cats make the most of their money through all nine lives.
39 AntiDOTe Ventures Venture capital funds insufficiently invest in diverse teams despite research demonstrating that they produce outsized investor returns. In fact, the vast majority of venture capital funds do not look through a “diversity lens” when making investment decisions. Fund 1 at AntiDOTe Ventures will invest in seed stage tech companies with management teams comprised of multiple diverse traits that are currently under represented in the venture capital ecosystem.
40 Apto Ventures | On-demand resources to private equity and venture capital firms Private Equity & Venture Capital. Deal teams for M&A, financings, and corporate finance projects. Apto is Latin for “to adapt, adjust, fit and make ready. We adapt to fit your situation and will provide customized solutions for your short-term or long-term needs. Private Equity & Venture Capital.
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42 Argent Venture Capital Welcome to Argent Venture Capital. Argent Venture Capital is at the forefront of the private equity scene. With an impressive track record at home and abroad and a highly versatile team you’ll benefit from our knowledge, experience and relationships in the UK and internationally. Well respected for the partnership culture we promote with our investees Argent Venture Capital has gone from strength to strength in this tough economic climate.
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45 Venture capital News What is Venture Capital. Business needs money to grow and thrive but their business plan is not always understood by traditional banking who is not keen on risk and has criteria that isn’t generally conducive to building a better business. That’s where venture capital can help. But what is venture capital. Venture capital keeps business booming. It is a way that new business can get start up capital and begin to thrive and it’s a way that established business could expand.
46 ART OF VC ~ The Art of Venture Capital Podcast ART OF VC ~ The Art of Venture Capital Podcast. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing.
47 Arzan Venture Capital | Nurturing Innovation Through Investments. Growing The Startup Ecosystem. Investing in Great Founders, No Matter How Crazy. Arzan Venture Capital.
48 Asimov Ventures – Venture Capital for 3D Printing and Robotics Asimov Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on 3D Printing and Robotics. Based in New York City and Seattle.
49 AMV is a Venture Capital Firm investing in Early-Stage Digital Health, Technology and Life Sciences AMV is the leading early-stage venture capital firm investing in digital health, technology and life sciences. It has assembled the leading early-stage
50 Astellas Venture Management – Home We are the corporate venture capital arm of Astellas Pharma, Inc. Investing globally in the human therapeutics field. Actively seeking new investment. Looking for future collaboration partners with Astellas. Copyright © 2005 – 2016 Astellas Venture Management.
51 Aster Capital | Focused on investing in Chinese venture capital. Focused on investing in Chinese venture capital. Aster Capital is a fund management firm focused on investing in Chinese venture capital. Aster Capital provides global access to China next-generation, primary & secondary opportunities. Aster Capital is committed to bridging the gap for global LP’s to benefit from the innovative economy and outperforming returns of Chinese venture capital.
52 Asterisk Partners – Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship Asterisk Partners is a business oriented venture capital company stablished to support entrepreneurs in the early stages of their companies.
53 Venture Capital Database. Top 15 Venture Capital Deals. Top Venture Capital Firms. Venture Capital Companies. Articles About Venture Capital. Startup Venture Capital. Venture Capital Funds.
54 Atlas Venture Capital – Invest With Confidence Residential Property Investment. Commercial Property Investment. Bay Area Investment. Apple Invests In Texas. Google Invests In Texas. Residential Property Investment. Commercial Property Investment. Bay Area Investment. Apple Invests In Texas. Google Invests In Texas. Atlas Venture Capital Investment Opportunity. Diversify your portfolio with institutional-quality, expertly reviewed, Commercial & Residential Real Estate investments previously out of reach to the individual investor.
55 Atlantic Venture Capital LLC Incredible Investment Immigration Oppurtunities. Incredible Investment Immigration Oppurtunities. Professional Real Estate/Business Investment and Immigration Consultanting. Copyright © 2020 Atlantic Venture Capital LLC – All Rights Reserved.
56 Autotech Ventures Autotech Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm with a mission to   solve the world’s ground transport challenges with technology, realizing   the next frontier in mobility. We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs,   operators and technologists: investors with a world-class transport   community and decades of ground transport experience.
57 Venture Capital Asset Group We, at the Venture Capital Asset Group, are an international network of professional investors, entrepreneurs and financial specialists with the mission to find the best deals for ourselves first.
58 Avalanche Resources – venture capital for early-stage companies Avalanche Resources provides venture capital funding for early-stage and growth organizations
59 AVENTURE-CAPITAL – WEALTH MANAGEMENT Aventure Capital is a boutique private equity and consulting firm providing Global Alternative Investment & Private Wealth Management.
60 Aves Investments | Stocks Real Estate Venture Capital Stocks Real Estate Venture Capital
61 Venture Capital Investing Made Easy | Alumni Ventures Group AVG gives individuals unparalleled access to venture capital investing. We build smart, diversified VC portfolios seeking to outperform the market.
62 AvoTek Capital | International Venture Capital | Business Consulting AvoTek capital is an international venture capital and business consulting firm that can help with your next acquisition or provide the guidance you need to help your company grow.
63 AwesomeJar Consulting | San Francisco  |  New York  |  Palo Alto  |  IT & Cyber Security Experts to hedge funds, venture capital groups, private equity firms, and other financial services institutions. | San Francisco  |  New York  |  Palo Alto  |  IT & Cyber Security Experts to hedge funds, venture capital groups, private equity firms, and other financial services institutions.
64 Azazis venture capital A Bit About Biotech Venture Capital Funds. Tapping into a biotech venture capital fund has become quite easy these days. Most investors look to invest in stable fields where they know that their money is safe and where good returns are assured. One such industry is the biotech industry. This industry, like the food technology industry is a dynamic industry – there are new inventions in different corners of the world every day.
65 Venture Capital – Investment Capital – Venture Capital Firm – Venture Capital Dallas – Dallas Venture Capital B4 Ventures, a Venture Capital Firm in Dallas Texas, provides venture capital or investment capital in the form of equity or convertible debt for small to mid-sized fast growing businesses.
66 Private Equity, Venture Capital and Growth Equity Investments l Baird Capital Baird Capital makes venture capital, growth equity and private equity investments in strategically targeted sectors around the world.
67 Baobab Insights | Venture Capital Data on Africa’s Technology Markets – Baobab Insights Baobab Insights provides venture capital data and insight covering Africa’s technology markets. Research investment transactions, technology trends and high growth markets through the Baobab Insights platform.
68 BV | The Venture Capital Fund For Technology Startups in Saudi Arabia Largest Online Store For Commercial Kitchen Equipment. Largest one stop shop for all coffee enthusiasts. Field Service Management In Food Service Revolutionzed. Launched as Bargo Ventures in 2016, BV is the venture capital arm of Raqtan. We’ve invested in 4 companies this year that push the edge of what’s possible. We aim to improve lives and change industries.
69 Nevada Early Stage Venture Capital | Battle Born Growth Battle Born Growth offers early stage venture capital funding for Nevada
70 Bay Fund Capital | Silicon Valley – American Venture Capital Firm We are a Technology Sector Focused Venture Capital Firm. We specialize investing in disruptive technology startups. Investing in novel technologies. Identify, Nurture & Grow Promising Startups. Role building, implementation and collaboration influence the group, while philosophies dramatically result in a calibration. JOHN DOE – FOUNDER OF STARTUP COMPANY.
71 Enterprise Technology VC | Bayla Ventures Bayla Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage enterprise technology companies with SaaS and AI products.
72 Home – BBB Venture Capital BBB Venture Capital Inc. Since 2018, the firm has starting invest into new start up companies across Asia Pacific. The firm invests in internet & mobile startups across many sectors, including e-commerce, payments, marketplaces, mobile applications, and initial token offering. We choose brilliant idea and invest into Startups from idea stage to early stage that focus in Asia Pacific Market.
73 BBL Ventures | Early Stage Capital for Energy Startups We provide early stage venture capital funding for energy startups to help   solve unique problems in the industry.
74 Bellvista Capital | Boston Venture Capital Firm Bellvista Capital is a venture capital firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. The VC firm connects entrepreneurs with capital and unmatched expertise.
75 Bennu Venture Group, LLC Bennu combines experience in both managing direct venture portfolios and co-investing alongside top-tier venture capital firms. Our Approach to Investing. Perhaps the most important criteria that Bennu evaluates is the management team of a business. The best ideas do not execute themselves. The investment decision process involves answering numerous questions that arise during the due diligence process, but the core approach involves the following elements….
76 Betatron – Venture Capital Firm & Startup Accelerator – Startup Accelerator Startup Accelerator where founders and startups come first, providing funding and hands on mentoring. We are backed by prominent Hong Kong venture capital and investment firms.
77 Betaworks Ventures Product-focused seed-stage venture capital fund based in New York and San   Francisco
78 Venture Capital Investors | Bigspace Investments LTD Bigspace Investments a privately owned and managed early stage venture capital company based in Cyprus. We invest in companies we feel passionate about and can add value to.
79 Home | Birdie Venture Capital Birdie Venture Capital is a leading seed-stage venture capital firm in the heart of Startup Nation with office in Tel Aviv. We have also participations in utilities and real estate when appropriate. Lately we have invested in visionary entrepreneurs building future-defining technologies. Contact us to learn more about our investment portfolio and latest success stories.
80 Home – Birmingham Venture Club Always Starting Something. Always Starting Something. About Birmingham Venture Club. We play an integral role in Birmingham’s entrepreneurial culture by providing our members (primarily venture capitalists and the professionals who support them) open lines for access to, and exchange of, everything from ideas and information to financial and human capital.
81 Venture Capital Funding | Blue Cloud Ventures | Blue Cloud Ventures Looking for venture capital funding? In addition to capital, we bring a unique set of value-adds to our portfolio companies. Let
82 Blue Collective – Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors in phenomenal people building phenomenal businesses. Reach out to discuss your business and how we can help
83 Blue Dot Venture Capital, LLC – Property Management Blue Dot Venture Capital, LLC. Why Choose Us for Property Management & Marketing Needs. We have a property management & marketing system that specializes in single and multi-family homes that can save you time and money. Blue Dot VC, LLC believes that everyone needs a safe, clean place to live no matter their income level. We pride ourselves in providing the best service possible and we are committed to the well-being of our residents and the success of our clients.
84 At Bluegum Ventures we help Entrepreneurs and Corporates to Start, Build and Consolidate high growth businesses. We specialise in helping high growth Digital Media, Technology, Web and Mobile businesses. We have backgrounds in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Corporate Finance, Strategy, Online Marketing and have been CEO, Entreprenuer, Board Member and part of the Management Team. We have had experience in Raising Capital, M&A, Company Sales, Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions.
85 Blue Heron Ventures: Investing in venture capital and early stage startups Blue Heron Ventures invests in venture capital startup entrepreneurs and early stage growth companies, and provides free startup resources.
86 Venture Capital & Private Equity I Blue River Capital Partners I United States Blue River Capital Partners, LLC is a Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment Company with a focus on Impact Investing in Rural America in the areas of Food & Beverage, Clean Technology, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure.
87 blufolio – blockchain venture capital blockchain venture capital
88 Early Stage Venture Capital Firm | Blumberg Capital Blumberg Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm specializing in leading Seed & Series A rounds as active investors for tech innovators. Learn more.
89 Bobalew Ventures – Home | Bobalew Ventures Bobalew Ventures is a venture capital firm that works to nurture and harvest emerging growth opportunities: leveraging experience, relationships, and capital to optimize success
90 Home | BOD Tech Ventures BOD Tech Ventures – Myanmar Cambodia IT Venture Capital
91 The VC Vibe Zone | Venture Capital and Startup vibe zone The VC Vibe Zone. Venture Capital and Startup vibe zone. The Beauty of Venture Capital. I was always attracted to the idea of making history, that statement in itself could entail a lot of things. It could mean that I …. Previous records of wisdom. The VC Vibe Zone.
92 Boulder Ventures Ltd. Venture Capital for IT and Biotech companies in Colorado and the Mid-Atlantic. Boulder Ventures invests in high potential Information Technology and Biotechnology companies. We invest in two distinct geographies, the Colorado Front Range and the Mid-Atlantic region. Our investments leverage decades-long relationships with entrepreneurs and investors. Boulder Ventures I – VII:.
93 Brand Capital Ventures – Private Equity Venture Capital We make capital accessible!  By making your business desirable!  Private Equity Venture Capital
94 Breton Capital Ventures We are early stage venture capital investors prepared to back teams with proven domain expertise. Our capital is typically committed before traditional VC’s are willing to invest.
95 Venture Capital Firms | London | BriceAmery Capital BriceAmery Capital is a financial services company that arrange corporate finances, venture capital and provides asset management services to discerning clients
96 Brighteye Ventures – EdTech focused European VC (Paris & London) Brighteye Ventures is the first and largest vertical EdTech Venture Capital firm in Europe. If you are an entrepreneur using technology to reinvent learning and education, we want to hear from you!
97 Bright Success Capital | Hong Kong | Venture Capital | Family Office Bright Success Capital is a family office fund based in Hong Kong that makes venture capital investments and provides strategic value.
98 Brooks Venture Capital Culture, and much more. TikTok owner Bytedance Ltd could now be worth up to $100 billion based on a recent evaluation according to the Financial Times. Copyright © 2020 Brooks Venture Capital – All Rights Reserved.
99 Home | BST Venture Capital BST Venture Capital: Creating Opportunity. Our goal at BST Venture Capital is to help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies. Since 2017, we’ve helped great ideas turn into profitable businesses that make an impact in their industry and beyond. We invest in our companies for the long haul and understand that success takes hard work, dedication, and sheer perseverance.
100 BTUFF Consulting And Venture Capital Business consulting and venture capital funding. We deliver business consulting, start up capital and expansion solutions for companies looking to grow.
101 Buckhill Capital | Venture Capital & Private Equity Investor Leading social impact venture capital & private equity investor investing in social venture impact companies solving social and environmental issuues.
102 BUILD Capital Partners – Venture Capital | Private Equity | Impact Investing Build is a private equity and venture capital company in Salt Lake City, UT. Our mission is in our name – we build people, companies, wealth & more.
103 – Strategy How we do it is what makes us unique. Our President, Rick Rahim, has a proven track record of taking raw business ideas and transforming mere concepts into real, multimillion dollar businesses. Roughly a decade ago, Rick sold his then four-year old startup company to a large publicly traded company in April of 2005. The transaction was valued at $23. This was accomplished without outside investors, bank loans, or venture capital.
104 Venture Capitalist | Bill White | Edinburgh Bill White Limited (BWVC) offers venture capital investment funding and non-executive director services.
105 BYND – Venture Capital I can’t recommend Bynd VC enough. Thanks to their knowledge, network and support, Bynd have proven to be a strategic asset for start-ups like us. We felt the professionalism during the due diligence phase and they are currently extremely active partners helping and advising us on important decisions. It was the right choice to support us in our path. Bynd Venture Capital strengthens investment in DefinedCrowd.
106 Cachette Capital Management- Fund of FundsCachette Capital Management | Innovative Venture Capital We care about a global approach to venture capital investing
107 Caerus Ventures We look for exceptional management teams that have strong character and the ability to execute big ideas. Caerus adds strategic value to companies by leveraging the operational experience and deep networks of our team and our Advisory Board to significantly impact the growth our companies. See Our Companies. Our first fund took a generalist approach to early stage venture capital investing.
108 Callais Capital Management | Venture Capital | Investments Callais Capital Management is an institutional venture capital firm based in Louisiana pursuing regional startup investment opportunities
109 Camellia Venture Capital | Camellia Venture Capital We are Camellia Venture Capital. Our focus is to partner with mission-driven, talented entrepreneurs who use frontier technologies to rebuild financial field in a revolutionary way. We invest in passionate founders building innovative companies that solve substantive problems in financial services and other related technology. We work closely with startups in their early and mid-stage and help them identify product market fit and accelerate growth.
110 Cap Alpha | Venture Capital with Trust Venture Capital with Trust
111 Capital Q Ventures – Business Developement Company & Tri-Party Venture Funds® Tips on obtaining venture capital for your start-up.
112 CAPSpace Venture Capital Network – Making Venture Capital Accessible for Everyone CAPSpace will put your venture in front of the right investor for your business. So you’re not a trendy, start-up, tech company. CAPSpace has investors looking for an idea like yours and an entrepreneur like you. Banks have strict lending lending requirements and red tape. Most VC firms are only looking for “silicon valley” tech ideas. At CAPSpace you can find the right investor for your business.
113 CarbonaCapital – Venture Capital & Investment Services Your source venture capital and early investment services.
114 Care Capital: Life Sciences Venture Capital Care Capital is a life sciences venture capital firm based in Princeton, New Jersey.
115 Carey Lai’s Corner | A former lemonade stand entrepreneur turned Venture Capitalist A former lemonade stand entrepreneur turned Venture Capitalist
116 Carrot Capital – Vegan Venture Investor, Plant-Based VC Seed Capital Seed and Venture capital for vegan and plant-based startups and entrepreneurs. Venture capital for vegan entrepreneurs
117 Home – Castle Island Ventures Castle Island Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm exclusively focused on public blockchains
118 Venture Capital | CDR925 Enterprises CDR925 Enterprises is focused on understanding how the world works. By having the deepest possible understanding of the global economy, financial / private markets, and translating that understanding into great venture capital portfolios and strategic partnerships.
119 Private Equity & Venture Capital Firm | Ceiba Global Venture Capital & Private Equity firm serving the greater Washington D.C. metro area. Ecompassing diverse expertise and decades of experience.
120 Change Ventures – Backing Ambitious Baltic Founders We are a seed stage venture capital fund based in the Baltic states, backing ambitious Baltic founders anywhere in the world.
121 Christian Venture Capital – God’s Commanded Blessing is Upon Us Connecting Faith Driven Entrepreneurs & Investors with Christian Venture Capital Opportunities Worldwide
122 Chrome Advisory | Venture Capital Realized Specialized in venture capital investments, working closely with VC funds, angel investors, family offices & corporates across the MENA region.
123 Cigna Ventures | Healthcare Venture Capital Partner Cigna Ventures is the strategic corporate venture capital partner of choice in the health care industry.
124 Investment Banking & Venture Capital Firm | CIM Securities CIM Securities, LLC is an investment banking and venture capital firm located in Centennial, CO. Contact us today.
125 Civilization Ventures Civilization Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on cutting edge innovations in health tech and biology that address key opportunities in rapidly growing markets.
126 Clam Pies Venture Capital – The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley About the Novel. Rave Reviews for “The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley” from Tech, Lit, Media Titans. The Knucklehead of Silicon Valley. Ralph Gibsen isn’t your typical spy. The befuddled but highly capable venture capitalist is compelled to chart his own course on a global quest to save his new brain-computer interface tool from falling into some very, very wrong hands.
127 NYC Classes for Raising Venture Capital | Class Rebel Discover the art & science of successfully raising venture capital, or angel investing in startups you believe in from former VC Brooke Harley. Learn & grow now!
128 Build Smarter Companies Faster « Clearstone Venture Partners Clearstone Venture Partners is an independent venture capital firm with offices in Santa Monica and Palo Alto, California.
129 Cliintel Capital  | Cannabis Venture Capital About the Firm. Venture Capital from the future. Emerging Markets | Venture Capital. Not only are we offering a cash prize of $25,000 to the first place winner and $5,000 to second place, everyone who enters will benefit from being a part of the competition. Here’s what else you get for entering:. Entrance into our exclusive half-day investment track of sessions all about how to raise money.
130 Clocktower Technology Ventures Clocktower Technology Ventures is a Santa Monica-based venture capital business focused exclusively on financial technology.
131 Home | CM Venture Capital | Shanghai, China Started as China Materialia, CM Venture Capital bridges the East and the West, focuses on identifying hard technology innovations, and turning those innovations into thriving businesses.
132 Codefronts venture capital How Venture Capital Works for Start-Ups and Small Businesses. With almost unlimited opportunities the advancement in technology is creating over the past two decades, many startups and small businesses today tend to seek for capital that could bring their dream business to success. While there is a wide range of financial sources that they can tap on, most of these entrepreneurs are hesitant in borrowing money from banks and financial lenders because of the risks involve.
133 Venture Capital Management | Cody Michael & Co | United States Cody Michael & Co is a Michigan venture capital management company. We align ourselves for growth, expansion of our affiliates portfolio, and various brands that fit under the umbrella of our passion areas and ethical interests.
134 CoFunder | Advisor-only access to leading venture capital funds ADVISOR-ONLY ACCESS TO LEADING VENTURE CAPITAL FUNDS. Venture capital is no longer restricted to the portfolios of institutions and family offices. CoFunder now allows advisors to provide more of their accredited clients with access to the same leading venture capital funds. VENTURE’S ROLE IN YOUR CLIENTS’ PORTFOLIOS. Startups are the engines of job creation and economic growth.
135 Shop – Building agile development and lean startup tools, for entrepreneurs, venture capitals, startups and project managers. Building agile development and lean startup tools, for entrepreneurs, venture capital, startups and project manager.
136 Columbia Corporate Innovation – Venture Capital – Manhattan, New York We bridge the information gap between corporate venture capital, innovation units and executives.
