How to Get Started with PR for Your Tech Startup in 2020
pr for tech startup

How to get PR for your tech startup: Gain media visibility for free

One of the biggest hurdles that a startup faces is building its initial reputation. Whether you want to build awareness about your brand or want to get the word out about your new product, you need to get started with PR for your tech startup in order to build credible recognition. 

Every startup wants to gain visibility in the industry, and use that recognition to generate leads and conversions. 

Competition has become the mantra of this age amidst the eruption of startups with 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S. in 2019 alone. 

Appearing in the media could make a huge difference for your brand image and make you stand out of the crowd.

The problem lies in doing PR for tech startups efficiently. It gets tough because of tight budgets and a lack of strong relationships with journalists. 

However, what tech startups don’t realize is that most of it can be achieved with minimal spending or even free of cost with some simple tips.

Here Are 7 Tips To Get You Started With PR For Your Tech Startup:

Tip 1: Create a great pitch

Firstly, you need to choose a target journalist. Read their previous articles thoroughly to understand their interest areas and how your idea could add value to their matter. You need to think from their viewpoint and ask yourself if the piece would be of interest to the reader.

Pitch them a story and not your company. Your company or your product might not be interesting enough to be pitched to the media.

You need to add a broader story or a message to your product, and that’s when it will shine. Once you have your story ready, mail it to the local newspapers or news sites. 

Start small at first, and work your way up gradually.

Try to provide as many reasons as you can to them, to publish your story. If it’s good enough someone will definitely pick it up. 

However, if they don’t, try to get their feedback on it. Use it to work on your story and make it better, and pitch a better version again.

Tip 2: Give them something newsworthy

You might create a great pitch with a great story and brilliant ideas. However, did you ask yourself if your product is worthy to be published about? Especially, to the publications that you are targeting.

If not, you need to improve your product and make it solve a problem that the media would like to talk about. However, if you feel that your product is newsworthy and is ready to be published, you need to make sure that you make them feel the same way about your product.

Build a great story around your startup and your product, and tell them what is so special about your company or your product. 

Also, if on a normal day, your startup or product doesn’t come across as newsworthy you need to find the perfect opportunity for it to come across like that. 

For instance, you can use one of the below scenarios for your tech startup’s PR

  • Launch of your startup
  • Launch of your new product
  • Release of an interesting study
  • Entering a high profile partnership

Tip 3: Use social media

A great way to get PR for your tech startup is by building relationships with journalists. 

Meeting them up for lunch or drinks might not be the best option, because if you are not coming up with something newsworthy every time, they might stop taking you seriously and consider it a waste of time.

Most writers are active on social media, they share their articles on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and even when they are looking for new material. 

Follow their social media accounts, stay in touch with them, learn about them better through their social media posts, and modify your communication with them accordingly.

Comment on their posts whenever possible, that too in a way that you create an impression on their mind about yourself. 

Use the platform to make sure that they are well aware of you and your startup.

Tip 4: Research your journalist

The key to effective startup media coverage is researching and finding the right journalist for your brand. Your pitch could mean a great deal to one writer and unworthy to another. 

There are a lot of factors that help in deciding whether a particular media outlet would be interested in writing about your brand or not.

Firstly, you need to research the media outlets that write and publish about your industry. It would be better if you start with smaller media firms, as they would be keener on publishing about your brand, than the big ones.

Read the published articles of these media outlets to understand which ones match the best with your interests.

Create a list of media outlets you think cover brands closest to yours. Reach out to these outlets for your startup media coverage.

Tell them how you relate to their published pieces and why you think your brand would be a great fit for them. 

If your research is good, you might crack some or all of them to publish about you.

Tip 5: Unique selling point or USP

Do you know what sells better than your brand or your product? Your USP. 

If your product or service solves a problem in a way that no other product does, or if you approach something differently from others, use it to your advantage.

For instance, Domino’s Pizza came up with a policy that if you don’t receive your pizza within 30 minutes, you will get it for free. 

Now that’s a unique attribute to write about.

Tip 6: Don’t send the same pitch to every journalist

Just like your pitch, a journalist reads so many more every day. They can easily tell the difference between a generic pitch and a customized pitch that is tailored to specifically match their standards.

Even if you are pitching about the same thing to everyone, make sure you customize your pitch as per every journalist after researching them in detail.

The more they connect with your pitch, the higher your chances of getting them to publish about your brand. It does require some extra effort, but to get media coverage, you will need to go that extra mile.

Tip 7: Set reasonable goals

Well, like for any activity you need to set some goals you need to do the same for your tech startup’s PR as well. Set a couple of reasonable goals and focus on them.

The different goals could be something like:

  • Increasing brand awareness by getting featured in renowned publications
  • Building awareness about a new product through niche publications 
  • Portraying yourself as a thought leader to grab the attention of investors

When your goals are clearly defined, it’s easier to judge whether your strategy is working or not. You can adjust and work around it if it’s not working. Setting goals and working towards achieving them is a great way to get PR for your tech startup. 

Tools And Platforms To Help You Do PR For Your Tech Startup

  • HARO or Help a Reporter Out is an online service for journalists to connect with public for quotes, inputs, and data. By signing up for HARO, you can keep tabs on stories that your target journalists are doing and send them your inputs to be included in those stories.
  • Press.Farm is one of the largest media databases for startups and growth-oriented companies. They offer a host of other services as well.

Coverage Book is a simple tool that will calculate the Life Time Value of any PR coverage that you receive. It will also create beautiful PR summary reports in minutes.

[BONUS] 900+ Tech Startup PR Agencies in the US (Statewise)

If you wish to outsource your tech startup’s PR process and feel ready to bring on board a PR agency, we have put together a list of 900+ Tech Startup PR Agencies in the US:

