A Chat with BreakInto.Tech founder, Jeremy Schifeling
A Chat with BreakInto.Tech founder, Jeremy Schifeling

A Chat with BreakInto.Tech founder, Jeremy Schifeling

www.breakinto.tech is an innovative platform that helps non-techies break into tech with relevant jobs. .TECH caught up with Jeremy Schifeling, CEO + Founder, Break into Tech, for a quick chat.


Tell us about yourself. How did you become a tech-preneur?

Having gone from teaching kindergarten in Brooklyn to working at top tech firms in Silicon Valley, I realized that there was an opportunity to help others traverse this same path. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of resources out there about breaking into the tech industry as a non-programmer. Almost all the tips you find are about learning to code, attending a coding boot camp, etc. I wanted to build the first site dedicated to helping anyone land an awesome tech job. That’s how the idea of creating www.breakinto.tech came about.

Was www.breakinto.tech your first website for this business?

Yes, it is the first time I’ve ever built a business online and I launched it on a .TECH domain. Having my own site and my own web branding has been key to my success.

How did you hear about .TECH?

Around the time that I decided to launch my business, I heard that .TECH domains were about to go live for the first time. Not only did a .TECH domain perfectly fit my specific venture, it also just felt so much more memorable than a .com, .co, or .io. Also, I was sure that I wanted a unique, stick-in-your-mind domain so I actually waited up until the time that .TECH domains first went to the market. I saw value in doing that and hence was able to snag the perfect website address for my business.

How do customers resonate with to your website?

In many ways, the .TECH domain has become my digital calling card. Now, when I tell people about my website, the first thing they ask me is: “Cool – how did you get that URL?” I realize that since it’s a unique name it has become easier for others to remember because they always end up thinking explicitly about it. In comparison, the traditional domains typically go in through one ear and go out through the other.

Not only is .TECH “stickier” than boring domains, but it also represents my brand better. In order for students to put their faith in me, they have to believe that I deeply understand the innovative, fast-paced world that is tech. And seeing that I’ve built my brand on a cutting-edge domain subtly reinforces the idea that ‘this guy gets it; and he’s not running a geocities-powered .com from 1994!’

How has the journey been so far with Break into Tech?

It’s been amazing! I’ve been truly fortunate to meet future techies from six continents and to help tens of thousands of students launch their tech careers. But the best moments, by far, are when I hear that someone from a very non-traditional tech background (accounting, architecture, culinary arts) has made it to a world-class tech-focused company (Google, Amazon, Spotify). And that’s when all the hard work feels most worth it!

What’s your future plan?

I’d love to not only help even more students but potentially launch even more sites focused on specific roles in the tech world (Product Marketing, Business Development, etc.). If I do that, I’ll definitely need to grab some more .TECH domains!

So when are you getting your .TECH domain? Grab it now at get.tech!

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