137 Columbia Venture Partners Columbia Venture Partners  is Columbia’s first and leading venture capital initiative for the undergraduate student body. We focus on bringing opportunities from the broader VC community to campus. Columbia Venture Partners (CVP) is a student-run venture capital initiative in the New York City area, founded in the spring of 2016. We educate the Columbia University student body on angel investing, venture capital, and growth equity by providing the most promising students with real-world experience in the ve
138 Commonwealth Capital Ventures A leading venture capital firm, Commonwealth Capital Ventures invests in early-stage companies in the software & services, communications & wireless, instruments & systems, and internet & digital media industries.
139 Compiler Venture Capital – Miami – Washington DC Compiler Venture Capital is known as “the entrepreneurs behind the entrepreneur,” and has had a successful track record of investing and building organizations. Its founders, Adm Wolman, Hossein Noshirvani and Yannick Henriette, have helped private companies attain their growth objectives.
140 Confatalis | Venture Capital & Advisory Firm  | San Francisco Confatalis is a Venture Capital & Advisory Firm located in San Francisco, California USA.
141 Home – Contour Venture Partners Contour Venture Partners, New York City Seed Venture Capital Firm
142 Core Capital Partners | Venture Capital for Enterprise Software Core Capital Partners. Venture Capital for Enterprise Software. Core Capital is a leading venture capital firm headquartered in Washington, D. Core leads or co-leads early stage investments with a strong bias to companies based in the broader Mid-Atlantic area (roughly Atlanta to New York). We seek out proven founders and managers building outlier, data-intensive enterprise software applications and infrastructure solutions.
143 Cornell Venture Capital Learn through projects with the world’s leading VC firms and their portfolio companies. We work directly with leading venture capital firms on projects ranging from due diligence and market research to portfolio and investment analysis. We deliver market research and strategic advisory services to venture-backed companies, working directly with leaders and executives at innovative startups.
144 Cornerstone Venture Capital Cornerstone Venture Capital
145 Welcome to Capital Partners Group: Venture Capital, Investment Banking (Corporate Finance) and Asset Management Venture Capital, Investment Banking and Asset Management. With offices in the US, Europe and Asia, provides Venture Capital and Private Equity investment to young and growing businesses. We have also strengths in our Corporate Finance offering.
146 Correlation Ventures Correlation Ventures is a new breed of venture capital firm, leveraging world-class analytics to offer entrepreneurs and other venture capitalists a dramatically better option when they are seeking additional capital to complete a financing round.
147 CPI Team – Joint Venture Capital for Domestic and International Projects Partnering & Commodities. Joint Venture Capital for Domestic and International Projects. Community Progress Investors was established in 2005 as a private investing and consulting company: as well as a joint venture partner with holdings in various companies performing international business. Our primary objective is to meet our partners capital needs or commodities trades with flexibility and professionalism.
148 Venture Capital Database. Top 15 Venture Capital Deals. Venture Capital Companies. Articles About Venture Capital. Startup Venture Capital. Venture Capital Funds. Best Hedge Funds to Invest In.
149 CreateNU | Venture Capital | United States CreateNU is the next generation of venture capital firms based in Los Angeles that focuses on Human 2.0 investments and powered by proprietary technology.
150 Creative Capital Works! – The Creative Venture Catalyst – Translating Ideas into Reality. Vision plans, business plans, venture capital services, consulting, media, entertainment, telecom, technology, fashion resources for business including: venture capital, angel investing, business plans, consulting, entertainment, media, telecom, technology, fashion,,
151 Crescendo Ventures – Early-Stage Venture Capital Investment Crescendo Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in the technology, digital media and technology-enabled service markets.
152 Connecticut Innovations – Venture Capital for Biotech, IT, and More Connecticut Innovations At Connecticut Innovations, we see venture capital the way you see your business. Like no one else. We invest in innovative biotech, IT, and other industries.
153 Cup of Zhou | The Cognitive Passport to My Adventures in Venture Capital The Cognitive Passport to My Adventures in Venture Capital
154 Home | conversion venture capital Conversion Venture Capital (CVC) is focused on control and growth investments in quality mid-market businesses which would benefit from a long term investment perspective. We invest our own capital and, unlike traditional private equity firms, we do not operate as a fund. As a result, we have greater flexibility with regards to structuring and investment time horizons.
155 CVCinsight by EXPARA | Corporate Venture Capital Advisory Your most comprehensive resourse about Corporate Venture Capital
156 Daerter Group – A venture capital firm with a focus on global security, medical technology and higher education. Our early stage companies are pre-market and confidential prior to a broader market launch. Our goal is to build companies that are both first-in-class and durably best-in-class. We continue to build our team across our areas of focus. Daerter Group is a venture capital firm with a focus on global security, medical technology and higher education. We work with new and emerging businesses that have a market-validated proposition to lead the transformation of specific market segments by pursuing large, establ
157 Dakota Venture Group – Dakota Venture Group The Dakota Venture Group (DVG) is a University of North Dakota student run venture capital investment fund. DVG is the first completely student run venture capital fund in the United States.
158 daphni: venture capital mutants daphni is a venture capital mutant. We love startups, enthusiasm and cookies.
159 A venture capital firm focused on the internet | Data Point Capital Data Point Capital is a venture capital firm focused on the internet. The firm is made up of business executives and internet leaders who have created tremendous value through building a number of very successful companies. At Data Point Capital, we are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.
160 Davenport Resources | private equity & venture capital Board of Advisors. Davenport Resources, LLC is a private equity firm, formed in 1995 to manage private equity funds and to make early stage venture capital investments in innovative technology and energy opportunities. Davenport invests in early and development stages in the following areas:. Renewable and clean power generation. Davenport is focused on renewable electric power projects and regenerative technologies in the rapidly changing electric energy sector.
161 Defy Partners | Early Stage Venture Capital To Defy Expectations Defy Partners – Early stage venture capital firm supporting authentic founders in building enduring companies. We help entrepreneurs defy expectations.
162 Delight And Riot Private Equity and Venture Capital – Capital To Jumpstart Growth Capital to Jumpstart Growth. Venture capital is considered to be a type of financing that helps to fund the needs of entrepreneurs that cannot find capital from the traditional sources of lending entities. Venture capital is usually an investment made in cash for exchange of shares and a dynamic role in the vested business. Venture capital is different from traditional financing because venture capital focuses on high growth companies, invests in the equity rather than the debt of the company, takes bigger
163 Home | DENOS Venture Capital Betting on Future Successes. DENOS LLC, a Venture Capital Firm, was founded after years of working in the business and investment industry. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies with fundraising and networking guidance. As a results-driven organization, we are constantly looking for ambitious and visionary partners with the drive and flexibility to take their company to the next level.
164 Denota Ventures Denota Ventures is a boutique early-stage venture capital firm founded in   2000.
165 Deven Parekh  – Insight Venture Partners Deven Parekh is a managing director at Insight Venture Partners. Insight Venture Partners is a New York-based private equity and venture capital firm.
166 Home | DFJ Growth Venture Capital DFJ Growth is a venture capital firm focused growth stage investments in enterprise, consumer, and disruptive technologies.
167 Digital Future – Venture Capital Firm from Ukraine Digital Future is a venture capital firm focusing on seed and early stage investments in tech companies with Ukrainian DNA
168 Digitalis Ventures. Engineering Health. Digitalis is a venture capital firm that invests in solutions to complex problems in human and animal health.
169 Home – Digitech Venture Capital Fund, Inc. A Strategic Venture Capital Fund. Are you an entrepreneur, looking for investment partners. Submit Your Business Plan Today. Looking for what’s hot in tech. Subscribe to Digitech Insights. Digitech is a strategic venture capital fund that identifies emerging tech companies at their early stages and plays an active role in their growth. We utilize a seasoned network of professionals, technology hubs, incubators and accelerators to maintain steady deal flow.
170 Dipalo Ventures | Early stage connected hardware and hard tech investments Venture Capital experienced in design and engineering investing in connected hardware and hard tech. We invest in pre-seed to early stage rounds in connected hardware and hard tech startups. If you are a physical product startup innovating at the intersection of hardware and software, come talk to us. We are an extended team and partner ecosystem of ex-Motorola/Google product experts, bringing a unique design and engineering focused methodology to venture capital through our Residency.
171 Home | Direct Venture Capital YOUR CONNECTION TO BETTER SAFER RETURNS. Direct Venture Capital was founded by visionaries like you, who bring 40 years of business and investment industry experience to the table. In an age of low interest rates, where inflation exceeds the rate of return on many investments, and eats up savings we saw a need for alternatives. Decades of networking has paid off, and now we connect investors with financial experts and companies that offer investment opportunities that are not only unique, they provide super
172 Discovery Park Ventures LLC Discovery Park Ventures. Discovery Park Ventures. Infusing American Entrepreneurs with Nordic Values. Why invest in a Venture Capital Fund of Fund. Discovery Park Ventures manages Venture Capital Fund of Funds. We make primary and secondary investments in US-based Venture Capital funds and co-invest in select portfolio companies. We take  pride  in  our  Nordic  roots  and  culture,  and  we work proactively with Venture Capitalists and entrepreneurs to  share  our  values.
173 Divergent Ventures — Divergent Ventures Straightforward Capital and Advice for Technical Entrepreneurs We are an early-stage venture capital investment firm headquartered in Seattle Washington. O
174 Leading Healthcare Venture Capital Firm | Domain Associates Founded in 1985, Domain is a proven healthcare venture capital leader with solid investment returns from companies built to advance human health.
175 Domina Ventures | Investments & Venture Capital Domina Ventures investments and venture capital for startups and businesses. If you need to raise capital for your business or you
176 Donegal Bio Ventures – Private Equity, Venture Capital Private Equity and Venture Capital investing in the Life Sciences, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotech, and diagnostics.
177 Draper Triangle I Venture Capital Draper Triangle Ventures is a Pittsburgh based Venture Capital firm that partners with the Midwest’s most Extraordinary Entrepreneurs.
178 DTRIBE CAPITAL | Venture Capital | Singapore | VC Fund | Investor DTRIBE Capital is a Singapore based, Asia-focused venture capital firm established with the vision of nurturing the next generation of founders building the future through technology.   We invest and work closely with portfolio companies to help them scale and achieve long-term success.
179 Dunmore Ventures Early Stage Consumer Product Venture Capital. Early Stage Consumer Product Venture Capital. Buy, Build, Grow, Own. Buy, Build, Grow, Own. Founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2008 by an apparel designer who commuted to Manhattan by bicycle, Osloh was created to provide the casual everyday cyclist with a commuter jean that works just as well on the road as it does at your destination.
180 Dux Capital – Venture Capital We are looking for startups that innovate in the Consumer & Retail, Technology and High Impact industries. For us, an investment means working together, hand in hand. Dux Capital is a Venture Capital fund based in Mexico City, committed to investing in innovating startups and exemplary entrepreneurs. In conjunction with the collaboration of partnerships such as Startup Mexico, Dux offers a unique holding-hands model that focuses on accelerating the best startups.
181 Diamond Ventures | Venture Capital Small Business Accounting. Part-Time CFO Services. Capital For Highly Qualified Emerging Growth Businesses. Diamond Ventures is organized to be a venture capital firm with the objective of investing in and lending to highly qualified entrepreneurs, many of which may be minority, veteran, or women-owned businesses. We are interested in finance and relationship opportunities with diverse owned firms especially those that are involved in government contracting and who are diversity suppliers to the Fortune 500
182 DVI Equity Partners is a new venture capital entity that Diamond Ventures and Griffin formed to increase their sourcing and analysis of investments in early stage, emerging technology companies. DVI Equity Partners is a new venture capital entity that Diamond Ventures and Griffin formed to increase their sourcing and analysis of investments in early stage, emerging technology companies.
183 Eagle Rock Partners Inc – Venture Capital/Equity Investment/Raising Capital Learn to find venture capital and private investors to fund your business projects
184 Early Game Ventures Early-stage venture capital investments – Early Game Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm in Romania investing in startups that create new industries in the emerging markets of Europe.
185 Home : EAVCA | East Africa Venture Capital Association Covid-19 Resource Hub. EAVCA is the representative organization for private equity and venture capital funds in East Africa, with a growing membership of private capital investors and advisors looking at the region for growth. At the core of what we do is promote East Africa as a private capital destination, while ensuring a favorable environment for trade for the private capital sector.
186 EBRD Technology Venture Capital | London | EBRD VCIP EBRD Venture Capital Investment Program is launched to provide EUR 200 million of growth equity for technology companies from Central Europe to Central Asia
187 The Ecosystem Integrity Fund | A Sustainability Focus Venture Capital Fund A sustainability focused venture capital fund. The Ecosystem Integrity Fund (“EIF”) is an early growth stage investor in companies contributing to environmental sustainability. The movement toward environmental sustainability is making incremental improvements to the largest industries in the world. Over the next several decades, the economy will be transformed by this movement.
188 Eddleman Venture Capital | Matching today’s capital with tomorrow’s innovations! Matching today’s capital with tomorrow’s innovations. Eddleman Venture Capital is enthusiastic about providing our clients and interested partners with offerings outside of publicly traded securities. We’ve advised our clients on this investment niche for several years and are now proud to offer our own investment funds to clients directly. Thank you for your patience as we add information to this website regarding non-publicly traded assets and the new Eddleman Venture Capital division.
189 Edward G. Jones – Venture Capital Financing for Information Technology Companies Edward G. Jones & Co. provides business development services, venture capital financing, VC funding, debt and equity financing, business plan writing, writing business plans and operations advice and guidance to information technology, global telecom and Internet companies.
190 Enterprise Investment Group, LLC. is a management and venture capital coalition of investors comprising the Temple Financial Service (TFS). Enterprise Investment Group, LLC. is a management and venture capital coalition of investors comprising the Temple Financial Service (TFS). EIG was es
191 EJT Ventures EJT Ventures is a private investment firm seeking superior risk adjusted returns in real estate & venture capital. Copyright © 2018 EJT Ventures – All Rights Reserved.
192 Electricskyline Ventures LLC. – Pioneer Venture Capital Funding A diversified Internet-focused venture capital fund
193 The Inclusive Portland Venture Capital Firm | Elevate Capital Elevate Capital is a Portland venture capital firm that supports underserved entrpreneurs by providing seed capital funding and close mentorship.
194 Management Consulting & Venture Capital | Elite Holding Co. | Elite Holding Co. Elite Holding Co. is a hybrid Management Consulting & Venture Capital firm specialzing is scaling small businesses and startups to $100MM in revenue.
195 Emerald Risk Solutions LLC (ERS) – ERS is a boutique venture capital investor and incubator headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada Emerald Risk Solutions LLC (ERS) is a boutique venture capital investor and incubator headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. Our portfolio companies span diverse industries including tech, CPG, and professional services. ERS is privately-held and is not open to outside investors/partners. We work exclusively within our network and do not accept solicitations.
196 Enerdigm Ventures – Early Stage Venture Capital Enerdigm Ventures Early Stage Venture Capital
197 Engel Ventures | Santa Barbara Venture Capital And Angel Investor Engel Ventures is the Santa Barbara investment and advisory company focused on venture capital and angel investments.
198 English Venture Capital, LLC English Venture Capital, LLC is about creating equal opportunity for small black owned businesses that have have an industry changing product or service but lack the financial structure need to develop and grow the business.
199 Entanglement Capital – Quantum Information Science Venture Capital Entanglement Capital – Quantum Information Science Venture Capital. Entanglement Capital – Quantum Information Science Venture Capital. Founding team combines business & tech experience and expertise. Ability to prove a technology understanding that’s rooted in reality rather than buzzwords. A product MVP or service project/customer. A clear, actionable business plan to generate revenue that relies on market data, supply/demand and a clear target audience, rather than fantasy.
200 Envy Capital – Envy Capital – Venture Capital – New York, Detroit Envy Capital LLC provides venture capital to entreprenuers for the purpose of launching new companies.
201 eonCapital – Early Stage Venture Capital Firm eonCapital is a Colorado based venture capital investment firm focused on innovative early stage Saas (Software as a Service) start-ups and mobile applications.
202 EPIC Ventures – Venture Capital for Early Stage Tech Venture Capital for Early Stage Tech on EPIC Ventures…
203 Equvest – Venture Capital & Private Equity Venture Capital and Private Equity Contact Us
204 Eudemian Ventures We are an early stage venture capital firm. Our mission is to make potential actual. Explore our portfolio of startups, learn about our investment philosophy and connect with us.
205 NYC Venture Capital | EUKU Ventures EUKU Ventures is a seed stage venture capital fund based in NYC. We seek entrepreneurs with vision, insight, focused execution, and unwavering ambition.
206 HOME | Eutectic Ventures Investing in Healthcare Startups. Investing in Healthcare Startups. Providing the Spark to Innovation. DEPLOYING VENTURE CAPITAL TO TRENDSETTING HEALTHCARE STARTUPS. Leveraging our domain expertise, knowledge, and relationships formed over decades of operational, sales, strategic, and financial experience, . Focusing exclusively on initial investments at the pre-formation and seed stages, .
207 Cyber Security Venture Capital Investors | Evolution Equity Partners Venture capital investors partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs to develop market leading cyber-security and enterprise software companies.
208 Excelsior Venture Capital No menu assigned. At Excelsior Venture Capital, we follow a careful strategy of investing in up-and-coming entrepreneurs, artists, and young companies with significant revenues, quality products/services, and capable management that lack the capital and/or expertise to establish a sustainable and profitable venture. We’ve been there before. Creating a profitable venture is not easy.
210 Exit13 Ventures Exit13 Venture Capital invests and advises early stage technology companies.
211 Expara | Leading venture creation in Southeast Asia since 2003 Expara IDM Ventures. Expara IDM Ventures II. Expara Ventures III. Expara Asia Ventures. CLAS Expara Vietnam Accelerator. Expara SIHUB Accelerator. Expara GSB Fund (EGSB). Life Sciences & Med Tech Accelerator. Corporate Venture Capital workshops. Fundraising and M&A support. Our involvement as a third generation incubation hub in Southeast Asia includes. Start-ups looking for a home at Block 71, the center of incubation, acceleration, venture capital and start-up activity in Singapore, can contact us about i
212 Home | Extend Ventures Extend Ventures – Diversity research in access to venture capital
213 Fancy Hat – Boutique Venture Capital WE ARE A BOUTIQUE VENTURE CAPITAL FUND. WE INVEST IN PASSIONATE ENTREPRENEURS AND EMERGING/COOL TECHNOLOGIES. You can think of us as the delicious craft beer of the venture capital industry. We spend more time with our entrepreneurs than other investors are able to. We get more involved than other investors are willing to. We do whatever it takes to make sure that every single project reaches its full creative and monetary potential.
214 Farley Craig Capital | Venture Capital Farley Craig Capital (FC) is a Washington, D.C. based private venture capital firm that believes all promising ventures deserve access to human and investment capital to spur growth.
215 Home | FastLane Venture Fastlane Venture is a venture capital firm based in Hong Kong. We partner with passionate entrepreneurs to build great businesses. Simultaneously, by investing in smart ideas and innovative technology we create a positive contribution towards our society.
216 Fifth Season Ventures Fifth Season Ventures is a seed and early stage venture capital firm   focused on environmental impact. Impact Investor.
217 Venture Capital | Finnovategroup Venture Capital | United States Venture Capital | Finnovategroup Venture Capital | United States
218 Fin Venture Capital | Helping Entrepreneurs Navigate The Global Financial Services Industry Fin Venture Capital is a globally focused venture capital firm in San Francisco that is focused on the intersection of financial services and technology.
219 First Capital Ventures Not just Venture Capital. We don’t seek capital to find investments—we find investments that attract capital. We value your intellect and provide an opportunity for you to contribute your wisdom and expertise while choosing to invest. We call this “Venture Choice” not Venture Capital and it gives us –and you –an Investment Edge that leads to outsized risk-adjusted returns.
220 First Chair Ventures – SEED & EARLY-STAGE VENTURE CAPITAL SEED & EARLY-STAGE VENTURE CAPITAL. First Chair Ventures is a boutique investment firm that seeks partnerships with seed and early-stage companies in the media, technology and consumer product markets. In addition to providing portfolio companies with capital, the team at First Chair lends vertical expertise and mentorship through its deep network of angels, CEOs and seasoned entrepreneurs.
221 First Seed Ventures Pre-Seed & Seed Round First Stage Startup Capital We are a pre-seed and seed stage venture firm. We are committed to investing early. We believe in the shared experience of entrepreneurs working together to achieve greatness. We give individuals unparalleled access to venture capital and in many cases write the first check. We have a smart diversified VC portfolio.
222 Fitz Gate Ventures | Venture Capital for Princeton Startups Venture Capital for Tigers. We invest in startups from the Princeton ecosystem. View Our Portfolio. Fitz Gate introduced me to two top tier venture capital funds that co-invested with Fitz Gate in one week’s time. These guys are plugged in at the highest levels because they know alumni everywhere. It really is powerful stuff. I made room in the round for Fitz Gate Ventures because I loved the value proposition.
223 Five23 | Elevated Venture Capital Startups & Venture Capital Elevated. All powered by Artificial Intelligence. Five23 analyzes startups and multi-national companies from around the world. Each company is scrutinized with Artificial Intelligence backed by big data. Our findings are then used to generate in depth reports and 409A Valuations. Thus, giving better insights and optics of the company to empower founders and comfort investors.
