5 awesome ways to use a .TECH domain for your personal branding
5 awesome ways to use a .TECH domain for your personal branding

5 Awesome Ways to Use a .tech Domain for Your Personal Branding

From social recruiting to social influence, today personal branding is more crucial than it ever was. In a world where personality and skills are valued a lot more than an educational degree, it is a must to invest in building your personal brand that will help you pitch yourself more confidently.

Gone are the days when you lug around your resume in a folder, and your work portfolio in a pen drive, for showcasing at a job interview or a client meeting. Today, all you need is a cool domain name that does the trick, and in a lot more sophisticated manner too.

You can simply prattle it off to people and they are sure to remember it! And what’s more, you can slip it in your elevator pitch next time.

Here are 5 innovative ways of using a domain name for building, enhancing, and maintaining your brand online:

1) Build your virtual resume

An impactful way to boost your personal branding endeavors is to build a virtual CV with added information about your work portfolio or relevant links.

Consider www.paulasresume.tech; the domain name conveys that it is owned by Paula, who is a technology professional and that her resume can be accessed at this website.

This kind of personal branding goes a long way in building a great first impression on the recruiter as well as other professional contacts. A few other examples include www.catherine.tech and www.speck.tech.


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2) Gather all your social links at one place

Recruiters and clients are keen on knowing about your personality before working with you. They want to look into your thoughts, thinking style and approach to life in general. By looking at your social media presence or your blog, recruiters will get a holistic look of your personality.

Pick a domain name where you can host all your social media profile links as well as your blog (if you have one). This will help you stand out amongst your competitors vying for the same role or opportunity. Examples include www.davidkim.tech and www.scottrogers.tech.


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3) Brand your LinkedIn / GitHub / Devpost profile

Your LinkedIn profile is perhaps your biggest reference point when it comes to job opportunities. With just a link you can give details of your work experience, recognition, achievements and a lot more.

However, including a long social media profile can be confusing and awkward. Instead, you can pick a domain name which is memorable and crisp.

Take, for instance, www.williams.tech which redirects to the users’ respective LinkedIn profile. At a later stage, you can develop the same domain name into a website that showcases your work portfolio in a more extensive manner.

4) Give out a message

With a domain extension that clearly defines what you do and which industry you belong to, you have a chance to give out a message with your website address!

Similarly, you can pick a meaningful domain name for your own website or redirect it to one of your social media links like www.breakinto.tech and www.theworkflow.tech.


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5) Get a branded email address

Your email id is an important element of your brand identity. It may not be possible to get a firstname@xxx email id but if you invest in a  .tech domain name, you can bundle it up with a dedicated email ID too.

Your email ID can say a lot about you and create a great first impression on anyone you interact with via email. For example, irstname@lastname.techor e@firstname.tech s an extension of your virtual persona and makes for a memorable email address.

What are you waiting for? Get a domain name on .tech to build your personal brand now!

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