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Angel investor for startups

How To Find An Angel Investor For Your Startup The Right Way

If you are a budding entrepreneur or a startup owner, you must be well aware of the capital requirement that arises in early-stage companies and the crucial role of angel investors at this stage.

A great idea or a sound business plan is not sufficient unless there is capital to back it.

Enter, angel investors.

What is an angel investor?

An angel investor is an individual with a high net worth who is willing to invest money in startups in exchange for an equity share in the company or convertible debt.

Unlike venture capitalists who operate and invest pooled money from other investors, angel investors typically use their own money to invest in startups.

As a startup owner, it is important that you find an angel investor who is interested in your business and wants to contribute to your growth.

How to find an angel investor for your startup?

Angel investors can help your business take off.

Some of them are serial investors who are always on the lookout for an interesting startup, while some could be individuals who have spare funds and want to make a one-time investment. They can be groups or even individuals acting alone.

You can connect with angel investors through the following sources:

1. Online platforms

Thanks to the internet, you can find anything online from any corner of the world. There are exclusive platforms dedicated to angel investors.

Angel Capital Association, has almost 13000 accredited investors listed, Carrefour Capital Connexion, Gust.com, are few options that can be explored.

There are various online directories that can connect you to potential investors.

2. Events

Big cities often host events that connect angel investors to small businesses and startups.

These events offer a good opportunity for a start-up to pitch their idea to a large number of investors who might be looking for early-stage companies for investing.

3. Network groups

Angel investor groups may look like the simplest way to get funding, but it’s important to remember that such groups may be getting numerous pitches and proposals. Catching their attention could be a challenge.

Joining a business or trade organization can also help you in getting in touch with potential investors.

4. Family and friends

While formal events and groups can help you get the required funds, you could also explore your personal network.

Are there friends or family members who have funds and might be willing to invest in your business? Are they already making investments in startups?

If yes, you could approach them with your idea, and if they are convinced, you may get the required capital easily.

5. Fundraising advisers

If you are unable to find an investor using the above options, you could consider approaching a fundraising adviser.

This channel could be more expensive as these advisers may take a 5% to 7% fee.

What does an angel investor look for in a startup?

Angel investors are willing to invest in early-stage companies or promising startups. Here’s how they ascertain which business to invest in:

1. Vision and commitment of the founders

The founders’ vision and commitment is the building block on which the company and the investor’s trust is built.

Angel investors want to invest in businesses that have a strong customer focus and where the founders have the right vision, integrity, and problem-solving capacities.

Having faith in your own idea is paramount when you are seeking investment.

2. The management team

A great idea cannot succeed without an efficient management team that can turn the idea of reality.

Make sure that you have a good team in place because investors would like to know about them before making their decision.

They will want to know if the team has the required qualification and experience to execute the business plans.

3. Business scalability

Investors would like to evaluate a business with a long term view, so they would want to ascertain if the business can be scaled up.

They would like to put their money in a start-up that has a business model that can multiply its revenues with a minimal incremental cost.

4. Potential market

Any startup can succeed only if there is a market for the products or services that they are offering.

Before putting money in the business, it is important to understand who the target customers are, the potential market size, and the market size you are targeting?

5. Business plan

Needless to say, a sound and well thought out business plan is required for a business to succeed.

Investors would like to study and evaluate your business plan in detail before they decide to put money in it.

Investors like business plans that are based on accurate and realistic numbers and have clear marketing plans and projections.

6. Exit strategies

Angel investors come to a business with a long term view, but they are also looking for some reasonable returns and would obviously like to know if they have a viable exit strategy in case the venture does not take off.

7. Appropriate valuation

When pitching for funds, it is important to keep in mind that you may be very excited about your idea and may feel it is the next big thing, but an investor is looking at it from a different perspective.

The valuation of your startup is crucial to your investors and it is important that you neither undervalue nor overvalue your venture.

How to get an angel investor to invest in your startup?

When you have a great idea, and you are passionate about it, all you have to do is impress an angel investor so that he/she invests in your business.

Here’s how you can achieve that:

1. Lay the groundwork

Before you get a chance to meet the investor and present your idea, you will have to send them a brief proposal that catches his/her attention.

To do this, you need to send a crisp and clear explanation that talks about the solution you are offering to the customer and the potential market.

2. Make an impressive presentation

Your presentation or pitch deck is the most important aspect of this process after discovering an angel investor’s interest.

Being thorough about your plan and doing extensive research will add to your confidence. Besides, investors are always looking for people who they can trust.

Tell an interesting story without taking too much time. While ideas are great but investments are about money and returns, make sure your pitch talks about the revenue model and what happens if you do not get the anticipated success.

3. Build a rapport

Try and establish an open and comfortable communication channel with the investors.

Be open to their questions. Investors are more willing to invest if they like the entrepreneur and are able to establish a connection with them even if they have some doubts about the idea.

4. Be sure about their process

All angel investors, whether a group or an individual, will have a process that helps them to figure out which businesses to invest in.

You need to be familiar with their process to use this information when you approach them effectively.

Looking for an angel investor? Your search ends here!