224 Fjord Ventures Fjord takes a fundamentally different approach than traditional venture capital. We rely on true aligned incentives among entrepreneurs, management, limited partners and money handlers to drive value creation in our portfolio. The Fjord Ventures accelerator provides a highly capital efficient shared infrastructure to Portfolio companies and offers a dedicated funding source through Fjord Capital Partners.
225 Flame Lily Venture Capital Group Flame-Lily Venture Capital Group is a private-equity, investment management and advisory firm primarily focused on investing in information technology, mining, construction, financial services and real estate within Zimbabwe and the Southern African region.
226 Fluke Venture Partners Fluke Venture Partners is the most experienced active venture capital fund in the Northwest with a track record dating back over 20 years.
227 Flying Fish Partners | Seattle & Greater PNW Venture Capital Firm Home page of Seattle Venture Capital Firm Flying Fish Partners.
228 Flywheel Ventures: Building companies that solve key global challenges Flywheel Ventures is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm focused on information technology and infrastructure technology that helps entrepreneurs build companies that solve key global challenges.
229 FNEX Ventures – Invest In Late-stage Venture-backed Companies FNEX Ventures Fund. Has The IPO Gone Private. The “Pre-IPO market (late-stage private companies) has become the IPO market of the past, but is only available to investors such as venture capital firms, mutual funds, and hedge funds. XFNEX provides the retail investor access to this market via a closed-end interval fund. The FNEX Ventures Fund (XFNEX) is an actively managed fund that targets a diversified portfolio of late stage venture backed companies that are comprised of those on the FNEX “Target List.
230 Forexify – Venture Capital, Consulting & Management Forexify is a seed and venture capital firm predominantly focused on FinTech & Special Opportunities. We invest across multiple stages in to financial technology companies that have the potential to disrupt legacy business models. FXFY is a boutique merchant bank with exceptional investment deal sourcing, risk management and distribution capabilities. Our mission is to provide senior level management, owners and board members advice that is candid, insightful, long-term oriented and based on deep sector kno
231 Forté Ventures Forte Ventures provides our limited partners with a smarter approach to   gaining portfolio exposure to the Venture Capital asset class and help them   avoid the adverse selection problem associated with local and/or regional   investment strategies.
232 Fortifien Capital – Venture Capital Investment & Asset Management Firm Business Investment Application. Investor Application Form. Real Estate Investment Application. We are a premier venture capital investment and asset management firm. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors, the companies we invest in, and the communities in which we work. We do this by using extraordinary people and flexible capital to help companies solve problems.
233 Founders Space – Startup Incubators, Accelerators & Venture Capital Founders Space is a startup accelerator incubator with advisors, investors, venture capital, funding, angels & VCs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley
234 FoundersX | Menlo Park | Venture Capital FoundersX Ventures is a cross-stage venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, with strong investment focus on game-changing technologies in high growth industries, including enterprise AI, digital healthcare, fintech, foodtech and edtech.
235 Four Rivers Group – Expansion Stage Venture Capital Firm in San Francisco Their team is straight-talking and entrepreneur-friendly and we’re excited to have them as partners. The firm brought a solid understanding of benchmarks for what “Great” looks like, which we found very helpful. They share a deep commitment to innovation making Four Rivers Group an ideal partner for FireEye. We are an Expansion Stage Venture Capital Firm.
236 Frequency Ventures – placement and allocating superannuation funds and institutional investors into US Venture Capital Funds Frequency Ventures – provides superannuation funds and institutional investors access to US Venture Capital Funds and technology investments.
237 FreshTracks Capital – Vermont Venture Capital, Venture Fund, Private Equity, Investments FreshTracks Capital – a Vermont based venture capital fund investing in Northern New England seed & early stage entrepreneurial companies.
238 Freshwater Investor | a freshwater venture capital and private equity forum a freshwater venture capital and private equity forum
239 Frontier Ventures, we invest in early stage start-ups Leading early stage venture capital fund in the Silicon Valley. We invest in ground-breaking global Internet and blockchain companies with network effects. Click to submit a deck or learn more.
240 Full Circle Venture Capital – Australian Venture Capital Investors Full Circle is an entrepreneur-led Australian venture capital firm focusing on providing Series A funding to high-growth technology startups.
241 Angel investors & Venture Capital Database – FundingSavvy Thousands of Angel investors, Venture Capital Funds and Private Equity Firms in our Database. More than 5000 Funding Sources for your Project. More than 5000 Worldwide Funding Sources at Your Fingertips. Hard to Find Secret Investors Who Don’t Advertise Their funds details on the web. Showcase your Business Plan to investors Now. Showcase Your business to a World of Investors – Literally.
242 Fundwave | Software for Venture Capital and Private Equity Fund management software for Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms. Track your investments and report to your investors.
243 FusionX Ventures Venture Capital for Hardware IoT Startups. FusionX Ventures is a Southern California-based venture capital firm that invests in promising, early stage startups in technology, industrial and medical/life science sectors. Portfolio companies create market-leading solutions at the intersection of hardware, software and cloud technologies. We are previous entrepreneurs and operators who bring decades of experience building value for investors by founding, growing and exiting our own venture-backed businesses.
244 Gabriel Venture Partners | Gabriel Venture Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on investing in capital efficient companies while actively assisting entrepreneurs to build market leaders.
245 Galaxy Venture Capital (GVC) Galaxy Venture Capital (GVC) offers creative and innovative investment   solutions that appeal to even the largest Private Equity Investor, High Net   Worth Individual, Hedge Fund, Pension Fund, Insurance Company, and   Structured Finance client.
246 Seed and Early Stage Venture Capital – Garage Technology Ventures A seed and early-stage venture capital fund. We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs with unique technologies that will define the next era of innovation.
247 Gatekeeper Ventures – Venture Capital Firm for Tech Companies We are an early-stage venture capital firm focused on building world-class technology companies. Headquartered in Bangkok, Gatekeeper Ventures is run by an exceptionally experienced and connected team.
248 Gen 1 Capital an early stage deep tech venture capital focused on culture, creation, and collaboration Gen 1 Capital is an early stage deep tech venture capital focused on   culture, creation, and collaboration investing in people, products, and   performance.
249 Home | Giampaolo Parigi,  Venture Capital Coach WHO IS YOUR VC COACH. The complex and, at times, secretive world of Venture Capital explained and the myths on how to access debt and equity funding debunked from an inside expert who thinks out-of-the-box and out of the ivory tower. A rain-maker, not a talker. Giampaolo is a venture capitalist, investment banker, serial entrepreneur and Board member with over 25 years’ of deal-making on primary and secondary markets in 5 continents.
250 Home – GIRLS WHO VENTURE We partner with organizations to bring our entrepreneurship and venture capital program to high school girls. You can help close the gender gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Your contribution to Girls Who Venture will help girls explore and pursue entrepreneurship and venture capital to start and invest in businesses. When you invest in Girls Who Venture, together we change the world.
251 Global Catalyst Partners – An international, multistage, technology-oriented venture capital firm Global Catalyst Partners is an international, early-stage, technology oriented venture capital firm. Our partners have significant operating experience with both large public companiesas well as building entrepreneurial ventures into major public companies
252 Venture Capital | GlobalSIcorp Venture Capital | GlobalSIcorp Private Equity Investment M&A
253 Global Specialized Venture Capital Group | Custom Tailored Billing Services Designed Call toll free: 0307 472 1942. Global Specialized Venture Capital Group. Maintain Profitability and Control With GSVCG. Our Billing Services team specializes in seamless outsourced billing and Account Follow-up. With GSVCG’s proprietary billing strategies, will allow you to maintain profitability and control. With prices starting at a low 3% of receivables billed, we far outpace our competitors and always deliver an amazing customer experience.
254 GoingVC | Your go-to source for building a career in Venture Capital Part VC fund, part VC career accelerator. GoingVC is designed to help you break into Venture Capital. We connect motivated VC job seekers with VC firms.
255 Golden Gun Venture Capital Golden Gun Venture Capital & Investments. Golden Gun Venture Capital & Investments. Don’t Gamble With Your Money. Trust no one, but Golden Gun VC & Investments with your business venture, family trust, real estate project, or Hollywood feature financing. You’ve worked hard for your wealth: protect it with your life. Blackwell leads Golden Gun VC & Investments.
256 Golden Pine Ventures | Early-Stage Biotechnology & Biomedical Venture Capital Golden Pine Ventures is a venture capital company that seeks out biotechnology and biomedical opportunities developed by leading researchers and grows them into valuable businesses.
257 Gottlieb Foundation of Texas – Venture Capital for Ministry Gottlieb Foundation of Texas is a Great Commission venture capital foundation that provides growth capital and material support to growth ministries.
258 Welcome | Granatus Ventures We are the first venture capital firm to provide investment, expertise and networks to startups worldwide that leverage Armenia’s potential as an emerging technology hub. We back outstanding teams that have the vision and discipline to build high-growth enterprises targeting global markets in sectors that leverage the latest developments in social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies.
259 GRA Venture Fund The elite enterprises in our investment portfolio emerged out of science and technology. And they passed the scrutiny of highly discerning investors. As one of the largest venture capital funds in Georgia, GRA Venture Fund is led by a team of professionals with deep experience and expertise in technology entrepreneurship. What’s inside all of that utility data.
260 Greater Colorado Venture Fund Greater Colorado Venture Fund. A Venture Fund Investing in Rural Colorado. We are a venture capital fund investing in early stage startups headquartered across the state of Colorado, outside of the Front Range. We are working to inspire innovation in places formerly overlooked by venture funds. IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED FOR INVESTMENT BY THE GREATER COLORADO VENTURE FUND, COMPANIES MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA:.
261 Green Visor Capital – Fintech Venture Capital Green Visor Capital is one of the few venture capital firms focused exclusively on investing in financial technology (“FinTech”) companies. We are headquartered in San Francisco, with partners in New York and Hong Kong.
262 Greycroft: Venture capital and technology investments Venture capital and technology investments
263 MGLLC | McCullough Group, LLC – Diversity focused Venture Capital (VC) MGLLC is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in qualified & diverse, underrepresented companies. OUR MISSION is to build, buy, and invest in 3,000 underrepresented enterprises by 2084, and become the primary source of venture capital for founders of color and women.  ​
264 Home | GR Venture Capital GR Venture Capital is a local West Michigan investment fund looking to help small distribution and technology companies exit for retirement or provide current ownership with resources to grow.
265 Golden Section Technology Venture Capital | United States Golden Section Technology Venture Capital is home to five teams across three continents that partner with driven entrepreneurs to build great companies.
266 Venture Capital | GTIF CAPITAL GTIF Capital is a Venture Capital Firm. The company investors include former big 4 partners, doctors, athletes, investors, advisors and consultants with a global perspective.
267 Guppy Pond Ventures – Venture Capital Firms, Seed Funding, Seed Money We are one of the modern early stage Venture Capital Firms who look to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs who are seeking initial seed funding.
268 Gutemberg Dos Santos | Entrepreneurship | Welcome to Gutemberg Dos Santos’ venture capital and entrepreneurship website! Gutemberg Dos Santos is a venture capitalist located in Las Vegas, NV. To glean further insight into his experience, visit his website.
269 Global Venture Capital League | GVCL – Global Venture Capital League Competition Global Venture Capital League 2019. Global Venture Capital League 2019. Nulla porttitor accumsan tincidunt. Vivamus magna justo, lacinia eget consectetur sed, convallis at tellus. Donec rutrum congue leo eget malesuada. Vestibulum ac diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed sit amet dui. Pellentesque in ipsum id orci porta dapibus. Mauris blandit aliquet elit, eget tincidunt nibh pulvinar a.
270 GWB Capital LLC – Venture Capital, Private Equity GWB Capital provides venture capital and private equity for growth companies.
271 Berkeley Haas Venture Fellows Berkeley Haas Venture Fellows. Haas Venture Fellows. Promoting Careers and Opportunities in Venture Capital at Berkeley Haas. Venture capital is notoriously one of the most challenging industries to break into due to its exclusivity and limited opportunities. Haas Venture Fellows is a Berkeley Haas Venture Capital Fellowship for select students to connect with and build out the presence of venture capital at one of the preeminent entrepreneurial schools in the world.
272 Halogen Ventures  – Early Stage Venture Capital Fund Halogen Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund investing in consumer technology companies led by women and based in Los Angeles.
273 Happy Venture Capital – Helping Capitalize New Emerging Companies Looking For The Right Investors To Help Grow Our Portfolio. Your success is our success. Don’t Let the Right Opportunity Pass You Bye. Available to view online. Happy Venture Capital, Inc.
274 Hatch Venture Consulting – Capital and Advisory for Startups Finance, Planning and Analysis. Finance, Planning and Analysis. Early Stage Capital for Startups. We are a team of experienced business veterans with multiple years of experience in banking, corporate finance, business strategy and venture capital. Over the years we have helped many startups raising early stage capital, developing and implementing business plans and achieving growth.
275 Venture Capital | HatchVC | Los Angeles venture capital, los angeles, early stage, seed capital, angel investing, growth capital, investors, hatchvc
276 Hausela, Global Middle Market Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angel Investor, Consumer Goods. Hausela, Global Middle Market Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angel Investor, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Digital Technology, Healthcare, Finance
277 Venture Capital Pulse Venture Capital Pulse. Do You Want To Start A Trampoline Park. What can you do to start a trampoline park business. How will you be able to know what to do to keep people safe. The problem a lot of people have when they get started is that they are far too ambitious. It hurts you just to throw everything you have into something and then not think about what you’re doing.
278 HealthCare Ventures | Life Science Venture Capital Firm HealthCare Ventures is a leading life science venture capital firm investing in pre-clinical or early clinical stage, focused companies with potential to transform patient care.
279 HealthX Ventures We back entrepreneurs creating value with digital health solutions. We back entrepreneurs creating value with digital health solutions. HealthX Ventures is a digital healthcare-focused venture capital firm. We invest in innovative companies making healthcare safer, more efficient and more affordable by delivering easy-to-use, cost-effective and scalable solutions to the market.
280 HEG VENTURE CAPITAL INVESTMENTS LLC – HEG Venture Capital Investments LLC is the creation of the restless arbitrator and entrepreneur, Victor P. Leginsky, along with his supportive network comprised of committed UAE local investors, US contributors and UK HEG Venture Capital Investments LLC is the creation of the restless arbitrator and entrepreneur, Victor P. Leginsky, along with his supportive network comprised of committed UAE local investors, US contributors and UK dedicated experts who never cease to develop revolutionary ideas in the spectrum of professional services.
281 Helix Ventures: Home Helix Ventures is a healthcare-focused venture capital firm with historical roots that go back to the early days of the venture capital industry. Each of the partners brings to the firm an effective combination of entrepreneurial, scientific and investment experience. Helix Ventures focuses on investments in innovative therapeutic product opportunities that solve important problems for patients and create value for investors.
282 Henry Willis | Venture Capital Henry Willis has been involved in venture capital for the last decade. Learn more about investments and currency on his website!
283 Herlache Industries – Scottsdale Education & Internet Venture Capital We Are an Education & Internet Focused Venture Capital Firm. LETS TALK STARTUPS. We specialize in investing in education & internet startups in the Phoenix area. We expect future benefits as an investment in the form of a positive return. The return may consist of capital gain and/or investment income, including dividends, interest, rental income etc. Education & Internet Venture Capital.
284 Cayman Islands HF Fund Services – Private Equity Funds, Real Estate, Venture capital, Cayman Investment Funds Services HF Fund Services provides experienced, non-executive independent directors to hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate, venture capital and investment management companies.
285 HOME | hkventures Get in touch with us today. Lets make your idea work. HKVentures+ is a venture capital company opened for those with creative and innovative ideas that needs a platform that will work with them and invest in their ideas taking it from a concept to a worldwide sell product. We do that by leveraging our network, taking advantage of our resources and our entrepreneurial expertise.
286 How 2 Ventures – A Blockchain Venture Capital, Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund A Blockchain Venture Capital, Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund
287 Capital venture investment. Representation of company. Types of funding of the capital venture. Like any business, a venture capital company must define a strategy. Mostly investment policy.
288 Venture Capital Recruitment | HSF Consulting With beginnings in the San Francisco market and startup culture, HSF specializes in venture capital recruitment directed towards leading tech startups.
289 Hummingbird Ventures LP, Alternative Asset and Venture Capital Management. A leading Australian venture capital firm. Hummingbird Ventures LP Early Stage Venture Capital Fund. A targeted $12 million dollar early stage Australian venture capital fund with a $500,000 LP minimum initial investment, with an investment thesis in young internet companies. It is open to families, trustees, investment companies, significant investor visa applicants and high net worth individuals.
290 Huntington Ventures A Southern California, top-tier venture capital firm investing in critical new technologies.
291 Hawaii Venture Capital Association                      – HVCA HVCA strives to serve as a catalyst and beacon in the heart of the Pacific for entrepreneurship, venture capital activity, and growth. Since its founding in 1988, the HVCA has fostered entrepreneurship through education and exposure to prime members of our business community.
292 HX Venture Fund Fueling Houston’s innovation through investments in compelling venture capital funds.
293 Hyde Park Venture Partners – Midwest Venture Capital | We accelerate high-tech growth in the Midwest. | Hyde Park Venture Partners – Midwest Venture Capital
294 Blockchain Venture Capital Fund. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency VC Fund | IBI Blockchain creates and avoid the noise of false hype. International Blockchain Investments (IBI) provides value-added strategic capital to capable teams, businesses and technologies disrupting existing industries using Blockchain technology. We adhere to a core, long term venture capital investment approach, while strategically capitalizing on investment opportunities provided by liquid cryptocurrency markets.
295 icibooks, Inc | Top 150 Books for Entrepreneurs | Best Books on Startups & Venture Capital & Life Top 150 Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs. Billionaire investors, venture capitalists, and founders share their best business books. Best Books on Startups & Venture Capital. Venture capitalists prefer entrepreneurs that have done it before: serial entrepreneurs. Books every aspiring CEO should read. Reading is both a leisure activity and a strategically important self improvement strategy.
296 Financial Ventures Group | Venture With Us Private Equity & Venture Capital. FVG believes strongly in the power of effective communication and real world connections. Long standing associations with numerous domestic and international firms. Our Vision, Mission & Values. Building Successful Businesses Since  2014. Financial Ventures Group  is a consortium of successful business leaders that caters to the needs of your company or deal: Strategic Consulting – Business Development Plans – Investment Banking – Structured Financing – Venture Capital – Pr
297 iGlobe Partners | Venture Capital Singapore We are a Venture Capital firm based in Singapore with a strong proven track record. We have assisted our companies to successful globalisation and exits over multiple business cyles. Our Funds focus on Smart Cities, FinTech, Digital Media and Extended Reality.
298 IVCA – Illinois Venture Capital Association Illinois Venture Capital Association
299 Illinois Ventures Illinois Ventures is making the world a better, healthier, and more   accessible place through return-focused seed and early investment in   healthcare and technology. We work with dedicated partners to create a   thriving entrepreneurial community in the University of Illinois system and   alumni networks, Illinois and the Midwest, and the national venture capital   market.
300 Illuminate Ventures – New Thinking in Venture Capital Illuminate Ventures – Early stage high tech venture capital firm focused on enterprise cloud and mobile computing.
301 Illum – Enriching Venture Capital and Private Equity Illum is launching its open source branding consultancy exclusively for Venture Capital and Private Equity. We decode the brand equity, marketing risk, and creative authenticity of any company within your portfolio or under consideration.
302 IMS Business & Venture Consulting INNOVATION TO COMMERCIALIZATION. Consulting and Investment Capital for New Businesses that Advance Science and a Greener Environment. Start-ups and small businesses have difficulty getting capital from banks and they are too small to attract traditional venture capital. We provide seed funds to help nurture and bring to reality innovative ideas. The process of taking new ideas from concept to commercialization.
303 Early Stage Venture Capital Firms | | Australia Incubase Capital is an early stage venture capital firm based in Sydney, Australia. We help early stage innovation companies reach their full potential, providing debt and equity growth investment and expertise and an accelerator program as part of our approach to accelerating success.
304 India Internet Fund | Venture Capital Fund | New Delhi and New York India Internet Fund is an early stage venture capital focused on technology and consumer startups in India and the US.
305 Industry Ventures – Collaborative. Flexible. Innovative. Pioneering venture capital solutions for 20 years. Born amidst the dot-com crash, we understand firsthand the challenges of illiquidity. Over the last two decades, we pioneered new segments of the venture capital market. Today, Industry Ventures manages over $3 billion and serves founders, venture funds and institutions across the ecosystem.
306 Florida Venture Capital, Startup VC, Inflexion Fund is Florida’s Venture Fund Florida Venture Capital.  Inflexion Partners manages Inflexion Fund, “Florida
307 InFocus Venture Group – Keeping your goals InFocus InFocus Venture Group is a venture capital firm that seeks to deploy risk capital in the form of direct equity, quasi-equity, loans or mezzanine financing to companies that survive its rigorous due diligence process and qualify under our umbrella of stringent investment criteria and standards. Using a “hands-on” approach, we interact directly with a company’s management team to define organizational goals, formulate new or refine existing corporate policies and processes in an attempt to achieve the desired
308 Home – Information Venture Partners A venture capital firm that invests in startups run by committed founders tackling big issues. We focus on FinTech and Enterprise SaaS.
