Growth Hacking: How a Relevant Domain Name Can Help your Startup

If you are an innovation-led startup, chances are that your brand voice and tone reflect it. But, is your domain name innovative too? If you are wondering how having an innovative domain name can impact your startup, this article is for you!

How many times have you searched for a domain name only to realize that that domain name is already taken? Good domain names in .COM, .NET, and .BIZ are so hard to find that startups end up compromising on their choices and settle for URLs that are hard to remember and difficult to build a brand with. Imagine a startup based on a modern technology with a domain name that looks like or These web addresses are not only long and awkward, they are also in conflict with the positioning that the startup wants to build for itself.

The solution? There are now 1200+ new domain extensions for startups to choose from. The most relevant domain name for the tech startups of today, though, is .tech. It is short, widely understood and contextual. The value of a new domain extension lies in the fact that they make your domain name more relevant, meaningful and memorable, without making it longer. For example, is a startup that helps people from non-tech background ‘break into tech’. Isn’t that an innovative domain name for an innovative startup?

Breakthrough startups that were originally on another domain extension later moved to .tech because it made their domain name more brandable. Take, for instance,, a health tech startup that builds nuclear radiation sensors and equipment. NU-RISE, a funded startup, moved from .pt (a Portugal specific domain extension) to .tech to make their domain name globally appealing, more meaningful, and relevant to the health-tech industry. While they built a great online identity for themselves, they also focused on creating an on-ground presence through startup events and tech fests where they got to meet investors, media, industry influencers and prospective clients.

For young startups that are looking to growth-hack, tech fests and startup events are a terrific opportunity to exhibit their brand to a relevant audience. However, these exhibits are expensive and startups may find it difficult to bear the expenses. So, how did NU-RISE finance their event marketing?

Believe it or not, just having a .tech domain name helped them get on board the Startup League, a program that offers financial support to startups on .tech and other select new domain extensions to exhibit at events such as SXSW (USA), TechDay NY (USA), Web Summit (Portugal), RISE (Hong Kong), The Next Web Conference (The Netherlands), etc. Through the Startup League, NU-RISE, an innovation-led startup, exhibited at the Web Summit 2016 in Portugal and got an opportunity to present their startup at various pitch sessions at the event. Currently, NU-RISE has been selected for MassChallenge’s startup accelerator program that connects entrepreneurs with resources to help them succeed.

How to choose a .tech domain name for your startup?

When choosing your .tech domain name, think of creative ways in which you can make your domain  name stand out. Perhaps you want to use your brand name in the web address, like or you wish to give out a message, like You can also club your product or technology with .tech, like or The idea is to be as unique and creative as you can be to make the extension add value to your brand.

So, if you are a startup in search of a way to stand out from the crowd, choose a new domain extension that defines your startup’s personality. If you have already purchased a domain name and you wish to move to a new domain extension, you can do that without any hassles. If Consumer Electronics Show (, the world’s largest electronics trade event; and Consumer Technology Association (, could migrate to a .tech domain from a .org, so can you!

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