List of 300+ angel investors in the US

Sr. No. Hostname Title Description
1 1823ventures.com 1823 Ventures – Venture Capital | Startup Mentorship | SEA, China, HK 1823 Ventures mentors and invests in early stage startups. Startups, angel investors, mentors / industry experts – we would like to hear from you!
2 activeangelsnetwork.com Active Angels Network Activex-it Funds (AXI). As a business development and networking group, Active Angels Network allows members to learn about angel investing through special events, educational sessions, a speaker series, and angel investing seminars. Active Angels Network allows both accredited and non-accredited investors to be members. Traditional angel group members are older, white males with the same background and the same beliefs.
3 adamgiery.com Adam Giery – Consultant, Speaker, and Entrepreneur Adam Giery is a speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur, dedicating his life to the field of education. Adam’s passion for education is founded on the personal impact of his teachers and his time as a classroom teacher. Adam Giery is the Managing Partner of Strategos Group – a national education consultancy. In this role, he advises public institutions, elected officials, fortune 500 companies, technology startups, angel investors and philanthropies on education policy initiatives and strategic growth opportu
4 aeonfoundry.com AEON Foundry | Mentor | Invest | Advise | Collaborate | NYC, New York AEON Foundry provides Mentorship, Advisory Work and Angel Investing for early-stage Startups: NYC, Boston & Westchester, New York.
5 aftexpo.com African Tech Expo – African Startup In Tech THE FUNDING PLATFORM FOR AFRICA. We have access to major venture capitalists firms and independent angel investors In the world who are willing to fund companies in Africa. Our upcoming Expo in Nigeria, the Economy center of Africa will bring together lots of willing investors and give room for Startups & Companies to pitch their ideas and meet the investors one on one.
6 aggieangelnetwork.com Aggie Angel Network – Aggie Angel Network Board of Directors. Board of Directors. Angel Investors Rooted in the Core Values of Texas A&M. We are committed to assisting early-stage, high-growth potential companies with disruptive technology with fundraising and advisory services. AAN brings connections, market knowledge, mentoring, and operational excellence to early-stage entrepreneurs whether investment is given or not.
7 agili.net Agili Consulting – Gaming Consulting and Investing Mobile Game Consultant and Investor. Gaming Consulting and Investing. Let me share my successes so you can replicate them, and my failures so that you can avoid them. Building and publishing video games  is an amazing adventure with loads of challenges. I can help you avoid the pitfalls and making the right decisions that will make your games sucessful. I am an angel investor and ready to put time and money in great game projects that are looking for seed investments.
8 akangelconference.com Alaska Angel Conference – Where Alaskan Startups meet Alaskan Angel Investors Final Investment – Thursday, May 21. Final Investment – Thursday, May 21. Alaska Angel Conference 2020. We are investing $100k+ into an Alaskan startup on May 21st, 2020. What is the Alaska Angel Conference (AAC) and why should you participate. The AAC increases the number of angel investors in our statewide startup ecosystem by pairing experienced angel investors with novice investors and leading them through a structured 12-week process of identifying, filtering, selecting, and managing a group angel inve
9 akinvestnet.com Alaska Investor Network Welcome to the Alaska Investor Network. Alaska has long profited from the development of our natural resources. It’s time we developed our capital resources. The Alaska Investor Network (“The Network”), formerly known as The 49th State Angel Investor Network, promotes the development of a uniquely Alaskan economic ecosystem. The Network is an informal, unincorporated association of accredited, like-minded investors.
10 allianceofangels.com Alliance of Angels – Seattle Angel Investors Largest and most active group of angel investors in the Pacific Northwest.
11 alpha1capital.net Alpha1Capital™ | Investment. ENHANCED The Chairman & CEO. The Chairman & CEO. ENHANCED), a global private equity firm, which invests – and advises it clients to invest – across the full spectrum of entrepreneurship, including microfinance, angel investment, venture capital, private equity and sovereign investment. Your email address will not be published.
12 ambassadorsimpact.com Ambassadors Impact Network An early-stage angel investing network connecting faith-driven Christian   entrepreneurs with like-minded investors.
13 americanbusinessnetwork.net American Business Network | Angel Investor Networking Member Organization. Our purpose is to connect entrepreneurs, people with ideas and dreams, with investors who are interested in early stage investing. One of our biggest goals is education and peer-to-peer learning: and one of our strongest benefits is the amount of business that gets done amongst Members. ABN is diverse across age, gender, education, profession, economic background – you name it.
14 americandreaminvestor.com News – American Dream Investor The Secret That Can Turn $2,500 into $1 Million or More. The 15-minute Wealth Wizard. Thinking about becoming an Angel Investor. Consider these three tips…. The Three Tools You Need to Privately Invest in the Cannabis Sector. You Too Can Be an Angel Investor – If You Have What it Takes. Every American Should Read This…. Bill O’Reilly Talks 5G Stocks and President Trump.
15 andrewconner.com Andrew Conner | startups, investing, and miscellaneous thoughts I build web products and lead engineers. Levels , and advise companies on scaling and solving engineering problems. Google Voice for G Suite , helped build a startup, designed risk models, and played with mathematics. Send me an email →. Angel investing without investing. Angel investing is—for most people—a bad investment. As such, accreditation is rarely the limiting factor to being able to realize outsized investment returns, because variance is incredibly high while median performance is tepid.
16 andrewjaybart.com Andrew Bart | Angel Investor | Advisory Board Member Andrew Bart is an experienced angel investor, advisory board member, tech entrepreneur, and growth strategy consultant focused on incubating tech startups.
17 andrewlacy.com Andrew Lacy – Futurist, entrepreneur & angel investor Futurist, entrepreneur & angel investor
18 angeleca.com Angeleca Capital Group – Angel Investment & Private Equity Firm | Vancouver, BC, Canada Send Us Your Pitch. We help entrepreneurs scale their start-ups and achieve exceptional results. The single most common obstacle cited by entrepreneurs is the financing of their start-up. We help our portfolio companies solve this by being an angel investment partner with a powerful co-investor network. So the founders can get back to doing what they do best… improving the world.
19 angelentrepreneurs.com Angel Entrepreneurs – Where Angel Investors Meet Entrepreneurs Our goal is to connect angel investors with future entrepreneurs. Unlike other sites that only officially connect an angel investor and an entrepreneur if the investor is actually interested in helping the entrepreneur financially, our goal is to allow the entrepreneur to be helped in other ways as well, as knowledge capital is just as important as financial capital when you’re just starting out.
20 angelhub.co AngelHub | Exclusive community for angel investors. AngelHub. An online community for active angel investors, angel groups and   syndicates to network and share.
21 angelinvestmentnetwork.cc Angel Investment Network Angel Investment Network is a bridge between startups and investors.
22 angelinvestmentnetwork.us Angel Investment Network USA – Angel Investment, Local & International Business Entrepreneurs USA Angel Investment Network connects business entrepreneurs with Angel Investors.  Find an Investor for your business, or access a network of investment opportunities.
23 angelinvestor.academy Angel Investor Academy | Sharing Research on Angel Investing Angel Investor Academy. Sharing Research on Angel Investing. Angel Investor Academy. Angel investing is some of the most critical fuel powering entrepreneurial growth engines around the globe. My goal is to help angel investors learn more about their place in this ecosystem, as well as assist entrepreneurs in navigating the complex set of obstacles preventing them from receiving resources.
24 angelinvestorforum.com Home – Angel Investor Forum | Connecticut, New York The Angel Investor Forum is a group of investors who invest their own money in startup companies. We source deals and perform due diligence together but each member makes his or her own decisions about whether to invest in any given deal and how much to invest. We believe this allows us to utilize the wisdom and experience of many members while maintaining independence of managing our individual portfolios.
25 angelinvestormentors.org Young Entrepreneurs | Angel Investor Mentors | United States Angel Investor Mentors connect young entrepreneurs with mentors in their area.
26 angelinvestorschool.com Angel Investor School Deep dive into the world of Angel Investment
27 angelinvestorsnearme.com Angel Investors Near Me: NYC, LA, SF, Boston, San Jose | Fast/Forward Ventures The angel investors near me: From NYC to LA, San Jose, Boston, and San Francisco, Fast/Forward Venture Capital Partners provides seed and angel investments.
28 angelinvestorsnyc.com Angel Investors NYC: New York Private Seed Capital | Fast/Forward Investing Angel investors in NYC: New York City seed private investment firm Fast/Forward Venture Capital Partners. Fueling innovation from Boston to LA, San Francisco, San Jose.
29 angel-investors-of-chicago.com Angel Investors of Chicago The Angel Investors of Chicago is an alliance of highly experienced developers and investors dedicated to providing capital to early and mid-stage entrepreneurial companies. Our members are independent business owners and senior corporate executives with hundreds of years of experience in building, financing and developing emerging enterprises. We have an extremely wide range of experience, but share the common desire to build business.
30 angelprivateequityinvestors.com Private Money Lenders | Private Equity Partners | Angel Investor Angel private equity investors site is for education and assisting angel investors and real estate investors to work with private equity partners for mutual benefits
31 angelroi.com Angel ROI – Angel Investing Advice Angel Investing Advice
32 angelrutledge.com Angel Rutledge –  Entrepreneurial Advisor, Speaker, and Writer Angel invests the knowledge she gained as co-founder of SignUpGenius to   advise entrepreneurs who want to scale purposeful companies.
33 angelswithoutborders.com Angels Without Borders: Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investment Worldwide (Edited by John May and Manhong Mannie Liu) Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investment Worldwide. In recent years, they have not only grown in numbers and sophistication, they have garnered the attention of larger investors and governments throughout the world who are interested in the phenomenal power of startups to bring innovative products to consumers, create jobs and economic value, and sustain macroeconomic growth.
34 angeltips5.com HS Investors Hs Investors is the premier platform in India focussed on venture investing, actively building the understanding of venture investing as an asset class and creating platforms where both founders and investors can learn, invest and grow. Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa. Good Business 100% Benefits. Access capital and mentorship from a network of seasoned angel investors.
35 angeltstory.com Angel Story – How to make your startup story meaningful and memorable. This is my story of becoming an angel investor, and how you can better tell your start-up
36 angelvestgroup.com Angel Vest Group | Asia’s Most Active International Investment Group Angel Vest Group are are a group of 100+ active Angel investors who invest and provide mentorship for startups. Apply for Funding or Become a Member today.
37 angivestventures.com Angivest Ventures | Angel investment company Angivest, an angel investment group established in Bahrain, provides funding and advice to start-ups and early stage companies.
38 antheminnovation.com Anthem InnovationEmpowering Innovation Entrepreneurs and Big Ideas – Anthem Innovation Empowering Innovation Entrepreneurs and Big Ideas. Driven by the truth that innovation is boundless, Anthem Innovation offers a variety of resources to assist in the development of product, service and business ideas. The company was established as a hybrid of venture capital, angel investment and altruism. Anthem’s objective is to assist, mentor and provide assets to new ventures that aspire to impact and improve their industry, community – or the world.
39 appleseedfood.com Appleseed Food Frontiers Appleseed Food Frontiers. Reach your business goals. Appleseed is committed to supporting solid growth for promising companies pioneering the good food frontier. We emphasize careful growth strategy providing start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established companies with right-sized services and angel investment opportunities to achieve their goals. Appleseed is headed by an experienced food industry leader and backed by a team that has successfully grown companies by aligning sales and operations behind distinct
40 arankin.com Andy Rankin’s Blog | Entrepreneur and Angel investor Entrepreneur and Angel investor
41 arepocapital.com Arepo Capital | Seeding Innovation Arepo Capital is an instiutional angel investment firm based in Hong Kong, with global coverage
42 ariacapitalinc.com Angel Investor Vancouver | British Columbia | Aria Capital VCC Inc. Angel Investor Vancouver Startup Blog for Entrepreneurs and Investors. We are excited about VR/AR, Blockchain, ICT, Cannabis, Biotech and other industries.
43 arzuodabasi.com Arzu Odabaşı – Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Profession of Finance, Strategist H2A Corporate Management Advisory Company. Company H2A is acts as if Protein to your Corporation that’s. H2A protects you,. H2A repairs you. Start a journey with us , discover the secrets tips and see how to create differentials. Supporting the innovators to meet Angel investors and help them to transform their innovative ideas to service and product. Strategist, Risk Management, Advisor of Investment Management.
44 asbitech.com ASBITECH – Soluciones Informaticas Nivel de Atencion. Nivel de Atencion. We design things with love and passion. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
45 auroraangelnetwork.com Aurora Angel Network Supporting the success of angel investors and early-stage ventures in Puerto Rico.
46 baltimoreangels.com Baltimore Angels – The Largest Angel Investment Group In Baltimore Baltimore’s Most Dynamic Angel Investment Group. Learn more about us. Baltimore Angels seeks to invest profitably in the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem and advance early stage innovators to the next stage of capital formation. Our vision is to be the most trusted resource for angel capital investment and mentorship in the Mid-Atlantic. Learn More About Us.
47 basementround.com Basement Round | Information resources for startups We provide intelligence on seed-stage companies that are in the process of raising between $100,000 and $1 million. We never collect a fee from the companies we cover. Our revenue comes EXCLUSIVELY from our subscriber base of angel investors and advisors. We communicate with those who understand that, for startups, the knowledge investors bring is as important as funding.
48 bcainvest-zm.com Investment Platform Latest investment data. Company acquisition datas, merger datas, angel investor informations, ipo datas. Where investments are made.
49 beccamadden.com Rebecca Madden’s Portfolio – Creative and Driven Marketing Professional Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
50 berkeleyangelnetwork.com Berkeley Angel Network The Berkeley Angel Network is a group of angel investors who are alumni, faculty and former faculty of UC Berkeley.
51 beyondhook.com Beyond Hook Ventures | Angel Investment Group Beyond Hook Ventrues is a group of angel investors & successful entrepreneurs with extensive experience in digital marketing, e-commerce, and software. Now as investors and mentors, we are looking to leverage our capital, knowledge, and contacts to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.
52 bimigroup.com Bimi Investment Group – Angel Investing Across East Africa Services and Investments. Bimi Investment Group. Angel Investing Across East Africa. Services and Investments. We look for passionate entrepreneurs who are looking for their first outside investor. Bimi Investment Group.