309 INI Holdings – International Network Investments – Venture Capital to Close the Digital Divide Venture Capital to Close the Digital Divide. International Network Investments (INI) is a privately owned investment company focused on closing the digital divide. We are passionate about extending the Internet and Communications Technologies to underserved populations, specifically across Sub-Saharan Africa and India. At INI, we believe that the expansion of ISPs alongside MNOs is critical to connecting the next four billion people.
310 Home | Innovative Venture Partners An unparalleled approach to commercial growth. Innovative Venture Partners is a venture capital, private equity, and consulting platform, connecting privately owned and publicly traded companies with the appropriate investment, management, counsel, and direction. We facilitate financial prosperity across various markets. We focus on strong executive management teams, entrepreneurial spirit, and the fundamental elements that comprise today’s most successful organizations.
311 Venture Capital Firms NYC | Insight Partners Insight Partners is a leading global private equity and venture capital firm founded in 1995. Click to learn more.
312 Patient Capital | Intrepid Ventures Intrepid Ventures partners with entrepreneurs using patient capital to build long-term value. We invest at the early stage but are very different than traditional venture capital.
313 Intuitive Venture Partners | Venture Capital Firms NYC | Investment Bank New York City Intuitive Venture Partners – a boutique venture investment bank New York   City specializes in structuring, marketing, private placements, equity   securities, debt securities, private public company, APO, PIPEs, RDO,   Pre-IPO financing, Capital Markets, Strategic Advisory, intellectual   property, new technologies. individual investors, institutions, family   offices, foundations. Venture Capital NYC
314 Home | Invergarry Holdings, LP | Nashville Venture Capital Fund Invergarry Holdings is a Nashville, TN based venture capital and private equity fund founded by Townes Duncan and Charlie Gerber in December 2018.
315 Venture Capital Consulting – Invisionate We are a venture capital consulting firm that matches strategic investors with startups and startups with strategic investors.
316 Investors, Angel Investors & Venture Capital | helps businesses easily find angel investors and venture capital. Also connects entrepreneurs with venture capitalists to help them fund their own startups.
317 Ironspring | Network-Driven Venture Capital | Built World | Digital Industrial Ironspring is a network driven venture capital firm that combines the capital and expertise of its operating partners across the industrial ecosystem.
318 Angel Funding – Venture Capital, Angel Funding, Capital, VC Angels, Funding, Acquisitions and Business Development! The Venture Capital seekers leading resource network for angel investors and business development services.
319 Venture Capital for Wine & Spirits Companies Isocline Ventures provides venture capital funding for companies in the wine & spirits industry.
320 IVP | Late Stage Venture Capital and Growth Equity Firm | We Power Growth With $7 billion of committed capital, IVP is a premier late stage venture capital firm and growth equity firm in the United States. IVP has invested in over 400 companies, 113 of which have gone public.
321 Johnston Associates Venture Capital JAI provides seed capital to emerging companies for healthcare related start-up businesses, with emphasis in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. JOHNSTON ASSOCIATES (JAI) was founded by venture capitalist, Robert F. Johnston Associates history includes many successful ventures. JAI launched companies from the ground up around unique and commercially promising technologies.
322 Jared Carmel, Venture Capital & Private Equity Jared Carmel, Venture Capital & Private Equity: The authoritative source of Jared Carmel
323 Jason Ball’s TechBytes – Technology & Venture Capital Technology & Venture Capital
324 Jason Kraus – Venture Capital, Startup Consulting, Angel Investors Jason Kraus has a mission to empower the startup community as founder of Startup Consulting Firm Prepare4VC and a Partner on venture capital group EQx Fund
325 JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital – Empowering Entrepreneurs Globally Invest With Us. We fund and support SMALL companies with BIG ideas. JB Fitzgerald Venture Capital seeks to partner with committed companies that have untraditional ideas and strong values. Our team, comprised of an exceptional group of business professionals that possess proven operating, management, and business development expertise, strategically assists our companies growth and success.
326 Jeremy Liddle – Venture Capital Investor And Advisor Jeremy Liddle is a venture capital investor, advisor, and director for technology startups. He is founding partner at SDGx and Exec Director at Third Hemisphere.
327 Jerome S. Engel | Leader in entrepreneurship education, venture capital, corporate innovation and regional economic development. Ideas & Insights. Jerome Engel is an internationally recognized expert in innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture capital —and lectures and advises business and government leaders around the world. After a successful business career, he joined the faculty of University of California, Berkeley in 1991 to found the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, of which he is a senior fellow and the founding executive director emeritus.
328 Los Angeles Venture Capital Austin Venture Capital Jett Venture Jett Ventures is a venture capital firm with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX. We invest is great entrepreneurs. Submit your pitch today.
329 Johns Hopkins Carey Private Equity and Venture Capital Club – Connecting students, faculty and alumni to private equity & venture capital Johns Hopkins Carey Private Equity and Venture Capital Club. Apply for Leadership Positions. Entrepreneurship is Not a Spectator Sport. Amy recapped her journey in forming Springboard, a highly-vetted expert network of innovators, investors and influencers who are dedicated to building high-growth technology-oriented companies led by women, and shared the lessons she has learned helping entrepreneurs to grow their companies over the years.
330 Los Angeles Angel Investor and Venture Capital Partner- Jonathan Hung Jonathan Hung is a transformative Los Angeles Angel Investor, venture capital partner and Co-Managing Partner at – Unicorn Venture Partners.
331 Jonathan Leinmuller Venture Capital Fundraising Coach | United Kingdom Jonathan Leinmuller is a professional actor and fundraising coach with 20 years experience in Venture Capital and Private Equity in Europe, U.S. and Asia.
332 JUMP Investors – Venture Capital Arrange a meeting with us at our office, We’ll be happy to work with you. Wanna join our crazy team. We are always looking for new talents and we were expecting you. Time to apply, buddy. Entrepreneur-focused early and growth-stage venture capital firm based in Los Angeles, California. Since its formation in 1999, JUMP has invested in a variety of real estate companies, private equity funds, hedge funds, and more than 40 early-stage technology companies:.
333 JC, Private Equity | Venture Capital Bringing together private equity and venture capital. In 2004, the investment strategy was expanded with the launch of a new venture. JUMPSTART CAPITAL AND JUMPSTART EQUITY PARTNERS ARE TRADEMARKS OF JUMPSTART CAPITAL LLC.
334 Joint Venture Capital – Joint Venture Capital Joint Venture Capital is a private lender offering commercial loans. Loans available for apartment building financing, and all commercial Real Estate.
335 Kalei Ventures Venture Capital in Latam
336 Kathryn L. McCall | Corporate Attorney Focused on Startups: Venture Capital: and Small Businesses Corporate Attorney Focused on Startups: Venture Capital: and Small Businesses. How often should I have board meetings. Sending Notice to Shareholders by E-Mail. Failure to pay California Franchise Taxes. What’s an incentive stock option (ISO). What’s an incentive stock option (ISO). Your First Board Meeting After Raising Money. What are registration rights.
337 KEBEnterprises® | Private equity firm or Venture Capitalist firm KEB Enterprises A private equity firm or venture capitalist firm in Utah County, Utah. We Leverage our resources and experience to help you grow.
338 – Pakistan Venture Capital/Private Equity/Investment Management/Project Finance/Family Office/M&A Extensive experience at national and international level for handling venture capital and private equity, offers strategies to achieve client’s objective. Since years giving reliable and professional services for funds management in various international financial institutes. Exposure with financial institutions to manage the monetary and investment aspect for affluent individual or family.
339 Kinyeti Venture Capital :: Investing in profitable businesses in South Sudan Kinyeti Venture Capital is a private equity investment company established to make equity and loan investments in profitable enterprises in South Sudan.
340 Venture Capital | Austin, TX | KKA Advisors KKA Advisors is an Austin, TX based venture capital company focused on providing capital and guidance to entrepreneurs at every stage of their company
341 Knightsbridge Advisers, LLC.  |  A U.S. Early Stage Venture Capital Platform A SEC registered investment adviser focused on providing investors access   to venture capital primary and secondary investments through both fund of   funds and separate account vehicles. With its investments office in   Cambridge, Massachusetts, Knightsbridge manages $1.1B, and has raised 28   vehicles since its founding in 1983.
342 Kodiak Venture Partners – Home Kodiak is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm investing in companies across the information technology spectrum and working closely with entrepreneurs to build tomorrow
343 Krillion Ventures – Seeking one in a krillion Krillion Ventures is a venture capital fund that provides Seed and Series A stage funding to tech-enabled companies based in Miami, New York City and San Francisco.
344 Kris Ampersand – Venture Capital, Technology Investment Kris Ampersand – Venture Capital & Growth Capital Investors in Autonomous Intelligence, Modern Health, Telemedicine & Human Augmentation
345 European Venture Capital – Lakestar Lakestar is a venture capital firm that invests in outstanding digital and technology entrepreneurs worldwide.
346 Venture Capital in Chicago – Langel Investments Venture capital funding for new and growing businesses in Chicago.
347 Latam Entrepreneurs – Adventures in entrepreneurship and venture capital in Latin America Adventures in entrepreneurship and venture capital in Latin America
348 Early Stage Venture Capital Consulting Services Access to Capital: Angel Investors, Lenders, Private Equity & Early Stage Venture Capital: Business Consulting Services for Entrepreneurs
349 Legacy Venture WE TAP VENTURE CAPITAL TO HELP OUR MEMBERS. AMPLIFY THEIR POSITIVE IMPACT IN THE WORLD. Founded in 1999, Legacy Venture manages commitments from over 600 investors as a venture capital fund of funds. Legacy investors, represented by entrepreneurs, corporate executives, select foundations, and philanthropic leaders, direct all returns, both principal and gains, to charitable organizations of their choice.
350 Legazy Ventures – The South African way of doing Venture Capital Legazy Ventures Legazy Ventures is a venture capital firm that takes South African startups from the peripheral and puts them at the centre of our markets attention.  We are focused on investing in technology solutions from transformed teams for the end-consumer- Startups that fill innovation gaps or that pioneer new solutions for South Africa and…
351 Legendary Ventures Legendary Ventures™ is a venture capital firm that accelerates value   creation for emerging technologies in the retail industry.
352 | A Chicago-based boutique venture capital fund. We are a Chicago-based boutique venture capital fund that invests in technology companies. We provide funding in all stages and we will consider investments up to $1 million per company. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and young companies build something special, and then be there every step of the way until the final vision is realized. We do not pressure for a speedy exit or liquidity event.
353 Home – Levensohn Venture Partners Levensohn Venture Partners currently advises and co-manages two early stage venture capital funds. These funds follow three prior venture funds that…
354 Venture capital firm focused on companies with disruptive technology Lightbank is a venture capital firm that specializes in investments in disruptive technology companies in the United States including seed investments and Series A investments.
355 Linden Lake Venture Capital Our approach is hands-on and our focus is on early-stage (pre-clinical/phase I) technologies. Linden Lake’s team has a unique skill set that combines technology area and medical expertise, legal acumen, and private equity investment experience: as well as a long and consistent track record of entrepreneurial success. Copyright – Linden Lake Venture Capital.
356 Venture Capital | Linfluence tech | 日本 Linfluence Tech is a Start-up and Scaled based Venture Capital
357 Texas Venture Capital Firm – LiveOak Venture Partners LiveOak is a Texas venture capital firm that partners with visionary entrepreneurs who use disruptive technologies and business models to challenge the status quo.
358 Lodestone Capital | Hands on venture capital and business building by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs Hands on venture capital and business building by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We partner with original thinkers to build innovative and disruptive technology related enterprises, supporting startups with focused business resources. We’re business builders, not fat cat investors. We believe in entrepreneurial hands on know-how, not theoretical application.
359 LombardStreet Ventures – Pre-Seed Venture Capital Firm | Pre-Seed Funding SV Italian Hub. SV Italian Hub. We Are a Founder Focused Venture Capital Firm. Lombardstreet Ventures is a new breed of Pre-Seed VC. The best chance to win big in San Francisco, especially when you are an early-stage company, is to recruit top engineers and keep your burn rate low. You keep founders in Silicon Valley and hire talented people where you can find them.
360 Longitude Capital: Venture Growth Investing in Healthcare Longitude Capital is a healthcare venture capital firm that invests in transformative healthcare companies to unlock value and enable growth.
361 Venture Capital Database. Top 15 Venture Capital Deals. Venture Capital Firms. Venture Capital Companies. Articles About Venture Capital. Startup Venture Capital. Venture Capital Funds.
362 LA Funds | Early Stage Venture Capital Returning to the practice of. Traditional Venture Capital. INVESTING IN TECHNOLOGIES. THAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. PROVIDING RIGHT SIZED INVESTMENTS FOR INNOVATORS TO BUILD. Early stage venture capital is in its infancy in Louisiana. Historically early stage investing in Louisiana has been done by high net worth individuals but it is sporadic, not well organized and does not provide sufficient capital or resources to early stage companies.
363 LP Confidential | Random musings from a venture capital LP Random musings from a venture capital LP
364 Lucky Tree – Venture Capital Firm Lucky Tree is a venture capital firm committed to supporting entrepreneurs build successful and profitable companies. We are looking for start-up companies who are in the early stages of revenue development and scaling.
365 Ludlow Ventures I intend to work with them the rest of my career and, if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity, you really should too. We believe in VC without ego. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, avoiding the puffery and posturing that gives venture capital a bad name. We invest in authentic friendships that go beyond work. Successful companies rely on trust and there is no greater way to foster that than by becoming real friends.
366 Gaming, Retail, Real Estate, Venture Capital – Luna Net Ent. Luna Entertainment in Novi, MI is involved in Gaming & Retail Industries, Real Estate, and Venture Capital. Chryler, Jeep, Dodge, Jeep, Ram & Harley dealers
367 Lupo Ventures | Pairing German Technology with Silicon Valley Expertise. Aligning Technologies Under a Single Enterprise. Moving to a Global Marketplace. LUPO Ventures is a venture capital/private equity resource and innovation consolidator – bringing together smaller, inspired DACH Region companies with transformational technologies important for large enterprise software Eco Systems to capitalize on growth synergies.
368 LuxeGlobal Ventures LuxeGlobal Ventures provides experienced leadership and venture capital for innovative businesses and products.
369 LvlUp Ventures LvlUp Ventures is a Pre-Seed to Series A Industry Agnostic Venture Capital   firm, located in Southern California, that offers personalized hands-on   attention to each portfolio client. We help aspiring entrepreneurs become   established with brands and investors through our three arms: Coaching   Services, Founder’s Shop/VC Scholar Education, and Events.
370 LZM Holdings Ltd. (HK) – Private Equity – Venture Capital – Start Up Funding, Angel & Seed Investments within Social Media and Alternative Technologies LZM is an international boutique Venture Capital & Private Equity holding company with a diverse and unique way of investing.
371 Venture Captial | Mad Dog Ventures Management, LLC | United States MadDog Ventures a Venture Capital Firm that invests in Technology companies that disrupt existing industry models. Three types of investments MadDog Start-up, Joint Venture and Early Start-ups.
372 Long Term Debt, Mezzanine & Late Stage Venture Capital | Massachussetts Massachusetts Capital Resources Company provides mezzanine capital, long term debt, and late-stage venture capital to Massachusetts based businesses in partnership with entrepreneurs, management teams, individual investors, private equity firms, and commercial lenders.
373 MassVentures – Fueling Early Stage Companies in Massachusetts | MassVentures MassVentures is a venture capital firm focused on fueling the Massachusetts innovation economy by funding early-stage, high-growth Massachusetts startups as they move from concept to commercialization.
374 Sustainable Venture Capital and Real Estate We offer venture capital for renewable energy and real-estate for the benefit of mankind and future generations
375 MathCapital | Early-stage venture capital firm focused on the digital transformation of marketing and media MathCapital is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on the digital transformation of marketing and media. Technology has fundamentally changed the behavior of people, societies, businesses and governments worldwide. Is emerging to capture the $1. MathCapital is poised to lead this transformation.
376 Matterscale | Global Venture Capital that Matters. Matterscale Ventures is a global venture capital fund targeting industries that matter and companies that scale. Based out of Bogotá, Detroit, Istanbul, Mexico City, and San Francisco.
377 Home – Maven Ventures Backing software startups that millions of consumers use everyday to make their lives better. We make $750K-$1M Seed investments in founders with the potential to build billion-dollar businesses. CONSUMER SOFTWARE VENTURE CAPITAL. Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into one easy-to-use platform. Cruise is building the leading highway autopilot technology.
378 Maveron | Consumer-Only Venture Capital Maveron is a consumer-only venture capital firm focused on partnering with world-class entrepreneurs building standout consumer brands.
379 Meakem Becker Venture Capital Meakem Becker Venture Capital – Meakem Becker Venture Capital
380 Healthcare Venture Capital | MBX Capital MBX is a venture capital partnership investing in early stage healthcare and life sciences companies.
381 MDH VENTURE CAPITAL – HOME Venture Capital / Private Equity Firm
382 Media Bay Ventures Media Bay Ventures is a Venture Capital group based in Oakland, California.   Media Bay Ventures specializes in new media and mobile content development   and the development of the technology that supports it.
383 Technology Venture Capital Firms | Meissa Ventures Top tier venture capital firm based in San Francisco: investing in startups: coaching founders: team at Meissa Ventures: key principles of the team at Meissa Ventures
384 MENA Venture – Catered to the venture capital community To Do in Bahrain. To Do in Bahrain. Al Waha Fund of Funds event “MENA Venture” is an event catered to the venture capital community in region. The event will host world-class Global LPs and top venture capital funds focused on technology ventures in MENA and globally creating an opportunity to build bridges amongst markets and be a platform for knowledge exchange amongst LPs globally.
385 Mercury Fund | Mercury Fund – startup venture capital Mercury Fund  is an early-stage venture capital firm. With over $300 million under management, Mercury focuses on entrepreneurs and technology innovation originating in the U. Our investment themes target SaaS, Cloud, and Data Science/AI platforms that make the industrial ecosystems of Middle America more competitive and efficient. Over a decade ago, Mercury recognized the rise of entrepreneurs and innovation in the underinvested Midcontinent.
386 Merge Growth | Venture Capital | Nashville, TN Merge Growth Advisors and Venture Capital is an independent advisory and investment group that specializes in merging like-companies for growth and ultimately exit strategies.
387 Merit Venture Capital – merit Venture Capital is a globally prominent private wealth management firm with a presence in multiple regions, operating principally out of Asia and serving clients around the world. From high-worth individuals to those aspiring to achieve financal success.
388 Merkava Holdings | Venture Capital / Global Distribution Merkava Holdings is the investment arm of the Philip E. Werthman Trust. Dr. Philip Werthman is a surgeon, military historian, venture capitalist, inventor and entrepreneur who is investing in and helping early and mid-stage companies grow. His extensive global network of physicians, scientists, businessmen, generals, and military leaders, athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, investors, sports and entertainment executives, and financiers combined with international high-level government relationships allow
389 Mesia Ventures Mesia is a venture capital firm set on transforming the way we build and invest in Bio companies.
390 Microtech Ventures – Venture Capital and M&A Advisory Services for MEMS, Sensors, and Microtechnology Companies Microtech Ventures is focused on strategic venture capital, angel investing, and M&A advisory services. Our mission is to accelerate the development of sensors, MEMS, and microtechnologies for the advancement of civilization and creation of market value. Our deep industry knowledge and extensive network, combined with practical hands-on strategy experience, enables us to quickly identify the connections that result in multiple opportunities to maximize ownership value, and ensure successful outcomes.
391 Pre- IPO Venture Club Rooted In Rigorous Strategy And Relationships Midas Venture Capital Club Venture capital club focused on some of the world
392 Mighty Capital | A Silicon Valley Venture Firm Funding Products That Count Mighty Capital is an early-growth Silicon Valley venture capital firm. We are investors in Digital Ocean, Amplitude and MissionBio. Amplitude calls us the “ best value for the dollar invested  and says that our network brought them millions of dollars in revenue. The combination of our diverse partnership expertise and our exclusive access to a global business acceleration platform, Products That Count, helps our portfolio drive sales, hire talent, validate ideas, and exit via corporate M&A.
393 MIKEDP VENTURES – HOME Real Estate, Fine Art, Music, Venture Capital
394 baseball history, base ball, Jim O’Rourke, John O’Rourke, Orator O’Rourke, Connecticut entrepreneurship text, startup venture financing capital angel investor Mike Roer, Bridgeport baseball, Jim ORourke Orator ORourke, Players League, entrepreneurship, venture capital financing business plan startup Connecticut
395 Venture Services for Entrepreneurs |Startup Studio | Venture Capital | Accelerator|Innovation hub Venture Services for Entrepreneurs. Venture Studio, Startup Studio, Startup Services, Venture Capital , Accelerator
396 Venture Services for Entrepreneurs |Startup Studio | Venture Capital | Venture Studio|Innovation hub Venture Services for Entrepreneurs. Venture Studio, Startup Studio, Venture Capital , Coworking space
397 Venture Fund & Studio | MOBD MOBD is an American venture studio and seed stage venture capital company based in LA & SF that builds, funds and launches high-growth, innovative startup founders from all walks of life.
398 Venture Capital for Financial Technology – Modulus Venture Capital for Financial Technology – Modulus
399 Dubai Venture Capital Firm | Modus Modus is a Dubai Venture Capital firm that supports emerging startups by minimizing investor risk and maximizing entrepreneur value.
