Top 10 Business Tips Every Startup Founder Needs To Know
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Top 10 Business Tips Every Startup Founder Needs To Know

There’s a lot that goes into building a successful tech startup. And while it may seem easy, it can be pretty arduous. From conceiving an idea to getting your head around the idea, learning a few business tips to doing your own research, it’s a tall order. 

One of the biggest problems with founders and business owners is that they’re experts in when it comes to ideas but novices when it comes to the implementation of those ideas. Sooner or later, that’s what usually trips them over.

There might be a lot of things you might have skipped while actually planning to start a business. This is why you need to be aware of certain hard-hitting and practical business tips that will truly help to grow your business.

We have shortlisted 10 such business tips that will enable you to make your tech business a successful venture.

Tip 1: Build a brand 

You don’t just sell your product. You sell your brand.

If your tech brand doesn’t stand out of the existing brands in the market, customers aren’t really going to go out of their way for your product.

Establishing your brand identity is of utmost importance (and one of the most important business tips). A great way to make a dent in the minds of your customers is to take to social media. 

No business can thrive today without the use of social media. Create attractive content which helps in engaging a new audience and creating your brand image in their minds.

Once you learn about your target audience’s taste, incorporate those ideas into your content.

Tip 2: Yearn to learn

Once your business reaches a certain level, you might tend to get stuck in its complacency. But the market is forever changing.

What’s working for you today, might become obsolete tomorrow. And that’s when businesses start failing.

Below are a few business tips for you to keep up with it:

  • Stay updated with the latest competitive research
  • Hold company-wide Q&A sessions
  • Listen to business podcasts regularly to increase your knowledge
  • Read about your industry
  • Regularly host team training

Tip 3: Build your team

Your business isn’t dependent just on you. Each and everyone from your team is responsible to carry out the tasks to make sure the business achieves success.

However, after spending some time with the business, your employees might start to find the work monotonous and mundane. They might even lose the motivation to give in their 100 percent, resulting in a downfall of individual performances.

Here’s where you step in.

You need to keep their spirits high throughout. You need to encourage and motivate them to give in their best. You need to identify if there is any negativity amongst the team and try to get rid of it.

Team building activities can help your team bond together well. Rewards and appreciation for good work are always a win-win.

This is one of those business tips which are ignored by many new tech businesses as they focus primarily on acquiring more market share and getting more investments.

Tip 4: Be accessible to your customers

Good business isn’t about making that one sale. It’s about making the sale to the same customer again and again. Unless you can retain your customers in the long run, your business cannot thrive.

Make sure you have an efficient customer service policy. If and when the customer is undergoing dissatisfaction, you need to make sure that you compensate them for their improper experience and make them feel that you value them as your customer.

Tip 5: Stay organized

The key to a successful business is to ensure that everything is well-organized. With the business growing, the challenge to keep it organized grows with it.

You need to automate daily tasks and go paperless in order to keep track of the basics. There are also tools available that help track time, manage tasks, and make it easy to find documents.

Staying organized is one of the most important business tips that young tech businesses should consider as part of their daily operations. 

Tip 6: Be transparent

Transparency is directly proportional to customer trust. Every business secret need not be a secret.

If the customers want to learn about some specifications of your product, share it with them.

Not only will it help you convert your sale but also create a sense of brand loyalty and trust amongst them. This will also help you stand out from such competitors who don’t follow the policy of transparency.

Tip 7: Stay abreast with social media trends

Gone are the days when all you needed was a Facebook page to mark your presence on social media.

Your tech business needs to be omnipresent across all social media platforms and constantly break the barriers of innovative social media marketing.

Social media is a constantly changing world. You’ll find new challenges and trends every day which end before even you realize.

It’s very important to keep up with the latest trends in social media if you want to be on the minds of the younger target audiences.

For instance, if you are a sports nutrition brand, you can have your special playlists on various song streaming apps for listeners to listen to while working out. Doing this will imprint your brand in their heads, and they might even want to try out your products as a result.

In today’s world, a good social media strategy is considered to be of the most important business tips for success.

Tip 8: Involve your customers 

Customers not only buy your products but also help shape your business. Many times they give you an outlook about your business which you weren’t even aware of until then.

Involve them with the help of feedback forms. Allow them to share their good experiences as well as their bad ones. Ask them for insights about how something can be done better from your end.

Besides helping you grow, this will also help build customer loyalty for your business. You can also store the dates of important occasions of your regular customers, and send them greetings to show them that your company values them.

Tip 9: Track your engagements

This is one of those business tips that help you get into the heads of your potential customers and identify their needs and preferences.

By tracking your social engagements, you can understand how your target audience is responding to marketing campaigns and what’s working best with them.

You can track their comments and replies and understand their preferences. There are a lot of tools on the internet which can help you do that.

Tip 10: Know your competitors

You’re not the only one in the market. The whole market share is divided amongst businesses that deal in products similar to yours.

Without learning about them, it’s will be very difficult for your business to stand out from the crowd. You need to identify their weaknesses and make those areas your strengths.

You also need to identify their strengths and make them your strengths; else you might just lose your customers to them.

You need to analyze their business and marketing strategies as well as yours. Compare them with each other. Study and research the market well, and work on finding ways of creating a mark and being unique in the market.

Final Thoughts

Running a business is subjective. The business tips that work for someone else may not work for you.

It’s an experimental process. But the above-mentioned tips are surely going to give you an edge over others and help you stay ahead in the game.


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