53 bio.saeclub.com Technology & Life Sciences Global Venture Congress Madison Square Garden, New York Biotechnology and Life Sciences Venture Conference 2007 New York. Uniting investors, VC, bankers,  with startup, emerging growth companies raising capital. The conference will be a congregation of venture capitalists, private equity  investors, corporate investors, strategic investors, angel investors, institutional investors, investment bankers, commercial bankers,  biotech and life sciences company executives, entrepreneurs, analysts, though leaders, scientists, researchers, academicians, and service  pro
54 biomedinvestors.com Home | Bio/Med Investor Network The Bio/Med Investor Network was established in 2014 to address the need to connect early-stage biomedical, medtech and healthcare-related companies with angel investors interested in advancing technologies in this innovative industry. The majority of our investors specialize in life sciences, and include active and retired executives, practicing physicians, and scientists.
55 bizontech.net Home – Bizontech Soluções completas para home office, escritórios e data center. Contamos com nossa rede de parceiros para entregamos soluções de ponta para a TI da sua empresa. Nenhum desafio é grande para uma equipe preparada. Conheça abaixo as principais especialidades Bizontech. We understand your requirement and provide quality works. Success scrum project funding marketing seed money prototype innovator direct hackathon android angel investor.
56 blacklionventures.com Black Lion Ventures – An Angel Investment Company Black Lion Ventures an investment company provide business startup funding and help them grow. Real estate angel investors, business consultation and financial services in California.
57 blacktoninvestments.com Blackton Investments Blackton Investments is an investment, private equity and operational management firm comprised of organically developed projects, angel investments, acquisitions and startups.
58 blog.dontbealittlepitch.com Don’t Be A Little Pitch Blog – Great courses and resources for your startup. Quick Tips On How To Find Angel Investors. You have a great business idea but lack enough capital…. The Ultimate Investor Nurture Campaign To Get You Investment. Google anything to do with startups and investment and you…. The Perfect Pitch Deck Format To Attract Investors – Part 3. There is so much information on how to make a…. The Perfect Pitch Deck Format To Attract Investors – Part 2.
59 blueboarcapital.com Blue Boar Capital – Angel Investing Made Personal Blue Boar Capital. Angel Investing Made Personal. Audacity, audacity, Always Audacity. The hardest step is the first step. At Blue Boar Capital we understand the stress and fear that is inherent in starting your own business. Consequently, we stand ready to assist our entrepreneurs with mentorship, access to our networks and capital raising.
60 bluegrassangels.com Bluegrass Angel Investors – Lexington, KY Angels Investing In Kentucky’s Future Become a Member. Dedicated to investing in Kentucky start-up businesses, creating new jobs in the commonwealth, and providing strong financial returns to our members. The Bluegrass Angels is one of the most-active angel investing groups in Kentucky. Through our portfolio of Kentucky investments we syndicate with other local investors and angel groups nationwide.
61 bolourinvestments.com http://bolourinvestments.com/ | A LITTLE ABOUT US. We are a family owned real estate and investment company. We invest in both Commercial and Residential properties throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. We also consider ourselves angel investors, investing in businesses and people, creating products and services that support today’s economy. If you have a project, please come see us.
62 boomstartup.com Boomstartup Register / Sign In. Register / Sign In. Register / Sign In. Take your startup to a whole new level. Scale your startup with a customized accelerator plan built for what your company needs. Few other organizations bring together the experience from tested business leaders, angel investors and institutional funds the way BoomStartup does. Tools to help your company reach its funding goals.
63 bowtiedangel.com BowTied Angel | Musings for Angel Investors & their Entrepreneurs Musings for Angel Investors & their Entrepreneurs. Commit for BowTied Angel Updates.
64 businessinterviews.com Business Interviews with Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Founders, Funding Sources, and Policy Makers We shine a light on the people that make an impact on Small Business. Interviews with entrepreneurs, small business owners, angel investors, venture capitalists, government policy makers, marketing agencies, pr companies, and more…
65 c2invest.com C2Invest.com C2 is focused on angel investing and alternative lending. The founder, Lars Christensen, started a business in a basement with a credit card when he was 26 and successfully sold the business to a public company 15 years later. The objectives for C2 are making wise investments in businesses, real estate and most importantly people. Our passion is to help businesses and people grow so they can achieve success and pay it forward.
66 caitinvestors.co.tz Coronation Angel Investors Tanzania We promote business and connect startups and scaleups with angel investors
67 capitalistcreations.com Welcome to Capitalist Creations. Dedicated to the Entrepreneur Founded by serial entrepreneur and angel investor Aaron Hoddinott, Capitalist Creations is here to spread the power of entrepreneurship. Utilize this site to help propel your business and investment ideas into reality. Learn about real-world entrepreneur success stories and more…
68 caravanwolfe.com Investment Holdings | Caravan Wolfe Caravan Wolfe is a privately-owned investment holding company that focuses participating in the macro-economic cycles of the market and provide angel investing activity to businesses
69 carolinaseedinvestors.com WELCOME – Carolina Seed Investors How Cradle Investing Fits with Portfolio Theory. Points on Angel Investing. Navigating a University Start Up Environment. Interesting Differences between University Entrepreneurs and Investors. Opportunity Costs of SBIR & STTR Grants. Questions we are trying to answer. Debates on Early Stage Investing. How Cradle Investing Fits with Portfolio Theory. Points on Angel Investing.
70 casabonaventures.com Casabona Ventures – Seeding Business… Casabona Ventures is a micro-VC firm whose Managing Director and Founder is Mario Casabona. We invest in post-seed stage companies located within the mid-Atlantic region. Our investment strategy focuses on ventures whose valuations are less than $5 Million, and which support the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. We assist our startups by providing strategic business advice, preparation for investor due-diligence and access to Angel Investors.
71 caseangelnetwork.com Home | caseangelnetwork The Case Angel Network is an angel investor group comprised of alumni, current or former faculty of Case Western Reserve University, and anyone with a passion or affinity for Cleveland. The group combines resources to source, evaluate, and invest in companies with roots in the CWRU and Cleveland entrepreneurial ecosystem. Strengthen the investor community and CWRU network, resulting in greater access and confidence in investment opportunities.
72 caseycobb.com Casey Cobb: Software engineer, investor, writer, speaker & inventor Casey Cobb helps organizations thrive by keeping founders focused on delivering value. Casey believes in testing assumptions early and often — and puts that theory into practice as a software engineer, inventor, angel investor, writer, and speaker. He’s written 30+ articles on the intersection of technology and management, and gives back as an entrepreneur by advising several software startups.
73 ccangels.org Capital Community Angel Investors Capital Community Angel Investors. Helping mid-Michigan’s entrepreneurs create the future. Are You an Entrepreneur Seeking Funding. We provide access to early stage funding for qualified ventures. Copyright © 2020 – Capital Community Angels Investors, Inc. All other company names, product names, trademarks and designs mentioned herein are held by their respective owners.
74 ccvf.org Clean Business Investment Summit – California Coast Venture Forum Over $125 million in capital investments from private equity, venture capital and angel investors has been raised over the previous 18 years for emerging growth and later stage companies participating in the California Coast Venture Forum.
75 centennialinvestors.com Home – Centennial Investors Centennial Investors is a MId-Missouri based Angel Investment organization that works with high growth start-up companies with plans to grow businesses.
76 chicagoentrepreneurship.com Home | Chicago Entrepreneurship Discover events, explore workshops, build relationships and take advantage of the insights from Chicago’s Entrepreneur community. DePaul University, CEC, Suite 7900, 1 E. How to build your network with Angel Investors. Have an idea for a business. Already have a business. John Crosson, a successful entrepreneur and angel investor who founded, scaled, and exited two companies, will lead this informative and fun introductory workshop on what it takes to start and sustain a business.
77 christianangelinvestors.com Christian Angel Investors I Funding For Christian Angel Investors & Entrepreneurs! Are you starting a business or looking to invest in a Christian company? We
78 citrineangels.com Citrine Angels | Angel Investing for Women by Women – Citrine Angels | Angel Investing for Women by Women Citrine Angels is an angel investing group for women by women. Based in Washington, DC, the Citrine Angels provides early stage investment opportun…
79 civilizationventures.com Civilization Ventures – Supporting Entrepreneurs to Advance Civilization Digital Health / AI. Shahram is Founder and General Partner of Civilization Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on supporting cutting edge innovations in health tech and biology. Prior to founding Civilization Ventures, Shahram was an entrepreneur and angel investor. Shahram is a founding executive in several life sciences companies, including Rgenix, a biotech company with first-in-class therapeutics for cancer, now in Phase 1b human clinical trials.
80 cloud9labs.org Cloud 9 Labs – Startup Incubator – SaaS / FinTech / eComm / Marketplaces Cloud 9 Labs is a Startup Incubator and Angel Investor in Orange County, CA. Founders can apply for funding from $25k-$150k plus development, marketing & office space.
81 comeupwith.us Come Up With Us – An All Inclusive Digital Marketing Service For The Small Time Entrepreneur We design things with love and passion. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
82 consensuscap.com Angel Investors – Consensus Capital Get smart money for your startup from experienced tech entrepreneurs turned angel investors.
83 contigocommerce.com Contigo Commerce, LLC – Angel Investment Group Photos – Festival Photography. Ramos & Harrison Investment Group. Photos – Festival Photography. Ramos & Harrison Investment Group. Scroll Down for More Info on Each. Welcome to Contigo Commerce. Bringing talent and resources together to achieve entrepreneurial success. We’re the link between ideas and reality. We not only match entrepreneurs together with angel investors, we participate in the creative process and we bring our passion for opening successful businesses to your project.
84 creativecapitalworks.com Creative Capital Works! – The Creative Venture Catalyst – Translating Ideas into Reality. Vision plans, business plans, venture capital services, consulting, media, entertainment, telecom, technology, fashion resources for business including: venture capital, angel investing, business plans, consulting, entertainment, media, telecom, technology, fashion,,
85 crowdchayneinvesting.com Crowd Chayne – CONNECTING  INNOVATIVE BUSINESSES WITH SMART INVESTORS Invest in companies on the GROUND FLOOR. Real Returns, ROI & Wealth Creation. CONNECTING INNOVATIVE BUSINESSES WITH SMART INVESTORS. Get Your FREE Investors Guide. Fill out the form below. Call Now For a FREE Quote. Throughout history, only the very wealthy sector of investors , such as angel investors, venture capitalists, “business insiders” have the right to invest and benefit from high-growth/ high ROI companies at the earliest stages, thus getting in “on the ground up”.
86 ctan.com Central Texas Angel Network | CTAN Board of Directors. Types of CTAN Membership. Apply to Join CTAN. LLC, C Corp, or S Corp. Funding Cycle Info. LLC, C Corp, or S Corp. Due Diligence Checklist. Frequently Asked Questions. Who are CTAN Members. Largest, Most Active Angel Group in U. A National Leader In Early Stage Capital and Mentoring Businesses. Having invested $108 million in 174 companies since 2006, Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) is the most active angel investing group in the U.
87 cunningsystems.com Cunning Systems | Technical advisors Cunning Systems evaluates product and service ideas in computing and communications. We advise on technical feasibility, investment potential and possible paths to monetization, undertaking short and longer term projects in the USA and Europe with early stage companies. We participate in the startup ecosystems in Silicon Valley and the UK, and occasionally make angel investments.
88 cvain.com CVAIN | Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network Our Angel Investor network can help you raise the money you need. Want to join a network of investors in the Chippewa Valley. Are you an entrepreneur looking for investment. Copyright © 2017 Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network, LLC P.
89 cwtec.com Home – CW Technologies CWT works with business incubators, angel investment groups, and venture capital firms to support successful development of entrepreneurial companies. Due diligence, research, development planning and strategic risk management services are provided by CWT.
90 dallasangelnetwork.com Texas Investors | Dallas Investors | Angel investors in Texas- dallasangelnetwork.com The Dallas Angel Network links entrepreneurs with angel investors in Texas. We fund early stage growth companies and pure startups. The Dallas Angel Network invests in a variety of industries all over nation, but primarily in Texas.
91 danburcaw.com Dan Burcaw – Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Writer & Speaker Dan Burcaw is a serial entrepreneur & CEO, angel investor, writer &   speaker. He writes about entrepreneurship, technology, leadership, and his   personal journey to understand human potential.
92 dannypburke.com DannyPBurke.com – Founder & CEO of Midstreet Capital, Financial & Data Tech Enthusiast, Angel Investor, Real Estate Investor, Father Founder & CEO of Midstreet Capital, Financial & Data Tech Enthusiast, Angel Investor, Real Estate Investor, Father. Welcome to your site. This is your homepage, which is what most visitors will see when they come to your site for the first time. This is an example of a homepage section. Homepage sections can be any page other than the homepage itself, including the page that shows your latest blog posts.
93 datastarta.com Angel Investors List – Find Angel Investors Who Invest in Startups Handpicked 3100+ Angel Investors List Which Contains List of Investors. Find Investors Who Invest in Startups and Other Opportunities. Free Trial Access to Find Angel Investors Quickly. Save Hours and Weeks of Searching By Using Our Angel Investors List. If You Are Looking for Angel Investors Then our List Will Help.
94 davidhehman.com David Hehman: Lifetime Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. – Home David Hehman: Lifetime Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. David has been creating successful businesses for his entire career, which began even while he was in middle school. Since that time he has gone on to be CEO, Chairman, Advisor and Investor in over three dozen companies. He shares his experience with great joy, as he is passionate about entrepreneurship.
95 davidlitwak.com David Litwak – Musing on tech, politics, storytelling, economics and philosophy. Entrepreneur @ MaxwellSocial.com, MozioGroup.com, Host of How I Got Here Podcast, angel investor. Musing on tech, politics, storytelling, economics and philosophy. Entrepreneur @ MaxwellSocial.com, MozioGroup.com, Host of How I Got Here Podcast, angel investor.
96 davidselakovic.com David Selakovic Serial Entrepreneur Global Business Angel Investor David Dragan Selakovic David Selakovic Serial Entrepreneur Global Business   Angel Investor
97 ddici.com D&D Investments & Consulting Inc We invest in property, Businesses, Angel investmetns, & People. We provide consulting and Business Management Solutions.
98 desertangels.org Desert Angels – Highly active angel investor group based in Tucson, Arizona Highly active angel investor group based in Tucson, Arizona