400 Venture Capital The Venture Capital Industry – An Overview. Venture capital is money provided by professionals who invest alongside management in young, rapidly growing companies that have the potential to develop into significant economic contributors. Venture capital is an important source of equity for start-up companies. Professionally managed venture capital firms generally are private partnerships or closely-held corporations funded by private and public pension funds, endowment funds, foundations, corporations, weal
401 Venture capital source Venture Capital Firms. While the terms and conditions of venture capital are not standardized, there are some salient features of venture capital arrangements. The venture capital firm is inclined to assume a high degree of risk in the expectation of earning a high rate of return. The venture capital firm, in addition to providing funds, takes an active interest in guiding the assisted firm.
402 Montrose Capital Partners – Identifying Public Markets Venture Capital Investment Opportunities Montrose Capital is a privately held company focused on identifying Public Markets Venture Capital investment opportunities. Through its partners, Montrose primarily invests in and finances, high growth early stage companies across a wide spectrum of global industries: including Biotechnology, Specialty Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Robotics, and Technology.
403 Mooncake Capital | Crypto Venture Capital Mooncake Capital is a leading Asian venture capital and digital asset management firm in the blockchain space.
404 Moonshots Capital Venture Capital | Austin TX | Los Angeles CA Moonshots Capital based in Los Angeles and Austin, is a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in technology startups
405 Morro Ventures – Connecting continents through entrepreneurship Connecting continents through entrepreneurship. Puerto Rico Overview. CONNECTING CONTINENTS THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Morro Ventures is Puerto Rico’s first institutional early-stage venture capital firm investing in technology companies across Latin America that leverage Puerto Rico as a platform for growth. Puerto Rico is building a new energy grid from the ground up, which leaves lots of room for innovation.
406 Mosaic Ventures – Early stage venture capital firm based in London and focused on Series A stage companies Early stage venture capital firm based in London and focused on Series A   stage companies
407 MOS Venture Capital – Home MOS Venture Capital, Atlanta
408 Motavo Venture Group provides professional services for venture capital firms, emerging organizations and start-up companies Motavo Venture Group provides investing and consulting services including business plans, corporate development, and product development delivering comprehensive corporate development to venture capital firms, and a variety of clients.
409 Myanmar Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Become a Member. Training & Events. Become a Member. Training & Events. The Myanmar Private Equity & Venture Capital Association is a group of institutional investors dedicated to improving the vibrant venture capital and private equity industry in Myanmar. MPE&VCA has a diverse membership base of private equity firms and venture capital firms that work with Myanmar’s entrepreneurial community to transform ground breaking.
410 Top Venture Capital Firms – Mt Aventine Ventures Mt Aventine Ventures – Works With Top Venture Capital Firms – Board of Advisors- works with industry leading technology companies to fuel rapid growth.
411 MTech Capital – InsurTech Venture Capital Firm MTech Capital is a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles (Santa Monica)   and London investing in InsurTech – technology companies operating in the   insurance industry.
412 multiple capital • A new generation of  venture capital fund of funds. A new generation of venture capital fund of funds
413 Home – Munich Re Ventures Funding the future of risk for the human endeavor. We are the strategic corporate venture capital group of Munich Re. Our experienced investors work closely with the Munich Re Group businesses across the globe to fund and partner with the best emerging companies that are developing new technologies and business models – and risks – for tomorrow’s world. As one of the global providers of reinsurance, primary insurance and insurance-related risk solutions, Munich Re is uniquely positioned to help the world ad
414 Marquette University | ComMUnity Venture Capital Marquette University Community Venture Capital
415 Official Website – Raise Venture Capital. Receive Funding from Private Investors Fast. Venture capital industry
416 N90 VENTURES Early stage venture capital for Africa
417 Home | Nanak VENTURES . NANAK GROUP 2003 INDIA WELCOMES YOU ALL. NANAK VENTURES IS A VENTURE CAPITAL ARM OF      THE NANAK GROUP 2003 INDIA. Hospitality – Financial Services . Venture Capital – Private equity. Spiritual World – Business World . Copyright © 2018 by Nanak Group 2003 India. Proudly created with  Wix.
418 NeoTech Post – Startups, technology, and venture capital funding news Startups, technology, and venture capital funding news
419 Global Neurohealth Ventures | San Francisco Global Neurohealth Ventures (GNV) is an impact investment venture capital firm investing in neuroscience. GNV was created to address major unmet medical needs with high social costs by investing in companies that have developed highly promising innovations for neurological and psychiatric diseases.
420 The New England Venture Capital Association To bring our mission to life, we host, promote, and participate in events across the New England innovation ecosystem. How To Land A VC Partner Meeting. Core Collective Series: Fireside Chat with Rana el Kaliouby. Boston New Technology Virtual FinTech & Blockchain Startup Showcase. Boston New Technology COVID-19 Tech Showcase #BNT114. While the NEVCA’s members are venture capital firms, our work faces the entrepreneurial community at large.
421 Newman Venture Capital 華以創投 Newman Venture Capital is a platform to connect Israel innovation technology through funding and cooperation. Vision:
422 New Media Equity LLC – Venture Capital in BlockChain, Media and Space Technologies, Venture Capital, What Is Blockchain, Blockchain New Media Equity venture capital for blockchain encryption, media entertainment, advertising, artificial inteligence,analytics analysis, cloud dpi & space tech
423 New Stack Ventures New Stack Ventures — Early Stage Venture Capital Investments in Remarkable Founders
424 New Territory Ventures A Hong Kong and San Francisco based Venture Capital firm focused on early   stage investments in food tech, supply chain tech, and alternative protein   sources.
425 Newtown Partners | Early-stage Venture Capital Newtown Partners is a venture capital firm that actively invests in emerging, disruptive technology startups.
426 Houses for Sale in Corona & Riverside | New Venture Capital At New Venture Capital, our team finds houses for sale in Corona, Riverside, and more! We also assist with mortgages. For more information, visit our website.
427 Nexbil Venture Capital | Homepage Nexbil Venture Capital
428 NEXEA ❱❱ VC Venture Capital & Accelerator In Malaysia NEXEA Venture capital (VC) and Accelerator for early stage Startups looking for startup funding. ✔️ We focus on delivering not only capital but also the best-in
429 Next Coast Ventures Next Coast Ventures is an Austin based venture capital firm focusing on   Seed, Series A and Series B investments in technology companies. They   provide growth capital to startups in Next Coast markets.
430 Iowa’s Venture Capital Firm Investing in Iowa’s Growth. See how we’re doing it. About Next Level Ventures. Next Level Ventures is a venture capital firm which invests in growing companies that are based only in Iowa. We typically invest $0. Our team is looking for Iowa companies that have the potential to become big opportunities. We provide capital and strong management expertise to help your company to grow quickly.
431 Venture Capital Proptech | Next Proptech | Bekir Yener YILDIRIM We are PROPTECH-FOCUSED venture capital fund
432 NextWave Ventures NextWave Ventures is a seed to early stage venture capital firm focused on commercializing university research.
433 Home | NIN Ventures | Next Generation Technology VC Fund NIN Ventures LLC (or NIN.VC) is an early/growth stage technology venture capital fund.
434 NIN Ventures NIN Ventures (or NIN. VC) is a unique and first of its kind crowdfunded technology venture capital fund to be raised via world wide web. VC will invest in 3D printing, the 4th industrial revolution, cloud computing, virtual reality, financial services, education software, and other disruptive technology companies within the United States. The fund generally will invest $1,000,000 – $5,000,000 in early / growth stage companies as a part of a syndicate or as a lead.
435 Northpac Capital Partners – Venture Capital Northpac Capital Partners – Venture Capital
436 Nosecone Ventures Nosecone Ventures helps accelerate high potential firms beyond the second stage through active, hands-on, tailored engagement. We assist through strategic marketing, product development and extension, human resource strategy, public relations, investor readiness and fundraising from venture capitalists and strategic investors.
437 Nueterra Capital – Venture Capital Firm Changing the Future of Healthcare Nueterra Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in early and growth-stage healthcare companies.
438 Numenor Ventures, LLC Venture Capital/ Advisory Services. Human Resources Consulting. Numenor Ventures also provides consulting services to CEOs/Founders on strategic, financing and management issues. Numenor does not consider or review unsolicited business plans or opportunities.
439 Home | Private Equity & Venture Capital Club All About the Club. The Private Equity and Venture Capital Club provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the private equity and venture capital industries. We strive to allow students to create connections with their peers, faculty, and professionals within the PE/VC industries, in hopes that each member comes away with valuable experiences that stem from our club’s activities.
440 Nuvest Ventures | Venture Capital Nuvest Ventures | Venture Capital for Rising Entrepreneurs
441 Home – National Venture Capital Association – NVCA NVCA is closely monitoring the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and is working diligently to address the VC industry’s needs and provide resources that aim to help firms and portfolio companies during this challenging time. The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) empowers the next generation of American companies that will fuel the economy of tomorrow.
442 Ocean Holdings | Venture Capital Investment Company based in Dubai Venture Capital Investment Company focusing on iGaming, Fintech, Payment Solutions & Digital Marketing start-ups. Ocean Holdings brings together rich experience, capital investments and the business infrastructure your business, company, idea or startup requires.
443 Ocean Road Partners – Venture Capital Firm, Seed Capital, Startup Capital Venture capital firm startup capital seed capital series A financing
444 Omnia Ventures Corporate Social Responsibility. SERVING PARTNERS SINCE 2006. Omnia Ventures creates exceptional value through private equity, venture capital investments and corporate advisory services. Our portfolio is developed through co-investment and active management. We invest and develop cross-border transactions and partnerships. Progress is when investments help begin a renaissance for the world.
445 Omninet Capital: Real Estate Investing, Venture Capital Omninet Capital has been at the forefront of real estate investing and venture capital for more than 20 years.
446 OneClickForEx – provides an information services to investors looking for the best opportunities in the following investment vehicles: FX, Equities, Options, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income Securities, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, private equity ideas, and mor OneClickForEx provides information services to investors looking for the best opportunities in the following investment vehicles: FX, Equities, Options, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income Securities, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, private equity ideas, and more
447 One Putt Ventures – Serial Entrepreneur Mike Gausling Venture Capital Investing. C-Level Advisory Services. Venture Capital Investing. C-Level Advisory Services. One Putt Ventures is a family Office focused on an eclectic mix of venture capital investing, C-level advisory services, and social entrepreneurship. Mike Gausling is a serial entrepreneur with a strong financial, deal making, and operational background.
448 Opticality Ventures Opticality Venture Capital Firm
449 Strategic Cyber Security Venture Capital Fund – Option3Ventures Lead by a team of veteran industry experts, Option 3 Ventures is a strategic cyber security venture capital fund at the forefront of cyber investing.
450 Opus Ventures- Home Opus Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm located in Portland, Maine. We use our unique consulting experience to incubate and continuously coach our portfolio. This approach allows us to leverage the strength and expertise of our consulting team to bring capital to our investment, and returns to our investors.
451 Oregon Venture Fund We are a different kind of venture capital fund, empowering local   entrepreneurs with expertise, capital, and connections to grow their   business, their way.
452 Home – Originate Ventures Originate Ventures is a venture capital investment firm, targeting early stage product and services companies located in Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic regions.
453 Origin Ventures | Chicago & Salt Lake Venture Capital | Series A & Seed VC Origin Ventures, founded in 1999, is a leading venture capital firm with offices in Chicago and Salt Lake City.
454 Oriza Ventures | Technology Investments Oriza Ventures is a venture capital fund focusing on early stage technology investments. Our partners are series entrepreneurs as well as experienced venture ca
455 Osage University Partners – Venture Capital Fund for University Startups Osage University Partners (OUP) is a venture capital firm that invests exclusively in disruptive startups coming out of the top universities and research institutions in the US and abroad.
456 Executive Advice | Mergers & Acquisitions | Funding Strategies | Private Equity | Investment Banking | Venture Capital | Business Success Through Unorthodox Thinking Executive Advice. Mergers & Acquisitions. Funding Strategies. Private Equity. Investment Banking. Venture Capital. Business Success Through Unorthodox Thinking.
457 Overton Venture Capital INVESTING TODAY IN THE POTENTIAL OF TOMORROW. Overton Venture Capital is a woman led fund that invests in seed and early stage, revenue generating companies whose entrepreneurs break the world’s confines and reimagine it with transformational solutions for next-generation businesses. Technology continues to power rapid digital transformation, so much so that consumers are shifting their behaviors and preferences in how they discover, shop and buy in a next-gen commerce world.
458 Ozmen Ventures | Reno Nevada Venture Capital Fund Ozmen Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund supporting innovative solutions to traditional problems in the northern Nevada region and beyond.
459 Pacific Atlantic Ventures – Smart Venture Capital for the switched on generation! Pacific Atlantic Ventures. Smart Venture Capital for the switched on generation. Q’s We Get Asked. By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs. Anyone can invest in your business, we want to invest in you. PAVI: A new way for Venture Capital. We are a VC fund of Entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Having built, grown and sold many of our own businesses, we’re uniquely placed to help you evolve and expand your company.
460 PacRim Venture Partners Pacrim Venture Partners Team. Welcome to the PacRim Venture Partners Website. Founded in 1999, PacRim Venture Partners (PVP) is a private venture capital firm based in Menlo Park, California. PacRim invests primarily in early stage technology companies in Silicon Valley and China. With a combined 50+ years of venture capital, operations, technical and marketing and sales experience and an extensive network, we strive to provide our portfolio companies with broad value-added contributions that can be importa
461 Palomar Ventures Palomar Ventures was launched in 1999 by veteran venture capitalists to focus on early stage information technology companies that demonstrate the potential for exceptional growth and market leadership. The founding principle of Palomar is teamwork: we work closely with our portfolio companies to assist them in achieving their objectives. The partners at Palomar have contributed their strategic insight, network of corporate relationships, and recruiting skills to assist in building nearly 50 public companie
462 Pascal’s View | Focused commentary on international affairs, wine, corporate governance, and venture capital pascalsview focuses primarily on promoting religious pluralism, issues of Jewish identity in America, and venture capital topics, particularly best board governance practices.
463 Patritot Venture Capital Group, LLC Patriot Venture Capital Group, LLC seeks out innovative and passionate entrepreneurs to turn exciting ideas into successful businesses. While Patriot pursues investment opportunities in all sectors, our historical focus has been on early stage information technology, financial services, medical devices and…
464 A Comprehensive Guide On Venture Capital Funding Get details on venture capital funding, the equity financing of the fast-growing private companies. Learn about funding Venture capital and its various aspects
465 Peacock Venture Capital A world class venture capital fund. Etiam quis viverra lorem, in semper lorem. Sed nisl arcu euismod sit amet nisi euismod sed cursus arcu elementum ipsum arcu vivamus quis venenatis orci lorem ipsum et magna feugiat veroeros aliquam. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet nullam dolore.
466 PE Direct | Private Equity Jobs | Venture Capital Jobs PE Direct confidentially links pre-screened and pre-qualified candidates with private equity jobs, venture capital jobs, and investment banking jobs.
467 Pelion Venture Partners Pelion is an early stage venture capital firm bent on exceeding the expectations of unapologetic entrepreneurs who shoot for the moon. A pursuit made possible by decades of experience, unwavering know-how and (most importantly) gritty, over-the-top determination. Find out what drives us. At Pelion, we work closely with visionary entrepreneurs to build innovative and disruptive businesses.
468 HOME – Peregventures Pereg Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early stage U.S. and Israeli startups, focused on B2B data solutions that accelerate consumer-driven enterprises.
469 Pete Arethas: FinTech – Venture Capital. Chicago Pete Arethas writes about FinTech, Venture Capital and more. Early-stage VC. Based in Chicago. Frequently in San Francisco.
470 Private Equity & Venture Capital Association – Largest Network PE & VC Firms Private Equity & Venture Capital Association. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing.
471 Home | Private Equity, Venture Capital and Real Estate Investments Advisory Services on Private Equity Venture Capital and Real Estate Fund Investments
472 PEVCTech | Let’s improve Technology for Private Equity and Venture Capital together! Let’s improve Technology for Private Equity and Venture Capital together. PEVCTech is a community for investors and technologists responsible for investing in private companies, primarily at private equity and venture capital funds. Our focus is on sharing information on technologies and systems that make investing in private companies more efficient and effective.
473 Venture Capital – Phalanx Capital Group Venture Capital firm, with a focus on Tech and Bio-pharma in North America to provide societal benefit to the industry and region.
474 Home | Phaze Ventures Phaze Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm and innovation platform headquartered in Oman
475 Photon Fund – Venture Capital | Silicon Valley Photon Fund Venture Capital | Silicon Valley 2350 Mission College Blvd, Suite 475, Santa Clara, CA 95054 ©2019 All rights reserved.
476 Pilot Mountain Ventures Welcome To Pilot Mountain Ventures. Learn More About How We Operate. A VENTURE FIRM INVESTING IN EARLY STAGE COMPANIES. Founded by a group of experienced and successful investors, entrepreneurs and corporate officers, Pilot Mountain Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm. Pilot Mountain is actively involved in the companies it invests in, providing advice, contacts and mentoring to help the company succeed.
477 Pinewood Consulting, LLC – Finance & Venture Capital Pinewood provides venture capital consulting, investment teaser design,   pitch deck, business plan services, and finance back office for high growth   firms.
478 Playful Capital – Venture Capital For A More Extraordinary World Venture Capital For A More Extraordinary World. Apply For Capital. We’re providing resources to entrepreneurs who are doing something to foster extraordinary living. We typically work with artists, coaches, performers, venues, authors, and designers. The Tiny Cupboard—an immersive art venue in Brooklyn. Advanced Life Coach Marketing—Outside the box marketing strategies for the competitive life coach niche.
479 Plexo Capital – Venture Capital with a Greater Purpose Leverage the power of a full stack VC firm. We believe that diverse perspectives are a competitive advantage in identifying and capitalizing on key market opportunities. We focus on a wide range of smaller funds, managed by individuals with unique networks, to create sustainable, differentiated deal flow. We cultivate a network of world-class experts to drive growth in the portfolio companies in product, design, brand, UX and customer acquisitions.
480 Welcome to PMA Venture Capital Group. – PMA Venture Capital Group Welcome to PMA Venture Capital Group. We
481 Popcorn LLC Venture Capital Group Venture Capital Group. Building High Growth Companies from the Start . Venture Capital Group. Building High Growth Companies from the Start . Sales Pop uses AI technology to find the most qualified opportunities to fill your pipeline. Combine our intelligent software with our cutting edge team and you have a recipe for guaranteed results. Our team of sales reps are ready to represent your brand today and we guarantee 5-8 new appointments each month.
482 PRAETORIAN Venture Partners, LLC – Huntington Beach, CA Venture Capital – Acquiring Innovation: Strategic Deal Making & Creating Value through Ethics-based Due Diligence and Execution.
483 Prairie Crest Capital – Midwest Early Stage Venture Capital FirmPrairie Crest Capital Venture Capital for Underserved Markets
484 Venture Capital. No Math. Financial modeling platform for venture capital transactions including capitalization tables, term sheets, syndication tools, and exit analysis
485 HOME | Prelude Ventures Prelude Ventures is a venture capital firm partnering with entrepreneurs to address climate change. Since 2013, we have invested in over 40 companies across advanced energy, food and agriculture, transportation and logistics, advanced materials and manufacturing, and advanced computing. We have a long-term commitment to the sector, accept informed risks, and couple a fundamental emphasis on venture-level returns with an understanding of deep-tech and hardware development timelines.
486 Princelink Ventures PV is a venture capital firm working directly with more than 50 financial institutions, including consortium of Banks, Private lenders, Mutual funds e.t.c, as such we are focusing on studying, negotiation and securing adequate finance ( structured finance) for projects worldwide, our approach is risk based, location based and structure based.
487 Privenalt | Private Equity Venture Capital Alternative Investments Private Equity Venture Capital Alternative Investments. Your Trusted Investment Partner. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam luctus eu turpis luctus commodo. Praesent efficitur fermentum libero. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Aenean porta ante tortor, id eleifend leo pretium non.
488 Money loans, investors, venture capital financing, credit, investment Get venture capital financing, money loans, credits to finance your start-up business with Proma- investment. Database with thousands of private investors, financiers, joint venture companies, entrepreneurs, VC firms.
489 Home – Propel Venture Partners Propel Venture Partners is a venture capital firm focused on opportunities at the intersection of technology and finance.
490 Prospect Venture Partners Prospect Venture Partners is a leading life sciences venture capital firm   dedicated to building outstanding biomedical companies. With more than $1B   of capital raised, we support innovative companies from seed to growth   stage.
491 Providence Ventures Health care IT (including tech-enabled services) and medical device and   diagnostic venture capital fund located in Seattle and San Francisco.
492 PS27 Ventures   | Venture Capital | Startup Leadership Training We provide venture capital and advisory services to driven and passionate   founders at the critical early stages of their business.
493 PTI Ventures – Active Venture Capital Investment Active Venture Capital Investment. Active investor and business development partner for early to growth stage private technology companies in the United States, Taiwan, and China. Active investor and business development partner for early to growth stage private technology companies in the United States, Taiwan, and China. Active investor and business development partner for early to growth stage private technology companies in the United States, Taiwan, and China.
494 Home | pujolsventurecapital Pujols Venture Capital, is a private equity management firm, having it’s main focus on emerging markets. Proudly created with  Wix. Create your website today.
