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IoT is slated to transform your life. Are you ready?

We live in a highly progressive age fuelled with cutting-edge technology that is changing lives through constant innovation. Andrea Mitreiro of talks about how IoT is slated to transform our lives. She also shares some valuable tips for startups and entrepreneurs in the IoT space that are looking to scale. Read on!

What inspired you to start InnoWave? Tell us the story.

In early 2008, right at the peak of an economic crisis, we were chasing our dream to create a Portuguese based global company. We started with just 3 people, and in 5 years we were more than 100! What excited us? Products, innovation, and international growth. Helping and changing the way people experience the world around is what inspired us from the start.

We can now proudly claim that we are creating a future filled with infinite opportunities and innovative technologies to inspire people. All in all, InnoWave.Tech – a company that may have started small – certainly dreams big and is fuelled by our mission to change lives through innovation. At this point, we are more than 230 InnoWavers all around the world, having offices in Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Miami, and Dubai.


Tell us about yubuy. How does it work?

yubuy is a TV commerce solution that provides audiences with a personalized shopping experience from the comfort of their own home via a simple, convenient, and secure medium. Fast and secure, this solution enables home shoppers with access to the consumer market and optimizes the TV experience. yubuy enables customers to place an order in a few easy steps.

How is IoT slated to transform our lives?

IoT is all about gathering an incredible amount of data in real-time in areas that were not feasible up until now and being able to retrieve insights and make meaningful predictions based on it. This is already starting to transform our lives or will do so in a few years.

  • Tesla has enabled its cars to send and receive a tremendous amount of data that is used to improve their autonomous driving platform.
  • Farmers are using IoT to get real-time data about soil and environment conditions to optimize their processes and minimize costs and waste.
  • Cities are already using IoT to manage parking woes, enable smart lighting and waste disposal, thereby providing better living conditions to their citizens, while optimizing costs.

What motivates you to keep pushing as an entrepreneur and striving for better?

What motivates us here at InnoWave is our people. At InnoWave, we have a daily commitment to bring innovative approaches to everything we that do. We believe and promote the creation of inspirational teams that use technologies to create a future full of endless possibilities.

We believe that trust and autonomy, coupled with challenging and engaging projects, good work conditions, and exceptional teams, makes a huge difference. After all, InnoWave’s mission is to “change lives through innovation”, whether that is for our team, our customers, or end users or for our products and services!

Any tips for startups and new entrepreneurs?

We don’t have a secret recipe; the best tip is to make sure your people are happy with what they do. Create a very good environment, establish strong commitment between the teams and give them the opportunity to feel useful and special. We give our InnoWavers the opportunity to constantly grow either with frequent training sessions or with an international experience.

Tell us about some of the most interesting projects that InnoWave has been part of.

Apart from Yubuy, Timecapsule, First Layer Health, ChatBots platform are some very interesting projects.

  • Timecapsule – During 2017’s Websummit, InnoWave presented a time capsule where participants were challenged to predict how innovation and technology would contribute to change in the coming three years. The feedback was tremendous, and it turned to be one of the most visited and commented booth inside Websummit

Time Capsule at Web Summit Lisbon has proved to be a huge success!

SIC paid us a visit and travelled with us to the future.

  • First Layer Health – InnoWave helped to create an omnichannel platform for families and their beloved seniors’ members using a TV as a point of interaction. This solution is now a US patent and is transforming the way people interact with their families who are far away.
  • ChatBots platform – InnoWave is developing a ChatBot platform that will allow any business or company to easily create a state-of-the-art, human-like intelligence powered, BOT.

Why did you choose a .tech domain name? 

We chose this domain as we are passionate about technology. The .tech domain enables people to easily relate our company with its core capabilities. With this selection, more people can find us easily on the web and remember us thereafter.


“Starting an innovation-led tech business?  Build it on a .TECH domain!”

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