State Hostname Description
1 Alabama TC is a full services public relations firm for school districts. As former news media, we use our expertise in storytelling to strenghten the public perception of our clients. Our services include media relations, crisis communications, press releases, message campaigns, and more.
2 Alaska We are a full service marketing and public relations firm located in   Alaska
3 Arizona Skip to right header navigation. Skip to main content. THE TOP LOBBYING & PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM IN ARIZONA. We are the largest multidisciplinary government relations team in Arizona, covering both sides of the aisle from every angle, to provide seamless service for all your needs. Sign-up for The Veridus Weekly newsletter. Arizona’s top lobbying, media & campaign consulting firm.
4 Arizona Founded in Flagstaff in 2004, ESMpr is a full-service, strategy-driven public relations firm specializing in effective public affairs. We are inspired by the idea that effective communication involves trust and begins with building strong relationships between our client and their stakeholders. At ESMpr, we help clients find their voice and lead the conversation.
5 Arizona Full Scope of Services. Welcome to Fr e y CREATIVE MARKETING. We are Southern Arizona’s oldest advertising and public relations firm. We work with our clients to tell their story in a compelling manner that captures the hearts and desires of their target market. Our team specializes in graphic design, advertising (digital, print, broadcast & outdoor), PR and special event planning.
6 Arizona Public Relations Firm | United States | B. Sterling Public Relations
7 Arizona Debora Mitchell & Company is a public relations firm dedicated to client service excellence.
8 Arizona U.S. and Canada Public Relations Firm
9 Arizona Introduction to the McRae Agency.  A full-service public relations firm specializing in publicity, social media and marketing. Purveyors of Fine Buzz!
10 Arkansas Campbell Ward is a bi-partisan, state and federal public affairs and public relations firm operating on a case by case approach that achieves optimal results for each specific client. Our firm provides widespread solutions to effectively address client concerns while identifying new ways to succeed and help create a comprehensive strategy.
11 California Tech PR Agency. Win Share of Mind. Stay 100% focused on your tech. Leave media and content to us. We understand how important new technology is for new businesses and established ones alike. One of our core capabilities is putting your tech out there, even in a time when product-centric PR is harder to get than ever. If one or more of your team members is or seeks to be an authority in a specific space, high-level thought leadership PR is the way to go.
12 California SRS Tech media relations and public relations. PR for technology, top San Diego PR agency. Technology evangelist. Top Tech PR agency, SRS Tech PR provides a wide range of public relations and media relations services. Over 20 years experience in technology PR, helping companies throughout the world launch new products and services. Proven expertise – full service PR agency. Provide strategic planning, tactical implementation, write, distribute and pitch press releases, develop, write and place technical art
13 California The Bulleit Group is an award-winning high tech PR agency working to bring sci-fi to life.
14 California Brady Public Relations (BPR) is a high-tech PR agency committed to building success for fast-growing technology startups.
15 California Past & Current Clients. Publicity created for your business needs and what the media is looking for. At On the Horizon Communications, we believe that the success of your business depends on its ability to be dynamic. Like you, our business also runs on strategic fluidity. As a full-service public relations firm in operation since 1985, we take a dynamic approach to increasing your company’s visibility by offering a comprehensive, contemporary menu of services, including traditional public relations, digita
16 California Glimmerglass Communications – Hi-Tech PR for Technology Companies.
17 California High Tower PR is a marketing and public relations firm. COPYRIGHT 2007-2012 HIGH TOWER PR.
18 California Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in Product Integration, Digital Media, Strategic Marketing, Event Planning, Talent Management, Social Media, & more.
19 California dominion3 Public Relations has established a 10-year reputation as an independent public relations firm serving the entertainment industry.
20 California As one of the most highly experienced public relations firms Los Angeles has to offer, our team of professionals know how to grow your brand value.
21 California Welcome to Booth Media Group Celebrating 15 years of successful publicity campaigns for authors Booth Media Group is a boutique public relations firm specializing in non-fiction book campaigns, online marketing strategies and publicity tours for authors and experts. Since Booth Media Group
22 California Public Relations • Strategic Marketing. Pike & Company is a strategic marketing and public relations firm. We specialize in representing real estate companies, including office, multifamily, mixed-use, residential and senior housing developers along with the professional service firms who serve the industry. Social Media Relations.
23 California Hayes Martin Associates is one of the nation’s foremost marketing, advertising and public relations firms representing land developers, master-planned communities and residential homebuilders.
24 California public relations firm in Los Angeles made of former journalists
25 California Singer Associates public relations and public affairs is a leading San Francisco Bay Area public relations firm specializing in public relations, issues management, public affairs, crisis communications, corporate communications and advertising. Singer Associates is the San Francisco Bay Area’s ‘go to’ crisis communications agency. The firm specializes in corporate, litigation, reputation management, and crisis communications.
26 California Covet PR is a national public relations firm devoted to healthy consumer food, beverage, beauty and lifestyle brands. Deeply rooted in all things wellness, we stay ahead of the trends to catapult industry innovators to become household names. Combining expertise, media relationships and hustle across our offices coast to coast, we design creative and custom strategies for traditional and new media platforms: compelling influencer campaigns: and unique experiential activations that bring disruptive CPG brand
27 California Shining the Light on the Exotic and the Unique. Global Wellness Day – Getting off the ground. Corporate Level Strategic Visioning Sessions. Why The Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan is a dynamic, Los Angeles-based marketing, branding & public relations firm serving travel & hospitality, health & wellness, food & beverage, lifestyle and eco-industry clientele with more than 20 years’ experience.
28 California Blockchain Technology PR and content marketing agency in San Francisco and Silicon Valley
29 California Berbay Marketing & PR is a Los Angeles-based marketing and public relations firm specializing in creating visibility and credibility that fuels revenue growth for professional services firms in law, finance, and real estate. Contact us today to learn how we can get results for your firm and drive new business.
30 California SEO needs 3 things: backlinks, PR and content. We offer 3 a-la-carte services that will help you crush SEO and get to the first page of Google.
31 California Schuetz Communications, Boutique Public Relations Firm with Offices in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, CA, Focusing on Lifestyle, Entertainment, Luxury Products, and Travel/Hospitality
32 California Walt & Company is a Silicon Valley tech PR and social media agency   specializing in consumer and enterprise technology markets. Clients range   from startups to global industry leaders.
33 California WE SPECIALIZE IN PR AND CONTENT FOR THE B2B TECHNOLOGY SECTOR. Clement | Peterson, founded in 2009, has offices in San Francisco and Denver. Working with a global client base, our PR agency has helped a number of B2B technology clients achieve double-digit revenue growth and, in many cases, acquisitions through strategic and highly visible public relations campaigns.
34 California Startup PR focused agency that
35 California PR Magic is a full-service Media Relations and Public Relations Firm based out of San Francisco, that specializes in PR, Marketing and Promotions.
36 California Los Angeles Top Public Relations Firm Eileen Koch and Company (EKC) Is Your PR Specialist. EKC Is What Defines Public Relations. Call 310-441-1000!
37 California Grandstand Media is a public relations firm specializing in music, festivals, events and entertainment with offices in Los Angeles and New York.
38 California Nanny State or Progressive Politics. A full-service public relations firm managing crisis communications and high-stakes press coverage for clients. A full-service public relations firm managing crisis communications and high-stakes press coverage for clients. A full-service public relations firm managing crisis communications and high-stakes press coverage for clients.
39 California | ZTPR Public Relations Firm | Canada, USA | Public Relations Agency | Los Angeles, Nashville, Las Vegas, Toronto, Montreal, Miami, New York City
40 California KerrPR, an award-winning public relations firm provides a variety of services to a broad range of clients.
41 California Best International public relations firms, Best crisis communications, Top   San Francisco PR agencies, mergers and acquisitions, technology and sports   PR firm in San Francisco, Barcelona, PR firms in London. Technology   industry includes cybersecurity, blockchain, crypto, GDPR, privacy, AI, IoT   and start-ups.
42 California SIPR, INC is a strategic public relations firm with offices in the San Francisco Bay area. We focus on PR strategy, media relations, marketing material development, messaging and corporate positioning for high technology companies.
43 California The most culturally attuned creative collective in the U.S., including GALLEGOS United, digital agency CANVAS United, content creation and post production house LUNA United, public relations firm ROX United and strategy consultancy POLY United.
44 California Manolatos Nelson Murphy is a full-service advertising & public relations firm, located in San Diego. We provide strategic planning, media relations, crisis communications, community outreach and online, print and broadcast advertising to Greater San Diego
45 California Mayflower Company is a California-based public relations firm
46 California We are a full service, entertainment marketing and public relations firm. From Thought to Finish.
47 California We are a public relations firm focused on getting our clients published in   newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet locally serving   Ventura County and Santa Barbara County, regionally, nationally, and   internationally.
48 California Farr Marketing Group is a Los Angeles Public Relations firm serving non-profits, corporations, professional services and law firms. We are experts in publicity, crisis management, special events, and senior living healthcare. With costs well below industry averages, we maintain client relationships for decades.
49 California laChambre public relations is a boutique public relations firm in the heart of Los Angeles
50 California Marketing & PR for Jewelry Professionals. About Arts & Jewelry. Arts & Jewelry is a marketing and public relations firm serving the decorative arts and jewelry industries, and the passionate professionals – appraisers, dealers, gallerists, curators and others – who drive the fields. Clients rely on Arts & Jewelry to increase their visibility through media interviews, publishing client-authored articles, obtaining speaking opportunities, and creating and distributing content through social media.
51 California Are you searching for a Public Relations Firm? At Harden Communications Partners, you get the “A” team every day. Click here for more information on our company.
52 California Dolce Vita PR is a value-driven public relations firm that makes good businesses look their best. Dolce Vita PR provides the highest quality results a PR campaign can offer. We take pride in understanding our client’s goals and exceeding expectations by providing valuable results that are measurable. We position our clients as leaders in their industry with added credibility and awareness in all respects.
53 California We are a public relations firm providing services in external communications for businesses, non-profits and leaders of industry in the Los Angeles area.
54 California We are a full service public relations firm specializing in lifestyle accounts. Our international client base ranges from passionate entrepreneurs to established brands in a variety of industries, including restaurants, beverages, travel and hospitality.
55 California MESA Integrated Marketing Inc. MESA Integrated Marketing is an award winning San Diego public relations firm that has been providing a wide range of PR, special events, promotions and communications strategies to a variety of clients since 1998. Our agency helps you get the right message to the right audience efficiently and effectively. We offer strategic counsel, proven experience, fundamental expertise, and high ethical standards.
56 California Tashiro Choi & Associates is an award-winning multicultural engagement, marketing, and communications firm specializing in reaching diverse audiences. TCA strategically positions clients in Asian Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and African American communities to increase customers and build support. You Are What Drives Us. Tashiro Choi & Associates is a public relations firm based out of Irvine, California specializing in multi-cultural outreach, public relations, event planning, and growth marketing.
57 California A Slice of PR is a hybrid digital marketing and public relations firm   created and headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Our services focus on   social media management and marketing, website design and development,   search engine optimization (SEO), traditional PR practices, and branding.
58 California A communications and public relations firm serving the disruptors in technology, healthcare, and beyond.
59 California JAZ Research provides high-quality, cost-effective research and advanced analytic methods to support business strategy and communications development. We offer both quantitative and qualitative research platforms for message evaluation and media testing, as well as a full range of on-and offline research modes. We generate insights and strategic recommendations for an array of clients that includes global brands, public relations firms, ad agencies, and charitable, trade and civic associations.
60 California We are a technology and lifestyle focused public relations firm based in   San Diego. We help clients generate buzz through highly targeted media,   influencer and analyst relations campaigns.
61 California Award-winning PR Agency, Graham & Associates is a top San Francisco public relations firm offering PR and communications programs, branding, online PR, social media marketing and more.
62 California AND ACHIEVE OUR GOALS. Localite is an award winning public relations firm based in Los Angeles working for leading brands throughout California, New York and Las Vegas. With our real world experience and personalized approach we consistently deliver the best possible results for  our clients  through not only traditional print media but also though emerging new media like local blogger coverage and  social media  campaigns.
63 California THE TATUM WAN CO. is a public relations firm that raises awareness about brands and nonprofits by reaching general market consumers and the Latino community in the U.S.
64 California Whisenhunt Communications is a full-service marketing and public relations firm based in Ventura, serving clients in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Riverside counties. College-educated, highly professional journalists, public relations and marketing specialists and graphic artists working in traditional media, new media and graphic design. Services include: print and email newsletters, brochures, flyers, websites, press releases, advertisements, annual reports, videos, social media, copy writing, editing and co
65 California A boutique public relations firm, specializing in entertainment with a focus in comedy. With dedicated talent, strategic communications and brand divisions, we work to deliver visibility, brand strategy and measurable media results for a wide variety of clients. Our business centers on our expertise, relationships, and resources, all of which enable us to exceed the expectations of our clients.
66 California Los Angeles public relations firm, New York public relations firm, Anderson Group PR specializes in publicity and media relations.
67 California Leveraging our experienced professionals with a keen market sense and a commitment to assisting Chinese companies succeed in a global economy. Founded in 2015, AmeriSino Consulting Group, Inc (ACG) is a leading cross-border marketing communications and public relations firm. Create your website today.
68 California Straightforward, Targeted, Bottom-Line Results. Ranked as one of the area’s top-20 public relations firms by the Sacramento Business Journal, BP3’s successful reputation derives from our depth of talent and expertise in getting to the root of any issue and developing a total understanding of our client’s business and future desires and expectations. By helping our clients think through their ultimate goals to develop efficient communication plans, BP3 achieves results.
69 California KCD PR is a top public relations firm that provides communications counsel for motivated leaders in Financial Services, FinTech & B2B industries.
70 California ICON PR is a Los Angeles-based public relations firm that specializes in entertainment and music. We strive to create campaigns that build global brands utilizing unique strategies that are catered to each individual client.
71 California A social media, marketing and public relations firm based in Los Angeles, California.
72 California The Storied Group is a boutique public relations firm in Los Angeles   specializing in celebrity, lifestyle, design and hotel PR.
73 California We Are A Leading Entertainment Public Relations Firm. At Integrated PR, we specialize in the world of entertainment, pop culture, bestselling authors, nonprofit event management and consumer / luxury brands. Our team offers clients an integrated approach to online marketing, branding & public relations. We have the unique ability to offer the highest level of media relations, viral marketing, social media networking and strategic positioning.
74 California Randle Communications is a full-service public affairs and public relations firm. With high-impact relationships and deep California expertise, our veteran team wins issues, elections and helps clients build powerful brands. Learn more about Sacramento
75 California A Public Relations Firm. Here to help your business grow. This is where you would put some information about you and how the company formed and what skills you have and what sets you apart from all the other people in your industry. The owner of Black Market Enterprise has 5 years experience…. Describe your mission here. Keep it to 1 to 2 sentences, very brief.
76 California Wine marketing and public relations firm catering to small and medium size wineries and wine related companies.
77 California Sand Hill PR Partners Public Relations Firm Marketing
78 California Established in 2001 as a consulting agency for brands looking to reach the Hispanic consumer, PromoLatino has evolved into a full-service marketing agency and public relations firm. Our extensive experience in market research allows us to lead, develop, and deliver strategies based on insights. Is your brand effectively reaching and engaging the Hispanic consumer.
79 California Marketing & Advertising. AMG Media Group is an independently owned, full service marketing and public relations firm. We specialize in all areas of marketing, public relations, event planning and management, reputation management, branding, social media and media planning. AMG Media Group has expertise in launching and re-positioning brands by creating interactive strategies tailored to each clients needs.
80 California Since its inception in 2002, RFPR, Inc. has quickly become one of Los Angeles’ premier lifestyle boutique public relations firms. RFPR works closely with each client to design a comprehensive brand strategy across a number of platforms that raise brand awareness, consistency, and specific “calls to action” to purchase products and services.
81 California C&R is an award-winning, Los Angeles-based public relations firm specializing in full-service PR for premium Travel, Real Estate and Golf brands.
82 California Strategic Public Relations – Los Angeles public relations firm ExcelPR Group provides big agency capabilities and expertise, without the big agency fees.
83 California Fortune PR is a San Francisco Bay Area-based public relations firm, formed   in 1986, specializing in media relations for the restaurant and natural,   organic, and specialty food product and beverage industries.
84 California Provocateur Media is a San Francisco Based Public Relations Firm Specializing in Fashion, Beauty + Wellness, Consumer Technology, Arts + Entertainment
85 California Jonas Weisel & Associates offers professional writing and editing services to technology-oriented companies and wineries, as well as advertising agencies and public relations firms. EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), Pacific Gas & Electric Company, California Energy Commission, Agilent Technologies, and Medtronic AVE. Russian River Valley Winegrowers, Terra Valentine Winery, and Bodegas Salentein Winery.
86 California JS2 PR is a leading public relations firm in Los Angeles specializing in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries.
87 California Blanc Communications is a fashion/lifestyle public relations firm that   specializes in press placement, marketing, social media and branding.   Founded and managed by Camille Schmidt, Blanc Communications has become one   of the leading boutique public relations firms in the San Francisco Bay   Area and San Diego.
88 California RPM PR is a boutique public relations firm that strengthens lifestyle   brands through authentic and innovative communication.
89 California Welcome to Executive 1 Media Group – We are a California Advertising Agency and Public Relations Firm, Specializing in Business Advertising.
90 California Lobeline Communications is a Los Angeles Entertainment Public Relations firm specializing in entertainment public relations, publicity media relations and marketing communication for 30 years.
91 California Providing modern and alternative solutions to your public relations and marketing strategies Public Relations Firm in San Diego, CA
92 California Media Playground PR is a Los Angeles public relations firm and fashion showroom representing clients since 2003.
93 California high tech public relations firm, offers full service public relations and analyst relations programs specializing in technology startups and growth companies in storage, security and Web 2.0: includes information about our media and analyst relations service options, and information about our clients, expertise, culture and unique approach to technology pr
94 Colorado Narrative driven PR, content marketing and social media for tech companies that think big and shoot for the stars. Not Your Typical B2B Tech PR Agency. Looking for a fresh approach to PR. At Catapult we blend strategy, industry knowledge, execution and narrative building to impact both marketing results and business value. We all know that winning companies have the best story.
95 Colorado Blumenfeld and Associates, Inc. is a New York area marketing public relations firm, specializing in consumer product publicity, travel and adventure marketing, and the promotion of active, outdoor sports.
96 Colorado AFM Communications, a Denver public relations firm, works with a range of clients, including health care organizations, lobbyists and nonprofits.
97 Colorado Ore Communications is a Public Relations Firm Specializing in Resorts, Lodging, Dude and Guest Ranches,  Adventure and travel.
98 Colorado Samuelson & Associates is a Denver-based communications and public relations firm
99 Colorado Ignition Events | Automotive, Travel, and Lifestyle Media Event Production and Automotive Public Relations Firm based in Denver, Colorado
100 Colorado At Pushkin PR, our boutique public relations firm tailors its services to your needs whether it be public relations, digital strategy, or crisis communications
101 Colorado You need to work with the Denver PR Public Relations Firms that get results. Call 303-894-3130 for the Best in Denver PR Firms. Your business deserves a great
102 Colorado lobbyist, Colorado General Assembly, Colorado Government, Colorado Lobbying, Colorado Lobbyist, local affairs, local relations, local lobbying Colorado Lobbyist, Colorado Legislative Affairs, Colorado Government relations, colorado public affairs, colorado public relations, colorado lobbying, colorado general assembly, colorado legislature, colorado regulatory affairs, colorado law firm, colorado public relations firm, colorado public outreach, colorado local government lobbying, colorado local government a
103 Colorado Hatch is a boutique marketing, design, and public relations firm located in Boulder, CO.
104 Colorado Communications Strategy Group (CSG) is a PR and content marketing agency serving the financial services, health and wellness, education, and consumer industries | Solve for Why
105 Colorado Lynott & Associates is a full-service public relations firm specializing in media and analyst relations for technology innovators.
106 Connecticut As an experienced high tech PR agency, Montner helps startup businesses to   stand out of the crowd with its public relation management services in San   Jose & Silicon Valley.
107 Connecticut Our goal is to help our clients find their place in that world. McCartin Daniels PR is a full-service public relations firm specializing in national media relations, public relations counseling and strategic planning. We believe in starting big conversations that place new people and ideas at the center of the news. Our goal is to help our clients find their place in that world—from media bookings to community building, coast to coast appearances to virtual chats.
108 Connecticut Kari Campano launched her marketing career as a publicist and special events coordinator in 1984 with a small public relations firm in California. In 1988, she gathered experience in the advertising industry working in account management at a Young and Rubicam company for clients including Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Westin Hotels and Resorts, and Suzuki Motorcycles. In 1991, Kari continued her relationship with KFC as an event planner and designer through her own company Grand Events with partners John a
109 Connecticut Connecticut public relations firm who combines traditional PR with internet marketing and social media. Joanne Carroll of JMC Resources focuses on the promotion of Connecticut builders, remodelers, and land developers.
110 Connecticut Founded in 2005, The Matriarch Agency is a talent management and public relations firm, headquartered in Connecticut.
111 Connecticut Ready to begin your journey. Start down the path to success. From concept to delivery. We make it easy and affordable to reach your marketing goals. LMC is a full service marketing and public relations firm specializing in all aspects of brand development and management for businesses and non-profit organizations. We listen carefully to our clients’ objectives and provide innovative strategies, fluid communications plans, and creative advertising and promotional campaigns that deliver highly targeted result
112 Connecticut Andrea Obston Marketing Communications is a public relations firm that focuses on reputation and crisis management. She focuses on enhancing reputations and relationships in order to lead to business success.
113 Connecticut LOOK is a career advisory and public relations firm developed with the needs of contemporary artists in mind.  Our primary mission is to help artists achieve their goals as they cultivate positive and profitable alliances in the world. We act as an agent, coach or advisor, assisting our clients with the knowledge and insight of experienced art professionals.
114 Connecticut Baldwin Media Marketing, LLC is a public relations firm in New Britain, CT specializing in crisis communication, media training, and marketing.
115 Delaware NetMediaCom is a full service Media and Public Relations firm, focusing on press office activities, message consulting, and strategic planning all over the world.
116 Delaware GillespieHall (GH) is a full-service marketing and public relations firm, with a recognized niche in crisis management, brand rejuvenation, and integrated digital communication.
117 District Of Columbia We Do Not Have Business Hours. Dynamic Public Relations. Dynamic Public Relations is a full service public relations firm based in Washington, DC. Our staff consists of trained professionals who are aggressive in providing our clients with exceptional service. Our response time to incoming correspondence is immediate. Timing can make all the difference when it comes to achieving desired results.
118 District Of Columbia A nonprofit talent agency and public relations firm for students and young professionals in policy. Young Voices places a diverse roster of classical liberal writers under 35 in top media outlets. Our writers span the continental U. Are You A Writer Under 35. Our team of professional editors will work with you one-on-one to prepare your piece for publication.
119 Florida Established in 1985, Susan Brustman & Associates named President Larry Carrino a partner and Brustman Carrino Public Relations (BCPR) was launched in 2007. Brustman Carrino is a full service, bilingual, Miami-based public relations firm specializing in culinary, hospitality, arts and entertainment accounts, creating innovative special events and publicity campaigns from the local to the national level.
120 Florida EvClay Public Relations is a public relations firm with a national reputation for delivering results. With offices in Miami, EvClay
121 Florida Schneider Communications is a public relations firm and tech PR agency specializing in Ft. Lauderdale & Miami PR, Florida PR, Technology Public Relations, Telecom PR, Corporate Communications, Latin America PR Agency, Public Relations Consultant
122 Florida Conroy Martinez, Miami based bilingual public relations firm provides integrated marketing communications solutions for the Latin American market.
123 Florida WE REALLY LOVE. Success Is Built Upon A Solid Foundation. PR can help you get there. BookBound Media is a boutique public relations firm that provides PR and literary services to new and seasoned authors. By integrating traditional PR efforts with new media practices, BookBound Media helps clients meet multiple goals. BookBound Media Offers  Several PR and Literary Services.
124 Florida KSC Inc. is a full-service marketing, advertising and public relations firm in Sarasota, FL, specializing in strategic planning. Contact us to discuss your needs today!
125 Florida We are a full-service, Marketing & Public Relations firm with specialization in Government Relations and Events Management Consulting.
126 Florida SHOOK PR is a Pensacola public relations firm that specializes in campaign and reputation management. We are the local experts dedicated to enhancing your digital footprint. We are trained to tactfully and ethically represent political candidates, small businesses, and those facing a PR crisis.
127 Florida Liz Morgan PR Is A Creative, Award-Winning Jacksonville Public Relations Firm Specializing In Media Relations, Communications Strategy And Events.
128 Florida A public relations firm in Miami catering to all things sensory. From food and wine to travel and fashion, we
129 Florida Front Line serves a diverse group of clients who place high value on a strong and commanding presentation of message. Front Line is headquartered in Tallahassee and conducts business throughout the country. Front Line Strategies is a full-service media and public relations firm, bringing maximum firepower on behalf of clients throughout the nation. We produce and place all types of paid media and provide standard services in public relations, campaign consulting, and grassroots advocacy.
130 Florida The WhiZz of PR. T- WhiZz Pro Relations is a multimedia marketing and public relations firm designed to assist an individual in development toward their goals for their profession or company. To utilize PR & Multimedia-Marketing skills to enhance and promote those who Instill a purpose in peaceful resolution. Utilize the entertainment and business field to create a positive and uplifting platform for local communities and individuals.
131 Florida At PRspectives, it’s all about buzz, ink, airtime and online chatter for clients. It’s about getting the word and message out. In short, PRspectives exists to support small businesses with their marketing and public relations needs. Our enthusiastic and experienced team has over 20 years running a national public relations firm for clients large and small.
132 Florida Investor and Financial Public Relations Firm
133 Florida Providing unmatched communications counsel and strategy. On Message: Our weekly podcast bringing you communications tips for leaders, insights from the public relations industry, and the best stories in PR and communications. Subscribe to our updates, podcast and other content — We promise not to spam you. We are a public relations firm based in central Florida that specializes in communications strategy, media relations and issues management.
134 Florida Miami Public Relations Firm. Web Fact Check. Lawsuit Press Release. David | David PR. Miami Public Relations Firm. The agency offers a wide variety of services from traditional public relations to online reputation management and specialized services for attorneys and law firms. David PR Group is a Miami-based public relations firm that is always available to assist with your public relations and communications needs.
135 Florida Updated daily, is a comprehensive industry-specific business directory designed to help you find the best marketing and public relations firm to match your needs. Browse detailed profiles that include a bio, specialties, photos, and contact info!
136 Florida With offices in Miami and NYC, Kreps DeMaria is a public relations firm specializing in real estate, hospitality, law, banking and luxury retail.
137 Florida TransMedia Group ( is one of the country’s leading, multi-lingual public relations firms serving clients worldwide since 1981, from Israel to New York, Norway to South Africa, Miami to Mexico.
138 Florida Annex Communication is a full-source communication solution for businesses and individuals. Ft Lauderdale public relations agency, ft lauderdale public relations firm, ft lauderdale advertising agency, ad agency ft lauderdale, public relations ft lauderd
139 Florida Advice is a Florida public relations firm. As a Sarasota advertising agency, our goal is your message. Call our Tampa advertising agency today.
140 Florida Digital Marketing Public Relations firm in Miami
141 Florida Yates & Associates, Public Relations & Marketing, is a full service marketing and public relations firm located in Stuart, Florida. Yates & Associates serves select clients throughout Florida and the nation.
142 Florida WorldWise PR Affiliates. WorldWise PR Affiliates is a strategic alliance of well-established independent public relations firms in key locations around the globe, including Beijing, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Cartagena, Dubai, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Mainland China, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Moscow, Munich, New York, Paris, Rome, São Paulo, Singapore, and Toronto.
143 Florida A Digital Agency Focused On Growing your Business. Clients want creativity, great writing talent, and savvy marketing expertise from their advertising agency, public relations firm, or marketing communications partner. We’ve delivered high quality marketing communications, and we’ve delivered client-centric service, always recognizing the needs of clients’ organizations and the needs of the people working in those organizations.
144 Florida Altima Palm Beach is a Public Relations firm servicing clients targeting the affluent and discerning high net-worth individuals.
145 Florida The Small Business Public Relations Firm that’s Smart PR for your Small Businesses. Smart PR for Small Businesses. Small Businesses Are Busy. Your PR Firm™ is “Smart PR for Small Businesses™. We are the home of the $500 press release writing service and small business public relations firm. Call (888) 773-4768 today to speak with a Your PR Firm small business public relations specialist.
146 Florida Palm Beach Public Relations (PBPR) is a boutique public relations firm focusing their efforts on assisting companies in creating and implementing communication plans for either a whole organization or for one specific event like a golf tournament. PBPR thinks beyond traditional media mediums to circulate your company’s messages to new markets and is constantly pushing the digital frontier to see where the next communication channel is going to appear.
147 Florida The power of inspiration and creativity. When Tracy Tilson founded Tilson PR, a full-service public relations firm, it was because she loved coming up with ideas and campaigns and then pitching and selling them to clients and ultimately to the media to cover. That’s the day to day, but it also is part of her DNA…enthusiasm and passion for what the possibilities are…whether it be in life or work, are what make the journey amazing.
148 Florida Our values and culture are a direct reflection of our desire to see our clients succeed. We are a Global Advertising, Marketing, Promotional, and Public Relations Firm. We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital. You’ll form a lasting relationship with us, collaboration is central to we do. We founded The Wiggins Agency with the goal of creating meaningful experiences that connect with people.
149 Florida CheekySkirt Media is a full-service creative agency and boutique public relations firm. Energetic, fresh and accessible beyond the nine-to-five, we offer experience in a wide array of industries and product lines. Connections to the media, a thorough understanding of corporate communications, public relations, SEO-based content and copywriting, digital marketing and social media, is something we strive to stay on trend with and ahead of the curve. A la carte services available.
150 Florida South Florida advertising agency & public relations firm, The Weinbach Group has helped clients for more than 25 years with winning ad and PR campaigns
151 Florida TLMPR is a boutique public relations firm that specializes in providing   brand management for new artist in the music industry. Our main focus is   artist development and building a strong foundation for an artist to create   longevity in the music industry .
152 Florida Innovative Jacksonville public relations firm, marketing agency, video production & web design company trusted by businesses & nonprofits nationwide.
153 Florida BoardroomPR is the top Naples FL public relations firm. PR Media placements, online marketing, Google PPC, Website design, Search Engine Optimizaiton. Social media marketing specialists, Youtube video production, Special event marketing. Brand management.
154 Georgia ARPR is an award-winning tech PR firm at the epicenter of the future of PR. Our media relations, social media and digital marketing make reputations thrive.
155 Georgia Liz Lapidus PR is a boutique public relations firm specializing in upscale retail, hospitality, real estate, health & beauty and art brands.
156 Georgia FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this). ABOUT CAPITAL ENTERTAINMENT. The Founders of Capital Entertainment public relations agency have a combined history of thirty years of experience in the entertainment business. It is now one of the premiere entertainment public relations firm in the nation’s capital. FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).
157 Georgia M-Squared PR is an independent, boutique public relations firm with experience across a variety of industries and specializing in the luxury, retail, hotel, tourism, medical, food and beverage and real estate markets.
158 Georgia See.Spark.Go is a Public Relations firm that specializes in Media   Relations, Social Media, Digital Strategy and Content Marketing. Since 2007   our PR Firm has been serving client
159 Georgia The Dialogue Marketing agency in Atlanta is a modern public relations firm providing engagement strategy for purpose-led brands and ideas.
160 Georgia Write2Market is a top-ranked Atlanta public relations firm specializing in Tech Public Relations, Healthcare PR and Energy PR, content marketing and SEO
161 Georgia Lead Dog Productions is a full-service, professional advertising, marketing, graphic design and public relations firm. We develop exceptional marketing and visual communication …. Creative: Advertising, graphic design, sales materials, posters, brochures, copywriting, publications, catalogs, trade show displays, illustrations, & photography Web Site: Innovative Design Virtual ….
162 Georgia A public relations firm specializing in sustainable transportation and community building.