495 Venture Capital | Quadrantis Capital Quadrantis Capital is a venture capital that targets sustainable investments within the renewable, energy efficiency and cleantech landscape
496 Qualcomm Ventures As the venture capital arm of Qualcomm, we help connect entrepreneurs to the resources, relationships and deep industry expertise they need to succeed in the mobile technology ecosystem.
497 Quintus Capital – Venture Capital VENTURE FUNDING FOR START-UPS. Quintus Capital is an early stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco, CA. We help early stage companies engineer strong foundations and partner with them through every step of their journey to ensure successful outcomes. We are fiercely passionate about working with pioneers who are transforming their industries. PARTNERS THAT INSPIRE US.
498 Quintus Capital – Early Stage Venture Capital Firm Based in San Francisco Quintus Capital is an early stage venture capital firm based in San Francisco, CA. We help companies build a strong foundation and help them along the way!
499 Quoin Capital – Investment Banking – Institutional Broker – Bonds – Public Finance – Global – Venture Capital | Financial Services Member Access: Reports. Mergers & Acquisitions. Member Access: Reports. M&A Advisory, Valuations and Venture Capital. Underwriter of debt for public entities. International Trade, project finance and alternative asset marketing. Quoin provides unparalleled personalized services to our institutional brokerage, government, project consulting and venture capital clients worldwide.
500 r10ventures | startups | London r10ventures, facilitating access to UK market knowledge and venture capital for Romania’s best pre-Seed to Series A candidates
501 Rainfall Ventures Rainfall is a founder focused venture capital fund based in New York City. We partner with teams to change industries worldwide.
502 Rampersand | Venture Capital | Australia Rampersand is a Seed and Series A stage Venture Capital firm in Australian tech because startups need more than just money.
503 Rayefield Ventures – Home Rayefield Ventures, LLC is a Seattle-based venture capital company specializing in early stage funding for passionate people with great ideas. Interests include financing, real estate, angel investment, and securities & commodities trading.
504 Real Property Venture Capital REAL PROPERTY VENTURE CAPITAL. Developing and growing innovative real estate investment companies. Capital formation and Deal Structuring. RPVC offers advisory services and capital necessary to take real estate investment start-ups forward to success.
505 Rebecca Holdings Corporation – Venture Capital Rebecca Holdings Corporation is a venture capital firm engaged in providing digital business solutions worldwide.
506 Venture Capital | Redcedar Vc | United States RedCedar venture capital invests in amazing ideas led by incredible people
507 Vertically Focused Venture Capital – Relay Ventures Vertically Focused Venture Capital. Investing early and throughout the startup life cycle. Our team is what makes us, and we take pride in the diversity of professional and academic experiences our team offers. Our offices can be found in Toronto, Calgary, Menlo Park and San Francisco, but you can find our wide network of portfolio companies spread all across North America.
508 REMIGES Ventures Remiges Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on therapeutics. We do early stage biotech investment and company creation based on innovative science from Japanese academia.
509 Cleantech | RenewableTech Ventures | United States | Venture Capital RenewableTech Ventures is a Venture Capital firm that invests in Cleantech Startups
510 Home – Renaissance Venture Capital : Renaissance Venture Capital See Our Impact. Follow Us on Twitter. Moderna and Pfizer hopeful to launch vaccine by end of year https://t. Grief Wellness Startup Eterneva Adds $3M To Seed Round https://t. RT @CNN: A Covid-19 vaccine developed by the biotechnology company Moderna in partnership with the National Institutes of Health has been f…. Copyright 2020 Renaissance Venture Capital.
511 Requiem Capital Group | Blockchain Venture Capital | Worldwide Requiem Capital is an investment, advisory, and research firm focused exclusively on venture capital, growth equity, lending, structure products, and credit derivative investments in blockchain technology, digital currency, and biotechnology space. But data-driven approaches are timeless. We leveraged the latest advancements in data science and blockchain technology to build a robust strategy of quantitatively driven investment, advisory, and research.
512 Venture Capital Funding & Startup Studio – Columbus, Ohio | Rev1 Ventures Rev1 Ventures provides seed stage venture capital funding in Columbus, Ohio along with startup services, space, mentoring, and connections. Learn more!
513 Reynolds Venture Capital Founded in 2007 at South Korea, by two top-notch technology entrepreneurs, Reynolds Venture Capital is a leading investment company, specializing in large-scale technology enterprises. During its first years, the company focused in large-scale energy oriented projects in developing countries, mainly in Africa and South America. Over the last 7 years, the company’s business focus shifted to investments in companies with cutting-edge technological solutions for the infrastructures field.
514 Rhythm Venture Capital We invest in and partner with early stage companies taking transformational approaches that leverage data and technology to address significant unmet needs in healthcare. Rhythm Venture Capital, LLC.
515 rictan0 – Technology, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Technology, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
516 Early Stage Venture Capital Firm | Ridge Ventures Ridge Ventures (formerly IDG Ventures) is an early stage venture capital fund investing in experienced founders redefining how the world uses software.
517 Riedmiller & Associates LLC | Venture Fund Administration | California Riedmiller & Associates, LLC provides CFO and Fund Administration services to a boutique collection of venture capital clients demanding experienced, high-level
518 Venture Capital Private Equity Advisors | Ringbolt Capital Ringbolt Capital is the leading provider of early stage capital for businesses ready to scale -Venture Capital Private Equity Advisors | Ringbolt Capital
519 Rittenhouse Ventures Rittenhouse Ventures is a Philadelphia-based emerging-growth VC firm focused on software solutions for healthcare, financial services, and human resources.
520 RiverPark Ventures RiverPark Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund, founded by entrepreneurs to invest in entrepreneurs. RiverPark Ventures is part of the RiverPark family of funds, a multi-strategy portfolio management firm. RiverPark Funds collectively manage over $3 billion in assets.
521 Riverside Venture Capital – EXPERIENCE.  TRUST.  TIMING. Riverside Venture Capital. Their scalable cloud platform helps you quickly roll out Click & Collect, Ship from Store, Omni-Channel Returns and Smart Fulfilment solutions. Swype was wholly acquired by Nuance Communications. Sceneric was wholly acquired by DigitasLBi, part of the Publicis corporation. Zetman was a niche agency focused on Digital and Technology recruitment.
522 Home – Rivervest – A Life Science Venture Capital Firm – St. Louis, San Diego, Cleveland RiverVest is a leading venture capital firm building life science companies with a focus on biopharma and medical devices.
523 RLC Ventures | A Venture Capital Fund for Startups RLC Ventures is an early-stage Venture Capital fund investing in AI, Gaming Fintech and Enterprise.
524 Early Stage Venture Capital | Roadster Capital Early Stage Venture Capital | Roadster Capital
525 Robbins Venture Capital Robbins VC (What we’re about). Robbins is the CEO and founder of the Robbins Venture Capital group. Robbins Venture Capital group is a venture capital fund located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky that primarily invests in the evolving technology and medical sectors. For the last 20 years, Dr. ZirMed reached a company valuation of $750 million before being acquired by Navicure to create Waystar.
526 Venture Capital for Latin American Entrepreneurs – Roble Ventures Roble Ventures is an early stage technology venture fund built by entrepreneurs and operators with success in Silicon Valley. Venture Capital for Latin America
527 Home | Rock Venture Capital Rock VC educates Northwestern students about venture capital and growth equity through information sessions, speaker visits, content production, and hands-on projects from professional funds. We are dedicated to making VC accessible, working with other student-led venture capital clubs in the US to build a culture of undergraduate involvement in the space.
528 Rockwell Venture Capital | Home Rockwell Venture Capital has been forwarding innovation with investment in emerging market technologies since 1983. In the course of its more than 35 year history RVC has participated in more than thirty venture capital investments. While these investments have varied greatly in their technology and market focus, they have the common thread of being great opportunities that just need some help.
529 Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association THE RMVCA SUPPORTS ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INVESTMENT THROUGHOUT THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION. The Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association represents entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and the service providers who support them in the Rocky Mountain Region. In the past 5 years, companies in the region have attracted financing from over 400 institutional venture firms representing over $4 billion in capital under management.
530 Roc Ventures | Pitt Business | Pittsburgh Roc Ventures connects students of all backgrounds to the local venture capital community in Pittsburgh. With opportunities to compete in case competitions or take part in networking events, members supplement their education and improve their professional network.
531 Entrepreneurial Minded – Essays about tech, startups, consulting, marketing, venture capital Essays about tech, startups, consulting, marketing, venture capital
532 ROIDET | Private Equity & Venture Capital | DETROIT An eccentric based PE & VC firm headquartered in Detroit, where we provide the most capable opportunities avaliable.
533 Round Square Venture Capital Round Square Venture Capital is investing in cause driven entrepreneurs. Crazy enough to change the world? Contact us today about funding for your ideas.
534 RSI Ventures RSI Ventures is a boutique family office, investment, and advisory platform. RSI makes minority investments in companies and projects with unique potential. RSI is highly focused on impact and sustainable investment strategies in three general verticals: Real Estate, Litigation Finance / Consumer Rights, and Venture Capital. We also have experience with hard money lending.
535 Rubicon Venture Capital | Leveraging best practices of Venture Capital and Angel Networks to Provide Funding and Ecosystem Advisory for Early-Stage Companies Rubicon Venture Capital is a bi-coastal San Francisco – New York fund focused on backing software and internet technology companies at the Late Seed, Series A and B stages. We are backed by a diverse set of value added LP investors including high-net worth individuals, family offices, corporates and institutional LPs located worldwide. We enable our LPs to co-invest with our fund all the way to exit via our sidecar vehicles.
536 Home | Rutgers Venture Capital Club The Rutgers Venture Capital Club is committed to teaching students about the Venture Capital industry, introducing them to professionals, and providing internship opportunities through the firms we have connections with. Additionally, we would like to act as liaisons between students with an idea to sources of funding.
537 Global Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms Database – Your source to find information on venture capital and private equity firms Global Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms Database. Your source to find information on venture capital and private equity firms. Asia-Pacific Venture Capital and Private Equity Database. European Venture Capital and Private Equity Database. Global Biomedical Investors Database. Global Green Investors Database. Global IT and Telecommunications Investors Database.
538 SaaS Venture Capital SaaS Ventures is a seed stage venture capital fund focused on enterprise tech. What We Believe. That talent is not bounded to a few area codes – so we invest across North America while backing great entrepreneurs. That within the technology sector, companies that provide software as a service (SaaS) have the highest likelihood of success and represent the best investment opportunities.
539 Early-Stage Venture Capital Fund | Saba Investments LLC | El Paso, TX Saba Investments is an early stage venture capital fund structured to identify and cultivate untapped investment opportunities in the Rio Grande Innovation Corridor.
540 SAC Venture Capital sac venture capital in Hong Kong is a a professional photographer specializing in nature and landscape photography, capturing images from all over the us and canada.
541 SAC Venture Capital Limited –  WordPress site Learning from people who are at the top of their game is important as we are challenged all the time in this industry. It is all about continuous learning. Everyone wants to spot Asia’s next extraordinary tech startup. Venture capitalist for the Asia’s tech entrepreneurs. All it takes is one passionate individual to recognize a unique skill and realize what needs to be done to push it forward.
542 Safat Group – Innovative Finance | Venture Capital | Loan Portfolios | Real Estate Safat Group is a global leader in innovative finance, venture capital, loan portfolios and real estate investing.
543 SAIC – Venture Capital The future is better when you create it yourself. SAIC Capital is a corporate venture capital firm formed in 2014. Its purpose is to establish SAIC as a major player in developing leading-edge technology for the transportation industry. It is located on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, California, at the heart of Silicon Valley. Areas of investment include:.
544 Venture Capital, Investing in Clean Energy & Technology – SAIL Capital Partners SAIL Venture Capital is a Cleantech venture capital firm: investing in efficient Battery and Energy Storage Systems, Cleantech investment firm.
545 SchindlerAM Ventures | Switzerland | Venture Capital Schweiz Schindler Asset Management Ventures is an international investment firm, deploying venture capital in all stages.
546 Sandstorm Ventures Sandstorm Ventures is a Saudi-based Venture Capital and Private Equity firm specializing in investing in disruptive technologies of the future.
547 NY Capital Region Venture Capital Saratoga Venture Partners, LLC. An Upstate NY venture capital firm investing in New York State Capital Region startups in healthcare, education, energy and business-to-business.
548 Boston Venture Capital Firm Entrepreneur-Friendly Early Stage VC Funding Saturn Partners works side-by-side with innovators to build groundbreaking companies. This Boston venture capital firm provides VC funding for seed and early-stage technology companies.
549 saudi venture capital BOARD OF DIRECTORS. MISSION & VISION. SVCIC is uniquely positioned to lead the development of the nascent venture capitalindustry in Saudi Arabia by providing unmatched levels of support for fundamentally strong small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) that lack the necessary resources for growth and expansion. SVCIC is uniquely positioned to lead the development of the nascent venture capitalindustry in Saudi Arabia by providing unmatched levels of support for fundamentally strong small-to-medium enterprises (SM
550 SA Venture Capital South Africa – South Africa Venture Capital SA Venture Capital South Africa. Why the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Boerse). Why the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Boerse) Many readers have asked why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, especially as foreign non-German companies. Many of those people are surprised to learn over 89% of the exchange is foreign listed companies,…. About SA Venture Capital.
551 SBL Venture Capital SBLV Venture Capital is primarily focused on four industries: Energy,   Health/Well-Being, Transportation and Entertainment.
552 SB Ventures – A Venture Capital Group Built to Grow Skagit Valley We are a venture capital group soley focused on the beautiful Skagit   Valley. We
553 Scale-Up Venture Capital – Investments in Visionary Founders Scale-Up Venture Capital. Investments in Visionary Founders. We partner with visionary founders who lead and create new markets. At times, we meet founders that have a little more insight into their market than they ought to. They see inefficiencies that went unnoticed for a long time, even though technologies to solve them have long since been developed.
554 Secocha Ventures | early stage VC Startups, VC, Venture Capital, Miami, Secocha Ventures, Secocha, Sanket Parekh
555 Seeking Venture Capital Series A Funding Seeking series A round venture capital to build a consumer internet technology company.
556 Seek Ventures Seek Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests globally in technology and internet companies through their growth phase.
557 Serafina Capital – Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship Services to Entrepreneurs and StartUp Organisations seeking Angel and Venture Capital Seed Funding
558 Serra Ventures Serra Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm investing in   technology companies in emerging Midwest technology centers and selected   other geographies. Sectors we focus on include information technology,   devices/instrumentation and agricultural technologies.
559 SeventySix Capital – The Sports Tech Venture Capital Fund SeventySix Capital is a venture capital company investing in game-changing   tech startups in sports, esports, and sports betting.
560 Venture Capital Firm | الإمارات العربية المتحدة | Shrewd Capital Venture Capital Startup Investment Advisory
561 Home – Siam Venture Capital Partner With Us. Partner With Us. Siam Venture Capital. We specialize in investing with technology startups in any areas. We expect future benefits as an investment in the form of a positive return. The return may consist of capital gain and/or investment income, including dividends, interest, rental income etc. Edge computing is accelerating growth in technology.
562 Signature One Ventures | Venture Capital | IT Consultancy | Bahrain | GCC Signature One Ventures is an emerging venture capital & technology player in the global marketplace & among the fastest growing technology firms in Bahrain and GCC
563 SILAS CAPITAL | Growth Equity & Venture Capital for Consumer Brands A Growth Equity & Venture Capital Firm for Consumer Products Companies
564 Silicon Desert Ventures – Venture Capital in Arizona Venture capital and private equity in Phoenix, Arizona – the Silicon Desert.
565 Silicon Valley News | View from Silicon Valley:  Start Up & Venture Capital Firms News & Events, High Tech Trends, …     If you would like to drop us a note, feedback or propose a news, use the form Leave a comment below …  You  might want  also to check o View from Silicon Valley:  Start Up & Venture Capital Firms News & Events, High Tech Trends, …     If you would like to drop us a note, feedback or propose a news, use the form
566 Home | Simon Venture Fund Simon Alumni with years of executive experience working in the Finance, Tech, Marketing, and Venture Capital fields along with distinguished Simon Faculty sit on the Venture Fund board. Professionals, both Simon Alumni and Simon friendly, with expert industry, venture capital, or entrepreneurship knowledge are welcomed as advisors to the fund. MBA Graduate Students who previously participated in the fund with backgrounds spanning Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship make up the Management Team.
567 SineWave Ventures Premier early-stage venture capital firm bridging Silicon Valley and Capitol Hill.
568 Skyline Ventures Skyline Ventures, Sweat Stage Venture Capital
569 Technology Venture Capital | SNL Partners | United States SNL Partners is a Venture Capital and Consulting Firm focused on providing funding and assistance to early-stage technology companies
570 SOUTHERN CONNECTION – Southern Connection Venture Fund Venture Capital for Southern Entrepreneurs
571 SpaceFund Venture Capital – Funding the Future | SpaceFund SpaceFund is a venture capital firm, providing informed investing in a diversified portfolio of space companies.
572 Sparksbm Ventures Venture Capital x Innovation. Partnering founders to maximise the value of their companies when it counts most. Venture Capital x Innovation. Partnering founders to maximise the value of their companies when it counts most. We created a tailor-made process to prepare your company for its fund raising or sale quickly and inexpensively: the Deal Innovation Accelerator.
573 Spearhead Innovation Venture Capital, LLC Spearhead Innovation Venture Capital, LLCIntellectual Venture Capital What is your intellectual architecture?
574 Spero Ventures – Building a future that belongs to everyone – Spero Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in founders building a future that belongs to everyone.
575 Venture Capital | San Francisco | Spruce Capital Partners Spruce Capital Partners is a venture capital management firm directing investment in and helping to build innovative Ag, Nutrition & Industrial Life Sciences companies.
576 Top Venture Capital Firms. Startup Venture Capital. Venture Capital Database. Top 15 Venture Capital Deals. Venture Capital Companies. Articles About Venture Capital.
577 Stack by Stack | Angel Investment, Venture Capital and Startup Consultant Stack by Stack is an angel investment and venture capital firm specializing in seed and startup funding.
578 Venture Capital Investment in Cambridge, MA Do you need the help of a venture capital investment firm in the Cambridge, MA, area? Come to Standard Normal! We can help with your business.
579 Home | Stanley Ventures We are a diverse team with a depth of experience in venture capital, startups, technology, and entrepreneurship.  Our team is positioned in innovation hubs around the globe to engage with startups and technology ecosystems to build relationships that create value for all.
580 Starboard Star Venture Capital – Venture Capital With Purpose Starboard Star Venture Capital. Venture Capital With Purpose. About Starboard Star Venture Capital. About the Cannon. Welcome to Starboard Star. Welcome to Starboard Star. Starboard Star Venture Capital (SSVC) is a venture capital fund located in Houston, Texas. The fund is focused on investments in early-stage technology companies primarily supporting construction, property management, energy and other related industrial applications, and sports tech.
581 Starbridge Venture Capital A space sector focused venture capital fund
582 Starlight Capital, Inc. | Venture Capital Startups Starlight Capital Inc. is a strategic finance consulting firm founded in 1999 that provides a range of corporate advisory services to small companies.  It helps venture capital startups find an investor and prepare for crowd funding.  It formerly co-hosted New York Private Equity Forums.
583 Startup Capital Ventures seed stage venture capital investors
584 Krupa’s Back Pages | Healthcare, Finance, Venture Capital and Casual Fridays Healthcare, Finance, Venture Capital and Casual Fridays
585 Stokholm | Legal | Venture Capital | Zürich Stokholm is an international focused advisory firm based in Zürich. We execute ideas combining legal and venture capital investments.
586 Denver, CO Based Venture Capital Firm – Stout Street Capital Colorado Venture capital firm with a focus on early-stage technology companies innovating in software, fin tech, advanced materials, robotics, and AI.
587 Strategic Ventures Group venture capital, strategic venture capital, digital health, venture   funding, VC, health tech, health systems, CIO, innovation, digital   innovation, startups, entrepreneur, ehr, data, collaboration, syndication,   coinvestment, consortium, investing, partner
588 STR∆TMINDS | Strategy+Venture Capital | United States STRATMINDS helps startups with strategy advisory services and early-stage venture capital investment to help innovative entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality
589 Street Global Venture Capital Street Global Venture Capital. London, UK : No. Tel: UK – +44 (0) 203-807-0743 | USA – +1-202-230-8659. Street Global is a venture capital & strategic advisory firm with decades of high technology strategy, startup, growth (from startup-to-IPO), alliances & ecosystem development, market & business development, financial and startup investing experience. Based in Silicon Valley and London, Street Global brings together intensive Silicon Valley expertise and Emerging & Commonwealth markets expertise.
590 Subliminal Valley – An Afrofuturist Initiative Exploring Silicon Valley & Venture Capital Through Black Culture Subliminal Valley is an Afrofuturist initiative that explores Silicon Valley’s tech scene and the minds of venture capitalists through the lens of Black Aesthetics, wordplay and urban culture. Subliminal Valley centers on the story of a Black investor hailing from MIT who launches a venture capital fund in Silicon Valley while documenting his experience in his spoken-word diary.
