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Since its inception two years ago, .tech has < href=”” target=”_blank”>empowered tech brands, enthusiasts, and influencers under one coveted space. The endeavor to create an unabashed technology ecosystem of communities has been supplemented by zesty individuals and passionate groups of technology devotees. Through constant innovation and promising efforts, these individuals and groups have achieved excellence in their niche to contribute to the tech ecosystem.

.tech is home to numerous technology groups and professionals. From energetic tech groups to enthusiastic technology specialists, from student driven knowledge-sharing platforms to spunky hackathon events and insightful design evangelists; .tech has emerged as the preferred choice for the global tech community.

In this post, we take a look at some enthusiastic groups and passionate individuals in the tech space who are empowering their online presence with .tech domains:

Jessica Rose is a passionate technology professional and founder of the Open Code meetup series. She co-founded Trans*Code, a tech community focused on skills development and intensive hack-days. She is a high energy public-speaker specializing in community building, executing outreach strategies and developing better processes for talent in technology. Jessica is a self-taught technologist who works towards building a strong tech community. is a unique tech community of students from the University of Porto in Portugal promoting computer graphics (CG). With the intention to develop and apply their knowledge beyond the classroom, they have created an active community of volunteer students to share knowledge, to learn independently and to carry out joint projects. They host events such as GameJam, a hackathon like event for building video games. is a group of hackers and tech community enablers who believe that hackathons are changing the world for the better. To encourage hackathons, provides cool resources like sponsor introductions, promotion activities, mentorship programs and more to hackers for free. ClashHacks and BharatHacks are latest hackathon events organized by this India based tech community.

Non Binary in Tech (NBiT) is a free one-day event that focuses on highlighting the amazing work of people who identify partly or solely outside of the gender binary in the technology industry. Held at the Goldsmiths University, < href=””> is an event that is open for everyone to attend, and features talks, panels, and networking sessions. With a theme of ‘What excites you about technology?’, the event is open to people regardless of gender identity.

Women Who Code is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers by creating a global, connected community of women in technology. The organization tripled in 2013 and has grown to be one of the largest communities of women engineers in the world. They provide an avenue for women to pursue a career in technology., the event, is all about growing and showcasing women in technology. For two days, the event will be featuring women and allies doing amazing work from all over the world.  You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind event!

Are you an innovative tech outfit contributing to the betterment of our community? If yes, then get your .tech domain right away!

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