163 Georgia Entertainment Public Relations, Brand Development, and Talent Management Agency. Past and Current Clients. The David Brand is a marketing and public relations firm specializing in entertainment relations. We help clients find their niche, portray it to the public, make key relationships and create clear concise messaging that will expand overall brand exposure.
164 Georgia Addams & Partners is a full-service, high-value public relations firm. Are you there yet. View communications as an integral part of your business strategy. Value fresh, unbiased perspectives. Need something above and beyond to set you apart. Place a high value on time. Demand high accountability from your business partners. Operate in a demanding, competitive environment.
165 Georgia Vision Works Public Relations Firm, LLC is an independent, boutique public relations firm with more than a decade of experience across a variety of industries and specializing in the ministry, not-for-profit, startup markets.
166 Georgia Keenan’s Kids Foundation. Children at-risk do not vote and have neither paid lobbyists nor high-powered public relations firms. Consequently, the interests of these children are often considered unimportant and are lost in the system. The Atlanta-based Keenan’s Kids Foundation was formed in 1993 to promote child advocacy and assist at-risk children. The Keenan’s Kids Foundation works hard educate the general public, law students and practicing lawyers so they are more aware of the needs of children at-risk
167 Georgia Fitzgerald PR is a public relations firm that works with clients to disperse their message to target audiences. Trust us to help your business in Atlanta, GA.
168 Georgia Public Relations firm specializing in Corporate Communications, Sports & Celebrity Publicity, Book & Author Publicity, and Political & Public Affairs.
169 Hawaii Becker Communications is a leading Public Relations firm in Honolulu, Hawaii that specializes in public relations, marketing, advertising and digital communications
170 Hawaii MVNP is a fully-integrated Hawaii advertising agency and public relations firm based in Honolulu specializing in innovative marketing and media.
171 Idaho Tracy Consulting is a public relations firm and advertising agency in Boise, Idaho having experience with commercial, non-profit, and political clients.
172 Illinois Molise PR is a top Chicago public relations firm with integrated social media management and marketing communications for businesses in this digital age.
173 Illinois Mekky Media is a boutique public relations firm dedicated to delivering powerful publicity using trusted experience, innovative ideas and personalized attention. The team consists of passionate professionals who work with relentless drive to achieve success for clients who all have one thing in common – a good story.
174 Illinois Amdur Spitz & Associates is a full-service public relations firm based in Chicago. We create communications campaigns that influence opinions and decisions.
175 Illinois Heron Agency is a Chicago Public Relations firm specializing in full service public relations, marketing and social media campaigns nationwide.
176 Illinois Integrated marketing and public relations firm offering PR, creative,   branding, marketing, and design services to hotels, restaurants, consumer   products, technology and entertainment (music, bands, music festivals)   industries.
177 Illinois Fetch IMC, an award winning, minority-owned Chicago marketing and public relations firm, serves as the outsourced marketing solution for small- to mid-sized businesses.
178 Illinois SOCIAL MEDIA FEED. No products in the cart. Does Your Business Need a Little BUZZ. Connecting to Markets in New and Creative Ways that Inspire. Chicago Buzz Marketing is a full service marketing and public relations firm that believes in revolutionizing the way Chicago experiences the arts, entertainment, and hospitality. We strive to be cutting edge leaders in our industry.
179 Illinois DeSoto & State. Music, Arts & Education, Non-Profits. DeSoto & State is a public relations firm built to serve the unique challenges non-profits face. We earn great news and editorial coverage using both tried-and-true tactics and new means of engagement and have a mechanism which allows clients to use earned media coverage to grow donor relationships. We offer communications and media training, message and story discovery, and expert strategy on connecting with influencers.
180 Illinois Social Media Management. Strategic Content Development. Brand Strategy Consulting. Tech Image is an award-winning, Chicago-based digital PR agency that connects your brand to the right people. We offer solutions that grab attention, change minds and build meaningful relationships. In this digital age, we believe there’s a better way to tell your story. As the online landscape continues to evolve, never has it been more important for companies to have a cutting-edge public relations firm that understands how
181 Illinois 3rd Coast PR is an award-winning Chicago public relations firm that specializes in new product launches for consumer and B2B brands.
182 Illinois We are the premier tradeshow, marketing and public relations firm for the nation’s leading manufacturing, professional service firms, and trade associations.
183 Illinois New Dark Ages PR a focused publicity, public relations firm specializing in metal, hard rock, gothic/industrial, electronic, punk/scene and ebm artists.
184 Illinois MDPR is a Chicago-based boutique lifestyle public relations firm +   communications agency. We can
185 Illinois KemperLesnik is a leading corporate public relations firm based in Chicago with decades of experience in PR, sports marketing, event marketing and content marketing.
186 Illinois Board of Advisors. The Power to Connect with Success. Augustus Global is an international consulting group and public relations firm comprised of strategic advisors. Our Advocacy Team and Partners possess more than 100 years of highly diverse international experience. We advise, educate and guide governmental and multi-national corporate leaders in the following:.
187 Illinois Fishman Public Relations is the premier public relations firm driving results in the franchise industry.
188 Indiana Dittoe Public Relations is an Indianapolis based public relations firm which serves clients across many industries, from tech to sports.
189 Indiana Shank Public Relations Counselors. Cover Letter Tips. Tips & Strategies. Put your alternative Non Flash content here. Shank Public Relations Counselors is a leading public relations firm based in the Midwest that develops management-driven strategies to create understanding and preference for clients. We then create the stuff that makes the strategy work.
190 Indiana Step Ahead Inc – Step Ahead Inc:. Step Ahead Inc – An Indianapolis public relations firm, specializing in securing national media coverage for hotels, resorts, travel companies and the tourism industry.
191 Iowa Hanser & Associates is a national public relations firm that creates and manages relationships to deliver powerful results.
192 Iowa We run successful campaigns by coupling detailed research, effective messaging, and targeted voter contact. Decades of experience developing effective messages and building organizations that can deliver them. Link Strategies is a full-service political and public relations firm with the tools to help you succeed. We conduct thorough and user-friendly research.
193 Kansas Look to our public relations firm in Kansas City, KS, for essential workplace training. We teach sensitivity to issues, such as race, gender, and culture.
194 Kansas Axial PR is a proactive Public Relations firm that specialises in an array of creative marketing services, ranging from TV advertising to telephone campaigns.
195 Kentucky Are you looking for the right tools to tell the story of your company, community, or organization. Led by Aaron Thompson, we are a Full-Service Communications and Public Relations Firm here to assist you in communicating your products, priorities, or opportunities. We look forward to working with you. Copyright © 2020 A.
196 Louisiana The Brylski Company  | A Full Service Public Relations Firm in New Orleans
197 Louisiana Louisiana-based communications, marketing, and public relations firm. Specializing in healthcare, tax campaigns and issues navigation.
198 Louisiana There are two kinds of problems:. Those you must avoid. Those you must fix. We are a full service public affairs and public relations firm with a combined 40 years of knowing when to cut the red wire and when to cut the blue one for our federal and state clients. Ready to get started. Want to learn more about how we can help you.
199 Louisiana Usually upon hearing the name Calzone, one tends to think of Italian food. Well, we’re not a restaurant. We’re not in the restaurant business either, that is, unless you are a restaurateur in need of some superb exposure. We are a professional advertising, marketing and public relations firm with the capability of producing award-winning dishes.
200 Louisiana Full-service advertising agency and public relations firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana providing consulting and marketing services, internet services, print, televesion and radio placement, and more.
201 Louisiana Armand Creative is a full-service advertising and public relations firm providing professional marketing solutions to small and large companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies eager to communicate with new and existing clients, employees and the community.
202 Maine Founded in 2016, Zenica Public Relations is a full-service public relations firm in Portland, ME.
203 Maryland Complete your holiday shopping today. Purple Cat is a full-service public relations firm that serves non-profit organizations and small businesses. The firm was founded on the key principle that quality public relations strategies and affordability do not have to be mutually exclusive — effective does not have to mean expensive. Recession-proof Marketing White Paper available.
204 Maryland Your Custom Text Here. JB Communications is a boutique public relations firm based in the Washington, D. JB Communications looks at clients as partners as we work together to create solutions and communicate messages. Whether it is developing and running an event, creating marketing materials or pitching your story to the media and then preparing you to nail the interview, JB Communications takes its clients where they want to go.
205 Massachusetts Hunter + Co Communications is a public relations firm providing strategic communication programs and services for a diverse range of clients.
206 Massachusetts Tech PR and marketing firm serving market-leading technology startups, enterprises and VCs.
207 Massachusetts CGPR is a communications and public relations firm for active lifestyle brands. Our strategic expertise will help your brand achieve business and communication goals.
208 Massachusetts We are a branding and public relations firm that helps businesses and organizations communicate creatively and clearly.  Using a mix of traditional and multi-media platforms, we capture your audience and improve bottom lines.
209 Massachusetts BIGfish PR is a tech PR firm that provides public relations, social media & digital marketing services for consumer, technology, healthcare & energy brands.
210 Massachusetts An award-winning Boston public relations firm providing PR services, media training in Boston, executive coaching & more. Receive a free consultation today!
211 Massachusetts Greater Boston-based public relations firm serving some of the world
212 Massachusetts Startup PR? Leading venture-backed startups turn to Beantown Media Ventures for startup PR, social media and content marketing support to scale their businesses.
213 Massachusetts Boston public relations firm specializing in real estate, luxury retail,   and arts-related nonprofits.
214 Massachusetts Art in Everything is a marketing and public relations firm that offers creative and effective solutions to help your business grow. Call us today!
215 Massachusetts Greenough Brand Storytellers is an integrated marketing and public relations firm that helps brands use the power of stories to engage and influence key audiences via traditional, digital and social media marketing and PR channels.
216 Massachusetts Our boutique public relations firm focuses on providing a wide variety of highly tailored communications and marketing services to empHower businesses and non-profit organizations to build a strong brand and reputation, and develop the tools needed to effectively respond to—and during—a crisis. In the 10-plus years that I have had the pleasure of knowing Lauren Howe, one definite attribute has become crystal clear.
217 Massachusetts CL-Media Relations LLC, Asset management public relations, Fund management public relations, Investment management public relations, Public relations, Boutique public relations firm, Boston, Chicago, New York, Financial services, Corporate communications
218 Michigan Vanguard Public Affairs is a full-service marketing and public relations firm based in Lansing, Michigan.
219 Michigan Minority Business Tour. Minority Business Tour. Everything you do and say is Public Relations. Everything you do and say is Public Relations. Award-Winning Full Service Public Relations. Welcome to JA PR Group, LLC an award-winning, full-service public relations firm established in 2014. JA PR Group is a morphed event planning company, which started in 2003, however to meet our clients fulfillment we adapted and now are able to provide clients more services as a public relations firm.
220 Michigan Developing a solid marketing strategy is key. Create a hook and set it with creative writing. Velarde Marketing is an advertising and public relations firm serving the West Michigan region. We are the right choice for small to medium-sized organizations that value professionally designed and produced marketing materials, but are not in a position to employ a complete marketing department or contract with a full-service ad agency.
221 Michigan At Martin Waymire, we’re proud to support clients working to make Michigan a better place. For more than a decade, we’ve earned the trust and respect of hundreds of clients, managing award-winning public relations, digital marketing and advocacy campaigns with winning results. It’s why we’re considered one of the top public relations firms in the state. We offer award-winning public relations counsel, strategies and tactics based on sound research and a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives.
222 Michigan Full-service public relations firm  specializing in media relations, written media materials, and strategic communications planning.
223 Michigan SUMMARY OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE IN COMMUNICATION Prior to entering academia, and beginning in 1995 and continuing for a decade, I practiced public relations and affairs, campaign communications, internal communications, and promotions in Washington, D.C., Silicon Valley and elsewhere for both non-profit and commercially-driven entities, including the American Federation of Teachers, Sun Microsystems, public relations firms,…
224 Michigan Detroit-based public relations firm Marx Layne is a trusted and valued partner to many successful companies. We love helping our clients tell their stories!
225 Michigan Publicom is an integrated advertising and public relations firm specializing in branding for companies in health care, education, finance, insurance and more.
226 Michigan Sabo PR is a public relations firm in Grand Rapids, MI. Our team are experts in media relations and communications strategy with a proven track record of results.
227 Michigan Farough and Associates is a top notch Michigan-based public relations firm   that specializes in campaign strategy, issue advocacy, and all aspects of   communications.
228 Minnesota Roepke Public Relations is an international public relations firm that focuses on media relations. Companies turn to Roepke to ensure that their message is communicated effectively to print, broadcast and online media. Our team has extensive experience and abundant media contacts throughout all sectors of the global media market. These connections have benefited clients of all sizes, from established corporations to new and ambitious startup companies and non-profits.
229 Minnesota Corporations, Associations and Large Public Relations Firms from across the country count on Weber Johnson to help them deliver on their important work in the Upper Midwest. Every day, the team at Weber Johnson serves corporate decision makers like Inside Counsels, VP’s of Government Relations, Board Members: or Marketing and Communications Executives. They bring us to the table for their most important challenges.
230 Minnesota Pocket Hercules is a Minneapolis advertising agency and public relations firm providing advertising, PR, digital, social and integrated communications.
231 Minnesota We can talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything. At Schuler Publicity, we encompass the most important skill of public relations: engaging communication. From bylined articles and press releases to crisis communications and social media, Schuler Publicity is a full service public relations firm, dedicated to garnering valuable and impactful media coverage for each and every client, from small startups to well-known established businesses, for profit or nonprofit.
232 Minnesota Get the expertise of BETTISON, a Minneapolis public relations firm focusing on crisis communications, reputation management and media relations.
233 Minnesota Neuger Communications Group is a strategic marketing communications, branding and public relations firm.
234 Missouri We are Trozzolo – a full-service, integrated advertising agency and public relations firm located in the heart of Kansas City.
235 Missouri Louis, Missouri public relations firm here to help spread your vision.
236 Missouri TagTeam Global is a marketing, advertising, and public relations firm offering senior-level communications strategies to promote your business.
237 Missouri Show Me Agri-Comm is a freelance public relations firm specializing in writing, photography and graphic design services for agricultural clients.
238 Missouri SAGE Marketing, St. Louis, Missouri – SAGE Marketing is a full service marketing and public relations firm headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Voted one of the best marketing firms in the area
239 Missouri Drive your sales. Communicate better.Best Public Relations Firms in St. Louis, Digital Marketing,
240 Missouri The Maneke Law Group, L. The Maneke Law Group’s practice is grounded in a strong belief in the First Amendment. The principal member of this firm has more than 25 years’ experience in the area of media law, including libel and privacy matters, copyright and trademark issues and access to public information. In past years, clients have included newspapers, national magazines, book publishers, advertising and public relations firms, broadcasters, recording artists, film producers and photographers.
241 Missouri This is a public relations firm in your area.
242 Missouri Cultivating Healthy Ideas | Public Relations Firm
243 Missouri Howard Communications, Inc. is a public relations firm representing several outdoor companies to the media including: Birchwood Casey, Browning, Can-Am, D.T. Systems, Hunters Specialties, Mossy Oak, Safari Club International Convention, SCI Foundation, Signature Products Group, STI, US Concealed Carry Association, and Winchester Repeating Arms.
244 Missouri SmartMark Public Communications is a unique business force in a rapidly-changing business world. SmartMark is a think tank and a marketing strategy practice, an advertising agency and a public relations firm. We are an expert public communcations provider to companies large and small, domestic and international. We’re a marketing management and organizational communications counselor for A, B and C-level business executives.
245 Nebraska Your brand in the spotlight. Lifestyle PR | Brand Partnerships | National Media Tours. Carolyn Sutton PR is a boutique public relations firm specializing in local and national lifestyle clients. Carolyn Sutton PR successfully launches brands and new products by developing robust media relations plans and blogger partnerships. Our customized outreach programs are notorious for generating high-profile coverage through several strategic platforms.
246 Nevada LIPPMAN MEDIA IS A GROWTH STRATEGY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM FOCUSED ON DRIVING RESULTS THROUGH UNDERSTANDING THE MARKET, INFLUENCE, THOUGHT LEADERSHIP, AND CREATING THE EXPERIENCE. We are Lippman Media. Lippman Media provides specialized business development consulting in Southern Nevada and Northern California. In hiring a firm to represent your company, it’s critical to choose an industry leader.
247 Nevada When Trosper Public Relations was created in 2010, it was done with much forethought and consideration of the market. Southern Nevada did not need just another public relations firm. Instead, we filled a void for companies with complex marketing challenges seeking a partner to provide an outside perspective, guidance and strategic solutions. The Trosper Public Relations team is a select group of passionate individuals that collaborate and execute our core values of integrity, leadership, and inspiration.
248 Nevada The Ferraro Group is a leading regional public relations firm providing strategic communications to businesses, associations, governments, and non-profits.
249 New Hampshire Miller Clearly is a boutique public relations firm in Vermont, specializing   in reputation management, issues and crisis management, media and investor   relations, and business writing.
250 New Jersey Welcome to Media Friendly Public Relations, a full-service media relations firm based in Philadelphia and earning meaningful press coverage around the globe. More than just a public relations firm, we connect you with the right people and the right audience. Visibility is more than just a buzz word. We are open and ready to help with your communication needs through this Coronavirus Crisis.
251 New Jersey Mastro Communications, Inc. is a leading full-service Marketing & Public Relations Firm. We work closely with top brands and companies and have a strong reputation for developing & implementing communications strategies and marketing programs that deliver results.
252 New Jersey Business book publicist owned business book publicity & business book public relations firm for promoting business books & business book p.r.
253 New Jersey Communications strategy and Public Relations firm covering New Jersey, southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware
254 New Jersey Faith based Public Relations Firm
255 New Jersey NISONCO is the eminent cannabis public relations firm. We’ve worked with over 100 cannabis and hemp companies since 2013. Cannabis PR and SEO
256 New Jersey Located in Mount Laurel, NJ, Akanson is a full-service public relations firm, raising industry standards in crisis management and project facilitation.
257 New Jersey A Focused Approach. Fox Vocal Arts. The Fork Restaurant. Oh Brian’s Gastropub. Next Level Supplies. Book Cover Design. Economical C-fold Brochures. Foldout Brochure for Public Relations Firm. We work to get you noticed. Our creativity and marketing know-how combine to attract and hold the attention of your customers. When we work on the web, our design efforts are supported by our knowledge of SEO – both organic and pay-per-click to get your product or service noticed.
258 New Jersey Tartaglia Communications is a full-service public relations firm that specializes in developing strategic communications solutions for health, science and nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes.
259 New Jersey Healy Corporate Communications is a results-driven public relations firm, helping blue-chip clients achieve business objectives and build shareholder value
260 New Jersey Evergreen Partners is the region’s leading public relations firm specializing in crisis communications, reputation management, litigation support and issues management consulting. If you are a high profile public figure, a leading not-for-profit or business entity, a dynamic corporate litigator, a professional athlete or a prominent educational or religious institution, you may be here because your peers have relied on Evergreen services — and they’ve told you we consistently exceed expectations.
261 New Mexico Media Matched is a full-service advertising agency and public relations firm servicing New Mexico and the surrounding areas including Albuquerque and Rio Rancho
262 New Mexico Gann PR is a boutique public relations firm specializing in Media Training, Media Relations, and Broadcast and Web-based video production. With over thirty years experience in the industry, we offer the perspective of a media insider and design proven strategies that help your company leave a mark. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging.
263 New York Ithaca Public Relations is an Ithaca, NY public relations firm specializing in strategic marketing, advertising, social media, media and public relations. We use traditional, digital and social media to create compelling messages, and protect brands.
264 New York A Results-Driven Tech PR Agency
265 New York DBS MGMT is a public relations firm dedicated to the successful development of emerging and iconic brands.
266 New York One of the nation’s leading public relations firms, DJC Communications specializes in media relations, crisis communications and publicity.
267 New York HeraldPR is a full service NYC public relations firm with expertise in   corporate communications, crisis communications and management, luxury   hospitality, consumer, and digital marketing.
268 New York Full-Service Public Relations Firm|Rebillard Public Relations
269 New York Goodman Media is an award-winning NYC-based public relations firm, focused   on media relations and digital marketing, including content marketing,   social media efforts, events, thought leadership, crisis communications and   more.
270 New York Drotman Communications is a full service sports/lifestyle public relations firm dedicated to providing expert counsel, public relations programs, social media support and affiliated marketing services.
271 New York Melissa Johnson Associates, Inc. Melissa Johnson Associates is a WBE/DBE/SBE certified public relations firm specializing in community outreach and stakeholder engagement strategies to support public initiatives. We are a reliable partner that helps government agencies and their consultants work effectively with stakeholders and the public. Our focus is on developing innovative strategies and solutions to anticipate and manage public opinion to support economic development, infrastructure, transportation, r
272 New York Rosanne Sall Advertising is a full-service marketing, advertising, and   public relations firm. OUR SERVICES TV, RADIO, PRINT, & OUTDOOR SOCIAL   MEDIA/DIGITAL SERVICES RS COMMUNICATIONS TRANSIT/AIRPORT
273 New York Copyright © All rights reserved. We are a small firm with a huge reach based on partnerships with leading public relations firms, creative production agencies, and policy analysts in the U. We are also a small full-service literary agency representing a wide range of nonfiction for the general adult trade market. Lehr has guided the The Nolan/Lehr Group as president since acquiring the company in 1989.
274 New York We are a one stop shop for all your marketing needs. Whether you are a new or seasoned small business, we are here to get your business notice. Additionally, we are a full service public relations firm that can handle issues-based campaigns and political campaigns. With over 30 years of experience, our team is ready and eager to work with you. Click below to learn about each member of our team.
275 New York Lisa Ajello is the owner of eyePRmedia a NYC public relations firm specializing in talent publicity, strategic communications, entertainment, digital and
276 New York Crisis Public Relations & Reputation Management Consulting. Reputation Doctor® LLC. Fox 5 NY VIDEO – Mike Paul Comments on What’s Next For Anthony Weiner After Release. The Reputation Doctor® Says Weiner Will Have Tough Time Shaking Alleged Pedophile Label. Reputation Doctor® LLC is a top, global and virtual, public relations firm specializing in crisis public relations, reputation management, corporate communications, media relations, nonprofit communications, government relations, event communications, en
277 New York A public relations firm specializing in winning earned media for expert businesses, venture-backed startups, and small corporations. PR done differently.
278 New York Mission & Philosophy. Why A Small Firm. It’s What We Do. Building Awareness for Brands. Founded in 1984 by Lori Rosen, Rosen Group is a full-service public relations firm with over three decades of experience building awareness for its clients. From high-profile broadcast placements with the Today Show and NPR to coveted print coverage in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, Rosen Group understands implicitly how to translate sophisticated agendas into easily-understood and impactful stories that jou
279 New York Aleba & Co. is a boutique public relations firm based in New York City, representing the full spectrum of classical and new music—artists.
280 New York Public Relations Firm – Strategic Communications, Fundraising Consulting, NPO Management, Media Relations, Crisis Management,
281 New York GP Public Relations Memberships. Award winning public relations firm   located in NYC. Celebrity Full Service Public Relations Firm. Specializing   in celebrity image, press, media, sponsor ships and endorsements. Public   Relations New York City Celebrity Public Relations Full Service Firm.   Public Relations Experts. #publicrelations #publicist #publicrelationsfirm   #publicity
282 New York LandersMadden is a boutique public relations firm that takes an executive level hands-on approach to delivering strategic full service communications programs, consisting of earned, owned and paid media. They are a no nonsense firm who can tell it like it is and cut through all of the fluffy parts and even deal with difficult leadership.
283 New York Boutique public relations firm specializing in design and architecture   clients
284 New York Public relations job listings for PR professionals.  Resources for PR job seekers and public relations firms.
285 New York Take your business to the next level. LáLew Public Relations is a full service public relations firm designed to meet the communication needs of any company, organization or business. We offer a range of services including strategic public relations counsel, social media & website management, media relations, promotions, event planning, and community engagement.
286 New York Winning IR Campaigns With Measurement For High Yielding ROI. Schedule Your 7 Point Evaluation Today To. AS SEEN OR HEARD ON. Keep Reading To Discover Why. The reason most IR firms won’t give you results is because they’re Public Relations firms in disguise. They keep you busy doing PR activities aimed at the general public instead of connecting you with retail or institutional investors.
287 New York Our NYC public relations firm creates brand awareness and positive brand images for businesses in the lifestyle, beauty & health & fitness industries.
288 New York Goldman McCormick PR is a public relations firm in New York, NY. Do you need a hand managing your public relations? Goldman McCormick PR can help.
289 New York Pigtail Public Relations offers a full-service public relations firm that creates tailor-made media campaigns for publishers and authors.Services include: publicity plans, author tours, media coverage, book signings, press kits and media escort.
290 New York Tech PR that delivers. Lightspeed is nimble and responsive like smaller agencies but with the proficiency and scalability of the big guys. We did it by fusing an experienced leadership team with a crew of all-star associates. Big brand buzz and a suite of PR services and consulting for companies of any size – within your budget. How do we do it. From flawless product launches to ongoing campaigns, Lightspeed has the expertise to grow with you.
291 New York Full-service branding, marketing communications and public relations firm with specialist expertise in developing integrated multi-platform programs for icon and legacy brands.
292 New York The Public Relations and Marketing Group, on Long Island, New York, is a fully-integrated marketing agency and public relations firm.
293 New York RG Narrative is a leading integrated PR and content marketing company.
294 New York Global public relations firm for architecture, design, and destination   brands, based in New York City.
295 New York Public relations firms for the arts
296 New York Welcome to Poised. Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are. Welcome to Poised. View our Media Kit. Terms of Service. Send press inquiries to:  press@poisedmag. Publicists and public relations firms seeking to pitch client stories, please email:  advertise@poisedmag.
297 New York MacKenzie Agency is a food and wine public relations firm dedicated to raising the profile and awareness of brands, large and small.
298 New York Dukas Linden Public Relations is a financial PR agency in Los Angeles and New York. DLPR is in leading finance public relations firms and agencies providing full range of public relations services in Los Angeles and New York.
299 New York Pace PR is a full-service media communications and public relations firm specializing in broadcast, web and print media. Contact our NYC PR firm today!
300 New York A Global Public Relations, Branding and Communications Agency. Wunderlich Kaplan Communications is a dynamic, strategic and results driven, public relations company creating effective, proactive initiatives. Based in New York, Miami and Boston and led by innovative thinkers, dedicated to their clients, Wunderlich Kaplan Communications is not your typical public relations firm.
301 New York Behrman Communications is a forward-thinking public relations firm and the   industry specialist in brand building, founded by Nancy Behrman, a pioneer   in the world of brand publicity.
302 New York Clients We’ve Served. Public Relations for Financial Services. Mount & Nadler represents a broad range of clientele in the financial and investment spheres, with an emphasis on investment companies and money managers. It is the most experienced public relations firm specializing in financial services PR.
303 New York Focus Media is an award-winning full service Marketing and Public Relations firm located in the Hudson Valley region of NY.
304 New York Nadine Johnson and Associates Inc is a public relations firm catering to a select international clientele. Though diverse in size and emphasis, all clients are culled from the highest echelons of the art, fashion, hospitality, real estate, entertainment, technology and media industries. A full-service agency, Nadine Johnson, Inc provides strategic media outreach, image/brand consulting, and event planning to clients, utilizing a handpicked team of associates, impeccable media and celebrity contacts, and the
305 New York MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. Her public relations firm, established in 1995, has built its success on her celebrated political acumen and widely admired work as a master of language and communications strategy – enjoying broad contacts and access to national and international media in television, radio, and print. She advised the leadership of the United Nations for more than fifteen years on how to frame and resolve political crises among its 193 member states.
306 New York WE ARE OMNI PUBLIC. NEW YORK CITY | TAMPA BAY. WE ARE OMNI PUBLIC. NEW YORK CITY | TAMPA BAY. The strategy + public affairs firm for the future. We are a progressive global strategy, public affairs and public relations firm that specialize in helping companies introduce and deploy new technologies, concepts and ideas into the market place and engage with government, media and industry.
307 New York We find new clients for advertising agencies and marketing services companies. That means, content creators, public relations firms, online ad networks, ad exchanges, design firms, branding consultancies, market research firms, promotions companies, ad technology outfits, social media agencies, analytics providers, media companies, software developers and technology companies.
308 New York Adam Kluger PR is a New York City public relations firm geared towards promotion the reputation and exposure of individuals executives and corporations.
309 New York Media Relations and Marketing Communications. How do we do it. Signals & Strategies is staffed by proven professionals — former journalists and industry veterans from the world’s largest public relations firms. As former journalists themselves, our staff understands how the media works and what the media needs. With years of experience, our staffers hit the ground running without expensive and unproductive ramp-up time.
310 New York JMG PR is a full-service public relations firm for venture backed startup   companies. We
311 New York Rochester and Atlanta public relations, communications and nonprofit consultant public relations firm
312 New York Dirt Racing Columns. Asphalt Racing Columns. BCPR is a new, but creative, full-service public relations firm perfectly built for today’s fast-moving communications environment. BCPR takes professional website design to the next level with affordable, high quality designs with a fast turnaround. Logo & Graphic Design. BCPR specializes in a full range of services to help our clients achieve their interactive goals.
313 New York We Control the. Orndee PR is one of the most innovative crisis management, strategic communications, and public relations firms around. We help clients control the controversies, create the narrative, engage the audience, and ultimately tell their story. Clients in the News. Exclusive: She’s been falsely accused of starting the pandemic. Her life has been turned upside down.
314 New York Corbett PR is a Long Island public relations firm that has been recognized by local, national and international groups and publications.
315 New York Sams Crispe Communications is a full service public relations firm with experience in the automotive, magazine, retail, and not-for-profit sectors. The firm’s managing partners, Chris Sams and Nick Crispe, have handled public relations activities and event production for large corporations, trade associations, and small companies throughout their careers.
316 New York We influence the influencers. A full-service, independent public relations firm based in New York City, we’ve been helping companies avoid anonymity since 2001. We’re media centric, meaning we never lose sight of what’s important to journalists, which has helped us forge long-term media relationships.
317 New York Expert Creatives Who Deliver Effective Communication. SanbarPR is a forward thinking Public Relations Firm. Hailing from NYC, our team has worked closely with top brands and companies around the world since 2009. Discover how we can collaborate to transform the way you and your business communicates. Our growing Public Relations Firm is driven by passionate thinkers who work closely with each brand to create strategies that produce unparalleled results.
318 New York Founded by PR veteran Thomas Walek, Peaks Strategies is an independent public relations firm that delivers innovative and impactful communications solutions to clients across financial services, technology, ESG and impact investing, biotech/healthcare, and professional services. We partner and build long-term relationships with clients as we work with them to define, differentiate, promote and protect their reputations and brands in today’s demanding marketplace.
319 New York Lynette Nicole PR is a New York-based public relations firm working with start-ups and small businesses that doesn’t just talk the talk. We hustle until the work is done, then we keep going. Working in the media capital of the country, we have spent our careers building our network with the media contacts that you care about. Looking to expand awareness of your brand.
320 New York Become Noticed is a marijuana marketing, branding and public relations firm focused     on the needs of the developing cannabis industry.
321 New York DQMPR is a Travel Public Relations Firm in New York specializing in Destination Marketing, Hotel Marketing, Airline destination marketing and tour operators with destination marketing. Award Winning Travel Public Relations and Tourism Agency recognized by HSMAI (Platinum and Gold) and SATW (Several awards)
322 New York A public relations firm dedicated to the promotion of independent theatrical productions through effective marketing communications. Current Productions & Highlights. The reviews are in:. Kennedy-Scott’s transformations are quick and the situations are vivid. Most important, her portrayals are heartfelt: in them we see not just a hardy, exuberant and resourceful people but also a proud compatriot who appears to embody the very same qualities.
323 New York MICHELLE TABNICK PUBLIC RELATIONS. Michelle Tabnick PR is a full-service public relations firm specializing in the arts. The company creates PR strategies with the goals of promoting the client’s brand image, building ticket sales, and reaching target audiences, with specific focus on integrated marketing campaigns. Craft initial brand strategies and messages.
324 New York Berk Communications is an award-winning boutique public relations firm with deep expertise in consumer lifestyle, food and beverage, travel, sports and entertainment. Our team is a true blend of strategists with specialties in every arena from large consumer brands and tourist destinations to Michelin-starred restaurants, high profile events, premier personalities and celebrity-backed ventures. Whatever your business goals, you can be sure that Berk Communications has the breadth and scope to create and exe