591 Sundial Ventures – Venture Capital Firm Sundial Ventures is a Venture Capital firm that invests in and partners with small and mid-size businesses experiencing growing pains. We provide our portfolio companies unique guidance when implementing, and overseeing operations to keep pace with rapidly growing and scaling organizations. You recognized an opportunity, took the risk, worked hard and built a successful business.
592 SVCE – Startup Venture Capital Equity funding group Welcome to our Startup Venture Capital Equity funding group. Entrepreneurs and startups, get funded. Are you our next funded company. We invest in startup companies. Why raising capital with SVCE. Join our startup funding programs. Headquartered in Silicon Valley and Asia, the Startup Venture Capital Equity funding group was founded by a team of venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs who wanted to support talented people solving problems and creating disruptive innovations.
593 Home – Swanlaab Venture Factory Swanlaab Venture Factory. We are the first Spanish VC fund backed up by an Israeli venture capital group, Giza Venture Capital (Giza VC). Since 1992, Giza has managed six funds and invested over $600 million. Thanks to its expertise and experienced team, Giza Venture Capital Group has become one of the leading VC groups and has led to numerous successful exits.
594 Switch Ventures Welcome to Switch Ventures, a new kind of venture capital. A community of   talented founders who switched from the common path.
595 SWS Venture Capital SWS Venture Capital is more than an investment firm: it’s an entrepreneurial firm, with a dynamic team whose skills range from technology, operations, and strategy to brand building and financial management. We recognize great ideas and the people behind them. Empowering entrepreneurs every step of the way, we collaborate with ventures to forge industry connections and reduce barriers on their path to leading tomorrow’s industries.
596 Sydney Paige Thomas – Talking shop about venture capital, entrepreneurship and startups Sydney Paige Thomas. Talking shop about venture capital, entrepreneurship and startups. Reflections on Imposter Syndrome. A few things happened yesterday that got me thinking about this. The first is seeing this post by Jenna Wortham on Twitter. She is referencing the fact that many media companies are now realizing that they have created hostile work environments for black people.
597 Tabard Venture Capital | AgTech | Technology Tabard Venture Capital invests in exceptional entrepreneurs. We back technical entrepreneurs pursuing the global disruption we refer to as AgTech 2.0
598 Tallwood Venture Capital Jesse’s more than thirty years of business experience in Asia and China brings critical skills to Tallwood as the Tallwood China Executive. Jesse’s focus at Tallwood is to assist the firm and its portfolio companies to develop and implement successful strategies for the China marketplace. Prior to joining Tallwood, Jesse co-founded Dragonvest Partners – a Shanghai-based early stage venture capital firm investing in Chinese technology companies.
599 Tarek Dabbagh, Venture Capital & Private Equity Tarek Dabbagh, Venture Capital & Private Equity: The authoritative source of Tarek Dabbagh
600 TBG Holdings – Venture Capital for the Masses™ Venture Capital for the Masses™. How We Create Wealth. IRA Consulting Service. Become a Client. MediXall Group Selected to Showcase MediXall. Who Is On Your Team. MediXall Group Selected to Showcase MediXall. Healthcare Price Transparency: Patients and Payers Versus Providers. Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Collarmele Holdings, Inc. MediXall Finance Group Inc.
601 TechNewsTree – Latest tech news and more… – Internet, social media, mobiles, app, 5G, hardware, startups, venture capital funding, and other digital trends. Internet, social media, mobiles, app, 5G, hardware, startups, venture capital funding, and other digital trends.
602 Tech-Rx Ventures | A New Kind of Venture Capital Page Not Found. All innovations , big and small, propel society forward. A New Type of Venture Capital. Tech-Rx Ventures has a unique investment strategy of helping young companies that require not only funding, but also critical management help and that meet these criteria–. They have substantial business problems (beyond needing funds) that we are equipped to solve.
603 TechSmart Venture Partners TechSmart Venture Partners – the tech venture capital firm for founders by founders.
604 TECH WORLD VENTURE Equity Funding Venture Partners. About TechWorld Venture Lab. Locate Events & Event Places. Register to attend. Sign up to host event. Lab Ventures A/C. Lab Services Partners. TechWorld Venture, is a technology venture management and Investment company that acquires, invests in, and manages the development of technology startups, products, and services. TechWorld is made up of TechWorld Venture Capital (TWV Capital), TechWorld Venture Technologies (TWV Technologies).
605 Ten Minute VC – Concise and Compelling Venture Capital News Concise and Compelling Venture Capital News. Why did Tesla’s Cybertruck Armor Glass crack. The exterior design looks rather “RETRO-Futuristic”. It looks like a car that we saw in the late 90’s sci-fi movie. Continue reading Why did Tesla’s Cybertruck Armor Glass crack.
606 TGap Ventures Welcome to TGap Ventures. Thank you for your interest in TGap Ventures, LLC. We serve entrepreneurs throughout the Midwest by assisting them define, develop, grow, and build value in their businesses. The TGap team is a mix of successful venture capitalists, managers and entrepreneurs with aptitudes, experience, empathy, realism and patience required to build great businesses from, and add value to, developing companies.
607 | Venture Capital, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Technology, gadgets, and other stuff I like Venture Capital, Healthcare, Medical Devices, Technology, gadgets, and other stuff I like
608 Strategy and Marketing Agency for Venture Capital Firms We help market your Venture Capital Firm, establish your story, help   attract the right startups, and work in-house to help market your portfolio   companies. #VCMarketing
609 The Column Group – Healthcare Venture Capital Investing in Early Stage Biotechnology Companies | The Column Group – TCG TCG is a science-driven venture capital firm with $2. TCG’s funds are invested in a select group of early stage drug discovery companies with unique scientific platforms that can change the world. The Column Group (TCG) is a science-driven venture capital firm that makes significant financial and operational commitments to build early stage drug discovery companies based on their unique scientific platforms and potential to deliver multiple breakthrough therapeutics.
610 The Frugalpreneur – Embrace the Lean Startup Ideal, Score Venture Capital. Embrace the Lean Startup Ideal, Score Venture Capital.
611 The Pearl FundThe OZ Venture Capital Fund An award winning Opportunity Zone Venture Capital Fund – Make a Profit,   Make an Impact & Make History
612 Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association Since its birth in 1982, the reach and influence of the Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association (PVCA) has stretched far beyond the borders of Western Pennsylvania and into the national limelight. From its advocacy work on behalf of investors in Harrisburg to its emergence as a catalyst of innovation through the nationally renowned 3 Rivers Venture Fair, the PVCA’s growing impact in the economic, investment and entrepreneurial landscapes is without question.
613 Rebalance – World’s first set of initiatives dedicated to accelerating diversity in founders and venture capital. An early-stage accelerator program dedicated to accelerating diversity in founders and venture capital.
614 The Syndicate – Where Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists Talk Early Stage Tech Startups Where Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists Talk Early Stage Tech Startups
615 The VC Roundtable – Presented by Moore Venture Partners – The VC Roundtable The VC Roundtable benefits its members through deal flow discussions, venture capital fund presentations, networking opportunities, and education on topics of interest. Membership includes the general partners of venture capital funds, corporate strategic
616 Venture capital | Ying Fund As an international venture capital organization, Ying Fund is enthusiastic about consumer,entertainment, health and retail companies. To these partnerships we bring adaptable capital, deep domain knowledge, access to transformative industry connections and strategic and operational skill to our inv
617 Thomas Thurston | Venture Capital | Data Science Thomas is a venture capitalist who uses data science to fund disruptive startups. He is a Partner and Chief Technology Officer of WR Hamrecht Ventures and created the MESE computing system.
618 Thrēo Venture Capital Venture Capital Foreign Exchange Monex FX Currency Currency Exchange Renewable Energy Sector Capital Raising
619 Invest in private venture deals without paying fees – Ticker Tape 2 Ticker Tape 2 is a Member-managed venture capital fund that charges zero fees. Invest in a diversified venture portfolio.
620 Seed Venture Capital | Tidal Ventures | Australia | New York Tidal Ventures is a leading product-centric Seed investor in the Australian venture capital sector with offices in Sydney and New York.
621 Tin Shed Ventures – Patagonia’s venture capital fund Funding the Next Generation of Responsible Businesses. Funding the next generation of responsible business. Patagonia’s venture capital fund. Tin Shed Ventures™ is Patagonia’s corporate venture capital fund, which we use to invest in environmentally and socially responsible start-up companies. It takes its name from the blacksmith shop where Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard forged pitons, and then made removable hardware that enabled a clean-climbing revolution.
622 Tom Wilson – Startups, Tech, Venture Capital Startups, Tech, Venture Capital
623 Touchdown Ventures Touchdown partners with leading corporations to manage their venture capital programs. For corporate innovators. Learn how Venture Capital as a Service can accelerate your innovation efforts. For entrepreneurs & investors. Discover why corporate investors can be your most valuable partners. Find out where Touchdown’s team can take your investing career.
624 Toyota AI Ventures Based in Silicon Valley, Toyota AI Ventures is a new venture capital subsidiary of the Toyota Research Institute (TRI)
625 Trans-Pacific Technology Fund – T P T F is a technology-driven venture capital fund TPTF is a technology-driven venture capital fund, investing in innovative companies shaping the future of global business. The Trans-Pacific Technology Fund (TPTF) is a technology-driven venture capital fund, investing in innovative companies shaping the future of global business. We work actively with the leadership of our portfolio companies from different regions of the world, supporting their growth.
626 TRADEVENTURE | Home Page Venture Capital is money, technical, and managerial expertise which investors buy stakes mostly in potential financing growth. Equity investment may be the only form of funding that a business can access to grow at the pace it needs to win competitors. Start your passive income. Sign up as a new user with your Personal details. Deposit money to wallet and invest on a plan that suites you.
627 Transcend Fund – Venture capital for games and digital entertainment Transcend Fund is a early-stage venture capital firm investing in the future of games and digital entertainment
628 Transcend | Venture Capital Transcend Capital Partners is a venture capital fund that strategically specializes in the investment of early-stage, women-led startups in Asia
629 TransPacific Venture Capital Partners TransPacific Venture Capital Partners invest in innovative medicines that address unmet medical needs,
630 Travel focused angel, venture capital and private equity investments around the world. Travel investor, travel venture capital, travel angel investor, travel investments.
631 South Carolina Venture Capital – The Trelys Funds The Trelys Funds is a venture capital investment group headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina. Trelys focuses on an underserved market of entrepreneurs and investors located primarily in South Carolina and the surrounding region.
632 Trinity Capital | Venture Debt & Equipment Leasing Trinity Capital is a leading provider of venture debt financing, a smart financing option for high-growth venture capital-backed startups.
633 Trinity Venture Capital | Funding Corporate, Agricultural, Manufacturing & Start-Up Companies Trinity Venture Capital has funding available for corporate, agricultural, manufacturing and start-up companies.
634 Triton Ventures Triton Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in spinout and startup technology companies whose products give them a defensible position in large and growing markets. Copyright © 2004, Triton Ventures.
635 Trousdale Venture Capital Firm in Los Angeles & Austin Trousdale Venture Capital Firm is based in Los Angeles & Austin. Trousdale is not your traditional VC firm. Have a viable business? We
636 Trucks Venture Capital funds the entrepreneurs building the future of transportation Trucks Venture Capital funds the entrepreneurs building the future of transportation. The firm is located in San Franciso, CA.
637 TrueBridge Capital Partners: We are the venture experts. Established in 2007, TrueBridge is an alternative asset management firm laser-focused on generating superior returns in the venture capital industry.
638 TSP FINANCIAL GROUP – Your Venture Capital Partner – Your Venture Capital Partner Your Venture Capital Partner
639 Tulsafund | South Australian Venture Capital Fund HELPING BUILD DYNAMIC & INNOVATIVE. EARLY-STAGE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN COMPANIES. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN STARTUP LOOKING. The $50 million South Australian Venture Capital Fund (SAVCF) is available to help build dynamic and innovative early-stage companies to accelerate their growth to a national and global scale. The SAVCF will:. The SAVCF will consider initial investment in high growth and export potential companies that have at least demonstrated a market for their product or service and have either commenced generat
640 Two Clarify | Views on Venture Capital, Startups, and beyond from the Midwest Views on Venture Capital, Startups, and Tech by a Midwest VC
641 Two River Ventures | Venture Capital | United States Two River Ventures LLC, is a venture capital firm focused on Impact and Socially Responsible Investments. Two River Ventures specializes in the investment of renewable fuels, sustainable farming, wind, and solar loan transactions.
642 TwoTowers Capital – Venture Capital and Private Equity | California | TwoTowers Capital is US based venture capital and private equity focusing on intrinsic value
643 TXV Partners |   Venture Capital Firm – Austin Texas TXV Partners is a venture capital firm that backs visionary entrepreneurs who are tackling meaningful problems in their Seed and Series A rounds.
644 UAVenture Capital UA Venture Capital or UAVC, is a Tucson based investment fund designed   specifically to help finance University of Arizona connected enterprises   including the commercialization of faculty led innovation originated at the   renowned University of Arizona.
645 Ubiquity Ventures – Seed-stage venture capital focused on software beyond the screen™ Ubiquity Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm investing in startups moving software beyond the screen, specifically around smart hardware and machine intelligence applications.
646 Bruin Ventures Cultivating UCLA’s Leaders in Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Venture Capital.
647 U First Capital | Venture Capital as a Service Venture Capital as a Service for Corporations
648 Union Grove Venture Partners – Venture Access Investing UGVP seeks to invest in top-tier, access-constrained venture capital funds in addition to sourcing expansion and later stage direct deal opportunities.
649 Ultrafund Capital – Venture Capital firm that invests in digital assets and conventional equities Venture Capital firm that invests in digital assets and conventional equities. Ultrafund Capital  is a venture capital firm Co-Investing in any stage, any sector in both conventional equities and digital assets. We invest either through trusted third party partners who would do all the Due Diligence, marketing, promotions and guaranteed listings to ensure our project’s success or companies that live at the Startuphouse Club who’s gone through stringent trainings.
650 Welcome – Ulu Ventures With deep connections to Stanford and Silicon Valley, Ulu Ventures is a venture capital firm that actively seeks and funds women and diverse founder teams.
651 Southern California Venture Capital – Unity Stone Unity Stone is a venture capital firm headquartered in San Diego, CA. We fund early and growth stage companies across Southern California.
652 Early stage venture capital fund | UpHonest Capital | United States An Early Stage Focused Venture Capital Group – Technology startups UpHonest Capital
653 UtiQ Ventures LLP – Our Firm About UtiQ Ventures. UtiQ Ventures is Private Equity firm focused on structuring, raising and managing investments funds that focus on unique opportunities in Africa and the Middle East. Our firm is founded and managed by a team of experienced investment professionals with more than 50 years of combined operational and investment experience at leading North American companies in sectors including High Tech, Venture Capital and Infrastructure Management.
654 Valor Ventures | Atlanta Venture Capital for Seed Stage Software Startups Valor Ventures is a venture capital firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We invest in software companies outside of Silicon Valley.
655 Valuuba – A venture capital firm… A venture capital firm…. To setup the footer, drag the required Widgets in Appearance -> Widgets Tab in the First, Second, Third, Fourth and Five Footer Widget Areas. Custom Logo Fevicon. I decided to try this out on my Diamondback Bikes Reviews site and even if it ain’t pretty it’s so fricken. Premium WordPress Themes with Single Click Installation, Just a Click and your website is ready for use.
656 Venture Capital Online Course – VC Training Online Venture Capital Certificate Course. The first comprehensive VC training. 80% discount on July 4th ONLY for VC Executive Program. Email us to enroll.
657 Venture Capital Firms  Area Code 212 Venture Capital Firms In New York City. The majority of the major firms operate in midtown Manhattan. New Firms are expandng downtown, primarily in Chelsea, Soho, Union Square and the Flatiron District. Apax Partners is one of the world’s leading private equity investment groups, operating across the United States, Europe, Israel, and Asia. Apax identifies long term investments in growth companies in the tech & telecom, retail and consumer, media, healthcare and financial and business services sectors.
658 Venture Capital Firms  Area Code 310 Venture Capital Firms In Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a large technology startup region in the US. Notable Investments: Amplify LA, Invested. Notable Investments: Technorati, Vator, Ranker, Amplify.
659 Venture Capital Firms  Area Code 650 Venture Capital Firms In Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley’s area code – includes Palo Alto, Mountain View and Los Altos. Venture capitalists invested more than $500 billion dollars in thousands of companies in the United States. Investors in Real Networks, UUNet, Foundry, and WalMart. Investors in Airbnb, Instagram and Twitter. Investors in eBay, AOL, Pointcast, Geoworks.
660 Venture Capital Accelerators Venture Capital & Accelerator Services. The tools and resources to accelerate success  . Comprehensive VC & Accelerator Services. We add value at any stage. Feel free to reach out with questions about: . Entrepreneurial & start-up funding guidance . Customized modeling frameworks   . Rely on us to help exceed your goals in managing the venture capital or accelerator process.
661 Venture Capital Access Online | Venture Capital & Private Equity News and   Resources venture capital marketplace for the venture capital and private equity industry — venture capital firms and private equity firms
662 VCapital | Venture Capital | Equity Crowdfunding At VCapital, we offer highly qualified, early-stage venture capital crowdfunding deals selected through our rigorous methods to accredited investors.
663 Venture Capital Business Investment Group VCBIG is not a traditional venture capital firm. Every opportunity presented to us is viewed as a starting point for something much greater. The best business models often realize success in capacities that were not immediately obvious. Our team of seasoned investors will save you time and money by helping you develop your model into a viable, successful industry juggernaut.
664 Home – Venture Capital Colombia Invest with us. Submit your project. Venture capital is a form of investment in which new businesses receive the support necessary for long-term growth potential. Muisca Resource Group Inc. Digital disruption is at the forefront of the shifts occuring in Latin America. Why invest in Latin America. Global investment in technologies and services in the digital transformation will reach 2.
665 VCexp | Venture Capital | VC, Venture Capital, VCexp, Entrepreneurs, Angels, Startups, VC and Startup News, Venture Capital Express
666 Vcfastpitch – Venture Capital, Angel Investors Pitch and network with venture capitalists, angel investors and accredited investors.
667 Venture Capital Firms, Angel Investors & Private Equity Funds Directory – VCgate VCgate is a categorized venture capital and private equity directory with 5,100+ firms worldwide. Locate and contact investors who match your business plan, from startup and seed funding to mezzanine.
668 Hedge Fund Venture Capital THE NEW PATH FORWARD. THE NEW PATH FORWARD. Wall Street Hedge Funds with Silicon Valley Venture Capital. Start on a LEVEL playing field. Hire the best talent. Create a culture of excellence with #AI. Fixed-Income Financial Products aka/ Interest Performance Alternatives (IPA). Interest Performance Bonds(ipB) and Interest Performance Funds (ipf). Prioritize Compliance, Accountability and Transparency ahead of “Star” Talent, Short-Term Performance.
669 VCIC – Venture Capital Investment Competition Over 100 MBA and Undergraduate Programs, 20 Regional Events in 7 Countries. Students + Startups + VCs = VCIC. Global VCIC is the world’s largest venture capital competition with over 70 universities competing. VCIC is the only place where students get to be VCs for the day and startups get a due diligence immersion. Most VC-Backable Startups. London Business School.
670 Home – Venture Capital Institute Australasia The Venture Capital Institute has broad and deep experience in all aspects of developing entrepreneurial ecosystems and global investment opportunities. A unique resource for creating and developing comprehensive, successful, and sustainable entrepreneurial innovative ecosystems. A proven experiential educational institute model where professionals teach professionals within a values-based framework that is relationship driven and outcome focused.
671 VC List – Venture Capital, Crowdfunding and Startup Funding Tips Venture capital and crowdfunding advice for startups from VC
672 Venture Capital Network | Venture Capital, Investment, Crypto Fund, Fundraising, Angel investing, PE investment, Family Offices Stay Ahead of the Game With Smart Capital Funding. Focus on what you do best without being pulled back. Reach that milestone with our gentle push forward. Seek and You Shall be Guided. Network with our array of industry leading Advisors. Just straight concrete solutions to your problems. We are here for you, at every Junction of your game. Venture Capital Network.
673 Venture Capital Financings and Technology Startups – VC News Daily Your Source for Venture Capital Financings and Technology Startups
674 VCPEIT – Venture Capital – Private Equity Information Technology Board of Directors. Last Year’s Conference. Board of Directors. Last Year’s Conference. Venture Capital Private Equity IT Organization. VCPEIT, founded in 2001, is a peer support and networking group comprised of IT executives from venture capital, private equity, and other alternative asset firms. The group consists of members around the world including but not limited to Boston, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Canada, UK and other parts of Europe.
675 VCPOST | International Venture Capital News, Private Equity News VENTURE CAPITAL POST. PE Real Estate. Mergers & Acquisitions. Limited Liability Company. High-net worth individuals. Sovereign wealth funds. Post IPO Equity. Consumer Web/Social Media. Software & IT services. PE Real Estate. Mergers & Acquisitions. Limited Liability Company. High-net worth individuals. Post IPO Equity. Consumer Web/Social Media. Software & IT services.
676 Venture Capital Database, Venture Capital Directory, Venture Capital   Firms – VCPro Database VCPro Database is a downloadable venture capital and private equity directory with complete profiles of over 5,800 venture capital firms worldwide.
677 Venture Capital Book – How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist This venture capital book covers how VCs do their jobs and what they are looking for in startups.Written by UNC professor of entrepreneurship over 15 years.