99 dielschneider-international.com Dielschneider International | Unique combination of international investment, technology, and business Questions > Answers. International Investing in Technology. International Investing: You Can Do it. Listed company stocks & alternate investing. Venture Capital and Angel Investing. Technical Questions > Solutions. Frequently Asked Questions. Unique combination of experience. Proudly powered by WordPress. Please enter your e-mail address. You will receive a new password via e-mail.
100 digitalamn.com DigitalAMN | Angel Investing Accelerated Angel Investing Accelerated
101 dlclark.com david clark – Indianapolis, Indiana, Mentor, Coach, Investor, Venture Capital and Private Equity, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University | about.me I am a Venture Capital, Angel Investor, Advisor in Indianapolis, Indiana. Visit my company website.
102 dutech.info DUTECH.INFO Capital and Angel. Database of Angel Investors. Databases Are Popular. Directory of Angel Investors. Internet Social Network. Invest in a Movie. Joint Venture Marketing. Landscape of Venture Capital. Markets in Australia. Medical Device Investing. Perception Of Risk. Sales in the Southeast. Sell Your Business. Start a Business. Summary Of A Business. Venture Capital Investors.
103 e2launch.com Entrepreneurship Training Your idea is just the beginning. Founder of e2launch and the Girandola family of companies. I am inspired by our students every day. We bring you real-world tools to guide your step-by-step to plan and launch the business of your dreams and to create your preferred future. After working for a startup that went public, I became an angel investor, ran a U.
104 easternnyangels.com Eastern New York Angels – Capital District Angel Investors For Angel Investors. Eastern New York Angels. Eastern NY Angels is seeking entrepreneurs who are interested in obtaining early stage funding for their company. About Eastern New York Angels. ENYA’s primary goal is to provide seed funding and mentorship to early stage companies while creating jobs in the Eastern Region of New York State commonly known as Tech Valley and delivering a reasonable return on investment for its members.
105 edengroupsl.com Eden Group SL – Delivering On Investments Eden Group promotes and mobilizes investments from private equity and VC funds, angel investors (high net worth individuals or groups), and impact investors that demonstrate interests in investing in Sierra Leone. Foreign Direct Investment, FDI, driven mainly by private equity, venture capital, and impact investment, is growing in Sub-Saharan Africa but smaller and fragile countries like Sierra Leone are not attracting high quality private investments even though the investment opportunities are plentiful.
106 egain.global ERA Global Angel Investor Network (EGAIN) ERA Global Angel Investor Network. ABOUT ERA AND ERA GLOBAL. With 194 investments since 2011, ERA is the leading accelerator program in New York with hands-on mentoring from 500+ active industry-leading mentors, 12 venture partners and 50 corporate partners. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Italy, European Union, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Mexico and more.
107 elemeno.ventures Elemeno – Smarter Angel Investing SMARTER ANGEL INVESTING. A balanced approach to investing in diverse, highly qualified ventures using data, risk analysis and relevant domain expertise. More informed decision making with access to high quality deals, data-backed due diligence and deep domain expertise. Smart-money advantage with efficient discovery and decision- making, focused advisory support and critical path relationships.
108 engelventures.com Engel Ventures | Santa Barbara Venture Capital And Angel Investor Engel Ventures is the Santa Barbara investment and advisory company focused on venture capital and angel investments.
109 entreeltd.com The Entree Business Network A national affiliation of business executives, advisors and retired Fortune 500 executives providing franchising development, advisory services, angel investment, capital formation, and partner search.
110 entrepreneurlab.co Entrepreneur Lab To get ahead of the startup world, we give our selected startups access to resources they need to win. We connect them to phenom and veterans of the startup scene. They’ll meet Angel Investors from local area & from Silicon Valley. They will also connect with VC’s and crowdfunding experts plus the support of local business organization: bringing their ideas to the market.
111 entrepreneurshipeducation.info Jerome Katz’s Entrepreneurship Blog Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, and angel investing
112 epoxpremium.com AIO – all in one technology – Softare services within everone AIO – all in one technology. AIO – all in one technology. Times Waits For No One. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
113 equityfor.com AI Powered Deal Engine for Early Stage Tech, Energy, Fintech Startups & Investors Network, US Equityfor, in Newyork, is a funding & investment platform for Early Stage Tech, Energy Companies, Fintech Startups and Venture Capital & Equity Angel Investors online.
114 eternitysoils.com Eternity Soils – Grow solutions for budding entrepreneurs Reduce Grow Expenses by 30%. Reduce Grow costs. Easy Order and Pay. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
115 europeanentrepreneurship.com European Entrepreneurship European Entrepreneurship is an essential knowledge hub regarding Management, Business, Marketing, , Finance,Technology, Startups, Venture Capital and Angel Investing
116 falconnetwork.org | Falcon Network | We are an angel investment network connecting impact-driven individual investors with gifted entrepreneurs. Our vision is to enable promising start-up enterprises that operate in high growth markets in Asia and Africa to realise their potential by providing seed capital and strategic advice. The emerging world is undergoing a seismic and exciting transformation.
117 femaleangelinvestor.com Female Angel Investor | Find The Mentors, Investors & Inspiration The Largest Female Angel Investor Network | Female Angel Investors Network is a robust community of female investors, entrepreneurs & business owners
118 firstinvestorscapital.com Firstinvestorscapital.com Financial Services Software. Best Financial Companies. Capital Gains Tax Exemption. Venture Capital Investment. Venture Capital Broker. Angel Investor Directory.
119 flyingcowventures.com Angel Investing | Flying Cow Ventures Our goal at FLYING COW VENTURES is to help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies. Since 2014, we’ve helped great ideas turn into profitable businesses that make an impact in their industry and beyond. Seed Money & Angel Investing.
120 frontierfund2.com Frontier Fund 2 – Montana’s Angel Investment Fund The Frontier Fund 2 is a fund made up of angel investors that seeks to invest in promising young companies in Montana.
121 garciadelbosque.com Alex G. Del B. Innovation & Digital Marketing Executive | Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Growth Hacker | Traveler | Self-proclaimed Chef Innovation & Digital Marketing Executive | Entrepreneur | Angel Investor | Growth Hacker | Traveler | Self-proclaimed Chef
122 gatheringofangels.com Gathering of Angels – Angel Investor Network At Gathering of Angels will position you in front of mature, seasoned Angel Investors and Investment Bankers highly interested in your pitch for capital. We have facilitated 390+ capital fundings since October 1996 from 20k to 39MM.
123 getnewly.com Newly | Supercharge Your Professional Network Supercharge your professional network. Find and connect with verified angel investors and entrepreneurs in your area quickly. We provide you a wide network of qualified and accredited investors, co-founders, all powered by powerful productivity tools. We verify all investors and founders so you can make those crucial connections. Tap into any market. Network and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, across the world.
124 getrichfoster.com Rich Foster – Discover Your Mission, Vision, Passion | Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Professional Speaker Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Professional Speaker. Richard Foster is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and professional speaker with a passion for new business development. He currently serves as President of Foster Management & Holdings, the holdings company for his numerous business investments and ventures. He also serves on the board and is actively involved in an executive capacity in several of his companies.
125 gheara.com Adrian Gheara | Tech Startups Advisor & Investor I’m a consultant & angel investor in Romanian technology startups. Former entrepreneur with strong technical background, currently helping other local entrepreneurs to grow their business. I’m currently involved in the following companies:.
126 gjstartup.com Indian Angel Investment Network – Business Startup – GJ The Indian Investment Network connects entrepreneurs with Angel Investors based in India and internationally. Find a private investor for your business.
127 goldenseeds.com Homepage – Golden Seeds Apply for Funding. Process & Timing. About Angel Investing. Golden Seeds Blog. Golden Seeds News. Apply for Funding. Process & Timing. About Angel Investing. Golden Seeds Blog. Golden Seeds News. One of the largest, most active angel networks. Golden Seeds has invested over $120 million. Over 170 companies have received funding. Funds bring additional capital.
128 goosecreekventures.com Goose Creek Ventures – Seeking opportunity and sustaining action on the fault lines of FinTech, Medtech and Impact Investing Seeking opportunity and sustaining action on the fault lines of FinTech, Medtech and Impact Investing. Seeking opportunity and sustaining action on the fault lines of FinTech, Medtech and Impact Investing on a global scale. Goose Creek Ventures LLC is a boutique advisory and angel investing company, servicing early stage companies active in three distinctive sectors, FinTech, MedTech and Sustainable Development on a global scale.
129 gopherangels.com Gopher Angels ⋆ The Most Active Investors and Partners in the Midwest We are the most active Minnesota investor network, supporting the Midwest startup community through angel investment, a shared knowledge bank.
130 graceng.co Grace Ng – Neuro-Artist, Entrepreneur, AI Investor Entrepreneur · Neuro-Artist · AI Investor. Grace is a tech entrepreneur, angel investor, neuro-artist, and international speaker specializing in de-risking startups, innovation ecosystems, and creative uses of emerging technology. Grace is a Partner at Lean Venture Partners, one of China’s first AI pre-accelerator, Co-Founder of Javelin. She’s been a mentor and advisor to many startups, an innovation coach for Fortune 500s, a guest speaker at The U.
131 grandangels.org Grand Angels – A Michigan and Midwest Angel Investment Organization West Michigan angel investment organization connects promising entrepreneurs and start ups with investors. Shares material on its process, successes.
132 guardianangelinvestmentstx.com Guardian Angel Investments – Handling Property Problems with Grace Guardian Angel Investments. Handling Property Problems with Grace. Don’t Let These Things Happen To You. Make $$ off the vacant houses in your neighborhood. Probate Questions & Answers. Property Tax Help. We Buy Houses in San Antonio. Sell your house fast when you contact us. No matter why you need to sell, we are here for you. If you need resources to catch up a mortgage or property taxes, we have those.
133 guerra6folio.com Guerra 6 Folio – Portfolio Instructor Led Training Samples. Job Aid Samples. Video Editing Samples. Virtual Instructor Led Training Samples. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
134 gunnga.com Connect with Angel Investors for FREE 2019 | Angel Investors for Startups and Small Businesses | Gunnga.com Angel Investment Network & Opportunities – We help (angel investor groups) investors and entrepreneurs build lasting and profitable relationships. Angel Investors for Startups & small businesses at Gunnga.Com
135 guptaventure.com Early Stage Venture Investing | Gupta Venture | United States Gupta Venture, early stage venture investing, angel investing, deep tech investing, venture capital
136 hanawagroup.com Seed Stage Investment | Hanawa Hanawa Group is a family office making angel investment into seed stage companies
137 hanfieldventures.com Hanfield Venture Partners – Angel Investor, Venture Capital | Hanfield Venture Partners We are angel investors and venture capitalists investing in startups.  Send us your pitch and details about your company to see if we might be a good fit.
138 healthtechcapital.com HealthTech Capital – Healthtech, Investor Private angel investors and corporate venture ecosystem investing in healthtech, digital health and other healthcare technologies startups
139 hen.global Hen Global | Cryptocurrency Investor Cryptocurrency angel investor, advisor, and influencer Hen gives you an insider
140 henoktekle.com Henok (Hen) Tekle – cryptocurrency angel investor As seen in news interviews on CNBC, Henok Hen Tekle is a founding partner of AlphaChain, a blockchain advisory and investment firm. A notable blockchain angel investor, advisor, content creator and public speaker, Hen is a passionate advocate for the disruption brought by token economies and blockchain technology, and regularly speaks at conferences around the world about these topics.
141 how2startup.com How-to advice and Community for startups and entrepreneurs on product, marketing, funding | how2startup Welcome, my name is Roy Rodenstein and I love helping entrepreneurs. With this blog I aim to share what I’ve learned to help others start, and win. My hope is to develop how2startup into a wiki for the startup community. Galen Moore, tech & finance journalist at Mass High Tech, recently asked for my views on why startups leave Boston for the Valley. While the topic comes up every few months, I think several factors are a bit different than what I usually hear discussed, and having done angel investments in
142 hub-invest.io Hub Invest Hub Invest is a unique angel investment programme by Danske Bank,   connecting angel investors from Danske Bank Private Banking with   early-stage startups looking for funding.
143 humancapitalnetwork.com Human Capital Network We are a fully functioning, hyper-connected ecosystem of entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 C-Suite execs, academics, venture capitalists, angel investors and family offices.
144 hunterbaron.co Hunter Baron – Hunter Baron is a Los Angeles based Investment Bank. Our services include strategic funancial advisory, capital raising and independent board advice for high growth and middle market private and public companies e. We seek out the most effective capital structure from our diverse funding sources that include commercial banks, asset-based lenders, mezzanine lenders, angel investors, venture capital groups, private equity groups, and other credit providers.
145 huntingdollars.com Hunting Dollars – Global Startups Map Hunting Dollars is a platform which connect Angel Investors with Startups. It display startup in Global Startups Map.
146 husseinattar.com Saudi Tech Entrepreneurship Ecosystem A complete directory of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Saudi Arabia, includes Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Tech Startups, Accelerators, Incubators & others
147 iblogbigdeal.wordpress.com As Angels See It | An angel investor’s take on startups (and other miscellaneous topics) An angel investor
148 ilabstartup.org Funding | Ilab Startup Foundation | United States iLabStartup connects the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem from early stage entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, professionals at leading corporations, venture capital, angel investors, thought leaders among others.
149 inclininvestments.com InClin Investments – Angels and Investors Founded in 2005, InClin Investments is a group of angel investors that invests primarily in life sciences companies.
150 indianaangelnetwork.com Indiana Angel Network | Capital Investment Group Apply for Funding. Become an Angel. Identify, Advise, Fund Startup & Early Stage Companies. What is an Angel Investor. Angel investors are individuals who invest in businesses looking for a higher return than they would see from more traditional investments. Many are successful entrepreneurs who want to help other entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.
151 innovationcentre.eu Cyprus Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship | Innovation Delivered CIE provides innovation and entrepreneurship consulting and solutions, including training, business incubation, business acceleration and support. Based in Cyprus, we support angel investments and other investments in tech startups, and support the scale-up and growth process.
152 innovationstage.com Innovation Stage – Entrepreneur . Mentor . Innovator TRANSFORM YOUR VISION INTO A GREAT STARTUP. We are a group of successful entrepreneurs and angel investors with over 50 years of collective experience focused on providing a great platform and on-going mentorship for entrepreneurs to help them succeed in transforming their vision into a great business. Every successful entrepreneur has a great mentor. Ideas are a dime a dozen.
