What is Server Security, Server Hosting and Domain ID Protection?
What is Server Security, Server Hosting and Domain ID Protection?

What is Server Security, Server Hosting and Domain ID Protection?

Setting up your business website often consists of twisty moves that many business owners find complicated. This is especially applicable if you have a limited IT staff or tech know-how. To make your website setup and operations a breeze, HostDime oversees the setup of your server, security, data transfers, management of preinstalled software, operating system and any troubleshooting along the way.



Jared Smith, HostDime’s SEO, and Content Strategist, shares his thoughts on why a business should consider investing in domain ID privacy protection when registering a domain name and which server type will work best to handle an increased amount of web traffic. Read on!

Tell us about HostDime.

HostDime.com is a global data center infrastructure provider offering an array of cloud products from managed hosting servers to colocation services; we own and operate infrastructure and networks in seven countries, with our flagship facility in Florida, USA.

The control and ownership of our data center facilities enable us to provide enterprise-level infrastructure and scalable solutions that meet complex, performance-focused, and high-volume needs. We meet strict security standards that have allowed us to host government entities, medical facilities, banking institutions, and others with special infrastructure needs.

Server-Jared-SmithJared Smith, HostDime’s SEO and Content Strategist.

What are the biggest challenges you face with respect to customer support?

HostDime is a global provider, and we support clients across a variety of cultures who speak different native languages. This makes clear communications and understanding one of our greatest obstacles in support. To compound this challenge, not every client has the same level of technical understanding. For these reasons, it takes great care and attention to detail when working to clarify the reported issues, describes the troubleshooting process and diagnosis, and finally recommend viable solutions.


What according to you is critical in maintaining an ASN’s reputation considering the malicious use of resources by end customers?

We pay special attention to each server’s security and IT infrastructure to provide peace of mind for our clients. All HostDime servers undergo a ten-point security inspection when they are deployed.

Our company’s dedicated ‘Abuse and Security Team’ is the first line of defense when protecting customers from vicious malware and malicious users. When a client contacts us about a potentially compromised site, it is our task to perform the what, where, and how of the incident. After that, we work with the client to prevent the issue from reoccurring.

Lastly, we constantly monitor our network via a highly intelligent algorithm to determine whether a server is partially or fully unresponsive, overloaded or filtering incoming connection attempts. All servers are monitored at 30-second intervals, which of course means fewer service interruptions and higher uptime.

Why should one consider HostDime’s Domain ID protect?

Your name, e-mail address, home address, phone number, and more, is viewable by anyone and everyone when you register a domain as per ICANN’s processes. Friends, foes, stalkers, and spammers now have access to your information. While this may not be a problem for big businesses, HostDime’s Domain ID privacy protection should be considered for small business owners, especially if they are working out of their house.

When it comes to choosing servers, which is the best option to handle an increased amount of web traffic?

When you are just starting out your business, a shared or VPS server is usually fine for web traffic, unless you expect a lot of traffic right out of the gate. It’s fairly easy to know when you need to upgrade to a dedicated server. The more clients you get, the quicker you go through your allotted CPU and RAM resources. A dedicated server provides isolation for hosting accounts or other services and gives you unparalleled configuration options not found within a shared server environment.


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