325 New York LifeSci Public Relations LLC is a corporate communications and public relations firm helping clients engage their corporate audiences and achieve their business objectives via a broad array of traditional, social and digital media tools.
326 New York NGAGE GROUP OF COMPANIES. Fuelled by our insatiable appetite for innovation, the NGAGE Group of Companies is focussed on transforming the Sports and Entertainment landscape. If you are interested in learning more about our current portfolio or discussing partnership and investment opportunities, feel free to drop us a line. Based out of NYC, NGAGENCY Inc is a full-service marketing and public relations firm with a focus in sports, entertainment, and esports.
327 New York HJMT Public Relations Inc. New York’s Award-Winning Public Relations and Social Media Agency. Need attention that will get you new clients and buyers of your product or service. HJMT Public Relations Inc. We are the New York public relations firm with an impressive 25-year history. In that time, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses reach their goals. Let us help you too.
328 New York The Iva Agency Is a boutique marketing and public relations firm devoted to the design, architecture, and real estate communities.
329 New York Blackbird is a full-picture lifestyle public relations firm dedicated to the places, people, and products associated with living your best life.
330 New York eleven07 Main is a boutique Public Relations firm. We tell our clients
331 New York Council of Public Relations Firms
332 New York Westchester county, NY Public relations firm Ruby Media group is unparalleled when it comes to media relations. RMG will get you the exposure you need.
333 New York Hill Communications is a boutique, student-run public relations firm specializing in creating high quality work through high quality commitment.
334 North Carolina Set Your Brand Apart. Build on Solid Results. Charlotte Business Journal – Close relationships create stable ad agency. Entrepreneurs talk about what they do and why they do it. The Jewell Agency is a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations firm with offices on Providence Road in Charlotte, N. Over the last two decades, the agency has become known for its ability to engage audiences through a wide variety of traditional media along with evolving communication platforms.
335 North Carolina Public Relations firm based in Leland, N.C.
336 North Carolina PAINT A STORY THAT SETS YOU APART. Build Thought Leadership with Vision. STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. Content that’s Crafted to Engage Your Audience. PUT YOUR MESSAGE INTO FOCUS. Measured Results Pinpoint Your Success. Are Your PR and Content Marketing Strategies Driving Actionable Results. Learn How We Can Get Quantifiable Results for You. What do you need.
337 North Carolina Largemouth Communications, a North Carolina public relations firm, is about helping companies speak up in ways that truly capture the marketplace
338 Ohio Paradigm Marketing is a locally owned, full service advertising, marketing and public relations firm operating in the Columbus, OH area. We specialize in business to business advertising, technical writing, brochure design, graphic design and website design.
339 Ohio Adcom Healthcare is an award-winning marketing, consulting and public relations firm that brings new energy to your healthcare communications and customer engagement initiatives. By blending the science of connective thinking with the art of creativity, we draw upon decades of healthcare-focused experience to deliver the results-driven strategies and execution your brands need.
340 Ohio Problem Solving Communications and Positioning. Event Development and Promotion. Corporate Videos and Video Production. Slavic Village Development. Riverside Communications Group, LLC is a full-service marketing and public relations firm located in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 2006, Riverside Communications provides intelligent and strategic public relations and marketing counsel that delivers bottom-line results to our clients.
341 Ohio Inspire PR Group, Public Relations Firm in Columbus, OH, , 6145325279
342 Ohio Cleveland Public Relations Firm. Patton Public Relations manages a wide variety of public relations initiatives for small to medium-sized businesses, including media relations, newsletters, Web sites, marketing collateral and special events. Need public relations expertise. Looking for event planning. Let us help you. Website Planning & Production. Special Event Planning & Promotion.
343 Ohio The Fairmount Group is an award-winning public relations firm in Cleveland that delivers results for clients across a range of industries.
344 Ohio M. Public Relations is a Columbus, Ohio public relations firm specializing in building strategic campaigns for small to medium sized businesses.
345 Ohio A Christian Public Relations firm, specializing in communication needs of churches, ministries, nonprofits and values driven businesses.
346 Ohio Founded in 1988, Bill Doll & Company is an award-winning Cleveland speechwriting, research and public relations firm. We work with corporations on complex communications and advocacy issues through speeches, brochures, op-eds, annual reports, crisis management and legal analysis using a journalist
347 Ohio Springfield, Ohio Public Relations Firm that Works with Winners
348 Ohio We are a full-service marketing and public relations firm servicing small businesses, non-profits and public figures that have focus in community, business and overall economic development.
349 Ohio mcvay media in Avon Lake is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your stakeholders.
350 Oklahoma Vanatta and Associates website is a resource for people wanting an independent governmental lobbying and public relations firm, which represents businesses and associations concerning legislative and regulatory matters in the State of Oklahoma
351 Oklahoma High PR Media is a Public Relations firm with a hint of magic that combines creativity, energy and proactive thinking to deliver clear results for our clients’ businesses. Through establishing relationships with the media, building relationships with key journalists and influencers, achieving brand mentions online, we help boost your online presence in order for you to dominate in a competitive space.
352 Oklahoma Minty Communications is a marketing and public relations firm base in Norman, Oklahoma. Our serves include writing, editing, marketing, public relations media relations and corporate social responsibility communications.
353 Oklahoma A comprehensive public relations firm focused on our clients’ success. We use our communication and consulting expertise to bridge the gap between our clients and their audiences by identifying and activating strategies that enable client success. The Gooden Group is a comprehensive firm with recognized strengths in the areas of strategic business consultation and public relations services, corporate communication, perception and reputation management, issue mitigation, media management, crisis communicatio
354 Oregon Hubbell Communications is the premier public affairs & public relations firm in the Pacific Northwest. Our services include ballot campaigns, marketing and more. Contact us today.
355 Oregon A BOUTIQUE PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM. Artist Progression Management. Direct Marketing and Website Content. Viral & Blog Campaigns. Business Strategy & Development. Image Consulting & Branding. Single/Album Promotion to Radio. EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Design. Interview Coaching and Speech Writing. Press, Artist Features & Interview. Social Media Management & Growth.
356 Pennsylvania PRworks is a full-service marketing and public relations firm with a presence in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s state capital, and the Williamsport area.
357 Pennsylvania Imagination Becomes Reality With Us. Your dream starts with us, we can’t afford to let you down. We’re a 24/7 Public Relations Firm designed to fit the needs of your brand. Company Strengths at a glance. Our goal is to improve our skills everyday. We work extremely hard to provide our clients the professional content to reach their target market effectively.
358 Pennsylvania Greenwald Communications Associates, a public relations firm in King of Prussia, PA – near Philadelphia — is ranked in the
359 Pennsylvania Yardley Public Relations, LLC, is a boutique public relations firm.  Simply put, our business is to promote yours.  We work with ANY size budget and offer personalized service with an experienced team.
360 Pennsylvania McGuckin Strategies, LLC is a full service Public Affairs and Public Relations Firm.
361 Pennsylvania But our difference is business acumen. We help unknown experts and brands become known. We build brands & energize strategies for results & market loyalty. GroupLevinson is a full-service advertising agency and public relations firm.
362 Pennsylvania Large Media is a full-service, national public relations firm that spreads your word and gets you media coverage in print, online, radio and television.
363 Pennsylvania Bellevue Communications is a Philadelphia-based public relations firm specializing in media relations, crisis communications and issue management.
364 Pennsylvania Full-service marketing, promotion, and public relations firm specializing in brand strategy, experiential and content marketing, media buying/planning.
365 Pennsylvania Tina Bradford specializes in public relations and social media marketing……. She runs the most efficient public relations firm in The Lehigh Valley Area.
366 Pennsylvania Stunning Results and  Solutions. Cerelli Enterprises is a dynamic marketing & public relations firm specializing in content marketing, brand awareness, strategic industry positioning, promotion and digital marketing.
367 Rhode Island Strategic PR Counseling. Product Launch Support. Trade Show Support. White Papers/Technical Papers. We are a business-to-business public relations firm with special expertise in promoting industrial and high-technology products and software. Whether you are just starting out, rebranding a product line, or educating markets about your unique technology, Parker Group can help.
368 Rhode Island We are a full-service communications, government relations, and strategic consultation firm. We are not a law firm that occasionally does lobbying, or a public relations firm that dabbles in politics. We are a full-time, full-service firm committed to integrated public affairs. Our diverse team members have prior experience as campaign operatives, lawyers, crisis managers, elected and state officials, executive and legislative staffers, field operators, and public relations executives.
369 South Carolina Influence is a public relations firm specializing in public involvement and digital communications.
370 South Carolina Byrdhouse PR is a creative boutique public relations firm in Charleston, South Carolina specializing in all things food + hospitality…
371 South Carolina Jeff Dezen Public Relations is a leading Public Relations firm located in Greenville, South Carolina. (864) 233-3776.
372 South Carolina Mae and Larry Block ran an advertising, marketing and public relations firm for over 25 years. They are now retired.
373 South Carolina A public relations firm specializing in press coverage, social media management, and content marketing.
374 South Carolina We’re all about your image. How can we help tell your story. Boineau & Company is a marketing communications and public relations firm, based in Charleston, S. The firm offers marketing communications planning and implementation to corporate, government and non-profits. The company has a depth of experience in law, health care, HR, business consulting, real estate, environmental, energy, financial, construction/engineering and design firms, retail, education, and upscale hospitality, serving clients in Char
375 South Carolina Technically speaking, it is a Greenville, SC public relations firm that specializes in strategy development, message creation and campaign management for governmental affairs efforts, grassroots causes, community improvement projects and crisis communications. In a recent news article, it was referred to as “a company often hired by those looking to get the public to buy in.
376 South Carolina Touchpoint Communications is a downtown Charleston Communications and Public Relations Firm. We tell your stories to the people who need to hear them.
377 South Carolina NP Strategy is a public relations firm that leverages its wealth of experience and relationships to help businesses and nonprofits reach their goals.
378 South Carolina Modality Solutions subject-matter experts provide insight into thermal packaging, monitoring & controls, transport validation, and controlled-environment logistics. Dersch Design & Engineering. Dersch Design & Engineering, Inc. A how-to guide on having your online and offiine business networking turn into quality leads and sales. We are a marketing and public relations firm.
379 South Carolina MPA Strategies is a full service public relations firm based in South Carolina.
380 South Dakota TallGrass Public Relations is a full-service public relations firm. From strategy to social media, print to press releases, concept to completion, we combine creative messaging with stellar PR strategy to achieve incomparable results.
381 Tennessee At B! Noticed Public Relations, we believe in the power of ideas. Our   comprehensive Public Relations Firm is based in Nashville, but we work with   clients near and far in order to help them transform the way they do   business. Every great client alliance starts with a strategy. When we   partner with clients for full-service creative solutions, we devise a plan   to capture audience attention and ensure long-term success.
382 Tennessee We Making it Happen. We are a SalamPr a marketing & public relations firm. Are you  concerned with how messages will be delivered to consumers or niche markets. We Make it Happen. NASHVILLE, TN 37217.
383 Tennessee We are excited to share our passion within the media industry. Not to be confused with your corporate public relations agency, Holland Group PR is a savvy boutique-sized public relations firm well versed in the business of building brands. Founded in 2007 by Kishana L. Holland, Holland Group PR has become astellar results-driven public relations firm. Each client is presented with a public relations package tailored to their specific needs.
384 Tennessee Greenhouse Communications is a Public Relations firm located in Nashville, TN. We specialize in lifestyle communications.
385 Tennessee Communication Elements is a full service marketing and public relations firm specializing in strategic marketing practices, branding and image management, media relations, social media, and corporate communications.  Our Mission is to help our clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goals and strategic communications objectives. To provide results-oriented advertising, public relations, and marketing concepts while excelling at customer service and achieving the highest possible standards in all that
386 Tennessee We elevate your brand with powerful marketing strategies, successful public relations results, and effective digital outreach. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Keycom is a lifestyle marketing and public relations firm dedicated to providing businesses with creative services to reach their audiences and goals. From enhancing a brand’s reputation to promoting services, we work with clients to create solutions that are authentic and efficient.
387 Tennessee Tennessee Public Relations Alliance. The Tennessee Public Relations Alliance (TPRA), an affiliation of independent public relations firms based in Tennessee’s major markets, is making a difference for clients needing communications results statewide and beyond. Formed in 2011, TPRA helps companies and organizations tap into deep local experience and expertise across Tennessee to achieve winning solutions.
388 Texas To showcase your light to the world. Sign up to get PR strategies, media contacts and press opportunities sent to your inbox. We are an innovative public relations firm that goes the extra mile for our clients. As the world has changed, so has PR. We now have tools which can get your noticed globally in seconds. We employ these strategies to get you the recognition you deserve for your expertise.
389 Texas 3 Point Partners is an experienced, full-service public affairs and public relations firm founded in Austin, Texas. Our areas of focus — our 3 Points — are business, politics a​nd communications.
390 Texas The Houston Business Journal annually recognizes De La Garza Public Relations as among Houston’s top public relations firms. We are the Houston affiliate of Pinnacle Worldwide, Inc. Contact us.
391 Texas K Strategies, LLC is an award-winning Public Relations Firm recognized for our success in empowering organizations and engage stakeholders.
392 Texas Public relations firm in Dallas specializing in crisis and communications,   hedge fund and alternative asset public relations, corporate transactions   such as mergers, proxy fights, bankruptcies and governance issues. Perry   Street also has extensive public affairs experience.
393 Texas Giant Noise is a full-service public relations firm with experience handling corporate, media and entertainment clients.
394 Texas edVantage Strategy Group is a full-service public relations firm specializing in the education industry based out of Dallas. Let
395 Texas TrizCom PR, a full-service, data and results-driven public relations firm.   We develop truly innovative, strategic communications that help meet our   partner
396 Texas Elizabeth Christian Public Relations is a full-service public relations firm in Austin that builds brands and businesses by telling clients’ stories.
397 Texas Radiant Media Group is a full service public relations firm offering a wide range of communications services and strategic counsel. We provide targeted PR to start-ups, non-profits, state government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, to name a few. From travel & fitness to food & technology, we specialize in working with clients on how to most effectively tell their story to the media.
398 Texas Endicott Public Relations is a national boutique public relations firm specializing in media exposure, branding strategy, social media, and event publicity.
399 Texas The Public Relations Firm. Keeping You Ahead of the Curve. Welcome to your site. Contact us today to start expanding your brand and vision. Both ladies are graduates of the University of Houston with bachelor’s degree in communications. Deja Vu PR provide unique services that cater to each client’s needs. Saturday & Sunday: 12:00AM – 5:00PM. Deja Vu PR provides unique services that cater to each client’s needs.
400 Texas JRG Communications, Inc. is a Hispanic consulting and public relations firm, developing marketing and public relations strategies, specific to general market and Hispanic markets at local, state and national levels.  JRG Communications, Inc. provides Hispanic speakers and trainers as well as bilingual (English and Spanish) professional services and resources in the areas of public affairs, public relations, media relations, marketing, political consulting, community outreach, translation services, newslette
401 Texas Zilker Media is a full-service digital marketing & public relations firm in Austin, TX that works with brands, authors & businesses.
402 Texas Crail Communications is an Austin, Texas-based global public relations firm providing strategic and hands-on support to the travel, hospitality, sports, recreation, and wellness industries — and to leaders and executives from all industries seeking an expanded personal profile or crisis communications assistance. Our objective is simple: Create traditional, digital and social communications which drive revenues and advance a property’s business plan.
403 Texas Bernstein & Associates is one of Houston’s most respected and experienced   smaller public relations/marketing firms, in business since 1983. Our   company was named the #1 public relations firm for law firms by Texas   Lawyer in 2016, in competition with much larger firms. We have also won   numerous awards for our work with clients in other industries. We are   located in Houston, but we help clients in Houston, in Texas and all over   the country.
404 Texas PRIME|PR is the one stop solution for great legal marketing service in Texas. We are here to help you to grow your business with our complex strategies. Get connect with best tech PR Firm in Austin Texas now!!
405 Texas Public Relations firm based in Houston, Texas. Specializing in PR, Branding, Image Consulting, Event Media and Planning Services, and General Publicity.
406 Texas Real News PR is a Dallas public relations firm staffed exclusively by former journalists. The top PR Marketing and Consulting Agency in the area.
407 Texas Droese Public Relations. Droese Public Relations, also known as DPR, is a premier public relations firm representing nationally and internationally celebrated clients. The company specializes in building luxury brands in the fashion, lifestyle, travel, design, hospitality, and entertainment industries – all in an inimitable way. As a boutique firm with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, DPR is able to provide the highest level of personal attention and services that are customized for each client.
408 Texas Premier Public Relations Firm in Houston Texas – Experts in the Art of Purposeful Engagement on behalof clients.
409 Texas A Boutique Public Relations Firm – Ty Houston – 832.618.8804
410 Texas Rave Marketing is a full service event and public relations firm in El Paso, TX. Call us today for your next event.
411 Texas walker training and consulting in San Antonio is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your stakeholders.
412 Texas Rigel Strategies is an innovative advertising, marketing, communications, and public relations firm. We blend creative strategies to elevate your message above the ‘white noise’ of the thousands of messages we are all exposed to every day. Of course, creative is vitally important, but so is the way in which various media is used. Ultimately, we have a core belief that crafting the right message or narrative and associating it with influencers is a powerful method for combining effectiveness with efficiency.
413 Texas We are a full service business development, marketing, distribution, sales strategy & public relations firm that is focused on growing global Shelter brands
414 Texas Strategic Sports Media, LLC. More Than an Athlete. Strategic Sports Media, LLC. Strategic Sports Media is a full service public relations firm that caters to individual professional athletes by providing media support, personal branding and event services. We are intentional about understanding your needs and concerns. We are intentional about providing individualized service and we are intentional about professionalism and confidentiality.
415 Texas DPK Public Relations firm in Portland Oregon providing PR for Portland Houston and Dallas energy, healthcare and professional service sectors with strategic media relations. A Houston PR firm specializing in crisis management communication with strategic media.
416 Texas Southwest Stratagem, LLC, is a grassroots advocacy and public relations firm specializing in media, message development and management, and issue campaigns in the State of Texas and beyond. By efficiently navigating the murky waters of message development and policy advocacy, we assist our clients in meeting their advocacy and public relations objectives.
417 Texas You’re thinking about hiring someone, possibly an ad agency or someone to work with your in-house creative department, in order to help with a sales problem that needs fixing. Not enough revenue, not the right kind of customers, no loyalty from the customers you manage to get. So you figure its time to hunt down some experts. Suddenly you’re faced with public relations firms, consultants, marketing/research companies, graphic designers, film production outfits, outdoor companies, printers and of course ad a
418 Texas R Public Relations is a boutique lifestyle public relations firm with offices in Nashville, TN, San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX and New York.
419 Utah Wilkinson Ferrari & Co. We are master bridge builders. Anything but the typical public relations firm. Wilkinson Ferrari & Co. SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Wilkinson Ferrari & Co. Many people think that “public relations” and “media relations” are interchangeable terms. They’re not, of course: but, what’s the…. Using Collaboration, Community and Common Sense to Respond to Utah’s Proposed Seasonal Burn Ban.
420 Utah Love Communications Expands its Digital, Account Service and Creative Departments with Three New Employees. SALT LAKE CITY ­– February 27, 2020 – Love Communications, one of the western region’s most prominent full-service advertising, digital, marketing and public relations firms, begins the new decade by adding three impressive employees to its account, creative and digital departments.
421 Vermont William Shouldice & Associates LLC. Vermont lobbying, government affairs, public relations. William Shouldice & Associates LLC. William Shouldice & Associates LLC is a tri-partisan, Vermont lobbying, government affairs and public relations firm that designs customized legislative and regulatory lobbying strategies for Vermont, national and international clients.
422 Virginia Tie A Bow Challenge. Client Sign Up Form. Key Elements PR is a leading boutique Public Relations Firm. Based in the Los Angeles area, we specialize in working with individuals and companies in the entertainment industry. We’ll help you develop a plan for success that integrates all of the KEY ELEMENTS of PR. We guide our clients across all channels to develop a complete marketing strategy.
423 Virginia St. Charles Communications is an affordable multi-channel public relations firm.
424 Virginia National Public Relations Firm | Top PR Firm | Washington, DC PR Firm | No Retainer Fees | Award Winning Agency | Great Client List | Affordable Rates
425 Virginia KHMS is committed to helping our client’s organizations succeed. You Need A Reliable PR Firm That Helps Optimize Your Business Goals. We look forward to serving your business growth and performance. Professional and experienced Public Relations Firm. You’ve come to the right place. If you have a vision or passion that you would like to turn into a business, Kings Highway Media Solutions can help.
426 Virginia Coaching provided by a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Public Relations Consulting provided to public relations firms by retainer or ala cart.
427 Virginia Madison+Main is an award-winning brand communications, marketing, and public relations firm in Richmond, Virginia.
428 Virginia Use the form on the right to contact us. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. Welcome to Bateman Consulting, LLC. Bateman Consulting, LLC is a full service government and public relations firm focused on the Commonwealth of Virginia. Owned, operated and led by Laura Bateman, Bateman Consulting provides clients with quality, customizable services, including legislative strategies, legislative
429 Virginia Chain Reactions Nigeria is an independent Public Relations and Integrated Communications consulting firm and the exclusive Nigerian Affiliate and West Africa’s Preferred Partner to Edelman, the world’s largest Public Relations firm. We have emerged one of Africa
430 Virginia Golden Word is the boutique public relations firm based in Richmond,   Virginia working with young, best-in-class luxury and food/beverage brands.
431 Virginia EXHIBITING this year at the winter fancy food show. Brotman|Winter|Fried is an award-winning public relations firm located in suburban Washington, DC specializing in the promotion of new products and emerging companies at trade shows such as CES, SXSW, Fancy Food Show, Mobile World Congress, Comic-Con, Toy Fair, E3 and more. Over the past 18 years, we have generated coverage for our clients in such major media outlets as the Today Show, Mashable, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Bloomberg Business, Wired, Enga
432 Virginia Cove Strategies is a boutique government and public relations firm providing expertise in public policy, communications and political strategy, fundraising, and advocacy campaigns for corporate and non-profit clients. The work we do for our clients is deeply rooted in our commitment and connection to conservative principles, strong character and thoughtful judgment.
433 Virginia The leading cleantech public relations firm. Experienced in renewable energy public relations, marketing communications and public affairs.
434 Washington jim benge & company in Seattle is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your stakeholders.
435 Washington SiefkesPetit is a public relations firm specializing in trucking, construction, and off-highway vehicle markets.
436 Washington K.O. Communications is a sports and entertainment marketing and public relations firm, including media and social media strategy and execution.
437 Washington RH Strategic is a public relations firm for innovators in technology, public sector, & healthcare. Seattle and Washington DC.
438 Washington Firmani + Associates is a full-service integrated marketing and public relations firm that has served clients around the Northwest and beyond for almost 20 years.
439 Washington McQuaidUSA Strategic is a Seattle-based Public Affairs/Public Relations firm serving public and private-sector clients with outsourced, in-house and consultative public affairs, communication, stakeholder engagement and advocacy services.
440 Washington Synchro as in synchronize as in mesh. It’s what your advertising should do with public relations, with identity, with collateral, with interactive, with all the marketing stuff you thought you needed multiple firms to handle—and which is sooo hard to unify in-house. Synchro can be your ad agency, your public relations firm, your branding shop, your research and planning consultant, or all of these.
441 Washington, D.C. Established in 1993, Walls Communications is one of the oldest, largest and most successful African-American public relations firms in the nation.
442 Washington, D.C. Washington DC Public Relations Firm
443 Washington, D.C. Scott Circle Communications is a public relations firm with a mission to   make the world a better place.
444 Washington, D.C. Elleven22 PR is a licensed and DC based public relations firm.  Working with For Profits, Non Profits, Municipal and Federal government agencies.
445 Washington, D.C. Keybridge Communications is a DC-based public relations firm that specializes in  writing, media placement, web development, and design.
446 Washington, D.C. Read how KDM is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, and get resources to help >. A Team Approach To Your Success. KDM & Associates, LLC is a business development, government affairs, and public relations firm that offers a unique collaboration with a team of experts who are experienced in government contracting, acquisition management, and contract compliance.
447 Washington, D.C. Keybridge Communications is a DC-based public relations firm specializing in op-eds, issues advocacy, writing, media placement, PR and web development.
448 Wisconsin Kingston Crossing is a Wisconsin-based, full-service public relations firm.
449 Wisconsin proserv office systems, inc. in Saukville is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your stakeholders.
450 Wisconsin Announcing a new public relations firm. PRusePros is a new firm providing full-service marketing communications, writing, content specialization, video production and public relations services. Two long-time communications colleagues with 30 plus years of experience provide communications expertise, services and strategic planning for the business and non-profit communities.
451 Wisconsin The Milwaukee-based public relations firm that thinks outside the box and looks around the corner.
452 Wyoming Wyoming rooted public relations firm with experience leveraging strategic communications, digital and social media and public advocacy with creative solutions to achieve successful outcomes for businesses, non-profits, political campaigns and community initiatives. Proven ability to assess diverse markets, audiences and messaging challenges to craft and execute successful communications and public outreach campaigns.
453 Geo-agnostic Explore Our Services. Infinity Plus for Media & PR is a full-service public relations firm committed to deliver superlative and desired results. We provide professionalism, strategic thinking and a unique experience to best serve our valuable clients through various printed and online media channels. Our officially-certified-translation and interpreting services are carried out by seasoned and professional translators.
454 Geo-agnostic Service-Tech PR Corporation has been providing expert specialized Industrial services since 2002. With a dedicated team ready to serve Puerto Rico & the rest of the Caribbean territories. We have the ability to ensure a cleaner, healthier and safely environment for the facilities we serve including schools, restaurants, hospitals, shopping centers and manufacturing plants.
455 Geo-agnostic Sharon Taylor McKinney has more than 30 years of experience in entrepreneurial leadership, economic and small business development, communications,  management, and  private and public sector corporate training. As principal consultant at Better Communications Marketing and Public Relations firm she assist companies and clients within numerous  industries and sectors with building internal and external systems for favorable positioning in the competitive marketplace, gaining local and national attention.
456 Geo-agnostic Five Zero Communications is a specialist tech PR agency
457 Geo-agnostic MUSKLY is an ambitious creative content (Digital) creation & tech PR agency based in Dhaka! Helping online businesses, companies, BRANDS, products & publishers by Content Strategies, Creating Amazing Contents that accelerate your Content Marketing Journey to the NEXT level.
458 Geo-agnostic John Riggin is an event designer, social media manager and writer with experience spanning b2b enterprise tech, fashion, food, professional services and weddings. This portfolio includes recent work with a tech PR agency, InkHouse, and Global Gourmet Catering & Events, both based in San Francisco. Event design and production in association with GGC. Social media management for GGC.
459 Geo-agnostic IntentPR is an award-winning full-service public relations firm based in   Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, serving global clients in a variety of   industries.
460 Geo-agnostic The RENEWPR team is led by Ben Finzel, a former Congressional staffer, presidential appointee and public relations firm executive. Our team includes four senior professionals from across the country who work with Ben on client projects.
461 Geo-agnostic Flanzter PR- Public Relations Firm in DC, NOVA, and VA
462 Geo-agnostic Haute Life Media is a full service public relations firm spearheading high impact media campaigns for our clients to realize their creative vision and transform through media outreach, brand development, image building, strategic partnerships, media training, product launches/openings, content creation, web design and more. We use the leading media database software, allowing exclusive access to the latest information on the top writers, critics, producers, TV personalities, editors, influencers and tastema
463 Geo-agnostic Crystal Clear Communications brings a fresh take on traditional communications. Our boutique Hawaii public relations firm specializes in crafting individualized strategies that focus on each client’s goals and target audience. We are more than just a PR consultant — we are a trusted advisor, storyteller and clear connection between your business and the public.
464 Geo-agnostic Like Minded Consulting, LLC is a boutique strategic planning and public relations firm
465 Geo-agnostic Gospel PR is a passionate public relations firm, dedicated to spreading our clients
466 Geo-agnostic SDR Consulting Inc. is a Southern California public relations firm that provides a range of communications counsel and services to meet the needs and goals of businesses, universities, government agencies, professional associations, nonprofits and social c
467 Geo-agnostic PR as creative as you are. Sally Cohen PR is a hands-on, boutique public relations firm that specializes in promoting artists, arts and cultural organizations, and arts-related businesses. Located in Rochester, NY, this passionate, hardworking team creates imaginative and successful publicity campaigns for its valued clients   locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
468 Geo-agnostic Bagnulo Communications is a Denver-based public relations firm focused on creating communications campaigns and strategies that have a lasting impact. We are passionate about learning our clients’ business and helping them successfully communicate their message to the marketplace. Our goal is to develop creative strategies, execute them flawlessly and deliver top-notch results.
469 Geo-agnostic DAWN is a unique agency of talented designers, communicators, community builders, and digital content creators who are skilled at accelerating your brand story. We bring together the best of a design studio, digital marketing agency, and public relations firm — all in one place. Share your brand story through print and digital media. We assist in content strategy, planning and implementation for your marketing campaigns, including copywriting for websites and social media.
470 Geo-agnostic What If What Next is a PR and content marketing agency specializing in revenue-producing marketing solutions for strip malls and shopping centers.
471 Geo-agnostic YOakleyPR is a boutique public relations firm that serves 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the Philadelphia area. Call 215.450.6059 for a consultation.
472 Geo-agnostic The PR Alliance is an entertainment Public Relations firm located in the DMV (D. Our company specializes in bringing an innovative approach to increasing clientele reach and audience engagement. The PR Alliance prides itself on building internal and external alliances that work together for the growth of their clients. The firm’s CEOs and Co-Founders, Mariah Oates and Keisha Brewer, have complimentary backgrounds and a diversified talent pool that allows them to give their clients professional exposure in v
473 Geo-agnostic Loughrey & Associates is a public relations firm based in Charleston and Greenville, SC specializing in representation of travel, home and lifestyle brands. We take pride in aiding our clients to grow and thrive in today’s market by gaining exposure in the media, developing timely and engaging stories and delivering brand messaging to desired audiences. Aggressively monitoring the latest PR trends, KLAPR practices a proactive approach, enabling our clients to stay top of mind to consumers and drive sales.
474 Geo-agnostic Based in Atlanta, Anna Ruth Williams is a technology media personality, writer and speaker, and CEO of leading tech PR firm, AR|PR.
475 Geo-agnostic Influence Media Solutions is a marketing, social media, SEO, website design, business development, public relations firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida.
476 Geo-agnostic Barrister John Onyido. Ekene Som Mekwunye. Paddy Alex LTD is the premier marketing and public relations firm for filmmakers, TV, actors, artists, musicians, Journalists, & support businesses. We specialize in marketing, publicity and promotions for television and film studios: directors, producers, films, actors, composers, artists, film crews, makeup artists, and  the businesses that support the industry.
477 Geo-agnostic An LGBTQ focused, full service communications and public relations firm.
478 Geo-agnostic Crafted Communications is a Public Relations firm located in Southern California.  We craft strategic PR campaigns for food and wellness, technology and lifestyle brands.
479 Geo-agnostic Platoon Public RelationsA public relations firm should share the same values and commitment to excellence as the clients it represents. The agency should be a partner that listens to the client and understands the client needs. An agency has to resist the
480 Geo-agnostic Social Media Management. Marketing Plan Development. Public Relations Services. Action Communication is a full service public relations firm. Our clients include small businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions. We also host seminars and on-site training. Too busy to handle social media. We can take care of everything. Looking for direction with your marketing.
481 Geo-agnostic Full Service Public Relations Firm. JTPR handles projects on Broadway, Off-Broadway, festival productions, projects in development, films in release, film festivals, non-profit organizations, and special events. The first multi-racial production on Broadway of A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Streetcar Named Desire. Long Running Off-Broadway Hits. The Gazillion Bubble Show has been featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “The David Letterman Show”, “LIVE.
482 Geo-agnostic Anderson Media Group is a diverse marketing and public relations firm offering writing/content, marketing, design, and public relations services.
