Cheers to the new .tech revolution!

Cheers to the new .tech revolution!

As the clock struck 16:00 GMT on August 5th, 2015, we were all super excited about the .tech launch! The most definitive domain extension for the tech community was finally LIVE and we were so happy to see it being received so well by technologists the world over. We crossed 5100 domain registrations in 24 hours and it certainly felt amazing!

Several of our .tech Pioneers were happy to have secured their .tech names and many of their websites have gone live. Our Pioneers have also tweeted about .tech and are actively encouraging others to grab their names too. For all those who bought a .tech domain name on Day 1, we have a lucky draw, and a few of you are going to receive exciting gift hampers!

“.tech is a punchy, memorable and appropriate gTLD for our industry, the first real alternative .com.”

– Joseph Denne of Dadi

.tech websites are up and running and a few are nearing completion as well. Take for example‘s Pioneer- The website has a crisp and short URL. It’s all about finding companies that are creating a positive impact on people and lives whilst making money as well.

Another .tech Pioneer- Horus Technology launched their own website too. The company makes devices that assist visually impaired people.

” The .tech domain is perfect for us, it clearly communicates our technological foundation and it’s short and easy to remember.”

– Saverio Murgia, Horus Technology

We certainly hope that everyone who belongs to the tech community, adopts .tech and uses it to show the world what matters the most to them- technology! We’re excited to see varied websites on a .tech soon. Tech blogs, news, tech startups and businesses, the domain extension will be perfect for all of them! We’d love to promote interesting websites on the extension so do get them up soon!

“We were extremely excited to see a TLD offering a branded identity to the larger tech community to gather around.”

– Jessica Rose,Trans*Code

We’re now meticulously planning the .tech Membership Program which we will launch soon. In our endeavor to support the startup community, we want to give them access to products and services, including startup domain names, that will help alleviate their ventures. We want to narrow their search for web development help and software by partnering with companies that offer these services.

In our endeavor to support the technology community we want to give them access to products and services that will help alleviate their ventures. We want to narrow their search for web development help and software by partnering with companies that offer these services. There’s just so much that one can do with a .tech. Once your website is up and running, you’ll know of the endless opportunities that .tech makes possible.

For those who’re still waiting, get your .tech name soon before anybody else!

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