.TECH has turned ONE! - .TECH
.TECH has turned ONE!

.TECH has turned ONE!

Sure did take a while to sink in!

A year ago, the world needed an effective domain extension to categorize what it’s most involved with – technology! With internet real estate (read – domain names) saturated on existing domain extensions, acquiring the shorter, memorable & meaningful names seemed to appear far-fetched.
Now, one year later, on this massive space that is the ‘internet’, it’s amazing to see brands, startups and tech enthusiasts use a web address that’s very relevant and describes them best. CES 2017 is now on ces.tech! The startup BlueDot was launched on a short and apt domain – blue.tech & was recently in the news after it received $10.1 million in funding. Amongst these that have pioneered the .tech names to encourage them to use a relevant and definitive domain extension for their well thought of ideas.

From startups manufacturing drones to robots, from software to designing, everyone felt that .tech certainly matched their businesses the best, and it was also very easy for them to get their desired name on the extension. What’s more, we launched an extensive outdoor campaign in downtown SF. Bus shelters around the city had .tech domain revolution on the internet, are tech reviewers and passionate Youtubers like Austin Evans, Matt Schaefer, TechSource and Teksyndicate that use and believe in a domain that defines their passion.

For all those who have been a vital part of our year, and for the rest who’ve believed in and supported us, please continue to! Let’s reach newer communities, talented techies and innovative startups to give them a relevant web address on the internet that continues to swell.

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