153 intelligentbizandtek.com Intelligent Business and Technology Solutions Inc. – Business Management and Technology (IT) Consulting Business Management and Technology Consulting. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
154 investeria.wordpress.com investeria The home of Investeria. Flöde för inlägg. Flöde för kommentarer. The home of Investeria. The purpose of this site is to publish and share information around angel investments in the e-commerce and SaaS area. The company is an investment business in early angel investment stage. NOT  for sale as the company is not in the domain trading business. Skapa en gratis webbplats eller blogg på WordPress.
155 investicaglobalnetwork.net Investica GLobal Network – Connecting the biggest Investors and Entrepreneurs around the world – Angel Investors – loan – Business capital with $200M Raised ! Fast Business loans and partnership The Maximum possible Business Solution for Entrepreneurs and Investors, Business Angels, Angel Investors, Business Capital and loans, Business Loans, Personal loans. Speed and Trust in Finance
156 investinginpassion.com IIP – Invest In What You Believe In Breaking Into VC. Angel Investing Portfolio. Invest In What You Believe In. Creative AI – how far has it gone. Future of Work after COVID. How Tech and Innovations Embrace COVID-19 & What Has Emerged From It. Subscribe to Blog via Email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I love cold emails-Submit Your Pitch.
157 investorcapitalexpo.net Investor Capital Expo Presented by Keiretsu Forum. Gathering of the world’s largest investor network. The Expo brings together angel investors and entrepreneurs looking for funding. Angel Capital Expo is organized by Keiretsu Forum, the largest global angel investment network, and was created to foster collaboration among angel groups, as well as reach out to the larger investment community.
158 investorinsights.site InvestorInsights – Investor Insights Alternative Venture Finance: Federal Grants and Loans. While most companies seeking venture capital initially think about angel investors and venture capitalists, a large alternative source of financing…. Bad credit personal loans%u2014easy loan without hassle. Is getting a loan for various works such as improvements on your house becoming difficult because of your bad credit….
159 investorsexposed.com Is Ian Lucey an investor? He claims to have invested in 140 companies Ian lucey of the Lucey Fund claims to be an Angel Investor. Many say he makes his living charging startup founders huge up front fees.
160 investstream.co Invest Stream – The Home for all things startup! Invest Stream Live Playlist. Subscribe to live discussions with founders, angel investors and venture capitalists. My thoughts on startups, strategy, angel investing, venture capital, markets and business. Invest Stream Audio Podcasts.
161 investwithangel.com Angel Investments and Exchange LLC – Allow Angel Investments and Exchange to facilitate your next Real Estate venture with confidence. Your domain registration is pending. Angel Investments and Exchange LLC. Allow Angel Investments and Exchange to facilitate your next Real Estate venture with confidence. We’ll get back to you soon. This site uses cookies from Google.
162 invstor.com Investors, Angel Investors & Venture Capital | Invstor.com Startups.co helps businesses easily find angel investors and venture capital. Also connects entrepreneurs with venture capitalists to help them fund their own startups.
163 inwestventures.com Startup Cultivation – INWEST Ventures We are a new type of angel investors that offer achievable solutions, coaching & strategies for Start-Ups and businesses looking for growth.
164 irakaplan.org Ira Kaplan – Angel Investor Ira Kaplan has over 30 years of experience in advertising, technology, media, and marketing. Ira Kaplan has spent the past 25 years as an angel investor specializing in early-stage Internet and biotechnology companies. Over the course of his entrepreneurial career in Infomercial production, Internet marketing and print marketing, Ira Kaplan has been acknowledged as one of the foremost executives in his field, gaining industry wide recognition for his work.
165 istartupangels.com The iStartup Angel Investment Group iStartupAngels.com | Startup Investment, Mentoring and other Value Added Services The iStartup Angel Investment Group – Looking For An Investor? iStartupAngels are looking for You!
166 itsecagile.com AGILE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Inc. – Your Data Security Experts AGILE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Inc. AGILE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Inc. We design things with love and passion. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
167 jamesphilip.com James Philip | Entrepreneur, Author, Investor & Music Producer James Philip is an entrepreneur, author, angel investor, music producer and Chairman of Heavy Hitter Holdings – a portfolio of diverse businesses. James Philip has the forthcoming books Headwind and The Little Book Of Judgement.
168 jchebat.com Angel Investor & Venture Capitalist Buffalo NY | J Chebat Portfolio J Chebat Portfolio is an investment portfolio curated and managed by Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist, Jimmy Chebat. Click for more information.
169 jekafa.com JEKAFA IT TECHNOLOGIES Ready to disrupt existing industries. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
170 jonathanhung.com Los Angeles Angel Investor and Venture Capital Partner- Jonathan Hung Jonathan Hung is a transformative Los Angeles Angel Investor, venture capital partner and Co-Managing Partner at – Unicorn Venture Partners.
171 jonbutterfield.com Jon Butterfield – Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Consultant Jon Butterfield is a serial entrepreneur turned Angel Investor and Consultant who works with growth-stage companies on developing their Growth Models.
172 josemb.com Jose M. Bosleman | Entrepreneur. Consultant. Speaker What can I help with. Sitio en Español. Combining business, science & technology to make a good impact. Throughout this entire time, I’ve worked and cooperated with a diverse range of companies, small businesses, banks, organizations, movements, non-profits, investment funds, angel investor networks, and governments. I specialize in:. Entrepreneurs, initial startups phase from idea to MVP, business model and validation.
173 joshbezoni.com Josh Bezoni – Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Start-up Advisor and Philanthropist – joshbezoni.com Josh Bezoni is co-founder of BioTrust Nutrition, an entrepreneur, angel investor, start-up advisor and philanthropist.
174 jsyimatrix.com Oxford Angel Investor | JSY Innovation Matrix | Hong Kong JSY Innovation Matrix is a systems-based impact-driven private investment banking firm partners with Oxford University angel investors to catalyse systems change towards a regenerative and inclusive world.
175 jumpstartnj.org Angel Investor | United States | Jumpstart NJ Angel Network Jumpstart NJ Angel network is a private, member-led, angel group of successful serial entrepreneurs, business executives and venture capitalists that actively invests in early-stage technology. Angel investors, financing for startups, new jersey venture financing
176 kaliberholdings.com Angel Investments | Business Acquisition | Kaliber Holdings Kaliber Holdings is a private holding company dedicated to making investments in private growth companies. Kaliber can be an angel investor or provide equity growth capital, mezzanine level financing, or make full acquisitions of small private companies with revenues ranging from $5 – $20 million.
177 kanwalrekhi.com Kanwal Rekhi – Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur. Summer of 1968. India’s Prime Ministers. Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur. Join thousands of entrepreneurs who receive my insight on venture capital and startups:. Thomas Babington Macaulay must be turning in his grave wondering what had he wrought. After East India Company had conquered India and was in full control of India san Punjab in 1830s, he set out to educate a class of Indians who will be intermediary between the British and the Indian masses and will help them rule.
178 keller-holdings.com Entrepreneur | Keller Holdings Keller Holdings | Greg Keller Established Entrepreneur, and Angel Investor in Early Stage Startups and Accomplished Real Estate Investor.
179 kellyestate.com Kelly Estate | Investors and Advisors Building A Better Future. Kelly Estate is an angel investment and advisory firm helping late-stage start-ups realize their potential. We provide value to our entrepreneurs with a client-focused approach driving growth and success. Our advisory skills span general and operations management, strategic sourcing, marketing and finance. We specialize in tech companies with global aspirations.
180 kisstofly.com Kiss To Fly | Angel Investment | Making Change Happen Kiss To Fly An Angel Investment Firm. My mission is to create a more positive world by empowering people to live authentic lives -Jennifer Kissling. My gift is seeing the best in people. My goal is to help others see the best in themselves. Leading with integrity is the heart of Kiss to Fly. Through socially responsible investing, and creative vision, we build businesses that give back and positively impact the world.
181 kookyplan.com KookyPlan | Bold, crazy ideas. We help entrepreneurs with their startup ideas KookyPlan is for entrepreneurs, creatives and investors. It is designed for startup founders (with global potential), and for the people who finance entrepreneurs with venture capital, and angel investments. We help entrepreneurs to figure out their idea, get some help from friends, build a team, and raise money from investors. Yes, a KookyPlan might seem like a strange idea at first, but most of the really good ideas usually are.
182 koreanse.org Home – Korean Startups & Entrepreneurs Fostering Entrepreneurial Relationships, Discussions, and Education for Korean Startups and Entrepreneurs in the United States. Passion in Entrepreneurship – Aligning Vision and Passion. Angel Investing for Beginners. Future of Fintech: Technological Advancements and Disruption of Incumbents. Blockchain: The Revolution in Decentralization. KSE Education Event: Decrypting Cryptocurrency.
183 krausx.com Michelle Kraus, Ph.D., Expert Witness on Software Licensing, Digital Rights and User Generated Content, and Social Networking Michelle Kraus is Managing Partner, Technology and Politics – a global strategic advisory and expert witness group specializing in technology, innovation, social media, user generated content, and digital analytics. Kraus by phone at +1(650) 218-5540 or via email at  michelle at krausx. Kraus is an expert witness on cases of: defamation and libel over social networks: user generated content including the explosion of video over the Internet: venture capital formation, angel investing, and funding: Silicon V
184 ksalmanowitz.com Diary of an Angel Investor | or what I have learned so far… Diary of an Angel Investor. I took a rather long break from writing another post for a variety of reasons relating to being disillusioned with angel investing, the rather nasty election season, and I don’t have a lot of readers looking at my blog anyway. The delay became longer as I thought incorrectly that the country,  the SF Bay area,  and, indirectly, women angel investors would move on from the results of the election and focus on the future.
185 laitwoodcapital.com Laitwood Capital | Angel Investment, Strategy & Advisory Angel Investment, Strategy & Advisory
186 lankanangelnetwork.com Lankan Angel Network Sri Lanka’s First Alliance of Angel Investors. The Lankan Angel Network (LAN) is a platform for angel and private investors who invest in high growth early stage Sri Lankan ventures. LAN provides mentorship and funding for the entrepreneurs, streamlined deal flow and structured guidance to the investors until exit. LAN is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs.
187 leafoffaithfarm.com Cannabis Investor Wanted, High Yield of Return – Leaf of Faith Farm Seeking Angel Investor, $2 Million with negotiable terms including 50% ROI, or 25% partnership, or possible royalties.Loan secured by property & infrastructure.
188 lebonemoses.com Lebone Chisara Moses  – Business Strategist, Coach, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur…Illuminating the path forward! Business Strategist, Coach, Angel Investor and Entrepreneur…Illuminating the path forward. Meet the Press. Book an Engagement. A single beam of light can find and pierce the smallest crack in a wall. I am passionate about illuminating paths forward for individuals and organizations needing to accelerate or to simply get “unstuck”. For that cause, I have spent over 15 years advising business leaders, teams and entrepreneurs across multiple industries and companies.
189 letsventure.com LetsVenture | India’s most trusted platform for Angel Investing & Startup Fundraising Connect with and Raise funds from Angel Investors in India investing in Fintech, Healthcare, SaaS, Enterprise Startups and other sectors.
190 lifescienceangels.net Life Science Angels – Investing for Life Life Science Angels is the premier angel investment group investing in medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and digital health.
191 lifestreampartners.com LifeStream Partners | Build Company Value Before Approaching Investors Leading angel investor groups, venture capital, and institutional investors. Companies across the value chain who could be customers, partners or strategic investors. Experts and industry insiders who could be recruited into our client companies. Strategy & Messaging. LifeStream prepares companies for due diligence prior to seeking investment or debt capital.
192 linseedcapital.com Linseed Capital | Opportunities We Love. Jim and Karen Linder. Linseed Capital Investment Criteria. Successful angel investing requires diligent research, business expertise and entrepreneurial vision. It also involves the long-term commitment necessary to create thriving businesses with growth opportunities. At Linseed Capital, we not only select potential investments with the capability to provide superior financial returns, we also seek out companies that have the potential to create jobs and contribute to the economic im
193 looptwo.com LoopTwo HR/Recruiting/Marketing Services for Startups NOTE: We are not currently taking on new clients or placing candidates. Our focus is VentureLoop and VentureLoopHR. Recruiting & Human Resources for Startups and Growth Companies. LoopTwo is the professional services arm of VentureLoop, providing recruiting, human resources, and social media marketing services to companies backed by venture capital or angel investors.
194 mackcapital.com Mack Capital | Early stage investor for marketing technology startups Successful Angel Investing is really difficult so we work extremely hard with entrepreneurs to build customer traction early. We are typically the first investor in a SaaS company and many times we bring in additional investors although that is not our mission. B2B SaaS companies that sell to big retailers and brands with an emphasis on marketing technology that drives decision making through analytics and big data, improves marketing agility, or personalizes websites for each consumer in real time.
195 makingblackangels.org The Making of Black Angels – Angel Investing, Diversity and Inclusion This movement is focused on creating greater diversity and inclusion within the angel investing sector. This is the first step leading to venture capital.
196 maplesinvestments.com Maples Investments is now Floodgate Fund Five years ago, I moved to Silicon Valley and embarked on a crazy experiment. I wanted to test whether a new model of Super Angel investing could address a big gap in venture capital. I set my alarm clock for March 2010 and decided that I would either quit investing and declare the experiment a failure, or go all-in on the concept. Since then, I’ve worked with so many great entrepreneurs I can’t even name them all here, but a few from the early days stand out.
197 massimoinvest.com Massimo Investment Association, LTD. – Making Ideas A Reality™ Massimo Investment Association, LTD. Massimo Invest provides client entrepreneurs the resources, research and at times capital Making Ideas A Reality™. MassimoInvest™ “Making Ideas a Reality™”, provides Angel Investing, Crowdfunding Raise Campaigns and Capital Contribution Partners. MassimoInvest™ selectively secures startup business opportunities in association with entertainers and entrepreneurs.