483 Geo-agnostic Ashley Berkery brings more than fifteen years of public relations and wedding/event planning experience to clients of ashleycopelandinc. Her experience ranges from working as an Account Executive for a Top 25, Atlanta-based public relations firm to owning and managing her own Birmingham-based boutique weddings/events planning agency. Ashley established her business in 2005, and since has grown the firm to the premier wedding services company it is today, offering a full range of events to non–profit and cor
484 Geo-agnostic Prestige Image PR is a public relations firm specializing in handling business solutions for expanded effective marketing, public relations, pr, advertising and image building.
485 Geo-agnostic Ein Communications is a full-service boutique public relations firm in   Washington D.C. serving a distinctive set of clients in both the public and   private sector. Our industry experience ranges from law and media to   commercial real estate, financial services, hospitality, healthcare and   publishing. We have extensive, in-depth success securing regional, national   and international media coverage, and deliver customized media relations   campaigns to generate successful and measurable results.
486 Geo-agnostic Concept and Editing. Finn Partners is an international public relations firm compose of integrated teams driving attention getting results. Recently Finn has rebranded itself and part of the campaign is a launch video created to not only inform but inspire. I put this video together hoping to do just that. Currently the video is playing in Finn office lobbies around the world.
487 Geo-agnostic Pearl Public Relations Firm is a full service communications firm based in   Charleston, S.C.
488 Geo-agnostic Spokane based marketing and public relations firm focused on brand   communications, influencer marketing, media relations, content and social   strategy for small businesses.
489 Geo-agnostic A full service public relations firm dedicated to service with a nostalgic   feel.
490 Geo-agnostic Renegade Media Strategies is a media and public relations firm helping clients tell their story, increase brand awareness, and protect their reputation. Our team is an extension of your team. We plan and integrate our services specific to the objectives of each client. We combine data-driven market research with creative content to help you reach your desired destination.
491 Geo-agnostic Nix Nix is a boutique public relations firm specializing in intercultural and global crisis communications. Our strategy for nixing your communication problems is simple: We fix. Nixon
492 Geo-agnostic Alex & Co. is a food and travel public relations firm that specializes in building relationships and community around your business.
493 Geo-agnostic KC Public Relations Media is a public relations firm that serves it clients by increasing awareness of their product or talent. Currently representing Galpin Motors, Jerry Trimble, Tere Morris, Harry Goodwin, Imani Lee.
494 Geo-agnostic Precisely getting messages across. Extensive media network and community connections. Precise Comms is a Strategic Communications and Public relations firm based in Somalia, with a national reputation for crafting and implementing programs that deliver measurable results for our clients. As a firm, we are thinkers and doers, evidenced by the break-through campaigns we develop and implement for our clients.
495 Geo-agnostic Established in 2001, SJ Communications is an integrated media consulting and public relations firm specializing in Travel/Tourism, Hospitality, Ski/Mountain Biking, Consumer Product, Health/Wellness, and Real Estate PR, as well as, Social Media Consulting and Crisis Management. Our team can make sure your communications strategies are well planned, managed and measured for their success.
496 Geo-agnostic Los Angeles-based Relevance PR is an integrated public relations firm specializing in making brands relevant in the travel, hospitality, lifestyle and leisure industries. We look at the 360-picture of your brand to create a strategic plan that separates you from competitors and establishes your brand essence. Our work is designed to:. Create your unique voice.
497 Geo-agnostic JWPR is a full-service public relations firm providing integrated digital and traditional programs to start-ups and SMBs seeking a cost-effective path to maximum results. Indianapolis • Fort Wayne.
498 Geo-agnostic southern spring mfg. in Houston is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your stakeholders.
499 Geo-agnostic A boutique marketing and public relations firm that combines the art of public relations and social media integration.
500 Geo-agnostic Consumer, technology,​ and entertainment marketing communications and public relations firm serving Boulder, CO and Washington, DC.
501 Geo-agnostic Boutique public relations firm specializing in media, theatre, film, and content. DRPR is a public relations firm that specializes in custom, boutique PR for media, theatre, film, content, and more.
502 Geo-agnostic Welcome to Cher Murphy PR! A Communications Firm – Established in 2007 Contact Us Now! Home Services Mastering The Media Press Testimonials Contact About Cher Murphy: Cher Murphy PR is a public relations firm that provides premier media relations and communications services to those across the country and
503 Geo-agnostic Blake Zidell & Associates is a New York-based public relations firm representing artists, arts institutions and festivals across a variety of disciplines.
504 Geo-agnostic Make Ideas Reality Communications, based in Chicago, is a full-service public relations firm specializing in startups, clean tech, automotive, and education.
505 Geo-agnostic Technology Public Relations. Health Care Public Relations. Public Relations Agencies. Public Relation Companies. Phoenix Public Relations Firm. Top Accounting Firms. Company Financial Statements.
506 Geo-agnostic Press Worthy PR is a full-service public relations firm in Lexington, KY. From website creation to full-blown campaigns, Press Worthy PR can do it all.
507 Geo-agnostic Heather Freeman Media & Public Relations is a dynamic public relations firm which specializes in the travel and hospitality industry. Since 1994, our team’s PR outreach covers restaurants, resorts, hotels and spas in Washington, DC, Chicago, the Carolinas and Florida. The company’s portfolio of clients includes many top-of-mind restaurants. The firm is proud of its reputation for retaining clients, some for over a decade, which speaks to the level of creativity and responsiveness the company delivers.
508 Geo-agnostic 日本語 ©kretyen Stray Moon is an international integrated marketing and public relations firm located in Hawaii with over 15 years of experience.  We specialize in various areas including corporate communications, crisis control, multi media, travel trade, retail business, the restaurant industry, and the entertainment industry. As a bilingual firm, we not only have the ability…
509 Geo-agnostic Jacksonville web design, marketing & public relations firm specializing in media relations, content marketing, SEO, email, event & video production.
510 Geo-agnostic Our mission is to exceed client expectations by fulfilling all communication and public relations needs, while ensuring our students success in a positive and professional learning environment. Primitivo is a student-operated public relations firm associated with the Communication and Media Studies department at Sonoma State University. Primitivo is composed of an energetic and eager group of students who have backgrounds in public relations, journalism, graphic design, photography and videography.
511 Geo-agnostic BookSavvy PR is a respected book promotion & public relations firm. We
512 Geo-agnostic Magniva ​is a boutique full services communications, events and public relations firm. Our communications and events division is managed with the most experienced specialists in West Africa who have worked with multinationals and blue-chip firms locally and internationally. We have our own in-house traditional & digital media, corporate events, creative, corporate communications and campaign management teams.
513 Geo-agnostic Ritterband Communications is a public relations firm specializing in media relations and writing. Who are our clients. Organizations that want to communicate the value of their work to a wide range of audiences. We land stories in the media (a lot of them. We’re smart, hands-on, creative and no-nonsense. We like to make our clients look good. We thrive on collaboration and becoming part of your team.
514 Geo-agnostic Services We Offer. Not every Public Relations Firm is created equal. At pr364, we know that the best results come from having the right people working on the right project. Our team offers expertise in various areas of Public Relations Firm services, which is why each client is matched with a suitable group of experts to help them achieve their goals. With our proven strategies, your business is bound for wild success.
515 Geo-agnostic Talk To Me Communications is a Public Relations firm specializing in Project Management, Website Development, Advertising, Design and Socia Media.
516 Geo-agnostic SGH Strategies is a leading full-service Public Relations Firm. Based in Chicago, we work closely with top brands and companies. We
517 Geo-agnostic Genesys Communications Public Relations Firm helps you harness the power of PR through strategic planning and engagement.
518 Geo-agnostic Brand Development, Strategic Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations Firm
519 Geo-agnostic Elvira Guzman Video Reel. Where Our Clients Have Been. The Oprah Winfrey Show. The Ellen Degeneres Show. The Steve Harvey Morning Show. The Tom Joyner Morning Show. The Arsenio Hall Show. The Nikki Rich Show. Elvie G PR is a full Service Public Relations firm based in Hollywood, CA. Specializing in brand development for Artists, Comedians, Actors, Athletes, Special Events, etc.
520 Geo-agnostic B2B tech PR and marketing communications services for cloud, IoT, cannabis, telecom, wireless, and IT
521 Geo-agnostic Jason Price is the founder of Plaid Pig PR – a Seattle based public relations firm focusing on clientele in the food and beverage industry. He is also the author of
522 Geo-agnostic Data-Driven Storytellers: Ed Tech PR and Inbound Marketing
523 Geo-agnostic We are a public relations firm dedicated to companies applying modern   science and technology to creatively solve massive problems. We provide   high-level strategic guidance on brand positioning, growing revenues,   garnering intense loyalty, managing a communications team, and navigating   legislative hurdles.
524 Geo-agnostic Public Relations | Media Relations | Events | Communications Planning. Rossa PR is a fully licensed and accredited boutique public relations firm specializing in media relations and communications planning. At present, we work with clients in government, non-profit, luxury and professional services. We tell our clients’ stories in media outlets across the country and offer brands a fighting chance at garnering share of voice.
525 Geo-agnostic Marketing Strategy Example. Public Relations Training. Public Relations Jobs. Public Relations Firms. How to Write a Press Release. PR Training Programs.
526 Geo-agnostic Public relations firm offering strategic PR media relations consulting services. PR agency serving travel, leisure, hotel, resort & hospitality companies.
527 Geo-agnostic Have decreasing reimbursements and increasing costs eroded your practice’s revenues. When combined with insurance hassles, malpractice threats and increasing competition, it’s more important than ever to have firm control over your marketing efforts so you can skillfully direct the growth of your practice. Many practices looking for marketing services find it cost prohibitive to enlist the services of a large public relations firm.
528 Geo-agnostic Not your old school PR. Agency 398 is student-run public relations firm at California State University, Northridge. We are an innovative team that believes in the power of storytelling to place brands at the forefront of their audience. We think outside the box and push past traditional strategies to create impactful content. We are dedicated to helping your business grow, connect you with your audience and produce lasting results.
529 Geo-agnostic Ooh Aah Creative Marketing and Public Relations Firm
530 Geo-agnostic We are a specialist tech public relations firm that helps growing businesses build their brands and exposure.
531 Geo-agnostic Vincent Rocha, Principal of Movement Strategies, LLC runs a boutique   Advocacy, Campaign and Public Relations firm based in Silicon Valley,   California.
532 Geo-agnostic Rob Wilson Engle is a writer, editor, poet and public relations professional currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Engle holds a B. He works as a senior editor at the world’s largest public relations firm, Edelman, leading editorial strategy, brand storytelling and content creation for some of the most well-known global brands. He is a poet and creative writer.
533 Geo-agnostic J Hamilton Public Relations. J Hamilton Public Relations. We are a boutique public relations firm with big agency experience and depth. We are a boutique public relations firm with big agency experience and depth. Brand building programs for sports, consumer products and non-profits. Brand building programs for sports, consumer products and non-profits. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn how Hamilton can help you build your brand and business.
534 Geo-agnostic Julia Harwell Segars, Owner. A consummate professional with 33 years in media, public relations, corporate strategic communications and executive management with a Fortune 500 company, Julia Harwell Segars now brings that expertise to her own marketing and public relations firm, Segars Creative LLC. A 1984 magna cum laude graduate of the University of Alabama, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and a minor in graphic design, Julia is no stranger to all aspects of the creative process.
535 Geo-agnostic Perla is a premiere public relations firm, combining our expertise with a range of services that are unique within the market. Creative, connected and driven, we align business ambition and cultural energy for commercial success. We have a unique personality and philosophy that tailors business strategies to each of our clients. We service our brands internationally from the  office in New York City, across fashion, beauty, music and art.
536 Geo-agnostic Boutique marketing communications and public relations firm
537 Geo-agnostic Focus Communications is a marketing and public relations firm based in Las Vegas, NV. They specialize in audience research and marketing campaigns.
538 Geo-agnostic A full service boutique Public Relations Firm. Specializing in hospitality, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. New Website Coming Soon.
539 Geo-agnostic Mirabelle Media is a multifaceted video production company & public relations firm specializing in webmercials, sales & educational videos, media marketing & consulting services.
540 Geo-agnostic The Tergis Group  is a results-driven Washington, DC based marketing and public relations firm with a focus on restaurants, the culinary arts, and lifestyles of health and sustainability including health and wellness, organics, sustainable food and agriculture as well as green initiatives. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business, your dreams, and your goals to develop one-of-a kind initiatives and campaigns that will exceed your expectations.
541 Geo-agnostic Welcome to Barnes Health, a Strategic Marketing & Public Relations firm. We create powerful campaigns that are unique, stand out and get results.
542 Geo-agnostic The Virginia Mann Group is a fully integrated boutique marketing communications and public relations firm serving a broad range of industries. Virginia Mann and her team provide strategic counseling, development, management and implementation of the full-range of corporate communications, marketing communications, public relations, social media communications and public affairs functions to a variety of clients.
543 Geo-agnostic Based in New York City, VKLarson Communications LLC is a full-service public relations firm serving cultural organizations, destinations and businesses.
544 Geo-agnostic Abelita-Burns PR is a boutique public relations firm in Atlanta. Our firm builds and brands an image around the client and raises their profile. We assist with rebranding veteran actors and marketing fresh faces breaking into the industry. Our firm strategically markets our clients and diligently creates opportunities within various platforms. We work with you in countless ways, including assisting with social media content, new websites, red carpet preparation, media placements, styling, photo shoots, and
545 Geo-agnostic Your Custom Text Here. PHNOM PENH POST SOLD TO MALAYSIAN INVESTOR. Ananth Baliga  | Publication date 06 May 2018 | 22:49 ICT. This article was originally published on PhnomPenhPost. The Phnom Penh Post has been sold to Sivakumar Ganapathy, a Malaysian investor and executive at a public relations firm that has previously done work for Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government.
546 Geo-agnostic Welcome to the Duchesne Company, a public relations firm which helps clients achieve their business goals through the use of strategically designed communications. Whether the objective is to establish their identity in the marketplace, manage through a crisis or tackle a thorny political issue, our decades of high level experience, proven skills and professional approach are valuable assets to clients who are often the focus of intense scrutiny from government officials, customers and activists, as well as
547 Geo-agnostic VICE Marketing & Planning is a global marketing & public relations firm with specialties in lifestyle and luxury on the international scene. With a heavy rolodex of movers & shakers in cities such as Paris, Los Angeles, Dubai, New York and London, VICE takes it’s New Orleans-born sense of fun and adventure, merges it with goals of international power players and secures results such as international publicity, celebrity partnerships and large-scale event participation.
548 Geo-agnostic PKE Marketing & PR Solutions is an accredited, award winning public relations firm that creates solutions for businesses through traditional and new media strategies. Provides public relations, marketing, advertising, branding, writing, website design and more creative services.
549 Geo-agnostic Mair Strategies is a boutique communications and public relations firm, with specialties in online, political, and crisis communications, as well as opposition
550 Geo-agnostic Citrus PR is a Denver public relations firm, providing Colorado with public relations services such as media placement, strategic planning, marketing and interactive pr. Fresh ideas is our speciality.
551 Geo-agnostic Because we believe in creativity,. C-R-DellO Communications is a woman-owned, full-service editorial, communications and public relations firm dedicated to the small business community.
552 Geo-agnostic Driver Eight Media is a boutique public relations firm focused on booking clients for high profile interviews on broadcast and cable television.
553 Geo-agnostic Breakaway Public Relations Austin, TX is a boutique public relations firm that builds awareness and reputation for consumer businesses and nonprofit organizations. We provides services such as Public Relations Strategy and Execution, Media & Influencer Relations Campaigns, Social Media Management, Media Training.
554 Geo-agnostic A boutique travel & hospitality public relations firm.
555 Geo-agnostic Hispanic Strategy, Marketing, Media & Public Outreach Your story is worth sharing Who we are. IC Media Strategy is a bilingual (English & Spanish), full-service digital marketing, video production and public relations firm established in 2018 by Emmy-nominated TV News reporter, Ivet Contreras. What makes us stand out? Hispanic Outreach We are the only agency in Northern…
556 Geo-agnostic Men Love PR is a public relations firm specializing in branding and public relations services while also bridging the gap within the industry.
557 Geo-agnostic Vanessa Menkes Communications is a boutique public relations firm behind powerful campaigns that merge the best of traditional media, digital strategy, and meaningful experiences. Specializing in entertainment, hospitality, food and beverage, and music, VMC is Miami-based with a global perspective.
558 Geo-agnostic An accomplished U.S. public relations firm that declines PR agency retainers, shares risk, quantifies performance and delivers publicity results before it collects its fees.
559 Geo-agnostic LaunchPad PR is a boutique public relations firm featuring media, press, celebrity and social media outreach for fashion, jewelry, accessories, beauty, skincare
560 Geo-agnostic Nikki Ann PR is a full service public relations firm specializing in fashion and entertainment. The firm represents clients looking to take their careers to the next level. Nikki Ann PR focuses on image management and branding of its clients. For more information please email: info[at]nikkiannpr[dot]com.
561 Geo-agnostic As a full-service public relations firm, we help companies raise awareness of their goods and services, and polish reputations through media exposure.
562 Geo-agnostic Top Dog Communication, a student-run public relations firm at the University of Indianapolis, strives to teach service to the client, to the firm, and to the self.
563 Geo-agnostic NovoComm Strategies is a premier public relations firm, specializing in public, media and government relations
564 Geo-agnostic He has received 130 regional to international awards for design and his work has been included in exhibitions nationwide. Several examples of work are included in the AIGA Design Archives. Joe started his career as a designer at Atari and was then a senior designer at the international public relations firm Burson-Marsteller. Joe has been a member of the design faculty at San José State University since 1988.
565 Geo-agnostic MVT Public Relations is a boutique public relations firm in Chicago specializing in sports and lifestyle PR.
566 Geo-agnostic NEW YORK • NASHVILLE. As a boutique public relations firm with offices in Nashville and New York, Proper specializes in communications for lifestyle brands, including interior design, architecture, hotels, restaurants, beauty, fashion, and more. Our expertise provides your brand with thoughtful, personalized strategies and definitive, measurable results.
567 Geo-agnostic Create a custom menu →. Ebeling Communications is a full-service public relations firm specializing in commercial and multifamily real estate. Since 1996, the company’s founder, David Ebeling, has been one of the nation’s top public relations practitioners producing significant results for premier local, regional and national landlords, investors, brokers, developers, property managers, finance firms and consultants.
568 Geo-agnostic Welcome to TriSight! TriSight Communications is a public relations firm staffed entirely by students from the University of Southern California. Based in the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, TriSight was founded in 2003 to provide non-profit and small business clients with strategic communications services and integrated campaigns that capture the essence of their businesses…
569 Geo-agnostic We’re here to help you. We’re a Digital and Public Relations firm. We partner with individuals, businesses, and organizations to promote, evolve and protect your brand. Have a look at some of our previous work. We are looking forward to working with you. Our team is dedicated to protecting and enhancing your reputation and relationships to reach peak potential.
570 Geo-agnostic Achilles PR is an integrated public relations firm, providing media management, strategic marketing, crisis communications, and brand development services.
571 Geo-agnostic ShapiroPR, a public relations firm in Los Angeles, California, provides publicity services to clients and businesses worldwide. ShapiroPR specializes in lifestyle publicity campaigns, with clients including: books, authors, experts, psychology, health, consumer products, fashion, home and decor, accessories, beauty and grooming.
572 Geo-agnostic Public Relations firm focuses on architects, developers and courses.
573 Geo-agnostic Toronto-based, independent, hands-on boutique Public Relations firm.  ZAZOU Communications provides creative, strategic & targeted PR and Communications services to a diverse group of clients.
574 Geo-agnostic Multimedia in Worship. Church Programs Templates. Public Relations News. Public Relations Firm.
575 Geo-agnostic Digital Proximity Ltd. Digital Proximity is a world-class strategic Public Relations firm. We specialise in PR and communication skills, which help us deliver high-impact communication strategies and campaigns. We work on global brands to improve public relations, increase brand awareness, communicate both internally to your employees and externally to the public, and manage crises.
576 Geo-agnostic MELTZ Communications is a boutique crisis management and public relations firm with strong connections in Washington. We work with a large network of high-level political operators and consultants to deliver significant results to help our clients achieve their political and communications goals. We have experience working for the largest companies, trade associations, small and medium sized companies and well-known individuals.
577 Geo-agnostic RPG is a Los Angeles based public relations firm that utilizes the latest publicity, marketing and social media optimization tools to build brands.
578 Geo-agnostic Omega Government Strategies (OGS) is a strategic communications firm that specializes in placing opinion content at premiere media outlets. OGS is nothing like the typical public relations firm—we don’t require a retainer and our contracts are based on concrete results.
579 Geo-agnostic The Eastern Africa Transparency Project. Uganda Travel and Trafficking. The East African nation of Uganda hopes to welcome four million visitors in 2020, more than double the current number. The World Bank has lent Uganda $25 million dollars to build a new hotel and tourism school, purchase equipment such as buses, game drive trucks, boats and binoculars and hire public relations firms to market Uganda in US, Europe, the Middle East and China.
580 Geo-agnostic Home Page for CJones PR public relations firm. Our services include legal and professional services marketing, crisis communications, and graphic design. We are located in South Florida.
581 Geo-agnostic SearchSalt provides advertising agencies, direct marketers and public relations firms with advanced strategies and proprietary tools for designing, deploying and managing paid search campaigns. Our systems for dynamically generating millions of unique landing pages enable pay-per-click advertisers to work effectively in the long tail.
582 Geo-agnostic A public relations firm with foundations in confidence, consistency, connecting, and caring.
583 Geo-agnostic Tracy Diina Communications is a public relations firm in Buffalo, NY, offering PR services: marketing, press releases, publicity, grant writing and more.
584 Geo-agnostic Welcome to the temporary website for Hurricane Public Relations, a PR firm unlike any other. As the second registered, IRS-approved 501(c)3 public relations firm in the United States, Hurricane PR is dedicated to not only helping for-profit businesses with their PR, advertising and other marketing efforts, but also those who often need our help the most, local non-profits and charitable organizations.
585 Geo-agnostic Business to Business. Riemer Communications is a boutique public relations firm offering innovative and creative ideas to attract media attention for trade shows, non-profit organizations and business to business enterprises. We offer services ranging from writing to event planning to media outreach and much more. Consistent record of excellence. Ideas that generate local and national media coverage.
586 Geo-agnostic wldflwr is a Brooklyn-based, bilingual, do-good public relations firm for the eco-friendly, conscientious and courageous.
587 Geo-agnostic B2B Tech PR + Marketing Expert
588 Geo-agnostic You ARE star quality and should be presented as such. EH Media Group-Houston is at the pulse of credible media pitching and above all brand management. We are a boutique public relations firm specializing in bridging the gap between your company and its global constituents. EH Media Group-Houston provides effective public relations services by generating support and exposure for each client’s brand, both professionally and personally.
589 Geo-agnostic Friday, April 15th, 2011. Brian McConnell and Ms. McConnell proposed to Ms. York Times and In the Papers on NY1. As a symbol of their engagement, Mr. Abraham re-set the stone in a new ring around 1924 in its current art-nouveau setting. They initially contacted when Mr. McConnell continued a correspondence with her. Kang, 36, is the Owner & President for the public relations firm Plexi PR in New York.
590 Geo-agnostic We are a boutique storytelling strategy and public relations firm based in   Columbus, Ohio that partners with individuals and organizations on a   mission.
591 Geo-agnostic Preddy PR is a public relations firm and marketing agency based in Naples, FL offering full-service branding and marketing that separate the best from the rest.
592 Geo-agnostic Welcome To The PR Channel. Educational Videos On PR. Steve Turner with Solomon Turner Public Relations in St. Louis discusses how to get better results from your press releases. How To Get The Most Exposure From Your PR. Steve Turner with St. Louis Public Relations firm Solomon Turner PR discusses how you can leverage your articles, interviews and podcasts to get the most exposure for your brand and company.
593 Geo-agnostic The Fiske Group is an award-winning national public relations firm specializing in results-driven campaigns for a variety of companies.
594 Geo-agnostic Garton-Miller Media is a South Florida  public relations firm. We excel in creative content development and writing, media relations and social media.
595 Geo-agnostic The Boreland Group is a public relations firm in New York that creates and implements corporate and executive visibility campaigns.
596 Geo-agnostic Kelly Public Relations is a top lifestyle public relations firm based in   San Diego, California with an emphasis on design, health, wellness, spa,   fitness, and retail PR.
597 Geo-agnostic We create winning brands that make people feel GREAT. Great Social Club PR & Social Media Agency is a Wyoming and Los Angeles based public relations firm specializing in fashion, lifestyle, and social media brands. We craft integrated media strategies, connecting public relations and social media with brand directives to maximize your brand’s exposure. GREAT SOCIAL CLUB- PR & SOCIAL MEDIA AGENCY.
598 Geo-agnostic Public Relations Firm Client  & Campaign Management Mixed Media Assignments POBox 413 Paddington NSW 2021
599 Geo-agnostic Home page for Rochester, Minnesota advertising agency and public relations firm Chubby Parrot Media.
600 Geo-agnostic Ross Mason is an Editorial and Commercial photographer living in Cave Creek, Arizona which is adjacent to Phoenix and Scottsdale. Ross has 30 years experience shooting for many clients in Canada  the U.S. and Europe shooting for magazines, newspapers, corporations, advertising and public relations firms.
601 Geo-agnostic We are a boutique public relations firm specializing in strategic communications for issues advocacy and business development. Our core services include marketing communications, media relations, issues management and crisis communications. Communication is not a lost art. The tools have changed, and the need to stand apart from the crowd with your own unique and compelling message is greater than ever before.
602 Geo-agnostic Kentucky based Singer Songwriter now signed with Nashville Entertainment Weekly Public Relations Firm
603 Geo-agnostic We are a boutique marketing and public relations firm specializing in small businesses within the urban community.
604 Geo-agnostic Stacy McLaughlin Communications is a boutique luxury design public relations firm.
605 Geo-agnostic 10 to 1 Public Relations is a public relations firm serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding markets. We focus on building media relationships.
606 Geo-agnostic Meet the President/Contact. EMS is a boutique, urban, full service communications public relations firm in NYC. Lupe Todd-Medina , has worked on a variety of issues in the greater metropolitan area and throughout New York. Lupe has worked on political campaigns, issues campaigns as well as product roll out targeting communities throughout some of the major cities in the New York area.
607 Geo-agnostic Digital Marketing Courses. Effective Marketing Plan. Public Relations Firms. Press Release Distribution. Public Relations Training. Public Relations Jobs.
608 Geo-agnostic Aquos Entertainment is a talent management and entertainment public relations firm. Founded in 1989 by Peter M. Robles, AE has grown from a management agency to a full service entertainment, sports and artist management firm.
609 Geo-agnostic Tyler Barnett Public Relations firm in Los Angeles is a top consumer and lifestyle PR firms in Beverly Hills with unparalleled results in PR, Marketing & social media.
610 Geo-agnostic TechSposure ( is an innovative, tech PR firm based in the U.S. that provides tech PR services to help tech startups, small and mid-sized tech companies amplify their message, connect with media and influencers, and reach potential buyers.
611 Geo-agnostic Founded in 2001, dHz Media is comprised of seasoned Media & Public Relations professionals. Our public relations firm is based in Calgary.
612 Geo-agnostic 3PS is a Charleston, W.Va. based government affairs and public relations firm specializing in state and local government relations, association management, and creative services.
613 Geo-agnostic When looking for a public relations company to help build your brand or your business there is one key element to look for – experience. Since 1978, Hannan Communications, a full service public relations firm, has been working to establish and grow businesses both locally and nationally. From representing Lake Placid, N. Hannan Communications is owned and operated by Diane Hannan.
614 Geo-agnostic SYNC is a leading PR and content marketing startup focused on helping startups and SMEs grow their business through content and PR.
615 Geo-agnostic Lyza PR is a public relations firm specializing in online press media, radio, TV, creative management and digital marketing based in Accra, Ghana.
616 Geo-agnostic Message Matters, LLC is a Chicago-based strategic communications and public relations firm with specialization in corporate communications, message creation, media relations, proactive public relations campaigns, social media, crisis management, employee communications, investor communications, project management and executive communications management: experienced and creative writer (and thinker): accomplished photographer.
617 Geo-agnostic Bachofner Image Group is a full service marketing, advertising and public relations firm based on the Monterey Peninsula.
618 Geo-agnostic Authors and Illustrators. Authors and Illustrators. MAX Communications is a public relations firm specializing in the promotion of authors and their books. You’ve finished your manuscript: you’re thrilled and you should be. Maybe you’ve even had it edited, formatted, and published. But wait…you know your work isn’t done, right. You now have another big, new project to start that you likely didn’t consider when you started your book.
619 Geo-agnostic Use the form on the right to contact us. You can edit the text in this area, and change where the contact form on the right submits to, by entering edit mode using the modes on the bottom right. You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab. Startup PR You Can Maintain. With over a decade of experience, MaintainPR helps entrepreneurs in U.
620 Geo-agnostic Waltona Manion and Associates – a public relations firm providing counsel, planning, strategy and support services for a broad spectrum of clients with special expertise in tribal governments and organizations. Changing the way people think.
621 Geo-agnostic Scroll to Public Relations Firm (Nightingale & Nightingale) and Publicist. (Alyssa Nightingale) Click box next to each.
622 Geo-agnostic Solutions & Results. Solutions & Results. Telling The World About Your Company™. We Tell The World About Your Company. SCA is a leading industrial and B2B public relations firm, its principals having guided many companies, large and small, through the PR maze with:. This success comes from melding our sales and marketing experience with editorial knowledge and writing ability.
623 Geo-agnostic PR Central is a student run public relations firm located on the campus of Central Michigan University. It works with a variety of clients in mid-Michigan.
624 Geo-agnostic EvansPR, an SF Bay Area Marketing & Public Relations firm, delivers successful communications strategies to reach your target audience. Expect powerful results.
625 Geo-agnostic ThePRSMGroup is a leading public relations firm owned and operated by publicist Kelly Shibari
626 Geo-agnostic Be a brand your customers love and thrive with. Your go-to for brand strategy, PR and content marketing to thrive in business. Hey there, thanks for stopping by. And we can’t wait to help you. Salt Meats Cheese through our retainer services. You can learn more about Katie’s PR School   here. Led by Katie Martel in Brisbane, we’re a bunch of savvy, collaborative, creative, connected and energetic humans who’ve helped dozens of brands all around Australia become pros at promoting their brand.
627 Geo-agnostic Skip to main content area. The Pitching Staff Public Relations. We are a New York City based public relations firm serving the press placement and marketing needs of a diverse set of professional fields. To ensure the quality of our services, we work with no more than fifteen clients per month. Our reputation is built not only on the creative achievements of our staff and our lasting involvement with crucial media outlets, but also our hard work and integrity.
628 Geo-agnostic An award winning high performance digital marketing, social media marketing & Public Relations firm with a track record of creating rapid growth.
629 Geo-agnostic A San Marcos, Texas based public relations firm that has been serving area businesses since 2006. A STOREHOUSE OF SOLUTIONS:. Build your community by sharing your story on various social media platforms. Content that is dynamic will create engagement. That’s the key, and we’ll guide you along the way. Video tells your story vividly and keeps visitors longer in whatever media you create.
630 Geo-agnostic Leading Hollywood entertainment public relations firm When 15 Minutes of Fame Isn’t Enough. Mission Statement & Experience. For over twenty years, Costa Communications Inc. We supplement marketing and advertising efforts, often serving as the primary source for creating name recognition for artists, entertainers, corporations and products. Costa has you covered….
631 Geo-agnostic The public relations firm is based in Sacramento and specializes in strategic campaign work and excels in communications in the highest levels of government and corporations.
632 Geo-agnostic Artist Relations, Cyber Promotions and Public Relations for Muscians, Bands and Labels. Porkpie Publicity is a full service Promotions and Public Relations firm that can guide a client through all aspects of Guerilla Marketing, Tour Marketing, Street Team Promotions, and Radio Promotion.
633 Geo-agnostic Saturday PR is a Tampa Public Relations Firm specializing in creative and engaging comunications campaigns, media relations, influcer collaborations and more
634 Geo-agnostic THE CHAIN PR RESULTS. We can get your ICO/Blockchain Project Featured on. PR for Blockchain Projects. OnChain Media is a Results driven public relations firm helping the best in crypto get press. We work with select Blockchain clients and leverage our relationships to get your business / ICO featured on the biggest websites in the world. We work with our entire team to get your project featured on sites like Forbes, TechCrunch, Inc.
635 Geo-agnostic Here at Peblicité, we take less work to do our best work. Web Development Questionnaire. Logo Design Questionnaire. Event Planning Questionnaire. We’re a boutique Marketing and Public Relations Firm. Small in size but we focus on the BIG things with our hard-working team. We stay in line with your timeline. We take less work to do our best work. No US without YOU.
636 Geo-agnostic Influencer Strategy and Programming. CLIENTS (current and past). The Juvenile Products and Manufacturers Association (Mt. FIA RESTAURANT AND MR. OWNER Hannah began her career in New York City where she worked for Bullfrog & Baum, one of New York City’s premiere hospitality public relations firm. Here, she had a heavy hand in strategic planning, execution and promotion for clients that included the world’s top Chefs ( Laurent Tourondel, Bobby Flay, Marcus Samuelsson, Tim Love to name a few), restaurant group
637 Geo-agnostic Astian & Company is a digital media and public relations firm based out of Northern California. Offering an array of services to digital content creators and brands/businesses.
638 Geo-agnostic Targeted Strategy is a Public Relations Firm based in Tennessee. The Right Message. The Right Audience. On Target.
639 Geo-agnostic Stacey Escalante is the founder and CEO of Escalante Media Management, a boutique public relations firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
640 Geo-agnostic The Chic Approach, LLC is a boutique public relations firm, dedicated to managing the image and reputation of small businesses and individuals.
