An Open letter to Google - .TECH
An Open letter to Google

An Open letter to Google

Move aside .com, .tech is here to stay.

Naming a company, its product or its services can be downright challenging for any team. And once you find a name that perfectly encapsulates your company and its mission there is nothing more frustrating than to find that your desired domain name is already taken – and by someone who isn’t using it. Am I right, Google?!

Some businesses get lucky and can buy a domain from the owner (usually for a pretty hefty price). Unfortunately, not all are domain holders are willing to sell their domain no matter the price. That’s right, we’re talking to you BMW!

Luckily, the Internet namespace has expanded far beyond the archaic .com and .net. Innovative companies looking for a domain that embodies its goals can now turn to new top level domains (TLDs) that better define its business.

We applaud you Google for launching Alphabet on the new TLD .xyz and for recognizing the power of the new TLDs. When you check domain name availability and end up disappointed because your most perfect domain name is already taken, new TLDs open the door of opportunity for companies to build a strong online brand.

So Google, doesn’t .tech sound like a great fit for many of the businesses under the Alphabet family?

Just as you are the leader in spearheading the future of tech, new TLDs breed an exciting new future in the Internet namespace. We think the .tech domain extension aligns perfectly with this exciting time for Google’s offerings that are always on the cutting edge of innovation.

So anytime you want a .tech extension for one of your companies – like for your self-driving cars – just let us know! Sorry, we can’t offer you though, someone already thought it was a clever name and grabbed it up.

Yours truly,


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