198 mastermindsoc.org Orange County Startups MasterMinds OC Accelerator Coaching Group Startup Accelerator in Orange County, California hosting Startup Events for   Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders. Our MasterMind Group coaching workshops   for entrepreneurs and startups act as a startup incubator and accelerator.   Hosted by Scott Fox, best-selling author, angel investor, serial   entrepreneur, and Host of the online MasterMinds Forum at   http://MasterMindsForum.com
199 matchbox.vc Matchbox.VC – Connecting Founders and Investors through Games Matchbox.VC is a free platform for connecting founders, venture capitalists, and angel investors through games.
200 mattkesner.com mattkesner.com – Board member, Advisor, business coach and angel investor Board member, Advisor, business coach and angel investor. Board member, Advisor, business coach and angel investor. I attended the World Domination Summit last weekend in Portland and was very inspired. I owe a debt to Chris Gillebeau, Sean Ogle, Derek Sivers and all of my fellow WDSers. Community, Adventure and Service is a deep mission statement. I don’t know what this blog will become but I believe Sean that it could change my life.
201 mattmunson.me Matt Munson – Startup and leadership coach, angel investor, author Matt Munson coaches, writes, and speaks about the human challenges of startup and company building. He is an experienced founder and active angel investor.
202 mauritiusinvestment.biz Entrepreneur, Start-up and Investor Network A platform for investment in Mauritius: entrepreneurs and SMEs can connect with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists to find seed/growth funding
203 mcnichols.org Helping Entrepreneurs Grow Paula McNichols Completes Marathons and several Half Marathons. Articles on Building a Business, Becoming an Entrepreneur, Pitching to Angel Investors, etc. McNichols & McNichols 426 Handley Blvd.
204 mdangels.net MD Angels – Physicians Investing In The Future of Healthcare APPLY FOR FUNDING. NEXT MD ANGELS MEETING TBD. MD Angels is the largest physician-based angel investment group in the Midwest focused on healthcare and life sciences. MD Angels recognizes that in order to transform healthcare, viable clinical concepts must become tangible, validated companies. To realize this goal, we support healthcare innovation by connecting healthcare entrepreneurs with our physician investors.
205 medaangels.com MEDA Angels – Investing In Healthcare For All Our healthcare-focused angel investor group is comprised of accredited investors who are physicians, scientists, successful med-tech entrepreneurs, and experts with relevant backgrounds: regulatory, reimbursement, intellectual property & finance (private equity, venture capital, sovereign wealth funds). Our notion of healthcare is quite liberal, so we will invest in startups that touch on health in any way including:   digital health, medical devices, robotics, diagnostics, imaging, AI-driven technologies,
206 medews.com Medews by RaiseMyStartup | Latest News on Startups, Business, Tech, Innovations. Submit Your Startup. Become an Author. Advertise with Us. Medews by RaiseMyStartup | Latest News on Startups, Business, Tech, Innovations. Submit Your Startup. Become an Author. Advertise with Us. Sanjay Jain – Doodhvale | Startup Manthan Grand Finale | RaiseMyStartup. Why Startups Should Go Green. Validate your Startup IDEA. Singer Sukhbir Singh debut his angel investment with LQI.
207 meetraziel.com The Alternative Investment Dashboard | Raziel We’re bringing transparency to the private markets. An exclusive community of angel investors, family offices, private equity, and venture capitalists. Providing tools to support smarter investing. We will be in touch with you soon. At Raziel, we believe that modern day investors should have real time access to information on the deals they invest in. Raziel will provide unmatched portfolio tracking and streamlined data to drive productivity.
208 meetthegordons.com Meet the Gordons | The scoop on life as married entrepreneurs. The scoop on life as married entrepreneurs. How Active Are Angel Investors Outside of Silicon Valley. It all started last July. TapHunter  (rebranding to Bevato). We kept driving our key metrics (revenue) and in October I hit the road. I want to share a few insights I learned along the way. This post is for all of the founders and entrepreneurs who have thought or said things like:.
209 menaangelinvestor.com MENA Angel Investor | Our mission is to find inspirational founders of technology driven businesses with significant growth potential across the MENA region. MENA Angel Investor provides seed startup funding for technology startups across the Middle East. Our investment team is made up of business executives who specialize in growing early stage business across countries such as UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt and KSA.
210 mercurystartups.com Home | Mercury Startups Mercury develops large-scale startups. Our unique approach:  . Mercury’s comprehensive approach for large-scale startup development formalizes effective processes employed by successful precedents. Learn more about this startup. Learn more about this startup. Learn more about this startup. Angel Investor Program. Venture Capital Investor Program. We appreciate your feedback about our website, our startups and our company.
211 metrostart.org MetroStart | Micro-Angel Startup Investing How to Get Capital for Your Startup. Help to Raise Funding. The MetroStart Plan. Earn Equity in Startups. MetroStart has 3 goals:. Make it easier for the best startups to raise capital. Make it easier to invest in fast growth startups. Increase jobs and wealth with more startups. In this case, I would tell my mom and two brothers to put 1-5% of their savings into angel investing because, heck, it’s probably the only and best shot they will get at having a break-out financial event in their lives.
212 microtechventures.com Microtech Ventures – Venture Capital and M&A Advisory Services for MEMS, Sensors, and Microtechnology Companies Microtech Ventures is focused on strategic venture capital, angel investing, and M&A advisory services. Our mission is to accelerate the development of sensors, MEMS, and microtechnologies for the advancement of civilization and creation of market value. Our deep industry knowledge and extensive network, combined with practical hands-on strategy experience, enables us to quickly identify the connections that result in multiple opportunities to maximize ownership value, and ensure successful outcomes.
213 midwestwealthventures.com Midwest Wealth Ventures – Angel Investing and Business Consulting Midwest Wealth Ventures™ is dedicated to serving the Upper Midwest and Central Wisconsin. Midwest Wealth Ventures™ makes it possible for angel investors and entrepreneurs to work together toward the greater vitality of our regional economy and business community. Whether you are a local entrepreneur or a potential angel investor, Midwest Wealth Ventures™ may be the resource you’ve been searching for in the Upper Midwest and Central Wisconsin areas.
214 miravistainv.com Mira Vista Investments LLC Mira Vista Investments, energy trader, energy investor, angel investor, Austin TX
215 missiongrowthinvestments.com Angel Investor Group | Mission Growth Investments Mission Growth Investments is an Angel Investor group with a focus on seed stage and pre-seed stage healthcare startups
216 moderntechaccounting.com Modern Tech Accounting – Making Technology Work For You We design things with love and passion. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
217 morrowmoylancapital.com Morrow Moylan Capital – Startup Investments, Portfolio Management We provide angel investors and family offices the tools to run a successful portfolio of startup investments.
218 musiccitymedicine.us Nashville Healthcare Medicine Music City health hospitals physicians technology investment business Nashville Tennessee news of venture capital, angel investors, business, science and technologies
219 mydhgroup.com MYDHGROUP – The Home Of Smart Tech! The Home Of Smart Tech. The Home Of Smart Tech. We Secure You Possessions. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
220 mytravelgreece.com Cerberus Consulting – Greece Investment Consultants Are you thinking of investing in Greece. We are your trusted partners, in Real Estate, Finance, Hospitality, Business, and Technology investments. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain.
221 netpolaris.net NetPolaris – Funding for Young Entrepreneurs NetPolaris is an angel investment company dedicated to help young entrepreneurs start their own software/hardware development start ups. We will help by guiding you through initial set up and business validation stages and potentially help you financially. Technology area must be in leading edge technology where you will create tangible Intellecttual Property (IP).
222 newangelvc.com New Angel Investor – All about angel investing All about angel investing
223 newgatecapitalpartners.com Angel Investing and Business Brokerage | NewGate Capital Partners NewGate Capital Partners provide Angel Investing and Business Brokerage Services. Call us today to learn more!
224 newhorizonholding.com New Horizon Holding – Angel Investor – Family Office – Private Equity – Venture Capital Angel Investor, Family Office, Private Equity, Venture Capital
225 newworldangels.com New World Angels Florida angel investors and venture capital for early stage companies Florida angel investment, start-up funding and venture capital for   qualified early stage, start-ups
226 nickcaldwell.com That Tech Exec Guy | Nick Caldwell Nick Caldwell is a San Francisco based technology executive, speaker, and angel investor. Previous roles include general management at Microsoft, Reddit, Looker, and Google.
227 nishbhutani.com Nish Bhutani – Digital Educator, Strategist & Consultant, Technology Founder, Angel Investor, Columnist Digital Educator, Strategist & Consultant, Technology Founder, Angel Investor, Columnist
228 nmangels.com New Mexico Angels – Investing in Innovation – Investing in Innovation The only New Mexico based group of individual accredited angel investors focused on investing in early-stage companies in the Southwest
229 northbayangels.com Angel Investment | North Bay Angels | United States North Bay Angels invest in seed and early-stage equity, venture debt, and Series A rounds. Learn how to be an angel investor.
230 northlandinvestors.com Northland Angel Investor Network | Invest, Grow, Succeed. Northland Angel Investment Network
231 nova8.com NOVA8 Ventures – Kansas City Telecom & Technology Angel Investor KANSAS CITY BASED ANGEL INVESTOR. NOVA8 Ventures is an accredited private angel investor that is actively seeking great startups and early-stage companies to fund during Seed and Series A rounds. We primarily invest in high growth companies in the following sectors: information technology, fiber/wireless telecommunications, AI, big data, and SaaS. Startups: We make initial investments of $25,000 – $150,000 and then follow-on investments up to $1 Million in the best-performing ventures.
232 novuslaurus.com NovusLaurus | Novus Laurus | Digital Strategy, Business Strategy, Angel Investments Novus Laurus: Digital Strategy: Omnichannel, Mobile, Content Management, Globalization Management, CRM. Business Strategy: Operations, Scaling Start Ups. Angel Investments: Technology, Food, Fashion
233 nxtventures.com NXT Ventures – Early Stage Investment NXT Ventures Fund is a Boston Angel Investment Fund established for the purpose of discovering and enabling the next truly disruptive start-up companies.
234 ocstartupcouncil.org Orange County Startups Council OC Startup Council community service association for technology startup   company founders, entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capital firms,   and their friends in Orange County, California. OC Startups Directory,   Ecosystem Map, Member Networking Events, Free Tech Startup News Blog,   Startup Events Calendar, Angel Investors and VC lists, Jobs Board, and   more!
235 overseasangelinvestments.com angel Investments – Home Secure an International Angel Investor through us. An Angel Investor or Angel (known as a business Angel in Europe), is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for ownership equity. Angels typically invest their own funds, unlike venture capitalist who manage the pooled money of others in a professionally-managed fund.
236 paradigminnovationcapital.com Paradigm Innovation Capital | Angel Investor | United States We are syndicate angel investors seeking early-stage investments in startups driving the next paradigm shift of their industry. We seek entrepreneurs with unfair advantages poised to leverage technological innovations that deliver 10x solutions.
237 parisetech.com PARISE RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES – Energy Usage & Conversion Hi-tech Company needs $250k from angel investor, venture capitalist, buy-in partner for energy products: quick return on investment or long-term IPO.
238 paxromanallc.com Pax Romana LLC | Investing in you Pax Romana LLC. About Us & Contact. We are pleased to Welcome to you the official website of Pax Romana, LLC. Pax Romana is an investment and consulting company specializing specifically in angel investments and consultation to qualified start ups. If you have a great idea that you’ve turned into a business and you find yourself needing some working capital and/or advice we’re here to help.
239 phase4now.com PHASE4 Investments By comparison, we like to position ourselves as a hybrid of venture capital, private equity and angel investors (frankly, we take a best-of-all-three approach). In addition, think of us as a blend of business incubator meets accelerator (but without the dot-com era hype and hyperbole), combined with the television shows Shark Tank and The Profit (minus the fanfare and cameras).
240 piedmontangelnetwork.com Piedmont Angel Network | The Entrepreneur’s Fund Angel Investing FAQ. Pan One Companies. Pan Two Companies. Pan Three Companies. PAN is dedicated to helping companies grow in order to reach their full potential. See how we can help you today. Piedmont Angel Network: Who We Are. The Piedmont Angel Network (PAN) is a series of committed capital angel funds that focus on investment opportunities in early-stage companies that present high growth opportunities.
241 pipelineangels.com Pipeline Angels | We’re Changing the Face of Angel Investing Pipeline Angels is changing the face of angel investing and creating capital for women and non-binary femme social entrepreneurs. Our members serve as the friends and family round for entrepreneurs who may not already have support at that critical stage.
242 pitchclub.com Pitch ideas to the club in Ann Arbor. Meet people, create, brainstorm, network. Pitch Your Ideas / Get Help / Network. We’re looking for serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, start ups, ventre capitalists, hipsters, hackers, and hustlers. We sit in our offices and in our cars. We go back and forth to work. We rise to meet a few good challenges, but let’s be honest, not many. When was the last time you were challenged. Challenged to be creative, challenged to make a change, challenged to get something done.
243 preipodepot.com Pre-IPO Depot | Invest Like a Pro Prior to the IPO! Palantir to seek at least $26 billion valuation in fundraising. Airbnb on Thursday announced it plans to go public in 2020. CURRENT NETWORK OPPORTUNITIES. PAST NETWORK OPPORTUNITIES. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. Imagine if you had a piece of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn before they went public like the Angel Investors… Investors who backed those companies at their earliest stages made fortunes.
244 preppingforangels.com Prepping For Angels – Helping Entrepreneurs Seeking Capital How to Get Funding from Angel Investors. We use our extensive food & beverage experience and deep business backgrounds to help prepare early stage food startups for pitches to Angel investors and VC’s. An  investible business model  is your company’s  optimum business plan. We’ll help you prepare it using an analytical process that collects and analyzes information needed to make choices on:.
245 privateequity.com Conservative Investor Club – $200M+ in Assets Under Advisory – PrivateEquity.com Text Us: (305) 333-1155. Send me communications via SMS please. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. No Startups, No Angel Investments, No Blockchain, No VC or Companies Losing Money. Register in 5 Minutes to Join Our Investor Club (200+ Current Live Members). Invest in Royalties, Profitable Companies & Cash Flowing Real Estate.
246 privateequityforums.com Mike Segal National Business Investment Forums Our forums are exclusive invitation-only events designed to assemble a select group of business visionaries, entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists
247 propheteers.net The Propheteers Network of Angel Investors We are a group of highly talented and focused Angel investors looking for new ventures. We are based in the Detroit metropolitan area. Do you have a great idea? A business to sell? Need investors? Contact us.
248 pugetsoundvc.com Puget Sound Venture Club – Seattle, Pacific NW Angel Investing Group Seattle, Pacific NW Angel Investing Group