641 Geo-agnostic Innovative Spin Media is a full service web-design, graphic-design and public relations firm based in Vancouver, BC. Fully bilingual, operating in both French and English, we work with arts, non-profit and small business communities.
642 Geo-agnostic Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Concierges & Public Relations firms have clients who come from various occupational backgrounds. Some are high profile, some work behind the scenes, some with eccentric personalities, and many with diverse social lifestyles. Additionally some clients may place themselves in embarrassing and or compromising situations in which they may need assistance to address their current predicament.
643 Geo-agnostic Connolly Communication Strategies (CCS) is the premier litigation Public Relations firm in the country.  CCS is able to draw on the combined experience of our staff to deliver consistent victories in the court of public opinion.  CCS could be your greatest asset in your next legal battle where public opinion has the potential to make – or break – your case.
644 Geo-agnostic Are you ready to inspire your audience. Castelli Media Group (CMG) is not like other public relations firms. We don’t use cookie-cutter strategies to promote our clients’ interests. CMG knows your company and your situation are unique. In good times or bad your business needs CMG to:. Write compelling statements showcasing your best attributes. Book interviews that get you noticed.
645 Geo-agnostic If you need quality content creation and professional brand management, turn to NÜ PR – a leading San Diego public relations firm.
646 Geo-agnostic A brand managment and public relations firm. We curate, coordinate, and execute for optimum exposure and ROI.
647 Geo-agnostic A boutique public relations firm designed to keep you in control of your image.
648 Geo-agnostic Public Relations firm specializing in sports, real estate, B2C, B2B, tech., & tourism PR.  Make an impact with measured results from Lyman Public Relations.
649 Geo-agnostic Pazos Media is a Public Relations Firm based in Los Angeles (USA) // Madrid   (Spain), specialized in the arts and entertainment industries.
650 Geo-agnostic McNicholas & Associates is a full-service public relations firm in Palm Beach Gardens and Tallahassee, Florida. We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients and our communities.
651 Geo-agnostic Myada Communications is a marketing and public relations firm based in Silver Spring, MD. Specialize in advertising, social media and more.
652 Geo-agnostic A one-man communications agency focusing on technology and gaming, delivering strategic communication plans, PR and content creation.
653 Geo-agnostic A Public Relations Firm in Washington, DC. About Cunningham Communications. Cunningham Communications is a boutique public relations firm founded by Kenny Cunningham which specializes in advancing corporations, campaigns, careers and causes through creative messaging and innovative communications and advocacy strategies. Kenny has a decade of communications and consulting experience which he gained while working for high-profile candidates, Fortune 50 companies, trade associations, political organizations,
654 Geo-agnostic Everyone has a story. Zelt Communications is a full-service public relations firm. We are proud to offer a wide-variety of services to our clients. We’ve worked in communications roles at the highest levels of politics and can help your organization amplify its message far and wide. We possess extensive experience booking guests on all national broadcast and cable news networks and dozens of nationally and internationally syndicated radio programs.
655 Geo-agnostic Kay Renz Media Group is a South Florida public relations firm specializing in public relations, marketing, social media strategies, videography and photography for arts and cultural venues, corporations and nonprofits.
656 Geo-agnostic Pat Meier Associates PR is a leading public relations firm specializing in technology since 1985.
657 Geo-agnostic Creative, Milwaukee based marketing and public relations firm. Events, PR,   Marketing and other services.
658 Geo-agnostic Wells Mark Media is a public relations firm specializing in …
659 Geo-agnostic Marketing and public relations firm that creates strategic campaigns that tell memorable stories and get results.
660 Geo-agnostic ÀlaketPR is a multidimensional public relations firm founded by publicist Kelly Taylor. Her established history in public relations consists of overseeing the development and implementation of public relation programs for the following emerging and established brands: Ana Candles, Brookstone, Callet, Cote d’Or Swimwear, CARLOS by Carlos Santana Footwear, DeliverLean, Effortless Extensions, Equinox Fitness Clubs, Fivestripes.
661 Geo-agnostic Selling Point Media provides writing and editing services for the financial industry and niche public relations firms.
662 Geo-agnostic A Lifestyle Focused Public Relations Firm. We work with people and businesses that you cannot help but notice and that stand out no matter what the backdrop. Our clients choose us, and we choose them as well. We believe that public relations and brand building are collaborative and creative art forms. We work closely with each client, constantly learning about their business, new products and services and identifying those things that are the most exciting and press worthy.
663 Geo-agnostic Celebrity And Entertainment Industry Law Based Public Relations Firm
664 Geo-agnostic RocketFire is a full-service marketing and public relations firm currently working in the automotive, motorsports and construction industries. However, our team of rock stars bring decades of experience across myriad industries to our practice. Above all, we believe everyone has a story to tell. And we want to help you tell it.
665 Geo-agnostic Elaine Michael PR Associates. Welcome to the ESM PR Associates. Your number ONE stop for all your fundraising needs. ESM PR Associates is a full-service, public relations firm that addresses the needs of a wide-range of clients, both in the non-profit and for-profit fileds. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce rhoncus diam eu lacus aliquet vel malesuada metus sodales.
666 Geo-agnostic 1 on1 Public Relations firm in Los Angeles is a top consumer and lifestyle   PR firms in LA + NYC with unparalleled results in PR.
667 Geo-agnostic Krueger PR is a full service Public Relations Firm based in San Francisco.
668 Geo-agnostic Full Service Marketing, Advetising and Public Relations firm handling broad cast, print and electronic production, media planning, strategy, communications, branding and project management.
669 Geo-agnostic Premiere Public Relations Firm
670 Geo-agnostic JANA Public Relations is a Los Angles based public relations firm with a   global clientele. We assist brands in creating a unique identity and help   expand awareness using multiple communication strategies. Our clients are   frequently seen on today
671 Geo-agnostic Brian has served in a variety of capacities for five United States Senators, in think tanks, and in the lobbying world for over two decades. Brian worked for a public relations firm for two years after leaving his job with Sr. Communications Director and Counsel for Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Prior to his time with Paul, he spent 7 years at The Heritage Foundation.
672 Geo-agnostic Coastal Public Relations is a boutique​ public relations firm for actors and influencers, based in Los Angeles, CA
673 Geo-agnostic Leaders in public relations firms, media relations, crisis communications – Lee Laino Consultants.
674 Geo-agnostic Real estate public relations firm based in New York City real estate.
675 Geo-agnostic R. Antonette Communications is a public relations firm and micro-agency based in Long Beach, Calif. serving national and Los Angeles area clients.
676 Geo-agnostic EXPERT WRITING SERVICES, INC. Bridget’s expertise in writing spans over 22 years. During that time, she’s written for high-profile magazines like Inc. Her copywriting and journalism experience includes technical copy for IT firms like Epicor, Altec, Tier 3, and Kaseya. Working with public relations firms like Eicher Communications, Sylvia Marketing, and BeWhys marketing, Bridget has helped to produce numerous successful campaigns for Fortune 500 clients and other large corporations.
677 Geo-agnostic From the nation’s capital, ASPR is an award-winning public relations firm that uncovers stories that advance clients’ missions, attract media attention and engage the public. ASPR Client Serves as Community Leader. Nonprofit Resources in the Coronavirus Age. Featured: Catalogue for Philanthropy.
678 Geo-agnostic A boutique public relations firm. Whether for an audience of one or one million, we craft favorable messaging in major news outlets. Take the guesswork out of ad spends. We track and share results to ensure campaign effectiveness. Web and digital solutions. Turnkey and à la carte options include hosting, design and content creation. Conversions, cost per click, analytics, search optimization: we do it right and explain it simply.
679 Geo-agnostic Music public relations firm specializing in indie rock/punk/alternative   rock
680 Geo-agnostic MGP is the Top Public Relations Firm in San Francisco, specialized in emerging technologies. Over the past 10+ years, we
681 Geo-agnostic QuikWrit Media specializes in high quality copywriting for eCommerce, packaging copy, press releases, advertising materials, blog writing, and more with an unbeatable turnaround time. Living up to its name, our company will craft your materials at light speed, so you can focus on your core business. We regularly handle writing for the likes of fashion and beauty brands, public relations firms, food and beverage start-ups, artists, photographers, nonprofit organizations and more with palatable SEO and SEM in
682 Geo-agnostic Public Relations FirmnReposition your reach
683 Geo-agnostic LZMG PR is a NYC Public Relations firm specializing in entertainment and lifestyle publicity
684 Geo-agnostic Is the world waiting to hear about you. Media Owls is a media-focused public relations firm that offers extraordinary, highly tailored awareness campaigns and communications services. If you’re looking for that all-important, credibility-enhancing editorial coverage of your brand, Media Owls is the partner for you. You’ll get a team of PR experts dedicated to getting your product in front of the right audiences backed by a genuine ‘no-ifs-ands-or-buts’ guarantee.
685 Geo-agnostic Award-winning public relations firm that provides a full range of marketing communications services to government agencies, corporations and nonprofits.
686 Geo-agnostic The Epicurean Publicist. Making cash registers ring. Since 1977, The Epicurean Publicist, a boutique public relations firm, has been facilitating local, regional and national reviews and feature stories about their clients who are exclusively chefs and restaurateurs. To learn how The Epicurean Publicist can pack your restaurant with happy paying customers, please email PR (at) The Epicurean Publicist (dot) Com, or call 832-545-6373.
687 Geo-agnostic Sonnet Public Relations, LLC is a veterans owned and operated public relations firm that propels brands and reputations for large and small organizations.
688 Geo-agnostic Public Relations firm, dedicated to music, recording artists, and business   owners. PR, Publicist, and Media Relations specializing in EPKs, Exclusive   Interviews, and Press Run Coordination.
689 Geo-agnostic Experience Strategies is a specialized Corporate Communications Strategy and Public Relations Firm. We focus on small-cap public companies that want to raise their profile with investors. We work with industrial companies either transitioning to new technology applications like IoT, or supporting 5G, Cloud physical plant,. Discover Our Expertise. Experience Strategies Mission is to explain how the embrace of new technology by power, manufacturing, and infrastructure industries brings new value.
690 Geo-agnostic Public relations firm in Albany, AJ Management provides media relations, PR, creative solutions, business development, marketing, and event planning services.
691 Geo-agnostic Buzz Publicity & Consulting is a New York based Public Relations firm offering a full range of publicity and consulting services. Clients are primarily recording artists, rock and pop bands, singer/songwriters and music companies. Ellyn works one-on-one with her clients to create a strategy for success. About Ellyn Harris, President, Buzz Publicity & Consulting:.
692 Geo-agnostic Speak up without shouting. We are thought leaders, creatives, and influencers. Seven Fields is a family-run strategic communications and public relations firm. We are creative, disruptive thinkers and our roots run deep in media and creative arts. Our reach extends into politics, business, not-for-profit leadership, and international relations. We identify resources and solutions to help businesses grow in a global marketplace and offer expertise in reputation management, brand strategy, and project oversig
693 Geo-agnostic Moon Landing is an uncommon branding and public relations firm located in the Walker
694 Geo-agnostic Public Relation Companies. Phoenix Public Relations Firm. Public Relations Agencies. Public Relations Campaign. Public Relations Services.
695 Geo-agnostic Way of Thinking | Way of Working | Way of achieving. Omnis Communications is a full service multicultural advertising, marketing, and public relations firm specializing in reaching diverse ethnic groups. We choose from all the tools at our disposal – message, media, influencers, social, creative content of all forms, events, and partnerships – to design integrated campaigns that are smart, creative, and delightfully effective.
696 Geo-agnostic Strategically-driven, creatively-inspired, solution oriented graphic designer to help design, plan, analyze and develop targeted communication solutions. Sally is currently open to new opportunities from staffing agencies, ad agencies, marketing and public relations firms and design studios in New Jersey. She can work on- or off-site as your needs dictate.
697 Geo-agnostic Strategy Editor & Data Journalist. I’m a Londoner in Cardiff working for the Wall Street Journal as a Strategy Editor. In the past, I’ve worked for: Ampp3d (at The Mirror): ONS: The Independent: ITN: the Wellcome Trust: NCVO: The Guardian: The Week. I’ve also worked for marketing, PR and content agencies as a data strategist, and worked in theatre in a past life.
698 Geo-agnostic 2BPR is a full-service public relations firm specializing in luxury travel & lifestyle clients. 2BPR has 30+ years of combined experience in marketing & communications for elite international brands.
699 Geo-agnostic Valerie Allen Public Relations is an independent full service public relations firm that brings you the personalized service and creativity of a small firm and the resources of a large agency. Our team of highly trained media strategists advise high-profile individuals, as well as individuals breaking into the industry looking to create, enhance or redefine their brands.
700 Geo-agnostic Flourish is a full-service marketing and public relations firm equipped to capture the spirit of your company and mold your strengths into captivating communications tactics. When Flourish is your strategic partner, we ask you to envision your company three, five, and 10 years down the road…
701 Geo-agnostic LEVEL PR is a Public Relations firm specializing in media relations for established and start-up tech companies. We can help you get to the next level.
702 Geo-agnostic Welcome to Blue Summit PR. More than Just A Public Relations Firm. Since our founding in 2013, our team of bright minded and creative thinkers has been helping brands find their unique values. We map out the specific needs of each client so they can easily connect with their target audience. Our business is helping you promote yours, and we are here to ensure your successful future.
703 Geo-agnostic Be Inspired PR is a top public relations firm that offers custom wellness &   wedding PR marketing services. We put your work in front of your ideal   client through press, social media, and events.
704 Geo-agnostic cordy and company in Denver is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your stakeholders.
705 Geo-agnostic Part of your team. I’m here to help — I’m your agency’s writer. I specialize in working with marketing, advertising and public relations firms as well as small businesses looking to get the professional expertise of an agency writer. I understand the needs and flow of an agency and that experience provides me with the skill set I need to step in as a member of your team.
706 Geo-agnostic Unity investor is a top investor relations consulting firm in NYC offering   financial services PR to the world’s leading public companies. Our time as   institutional investors allows us to truly understand how stock market   investors analyze companies. This is why our clients consider us as one of   best financial public relations firms.
707 Geo-agnostic This Is What Software Development Toronto Is About. This Is What Software Development Toronto Is About Software development Toronto has grown tremendoulsly with many. Entertainment Public Relations And Music PR Firms In Los Angeles Are Serving The Entertainment Industry. There are a great number of leading entertainment public relations firms Los Angeles, and they serve a wide range of.
708 Geo-agnostic Taylorized PR is a boutique Public Relations firm customized to your small business in Montgomery County, Texas.We help your business increase awareness and branding.
709 Geo-agnostic Atrium PR is a boutique communications and public relations firm.
710 Geo-agnostic SteinPR is an online public relations firm remotely offering branding, media realtions, social media management and web design services for clients. SteinPR offers online public relations work. Public relations firm can work with you directly online. PR agency offering press release writing.
711 Geo-agnostic Social-Impact is a Public Relations firm located in Naples, Florida. Internet Marketing, Website creation integrating social media marketing strategies
712 Geo-agnostic premiere public relations in Glenn Dale is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your stakeholders.
713 Geo-agnostic Targeted PR and content marketing to support sales and business development … Focus Marketing Communications is an independent public relations and content marketing consultancy. We’ve been providing tightly-targeted PR services, creative solutions and strategic advice for more than 25 years. We have a broad range of experience across many different client sectors, but we have…
714 Geo-agnostic Public relations firm and certified Women
715 Geo-agnostic Welcome to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) – Capital Region, NY Chapter. We are a group of 100+ public relations and communications professionals who represent associations, corporations, government agencies, higher education and health care institutions, non-profits, public relations firms and small businesses. Having access to thousands of communications professionals through PRSA is a wonderful thing, but there’s something special about being a part of something local.
716 Geo-agnostic Tully-Menard is a full-service Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations firm located in Tampa, Florida since 1960 and are memebers of AAAA and AAF.
717 Geo-agnostic SSPR is one of the top public relations firms in the country. We help clients launch brands, disrupt industries and engage with audiences that matter most.
718 Geo-agnostic Harlow Publicity Group is the premier public relations firm for those who need to get their message out and those looking to learn how to do it for themselves.
719 Geo-agnostic Introduction to this  marketing communications and public relations firm which has served Arizona for more than 25 years.
720 Geo-agnostic BNM Publicity Group. The Public Relations Company. Whether you’re an entertainer, company or individual in need of a public relations representative to. We can help to provide online and print editorial outreach service for you. Need your journey and body of work in one place to help tell your story. The BNM Publicity Group is a full-service boutique Public Relations firm that offers a unique blend.
721 Geo-agnostic Welcome to ShaProduc Communications LLC. More than Just A Public Relations Firm. At ShaProduc Communications LLC, we believe in the power of ideas. Our comprehensive Public Relations Firm is based in Atlanta, but we work with clients near and far in order to help them transform the way they do business. Every great client alliance starts with a strategy.
722 Geo-agnostic NYC public relations firm PR agency specializing in travel, tourism, hospitality, hotels and LGBT
723 Geo-agnostic We’re putting a fresh coat of paint on our website. We will be back soon. Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, The Message Factory is a marketing and public relations firm offering a range of capabilities for small to mid-size businesses and non-profits. We identify and create clear messages to help you connect with the right audience, whether it’s clients, customers, investors, employees or the media.
724 Geo-agnostic Edward Lozzi& Associates is a full service public relations firm, specializing in image development & media placement.
725 Geo-agnostic First Story is a public relations firm dedicated to housing, housing   finance, and community investment.
726 Geo-agnostic THE ULTIMATE GEN-Z LEAD DIGITAL PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM. Viral PR Group LLC. Leveraging a talented network of diverse Generation Z content creators, we connect your brand with the ideal influencer advocates and perfectly match marketing campaigns. We serve as purposeful communicators for our aspiring clientele with the right media and career specialists, generating buzz and building brand loyalty.
727 Geo-agnostic Alternative Marijuana Site. Getting a Public Relations Firm for your Dispensary. Opening a business is easy. You only need money to get started, the perfect location, and of course, the right business, and you’ve got it. However, opening a medical marijuana dispensary pr is not the usual business conversation because we deal with illegal drugs here, not really in the 14 states that made their rightful use for therapeutic purposes.
728 Geo-agnostic Hunter left the spy world behind to be a family man who manages his public relations firm in NYC…. When Hunter’s best friend is killed, he must battle his inner demons to bring the murderer to justice…. The adventures with Hunter Ames will begin later this year–more details will be revealed soon….
729 Geo-agnostic Communications and Public Relations. Ed Rhode Communications is a full-service communications and public relations firm specializing in media relations, crisis communications, government affairs, and issue campaigns. Founded in 2009, the firm is based in St. Louis, Missouri and works with clients throughout the state. With more than 25 years experience working in the public sector and for corporate clients, Ed Rhode has established a rock-solid reputation with industry stakeholders and key players in the lo
730 Geo-agnostic A digital communications agency. Helping creative companies tell their stories. ArtisansPR is an independent public relations firm serving dynamic, creative companies in the film, television, advertising and technology industries. For more than 20 years, we have helped our clients raise awareness and forge new relationships through targeted media campaigns.
731 Geo-agnostic Entrepreneur, investor, and digital marketing and communications professional. President / Co-Founder of Status Labs, the premier digital reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm. I helped grow the company to 35+ employees, built relationships with many of the top public relations agencies, and won new business from Fortune 500 companies, executives, and political campaigns.
732 Geo-agnostic Cathy Taylor Public Relations is an arts and entertainment public relations firm specializing in media relations for arts and theater in Chicago.
733 Geo-agnostic Ford & Company is a boutique, marketing & public relations firm with deep roots in the Houston community. We believe in starting at the beginning – with the initial strategy., marketing & public relations firm with deep roots in the Houston community. Marketing Strategy and Media Relations, PR, Advertising, Branding, Event Planning, Multimedia, Website Design, Development, Strategic Planning, Houston, Texas, Woodlands, Spring, Kingwood, Katy, Cypress, Magnolia, Galveston, Kemah, TX
734 Geo-agnostic Nilou Public Relations is a Beverly Hills-based boutique public relations firm with 20 years of corporate expertise and worldwide media contacts.
735 Geo-agnostic Tonya Woodworth is the founder of  BookBound Media , a boutique public relations firm that provides PR and literary services to new and seasoned authors. As an editor, writer, and publishing consultant, the bulk of her work consists of nonfiction titles in the fields of addiction, recovery, and self-help, as well as the occasional memoir. A Michigan native, Tonya’s passion for literature grew after leading her teammates to victory in a fifth-grade class competition called Battle of the Books, a program desi
736 Geo-agnostic A virtual public relations firm. A virtual public relations firm. Tailored teams of experienced pros create and match compelling messages and images to your brand and stakeholders. We take a strategic view to create long-term value and follow-on benefits. From traditional PR solutions to cutting-edge content or a robust social stance, work with seasoned pros who have the answers, insights and innovations.
737 Geo-agnostic Monash Advisory Group (MAG) is a government affairs, public relations firm   specializing in political access, public sector visibility, project / brand   management, business development, and strategic communications.
738 Geo-agnostic Public Relations Firms. Public Relations Jobs.
739 Geo-agnostic Santana & Company is spearheaded by former Runway Model, Lorry Santana: offering award winning image branding & public relations firm led by passionate professionals who possess talent, compassion and innovation. Our objective provides world-class services to individuals and companies who want to elevate their brand.
740 Geo-agnostic We are a full service marketing solutions provider and public relations firm with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of marketing and public relations. We provide creative design, production and placement services across all media platforms. Let us design your website, manage your Public Relations Campaign and handle your SEO, SEM and SMO. Our strong media relations and buying power enable us to deliver cost efficient marketing products that delivers superior results.
741 Geo-agnostic No menu assigned. RENATI SOLUTIONS IS A BOUTIQUE PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM LOCATED IN SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY SPECIALIZING IN THE AREAS OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, TRADITIONAL AND ONLINE MARKETING, AND CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT SERVICES. Renati Solutions offers a depth of experience across a wide range of business sectors: and has also worked with elected officials at all levels of state, county, and municipal government.
742 Geo-agnostic Breaking Limits LLC is a boutique marketing and public relations firm based in North Carolina specializing in sponsorship and event consulting.
743 Geo-agnostic Our Work Fuses Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, and Business Development. PURSUIT PR, LLC is a New York City based public relations firm in relentless pursuit of generating media visibility for the C-suite, elevating corporate reputation and driving business results. We advise companies in high growth, change-driven industries. In Relentless Pursuit of Results.
744 Geo-agnostic Connecting Cannabis Leaders to Media and Press Opportunities. Green Lane Communication is a cannabis focused public relations firm that connects cannabis leaders to media & press opportunities in order to raise awareness, build trust, and establish credibility.
745 Geo-agnostic What’s the PR Story. JMCPR is an independent, New York City-based public relations firm that develops strategic communications programs with a creative edge for hospitality, tourism, food & beverage, lifestyle and non-profit clients. Specializing in brand strategy, media relations, social media, special events and partnerships, JMCPR bridges the gap between corporate and consultant services, approaching every project with enthusiasm and the experience clients need to generate results that garner headlines a
746 Geo-agnostic Move Beyond the Ordinary with the Public Relations Firm that Scales Your Business while Protecting Your Brand. The  Lyndale Austin Process builds positive brand image, drives visibility in  the right places, and gives you more value for your investment. It’s a comprehensive public relations strategy that manages  your brand’s communication at all levels.
747 Geo-agnostic ARO GROUP, LLC. Aro Group, LLC is a full-service management consulting and public relations firm. With our unique assets and capabilities, we can help your business or organization to set goals, plan campaigns, build infrastructure and grow to ensure success. Turn your idea into a reality…. Mission & Values. Branding & Design. Sign up to receive news and updates.
748 Geo-agnostic be Boutique is a full-service public relations firm based in Dallas, Texas.  Plain and simple we cultivate relationships! We brand and elevate business owners. digital marketing social media manager
749 Geo-agnostic Everyone has an important story to tell, so let Great Point Strategies help you communicate and be heard. Every company and organization faces its own unique challenges, including how to effectively articulate those issues and ideas to the people who matter most. Founded by Washington, D. As a boutique firm, Great Point Strategies offers a personalized, hands-on approach that can’t be found at the larger public relations firms.
750 Geo-agnostic Impress Media LLC is an independent public relations firm owned and operated by Jennifer Niederhoffer. Publicity and Editorial Services are provided for a variety of clients within the areas of music, food, and lifestyle.
751 Geo-agnostic The official site of DRPR (Deborah Radel Public Relations,) a boutique   public relations firm specializing in entertainment located in Los Angeles,   California.
752 Geo-agnostic Welcome to We are an exclusive and by private invitation only Internet Marketing and Public Relations firm.
753 Geo-agnostic We offer a personal alternative to larger public relations firms. From traditional marketing to digital marketing, we have the experience you need.
754 Geo-agnostic The Phoenix PR Group, LLC based in Kansas City, MO, is a special boutique public relations firm providing world-class service for the entertainment industry in one of the nation’s most dynamic cities and urban corridors.  We are passionate about our client’s products and the quality of service we can provide.   We are equally as passionate…
755 Geo-agnostic Jose Atilio Hernández. Jose Atilio Hernandez has worked for the past fifteen years developing and implementing policy solutions at the state and local levels. Hernandez serves as Principal for IDEATE California- an issue specific policy management and public relations firm. Leslie Flores Valmonte. Through a comprehensive and collaborative approach to systemic reform, Ms.
756 Geo-agnostic Dwight’s creative writing, artistic eye, and content-development expertise have made him an outstanding communication success in every medium: internet, print, radio, television, video, and live presentations. Dwight lends his talents to large and small businesses, government agencies, charitable organizations, and volunteer groups. He established his own successful marketing and public relations firm, Arlan, Inc.
757 Geo-agnostic Storytelling For Your Business. PR | Content | Design | Web. We help you share your story and services across multiple diverse audiences. Memory, like fire, is radiant and immutable. We are a part Public Relations firm and part Integrated Marketing Communications consulting firm. Public relations, media, media and communication training, direct marketing, strategic communication planning, and much more.
758 Geo-agnostic Public Relations Training. International Relations Studies. Public Relations Jobs. Public Relations Firms. PR Training Programs. How to Write a Press Release.
759 Geo-agnostic Public Relations Firm
760 Geo-agnostic Designed by Pop Marketing & Design. Windward Public Relations is a smart, savvy full service public relations firm based in Nassau, Bahamas. We connect clients to their desired audience and communicate messages across traditional and digital media channels. We offer clients corporate communications strategies, press releases, website development, social media marketing and event planning.
761 Geo-agnostic RC3 Communications is a grassroots public relations firm in Albany New   York, woman owned and can support clients in North America.
762 Geo-agnostic Having attended Amsterdam University College during her junior year abroad, she reported on a broad range of subjects having to do with culture, the arts, and social issues. Emma also acquired significant experience with two public relations firms as well as the major global design firm, 2×4, based in New York. Although it has never been easier to communicate, the challenge is being heard and noticed, and claiming a consistent share of mind among those whom you want and need to engage.
763 Geo-agnostic We are a full service Marketing, Development, and Public Relations Firm. We understand the importance of building your brand and the role it plays in moving your business forward. Our energizing staff achieves results through innovative thinking and fresh creative ideas. Once in our world, we will change yours forever.
764 Geo-agnostic CKO PR is a national boutique public relations firm specializing in consumer, lifestyle and entertainment brands. Based in Raleigh, NC, with a bi-coastal portfolio, CKO has a broad network of top-tier editorial contacts across the country in print, digital and broadcast platforms. Through engaging storytelling, dynamic content and strategic partnerships, CKO builds comprehensive campaigns that tie directly back to the brand’s business objectives and company goals, leading to successful, long-lasting client
765 Geo-agnostic Cerio Communications: A Rhode Island Communications and Public Relations Firm
766 Geo-agnostic New York photographer Michelle Kawka photographs people and events. The New York City based Photographer creates portraits for annual reports, corporations, leading magazines, advertising agencies and public relations firms and specializes in people photography throughout the world. Actor and actress headshots and
767 Geo-agnostic We value your time. We value your time. PRMR is a boutique public relations firm working with B2B and B2C companies in the United States and worldwide. Clients choose us because they know their technology business needs more than just traditional PR. That’s why, in addition to being some of the smartest and most efficient public relations professionals in the business, we study the science of influence.
768 Geo-agnostic Nina Dietrich, L.L.C., is a public relations firm based in Bergen County,   NJ, specializing in traditional media and social media relations, editorial   services and crisis management.
769 Geo-agnostic Unexpected Public Relations is an Entertainment and Lifestyle Public Relations firm. We specialize in Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing and Branding.
770 Geo-agnostic Connecticut Top PR Firm – Dennis PR Group is a full service public relations firm providing expert media relations, publicity programs, strategic marketing planning, corporate communications, social media management, government relations services for corporations, organizations, issue advocacy groups involved in a variety of industries throughout the world. CONNECTICUT PR FIRM, Connecticut public relations agency, Connecticut PR firm,
771 Geo-agnostic Our team has served in all capacities of the marketing and communications function, ranging from senior management in multinational companies to executive leadership roles with the world’s largest public relations firms. With a dedication to delivering results that matter and a commitment to our values, Chirp provides its clients with highly personalized senior-level counsel and measurable programs that accelerate growth.
772 Geo-agnostic Public Relations Firm in Phoenix Specializing in Family Businesses
773 Geo-agnostic LHB Communications, Inc. is a boutique public relations firm located in Washington, DC and serving clients throughout the world.
774 Geo-agnostic FSR Ventures is a public relations firm specializing in the travel and tourism industry, along with beauty, fashion, home and retail markets. A strong background in technology and corporate communications gives clients a solid business edge when crafting communications and marketing outreach efforts exceeding clients’ expectations.   In the travel and tourism industry, FSR Ventures’ founder is a regularly featured writer in ASTA Network magazine touting marketing strategies for travel companies and represen
775 Geo-agnostic A strategic public relations firm in San Francisco specializing in relations, branding, positioning, and crisis communications counsel.
776 Geo-agnostic High Tech PR specializes in public relations and marketing communications for the cable, broadband, IPTV, satellite, and mobile space.
777 Geo-agnostic Tampa Bay public relations firm serving nationally recognized brands.
778 Geo-agnostic Route 504 PR is a boutique public relations firm specializing in film and   entertainment.
779 Geo-agnostic We are a premier Public Relations Firm that represents our clients with excellence!
780 Geo-agnostic Digital Brand Marketing. Content Marketing Trends. Public Relations Firms. Public Relations Jobs. Public Relations Careers. Press Release Distribution.
781 Geo-agnostic A Quad City-based Public Relations firm specializing in branding, marketing and corporate storytelling.
782 Geo-agnostic 25/8 PR is a boutique music public relations firm, offering affordable press campaigns to up and coming artists on a budget.
783 Geo-agnostic Engle & Co. is a Washington, D.C. area-based public relations firm.  The firm is comprised of a group of  talented and creative professionals providing excellent senior-level service at  extraordinarily cost-effective rates.
784 Geo-agnostic We are ready to. What’s in a brand. Well, pretty much everything in this increasingly competitive world. Your brand springs from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. Chatterbox PR is a savvy marketing and public relations firm specializing in creating, building, and advancing brands. Chatterbox focuses on the unique qualities of a company, organization, product or service and the characteristics of its defined audience.
785 Geo-agnostic countryiq in Frederick is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your stakeholders.
786 Geo-agnostic A public relations firm in Raleigh, N. INTELLIGENCE: Understanding clients’ needs. CREATIVITY: Seeing solutions the client can’t see, going around obstacles. DILIGENCE: Staying with the job until it’s done. A health-care focus. GTB Communications takes pride in serving a variety of health-care organizations. We are a small business so when it comes to the obstacles small businesses face, we can relate.
787 Geo-agnostic Whitley Communications (WC) Enterprises is your 21st Century public relations firm.  We specialize in performing beyond your company’s expectations.  WC Enterprises focuses the power of public relations to provide organizational communications leadership and strategies.
788 Geo-agnostic Make Stuff People Love. Branding for creative agency. To launch a Dutch brand of a completely foreign product in the US, we bonded both sides of the bar around a conversation about our unusual dedication to craft. Corporate Identity and rebranding effort. Brand identity for New York City-based public relations firm. Mugnacious was founded in New York City by two friends who think pretentious office jargon is hilarious and who find the catchphrases of New Yorkers to be inspiring, albeit a little ridiculous.
789 Geo-agnostic Wolfe PR is an affordable, results-oriented public relations firm offering news release writing and distribution services, social media development, and strategic PR planning and consulting, serving clients in business, finance, banking, law, sports, travel & tourism and non-profits.
790 Geo-agnostic Get Your Brand In Front of Millions. Are you struggling with reaching your target audience and spreading the word about your business. Or maybe your brand is already established but you are ready to go to the next level. Walker + Associates Media Group is a boutique public relations firm specializing in media relations and event coordination for entrepreneurs in the beauty, film/entertainment, lifestyle and literary industries.
791 Geo-agnostic Grozina is a marketing and public relations firm for the luxury market. Services include luxury branding, visual brand identity, website design, content creation and more.
792 Geo-agnostic TBJ Brand Management Group  is a Washington, DC based full service graphic design, strategic marketing, corporate branding and public relations firm with deep experience in effectively building brands. Let
