5 Reasons Why Your Tech Startup Should Be On .TECH

Chances are, you’re an up and coming tech startup that has a mind-bending innovative product or a revolutionary new platform to offer. You’ve thought hard and far to come up with a catchy name for your startup. You’ve created this snazzy website that is smartly designed and curated to showcase your core competency. And after all this colorful effort, your website address reads MYBRANDNAME.COM. Now don’t get us wrong, you can opt for a .COM domain extension. The question is, should you? Well, a .COM domain extension is like a smartphone without an internet connection – It’s not very smart.

In this post, we are listing 5 reasons why your tech startup should be on a  .TECH domain!

1. Build the future

If you are building a tech business on a futuristic technology, .TECH is the perfect domain for you. It’s descriptive, industry-relevant and instantly builds your positioning. With a drastic shift in the Internet namespace, it’s only logical that you should opt for a domain extension relevant to your industry. For a  tech startup looking to stand out, .TECH aligns perfectly with your core competency. It’s like a match made in heaven!

2. Create a memorable brand

Sprinkle your ambitious startup with the flavour of a unique web address. A perfect combination of intrigue and innovation, .TECH will give you an edge over your competitors. Not only that, it will ensure a stronger brand presence and brand association.

3. Get the .TECH factor

If your startup has the word ‘technology’ or ‘tech’ as part of the company name, a .TECH domain extension will work brilliantly to enhance your online charisma. For e.g. www.hollywood.tech, a company that connects Hollywood celebrities with tech brands for social media promotions or consider Viacom’s technology portal, www.viacom.tech.

4. Get the most relevant domain name

Not getting the right name on your web address has a direct impact on your marketing activities. It’s advisable to opt for richer, relevant names on  .TECH domain extension instead of compromising!  Register a [brandname].tech or [productname].tech domain now.

5. Gain access to the Startup League

Having a .TECH domain gives you access to a unique startup-support program, the Startup League! Through this program, you can get exclusive marketing support in the form of event sponsorships, and get a head-start with spreading the word about your smart new idea! A brilliant opportunity to catapult your startup into the limelight.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to build the future on .TECH!

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