249 qainvestment.com QAINVESTMENT | Quemchy Angels Investment Hi, we are QUEMCHY ANGELS INVESTMENT. We carry out business activities in areas including: Angel investment, Venture financing, Private equity, Project financing, Impact investment and Business advisory/Management. Are you a private investor, and are interested in investing in promising startups and SMEs across various sectors in Africa. With QAI, you can invest in promising startups and SMEs that have been put through extensive vetting processes, and earn attractive returns on your investments.
250 qb-property.com | QB Property ltd | Property Sourcing | Angel Investing QB Property ltd is a property sourcing company. We can help you Invest in real Estate to build a portfolio or help you creating passive income with our Angel investing plan. We can help you getting great deal by using our knowledge & relation with agent.
251 questinvest.co Quest Invest | Taking down the barriers between founders and investors Five questions, that’s all it takes. What if you as an investor had only five questions to ask a founder before investing in their startup. Because we believe you as an investor should be able to pick winners based on the questions you deem the most important. Getting funding for your idea, startup, growth company is hard. QuestInvest breaks down the barriers between founders and Angel Investors.
252 quickangelsghana.com Quick Angel Investors Board of Directors. Why this Business. We are not only Introducing a personalized real-time financial support through innovative ‘angel’ investment with an interest in startups but also to restore promising businesses through strategic partnership. We are simply angel investors who invest into entrepreneurs in return for Equity stake in the business. At Quick Angels, we invest in both potential and existing Ghanaian entrepreneurs by leveraging on our rich experience, strong business networks and expertise t
253 qzaman.wordpress.com Mindstream of a Geek Cricketer | Angel Investing in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Block Chain, Cloud, Cyber Security, Developing Economies, IoT and Cricket! Angel Investing in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Block Chain, Cloud, Cyber Security, Developing Economies, IoT and Cricket!
254 raaventures.com RAA Ventures Angel Investments & Startup Capital Investors RAA Ventures is a venture capital company, making angel investments & providing startup capital for extraordinary investment opportunities.
255 radicalconcepts.com Ron Dolin | Legal Technology and Innovation Ron Dolin is an angel investor focusing on legal techn startups. He is currently working on legal innovation at the Stanford Center on the Legal Profession.
256 raycarterdata.com Ray Carter Data, Inc. – FinTech Analysis for the 22nd Century Ray Carter Data, Inc. Ray Carter Data, Inc. Welcome, to Ray Carter Data, Inc. Investment Analysis | Equities Analysis | Data Analysis | FinTECH Company in Atlanta, GA. Success scrum project funding marketing seed money prototype innovator direct hackathon android angel investor. Technology founders churn rate niche market long tail release iteration burn rate backing.
257 reescapital.com REES Capital | Recognizing & Empowering Entrepreneurial Success REES Capital is an angel investment and mentor capital firm that closely collaborates with entrepreneurs and investors to drive growth and maximize equity.
258 remmelmountainangels.com Angel Investing | Remmel Mountain Angels | United States Remmel Mountain Angels is an Angel Investing Group dedicated to finding and backing amazing Ideas
259 risetv.webflow.io RISE TV —  Pitch your startup Pitch your startup to world-class and angel investors
260 risingtidenetwork.com Overview – Rising Tide Network Rising Tide Foundation. Rising Tide Global. The NINE: IMPACT. Rising Tide Funds. Contact and Social Media. The Rising Tide Program and Network is a global movement to increase women’s participation in angel investing as an asset class. The Rising Tide Program has been developed to provide an enriching investment experience: including an investment portfolio in start-ups, education and training in the investment process, and the development of a global angel community of successful women across the US, Europ
261 rivervalleyinvestors.com River Valley Investors | The premier angel investment group in Western Mass The premier digital angel investor group in Western New England. When you join RVI you benefit from the expertise of a diverse group of successful entrepreneurs to make investment decisions on early-stage, high-promise companies. The vigorous and interdisciplinary nature of angel investing lets members gain practical knowledge in new fields and develop powerful relationships.
262 rjshara.biz The Silicon Dreams of Startups: Radio show and Podcast by RJ Shara Interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, advisers are captured on this startup podcast and business podcast.
263 robfulton.com Robert Fulton Business Investor | Mentor | Entrepreneur | Business Robert Fulton is an Angel Investor and Growth Hacker in the areas of Denver and Boulder, Colorado. He’s Built and Worked with Over 150 Startups.
264 rodneyadams.com Official Site For Rodney Adams | Business and Investment Expert Welcome to Rodney Adams official website, your access to the real estate investing and resources to the vast vault of investment tools.  He is a business and Investment expert.  He is a Angel Investor, Wealth Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, and is big on philanthrophy. Rodney Adams does investments in Memphis, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and all across the world.  Rodney and his investors invest in everything from Creative Real Estate to Private Equity ( Venture Capital ).  Here you will learn how to i
265 romeensheth.com romeen sheth – angel investor. podcast host. blogger. angel investor. podcast host. blogger.
266 rose.vc Rose Tech Ventures – Rose Tech Ventures Early-stage angel investment fund and incubator based in New York
267 royalasianinvestment.com Royal asian Investment Royal Asian Investment and Trading Company Inc., based in Calgary, AB,   specializes in all Angel and Trust Investment matters, from the genesis of   an idea to the final product.Serving Angel Investors, Trust/Investment   Managers, and Entrepreneurs, we will not only protect your interests, but   we’ll also help it evolve in the fast changing corporate and financial   world.
268 rsvrtech.com RSVR Tech And better yet, we fund it too. Because, who doesn’t like a Unicorn. Founders focus on business, we focus on technology. We are different from other angel investors. Our expertise in technology combines agility and quick-turnaround practices of a start-up, with the methodology of a seasoned player – based on our 30+ years of IT experience. What’s not to like.
269 russocap.com Russo Capital | A New Kind of Angel Investor Russo Capital is a new kind of angel investor launching companies to the next phase. Russo Capital is the company that helps businesses become what they always believed they could be but have not had enough support and guidance to get there.
270 samesamepodcast.com Same Same but Tech They do it using real-world analogies. Hosted by Mauhan “M” Zonoozy, seasoned serial entrepreneur, active angel investor, and Director at BCG Digital Ventures. Sign up with your email to receive SSBT news, episode updates, and genuine compliments straight to your inbox:. You’re the best, seriously. Co-Creator + Host. When he’s not whispering into a microphone, M is a Director at BCG Digital Ventures and an active angel investor.
271 satobelltechnology.com Satobell Technology – Leading company in design and technological solutions – logistics, development of custom systems, design and development of web pages We design things with love and passion. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
272 schlaf.me Schlaf.me: Musings from a Coach & Angel Investor Coach. Angel Investor. Founder of High Output. We help founders bring their wildest visions to life and evolve into extraordinary leaders.
273 scottbelsky.com SCOTT BELSKY – Founder, Author, Product Leader, & Seed Investor The books, projects, and early-stage investing of Scott Belsky, an   entrepreneur, executive, author and early-stage angel investor. Access the   latest blog posts and project information, as well as recent speaking   engagements on
274 seabrightcompanies.com Seabright Companies | Angel Investors in Santa Cruz, CA Angel investors in Santa Cruz, CA delivering decades of experience building great teams. Seabright Companies begin with visionary founders who have a passion for solving a problem about which they have unique insight. And we get to go to work on Santa Cruz’s Silicon Beach in our harbor side growth space offices where multiple of our companies are housed and interact each day.
275 seanbassik.com Welcome | Bassik Consulting – Scottsdale and Phoenix Angel Investment and Business Consulting Angel Investing & Consulting. Put Your Business Goals Within Reach. Buy or Sell Tangible Assets. Acquisition and Liquidation Services. Get Capital & Expert Consultation. Achieve your business goals with a partnership that’s mutually beneficial and hyper-focused on success. Benefit from a large network of highly skilled experts and passionate investors. See what we can do together.
276 seedstepangels.com SeedStep Angels | An angel investment group Become a Member. SeedStep Angels is a group of accredited angel investors comprised of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in Oklahoma. Our members invest their time, talent and money in supporting companies with solid business models and their efforts to grow successful companies in Oklahoma and in the surrounding region. The mission of the SeedStep Angels network is two-fold:.
277 senecacreekresearch.com Home | Seneca Creek Research – The biotechnology startup advisors Where Ideas become Realities. Where Ideas Become Reality. Seneca Creek Research is venture creation, incubation, virtual management team and angel investor group that offers a wide range of management, consulting and investor services with the expertise to help start or grow your business. Our team has a combined 100+ years of startup and early stage investment experience.
278 sfcapital.com Sante Fe Capital Group – Get Equity Capital Now – Finding Investors for Companies | Angel Investors WE HELP COMPANIES TAKE OFF. Smart capital is our job. FREEDOM TO BUILD YOUR VISION. Committed to finding fit. Strategic advisors to more than 1. Angel capital investments, leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations. Discover our unique approach to helping raise capital… in a way that is best for your company. Meet the founder, DAVID SILVER, an investment banker and angel investor,  and key members of our team.
279 sheinvests.com Home – She Invests A show where Dr. Silvia Mah highlights the growing number of female angel investors, the real unicorns. Motivated, goal-oriented, enthusiastic international entrepreneur and investor. SPEAKER | INVESTOR | PODCAST HOST. My passion for start-ups, business strategy & market analysis allows for impacting the launch, growth, and sustainability of businesses/startups.
280 sierraangels.com Angel Investment Group | Sierra Angels | Nevada Sierra Angels is the premier angel investment group located in Incline Village, Nevada. We invest in industries like IoT, Clean Tech, Cybersecurity, and other highly relevant and expanding environments.
281 siliconcape.com Silicon Cape | Catalyst for Tech Innovation in Cape Town The Silicon Cape community aims to boost tech innovation in Cape Town, by connectiing tech entrepreneurs, developers, and creatives, angel investors and VC
282 simbaglobalstartups.com SIMBA Global Startups | Investing in Sub-Saharan Africa SIMBA Global Startups connects angel investors and exceptional entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa working in transformative, high-growth industries.
283 sloseedventures.com SLO Seed Ventures: epiphanies realized from concept to market.. Bishop Peak Technology. BPT provides solutions to transit operators including real-time operations management software, mobile apps for riders and drivers, smart signage, and tracking and reporting software. The company was founded by Cal Poly alums in 2012 and is based in San Luis…. SLO Seed Ventures is a membership group of accredited investors comprised of successful entrepreneurs, experienced executives, and veteran angel investors.
284 sophisticatedinvestor.com Sophisticated Investor – The #1 Portal for Sophisticated & Accredited Investors Angel, VC & P2P. We are the web’s premier portal for sophisticated, accredited and institutional investors. Our mission is to educate investors worldwide on the topics of offshore investing, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, hedge funds, angel investing, commodity investing and other alternative investments. Your Guide to the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In In 2020 (COVID-19 Update).
285 southcoastangelnetwork.com South Coast Angel Network South Coast Angel Network creates a forum for the introduction of entrepreneurs to potential investors. SCAN consists of individual angel investors interested in financing privately held companies or ventures. Angel investment is the right source of funding for only a small number of businesses. Is it right for you.
286 southvalleyangels.com South Valley Angels – Angel Investors, Private Investment We provide Angel Investment to Startups
287 springer-law.com Springer Law PLLC | Startup and Entertainment Law | New York Startups | Entertainment | Entrepreneurs | Venture Capital | Investors.  Springer Law is a New York-based practice that provides practical and affordable legal representation for startups, creative professionals, angel investors, and venture capitalists in New York City and beyond.
288 stackbystack.com Stack by Stack | Angel Investment, Venture Capital and Startup Consultant Stack by Stack is an angel investment and venture capital firm specializing in seed and startup funding.
289 staffingstartup.tv StaffingStartup.tv – StaffingStartup.tv YOUR #1 PODCAST FOR RECRUITMENT & STAFFING ENTREPRENEURS, RECRUITERS, HR AND TALENT ACQUISITION PROFESSIONALS. Learn The Business, Disrupt Staffing and Impact The Economy. WANT TO BE A GUEST. Click on the play button to listen to the StaffingStartup. FOR EVERY STAFFING STARTUP. Conversations with Staffingpreneurs, Employers, Candidates, Vendors, Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, and VCs.
290 stanfordentrepreneursgroup.com Welcome to Stanford Entrepreneurs! – Stanford Entrepreneurs Alumni Group Welcome to Stanford Entrepreneurs. Welcome to Stanford Entrepreneurs. We promote the success of entrepreneurial ventures of all Stanford Alumni with education, networking, exposure, and community. Our monthly meetings feature speakers on topics such as legal issues, financial management, startup challenges, angel investing, and pitch advice. We also host a practice pitch event during the year.
291 startupfunding.co Startup Funding Startup Funding is the podcast for business owners ready to attract   funding. We talk with founders who have successfully raised money, venture   capitalists and angel investors who have funded amazing startups.
292 startupinvestor.io The Startup Investor with Neil Patel | The Startup Investor Join the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network. How to Play This Year’s Biggest Vaccine Gamechanger. There are 165 vaccines in development around the world, and whichever one can produce the first one could see an astronomical revenue surge. Here’s my scoop on a tiny company that is a proven contender. How Angel Investors Still Scored Despite WeWork’s Botched IPO.
293 startupkano.com Startup Kano – Incubating Startups Stay at home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority. Source: World Health Organization. We believe that innovation is not enough it has to be disruptive and solve local problem that scales. We provide guidance on bootstrapping strategies for startup growth, expansion and train them on strategies to secure funding from venture capitalists, angel investors and government grants.
294 startupomen.com Startup Omen Startup Omen sources early, validated deal tips for early stage tech investors. For an investor, it’s a trusted source of deals shared just as companies are beginning the fundraising process providing an early look at deals. For a founder, it’s a way to get in front of a select group of hundreds angel investors and venture capitalists. Startup Omen answers the question What hot startups just began fundraising.
295 startup-stations.com Startup Stations Our experts coach you through each step from creating the idea to writing the business plan, prototyping the offer, and implementing a go-to-market strategy. Enter The Canadian Market Faster And With Less Risk. Foreign entrepreneurs can rely on Startup Stations to jumpstart their Canadian business ventures and speed the immigration process. Prepares you to present to angel investors, VC firms, and incubators.