793 Geo-agnostic A New Way of Speaking. A boutique public relations firm that provides beauty brands, feminine care brands, and Christian-based organizations and institutions, with the services they need to thrive in an inquisitive culture and ever-changing society. Julistic Konversations is a public relations agency that helps brands and businesses break through the noise and clutter and get their message, product, and/or service the attention it deserves.
794 Geo-agnostic Created by a team of veteran public relations and crisis communications professionals, Coronavirus PR Help assists organizations without the necessary resources to manage communications during this extraordinary COVID-19 emergency. If your business lacks an internal public relations staff, needs additional communications guidance or does not have a relationship with a public relations firm, Coronavirus PR Help is here.
795 Geo-agnostic tech PR boutique PR firm PR for startups
796 Geo-agnostic Faultline Communications is a boutique tech PR firm based in the Silicon Valley, specializing in integrated communications campaigns for small and midsize companies.
797 Geo-agnostic Jumping through hoops to make the ordinary extraordinary. Questioning the status quo. Doing whatever it takes to make a BIG impact. Kimberly Park Communications is a public relations agency specializing in award-winning, attention-getting creative for restaurants, retail, products and services. After a highly successful career in corporate public relations on a national scale, Kimberly Park launched KPC in 2005, quickly establishing the agency as one of Houston’s most reputable public relations firms.
798 Geo-agnostic FinTech adoption ‘set to go mainstream’. What Books Are Inbound’s Top Marketers Reading. Why You Shouldn’t Be Fooled by Your Own Expertise. Your high-tech PR sucks because the media are just like bookstores. It’s Time to Rethink the Funnel. Dmitri Lisitski, CEO at Influ2, explains why B2B marketers’ mindsets must change –  starting with the funnel – and how by combining elements of outbound and inbound, they can build better relationships toward the path to purchase.
799 Geo-agnostic We are a small, female owned, marketing and public relations firm that specializes in authentic storytelling for live entertainment. In an oversaturated media market, there is a disconnect in authentic storytelling – between the body and the voice of the art. After sitting on both sides of the table as a client and creative, we know what it takes to create and sell a product.
800 Geo-agnostic We are a boutique public relations firm specializing in effective strategies and decisive action. Our sectors of expertise include health care, non-profit organizations, mili-tainment and provocateurs requiring a skilled communications asset.
801 Geo-agnostic Veteran Strategies is an Indianapolis-based, multi-faceted public relations firm focusing on media relations, community outreach, and crisis communications.
802 Geo-agnostic Parker Comms – specialists in wine and food PR and content
803 Geo-agnostic The [L] Agency is a boutique public relations firm that offers tactical and strategic services for organizations and small businesses looking to enhance their visibility, or raise awareness about a special project or event.
804 Geo-agnostic A SEAT AT THE TABLE. I didn’t get the answers I wanted because I didn’t know the questions to ask. With this tour, I’m giving people the resources to change their life. I see tons of potential in the youth and I want to invest in that. Ernest Dukes is a successful brand builder, award-winning publicist and television producer. The Nottingham Group , a premiere boutique public relations firm based in Beverly Hills, Ernest’s passion is rooted in educating, inspiring and helping others realize their fullest po
805 Geo-agnostic Wise Public Affairs is proving that campaigns can be won and results can be achieved without deceiving clients. Influencing legislation on behalf of clients is a cutthroat business. Personal and professional relationships are leveraged, legal boundaries are pushed, and influence is peddled through every means available. The traditional business practices of public relations firms are structured primarily around open-ended retainers and billable hours.
806 Geo-agnostic The coffman agency in Los Angeles is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your targeted audience.
807 Geo-agnostic Hottinger PR is a full-service public relations firm focused on providing highly personalized client service and integrated strategic marketing solutions.
808 Geo-agnostic NPL | PR House is a new kind of communications and public relations firm   driving social impact. A house designed to shape narratives, purpose and   legacy. We
809 Geo-agnostic Kleidon is an Akron-based marketing communications agency and public relations firm, with significant experience with web design and development, marketing materials, brochures and branding.
810 Geo-agnostic MIGHTY is a marketing and public relations firm in San Francisco that propels new ideas into the public eye.
811 Geo-agnostic SMF GLOBAL CONSULTANTS: A management and public relations firm specializing in crisis management and logistics.
812 Geo-agnostic PR Social Pitch is a full-service public relations firm maintaining practice areas in consumer, technology, health and wellness, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, and corporate communications.
813 Geo-agnostic Maestro Strategic Marketing is a full service strategic marketing and public relations firm that provides strategic insight into your business and to develop sound strategic marketing solutions that help grow your business. Worcester, Boston, MA Serving, Worcester MA, Boston, Natick, Framingham, Wellesley, Wayland, Sudbury, Weston, Needham, Dover, Hopkinton, Holliston, Ashland, Bolton, Norwood, Walpole, Stow, Harvard, Hudson, Maynard, Newton, Brookline, Waltham, Paxton, Shrewsbury, Westborough, Southborough
814 Geo-agnostic J-Spin, is an independent Japanese public relations firm specializing in B to B marketing communications for high tech and automotive related companies.
815 Geo-agnostic We are Revamp Media. Revamp Media is a public relations firm which specialises in changing clients narratives. At Revamp Media, we develop, manage and repair brand images to yield desired outlook. Would love to add yours too…. Revamp Media is a full fledged public relations and strategic consultancy firm. Through well planned strategic framework and full bodied contents, we create solutions to communication problems in businesses, governments and organizations to effectively engage their key stakeholders th
816 Geo-agnostic Eight Ray Agency is a Boutique Entertainment Public Relations Firm.
817 Geo-agnostic Granite Peak Communications specializes in corporate, non-profit, trade association, and political public relations. We are a persuasive, proactive, and proven boutique public relations firm based in the mountain west servicing clients across the country. With a decade of communications experience at the highest levels in the nation’s capital, we have the savvy, the network, and the reputation to help you achieve peak communications.
818 Geo-agnostic music marketing public relations firm
819 Geo-agnostic Lunas is a public relations firm based in the Dubai that specializes in raising awareness through content creation and aggregation, public relations and social media for the mobile, wireless, telecom, and IT industries. Public Relations   . Lunas will focus on the mobile, wireless, telecom, IT and IoT industries. Content Marketing   . Social Media   . Lunas offers collaborative and turnkey social media programs to help you amplify your company’s stories.
820 Geo-agnostic MAST Marketing Communications is a full-service marketing, advertising, sales promotion and public relations firm specializing in creatively and cost-effectively positioning products and services whose purchase requires a considered judgment. Our goal is to bring our clients a high level of business professionalism, market-driven creativity,  and results necessary to build their brands.
821 Geo-agnostic JKLS PR is a Chicago based public relations firm concentrating on luxury brands in the worlds of retail, fashion, design and hospitality. Our firm offers a dynamic approach to achieve our client’s goals through selective media placement, special events, and promotions. JKLS PR maintains close contacts with a large range of editors, reporters, and columnists.
822 Geo-agnostic The Latest News from all around the Globe. The top financial PR firm, Macias PR, has released its media milestones for the months of March and April 2016 – and once again, the NYC public relations firm has secured multiple stories for its clients with Barron’s Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Reuters, The Financial Times, MSN Money, The Street, Kiplingers, US News & World Report,….
823 Geo-agnostic VANETY PR is a full service, Miami-based integrated marketing, social media, and public relations firm.
824 Geo-agnostic Modern Strategy, a leading boutique public relations firm and communications agency, based in Christchurch and servicing clients throughout Australasia. PR, brand, crisis communications, media training, change management and culture experts.
825 Geo-agnostic TIEJA Inc. is a boutique communications and public relations firm   specializing in proactive online reputation management, corporate   communications and crisis management.
826 Geo-agnostic We’re more than a PR Firm. CK Communications is much more than a Public Relations firm. Our expert team has a strong background in storytelling, marketing, journalism, and communications. But it isn’t sheer talent that allows our team to achieve such results for our clients. What makes CK Communications stand out. We believe in the magic of powerful storytelling to build strong relationships and human connections between a brand and its audience.
827 Geo-agnostic Top Los Angeles public relations firm specializing in lifestyle PR for entertainment, health, fitness, medical, authors, products and more. Call us today for a Free Consultation from
828 Geo-agnostic Why Do You Like Them. Great 90’s Cassette Tapes. Celebrating the Greatest Audio Recording Format Ever. Why Do You Like Them. Jeffrey English Hoboken Shares Ways Musicians Can Enhance Their Brand With a Graphic. How Can A Public Relations Firm Help Your Music Career. What Are The Benefits of Music Education. How Can Musicians Take Charge Of Their Finances To Secure Their Future.
829 Geo-agnostic We’re a Los Angeles based public relations firm specializing in music marketing, music publicity, entertainment public relations, event management, talent buying and sponsorship activation. The Mora May Agency is a highly respected and well established public relations firm working within the music industry. For over 10 years, Mora May has specialized in intimate, tailor-made client representation and has cultivated a vast network of industry contacts in all forms and levels of media to ensure that our rost
830 Geo-agnostic Public Relations Firms. Press Release Distribution. Public Relations Jobs. How to Write a Press Release. Public Relations Training. Public Relations Careers.
831 Geo-agnostic Powell Tumpowsky is a full service public relations firm specializing in the high-end, trade-only interior design industry.
832 Geo-agnostic The Best Content Wins. Creative Influence creates sales-enabled PR and content which intentionally links our clients’ stories to sales conversations and revenue. Creative Influence is a marketing consultancy especially built to help services firms grow relationships, reputation and revenue. We specialize in the marketing of services because the challenge of selling the intangible – intellect, relationships and service – is uniquely difficult and endlessly intriguing…and we’re distinctly great at it.
833 Geo-agnostic CSR CENTRIC MARKETING, BRANDING, COMMUNITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM. CSR CENTRIC MARKETING, BRANDING, COMMUNITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM. A STRONG, HOLISTIC BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY WE CALL. INTERNAL, RELATIONSHIP, SOCIETAL, INTEGRATED MARKETING. Once created, we ensure that the perception remains humanized, positive, accurate, alive and strong in the mind of the customer, stakeholder, team-member, supplier, vendor, regulatory agency, partner, competitor and all other important parties connected to the busines
834 Geo-agnostic Finding Competent Affiliate Marketing Consulting. If you are looking for a marketing consultant that is well versed in the special demands of affiliate marketing, there are actually several good places to look for resources. Here are a few suggestions on where to obtain excellent affiliate marketing consulting. Because of the increasingly important use of the Internet in the world of business and commerce, a number of public relations firms have become more proficient in helping affiliate marketers take adv
835 Geo-agnostic KIL PR is a full-service agency, which has quickly became one of the most visible public relations firms in the country. Established in 2012, KIL PR has developed national media campaigns for many successful companies. KIL PR is a full-service agency, which has quickly became one of the most visible public relations firms in the country. Established in 2012, KIL PR has developed national media campaigns for many successful companies.
836 Geo-agnostic We are a South Jersey marketing and public relations firm serving the Greater Philadelphia region. We get results by ‘getting’ you first—your business, your culture, your industry. And we use that understanding to create branding, websites, social media, sales materials, and media relations campaigns that deliver. We call it purposeful creativity. What’s your marketing dilemma.
837 Geo-agnostic Fiction and Nonfiction Editor and Writer. Emily Burch Harris worked as professional copy editor, designer and writer for magazines, newspapers and public relations firms in the Carolinas before venturing into academics and student media. She keeps a foot in the content creation realm as a writer. Emily Burch Harris. She has extensive experience in:. PowerPoint presentations, thesis support, papers).
838 Geo-agnostic Stand Out from the Crowd. Philadelphia Public Relations Firm. Engaging PR & Special Events to Increase your ROI. In the early 20th century, the purpose of public relations was to spread the news about why your company and service is unique. There were limited modes of communication back then – only print and radio. Jump to the 21st century, and there are numerous ways to convey the message via television, cable, print, radio, satellite radio, social media, smart phones and more.
839 Geo-agnostic More than Just Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. At Advantage Media Solutions, we believe in the power of ideas. Our comprehensive Marketing and Public Relations Firm is based in Danville VA, but we work with clients near and far in order to help them transform the way they do business. Every great client partnership starts with a strategy. When we partner with clients for full-service creative solutions, we devise a plan of attack to capture audience attention and ensure long-term success.
840 Geo-agnostic THE WORK WE DO. WHO WE WORK FOR. Latitude Worldwide is an independent strategic public relations firm providing a comprehensive suite of communications services to help clients across a wide range of industry sectors. We create and implement effective communications strategies and campaigns specifically designed to help our clients achieve their goals.
841 Geo-agnostic PMG is a public relations firm with experience in media relations, community outreach and crisis communications.  Delivering Your Message. Your Story. Your Way.
842 Geo-agnostic Communication Tailored to Your Needs. Welcome to Tailored Communications. Tailored Communications is small all-inclusive public relations firm focused on growing small businesses, churches, and nonprofits by providing a wide range of PR services. Every communication plan that we create is unique and tailored to the needs of each client. No one’s plan looks the same: everything is tailored.
843 Geo-agnostic The Bee Agency is a public relations firm in Detroit, MI. Servicing innovators, game-changers and do-ers. Client Representation, PR Coaching and Consulting.
844 Geo-agnostic Corman Communications is a High Tech PR firm that serves companies involved in technologies, including communications, infrastructure, networking, security, and emerging technologies
845 Geo-agnostic Denise, with her insider knowledge and 30 years of quality service, can answer all your questions and guide you from beginning to end. Is the Doctor really great or do they simply have a great Public Relations firm behind them. Denise knows them all. Contact Denise Thomas today via phone or email to arrange a time for a consultation. What Others Say. Her experience with thousands of patients and countless physicians and her professional insights ensure great referrals to the best physicians.
846 Geo-agnostic Durr Communications is a full-service public relations firm based in Washington, DC. Led by Sara Durr, who has more than 15 years of experience, Durr Communications combines the expertise of a large agency with the agility and individual attention of a small one.
847 Geo-agnostic A boutique public relations firm in Denver, Colorado that specializes in the hospitality industry. We are here to help you get the word out.
848 Geo-agnostic Pushkin Public Relations is a public relations firm located in Denver, Colorado. Providing Colorado with public relations services such as media relations, media placement, strategic planning, and community relations. Pushkin PR Home. Today marks the 70th anniversary of the WWII D-day invasion of Normandy, France. Recently, a member of our team visited Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial and the D-day Beaches.
849 Geo-agnostic Hooper Williams Communications is a public relations firm serving corporate and nonprofit clients in Hillsborough, Newark, Trenton, East Coast, New York City
850 Geo-agnostic BOX 52374 Boston, MA 02205. Let’s Get the Word Out. MaxeymizePR is a full -service exclusive public relations and event strategy firm- we support our clients in referring industries through provoking and thoughtful engagement and strategic campaigns. Let’s talk and see what our public relations firm can do for you. It is all about the Brand. We can be the publicist you want.
851 Geo-agnostic Our Public Relations firm is experienced and credible, dynamic and compelling. We provide effective strategic counsel specializing in the healthcare industry.
852 Geo-agnostic Simply Legendary Publicity is a comprehensive public relations firm that provides affordable press services for independent features, documentaries and short films.
854 Geo-agnostic A boutique public relations firm that prides itself in delivering forward-thinking consulting. Eola PR provides a variety of services, from strategic advocacy, crisis communications, media relations to freelance writing + content management.
855 Geo-agnostic Badger PR is a boutique public relations firm servicing clients located in   the Phoenix metropolitan area and tribal communities throughout Indian   Country. Our services include media relations, social media management,   community outreach and crisis communications. Let
856 Geo-agnostic Public relations firm that provides comprehensive publicity and marketing campaigns for authors.
857 Geo-agnostic J. Markham Consulting is a New York City-based marketing and public relations firm headed by industry veteran Jackie Markham. J. Markham Consulting helps clients meld traditional business lines with new media opportunities.  Ms. Markham has extensive experience representing clients in a wide range o…
858 Geo-agnostic Copywriting, PR and content services in Charleston, South Carolina. YOUR CONTENT ENGINE.
859 Geo-agnostic About Richard Maize. Become a Success in 7 Steps. How Your Startup Can Reach a Successful Exit. Finance & Real Estate Professional. In college he purchased his first real estate property. By the time he was 28, he owned almost 1000 apartment units. This need has led him to invest and partner with companies as diverse as a public relations firm to a food truck enterprise.
860 Geo-agnostic Vastada Consulting is the leading public relations firm in India and the best advertising and PR agency in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bangalore.
861 Geo-agnostic Public Relations Strategy. Social Media Management. Product and Company Launches. Nou·veau Riche ,  an emerging millennial driven marketing and public relations firm. Our team specializes in beauty, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle brands, helping drive engaging conversations with a new generation of consumers. Nouveau Riche offers new and innovative ideas that redefine a company’s image while incorporating their main objectives.
862 Geo-agnostic A California based digital public relations firm, specializing in telling your brand’s story using new and traditional methods will bring you more business than gimmicky promotions and conventional advertising methods.
863 Geo-agnostic Message Prose a full service public relations firm.
864 Geo-agnostic millennium marketing in  is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your stakeholders.
865 Geo-agnostic LAUDERDALE MEDIA is a full-service Branding, Marketing and Public Relations firm with an unparalleled history of successful and sophisticated campaigns. Under the steadfast direction of founder Jacquelyn Tacke, the careers of an amalgam of clients ranging from entertainment, fashion, beauty, athletes, restaurants, corporations, health/fitness, medical professionals, music, modeling and more, have been ignited.
866 Geo-agnostic Founded in 2000, Skye is a full service, international integrated marketing communications and public relations firm working with companies ranging from stealth start-ups to mid-size businesses. We create and implement high-level strategic marketing communications (marcom) plans and innovative campaigns to help our clients achieve their business goals and a meaningful return on investment. Read our case studies to learn more about our approach, services and philosophy regarding marketing communications, pub
867 Geo-agnostic Los Angeles-based freelance public relations specialist executing thought leadership B2B PR, Tech PR, and PR for Startups media relations campaigns.
868 Geo-agnostic Rebel Group is a full-service marketing communications and public relations firm based in Tampa, Florida, but servicing businesses throughout the world.
869 Geo-agnostic The Miles Agency, established in 1989, is a niche marketing and public relations firm based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We are 100% minority- and woman-owned. We are arguably the oldest minority PR firm in the region. We specialize in creating and developing programs through advertising, public and community relations, and promotions that communicate specific messages to target groups (niches) in the market place.
870 Geo-agnostic HP•PR is a boutique NYC public relations firm specializing   luxury/lifestyle, travel, culinary and health/wellness brands. We
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872 Geo-agnostic Anderson Strategic is a full service public relations firm for design, craft and culture. Public relations for design, craft and culture.
873 Geo-agnostic What is your goal. What is your dream. What is your vision. Here at Envision, we truly cater to each of our client’s needs. We take your vision and transform it into your reality. We are a full service marketing and public relations firm working to change the world and the communications realm. We envision that each person or business will be successful.
874 Geo-agnostic Recognized as one of the top ten public relations firms in the state by Business Alabama magazine, the Bellwether Group is a Mobile-based public relations, environmental public affairs and marketing communications firm.
875 Geo-agnostic Carrie Bachman Public Relations is a full-service, boutique public relations firm specializing in the cookbook and gourmet product industry. We take pride in creating innovative nationwide publicity campaigns that result in maximum exposure for our clients. We are proud to have represented hundreds of cookbook authors and chefs including Jacques Pepin, Julia Child, Marcella Hazan, Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali, Alice Waters, Patricia Wells, Ferran Adria, Dorie Greenspan, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Shirley Corriher
876 Geo-agnostic We Make Things Happen. Since 1988, Sullivan & LeShane Public Relations, Inc. No other public relations firm in Connecticut has as much experience in the area of integrated public affairs services. SLPR is ideally configured to help companies manage complex issues and public policy matters as well as traditional public relations projects. Founded by Principals Gene Sheehan, Paddi LeShane and Patrick Sullivan, SLPR has worked with clients in every corner of Connecticut and has strong contacts in the media and
877 Geo-agnostic Whether you want to test the waters or get your feet wet, dive head first into promoting your brand, Splash Marketing’s full service marketing, advertising and public relations firm helps you submerge to the depth you desire. Our unique creative team partners with you to reinforce or revisit your brand promise, maximizing your impact through integrated corporate, marketing and internal communications.
878 Geo-agnostic Venone Public Relations is a full service marketing, advertising, and public relations firm with offices in California, Minnesota and North Dakota. Kelly Richardson.
879 Geo-agnostic A collaborative partnership. Monica Jaramillo PR. Monica Jaramillo PR is a leading Public Relations Firm. Hailing from Los Angeles, we work closely with top brands and influencers. Discover how we can collaborate to transform your business. We’re passionate about helping brands find their creative voice. Our one-stop Public Relations firm aims to help our clients thrive in a changing omni-channel world and leverage their unique strengths to build a personalized roadmap to success.
880 Geo-agnostic Klimavich Communication/WebMechanic is a full service advertising and public relations firm in Sturbridge, MA. Our clients rely on us to assist them in identifying, developing and maintaining good relationships with the customers on whom their success depends. We can assist you with advertising, public and media relations, web design & hosting, strategic planning, and promotion.
881 Geo-agnostic Welcome to kamcom mediaKAMCOM Media serves as Orlando, Florida’s proven, professional and full-service public relations firm.The KAMCOM team offers a
882 Geo-agnostic The Goulding Agency is a full-service public relations firm providing media production, advertising creative and marketing strategy
883 Geo-agnostic Boutique Public Relations firm in Toronto specializing in brand development and growth for national and international organizations.
884 Geo-agnostic We are a full-service marketing and public relations firm located in Denver, Colorado, creating comprehensive, individualized marketing and public relations strategies for small and medium-sized business owners.
885 Geo-agnostic » CSP is a full service marketing and public relations firm serving Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, Saint Johns and St. Augustine areas.
886 Geo-agnostic Why Remain The Best-Kept Secret. Contact Integrity Communications Today, To Grow. Do you seek to increase your company’s visibility and escalate its growth. Transform from the best-kept secret to the best company out there, by strategically and consistently marketing your company. Grow Beyond What You Believe Is Possible. Integrity Communications, a virtual marketing and public relations firm, will transform your company from the best-kept secret to a business that people suddenly know and choose to utilize
887 Geo-agnostic I’m Kimra Bettasso. Do Lifestyle Bloggers Need a Public Relations Firm. Should You Do It Yourself or Hire a Lawyer. Jeffrey English Hoboken Graphic Designer. Hallie Gay Walden Bagley. Pacific Collection Group. Do Lifestyle Bloggers Need a Public Relations Firm. Lifestyle blogging is a growing profession for those people who get the marketing mix right. It takes a lot of social media skills, along with sound marketing principles, to build an audience sufficie.
888 Geo-agnostic Broadcast Public Relations Firm Boston and New York City
889 Geo-agnostic Strategy   |   Design   |   Development   |   Measurement. Industry veteran with 20+ years of experience helping entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies solve problems and seize opportunity. Secret agent for Marketing/Public Relations firms looking to expand and/or augment their interactive offerings.
890 Geo-agnostic We are the bridge to the minds and hearts of your customer. Welcome to Torchlight Consulting. Torchlight is an independent, full-service, Native American owned and operated communications and public relations firm that serves Tribal governments, Tribal organizations, non-profits, community groups and small businesses. Our specialty is digital media communications, which includes social media, e-communications and website development.
891 Geo-agnostic StingRay Communications is a strategic marketing and public relations firm in Bend, Oregon.
892 Geo-agnostic Creative communication platform for business: Script writing services and online courses, political campaign strategy plan, and tech PR company.  Cloud Ripples 2020
893 Geo-agnostic Social Media Marketing. Do you need attention that will get you new clients and buyers of your product or service. GreenScope Media is the right partner for you. We’re a full-service public relations firm. From strategy to social media, print to press releases, concept to completion, we combine creative messaging with stellar PR strategy to achieve incomparable results.
894 Geo-agnostic Allison Freeman Associates, LLC, is a professional writing, editing and public relations firm based in Randolph, New Jersey.
895 Geo-agnostic Ginger Dog Comms  public relations  pr and marketing companies  product development consulting  tech pr  copywriting
896 Geo-agnostic CB Communications is a full-service event production, marketing, and public relations firm that manages’s each project from a strategic perspective from start to finish, providing quality work. CB Communications has provided marketing tools by defining a strategy, develop, execute, and manage comprehensive marketing plan encompassing integrated marketing initiatives designed to penetrate and grow targeted markets.
897 Geo-agnostic Katz Public Relations is a full-service boutique public relations firm specializing in talent publicity, branding, social media, special events, and marketing. With a roster that encompasses some of entertainment’s best award-winning and rising talent in television, film, and music, we aim to provide our clients with media coverage across a variety of mediums.
898 Geo-agnostic Silver Light Media is a Public Relations Firm offering the best Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Instagram Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Public Perception Managment, Social Media Graphics, Event Promotion and Website Services. Serving Denver, Boulder, Golden, Breckenridge, Colorado.
899 Geo-agnostic Metzger Associates Public Relations. Metzger Associates Public Relations. Media Relations — Content Marketing. Business writing, news development and distribution services by John Metzger, one of the nation’s most experienced PR professionals. Media analytics and targeting provided by the state-of-the-art Meltwater platform. After a career as a journalist, John Metzger founded one of the nation’s first technology public relations firms in 1991.
900 Geo-agnostic Lillian Ansley has more than 25 years of public relations experience and is the founder and president of Kirbo + Ansley, a virtual public relations firm. Throughout her career, Lillian has held numerous leadership roles on both the client and agency side of businesses. Lillian brings considerable talent and experience to her clients with administrative leadership, government relations experience and extensive marketing skills.
901 Geo-agnostic Payper is New Zealand’s results-based public relations firm. We’re lean,   efficient, affordable, and accountable for all your communications needs.
902 Geo-agnostic We are a locally owned public relations firm in El Paso, working to elevate the voices and stories of those who call the border home.
903 Geo-agnostic Hilsinger-Mendelson Inc., the nations pre-eminent bicoastal literary public relations firm, has produced an unprecedented track record of several hundred national bestsellers in the past 25 years. Orchestrating effective publicity, branding, and perennial campaigns, award-winning HMI provides prime opportunities for book and magazine publishers, authors, corporations, web-based businesses, and foundations to address their specific audiences through carefully targeted media campaigns, events, and other publi
904 Geo-agnostic Red Tile PR is a public relations firm that exists specifically to assist small business owners who can’t afford to hire a traditional PR agency, yet are seeking to raise their company’s visibility. Recognizing that small businesses often have extrodinarily tight budgets, our agency uses a retainer-free model. This means that instead of having to pay thousands of dollars per month like traditional PR agencies require, with us you only pay for exactly what you need at any given time.
905 Geo-agnostic Score is a Los Angeles based independent public relations firm offering comprehensive publicity strategies for entertainment properties.
906 Geo-agnostic Your Tech Savvy Marketing and Public Relations Firm
907 Geo-agnostic Indie Creative Co. is a Fort Collins-based public relations firm   specializing in media relations, copywriting and marketing strategy.
908 Geo-agnostic Chelsea Eagle is senior manager of communications for Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. She has a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Information, Communication & Technology from Florida State University. Chelsea began her communications career by joining the health, sports and fitness public relations firm, 180 Communications. During her time at…
909 Geo-agnostic Nina Zucker Associates is a boutique marketing communications and public relations firm providing specialty consulting services with a focus on strategic planning, image and brand-building and corporate/product positioning.
910 Geo-agnostic 44 Communications, a lifestyle public relations firm based in Boston
911 Geo-agnostic PR Training Programs. Public Relations Careers. Public Relations Jobs. Press Release Distribution. Public Relations Firms. Public Relations Training. Review our Privacy Policy.
912 Geo-agnostic Your secret weapon for strategic communications. After working for many of the world’s top public relations firms for more than a decade, and servicing a wide variety of accounts in countless industries, April White is a unicorn in her field. A generalist who has represented corporate, consumer, crisis, and B2B clients, April can assist with everything from creative PR strategies, media relations, crafting crisis messaging and bylined articles to writing press releases and repurposing dry, technical content
913 Geo-agnostic East Coast Creative specializes in advertising, graphic design and branding. We partner with smaller ad agencies, public relations firms and marketing companies to be their go-to creative partner.
914 Geo-agnostic Ally Brito in New York, NY, is a strategic public relations firm that works with respected brands and personalities. We specialize in brand building and crisis management, offering highly innovative solutions for top results. Get in touch with Ally Brito today to request a consultation.
916 Geo-agnostic Nia Taylor & Co, Public Relations Firm. Nia Taylor & Co, Public Relations Firm. Event planning can be rough, here at Nia Taylor & Co. Whether this event be a grand opening, release party, product launch or a conference, we can give you the event of your dreams. Stories are meant to be told. Whether that story is about your life, how you started your company, what gave you the idea for that book, or how you became who you are today.
917 Geo-agnostic Marketing Communications and Public Relations firm serving Los Angeles and San Diego. Low overhead, 20 years experience. Let us do your Legg Work!
918 Geo-agnostic Moody & Associates, a high tech PR firm, develops smart PR strategies for start-ups, web-based businesses, corporations, etc. Our PR campaigns have generated high-impact press coverage in New York Times, Parade, Business Week, Engadget, CNET & more, helping clients to increase sales.
919 Geo-agnostic Immedia is a communications and public relations firm serving travel,   luxury, lifestyle and consumer goods with team members in Vancouver,   Calgary and Toronto.
920 Geo-agnostic Kate Communications has the skills and experience to help you succeed. As a professional public relations firm serving local and global clients, we are passionate about solving your communications challenges with powerful solutions that capture the attention of your audience and deliver meaningful results.
921 Geo-agnostic A Visionary Full-Service Public Relations Firm, Grounded in Reality While Always Reaching for the Stars.
922 Geo-agnostic a lifestyle and entertainment public relations firm
923 Geo-agnostic Based in Atlanta, GA, The IPY Agency LLC is a Boutique Public Relations firm specializing in Entertainment & Sports PR as well as Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management.
924 Geo-agnostic TPT International Ltd is a Nigerian full service Public Relations firm. We are known for conceptualising&implementing innovative public relations campaigns
925 Geo-agnostic JSK pr is a full-service public relations firm with more than a two decades of experience in the medi
926 Geo-agnostic Let’s chat about what we can do for you. Foreword PR & Marketing is a boutique public relations firm specializing in new adult, contemporary, romantic suspense and erotic romantic fiction. OUR GOAL IS TO ENGAGE THOROUGHLY INTO EVERY FACET OF PR AND MARKETing, EXCITE YOU ABOUT THE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES AND TO IGNITE EXPOSURE. Foreword wants to work with you to maximize book sales.
927 Geo-agnostic BLU PR is a boutique public relations firm serving clients in Los Angeles, San Diego and New York.
928 Geo-agnostic A public relations firm specializing in arts, entertainment, nonprofits,   community development, client engagement, new business planning &   launching. Services include media planning, press coverage, professional   photography, videography, scripting, content & authoring, located in New   Hope, PA. Mandee Kuenzle & associates
929 Geo-agnostic Apex Public Relations is a full service public relations firm.
930 Geo-agnostic Technology Public Relations. Health Care Public Relations. Public Relations Agencies. Public Relation Companies. Phoenix Public Relations Firm. Free Relationship Tarot. Couples Therapy Cost.
931 Geo-agnostic BLOG: Nutritious or Fictitious. Evidence-based influential content on food & nutrition. Welcome to Clowt Content. Clowt Content is your source for evidence-based content on a wide range of food and nutrition topics. Whether you are an individual, health association, public relations firm, food company or a nutrition and health publication, I provide written nutrition communications offering content for blogs, websites, presentations, newsletters, feature articles, referenced scientific reviews, product revi
932 Geo-agnostic lem in St Louis is a public relations firm providing a full suite of strategic communications and reputation management services to help you build your message and connect with your stakeholders.
933 Geo-agnostic Whether it’s getting client coverage in the national news or building a team to launch a luxury shoe line, the team at DGPR offers a variety of services designed to help our clients reach their business goals. We’re more than a public relations firm. We are strategic partners, committed to getting you the results you need. Our clients have been featured in a variety of publications, including the following outlets:.
934 Geo-agnostic Andrew Sutton Strategic Communications is a boutique public relations firm providing communications solutions for emerging charitable agencies and mid-sized corporations. Because we are nimble, we are responsive. When you work with us, you work directly with the firm’s president, Andrew Sutton. We partner with a diverse group of writers, designers, and communications experts.
935 Geo-agnostic Richard Lorenzen is an American entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of   New York public relations firm Fifth Avenue Brands.
936 Geo-agnostic Forge Communications is an evidence-based marketing public relations firm in Raleigh, N.C., specializing in branding, reputation management, research, crisis communication and content marketing.
937 Geo-agnostic We get you a bigger bang for your marketing bucks. We provide professional advertising, marketing, and media services for clients in Connecticut, the Northeast, and across the US, including:. Consumer, B2B, Political Campaigns, Legislative + Issue Campaigns, Not-for-Profit + Associations, Banking, Financial + Legal Services. Education, Healthcare, Media + Broadcast, Retail, Advertising Agencies, Marketing + Public Relations Firms, Real Estate + Development.
938 Geo-agnostic Do you have a project in mind. Landing, OnePage Parallax, E-commerce, Business Card Site. Prototyping, Design PR and Content. Photoediting, content image creation. Web site UI and UX Design. Complete project design, Dashboard Design, concept ideas. Awesome at any size, be it a Laptop screen, Mobile or Tablet. You can take full control of your project with our powerful yet easy-to-use theme options panel from setting to styling.
939 Geo-agnostic MMC Communications is a London Based Public Relations Firm specialising in   Wellness and Beauty.

