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Xyber.Tech: Making Data Centers Environmental Friendly and Efficient

In the world of business, data is the sole driver for all strategic decisions. But did you know that Data Centers consume over 160 billion gallons of water each year? Or that they consume 3% of the world’s power? Or that they are responsible for 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions? is dedicated to reducing the impact that data centers have on the environment by cutting their power consumption and increasing computational density to reduce their physical footprint.

We speak with Mario Facussé, Founder, and CEO at Xyber Technologies, to talk about their patented cooling platform and how it is contributing to a sustainable environment. Read on!

What inspired you to start Xyber? Tell us the story.

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Mario Facussé

I was lying in my bed, in Honduras, at 3 AM sleepless and annoyed at the noise from the computer fans in my bedroom. It had to stop. I spent months cooped up in my room creating a silent computer. A reclusive misanthrope obsessed with the annihilation of fans.

I had no idea if it would work, but at this point failure was irrelevant. I had found purpose! One nerd with a noise complaint led to a revolutionary silent computer, but as an investor later said, I had the right solution to the wrong problem.

Our lives, now more connected than ever, are all dependent on the data centers of today and tomorrow, but that impending future has a dangerous secret. Data centers consume 3% of the world’s power, are responsible for 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and consume over 160 billion gallons of fresh water each year.

A data center is like a patient infected with a virus, and the servers are the virus!

Tell us about Xyber Technologies’ patented cooling platform? How is it used?

Xyber Technologies is a startup dedicated to reducing the impact data centers are having on the environment by cutting their power consumption and fitting more servers into each rack to reduce their physical footprint. To achieve this, we have created a cooling system for servers and racks that requires no power and has no moving parts.

Xyber’s cooling system uses heat pipes to move heat from the components inside servers to the sides of the rack where the heat can be isolated and removed efficiently.

A heat pipe is a specially designed sealed copper tube that uses a minute amount of fluid to move heat. Our patented design isolates the heat on the sides of the rack where natural convection takes over, and the heat is ducted to the outside.

With our technology, the heat pipes move the heat from inside the servers. Fresh air is ducted from the outside to the sides of the rack where it absorbs the heat and is then ducted outside of the building. The servers are completely isolated from the outside air and the data center.

We cure this virus by isolating the servers from the data center and creating two air envelopes. We reduce data center complexity and cost, increase potential revenue, and easily adapt to existing data centers.

How is Xyber’s cooling system contributing to a sustainable environment?

Our system reduces a data center’s total power consumption by up to 40%; significantly cutting operating costs. Additionally, by eliminating complicated cooling systems, we reduce the costs to build data centers by up to 30% while competing technologies struggle to make a significant difference.

Our technology reduces the power consumption of data centers thereby reducing their impact on the environment and eliminates the use of fresh water for cooling data centers thereupon wholly changing the relationship between the data center industry and the environment.

What are your future plans for Xyber?

We understand that the only way to transform an industry like this is to partner with the most prominent players and help them bring about change towards creating a sustainable future.

Xyber will continue to seek commercial partners and explore the many industries that our technology can transform. Sci-fi movies, books, and comics promised a future that can only exist if the right data infrastructure is in place, we hope this becomes our contribution towards that future.

Why did you choose a .tech domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

We wanted a simplified domain that was easy to remember and embodies what we represent. Using a .tech domain was a natural fit not just because of our name but because it described a future that perfectly matches our company vision: disruption.

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