296 startuptoolkit.xyz Startuptoolkit – Free Tools for startups, SMEs, Angel Investors, and TTOs Startup toolkit is a website which gives access to free tools for startups & SMEs, Support Centers & TTOs, Angel Investors and BANs.
297 sternfisher.com Angel Investors: Angel Funding for Startups, Venture Capital Funding Got a business idea? Get Angel Funding from Angel Investors. Investments made in Pre-revenue companies, Hi-tech businesses, College Startups… Angel Funding with generous and supportive terms.
298 strategiccappartners.com Helping entrepreneurs and investors navigate the capitalization waters | Strategic Capital Partners Events – Capital Cycles. Capital Cycles Calendar & Process. GATEWAY TO CAPITAL. We Connect Entrepreneurs With Capital. Crowdfunding, angel investors, pitches, capitalization, private equity, business plans, venture capital…these are all terms savvy entrepreneurs and wise investors quickly become familiar with. Strategic Capital Partners, LLC helps entrepreneurs and investors navigate the capitalization waters.
299 streetcapitalinvestments.com StreetCapitalinvestments – street capital investments Get an Advisor’s Opinion Before Taking that Leap. WE ARE YOUR ONE-STOP RESOURCE FOR VENTURE FUNDING. NO UPFRONT FEES AND MANY ANGEL INVESTORS STANDING BY READY AND EAGER TO REVIEW YOUR PROPOSAL. We use our copyrighted state of the art technology to match your capital needs with the many Angel Investors in our database. Use care when selecting a consulting company to help with your capital needs.
300 svangelinvestors.com Home Page – Shenandoah Valley Angel Investors Shenandoah Valley Angel Investors (SVAI) is a network of private investors that help fund entrepreneurial enterprises located in our communities. SVAI’s founding members have broad experience, spanning multiple market sectors, including: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Construction, Public Accounting, Outdoor Recreation…
301 svbs.one SVBS Invite-only Investment Network Apply to Present. Apply for membership. Subscribe to Newsletter. SVBS brings together Institutional Capital, Venture Capital, Family Offices, Corporate and Angel Investors on one hand and a plethora of cross-capability experts on the other, in a distributed network called the SVBS Nation. We focus on the technology interplay of IoT, AI and Blockchain and in the wider themes of the future of Health, Wealth, Work and Impact.
302 svci.io Silicon Valley CISO Investments | SVCI SVCI is a group of leading Chief Information Security Officers that operate as an angel investor syndicate.
303 tcasandiego.com Tech Coast Angels – San Diego – Angel Investment Network in San Diego Tech Coast Angels – San Diego. Our mission is to be the BEST place for the BEST companies to raise their seed financing. TCA-San Diego (TCA-SD) is the San Diego chapter of Tech Coast Angels – one of the largest and most active angel investment networks in the country. We are the largest TCA chapter with over 200 active accredited investors from all walks of life.
304 techfarmscapital.com Angel Fund | TechFarms Capital | United States TechFarms Capital is an angel investment management targets in funding Southeast most innovative and promising tech startups.
305 technologygroupassociate.com Home – Technology Group Associate We design things with love and passion. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
306 techplug.tech Home | techPLUG.tech The experience gave my company a platform, a voice, and attracted potential angel investors. We cannot all be healthy until we build the trust needed for citizens to be able to access health care equitably and on their own terms. Hearing innovative solutions to this divide showed that progress is possible, and the time is now to come together around this issue in New Orleans and beyond.
307 tekangels.com TekAngels – Angel, Startup, Venture Capital The community for ASEAN startup founders, angel investors, and venture funds.
308 teninnovate.com TEN-Leading Startup Funding Organisation and Group of Angel Investors in India TEN-The Entrepreneurial Network is one the largest groups of Angel Investor   in India with expertise in Technology, Business strategy & Finance etc.   Startups get access to a host of benefits from mentorship, access to funds   and customer network.
309 theangelnest.com The Angel Nest – Where real investors and entrepreneurs partner Where real angel investors and entrepreneurs partner to build great companies. Mobile Ads: Turning rideshare vehicle fleets into rolling billboards. Funding Stage/Run Rate: Seed. BrandVerge: An online marketplace to bring advertising buyers and sellers together. Funding Stage/Run Rate: Post-Seed. UberDoc: Platform Boosts Access to Private Pay Physicians.
310 themodernentrepreneur.blog The Modern Entrepreneur The Seeds of Entrepreneurship. The Seeds of Entrepreneurship. Life is not perfect therefore there is no perfect time. Despite the fallacy in the argument in the introduction line, there is truth to…. I am an entrepreneur, angel investor, podcaster, and blogger. My goal with this blog and podcast is to share knowledge, tactics and tools from entrepreneurs to give you the confidence to pursue your own goals.
311 thesabr.com SABR | Top Startup Investment Deals | United States Looking for top startup investment deals? Become a savvy angel investor and increase financial returns through SABR due diligence services today!
312 thesdangels.com San Diego Angel Conference | Entrepreneurs and Angels The San Diego Angel Conference is bridging the gap for entreprenuers and investors, improved funding and angel investing in the San Diego, SoCal & beyond.
313 thestartuphunt.com How to Invest in Startups – The Startup Hunt How to invest in startups (Full Review and Information on startups) – everything you need to know about finding, creating, and investing in startups – from the term sheet, the purchase agreement – to entrepreneurship and founder strategies and advice to create a profitable revenue-generating startups, to learn about venture capital, startups and angel investing.
314 thesyndicate.vc The Syndicate – Where Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists Talk Early Stage Tech Startups Where Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists Talk Early Stage Tech Startups
316 tieangelsalliance.org Tie Angels Alliance – Global  Entrepreneurship Made Simple TiE Angels Alliance is a global angel investor network comprising of all TiE Angel Groups and other angel networks. Presently we have 3,000+ Charter Members/investors in 60+ TiE chapters in 17 countries. TiE Angels Group Seattle (TAGS). ORGANIZATION YOU KNOW AND TRUST. TiE Angels Alliance (TAA), created in 2013 is an alliance of TiE Angel groups of all TiE chapters across the globe.
317 tmiallc.com The Modern Investing Agency, LLC We Buy Houses Cash. If you are an angel investor, private investor or venture capitalist who is looking to invest in startup companies or small businesses, you have found the right place. Just click below, post your interests in the Looking To Invest section of our website, and you will be on your way to finding plenty of investment opportunities. Each of our companies share important characteristics: an emphasis on long-term market leadership, the goal to build products that capture the imagination, and th
318 toplinecap.com Topline Capital, LLC | Logical Opportunities for the Angel Investor Topline Capital provides logical investment opportunities for accredited Angel investors. Members of the Topline Angel Network get exclusive access to qualified and pre-negotiated investment opportunities in start up companies
319 travelcapitalist.com Travel focused angel, venture capital and private equity investments around the world. Travel investor, travel venture capital, travel angel investor, travel investments.
320 tristateangelinvestment.com Tri-State Angel Investment | Investment Group | Kentucky-Ohio-W.Va. Tri-State Dare To Dream 2020. Dare To Dream 2019. We pool capital resources and business connections of accredited investors in and around the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We invest in startup or expanding private companies that demonstrate the potential for sustainable, profitable, growth-capable operation. Tri-State Angel Investment Group focuses the majority of its investments within the Kentucky-Ohio-West Virginia Tri-State region.
321 unicornventures.org Unicorn Ventures – Startup Accelerator Accelerate your startup and get a chance at accelerator capital, angel investment, or venture capital.
322 unionlabs.com Union Labs – Solving Hard Problems With Deep Technology Union Labs is a DeepTech venture fund building + backing early stage startups. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, and August Home alums Nate Williams and Chris Kim, we unite critical elements of DeepTech via connectivity, insights, and automation. Building DeepTech companies is hard, and we bring together operators, corporate partners, and additional experienced investors to straighten the path from seed to Series A.
323 unitedangelstv.com United Angels Investors United Angeles Investors Nominated for the 2016 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards. The Publisher of the Los Angeles Business Journal, Matt Toledo and Intelliversity have recognized United Angel Investors as being a leader in innovation in the Southern California community. They believe we would make an excellent candidate for the 2016 Patrick. Please watch our 1:30 video to learn more about our new TV show, United Angels Investors.
324 usaangelinvestors.com USA Angel Investors – An alliance of angel investors, venture capital firms, lenders. An alliance of angel investors, venture capital firms, lenders. US Angel Investors. Angel Investor Definition. Silicon Valley Angel Investors. San Francisco Angel Investors. Angel investors in Los Angeles. New York City Angel Investors. Angel Money Lenders. Angel Investment Network. Angel Investors NYC. Angel Capital Association. Angel Investors For Real Estate.
325 usangelinvestors.com U.S. Angel Investors – Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area angel investor, venture capital,   startup network U.S. Angel Investors is a Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area angel investor, venture capital,   startup network serving the needs on private investors and entrepreneurs.
326 vasavistartups.com Vasavi StartUP Vasavi Startups supports and provides maximum stand to make your Entrepreneurial dream come true… Meet 100s of Mentors, Functional Experts, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors on our platform…
327 vcfastpitch.com Vcfastpitch – Venture Capital, Angel Investors Pitch and network with venture capitalists, angel investors and accredited investors.
328 vcyellow.com VCYellow – Venture Capital, Angel Investment, Startup funding news Venture Capital and Angel investment news blog at the time of uncertainty. Everyone likes Startup funding news especially because it proves that the Startup has gained good traction and also gained the trust of experienced Venture Capitalists or Angel investors. We realized that its good to have an exclusive website to track VC and angel investment activity across the globe at this time of uncertainty.
329 venturecorner.org Venture Corner : Angel Investing & Startup Funding Venture Corner provides expert education and guidance on startup venture funding and angel investing from our team of seasoned investors.
330 venturepulse.org Venture Pulse Daily – Curated Funding News & Data from VCs, Accelerators and Angel Investors Venture Pulse Daily is the email newsletter that provides you curated Venture Deals. Get the latest Funding News & Data from the Venture Capital Firms, Accelerators and Angel Investors.
331 ventureslist.com VenturesList – Ultimate list of venture investors in Asia Discover over 500 active Venture Capitals, Startup Accelerators, Angel Investors, Impact Investments, and Crowdfunding Platforms in the Asia Pacific region.
332 ventureworthy.com VentureWorthy.com – Free Survey for Entrepreneurs Raising Capital Interested in meeting Angel Investors and Venture Funds in person. Join our Email List. Stay up to date on the latest trends in Raising Capital and Events in your area where Entrepreneurs meet Investors:. TAKE THE SURVEY. Wondering if you have what it takes to Raise Capital from Angel Investors or VCs. See how your Company compares to over 400,000 other companies raising capital who took this survey.
333 vialagoinvestments.com Via Lago Investments, LLC – Invested In Technology Efficient Solutions For Complex Issues. Via Lago Investments operates as a niche industry real estate developer and investor, focusing on complex high availability office, data and telecom properties as well as general real estate development and select business and industry angel investing. Please follow & like us :).
334 vicnetwork.com Home – vicnetwork.com Issues of Angel Investing. Technology solutions for a better world. The VIC Investor Network (VIN) invests in companies with exceptional intellectual property foundations in healthcare and emerging technology areas. Angel investing with confidence. VIN addresses the primary challenges of angel investing in science and technology-driven innovation. Co-investment on same terms with larger investors and built-in investment safeguards.
335 vnangelinvestors.com Vietnam Angel Investors Circle Empowering the next class of Vietnamese capitalists. Vietnam Angel Investors Circle – VAIC. VAIC (Vietnam Angel Investors Circle) is a Delaware-based LLC with the vision of nourishing, empowering, and inspiring a new generation of Vietnamese entrepreneurs. VAIC seeks to provide seeds and angel capital to budding entrepreneurs to take their businesses off the ground via the Manipadhum LP investment fund in exchange for equity.
336 voivoda.com Early-Stage Investments | Funding by VoiVoda Assistance with angel investments for technology startup companies by startup incubator VoiVoda. We offer to the passionate entrepreneur help with angel investments, access to angel networks, advice from industry experts and experienced mentors.
337 vortechsmanagement.com Home – Vortechs Management We design things with love and passion. Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor. Vesting period social media sales conversion launch party rockstar incubator customer social proof graphical user interface technology supply chain. Non-disclosure agreement rockstar creative partner network launch party social proof paradigm shift long tail influencer.
338 washingtonvalleyadvisors.com Mark Amabile – Consulting, Angel investment, Management Consulting Washington Valley Advisors: Mark Amabile consulting services & angel investment to startups & marketers & agencies.
339 wingpact.com Angel Investing with Impact Impact with Wings is a book anthology of personal stories and research that aims to inspire women on how angel investing can lead to financial empowerment.
340 womencanbeangels.org Angel investing | Women Can Be Angels Women Can Be Angels is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to educating women on how to use Angel investing to uild and protect their wealth.
341 womeninvest.nyc Women Invest | Angel investing, the art of the science Angel investing, the art of the science
342 wtan.org West Texas Angel Network West Texas Angel Network is an organization that introduces entrepreneurs to qualified investors in the Amarillo area. Is Angel investment right for you. Read more and find out. If your project has the potential to grow quickly and scale up into a reasonably large and profitable business within a few years, it may be a good fit for Angel investment. A realistic starting valuation is one of the keys to attracting any investment structured as equity.
343 zigfund.com Zarco Investment Group Patri Friedman  received a BS in math from  Harvey Mudd College  and an MS in computer science from  Stanford University. While in school he experimented with technology startups, ran a small consulting business, and co-founded two intentional communities. Patri has deep interest in entrepreneurship and venture capital, and has been an angel investor since 2001.
344 zschwartzman.com Zach Schwartzman | Analysis of the Technology Industry Unencumbered Thoughts & Analysis of the Technology Industry From a Former Wall Street Internet Analyst. About Zach Schwartzman. Zach is an Angel Investor across the crypto and consumer space. In his prior role at RBC, Zach was an Internet Analyst with one of the top ranked Institutional Investor teams on the Street. He led coverage of Alibaba, GoDaddy, and Wix, and co-covered 20+ other companies including Facebook, Google, Uber, Lyft, and Twitter.

In conclusion

If you have an exciting idea that can be turned into a profitable business, do not let lack of funds stop you. All you need to do is find an angel investor and watch your dream project become a reality.

If you are wondering how to find one, the angel investors list in this article will help you get started. Good Luck!


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