Additional Resources To Get Visibility For Your Tech Startup

Digital Marketing & PR

Conventionally, PR has been a long-shot and costly activity for most of the companies. The smaller businesses have even almost completely abandoned any attempts to build an efficient and long-term PR strategy. 

However, with the arrival of the digital age, PR has become more accessible than ever before.

Given the right instruments and access to the right strategies, small businesses can leverage digital PR to their advantage.

PR also has the scope of becoming a part of your digital marketing channel mix. Digital PR efforts can tackle almost every aspect of website performance – brand awareness, visibility, lead attraction, and so on. 

Thus, employing a smart digital PR strategy is something every business, large or small, should consider.

Use Of Smart Tools For PR

71% of small business owners do digital marketing on their own, rather than employing experts; while only 50% of small businesses use 2 or fewer software platforms or applications

This often leaves SMB owners with fewer chances to get their product/service to stand out from the crowd within the realm of digital. 

Thus, having the appropriate tools that can enhance your strategy is an absolute must. And with the help of various instruments, you will be able to build an efficient and measurable digital PR plan.

While there are so many tools to choose from, we will primarily look at areas you need to cover, for it is only up to you which instrument best suits your business.

Some tools like SEMrush provide an all-in-one solution to your digital marketing and SEO challenges, while others can enhance each single area of PR you should be concerned with. 

You will find a selection of tools aligned with areas to focus on below.

Leverage tools for your digital PR efforts

Your end goal for PR efforts is getting mentioned, and not just by anyone. 

In order to get relevant mentions, here are some focus areas and tools to go with them:

1. Identify your competitors & discover their referral sources

Initial competition analysis will help you find out where your competitors get their mentions from and which websites provide them with their referral traffic. If you can see that most of your rivals get mentioned on a certain blog or media, make sure that you are also present there. 

First of all, these websites are already interested in your kind of business; and, secondly, you can only be ahead of your competition when you have already handled sources they have covered.

Thus, the first job you should do is to find your most successful competitors. While you might already know some of the biggest names in your niche, you might be missing important and well-performing newcomers. 

Along with tools like SimilarWeb and Searchmetrics, SEMrush’s Domain Analytics Report and Brand Monitoring Tool will enrich your knowledge and help you identify the “sharks of your industry”.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Set up various domain analytics reports for your rivals and compare them against your website. Look at your data vs. that of your competitor’s side by side. Make sure that the tools can cover Organic, Advertising or PLA search. Identify the most successful competitors out there and make sure you are aware of their digital strategy.
  • After knowing who’s your biggest challenge, find out where the rival gets mentioned. And that’s what brand monitoring is for. You’ll be able to uncover the competitor’s referral sources in no time.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Your competitors (and that’s why you have to know the best-performing ones) have already done their homework and know where your common target audience happens to be. 

Are they targeting millennials? Speak their language. Are they appealing to an elderly audience? Get that audience engaged with the appropriate content.

So the next job for you is to reach out to those sources and make sure that they are mentioning your business, too.

2. Invest your resources in the leading channels

Before you actually turn your often scarce resources to all those channels your competitors are employing, learn how to prioritize. Your time and money cannot, and should not, be used to target every channel possible. 

Focussing on the best performing PR channels will save you a lot of trouble and will spare you from an inefficient resource allocation.

Tools like Brand Monitoring, Ontolo or Open Site Explorer can make sure that the centrestone of your attention is those blogs and media that can be trusted. Sort those referral sources that you are intending to target by their authority (Domain Score, Trust Score, Brand Monitoring Score across various tools), and choose the top sites. 

When it comes to mentions, quality always wins over quantity.

Here are some tips for distinguishing the best referral sources for your business:

  • Make sure that you are ranking mentions by the number of backlinks. Direct mentions can attract more traffic and influence your website’s ranking within Google’s SERPs.
  • Looking at the titles of mentions can help you identify which domains can disclose your brand name in the post’s heading.
  • Rule out mentions that are not relevant to your PR goals or that have a low trustworthiness.

3. Create a competitive edge

Once you’ve found the right outlets, make sure you are creating a compelling offer to your target audience. Stand out and fetch up some tactics that will help you approach the blog or media you want mentions from.

  • Create an irresistible content strategy and implement it right away. Communicate your brand image and ideas in the way that appeals to your target audience, which coincides with the one of the blog or media you are willing to approach.
  • Consistently share the content and mention the sources you are intending to focus your PR efforts on.
  • There’s nothing wrong with a good old direct email to the owner of the source you are willing to approach. Offer something valuable and throw in a couple of compliments to the work they do.

4. Real-time outreach

The beauty of digital PR is the fact that the outreach can happen live and the outcome can be seen right away. 

PR efforts do not only deal with blogs and media outlets, they should also target current and future customers who are potentially interested in your products and services. 

With Social Media, for instance, there is no need to invest in costly advertising campaigns and try to reach out with your compelling offers with no guarantee that you’ll be able to measure your campaign’s impact.

Take Twitter, for instance. The social network allows companies to stay in touch with their customer base and interact with them in real time. When it comes to your Social Media accounts, you’ll be able to react to negative feedback timely, before it spots your reputation. 

In fact, by solving an issue rather than merely keeping the customer happy, you are increasing the chance of acquiring a loyal customer by 21 percent.

Moreover, tools like Brand Monitoring Tool, Brandwatch or Mention can help you benefit from the openness of company-customer interactions via Social Media channels. 

You can find new customers who, for instance, have been disappointed in your competitor’s customer service. On Social Media things happen fast, thus looking at the most recent mentions that pop up in a separate badge within the tool will provide you with that few second competitive edge for reaching out to the mentioners. 

Additionally, you should look at your competitors’ top mentioners across their SM accounts and try to approach them, too. Building new and finding existing brand advocates should be one of the key areas of your digital PR strategy.

In Conclusion

With the above-mentioned tips, tools, list of startup PR agencies, and focus areas, you should be able to get the desired startup media coverage, even if you’ve had no previous exposure.

As a small business owner, you should invest in tools that help you lay the groundwork for an in-depth market research, competitor analysis and measuring the performance of your or competitors’ previous campaigns. 

Every time you get PR or media mention, it gets slightly easier for the next time. You can start from smaller media outlets and as your brand gets more and more recognition you can even start getting PR visibility from high profile publications.

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