678 VC: The Web Series | Funny videos about Venture Capital | Nothing ventured, nothing gained A comedy web series about Venture Capital. Complications arise as they gamble on space travel, self-driving cars, recreational marijuana, wearable technology, drones and more. VC on Social Media.
679 Venezia Capital | Technology M&A | Venture Capital Tecgnology M&A & Venture Capital. Fund Management and Business Execution specialist based in London.
680 – Venture Capital Network Investing In Robotics Venture Capital Network Investing In Robotics. Connecting Robotics Projects With Funding. We are most interested in pre-revenue and early stage projects that meet real needs of consumers, industry, military, or government. We are open to all types of robotics and AI technology proposals that have a clear pathway toward monetization by meeting practical market needs.
681 Venture University A Multi-Stage Investment Fund and Trade School For Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Angel Investing.  Build Equity In Your Education!
682 Best Venture Capital Conferences in the Nation | Venture Atlanta Register today for the 13th Annual Venture Atlanta Conference, and see why VA is one of the best venture capital conferences in the nation. Don
683 Home – Venture Best The Venture Best Story. Our Mailing List. The Latest from Venture Best. The Zombie Startup: Harvesting Venture Capital Lemons. What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Hollywood. Some Terms are Off Limits – Even in Down Markets. Back to the Future: Work-From-Home Edition. When “Flat” Means “Up” and Maybe “Down” Does Too. We help companies and investors make connections, structure and close transactions, and maximize returns.
684 Venture Capital Cash – Private Equity, Project Funding, Private Equity Fund Venture Capital Cash Private Equity 100% Project Funds, Hedge Funds, Development, Resort, Hotel, Casino, Mine, Energy, Tech, Medical, Worldwide, 0 Upfront Money
685 First Venture Capital | Home FIRST VENTURE CAPITAL APPROACH. First Venture Capital is founded by Neil Auricchio. Neil is a venture capitalist with a lengthy resume of successful venture investments in everything from precious metals, to real estate, to equipment to manufacturing, to asset-based projects. As a short-term partner, Auricchio looks to support companies and individuals around the country that have an immediate need for financial backing.
686 VentureCapitalMVP Venture Capital MVP. Coverage of the Venture Capital Industry. Women Business Owners More Confident About Revenue Prospects Compared to Last Year: See Long-Term Progress on Access to Capital While Acknowledging Current Challenges August 28, 2018 – Women entrepreneurs are increasingly optimistic about the future and leading the digital transformation, according to the 2018 Bank of America Women Business Owner Spotlight.
687 Venture Capital Firms, Technology Startups and Deals VentureDeal is a venture capital database that provides the latest information about venture capital-backed technology startup companies, venture capital companies and transactions in the United States. Find sales leads and venture capital companies.
688 Venture Fellows Expertise Through Experience. We Develop VC and PE Leaders. Venture Fellows turns passion into expertise. The fellowship is a robust, year-long program for a selected group of MBA students. We work at some of the best Private Equity and Venture Capital firms in the nation and engage with a variety of experts to provide value for our community and each other.
689 Venture Forward VC University Scholarship Application Now Closed. Applicants will be informed about the decision on July 24 and general registration will open on July 27. Shaping the future of venture capital. Venture Forward’s work revolves around four key areas of focus:. Advancing a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive ecosystem. Educating a new generation of VC investors to equip them with the tools to succeed, and informing the general public about the role of VC on the US economy.
690 Venture Grand Investments Build Your Fortune. Build Your Fortune. Since 2005, Venture Grand Investments (VGI) has connected private financial investors and entrepreneurs with the aim to fund new or start up companies. VGI is a venture capital firm that invests in people and their  companies from the earliest days through all phases of private company  growth. VGI arranges meetings between pre-selected private investors and new business entrepreneurs.
691 This Website contains of articles about Angel Investors, Venture Investors, Small Business Investors, Capital Investors, Capital Funding, Angel Funding, Seed Funding, Venture Capital Fund, Joint Venture, Capital One Venture, Venture Partners, Venture Capital Jobs, Venture Capital Valuation, Venture Capital Returns, Venture Capital News, Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity, Capital Investment, Venture Capital Loans, Venture Financing
692 Venture Planning Associates – 28 Ways To Finance Your Venture Venture Capital consulting, business finance and funding strategies for entrepreneurs, from small business startups to IPOs.
693 Venture Pledge Enabling VCs and their entrepreneurs to make a lasting positive difference to society. The Venture Pledge works to commit a portion of the VC’s exit profit to important social causes selected by their founders. We are a non-profit partnership allowing Venture Capital firms make an impactful difference in society. Pioneered by RLC Ventures, the Venture Pledge enables VCs to make a greater difference to society beyond funding start-ups who will shape the future.
694 Venture Smartlii | VSii | Venture Capital & Consulting | Canada Venture Smartlii (VSii) is a venture capital firm focused on strategically investing in early stage and late seed startups.  We are in the business of ensuring the success of startups, entrepreneurs and investors.
695 Hispanic Venture Capital News in the United States from Venturuso Hispanic venture capital news,research, insight, and data on fundraising, venture capital and equity deals in the United States.
696 Venture Capital | Versofund Verso Fund – investments in venture capital, with exclusive access in Silicon Valley and best execution in international business development. Invest with VersoFund.
697 A venture capital firm created for diversified investments | Vesalius Ventures Vesalius Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated to “accelerating the future of medicine” by becoming the premier conduit for enabling technologies that transform healthcare.
698 Vestcomp | Venture Capital Jason Meyers, Venture Capital, Financing, Entrepreneur, Disrupt, Innovate, Corporate Governance, Early Stage Financing, Ephemeral Content Sharing, Self-Destructing, Series A, Series B, Seed Round, Investments, Vestcomp
699 A List of Venture Capital Firms | Free Search | A Free, easy to search, online database of venture capital firms for early-stage companies seeking pre-seed, seed funding. Search hundreds of firms.
700 Vika Ventures At Vika Ventures, our experienced investment professionals source opportunities worldwide through an extensive network of founders, partners, brokers, and shareholders. Vika Ventures is a premier boutique venture capital firm that specializes in pre-IPO investments and the private equity market. Our  primary investment objective is to make venture capital and growth investments in various early and late-stage private companies.
701 Village – Early Stage Venture Capital Backed by Some of the World’s Best Entrepreneurs Early stage venture capital backed by some of the world
702 virtus-capital – Catering to SMEs, we are a trusted investment partner that handles funding and management for venture and development capital throughout Asia. Contact us today. Virtus Capital is a Singapore based Venture Capital firm with a portfolio of small to medium size enterprises. Virtus Capital was formed to target high growth potential ventures in Asia using a multi-sector and multi-stage approach. Virtus Capital bases its operations ranging from venture and development capital funding to operations management on a simple concept of dedicated entrepreneurship.
703 Visionary Ventures – Venture capital fund investing life sciences focusing in ophthalmology medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Venture capital fund investing life sciences focusing in ophthalmology medical devices and pharmaceuticals. We believe that better information leads to better investments with exceptional returns. We gain that information through partnerships with KOL’s, industry experts, and strategic acquirers. By building a team of specialists, professionals, and industry leaders at the forefront of the process, we are tapping into a unique advantage to our venture investments.
704 Vital Venture Capital LLC Vital Venture Capital LLC is a venture capital group that makes private investments in businesses in which we have above-average knowledge and experience, giving us the ability to connect with management and nurture the business toward success.
705 VIVE Venture Capital Extending Runways for Venture capital. VIVE Invests in Venture Companies Preparing for M&A. Our experienced venture capital investment team can go from a first introduction to funding at deal speed. We bring extra capital, a broad venture network and top-tier M&A expertise to support companies funding their runway to a successful sale. VIVE Adjusts to Support the Company.
706 Watermark Venture Capital We are a privately held fund from California. We have deployed capital in 2018-2019 in SaaS and Ai Startups. In 2020 we are not investing in Q1-Q2. We are designing our next fund Watermark Venture Capital – II.
707 WAVC | Western Association of Venture Capitalists WAVC’s distinguished speaker series has hosted more than 500 of the country’s most celebrated business, financial, government, and academic leaders. In 1962, some of the industry’s original venture investors began meeting in San Francisco’s Olympic Club to share ideas—and deals. Informal at first, the group’s popularity took hold and by 1969, it became the first official non-profit venture capital organization in the world—the Western Association of Venture Capitalists.
708 Healthcare Venture Capital Fund in Southern California We are the leading Southern-California based, early stage venture capital firm (Seed and Series A) focused on the healthcare industry. Our thesis is wonderfully simple: after 40+ years, healthcare is transitioning away from
709 Venture Capital – Venture Capital Venture Capital Made Easy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
710 Venture Capital Firm | WGE Our venture capital firm is committed to providing clean energy options to consumers. Contact us to discuss funding ideas for renewable energy companies.
711 Venture Capital Database. Top 15 Venture Capital Deals. Venture Capital Companies. Articles About Venture Capital. Startup Venture Capital. Venture Capital Funds. Small Business Opportunities.
712 Wharton MBA Private Equity & Venture Capital Club « Wharton PE/VC Club MBA Buyout Case Competition. Wharton Latin America Private Equity Competition. Social Venture Business Plan Competition. Venture Capital Investment Competition. Join the PE/VC Club. Education & Files. Welcome to the Wharton MBA Private Equity & Venture Capital Club. The Wharton MBA PE/VC Club is committed to providing its members with career and educational opportunities in private equity and venture capital.
713 Fundings, investments, venture capital activity | Find out who raised funds and who is funding the next big thing. is a comprehensive website tracking all venture capital developments in every industry and region in the world.
714 Wholeberg Ventures | Home Venture Capital, Angel Investment, Medical Device VC, Biodesign, Funding, Translation, Biotech, Biomedical, Medical Device VC, Health Information Technology, HIT, Chris Hooper, Mike Calhoun
715 Wildcat Venture Partners Wildcat Venture Partners, a venture capital firm, invests in early stage technology companies primarily in the Traction Gap.
716 Windspeed Ventures | Massachusetts Based Venture Capital Firm Windspeed Ventures is a Massachusetts based venture capital firm   specializing in startup, seed, early stage financing. Windspeed Ventures is   an early stage venture capital firm dedicated to partnering with companies   that are changing their marketplaces.
717 Venture Capital, Funding and Business Forums – Skip to main content. Skip to primary sidebar. Venture Capital, Funding and Business Forums. This website covers various subjects, including venture capital investment, business events and forums. You will also find information on funding sources found in the marketplace. In broader terms, the website guides readers, upcoming and existing entrepreneurs on business finance.
718 Women’s PE Briefs | Showcasing the Achievements of Women in Private Equity & Venture Capital Showcasing the Achievements of Women in Private Equity & Venture Capital. Women’s Private Equity Summit. Women’s Alternative Investment Summit. Leadership Unbound Summit. Abridged Email Version (free). Published weekly on Fridays with original reporting, video interviews and a comprehensive news roundup, no other publication provides such timely and sustained coverage of this important leadership group.
719 Work America Capital | Houston Venture Capital Firm Work America Capital is a venture capital firm dedicated to investing in Houstonians and Houston-based businesses with high potential.
720 Working Venture Capital Working Venture Capital
721 Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Association Become a Member. Pan Asia Chapter. From the Co-Presidents. Board of Directors. Women in PE & VC. Venture Capital Roundtable. Limited Partner Insights. Distressed Asset Investing & Corporate Restructuring. SPECIAL REPORT: The Triago Quarterly. Alumni Supporting Careers: An MBA Career Mgmt Initiative. Summer Private Equity Intern. RISK 2020: Private Equity Investing in a Post COVID World.
722 Cross Atlantic Capital Partners | Early to Mid Stage Venture Capital Cross Atlantic Capital Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in early to mid stage technology companies.
723 XFactor Ventures Our fund is about making a difference for the next generation of female-led businesses. Investing in Billion Dollar Opportunities. We provide needed capital, the connections and ‘in the trenches’ advice and mentorship to our portfolio. Let’s Change the Stats. Venture capitalists invested $109. Venture Capitalist Investments in 2018. The most gender diverse companies are.
724 Xuture > We Build Future ™ – Seed & Early Stage Venture Capital Xuture Venture Capital is a seed and early-stage venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs who have the ability to build great teams and great companies.
725 Tech Ventures Leverage & Support – Leverage and Support Services for Technology Companies We help technology companies raise funding by way of grants, tax credits, private or venture capital. We help technology investors achieve higher Return on Investment (ROI) by improving the quality and performance of their portfolio companies. Startups Investors
726 Venture Capital | YBR Capital | United States YBR capital is a seed and series A stage venture capital firm investing in innovative ideas and people who aspire to lead the next technology reveloution
727 YE Ventures – Innovative Technology YE Ventures is a technology commercialization company an innovative technology holding company and investment firm, with expertise across each major stage of the technology commercialization life cycle, from creation to harvest. The firm is comprised of two distinct, yet complimentary groups: Venture Labs and Venture Capital. Venture Labs is focused on the creation, launch and development of firms which either address market needs in new ways or creates new market opportunities – two cornerstones of innovat
728 Y Venture Capital | Focusing on investing the startup projects completing Angel round and getting into Series A round to Pre-IPO stage YVC FUND MEMBER ONLY. Film and Entertainment Development Fund. Y Venture Capital (YVC) is venture capital fund under US listed company YUSG:OTC, We hold a series of fund focus to difference position which to Invest Disruptive Innovation project in traditional industry to solve seem like impossible problem. Film and Entertainment Development Fund. Film and Entertainment Development Fund is under Y Venture Capital, focusing on investing the film and entertainment projects.
729 YWC – Venture Capital YWC – Venture Capital
730 Zeeland Ventures Venture Capital Firm. Helping management buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions to be successful. Venture Capital Firm. Helping management buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions to be successful. Mergers & Acquisitions Preparation. Mergers & Acquisitions Assessment. Mergers & Acquisitions Assessment. Mergers & Acquisitions Preparation. Mergers & Acquisitions Assessment.
731 VC Investment | San Jose, CA | ZenStone Venture Capital Introduction of the investment thesis of ZenStone Venture Capital: Investing in passionate founders with extraordinatry vision and execution at post seed and early venture stages.

That’s not all!

We have also put together a list of top venture capital blogs for you to follow and read. This list will give you all the resources you need in order to find out how to become a venture capitalist.

Blogs on how to become a venture capitalist

List of 20+ venture capital blogs to follow today

Sr no. Website Title Description
1 Alignment – Navigating the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship without losing sight of the goal Navigating the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship without losing sight of the goal. About Aligned Partners. Only two things matter. All my favorite rules of thumb seem to follow this pattern. Take my favorite one. There are only two things that matter to early stage startups: revenue and learning. Sounds extraordinarily simple and obvious, right.
2 Bangkok Venture Capital – We Build Online Companies Faster than you can say Google: and We Eat Online Advertising for Breakfast. Bangkok Venture Capital. We Build Online Companies Faster than you can say Google: and We Eat Online Advertising for Breakfast. Blog Post Title. What goes into a blog post. Helpful, industry-specific content that: 1) gives readers a useful takeaway, and 2) shows you’re an industry expert.
3 – Venture Capital Blogs Venture Capital Blogs
4 Open Innovation, Ventures and Startups Lessons in corporate ventures, technology licensing, start ups, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and creative destruction
5 @pjain — Startups, tech, venture capital, NYC, India… Crypto, Blockchain, Startups and Venture Capital (VC) from New York City to New Delhi to Silicon Valley
6 Scout Ventures Blog – A POV on Startups, Fundraising, Seed, and Venture Capital A POV on Startups, Fundraising, Seed, and Venture Capital
7 HighContrast | Simeon Simeonov on entrepreneurship, innovation & venture capital Simeon Simeonov on entrepreneurship, innovation & venture capital
8 boldventureblog | Keep up with the most recent developments in the exciting world of venture capital. This blog is designed to keep you updated with the most recent developments in the world of Venture Capital. This blog is about exciting and interesting stories about all kinds of ventures you can think of. I created this blog to satisfy my appetite and thirst for new and innovative business idea. There are so many…
9 Best Venture Capital & Business Blog From The ComedySeller Learn investment strategies for the best venture capital and business blog and get entertained from Ben Freeberg – Venture Capitalist and Comedien.
10 Home | Venture Capital & Investments Venture Capital & Investments. Our Vision and Excellence Promise. Finance Advising and Corporate Coaching. The Finance Blog. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Our Vision and Excellence Promise. Finance Advising and Corporate Coaching. The Finance Blog. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Discover your full business potential. International Economist, Founder, and Fintech Keynote Speaker.
11 DivVC – Venture Capital Blog Discussing venture capital, angel investing, and all manner of private equity topics to further advance an understanding of this opaque but very compelling niche of finance. A “div” is a term used in the cryptocurrency space for a dividend earned from a decentralized application or “dApp. For many ERC-20 dApps, you are given a token–specific to the dApp that entitles you to a certain percentage of the revenue of the dApp.
12 Anything’s Possible | Thoughts on entrepreneurship and venture capital Thoughts on entrepreneurship and venture capital
13 Hazard Lights – Random thoughts that attempt to shed light into the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship from Chip Hazard, General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners. Random thoughts that attempt to shed light into the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship from Chip Hazard, General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners.
14 Venture Capital/Startup Blog | Henry Kamp Blog | United States Venture Capital/Startup Blog
15 Hmaeda – A blog by Hiro Maeda about technology, startups, and venture capital A blog by Hiro Maeda about technology, startups, and venture capital. As an experiment, I’m starting a series of posts covering companies I find interesting in Japan. The first company I’m covering is a company called MonotaRO, a B2B marketplace that sells factory materials and parts such as bolts, joints, machinery parts, etc. MonotaRO is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with more than a $3.
16 Venture Capital Jobs and Career Resources (2020 edition) – Venture Capital Jobs Blog 100+ new Venture Capital Jobs posted each month, with new jobs added each week. Plus tips on how get a Venture Capital Job and make your application stand out to VCs. Curated by John Gannon and team.
17 Jordan Cooper’s Blog: startups, venture capital, etc… | I’m a NYC based investor and entrepreneur. I’ve started a few companies and a venture capital firm. You can email me at (p.s. i don’t use spell check…deal with it) Thoughts on venture capital, startups, technology, and life.
18 Michael thinks that… – [My thoughts on the venture capital industry, innovative companies, and emerging technology] [My thoughts on the venture capital industry, innovative companies, and emerging technology]
19 Mint Startups | The Start-Up Venture Capital Blog Startup venture capital funding blog. Technology start-up financing news.
20 Sean Downey | Venture Capital | Regulatory Entrepreneurship Sean Downey shares thoughts and further readings on venture capital, emerging markets, and regulatory entrepreneurship.
21 Othmane Sghir – Thoughts about start-ups, venture capital, growth, technology, capital markets and some other stuff. Thoughts about start-ups, venture capital, growth, technology, capital markets and some other stuff.
22 Latin American VC | Por/by Diego Serebrisky: Pensamientos sobre emprendimiento y capital emprendedor – Thoughts on entrepreneurship and venture capital Por/by Diego Serebrisky: Pensamientos sobre emprendimiento y capital emprendedor – Thoughts on entrepreneurship and venture capital
23 Sigma Bears – Venture Capital Blog Venture Capital Blog
24 Small Business Capital | 877-777-3320 | SBA Loans | Conventional | Working Capital |  Venture Capital | Angel Capital | Bridge Funding | Just another WordPress site Venture Capital | Angel Capital | Bridge Funding. Just another WordPress site. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging.
25 Let’s Talk Deals – Covering the Private Equity & Venture Capital Markets The Deal Shop is a blog + podcast that covers all of the activity in the private equity and venture capital markets, from the perspective of the dealmakers that make it all happen.
26 Venture Capital | VCPEssentials VCPEssentials – A personal blog on Venture Capital, Technology & Everything Startups. Founded 5/24 by Natasha Low, Investment Analyst at PNP Tech Center.
27 VCYellow – Venture Capital, Angel Investment, Startup funding news Venture Capital and Angel investment news blog at the time of uncertainty. Everyone likes Startup funding news especially because it proves that the Startup has gained good traction and also gained the trust of experienced Venture Capitalists or Angel investors. We realized that its good to have an exclusive website to track venture capital and angel investment activity across the globe at this time of uncertainty.
28 Venture Conjecture | Venture Capital Blog Venture Conjecture offers unique thoughts on the venture capital industry from a diverse group contributors
29 White Hat Black Hat – Perspectives on tech entrepreneurship and venture capital Perspectives on tech entrepreneurship and venture capital. Precision Medicine Reality Check. Given Vocap’s activity and interest in the healthcare IT space, we’ve kept a close pulse on the rise of precision medicine. In both our deal flow and industry conversations, the concept has been bubbling up with increasing frequency. So much so that we thought it would be worthwhile to take stock on our latest perspective on the topic, which is informed by having seen a cross section of early, inno.



Once you become a successful venture capitalist, you can expect a handsome salary anywhere between $80,000 to $150,000. Yes, you read that right!

If you were always wondering how to be a venture capitalist, now you know it all.

If you think you have what it takes to , you should implement some of the ideas in this guide, and you’ll be well on your way to starting a career as a venture capitalist.

Good luck!


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