Zeroin.TECH: The Conference for Personalization Technology

Zeroin.TECH: The Conference for Personalization Technology

Tech conferences make for a lively setting for tech startups to interact with peers, investors, VC’s, evangelists, and other industry experts. Zero-in is one such tech conference slated to be held in Amsterdam. We speak with Sebastian Karges of Zero-in to understand what makes this conference unique and how tech startups can benefit from attending it. Read on!

What is Zero-in all about?

Zero-in is a tech conference with a people-first approach that focusses on the long-term trend of personalization in tech products and experiences. Our companies are on the bleeding edge of automation, targeting and building positive customer experience. Our roots lie in the UPRISE Festival that boasts of 6 European events under its belt.

How big will the Zero-in Conference 2018 be?

For the first installment of the Zero-in Conference, we expect 1000 attendees from 500 companies from across the globe. The conference bundles all its energy into an intimate one-day event. A major portion of our visitors will consist of founders, co-founders, CEO’s and C-Level managers, from companies ranging from early-stage startups to large-scale enterprises.

Who should attend Zero-In Conference?

Everybody who wants to meet decision makers and learn from the speakers in the fields of fintech, blockchain, e-commerce, banking, retail, payments, marketing and AdTech, should attend Zero-In. Also, if you enjoy connecting with people on a one-to-one basis, then Zero-in Conference is the go-to event in 2018.


How can tech startups benefit from attending this conference?

For tech startups, there are vast opportunities available for the taking. The dedicated ‘exhibitor floor’ acts not only as the networking hotspot on the venue, but also allows tech companies to showcase their products to leaders in their niche.

The workshop space holds 5 workshops delivering hands-on tips & tricks on topics such as valuation and investment negotiations. The 50X network consists of industry leaders, influencers, and VCs that can be booked in for one-on-one meetings.

Tell us about some of the speakers who will be at the conference.

We have two primary stages – Fintech Stage & Market Stage with top-tier speakers from all over the world. The companies represented by C-Level decision makers are leading forces and rising stars in banking & payments, marketing & advertising and targeting & automation.

Why did you choose .TECH for your website?

We’re a tech conference with tech in our DNA, so why not also in our website name?

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